The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 03, 1912, Section 1, Image 1

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2 Section I
The bend bulletin.
WOitIC ALL donh hiiiiij.
Kvury lino or typo In thin
paper wnii rot In Tim llulln-
till'. Sll()l, mill All HlH PUHW
work for tlio 7000 oillllott whm
ilomi heru.
I This Iihiuo of Tho Iliillctln
t weigh more than half n
t pound. Tho postage on each
copy Is 3 cent.
NO. 17
J NEARLY $50,000
I'Puliinni Huya II.iiiU Corner, Where
I'd per Will Unto I.nrKt mill
.Mont Coiuplrtn Plant In Ore
gon Hast of Cascade.
Work upon n now home for Tlio
Iliilletlu will commence noxt work,
.ami nnotlior motliirti brick building
vrhl lo added lo llond' growing lint.
Tim emotion of tho now plnnt fol-
low tlio purohnio by a company
headed by (. p. I'utnntn, of tha Flrat
National llnuk iirouerty at Ilia cornur
r u i !.! niii. i.i.,u.i. ti.. ii. !
1tln IiiiIIiIIiik will bo eroded aerosa
tm rear of tlio lot, racing Ohio street.
Tim present hank bullillnx doe not
como under control of tlio purchas
er until tlio hank ha moved Into
ItM now quarter at tha cornor of
lln ml noil Ori'KofiJalrt-oH, probably
In October.
Tho Bulletin building will bo of
brick, with dimension or 3G by .0
'foot. A roomy office will fnco Ohio
Htreet, with 330 square foot of ipaco.
,Tho (hop, whlchgwlll 4ba by far tho
Isrgcsl In CtntraT,pricon, will hnve
about 1500 square feet of floor space,
anil will bo constructed according to
tho wry boat mothods, with amplo
llghMnv:, concrete baaoa under tho
pro, running water and tollot fa
ollltlra, oloctrlo lighting, olcclilc
power, otC. A apodal atock room to
caro for tho enlarged atock of paper
for diversified Job work, which will
bo carried, haa been planned, and In
arranging tho ahop every effort haa
boon mrtilci to plan for tomorrow, aa
well an today, and apneo haa boon
i. left for tho additional machinery
PrVwiileh the growth of tho town Inevi
tably will uinko advlsabla In tho near
Quo addition which Tho llullotin
expects lo Inatall abortly la a.foldlUB
.jn&chlne, which will (old tho largo
editions or mo papor mecnanicaiiy,
instead of by hand, aa la now tho
i Cat.
Tho linotype typesetting inuchlno
, will be oporatod bo I do a window at
tuo rroni or mo snop.wim it now
quartern, It two Job presses, largo
four-psgo cylinder pros, modorn cut
Cr, ataplcr and amplo typo equip
ment. Tho llullotin believe that It
' will havo tho moat complcto, boat
oqulppod and boat housed plant of
- ,ony newspaper In any town of !
I than 6000 Inhabitant In tho Woat.
It will alio bo In a position to turn
1 .out a largo n paper aa tho domamla
of tlio town oan Juatlfy for many
year to comn, and certainly will on-
'deavor to keep abroait with Hond'a
Tho old log stablo thnt atlll atanda
between tho A. M. I.ara residence
aud tho river wan tho first homo of
Tho llullotin, when It waa foundod
In 1903. Tho structure wnu pror-
, lously lloud'a flrat achoolhotiao. From
thero It moved In tho fall of 1804 to
the Lawroitco building on Wall
street, now tho property or u-on
Fulka, and thence three yenra Inter
, to the O'Knno building on Oregon
'atrcot. Tho not move was to tho
atructuro on llond atroot tlmtorlgl-
, nnlly waa erected by llledsoo for a
'photographic studio and now-occupied
by a saloon. Two years ago
It moved Into Ita present quarters.
(.'(iii-fiil Count Jiul Mmlo ItiTiml
(li-eot liicrriim) In Touii'm I'upiibi.
thin IIIKi In city MinllN,
According to a curofully inado nnd
accurate census that lias boon taken
under the auspice of tlio llouil Coin
meiclal Club durliiK Urn lust ton
days, the presotit population of llond
Is 1700. Tha count Includes people
rcaldliiK within a inllo it ml n half of
tho lleuil Postofllco, aud to give the
report tho most trustworthy stamp
possible tho various enumerators
Imvo sworn' to affidavit t-Mt Ifyltiir to
the truth of tho rigum (hoy submit
ted. That Micro actually nro more peo
ple hi this territory which properly
Is regarded as llond Is undoubted,
for careful an the enumerators wero,
they could not get the names of every
person. It Is conservative to reckon
that at least 60 bonn fldo resldunts
wero not lucliided In tho count. On
this basis, the truo total would reach
tuoro than 1800.
Tlio population within tho official
boundaries of tho city la 13 1C, ac
cording to tho figures of this census.
This torrltory, of rourso, dors not
nearly Include all of tho actual
"llond" resldruco districts, or oven
all tho area whore sidewalk are laid
connecting directly with Mm center of
town. Kenwood, for Instance, but a
stono'a throw across tho rltor, Is out
side tho city boundarlo.
Ilelow la given tho report of tho
enumerators, a document which was
officially aworn to, ror tho sake or
maklnc It a permanent record.
Tlic (Vnmis ItriMirl.
"Wo, tho undersigned, acting nt
tho auggeatlon and under the auspice
of tho llond Commercial Club, havo
made a careful enumeration of tho
resident within a mile and a ball of
tho llond iotofllco(cxcopt Mm brlok
yard colony, which U boyoud that
limit) nnd tho following Is the num
ber of such Inhabitant that wn Hud
In tho different part of tho town:
Original townslto C37
L) Mo and Ultoraldo 384
rark Addition 12C
Deschutes Addition llfi
Center Addition 133
Tim Ilullrtlii'N First Home, In lUO.'l.
Klrctrlc Mglils IIcIiik Installed at
I'lnnt of Iteud Company Prepara
tory to I'lncliiK 0 Morn Mm
at Work There Hhortl).
An announcement of consldorablo
lmiiied)a(o lniHiirUiuco to llond la
duo any day now, according to J. 1'.
Keyea, general managor or Tho Itend
Company. It I that tho compuny'a
lumber mill will run double shift.
When this Is done It means employ
ment for about 30 mora men, and an
additional oxpendltuto of soma f 6000
"Just now wo cannot say positive
ly when a night shift will bo put on,"
said Mr. Keyca. "Hut 1 httrmrry
Imported VamnRe ot 108,000 llond
Isiue Insure Item Hpleridld Hewer
i Hystem, mid Means Mljf Ijibor
KxiM-uditure I)urln 'er.
itend lark Companr Acquire Itlicr-
side anil hftta, Iliiylnj; Out Hteldl,
JIuiImjii anil Dr. Coo.
Ono or tho largest realty trans
fer that ha occurred in Uend for
many month wa consummated the
flrt or tho week, when tho Uend
I'ark Company of Seattle acquired
oil tho holding or tho Kytlo Town
slto Company, Including kytle and
Itlverslde, which immediately ad
join Hend on tho north.
Tho deal I a cash ono, Involving
a straight transfer, say both con
tracting parties. Although the
price I not montloned. It I under
stood that tho consideration I in the
neighborhood qf S75.000. Some 700
lot aro Included In tho transfer.
W. D. Chenoy or Seattle I at the
head or tho Uend Pork Company,
which already ha extensive holdings
In uend. Tho owners of tho proper
ty sola aro John steidl, C. 8. Hud
son and Dr. U. C. Coo. These wen
atato that they will devote the profit
or the transaction to making; perma
nent developments on some or the
business property they own in tho
I'croiancnt Prosperity Indicated by
Conservative lintu Ontlieml nt a
Comparatively Inactive Time
ot tho Year locally.
Along river and at dam
Uriel: yard
Hninlll colony
Alibi vy Heights ......
t i
"P. W. 1IHOWN.
"J. C. HHOtn:d.
A. M PKIlltV.
reason to bellevo that very scon
probably within a row week wo
shall dccldo to take thla atcprwhlch
Mould go Into effect Immediately."
Yesterday work was commenced
on erecting electric wire from tho
tiower atatlon to Tho llond Company'
mill, ao that tho plant may bo lit
during tho night by electricity. It
Is expected that Juat aa aoon as tho
lighting system I Installed, tho op
eration ot tho mill for two shirt
will commence.
Tho roason ror tho enlargement until the bonds would bo sold, and
At tho regular council meeting on
Tuesday night. It waa decided to call
n special election to submit to tho
Voter tho proposition ot bonding the
city ror $06,000 to pay ror tho Instal
lation or tho aewcr system, plana
ror which hato been progressing ror
tho post three months.
Tho election will bo on Saturdor.
July 20. Tho coat or tho sower ara-
tem, which Includes only that part or
tho entlro system required ror tho
iiusinesa district or tho "town, will
bo In tho neighborhood or 77,000,
pin something ror incidentals. Some
$18,000 or this will bo obtained rrom
iuivBmuoiHii -against property spec
ially benefited. Tho cost or the
completed" system, which probably
need not bo installed ror somo year
to come, but whloh already ha been
thoroughly planned ror, will bo
1278. CS0.
Should tho voters favor the bond
Issue, which appear very probable.
It would probably bo several months
On a charge of gambling, preferred
by Jay Recder, yilllara Taylor and
uoorgo Wordcn Tuesday afternoon
wero fined $25 each by Mayor Put
nam, acting recorder, In tho absence
or H. C. Ellis. Both pleaded guilty
to participating In a "crap" game.
I.VIninil Hani Hurried Tueadny, Willi
Ten Horswi
nUDMOND, July 3.-Klro that waa
discovered 3 o'clock Tuoiday
ciuiu.i A totally destroyed the old
Cuil Wood llvory bam hore, now
oora od by Vincent. Ton horaea
.jorlshnd. Tho loss la estimated nt
from 110.000 to $16,000, with pnr-
tlal Insuraiico. Tho ilamoa also des
troyed . two loaded froljht wagons
NtnudliiR nuxt to tho barn, with goods
for Henry McCnll. vuluod at $10,000.
Iteliil (Irnerou In City Upkeep mid
In Improvement Work.
What tho city of llond spends In
tho conduct ot. municipal business
give an excellent Idoa or tho pro-
grosalvetiesa of tho town and tho
inuKultiido ot tho expenditures.
In tho six month slnco Jaiumryl,
1013, tho city has spent $31S0.03.
Of this amount $30 wont for elec
tions. $30 toward tho supimrt of tho
llbrur. $789 ror wator ami light.
$86U In street work. $310 In sala
ries, $1013 60 ror poilco. $194 40 for
building and $360.08 ror miscella
neous expenses.
Tho record of tho past six month
Is not unusual. In met, in tho aauiu
period last year Micro wh a greater
oxpondlturo, Tho balanro In tho
city treasury on Juno 30 waa $666.17.
More than $3600 Is expected rrom II-
conso fees, duo this mouth.
I that tho lumbar market tor tho
loon I product In tho Mississippi val
ley and farther east I exceptionally
good. Tho Hend Company expect to
turn out for shipment eastward alout
90 cars a month during the summer.
Tho Overturf-Davla-Mlllor Company
also expecta to ship at loaat 60 car
loads, bringing tho total of lumber
shipped from Houd up to some 600
carload for four months only. Con
servatively reckoning tho valuo of
each car at $600, thla means that
$360,000 will como horo for Uend
mado product.
The lumber mill of Tho Hend Com
pany I now cutting about 36,000 reel
a day. This umount would bo prac
tically doubled by putting on a dou
bio shift.
Olydo McKay of llond has boon ap
pointed Htnto flro warden ror Crook
.county, hla torrltory Including nil
tho timber south of llond, J. II. Ha-
4 nor ot Prlnovlrto romaln aa warden,
lila district lying north of llond.
' wimj clohh kahmi:h.
Iloglnnlng noxt Sunday, tho local
. tolephono offlco will colso at 8 p. in.
Instead of 0. Thoro will bo no
chango In tho wook-day hour.
, tPostmnstor Minor announces that
beginning July 7, tho Sunday hour
ftt3thipostomco will bo from 10 to
i 10)80 a. ui,
On Juno 21, 111,000 pounds of
wool wero dlspoiod or nt tho salo at
MadrnH, nnd on Saturday, nt Mcto
llus, nonrly 300,000 pounds, tho
prlco running rrom 15 to IN cent.
Already more than 300,000 pounds
has como to tlio lluud wnrohouso,
noiiio at which nlrVndy has boon Hold
nnd shipped. About 600.000 pounds
Is expected to bo hnudleil hero, and
tor the salo noxt Mndny It Ii cell
mated that not leau than 360,000
pounda will bo on hand, Hhowlug
that Houd will handlo mora wool
than all othor Control Orogon rull
road point put together.
Tho Northwost Townslto Company
has addod to Ita llond holdlugH by tho
purchnso of 70 acreH on tho west aide
ol tho rtvor, tho last 30 aero being
bought from tho llond Company lost
wook. All of this norcngo la bolng
platted, and tho company' organlxod
publicity work on behalf of Hend
will proceed from now on with a
groator volumo thau evor.
Putudcxtcr Is DlNiiualllled-Mrs. Hud
mil Heslgu.
At a moetlng ot tho school Ixjard
Thursday night. Chairman Overturf
read a statement fiom County Clork
Drawn showing that Italph l'olndox-
tor' namo hod not appeared on tho
lust tax list, thus making him Ineli
gible tor tho clerkship or tho board.
J. M il.awroiico, who had a Mo voto
with Polndoxtor nt tho recent elec
tion, was declared elected.
Mm. C. H. Hudson, who was oloctod
a member ot tho board at tho namo
time, resigned, declaring that alio
had touud horuolf nlso Ineligible,
hor namo not IiuyIuk been on tho last
tax roll, and that aa this action was
bolug tnkon retarding Polndoxtor alio
did not fool It fair or lawful that oho
bo Identified with tho body which de
clared against him, when alio horuolf
was similarly disqualified. Her
resignation will bo acted on at tlio
noxt meeting, nnd doubtleaa another
election will bo called.
Mr. A. )!. Hrown of Nowton,
Jown, arrived last wook for an all
summer visit to tier daughtor, Mrs,
J. D. Davidson, and hor eon, O. D.
Drown. Tho rocont dooth ot Mrs.
llrowu's companion loft hor alono In
hor home and aha camo hero (or
tho pleasure ot tho company ot her
kin. and (or tho cllmatlo chango.
immediately thereafter sonstructlon
would bogln. This mean that dur
ing practically a year mora than
$36,000 would bo spent In labor In
tho town, and that by next summer.
If all goo well, Hend will havo both
tho only sewer system In Central
Oregon and also the best equipment
in this direction, proportionately to
sue, or any town In the Northwest
A rull description or tho proposed
system, and tho methods or securing
It, will bo placed before tho votorn
noxt week.
' 2200.00
Tethcrow Pitches Fine flame For
VMlorH, FmiiiiIiik 10 Krrorn by
liocal Provo to Ho Costly.
Playing a Madras team nlua Teth-
erow and I'rinovillo talent. Hend wo
defeated Sunday In baseball by a
scoro of 3 to 0. Tothorow was In
tho box (or tho visitor, and only ono
clean hit wbh obtaluod on him, thla
being n two-bogger by Wilt Sponcer,
shortstop. Drownlow got a scratch
Infield alnglo. Sixteen Dond batters
funned. Immole struck out ton aud
allowed vlght hits..
All of tho visitors' runs camo as
tho result or errors by N. Springer In
left Hold and Mclloynolda on third.
Tho following uion played (or tho
locals: Hrownlow, r(; MoHoyuolds,
ah; Carmody, 3b: Sponcer, bb: Chet
Springer, lb, c(j Van Mater, o; N.
Springer. 1(; Jloxoll, c(; Finis, lb;
Immole, p.
Owing to lack of spaco, the box
score Is omlttud, tho summary being:
Madras 00013000 0-3 81
Uend 00000000 0-0 23
Datterlea: Tothorow and Drowsier;
Immolo and Van Matro,
Two base hits Sponcor, Ashloy.
Struck out Dy Tothorow 10, by Im
molo 10. liases on balls OS Toth
orow 1, off Immolo 3, Wild pitches
Tothorow . 1, Immolo 3, Hit by
pltchod boll Tothorow, Jackson, C.
Springer, Stolon bases O. Spring-
I vi, iiiunsmi, oiisriiica iiy jacKBon.
Vuiplro Dr. R. D, Kotchum.
SccUon 1.
Sower bond election July 20.
uocal payroll $49,000.
Hend's population 17C0.
Much lumber to go Eat this summer.
Dend Park Co. buy Riverside and
Bulletin to havo now quarter.
Dig lumber mill at Dend.
Many recent realty transfers.
New homestead law. '
North canal and dam work rapid.
Dend Hospital doing good.
Five church denominations hero.
Forestry headquarters at Dend.
Dairy ranch makes fine showing.
Hog raising bilnsa rancher big sum.
Town has good Are department.
Section li.
Drlck and atone buildings cost $80,-
Many now rramo business houses.
Fivo miles or aldowalk.
Water system or town Is flrat class.
Dend to bo big city, says W. D. Che
Drlck plant hero is kept busy.
Plenty of stono for building purposes.
Postoinco growth shows prosperlt.
Town has flno electric system.
First wool salo hero on July 8.
History of tho incorporated city
Deschutca rivor power enormous,
says atato engineer.
Dond haa good band.
Six fraternal lodges here strong.
Library big asset of tho town.
Only Ice plant In Interior at Dend.
Creamery gives dairying Impetus.
Section U.
History o( Central Orogon railways.
Railroad's coming to Dend celebrated
October 6. 1911.
Dend distributing point or Interior.
Passenger trafllo hoavy.
Stone depot to bo enlarged.
Veterans have association.
Agricultural opportunities many.
Central Oregon towns thrive.
Plans made (or city sower system.
Section 4.
County's natural resources varied. to giving roliablo Information to lu-
Irrigated and dry farming and stock Ml u I re re regarding tho town and su
Laldlaw district attractive.
Central Oregon. Irrigation Company's
District northeast o( Dond dovelop.
Powell Dutto section rich.
Settlors have good road to Dcud.
Crop outlook la snlondld.
Two demonstration farms In county,
Columbia Southern segregation.
"Swalley ditch" project.
Fremont and Fort Itock districts.
Auto excursion many,
Freo lands tor hamosoekore.
Doy Scouta strong In Uend;
La Pino nnd tho upper Deschutes
Arnold Irrigation system co-operative.
Section 5.
Dond a city of boautltul homes.
Scenic points nearby numerous,
Flower show held annually.
Dulletln's plant and force.
History told by newspaper clippings.
Sidelights on Dend's growth.
Ico caves aro nature's wonders.
Central Oregon climate Ideal.
Paradho (or sportsmen.
Town'o school facilities oxcellout.
Whllo most people familiar with
affair In Dend today know In a hazy
way that tho town has a surprisingly
largo payroll tho largest In the In
teriorvery few of oven the most ar
dent Dend boosters reallxo tho mag
nitude ot tho amount spent hero (or
labor each month. For Juno It
reached nt least $48,000. Not teas
than $33,000 of this wa paid out
directly at Bend. Moro than $29,
000 can bo considered as a minimum
permanent payroll, less than which
has novor been paid out monthly
nero lor at least two year, and lesa
than which It la practically Impossi
ble over will bo' paid out In the fu
ture. Tho figures are taken at a timo
when there I no particular "iwn
With tho exception or tho North Can
al construction work, thero is no ex
traordinary amout of labor in use in
the country. Tho payroll of tho lo
cal mills, tho brick yard, etc., will in
crease rrom now on. ir anything. For
Instance, should Tho Dend Company
run two shifts, as is nmh-ttii,. n .j.
dltlonal $C00O would result. Also
local constrnrtlnn wn-t. I- -
tlcularly rushing; thero Is a substan
tial building development, but no roal
"building boom" In the past there
havo betn moro carpenter and tna.
sons employe!, and. there will ba
many moro in tho future. So it i
seen that tho time Is opportune (or
the compilation o( a fair and conser
vative o.t'mata. w
Tho Payroll!' Ffeurnt.
Below is given tho monthly pay
roll as reported from-'the ofllccs of
tho various organizations:
U. 8. Forestry SorvicV' $ 1206:00
ncna urick & Lumber. Co.
Tho Dend Company'
Overturr-Davis-Miller Co.
Tho Railroads
Cent. Oro. Irrigation Co.
"North Canal Dam"
Local construction
Minor looal payroll
Total ,$48191.00
Local construction tnclu'des the av
erage payroll ror tho last month
among contractors and builders, reck
oning only 2G mechanics regularly
employed, . which Is very conserva
tive. During July this number will
average 60 or moro.
. Minor local payrolls include thoso
at tho flour milt, machine shops, Ico
plant, creamery, printing plant, etc
In addition to these many thousands
or dollars could bo Included In othor
labo'r payrolls, such aa livery stables,
dorks, police, etc., not to mention
the large amounts that are spent dur
ing the summer tor farm labor, road
Improvement, auto-line labor, etc.
Organization Ilaa AceouiplUhetl Much
For Town' Upbuilding-.
The Dend Commercial Club, with
a largo representative membership,
has accomplished much In the way of
upbuilding the "town. It ha a paid
manager, who devotes his entire timo
rounding country.
Tho cluba offlcore aro: X. M".
Lara, president; II. W. Skuse, secie
tary; R. D. Gould, treasurer; 1 W.
Drawn, manager.
Tom Murphy Is having a four-room
houso built on lot 12, block 15, In
Park addition. It will bo occupied
by H. P. Palmer and family. Mr.
Palmer Is employed by tho Dend
Hardware Company.
Whllo fishing rrcm tho bridge at
The Dend Co. mill Sunday, Mrs. Tan
sy, who llvos in Kenwood, was' hit on
tho right hand by a stray rlflo(bul!ot.
Who had tho gun is not known. The
wound Is not serious.
1( there la anyone having flno apec
Imens ot (arm or garden prbduco they
would like to exhibit at tho golden
Potlatch In Seattle, tboy aro request
ed to leave same at tho Dend Com
mercial Club or Bend Park Co. 'a "of
fice before July 10.