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Has Just Received
the'finett that aver
Information for
Hvory Issue of Tlio llulle
tln rooords tlio progress of
Central Oregon nuil tho llunil
country. If yuu are n home
seeker liMikltiK for a now o
cmlloii, or on iroorty In
thin section, there is no hotter
wny to become acquainted
with, or keep posted on, what
In being done In thin part of
tlio world thnn by reading
thli paper regularly. Betid
I :
4 ,
In your subscription at oneo,
so as not to miss anything
ng of 1
a big,
i I. I - 4
whnl Is going on In till
resourceful country t h I
groat lulnuil onuilro thnt tins
now licon opened for develop
ment by two groat railroad
llKNn la located IRC miles south
of tho Columbia Illvor, on tho banka
of tho Deschutes, al tho terminus or
tho Hill and llnrrlmnn rnllroada.
Geographically, It U practically In
tho vory contor of Oregon. Econo
mically, Its location la unsurpassod,
for llond atanda boaldo tho groatcst
power produoliiK atronm In tho North
wont, whoro railroads, wntor-powor
nud timber first moot, and surround
od by tho groatost Irrigation sogro
Katlou In Orogon, with cuuntlcai
inllllona of ncroa of grain laniU
Tlio City Itself.
Tho oHtlmatod population of llond
today In 1700. 1U altltudo la 3000
foot, with n cllnioto that In practically
Ideal. Winter and auminur, tho
woathor la mognlficont, tho tomporn
turo raroly going bolow xoro and
only twco, during tho last throo
summers, being hlghor than 100 do
groon. Tho highest tomporaturo ovor ro
cordod Is 103 dogroea. At thin altl
tudo, In tho dry cllmato, actual
harmful frooxlng dooa not occur at
83 degrooa hut at 30 dogroos.
aovornmoilt rocorda " ahow an
average annual proclpltatlon of 10
Inchoa with an nvorago yearly of
320 aunny days. That moans enough
rain for the farmor, lota of blue aky
and bright lunahlno, no opprosslvo
hoat, and ollmotlo environment that
gives Nature every possible chance
to B-the best roaults from man and
iolUl ;
Steam Rolled
baa been In Band. Gat your
- - - -
i - -. - -
the Homeseeker
Iloiul has four churclici, many
houovolont societies, splendid grado
sellout ami a high sahool whose
graduates aro ndmltted to tho Btato
University without examination, ox-
Cllnt tWIlkH. tllO best equipped
anil slocked stores of uiiy town of
twice tlio else In Oregon, lirlek yards,
stone quarries, flour anil lumber
tnllli, ii creamery, lrt storago.
plants, atoom laundry, nowspnper.
,ull ntituilntnil IiiiIuIm. mill. llllleod.
1 IIVI. Hi-"IHIH .....v . .....-, .-- --- -
ablo representative of every class
of nntorprlso.
In other words, llond U well
equipped, modern and progrcsslvo,
with a lot of wldo-awako men wno
havo apont good mouoy dovoloplng
tho town, and who aro Rotting good
returns on their Investments.
llond has tho host water In tho
tnto, nnd nu oxcollont modorn water
system, which lucludca up-to-duto
flro protection.
Ileud'a streets and homes aro well
lighted by electricity, which Is fur
nished from u new pliint which cost
100,000 to build and oqulp.
A looal nnd long dlstanco tolo
nhono. aa well as telegraph, aro
other Items In Mend's metropolitan
Work Is undor way on a ISO.000
sowar system.
There aro moro hoautlful rosi
donees In llond, proportionately to
tho population, than In any other
town In tho West. ,
Evorywhoro thoro aro woll mode
and woll kopt sldowalks, tho strooU
uro mnlntaluod In tho best condition
and n ro lit with powurful are lights,
giving tho town tho best street light-1
i ... ...... I.. riKin,,.!! Willi tlin I
lug of any lu Oregon. With tho
mnny hoautlful vlowa of mountains,
livor and timber, tho mugniiiconi
troes Hcatterod gonorously through
out tho resldontlal districts, nnd tho
wonderful cllmato, llond loaves llttlo
to bo doslrod by those who Book
Idoal placos In which to llvo.
. Itullroads.
In October. 1011, tho Hill and
llnrrlmnn railroad systoma com
pleted to IJond tholr, Orogon Trunk
and Deschutes lines. llend Is tho
terminus of both of those roads.
Tho hnndsomo depot, orectod with
nntlvo stono, and the best oqulppod
warehouse, In tho stntOi Indicate In
what importance tho railroad com
panies hold llond.
An oxtonslve distributing business
already Is being conducted from
Uond, to tho country eoum nna
southoast, nnd with tho regular oper-
S IN 5
i. BEND 2.
- -
orders in early.
- - '
atlon of automobllo truck lines, tho
volume of this business is vastly In
creasing. Practically all of western Ilarnoy
county, nnd northorn Lako and
Klamath, will got supplies In by way
of llond, ntid In return will export
via llond enormous clips of wool.
In connection with this latter pro
duct nnd Ita shipment bore, the rail
roads havo announced that every
Juno there Is to bo n regular wool
sale at lteml. This moans that woul
from all over Interior OreRon will
bo collected here, that buyers wilt
enme here, that thousands of sheep
will be sheared lioie, nnd that. In
tho very nonr future, woolen mill
will be established.
In ull surveys that have been
made for a branch I 111! rond to the
southodst. to command connection
with ntllllated roads nnd an outlet
In that direction, llond has beou
mude the terminus point.
A Carey Act Irrigation segregation
ombrnoltiK approximately 200,000
acres, lies to tho east and north of
llond. This land la watorod undor
tho supervision of tho Stato of Ore
gon, and becomes tho property of
settlors who acijulro It by resldouco
and Improvement, paying from 11G
to M0 nu aero for wator service,
with an annual maintenance chnrgo
of 20 to 80 cents an ncre, tho lowest
malntonnncd rato In operation.
Xou-UtIrhMo aoroago Is purchased
t S-BO an noro.
Directly adjoining Uond arc two
other Irrigation enterprises, both
conducted on a farmors' co-oporntlvo
baHls, nnd both exceedingly prosper
ous. On tho Irrigated lauds nil tho pro-
duolH of tho tomporato xono prosper
yUo B0, nml cjmnto, howovor, nro
. . . ... ..
particularly adapted to tho succosn
Jul production of grassos nnd root
crops. Alfalfa, clover, grain, pota
toes nnd othor root crops, Including
sugar boots, do remarkably well.
Tho ylold of buttor fat from tho
RrnssoB Is exceptionally grent, anil
this, combined with tho puro soft
wator, and tho lack of oxcosslvo heat
and cold, doatlnoa this territory to
tnko tho front rank as n dairy
country. Tho establishment or a
largo creamery at lloud, and tho nld
given farmors In socurlng fine cows
by tho local banks, moans that a man
with forty acres who will raise grass
and feod It to his cows will bo as
sured of a comfortable, llv'ng. .
Work Is uow in progress upon a
great now Irrigation canal, known as
the North Canal, whloh will Irrigate
some 50,(100 acres of land. Tho
canal gets Ita water from the Doa
Dry I'nrnilng.
Tributary to Uond on tho south
enst Is n Iiiiko dry fnnnlng area, em
brnelnR moro than 200,000 acres of
level and rolling sago brush land,
with deep soil, no troos mid rocks,
and with well wator obtainable nt
modornto depths.
Much of this territory has been
settled by homesteaders during tho
Inst your, nnd mnny families aro
dally tuklng advantage of this lust
big ehnco to got froo Government
land, Tho majority of tho acreage
Is open to homcstoodlng undor tho
320 aero law, which allows tho free
acquisition of that amount In return
for resldcnco and proportional annual
cultivation nnd Improvement, Tho
homestead laws aro being made
easier nnd moro attractive, with tho
result that moro and moro settlers
como to llond and tnako homes on
this land tributary to tho town.
Good roads extond through this
country, nnd dnlly auto and stago
lines tap It from llond, to which Ita
products will come on down grade
hauls to bo milled with tho luox
haustlblo water power of tho Des
ohutrs Hlver Immediately bolow
llond, whore a dam Is being con
structed nt a cost of about 160,000.
Tho work In connection with this
summer's development of tho now
canal will require an expenditure
of 1176.000. All of this money will
bo spent closo to llond. Tho entire
system will roqulro approximately
1700,000 to complete.
Tributary to llond, on down grade
hauls, Is 20,000,000,000 feet of tho
finest yellow pine timber. Ilesldcs
providing the cheap power for the
milling of this enormous timber belt,
llend offors tho best of mill pond
The manufacture of this timber
at Dond Is a certainty, for tho largest,
of the companies Interested are
hoavy property owners In Bend lands
and waterpower developments, and
have signified their Intention of lo
cating their big mills here.
At present thero are several
amaller mills, employing In the
neighborhood of 160 men. While
these manufacture lumber primarily
for local consumption, not only are
many carloads exported to tho towns
north of llend, but also many are
shipped to tho mlddlo western mar
kets, which later will be supplied
heavily with the llend lumbor pro
ducts. Water 1'owcr
Thoro Is nt least 2S0.000 horse
power easily obtainable from the
Deschutes at and near llend.
Already a 1700 horsepower plant
Is In operation In tho town, which
offers aa cheap electric power for
domestic and manufacturing uses as
Is obtainable In the Northwest. The
Inexhaustible and cheap power at
her doors guarantees ilend'a exton
slvo manufacturing future.
Tho man who cornea to Bond or
the adjacent sections of Central Ore
gon will bo agreeably surprised at
tho pleasant surroundings ho will
oncounter, both in what nature has
supplied and In social matters.
I-or Instance, a University Club
recently was organized In llend with
3C charter members. That Indicates
the character of tho men who are
building up Central Oregon.
The sportsman will find tho llond
country a veritable paradise. Fish
ing In the Deschutes Is a famous
attraction, that rlvor'a giant trout
'rltiKlng sport lovers from all arts
of ilia North west. Doer, bear, rab
bits ssixo hens, ducks, geese, swans
and other pamo nfford nmplo recro
itlon for tho out-door lover nlong
tho river and In the foothills.
Canoeing nnd boating directly nt
llend nnd up the broad roaches of tho
Denehutos, couplod with oxcollont
auto roads, horse bade riding possi
bilities without end, nnd near by
snow clad mountain poaks, combine
near llond Interest for every sort of
uaturo lover nnd heulth aookor.
How to Cot Here
Prom Portland tnko olther tho
"North Hank Hnllroad" or tho Oro-gnn-Wnshlngtan
Hallroad & Navi
gation Co. systom direct to Uond.
Tho fnro is $7.45. Through tickets
from all Knstern points nro good
directly to llend. Tho routo up tho
Doschutes Canyon la tho most strik
ingly beautiful railroad trip In tho
Northwest, nnd, any lovers of fine
seouory, is In Itself well worth the
The Udloa' Guild of tho Presby
terian church gave n most delightful
social on the Wlost lawn Inst Friday
afternoon nud evening. lee erosiu
nud oake were served. It was vory
largoly attended and n neat sum re
allxed for the benefit of tho new
ohuroh. Tho "guessing oontest" nt
tho bonfire at night was ono of the
attractions. MUu Kloln road In tho
ilormaii dialect and Miss Parker saug
solos, to tho groat pleasure of all.
Rooftop; of nil kinds. Repairing
promptly done.
Furnace Contractor
GnttorWi "Spoutlncf,
Cornices nnd Skylights.
I Hal Chase, who needs no Intro
f dmtlon to tho fans, bits n rather
iwvulliir way of selecting his
bats Most bntlers size the
bludgeon by wrlght. Not so with
Hal. Tlio New Yorker had n
I Kpllnter In his toiigtia recently,
f mill that's bow the secret leaked
How did you get that In?" ;
rjuvrli-d a bystander In the lobby
of the hotel where the Yanks
were stopping.
"Well. I'll tell you." said nnl.
"I wan downtowu Ibis morning
sampling some new sticks. 1
rati tell a new bat by tasting the
Tho Yanks bat boy declares
that Hal has oil tlio Highlanders'
(wis Imprinted with his twin.
H1 1 i i HI 1 1
Ntw Zsslsndsr WIHIno to Qlvs Har
vard Coach Chanc at Title
It Is just possible that Ilk-bard Arnst,
Ibe world's st-uHIng ebuuiploii. will b
sevti lu action In this euuiiiry In the
counte of bU Journey homo from Eng
Isml after his race with Uarry. It Is
slo iKwslblo tbst James Wray, the
Harvard coach, will be able to get a
race with the New Zealander in Eng
land. Word has como from Arnst that
under certain conditions be would give
Wray tho next chance In the event o
bis defeating IJsrry, and It looks much
ss If IJsrry were in for defeat In a
letter to Cbsrley Stevenson. Harvard's
assistant coach, the big New Zealander,
-Regarding Jim Wray, I dont tpin
I can offer any expenses to come here.
as r don't know how.thssp; wjllbft 1
Does be want a race ror we cnam
plonshlp or a private matcht
-Of course be understands tbst If
tbe race Is for the championship be
will bare to post $200 In stakes, but
Photo by American Pi Anoctatloo.
jiu what nnvnuH cotcu.
in caf lu' wants u prUMte umh-U I am
rwulj i row him for SI jsxi lde utid
will illrldi tin stmmlHKit money. I
a m tvturulm: by way of Anifrbn and
will try to :t't a few nmifli or give
nu oxblbltloii or two on my wuy nero
Ml n ui lu pn-lty gotKl ulrk' leniulltloni
now. mid I think I fhull laud home a
winner ugalu with n little lurk I b.iw
tx-fii trying to tlx thliiKK up with Kd
die Duruiiii nud have proinlHj lilui a
nne In August If be nllowi me F-'-"oii
for exiienm-H In rare lie iloexn't uUe
me nu I am rviidy to Have a go with
HiiylNHly "
Wruy Iiiih only to Ht nix money and
end ii challenge In regular order, tliu
getting the next enuk at Arnst There
U u fund already on baud Hint wmiiu
do in u tarter Of miurw Wniy wmild
have to row In Eiiglnud. but If Arnst
ntl'k to hi purple lie inny lie wvu lu
exhibition In American waters.
Minor Lssgusr Won Twentyfivs Out
of Thirty-thros Gams TwlrUd.
Ssiklna nliout pltehliiK fisit. no
eonlliiK I" be rveiinN nf HM. th
have n rwnrd lu Dixie wiileli. while
It win out mude in a major league
noertlieleti was iimde under the rule
nml ivguliitbmrt of oikuuuhM imsehMll
The rtt-vrd was for mrnlclit jmaie
pltt'heO nnd won. In the ytir men
tinned ll.ixter Spark, who twirled for
Ynx I'lty. In the Delta lengne wuu
twenty-one mime In u row Simrk
wou twenty live gamex out of thirty
three riiiiiih, nnd nine of the vtrtorte
were shutout He U now twlrllim tu
the Cotton State lencue. helim a mum
bortif the Vleksburg team
Dsubsrt Qrsst First Sseksr.
Mnnuuer Fmuk Cbnutv of Hie Chi
vii w i Cubs, one of the iet tlrst Mii'k
ers the country ever nw. says thai
Dnuliert U a letter mini Hum nnj one
who ever held down the ir. That
means Wmu-thlng iiimlim from the
peerlesx leader,
. T .
, , Browe's Nsw Football pltld.
Itrown unlvendty nas added tbe foot
ball Held to Its nihleile icnmnd and
roay luerease seating capacity to U.Usi
i s
mm n
Demonstration Farm Superintendent
Hays Ccnfal Oregon is Hplcndld
Field For Tills Gives Outline
of Host Method to Follow.
Tho Increasing demand for alfalfa
seed has mado nocesssry the importa
tion of 3,000,000 pounds annually.
This seed could be readily grown at
homo. Tho localities best suited to
alfalfa seed production nro those of
but moderate precipitation and com
paratively high temperatures as tbe
soed ripens. Tho yery best seed Is
grown under dry farming or with
light Irrigation.
Prof. Bcudder of tho O. A. C. has
been a firm advocate of alfalfa seed
production In Eastern Oregon, and
wo aro now attempting to demon
strate the practicability of producing
this seed in cultivated rows on the
Metollus experiment field, with good
prospects of success.
Select medium deep soli that has
been clean fallowed or in cultivation.
Double disc, and plow In autumn.
If early spring plowing Is used, tho
ground should be disced and then
plowed six inches deep, then firmed
with tbe Campbell aubsurface packer.
Follow this up with frequent cultiva
tion to destroy weeds, fine the soil
and conserve tho moisture till seed
ing time.
A variety of seed In demand and a
good one to grow here Is tbe Grimm's
alfalfa. In any case use mature
northern grown seed. For seed pro
duction tho stand must be thin. Do
sure to provide a fine, moist, level,
firm seed bed which Is entirely free
from weeds.
Seeding may bo done In tbe lower
part of the county about tbe mlddto
of April and In the higher altitudes
threo or four weeks later. It Is best
to use a double disc press drill with
press wheel and gross box attach
ments and seed 1 Vi to 2 Inches deep.
For seed production stop up part of
the holes, seed In double rows about
,2 feet apart, using 2 or 3 pounds
of seed per acre.
Good Money Crop.
' The seeding should be followed
with a Dunham packer or corrugated
roller to firm tbe soil and leave a
(light mulch. No nurse crop should
bo used, except that whero soil blow
ing Is troublesome a drill row of bar-
,ley may be added between each dou
ble row of alfalfa and cultivated out
at tho first cultivation. Thorough.
'level cultivation should bo given, and
'the growth clipped back with sicklo
ibar set high once or twice the first
year. The following spring the disc
or alfalfa barrow may be run cross
wise the rows to loosen weeds and to
thin out. The wholo season's growth
shuld bo used for seed here, though
', a little early pasturing or early clip
ping may be necessary to retard tho
blooming till dry July weather. Mod
erate growth, abundant blossom and
abseneo of second growth Indicate
t g00jJ 8e(1 yjejj.
Rolling to lodge
tho alfalfa when In btoom may check
growth and help polleuate tho flow
ers. Alfalfa Is cut for seed when
two-thirds of tho pods are turned
nearly brown, using a bunoher at
tachment or reaper. It Is thrown
Into small cocks or stacked and then
threshed with a regular huller on the
ordinary tbrnlep when properly
equipped. Alfalfa grown for seed
production, especially on dry land or
whero Irrigation Is limited, will make
a good taonoy crop, and ono that can
be shipped to distant markets. It
is also an excellent crop for restor
ing soil fertility.
MVDRAS. July 30. An election
on the question of establishing a high
school at Madras will bo voted on on
Saturday, August 3. The following
school districts, all of which aro in
tho northern part of this county, are
Included In the torrltory: Nos. 13,
16. 22. 47. 4S, 00. 67. 68, C9 and 70.
These will be united should the elec
tion carry, for high school purposes
only, the school to bo looated In tho
local school bullulng.
Oregon Agricultural College
This great Institution opens Its
doers for the fall semester on Sep
tember 20th. Courses of Instruction
Include General Agriculture. Agrono
my. Animal Husbandry. Dairy Hus
bandry. Ilacterlology. notany nnd
Plant Pathology. Poultry Husbandry,
Horticulture Entomology, Vcterl
uary Sclenco, Civil Engineering.
Eloctrlcal Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Mining Engineering,
Highway Engineering. Domestic
Sclonce, Domestlo Art, Commerce,
Forestry, Pharmacy, Zoology, Chem
istry, Physics, Mathematics, English
Lauguago nrd Lit rature, Public
Speaking. Modern Languages. His
tory, Art, Architecture, Industrial
Pedagogy, Physical Education, Mili
tary Science and Tactics, and Music.
. Catalogue and Illustrated literature
mailed tree on application. Address,
Registrar, Oregon Agricultural Col
lege, Corvftllls, Oregon.
.School Year Opens September 20th.