The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1912, Image 10

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Ths Cunnlna Thsy Dlsptsytd In Prs
curing StoWn Msal.
Singular aa It may seem, elephants
which hate associated with men enter,
tain the notion that under ipcclnl clr
cumstnnces. they nro not responsible If
they utlllto another to commit an llto
gal act The following Is an Instance
of this elephantine morality.
A man In Rangoon bought three,
young elephants to tend to England.
They wcro tame and playful, but tun
ning. Knowing that It wns wrong to
steal paddy (unhusked rlccH-tho Idea
bad doubtless been Impressed upon
them by punishment for stealing they
would not touch It themselves, but It
n boy went to aeo them ho would bo
seised by one. the llttlo trunk would
bo colled around his arm, and he would
bo ted to where the paddy was kept In
The elephant wonld make neat's paw
of the boy's hnnd to take up a handful
of paddy. Then. Ictttug go, he would
turn up the end of his trunk, open It
and ccaxlngty luvlto tho boy to drop In
the paddy.
Should tho boy, however, put It back
in tho bag his arm would again bo
seised by tho trunk, and bis hand
would be again Inserted Into the paddy
The liy, anxious to be released,
would usually drop the paddy Into the
trunk, and tho elephant would blow
tho rice Into his mouth. After repeat
log -tho operation several times tho
elephant would scamper off, feeling
tbat ho had got the paddy without
stealing IU Harper's.
jTM Romano of Mark Lomon'a Most'
8uccttful Dro.
(There Is a singular story connecJt4
n-with the play "Hearts Are Tromsa.'
.which Mark Lemon, tho famous rupch
editor, wrote many year ago. Wbea
Jtfark Ijemon was visiting a friend's
house one day he fonnd thero an elder
ly gentleman with long whlto hair
and a worn, sad face. Ha was very
ieedtly clad, and there was something
In his appearance which excited Lem
on's curiosity. When the visitor had
no Mark Inquired who he was.
"A rich man once." replied his
friend. "Lost everything at tho gam
ing table. Hut the strangest part of
tho story Is that no one, not even tho
members of his own family, suspected
him of gambling until the crash came.
Ho had kept It a secret from all who
knew htm. He Is now llttlo better
thnn a beggar. He comes to me some
times and I give him a good meal for
the sako of aukl lang syne."
The talc haunted Mark, says Thor
mnnby In "Tho Splco of Life." Ho
Imagined a daughter waiting at homo
night after night for the gambling fa
tjicr, ignorant of his erej vice nntU
the day of ruin revealed tho cnuio 6t
all thoso mysterious absences. IIo
worked tho Idea Into n play which ho
called "Hearts Arc Trumpo," tho most
successful of nil his seventy drnmns.
On tho first night It wna produced,
glancing Into the pit, he saw seated
among the nudleueo tho very man
whoso career had suggested tho plot,
A Contrast In Monarehs.
Emperor Nnpoleou has often been
seen detaching hla own cro of the
Legion of Honor to place It himself on
tho breast of a hero. toula XIV
would first havo ashed If the brave
man was a noble. Napoleon asked If
the noble waa brave. A sergeant who
In battle had performed prodigies of
valor was brought before 1-ouN XIV
"I grant you a pension of 1.200 litres."
said the king.
Sh, I should prefer the crow of
St. Louis."
"1 should think so, but you wtit not
get It."
Napoleon would have embraced the
sergeant Louis XIV. turned hW tack
an him. It la the decldtHl deduction
which separaten the two epochs.
From "Itecollectlona of an Otllccr of
Napoleon's Army."
Only Thrst of This Notahla Elsvin
Wer Undtr S00 Pounds.
On Aug. 10. J778. General Washing,
ton and ten other otuecrs of tho Revo
lutionary army were weighed at West
Point. N. V.. and the result Is pre
served In an Item from tho English
magazine Notes and Queries. Only
.thjeo of the eleven weighed less than
200 pounds. The heaviest was Colonol
.Swift, whoa 431l) pound mado hlra
lead, the next. General Knox, at 250,
by thlfty-nlue poimds. but Knox was
only twenty-eight years old.
Then follow Colonel Michael Jack
son. 332; Colonel Henry Jackson. 23S;
Gsuersl Lincoln, then forty-tiro years
old. 22', Lieutenant Colonel Hum
phreys, 221; Lieutenant Colonel Hun
tington, 212.
General Washington, forty-sir years
old. weighed 200 pounds and was fol
lowed at quite an Interval by Lieuten
ant Colonel Cobb and General nun
tlngton, who weighed 182 pounds each.
It Is amusing to note that the heavi
est man'a name was Swift and that of
the tightest General Orcaton. who Is
credited with ICO pounds, IC3 less than
Swift's record.
The total weight of the eleven, 2.IS3
pounds gives 22(1 pound as tho aver
age, but Swift being omitted the other
ten averaged only 217 pounds.
Tbey were certainly men of weight
and substance and a heavy team If
wo may compare them with a modern
football eleven that might well chal
lenge comparison also with our mod
ern military men.
Osath Wounds and Flesh Wounds and
ths Coaling Whtn Qlruok.
In "Serving tho Republic" donors!
Nelson A. Miles say, that, UUo every
other soldier who bus seen much nctlvo
service, ho Is often asked how It feels
to bo wounded Ho himself was
wounded four Union nnd twice almost
fatally, so ho Is nhlo to speak from
experience. Ho says:
"Ouo Is often asked how It scorns to
to woumled In bnttlo. Tho (light of
bullet Is quicker than thought nnd has
parsed through a flesh wound befors
one realises that bo has been struck.
I havo seen bodies of men dead on the
Held of battle where the brain had
been pierced and death hud liecn In
stantaneous. They would remain In
every position of the 'tuauual of anus,'
with an ansloua look, a frown or a
smllo on their cold and rigid faces.
"My wounds received at Fair Oaks,
Fredericksburg and Petersburg were
tlrsh wound nnd disabled mo but a
short time. While riding down the
line at Clmnrellorsvllle uno of the ene
roy'a bullet struck my metallic Ml
plate with great force. This cnned n
slight deviation as It entered the Iwdy
Tho result was an Instant deathly sick
ening sensation. My sword dropped
from my right hand; my scabbard nnd
belt dropped to tho left I was com
plelely paralysed below tho waist. My
horso seemed to reallxo what had oc
curred. He mopped, turned and walked
slowly back. I holding to the ommel
of tho saddlo with my hands. Wo
soon reached a group of soldiers, who
took mo off and. placing me In a blan
ket, carried me to the Chnnecllorsvlllo
Houso and pulled a dead man off a
couch to make room formo."
Ill Qsvt ths Old Man Long Walt
Fop tho.Bsektog.
Bklppcr Norwood was born in a llt
tlo Nova Scotia town. D.urlng tho long
winter evenings young Dill used to IIo
nut In frnnt of tho blfi ODCn fireplace.
and Juit about tho tlmo he had got
warm and comfortablo ( and a trifle
drowsy Norwood senior would make
up his mind tho nro was getting low
unit al.nil his SOn Out IfltO tllO SHOW tO
bring In a backlog from tho wood pile.
Eventually theso nocturnal pilgrim
cm mt on vounc Dill's nerve, and
ono night when his father sent him
out after tho backlog tno sou conun
uiil nn nasi the wood pile and across
country to tho nearest seaport, whore
bo shipped on a wlialcr.
Nino years later Dill came back. It
ten n littler winter n!cht.uud the snow
,was falling. Dill sneaked up to the
window nnd looked Into the otd sitting
I room. The tire was burning In tho old
I Urcplace. and Dill's father nnd mother
were seated In front of IU He uollred
'that the tire was a trltlo low. Ho ha
wont to tho wood plfe, elected n big
backlog, carried It Into tho houso and
stood for n moment by tho lire wllh
tho log on his shoulder.
"Father," said Dill, "Pvo brought In
that backlog you sent mo after."
Tho old man novcr budged nn Inch.
Instead ho spat luto tho (Ire nud re
torted teslllyt
"Sot It on tho lire. Vou'vo been n
long while (iltttn Itr-Bnturday Even
ing Pot
Ths Oruo CUrk's Csllsr,
"A man enmo In yesterday nnd want,
cd something we didn't havo. Ho had
been looking Into the window, nnd he
must hnvo thought this was a book
store Just hocninn wo were advertising
some novels and stationery nnd dic
tionaries and n lot of that left over
Junk. Well, anyhow, he came to me
nnd ho says, says ho, 'I want Lincoln's
Gettysburg address.
"Look for It yourself, sir, says I
politely, llko we're taught to do
There's n directory over thero in the
corner. Dut I don't think you'll Oud
It. Theso directories only hnvo the
subscribers' cliy addresses.'
"Well. say. that fellow was so mad
ho wouldn't wait. Called mo Ignorant
and nil kinds of things. Dut that Just
shows you what us drug clerks have
got to put up wllh."-Cloveland Plain
Cost Bin Msaiursmsnts,
A solid cubic foot of anthracite coal
weighs nlnctythreo younds. When bro
ken for use It weighs about tlfty-four
pounds. Dltumlnous coal when broken
up for use weighs about tlfty iioiiuds.
Tho consequent rulo for tho approxl
mate measurement of coal In a bin or
box la to multiply (ho length lu feet by
tho height In feet and again by the
breadth In feet, and this result by fifty
four for Buthraclto coal or by fifty for
bituminous conL ,Tho result will equal
tho number of pounds, and to find the
number of tons divide by 2.000.Popu
tar Mechanic.
Ths Obliging FrUnd.
"Tou know that Griggs and I both
lovo you. Can't you mako a cholco to
dayr "A choice, Indeedl When I do mako
n cholco yon can rest assured that It
Kill not Interest youl"
"Thanksl I'll toll Griggs." - Ex
rhange. Oood Llttlo Do.
Mrs. Scant-Will joii havo another
lleo of enke. Hobble! Hobble No,
thank you; mother said I must re
rune n second piece, 'euiiso you
mightn't hnu It to pnro.-Judgc.
DstUr Days.
Ethel (of her llunrct-Poor Trcd has
seen better dnyn. Kilty-Yes; he used
to le engaged to me. llostou Transcript
It-Tslls a Prslty 8ry of ths Origin sf
ths Chryssnihsmum.
Tho Japanese hnvo an Interesting
legend In connection with the origin
of tho chrysanthemum. In n gardun
bathed In the aoft moonlight ft young
girl plucked n flower nnd commenced
to strip the petals to see If her tlanco
lored hor truly. Of a sudden n llttlo
giut appeared before her nnd assured
her that her (lanco loved hor passion
itcly. "Your husband will live,' ho
added, "as tnony years as the flower
which I will let you choose has petals.
With these words ho disappeared.
The young Rlrl hastened to search tho
garden for a flower which should have
an abundance of petal, hut each one
appeared to promise, but a brief fa
turo for her beloved.
At length she picked n Persian car
nation, nnd. with tho aid of n gold
pin taken from her hair, she separated
earh ono of Hie petal of tho Mower
so as to Increase tho numlier of foliates
and of the numlier of years accorded
by tho god to her tlanco. Boon under
her deft fingers 100. 200, 300 petals,
thin, pliant and beautifully curved,
had been evolved, ami tho joung girl
cried for Joy to think of the happy
future which her ruso had assured her
flance. Bo. runs tho legend, was the
crjsanthenuiin created ono moonlight
night In a Japanese garden, where sil
very brook murmured softly as they
ran beneath the little bamboo bridges.
-London Qlobo.
It I s P.oullsr Oound Gemsthlng Llko
s Qhtsp'o Blsst
Those, who read the accounts of ths
giraffe In the textbooks and ths de
scriptions given by travelers may
have noticed that no mention Is mads
of Its voice. Sportsmen, In fact, al
ludo to Us apparent rotcelessness.
Nor so far as tha records go has It
ever been beard In captivity. Up to
tho present It appears that no one
could say whether tho cry of a glraffo
was a groan, a bellow, a bleat or a
neigh; hence tho record of tho recent
experience of a naturalist In east Afri
ca, who has actually heard Its voice.
Is of special Interest
Dlaney Perclval, tho naturnltst In
question. stcnt tho day In concealment
over a wnlertm'o where tho wild ani
mals en mo to drink. He had at time
seen glraffo and xehra drinking with
lu thirty feet of him. Whllo thus
watching ho had tho good fortuno to
hear the giraffe.
It was mnklng a bleating noise, but
Mr. Perclval sny It Is qulto luiioal
bio to describe the sound In writing
"The nearest I con get to It." ho says.
"Is wnr're rather drawn out, not Jmt
n 'baa, like a sheep, but more pro
longed, nnd the softening at tho end
more uotlceahlo. liudnii Field.
An Cessntrls.Vlssr. ,
nun wmidnrs wlirit London thmieU
of Hubert Htephen Hnwkor, tint fnr
. '.... ...I.. .it ttn ailll..., ,..
or aiurweiisuiw, iHc " imin'ii mv
doti (for tha second time In his life) In
18(11. !nrd l'.xuiouth. Invited to Intuit
wjlh liltii nt the Grout Western lintel,
PaddliiKton, found him dressed pre
cisely ns ho used lu dress In his Cor
nish vllliigo-flshrrmaii'a knitted j,r. '
sey, long purple coat and wading hoot,
Lord Kximmth. bubbling with lniiK,. ,
ter, said, "I nut not surprised Hie wait,
er should say there wns no clergyman
hero." To which Hawker replied' ',
doubt you would rather sea mo dreimrd
like a waller, vlth n black mat and
white chnkerl I've felt obliged to nny
'fllr' to him twlco already.M-Undon
DysUs Fend of Monksy Msst.
Tho Dyaks of southwestern Hornm
hunt nearly nil tho gamo In tho vlclul
ty of their settlements wllh spears ei
eept In the case of the nmug oiilnng.
which Is hunted vlth guns. It scorn
that these wild wopii are very fund
of tho meat of the ornng oiilnug and
rausequently thoso nulmals are very
scarce In tho neighborhood of lijmk
Not Acquainted.
"Are you at all faiulllar with Plator .
asked Mr. Oldcaslle. '
"No; that's one thing Jostnh always
blames me for. He says I never nuke '
real friend with anybody."
"I s'pose I look like a tramp, Csth
erlns Ant. but I'm your cousin. Cy
Darker, back from tho Klondike with
tlO.000 In, gold Gee. don't smuttier
mtr-Cblcsgo Trtbuus,
A Quosr Monumsnt
A monument erected In the Sirs
sllsno cemetery ha a very curious
history. It I that of an old woman of
Genoa, who made n living by telling
strings of nuts In the streets, lly
frugality nnd Industry sho succeeded
In amassing a small fortuno lu Hits,
way and then commissioned a wrll
known sculptor of Genoa, Lulgl Oreo
go, to make a llfu sited xr(ralt of h-r
lu marble Just as she npared at her
pllvh lu tho street. This statue she
ordered to lm placed lu tho fni'Hi
Htragtleiio cemetery, pmbalily lln lr
gesl lu tho world -Wldo Wurld Msfi t
Bwstt and Hard.
The Royal tand ws ikying for tl.t
king. Imls XIV.. the "Mleren of l.ul
ly " The king was on his knees and wt
was the nhotn court. HU msWy
kept the nwkward altitude until H
end of the hymn After Using. It"
klii- iiirtust to tho CHiut lie llrsiu
mout ami asked how he found the mu '4
sic "rry et to tho ear, sire, buti
very hunl on tho Luers,"
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