The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 28, 1912, Image 1

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    Jl 1 JiCt JLJrjLJlrl i JL JL kj JLJLIZ3f 1 II !
Thin ditto wnn fixed by n confureiict
of representatives of tha l.nkovluw
Cotiitmirrlnl Club, tlin Orucon Do
valonmunt I.011KI10 mid thci Central
OroKon Development U'skuo. I'lnns
nro being formod to IiMiik 400 busi
ness moti from Portland und othor
parts of tlio state to Hem) by mil nurl
tlionco to I.nkevlow by mitnmobllo,
mtiirtitiiK via Meriforil. I'lnns urn
belli Hindu to make the LnWIuw
riioatliiK inoniornblo,
KIMj Hlfl COt'OAU.
ISrncst I.uthey and Hilly Hansen
brought to trtwn last week the pelt
of n big cougar whleh thoy killed In
tho Paulina mountains southeast of
$1610 FIRE
Hcnd. Tho dcstructlvcness of this
anlmnl to other wild creatures Is
shown by tho fart that tbo carcasses
of a number of deer which had re
cently been killed wero found In tho
cougar's trail. The hide was sold
to Itoscoe Howard of Deschutes.
Action Will lie Taken t Meet I nil on
Nest Tuesday NIkM Anollirr
I'lr Minlt Ordinance U Or-
ilrmt llrnnn by Attorney.
At tlio special mrotliiK of tlio City
Council lust iiIkIiI Mayor U. 0. Coo
handed In hit realisation, which was
n simple announcement that ho re
sinned. Tlio routioll oetponcd not
Iiir on tlio resignation until next
Tuesday iiIkIiI when tlio rcKiilnr
Mnroh meeting: will ho hold. Tlio
rcslfrnnllon waa laid on tlio Inblo un
III that Unto.
A petition waa received asking; for
tlio opening of Fifth street throueh
l.ytlo nnd making It CO feet wide.
Tlio mutter waa discussed and refer
red to Chairman Hpcnrcr of tho coin
initio on street work, who was In
structed to confor with property own
ers and Inform thorn that If they
would agroe to dedicate a strip of
property necessary for tho widening
of tho street tho city would proceed
to upon tha street aa provided In tho
Tho city engineer was ordered tJ
inako a aurvoy from Wall street to
Kir avenue alonK the lino of Nevada
street and Orceuwood avenue and to
give estimates of the cost of opening
and grading Nevada street.
Tho ordinance relating to tho use
of high explosives In tho city was
submitted by tho city attorney, but
action on It was postponed, K. A.
Halher waa given a permit to blast
for his new building and Leon Kulks
for blasting on lot 8, Idock 3. A
bond of f 1000 waa required of each.
A now sidewalk ordinance provid
ing for tho laying of coniont or con
crete walka In front of now build
ings was ordered drafted.
Flro Limits Ordinance.
The fire limits question, which was
.taken up by tho council last fall and
one so far with aa to have an ordl-
l.tliA lirmtinA t.n.1 thn ftraf llfnM
rm .. .......v.. . . in ... .....v.
Ptras again considered last nlghu It
Sky atated that some of the bust-
-lfis men who had opposod such an
Ifirdlnanco at that tlino were In
I favor of It now. Tho city attornoy
Ifwaa Instructed to draw up such an
Henntor Iloiirne Krcurrs larger Aji-
.proprlatlou Tor Clerk Hint If err,
Kfltatlve on Mm ill I.
I'ostmaator Minor was notified
by n lottor from Washington Inst
nleht that an luorcnscd nllownnco
lind been granted the Hond tKistomce,
effective Mnroh 1. Tho npprofTrln
tlon Is for clerk hire. Tlio muttor
wns taken up with Konutor Iloiirne by
I'ostmaster Minor and Tho llullutln.
nnd In reply Mr. Ilournu wroto Hit
postmaster ns follows:
"Upon receipt of your letter of
February 12th I took up with tho
1'ostofflco Department tho iiivstlon
of Increased allowance for clerk biro
for your poxtoftlco nnd am now In ro
celpt of a letter from tho First As
sistant Postmaster General advising
mo that an order has been Issued In
creasing your nllownnco for sepa
rating clerk biro from $180 to $330
a year, offecllvo March 1, 1912.
This Is In addition to allowance of
$300 a year for regular clerk biro
and commissions on money orders.
An Investigation by a postofflco In
spector will also bo requested to
ascertain whether tho unusual con
ditions existing at your oftlco en
tltlo you to au additional allowanco
for clerk hlro. 1 trust this will be
"I recelvod a communication from
Mr. Hoffman of Tho llend Hulletln
requesting Increased appropriation
for postomco clerk hire, and am send
ing him a copy of this letter for his
Ifnrilunrc Grocery mid linker? and
Heroin! Ilntiil Hlort'N Destroyed
AIm Lump Tipped Over HctH
'mi of TuriK'iitliK In Htore.
Date Met for Development League
Men to flalher.
Tho next mooting of the Contral
(Oregon Development League will be
livid at I.akovlow August 30-23.
Hrliool Hoard Decide on Amounts It
Will Fay Next Year.
At a meeting of tho school board
yesterdsy, tho matter of election of
teachers for tho year 1912-13 was
takon up and discussed, Tho follow
ing salaries woro fixed upon for tho
year, any deviation depending upon
tho tenure of position and efficiency:
Primary, $76; grades 3- to 7, Inclu
sive, $70; Sth grade, $80; assistants
In High School, $76 to $90.
Klectlon will tako place on March
14. All teachers desiring ro-clecllon
should fllo application with tho clerk
aa soon aa possible as tho list will bo
gone over and tho principal asked to
make roconiuioudatlons. No appli
cation will bo considered unless ac
companied by credentials showing
applicant to bo a qualified teacher
In Crook county.
Prof. Shouio was requested to re
apply for tho position ho now holds.
Tho newspuper plant of the Hod
iiioik) HMikesmnu, n hnrdwnru store,
grocery and hukory and second hnnd
storo were destroyed by flro In Red
mond Monday night. Tha total loss
Is $10,000, with liiHtirnueo of $9,000
en tried.
The flro started about 10 o'clock
In Mnher's hnrdwaro storo. A lamp
wns tipped over and exploded, setting
flro to n can of turpentine. Tho flro
fighters were unable to cojkj with tho
flnmes, and In nn hour and a half tho
four business places hnd been wiped
out It was with much hard work
that tho Oregon Hotel, on tho same
sldo of the street, and tho Hotel Hod
mond, across tho street, were saved
from destruction. Iloth were dam
aged to tho extent of about $600, as
were other building near by to a less
Tho heaviest losers are It. II. and
C. I- Palmer, owners of tho Spokes
man plant. Their entlro outfit was
destroyed, tha total loss being SCG00.
insurance ammountlng to $3200 was
With tho addition of now machin
ery the past few months, the Spokes
man was a well equipped newspapor
shop, A Junior linotype machine
was Installed less than two months
ago. Editor Palmer atated to Tbo
Hulletln over tho tolepbono yesterday
thnl they would at onco purchaso a
now plant nnd continue to publish
tho SKkesman. Ho said that a
Model 10 linotype like Tbo UulleUn'a
would lie bought. The Spokesman
will tuo tho press of tho Hub .until
Its now plsnt Is received, having part
of Ita type est by Tho Hulletln.
Tho other buildings destroyed
were: llardwaro atoro of K. Manor,
Hobb'a Cash Grocery and bakery nnd
n second hand atoro.
HUtory of This Mammoth Uiidrrtnk-
liiK French Company Foils anil
Hells out to the United Mutes
(lovriniiirut For Illc Hum.
Why Endorse It?
''Why In It," Baku a younjr man, "that thoy !
way want you to endorse a check nt Uio bank!"
The reason is simple. Tho endorsement is your re
ceipt for tho money. A check (a on order on the
bank to pay some particular person a certain amount
of money, Tho person mnklnjr the check wants to
know that his wishes nro fulfilled that the person
I ho gives tho check to gets his money. It is much ,
v 'simpler! easier, and safer; to leavo the money in Uio
bank and then pay your bills by check. On account
of tho endorsement as abovo explained there is a
- - complote record of each transaction. "Please sco
thatall checks and drafts arecndor8ed.M "
Important Meeting of Cotumerrjal
(lull Tomorrow Night.
A special meeting of tbo Commer
cial Club haa been callod for Thurs
day, Feb. 29, at 8 p. in.
Tha principal object of the meet
ing Is to discuss and decide tho ques
tion of employing a now manager to
fill tho vnenncy caused by the resig
nation of J. !:. Sawhlll. This Is a
matter of vital lniortauco to every
one Interested In Hotid'e wolfaro and
all aro urged to attend, whether club
merobera or not.
As the Pan a in n Cannl will do more
for the Pacific Coast states than for
any other territory, It la natural that
the people of the Coast should bo
particularly Interested In Its pro
gress. Tho series of brief article?
concerning tho Canal, of which thl
la tho first, will attempt to give a
plcturo of tha canal construction
operations as thoy aro today, and to
forecast what tho results of tho open
Ing or tbo big ditch will bo, especially
as far as Oregon Is concerned.
History, of the Canal.
Tho Idea of a canal across the
Isthmus of Pnnama, or Darlcn, aa It
waa called originally, dates back
practically 400 years. Indeed, next
year, 1913, when the canal will be
completed, will bo juat 400 years
aftor tho date when tho first white
man crossed tho Isthmus.
In 1613, Ilalboa. a Spanish ex
plorer, or "conquistador," as they
woro called, discovered tho Pacific,
seeing It for tho first tlmo from tho
top of n hill probably about 100 mites
south of the present canal. A year
later his slaves transported three
vessels across tho Isthmus on their
backs, piece by piece, and set then
up again In the waters of the Pacific.
That waa tbo first tlmo a ship ever
crossed the American continent.
Next year hundreds will tako a simi
lar Journey, only they will pass
through tho canal Instead of being
1)0 mo on tho backs of Indian alaves
and Spanish adventurers.
After Ilalboa had opened the way,
the Spaniards made a highway of the
Isthmus. All the treasures of Peru
and the west coast of South Africa
were carried across the narrow atrip
of land on their way to 8paln. Tho
country was horribly unhealthy, and
the trip across became more and
mora difficult as tho traffic Increased.
During thla tlmo, and up to the ad
vent of tho French company that
actually began digging a ditch, there
woro canal schemes galore.
Finally, In tho late seventies, one
of these schemes camo to a head, and
a French company, headed by Ferdi
nand Do Lessups, who hsd directed
tho construction of tho Sues Canal,
took hold.
French Company Falls.
After several years of work on the
Isthmus, tho Frenchmen got deeper
and deeper Into difficulties. The
engineering problems proved far
greater than waa at first estimated;
tho sanitary conditions were heart
breaking, and yellow fever and othor
diseases played havoc In tho ranks
llend Will bo Center for Many Hide
Trips of Interest tills Hummer. '
Autos to Handle Passengers
During tho coming summer Bond
will bo mado the headquarters for a
largo tourist travel to points of in-
torest In Central Oregon. An auto
company, known as tho llend Tourist
Auto & Htago Co., with K. It. Post as
agent, haa been formed to handle tho
travel. Five cars will be operated
to points south of here and to all the
(daces of Interest that can be reached
from here. These Include Crater,
Odell and Paulina lakes, Crane
City Council Accepts the Proposal of
It. K. Kooh for Knglneering Berrl.
crnjvr Itrnd's Propovd Hew
er HrMroi To lve Coit.
Ily unanimous vote, the City Coun
cil lost night accepted tho proposal
of It. E. Koon, of the engineering
Arm of J. II. nnd It. E. Koon, of Chi
cago, covering the engineering ser
vices required for tho design and con
struction of the proposed sewcrago
Spcclsl attention will be paid )
tbo company to carry passengers
to Ijiko and Klamath countr towas.
cars being operated to La Pine, Cres
cent, Fort Klamath. Klamath Falls,
Sliver Lake. Summer Lako, Paisley,
Lakcvlew and other places.
In order to reach tho Christmas
Lalco and Peter Sink countries In
Lako county districts that arc al
ready settled up and Improved a
new route will be opened. This will
bo by way of Pine Mountain. Tho
Ocnd-Duras road will bo followed
nearly to the 21 mllepost, and then
an old road running around and south
of Pine Mountain, which will be put
In shape for auto travel. Thla road
will go to Cliff, opening up and mak
ing tributary to Uend a large and
fertile territory.
Cars will be put in dally operation
aa soon aa the roads are put in good
system fnr flnnl.
Pralrlo, Spring Itlver, tho fish traps, Mr. Koon, who has been hero
Tumalo Falls, tho Ice and other caves . several days looking over tho situa
tion, will give his personal attention
to tho work. He will draw, prelimi
nary plans, make estimates of tho
cost of tho system and report in do
tall on tho project. Final plans and
specifications will also be made, and
Mr. Koon will adviso and assist tho
city in awarding contracts, and dur
ing the construction ho will person
ally supervise the same.
Tho city reserves tho privilege to
appoint & consulting engineer to go
over and criticize the work of Mr.
Koon before It is accepted by the city
and paid for.
Payment 4 Ter Cent or Co-it.
Regarding payment for services,
the agreement reads:
"I agree to accept a sum equal to
i per cent of the cost of the work aa
evidenced, by tho contractor's bid or
tho coat as determined upon comple
tion or the work, of hleh amount
a aum equal to 1 ver cent of the esti
mated cost of the completed system
will be paid to me upon the cotunlo-
tion of the final plans and specifica
tions. The remaining 3 per cent of
the cost to be reckoned on the work
as it la constructed and paid for In
aa many monthly Installments aa tho
contractor la given tlmo In which to
complete the work."
Mr. Koon atated to tho council
last night that he would begin Work:
aa soon aa his Instruments could bo
received from Chicago, and would
carry through tho work as rapidly
aa possible.
(continued on last page)
Mr. and Mrs. I'utnam Arrive After
' Central American Trip.
8unday night Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
Putnam arrived In Uend and imme
diately moved Into their new house
In Park Addition, near tbo Lara
The Putnams came to San Fran
cisco by tho water route from New
York, via Panama, on the way visit
ing in Central American republics as
well as tho Panama Canal, Mr. Put
nam doing correspondence work
upon this territory for The Portland
Oregonlan and other papers. Owing
to accidents they were detained In
Guatemala and so did not reach here
until over a month later than they
had expected.
a waiting room for women, one for
AGIUCULTUIUMT IH COMING. men and a baa-race room, besides tho
C. L. Smith, agriculturist of the office In which are located the ttcket
O.-W. It. &. N. la expected In Uend on and express agents and the telegraph
Friday to apend a week conferring operators. Tho move from tha
with tho farmers of thla community, temporary quarters was made Satur-
The local railway officials are now
comfortably located In the now atom
passenger depot. This Is a Una
building and one of which the peoplo
of llend aro Justly proud. There la
Ho will study the farming conditions
and may bo secured to deliver an
address before he leaves.
day, and the first ticket sold In tho
new building was to It. J. Hauslcy to
ColumbuB, Xeb.
Ihe First National Bank
Dr. U. O. CO! . C. A. BATHIR. Vie.
Caalial fulhr paid ... sas.000
SliKkhold.rV liability . . SJSS.OOO
Surpiu .... . aa.009
The Deschutes Bunking & Trust
Company of Bend. Oregon
"&HMrvflt!ve Bwkinf for CommvUv0 PsoptoJ
L. B. BAIRD, (President) , J. W. MASTUR8,'(VlcePrcsIdcut)
1. O. MltfOR, (SecreYsry)
Dir across':
viiimiMsr A.wrs -jvv
myiUWAKJ!. jfUK ALL,. at
marvelously little prices. Our
atopic is very large and complete.
Shovels, Coal Scuttles, Hoes,
Rakes, Shears, and everything in
the line of Hardware for the Me
chanic or Housekeeper.
Ako Full Liiw ol ftuikrtrs' Sj,
SmIi, Doors, Class, etc.
N. P. Smith
i i
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