The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1912, Image 7

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Wo liavo JubI received by
oxprcwt from
The La-Franco
Waist Co. of
Now York
nn entirely now lino of
and SUk Waists
Tills Is by all oiM tho
prettiest lino of Hummer
WalntM wo linvo ovor had
und tlioy como direct from
ono of llio liirucflt waIhI
houflcs initio country.
Lingerie Waists, from
Sl.BGto $3.00
Not Waists. . . . $3.00
Silk WalsU. ... $3.00
Sea our dlsplny windows
for a few styles then
como In tho storo and
make your selection.
THE Storo of Better
J, II. Pox of Fremont was a llontl
.vliilnr Prlday.
Jnnici Hyau I In Portland on a
, ttUHlncKo trip.
I). A. Iloyd In In Montana tlila
,Mok on nhuslncss trip.
Mr. IJnlnl will bo hostess tonight
, for llio Kvonlng COO Club.
Mrs. C. M. Hoilflolil waa up from
Deschutes yesterday ahnpplug,
0, H. llolion ami wlfo of Hod
ihoihI aKnL Monday In Hand.
Tho Hrldgo Club will ho outer
talnnd Friday by Mrs. Ovurlurf.
Miss Florence Hamuli Is In Mc
tnllua till week on n business trip.
Vernon A. Forbes wna In Prlno
vlllo Monday and Tuesday on busl-
V. K, Kelson, who llvfs cast of
. town, waa Joined Bunday night by
lila wlfo.
, M. 8. Mayfltdd, tho Crooked river
Mttlmau, waa a vliltor In llond
W. N. Hay waa up from l,aldlaw
Saturday, trading with tho Houd
, inorohniita.
Mrs. Kiln Ilusoy or Mllllonn valley
aiionl Thursday iilahl In llond on her
' way to Portland.
It. I-:. Koon ruturncd Sunday night
' fniin ntttinillllB tliu health couvun-
tlon In Portland.
Mnia will bo hold Holiday, April
7. al 10:30 n. m. by Father Dutlor
of lloriiilston, Oro.
K (I. Wares, brothor nnd tu'othor
of Honltlo linvo como to llond to tako
up government Innd.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry W. Bkuto
. 1, spent lust Hiiudny visiting at tho
Davonport-niunioy rancn.
Mrs. Sarah N'lchola ot McMInn
vlllo has ntod on n .120- ncro home
Klcad In Whltakur valley.
1 V M ft r..l.l...ll l nil. I i II
n, v. WMiunmit .in. iiii.i ...
C. Kills mill MUa Mary Colomau
upont Monduy In Prluovlllo.
Illchnrd llorold nnd family nrrlv-
c 1
a Specialty.
First Class Work Guurantcod
Host l'lnco to Duy
China and Cut
od In llond Sunday flight from Now
liorc to inako tholr homo, Mr.
llorold la nn oxporloncod sawmill
Mr. nnd Mrs. 11, J. Douglass nnd
llttltt daughter loft Thursday for
tholr homo In Detroit, Mich.
MIrs Itoso II. Gchlaltmnn has como
In to provo up on Innd which alio
linn botweon Lnldlaw and Ulatora.
Tho Presbyterian (lulld will moot
with Mm, 0. I-I. Morris, In Deschutes
Addition, Friday afternoon nl 2:30
Harry P. Mnnlon has bought n
flvo-ncro tract of Innd, lying a mllo
mid n half north of town, from A. B.
J. T. Hoblnson, Jr., has roslgnod
as cashier of tho Contra! Oregon
Irrltsntlon Co, His successor has not
boon named,
Mrs. P. K. Cronln, who has been
visiting her daughtr, Mrs. H. W.
flkiiHO, returned to hor homo In Port
land Friday.
MUa Jessie I,. Hill onmo In Hun
day nlRht from Culver to look ovor
n timber claim which alio Mod on
soma years ago.
Tho year-old son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
II. II. Hear died Monday at tho homo
of Mrs. Spear's parent, Mr. and
Mrs, John Young.
Ooorgo 1.. Culllaon of Twin Falls,
Idaho, nnd Husaoll Marker of North
Dakota haro takon up homestoads
In Mllllcan valloy.
Mr. and Mrs, M. 0. Nooie of Port
land spent Monday In llond, corning
up for nn outing. Thoy wont fish
lug nnd mado a good catch.
Italph Kelly of St. Louis, Mo.,
haa co inn to llond to remain several
months and If ho likes tho country
will make this his pormancut homo.
Mi. nnd Mrs. It. II. Solomon are
reJolcltiK over tho arrival of their
firstborn, a boy, which wss born at
tho hospital Friday oronlng, March
Mr, and Mrs. W. C, llrodenhagou
celebrated their fifth wedding anni
versary Friday ovonltiK with a party
In which a number of frlonds wore
Work was started Monday morn
ing by J. V. Dlmlck on a flvo-room
cottage, with bath, for Mr. nnd Mrs.
A. M. PrliiKlo, on tot 13, block 13,
Park Addition.
W. C. Wilkes, assistant general
freight and paaaengor agent of the
Oregon Trunk, spent Friday night
here, loavlng Saturday for Prlnovlllo
by way of lledmond.
W. C. llredenhagen, who lost his
stock of goods In the fire nn March
3, will rmicn In a abort time In tho
new building erected by Carmody
llros. on llond street.
Chief nf Pollco Itoberts desires to
call tho attention of lleud iconlo to
tho ordinance forbidding the light
ing of tiros of any kind within 100
feet of n building, lusldo tho city
Iconard Tlnnor, who waa recently
brought to tho local hospital from
Itodmond surforlng from what waa
at first thought to bo appendicitis,
hns typhoid fever and hla condition
la aerlnua.
Mr. A. F. Shlroman returned
Sunday from a trip of several months
Knat. Hho was accompanied by her
hrothor-ln-law, Ira Shlrotnnu. and
his family, of Akron, lud., who will
resldo hero.
J. II. Wonandy loaves this wook
for Portland to buy n new touring
oar. It will bo placed on tho run
from hero to Silver il-nko, making
throo cars the company la operating
to Iwiko county.
C M. McAllstor, livestock agent
The dependability of
Malthoid Roofing hai been
proven by tests covering
a period of
many years.
Made in the largest factory in
the world it is absolutely
right in every detail.
It resists fire
Is acid proof
water and weather proof
Keeps heat in the building In
winter, '?
Keeps it out in summer.
Malthoid will last as Ions as the
building it covers.
It Is inexpensive
easy to lay and your roof troubles
are over when Malthoid is laid.
If you doubt aslc
General Dradstrcct to give
you h line on Malthoid Makers
The I'arafllne Paint Co.
of San Franqisco
and Chicago Heights.
Skuse Hardware Co.
Bond, .... Orogon
of tho Portland Union Stock Yards
Co., spent tho first of tho week hero
Slotting acquainted, Ills company
expect to buy many head of stock
horo In tho future.
Mrs. F. A. Hlco of Prlnovlllo Is
visiting Mrs, Kills.
A. A. Morso, of tho O.-W. II. k N.
traffic department, Is In llond today.
Ford Knutsen gnvo a party Sat
urday to a uuiubor of his friends In
colobrntlon of his Gth birthday,
Tho Hond Ilrlck & Lumber Co, Is
making 20,000 brick a day, and
working 25 men In tho brick yard
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. I-', Olpson and
Corwln (Upson, of Minneapolis,
spout Inst Friday horo on n pleasure
trip. They woro on n trip to tho
const nnd Included llond 111 their
A. L, Hudson has trndod 40 acres
of Arnoid ditch land for u C-acro
tract of (rult land nt Granger, Wash.,
left last wook for his now homo.
Ilo still owns 100 acres horo under
tho Central Oregon ditch.
H. H. Schlelckolsor, who has boon
spondlng tho winter In Portland,
caino In Sunday night to visit his
wlfo nnd son for two weeks, Mr.
Schlclckclser expects to build a resi
dence In Contor Addition.
W. II. II. Williams, who haa a
homestead up rlvor, arrived last
woek from Soattto nnd will tako up
his xosldenco on tho claim In a short
time, Mr. Williams has bought
proporty In Park Addition.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wllmot of
Ilutto, Lako county, who have been
visiting In Portlsnd, camo In last
night ca tholr way home. They
wore accompanied by Mrs. McDowoll,
a neighbor, who baa been In Bpokano.
Today at two o'clock occurred tho
funoral of the Infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. II. P. Spoor, the services being
held nt tho llaptlat church. Mrs.
3 peer Is tho daughtor of Mr. and
Mr. J. F. Young ot Hond. The
Spoors camo to Central Oregon to
make their homo horo In llond, from
Winiicr, Nobraska.
K. P. Madsen, who camo to Hond
from Mlnot, N. I)., has fllod on n
homestend In Mllllcan vnlloy. Ho
ind Mrs. Mndsen will spend tho
spring nnd part of tho summer In
Hond. Mr, Mndsen Is a contractor
md builder.
Ixiroy Fox la vory proud of n gold
watch which ho won In an Orogonlnn
contest. Ho Is now delivering 125
papers ovory night In lleud. Ho
hotea to win n caah prlio of $G0
for selling tho most papers in n
town of this slaco during March. Hla
locord for tho month was 3000.
C. I). Ilowo has taken leaso on ono
of tho storo rooms In the building
being erected by II. II. Davie and
will move from his present location
next to tho poitofflco as soon n tho
structure is comploted, probably
about the mlddlo of tho month. Tho
othor storeroom will bo occupied by
Are Your Pie Crusts
Such a crust depends on
the lard. Pure, properly re
fined lard, makes the best
Swift's Silver-Leaf Lard is
absolutely pure, and properly
refined. c
Bert Shuey
The Cash Grocor
Oneil RIdp;., Bond, Oregon
PrlNclllas (live Dinner In Honor of
Departing .Member.
On Monday ovonlng a progressiva
dinner party was given by tho Prls
cilia Club In honor of Mlssen Iva
Wost nnd Noll Mnrkol, both of
whom expect to leave Hond soon.
Tho dinner consisted of four
courses, Tho soup courso was
sorvod at the Market bungalow and
from there tho rtlrls wont to tho
Wlest home whore tholr salad was
eaton. After tho girls saw that tho
train had arrived safely, they ad
vanced to tho homo of Cornelia WII-
lion, whoro tho meat courso had been
propared. Tho tablo decorations
were In grcon nnd yellow, tho flowers
being dnffodlls, Small chickens
were scattored over tho tablo, whllo
the same woro on tho placo cards.
Then last, but not leant, they re
paired to tho Thompson residence.
Thoro two tables had boon decorated
vory prettily. In the editor or onch
was a largo Kastor nest, from which
roso a candelabrum. lied ribbons
led from tho candelabra to each
placo, whoro small red candles wero
burning, with an egg shell for a
candlestick. Shcrbcrt, cako nnd
coffee- woro sorvod; also candy
proporiy "doctored" for April first.
Tho party ended with music and
tho singing of "Good Night Ladles"
and "Auld Lang 8yno".
Thoso enjoying tho festivities
wero: Anno, Oortrudo and Noll
Market, Iva West, Ethel Harden,
Sara Porry, Ktbol Holmos, Martha
Sldncr, draco and Maude Vandorert,
Oortrudo nnd Kdlth Schultz, Cornelia
Wilson, Edith Eastes, Katberlne
Trautnor, Moda Castle, Arrio Ulack
and Florence Harnett.
New Moving Picture Hoiue Will he
Known as tho Drratn.
Tho now moving picture show on
Hond street, which will be known as
tho Dream, will bo opened next
Tuesday evening by tho proprietors,
I C. Itudow and William Evans,
formorly of Seattle
Tho building, 80x20 feet In di
mensions, has been comploted and
Is a handsomo structure. The
cement stucco front Is something
now for Houd. The houso Is plast
ered Imlde. It has an Inclined
floor, and tho soatlng capacity is
220. Opera chairs will bo Installed.
Mr. Kvans will oporato tho picture
machine, Miss McGuIro of Portland
will lng and Mrs. It. II. Webb will
play the piano.
In addition to tho shows each eve
ning, n matlneo at 2.30 on Sunday
will be given.
llomcktracl Measure Piutoed by
Holme Lat Week.
The three-year homcatead bill waa
passed last Wednesday by tho lower
houso of Congress. Tho Houso hav
ing mado somo amendments to the
Sonato bill, the mcasuro will go to
conference for final adjustment.
Its enactment Into law Is assured,
however, practically as passed.
This moans that three years' resl
donco will bo required hereafter In
stead of Ave, and that n five-months
leavo ot nbsenco will bo granted each
Wo tako thla moans ot thanking
Misses Wiest and Ulack and Messrs.
Hunter and Jackson for tho music
which thoy rendered at tho funoral
services at tho church Friday after
Iluttlncim Lots at Snap.
Two lots on Wall street (Drake
Lawn), $1600 each. Also corner
$4000, Inside lot, $1200, opposite
Pilot Ilutto Inn. Innulro what ad
Joining lota aro worth and see what
a bargain this Is. J. A. Eastes, Agt.
Fine Ixit nt Ilnrgaln. -
Owner will sell for cash ono of
tho best lots In Park Addition, nt n
bargain. Property level, frco from
rocks and has several nlco trees on
It. The prlco will surprlso you.
Inquire at llulletln otllco. 2tf
Mr. mill Mr. Handier, why not
put your butter up In the must lit
tinrtho form'.' Tho llulletln om
Mtpply you wttli butter wrapping
pjiper with your iinnio nnd tho name
of your ranch printed on It.
New Pidure House
10 and 15 cents.
If You Have Any
to supply you should take advan
tage of what this store has to of
fer. Here are a few
Imported Pongee, yard wide-.. $1.35 yd.
Silk and Cotton washable Pongee. 27 in. wide 50c yd.
Wash Silks, large assortment 50c yd.
"Linweave" White Wash Goods, neat and
pretty patterns 25c yd.
Others from 12c yd. mp
Women's Black Cat Silk Hose at per pair- $1.00
Buttons Vss Ladles
Msdo 3Pv2VaT Homo
to slidghLo Journal
Order (HrVfrHn Patterns
This v iMEr J ThU
Storo ;51BP A Store ,
nritu nK.x
Party will build a small residence
(to cost not nioro than $1200 on
attractive lot In Park Addition, nnd
rent It or sell houso and land on
easy payments. Water and electric
light. Hulld to suit. Inquire nt
Bulletin office. ltt
Notice to Ifomescckcrs.
Will 1 oca to you on good home
stead and will let you work out lo
cation fee. Seo E. It. Post. Ztf
Jiikt arrived, carload of sah and
doors lit X. P. Smith's storo. Itnlld
era, you can Ret what you want at
right price.
Gifts to My
Tbo valuable sets oil genuine Dresden
China which I am giving away in cele
bration, of my First. Anniversary of
business in Bend are attracting much
attention. If you haven't seen them
yet, come in and you will also be
pleased Coupon with every 10c
purchase of goods here.
E. M. Thompson
Where Your Dollar Does Its Duty.
Wall St., lend, Oregon
We are Not Superstitious, but We Believe in