The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 07, 1912, Image 5

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You want a guaranteed
all leather shoe one
that tho kids simply can
not kick out. Tho only
shoo that will stand tho
racket is the
No. 1629 Gun metal
button, doublo solo, a
dressy shoo for hard
wear, sizes fl to 12
The Store of Hotter Virtues
, ltni 8hrldKi Ik how tho pianist
nt tho Hlnr ThtMtor.
nnorcn Mllllrnti I In llmui today,
' n guost nt Ilia Pilot lluttii Inn.
Mrs. A. I.. I'rriieli linn recovered
' (rota a alight nttnek of tint grip.
I Tho Evening tOO rluli Mill meet
tonlRtil with Mri. George Jones.
Friday afternoon tli it llrldgn club
. will bo ulortalnil liy Mr, llnlnl.
W. P Vandovert ent down to
, Portland Friday on n IiuiIiivm trip.
Clnuiln Mauuholmer returned Frl
, day ntKht (rum Beattlo and Portland.
Tho mooting o( thu Prlscllln Club
, Monday was with MIm Aught Young.
Mr. A M. Prlnglo wont down to
, Portland Kflluntny to vlult rolatlwa.
Mr. nml Mra. (Iwirgo IIIkkIiihimi u(
. Tumaln wont trading In Ilend ) tor
day. Alfred A. Ay apmt itunday In
' IU.inl. returning (mm Portland to
U IMhh.
Th 1'rwliylwrliiH U4lm Guild
Will ItOllI A llMHt Mtt Ht lUtWw'ft kUirtl
A C. Uirtw return! Saturday
night (rout n trip of n law tlt m to
Mr. C. It. Cook o( PrlmivUlo In In
t Horn! thla v,eok hiiiI luny deeldo to
inaka her Iiiiiii here.
. George H. Young U (IuIiir aome
engineering work (or I.. A. Ilraudeu-
burn of Laldlaw tliU week.
Arehlo MrGnwnu nml Hoy Vnu
Winkle wero hero Halm day night, re
turning (rum Portland to llurna.
Hurl Woaeott ( Taooma, Waah.,
' daputy orgaultor of tho Oritur of (ho
Moose, la In llond to nrganlio n lodge.
Mrs. K. C. Hohhlns of Portland,
who tins boon vliltliiK hur niece, Mm.
T. II Foley, roturnoii homo Hntunluy.
J M. Uwronco, F F. Smith nml
i Mr. Hmlth'a brother Clando of Prlno
vllle loft today (or Pnlsloy, to bo kuiio
. till tho 13th.
T. H. Lynca nml family, former
rtilrtonta of Itotid. rolnrnod Innt wook
from Springfield, Ore, to mako their
homo horo again,
Kay llakcr, tho 12-yoar-old aon of
T. II. linker, waa opomtod on nt tho
hospital laat week fur nppoitdlcllla,
And li gottliiK on well.
O. M. Patterson haa moved Into tho
UroiUrhoua cottage whero II. .1.
Uouglaaa formerly wun, and 0, K.
Htorottlnto tho houae vncntod by Mr,
The Garvin-Loomis
Ucnernl Contractors.
Central llutldtnff WbU nnd 0hl StS
Mra. J, A, ICaaton la oxpoclnd houin
(rum I'orllitnd, itccompmilod by Iwf
dntiKhtur, Mlaa Edith, who linn about
recovered from hur Minima,
1'. M. ThompHon'H furnlturo ntoro
now Iiiih tho iippmtrnuco pf n motro
polltuu oalnlillahiiiniit. Iln now Imn
it lurito atock of K'xi'bi on liiiinl.
Illlllll him lll'OII IiuvIiik HOMO II it UM-
uiil woatlKir for thu pitNt wmik. Thu
uliditH Imvu limm foRKy, thu old-tlmo
roMlduutH imy I n k tliln la n ruro occur
runcii. JudR" II. 0 KIIIh apoiit Mondiiy
mid yitMturdiiy In I'rlnavlllii, ruturn
liiK homo Innt li I k lit. Ilu wiMit down
to Culvur thin iiiornliiK on county
i; It. I'oNt koI Irnclt Hnttirdiiy uUtlit
from it two munllia mid it hnlf trip
Kant Ilu wHl aa far aa Nnw Yoik
but apiiut moat of thu lime In tho
Mlddlu U'oat.
'I'Iih toad fiom linro lo llurna la
now In tho worat condition It him
li ii tliln wlutur, but tho oara of thu
lluiiia-llniiil (.'otiMilldatod Auto Co.
n ro mitkliiK trlpa ruRiilarly.
A uunibnr of llond pnoplu uxpoct to
attend tho I, imp Your dauco which
will bo Riven nt thu homo of John
Klditr, oitat of town, by tho women of
that vicinity on I'ubriinry 10.
Mr. mid Mra. K. II. Hunt of Hcattlo
hnv co in it to llciid to rouble (or it
few inonlliH, Ixtforo mnvlnit onto tlwlr
bomiiitimd auuthenat of here. They
liitvo taken tho toboii(it cuttaRo.
I.nat Thuraday wna RroundhoR day.
If Mr. OroundhoR ennui out, ho anw
hla ahnduw (unleaa bit waa blind).
TIiIn beliiR tint raito, nccordliiR to the
iwonther propheta, thu next 40 daya
twill be bad wontbur.
Tha llolmea A Hinltli reataurant
tiulldliiR bun been rolled back from
hit alley to llond r l root and the
aaluou will bo moved Into It to com
ply with thu order of tho City
The mall chaiiRo nnnounrod In be
mnde February 1 on tho Hllvnr Lake
mid I'owell Hutte rotltea went Into
effect Thuraday. A one-horao outfit
la now In aervlcu betwi-eu heru and
Powell llutto.
Mntlreiiea miido In llond will aoou
bo on tho market. J. It. Italnny re
cently purclmted a machlnu In Port
land mid expecta to be turnlliR out
Hood uiattroiea ahorlly.
Cupid Informa The llulletln that
thoro will bo n couple of wmldltiRa In
llond thla month, but thu little love
tyrant refmea to announce the namea
of thu pnrtlea concerned.
Mr. and Mra. William llanloy wore
liAnautiRera on tho lnt O. T. train
Hntunluy ulRht, and left by nuto Hun
day fur their homo at llurna. Mr
llmiley la Jtlat RettlnR homo from
hla trip with tint Oovornura' Hpcclal
tb rough the Knit.
Herman llraiier, who waa ahot In
tho head by Prod llahn, will bo nblo
to Iihivu tho hoapltal in n few daya.
Tho trrpnuuliiK of tho akull by Dra.
Coo and Porrvll waa very aucooaaful,
line of tho Ior which wna paralyxed
bolllK roatored.
A team IioIoiikIiir to tho Auno
atablu furnUhed n few momonta of
incitement Krlilny iniirnlnR by run
nlnR nway. Thoy Minn down OroRnn
rtroet and went up Wall. At Nevada
thoy made n turn and tho waRou
atruck tho wire hio. but waa not
amaahtnl. Tho horaa were cheeked
by the lniact and raiiRht before they
got to llond atret.
AHnounromont w-aa made laat week
at Oregon City of tho wihIiIIiik of
Mlaa Vmln Wllllnma. who formerly
llvttd hero, which will talio place tho
latter Htrt of tho month lo HiirIi
ItHrkman. Mlaa Wllllnma la Mra. J.
M. I.nwrouee'a alater. Hho haa been
mnkliiK her homo with her alater,
Mra. Miller, nt OroRon City tho Hat
OwIiir to tho nlmonco of tho city
elerk, tho City. Council ndjourued
laat ntKht until Friday night at 7:30,
without tranaactliiK nuy bualncaa,
A abort aeaalun wna hold laat Wednes
day ulRlit to recolvo the map of tho
proponed Wall atreot oxtonalou from
City KiiRlueer It. II. (lonld. Ho will
mnko n full report nt tho uoxt meet
Iur. Tho Oregon Trunk train did not
Hot In Hnturday night till nflor 3
o'clock. Tho delay wna duo to nn
iiccldont. A imlr of truoka uudor tho
tender of tho euglno not off tho truck
unit In I ho nltomtit to Kot thorn buck
on tho rnlla tho louder left tho truck
and tumbled Into tho rlvor, A
freight engine brought thu train on
to llond.
Driver Hort Mrlnno brought tho
Mlaaca Mnrklo up from llond In hla
nutomohllo to Ln Pino laat Huudny.
Tho return trip wna nut ao fnrtunnto,
tho machine bronkliiK down com
plolcly nonr tho Vnndovert ranch
north of town. From that point thu
plonauro party wna tnkon back to
llond by team.- -U Pino Inter
Construction O .
HATKHs Flvo conta it lino for
drat Inaortlon In thla column, (our
conta n line for each aubaoquont In
aortlon, ('nali In ndvnuco unload
you liavo nn account with Thu Mill
letlu. Count alx worda to tho lino,
Including tho iiddroKH,
IF YOU SKKU n man drop enrd lo
P. H. .lohiiaou, city. Dtf
WANTIJD Two or threo children
botweon thu ngea of 8 mid 1.1, nt once.
Diiit'l hniiM In rooiI fainll!"i um! i
moo J aohooj No work; clot-ia ,nJ
i.ciird. ddrena J. A. Ho'rut. '.'nru
I p-rlvor Mull, (lend. :, H
Vor Rent.
I'Oll HUNT Hi ncrt with wutor,
iwrt rultlvatMl, nearly clwirod, P. O.
Ilox 7K, llond. Hp
FOR HICNT Two atom rooma,
iiiiiiloin plato rIiinm front, (iooil lo
cation on Wall atreot. Kmiulro F.
O. Minor nt P. O. i-lt
VOU HUNT Mna'iuornde aulta (or
both ladlea anil gentlemen, nt real
donco of Mra. J. W. Klklua, (or Fob.
l.ot and Found.
I.OHT Two liniul painted bolt
bucklei, di'itRiied hawthorn or forgot-
mo-uota. Finder cnll nt thla otllco
for reward. 48-0p
Hooma and Hoard.
tlomon In prlvato family, nt $7. CO per
wcok, each, Inuulro nt thla olllco.
For Sale.
FOH HKNT Now cabin, pnrtly
(urnlahod, Ha month, W. II. Iih,
lllk. Ifi, Center Add. 8-Oji
FOH 8AI.H Chatham Fminlng
Mill with 12 aluvea, price 3G. Ad
drvta A-6, Uullotln, Ct(
eron atnlllon, good mm ml hurao, will
exchatiRo (or broken huraoa, milk
enwa, or will noil chonp. Addreia,
J. O. Whltakor. Mend. Ore. 47-9p
FOH BALK Two lota, 100x140
foot, comer Hawthorno and Fourth
ata. Mako mo an offer. Addroaa
C. I KoonlR, 1701 South D Ht., Ta
coma, Waah. 3-Sp
Fort Sam: Good baled rye hay
at $10 u ton. II. C. Cady, Laldlaw,
Ore. 43tf
Koit Sali A barjraln in a Rood
typewriter. Itoynl Standard make,
a Kooil machine. Owner has two
machines, with uhi for only one,
hence the low price of $45 cash.
Inquire at Bulletin olllce. 32tf
FOH HAM; Pure honey nindo by
the beea, 20 eta. n pound. W. II.
lA-ah, lllk. 1C, Contor Add., Fir ave
nue. 47-9p
FOH HAI.B 10x12 tent, floored
and boxed, with dour nnd roof, $18.
W. II. I,eh. lllk. It, Center ndd. 9p
To Trade.
U'll.I. THADK (lander (or goono,
or will avll. P. II. Doncer, Ilcud ,7t(
WIM, THADK n oaah Portland
hualneaa, with itock nnd tlxluroa;
Rood location, low rent; (or clear
llond property, atock and all, or caah.
Addrraa O, caro Uullotln. 8p
A new Mipply of legal hlnuka Iiiih
Ihh'U rerehed by Trio llulleiln. If
you noeil an) thing In tlih Hue, cull
at tliln oIIUa. . .
A claaained advertleement In Tho
Uullotln coata but little but brliiMH re
aulta. If you lmo n houao to rent
or ol or want to buy, let It bo known
by tho uae of nit nd.
M. S. Lattin & Co.
Thla ono-quart
ndvortisod in women's maga
zines, wo shnll bo glad to show
you nnd otlior aluminum uten
bUs uonring tho well-known
uim "W oar -Ever" trndo
(&$& mark. Mako a lifo
V timo investment when
txwmi you got cooking waro.
Replace utensils that wear out
with utensils that "Wear-Eyer"
Skuse Hardware
fS """f MAI
(). M. (Iiiplll CIionoii Dlnrtor Or
vliealru Will be MiiIiiikciI AImi,
Tho llond band, wIioho mualc hna
boon iiiUmoiI (or aomo montha, hna
boon reorganized mid placed on n
bettor bnala than over before, O, M.
Ouptll will bo In charge an director
nnd Chief of Police H. K. Hoborta na
'bunlueaa innnager. Tho other om
enta are: Proildnnt, Hulph I'oln
doxter; vice prealdeut, C. II. Hunter;
aeerotary-trenauror, A. I. French.
There will bo Ifi plecca In the band.
Hohijiiranla ar being hold on Tum
dny nnd Fildny nlgbta at Mnater'a
llnll, and n concert will bo Riven In a
abort time.
Tho orchaatra haa alao boan Rlvn
now life by tho addition of new mom
bora, nnd will coualat of thu follow
ing; Fred l.ucaa. piano; I,. A. .lack
aon, baaa viol; Prlnco Mtnnta, violon
cello; Mlaa Ivn Woat, II rut violin;
Hobert Innwi. aeeond violin; O. M
Ouptll, mandolin ; A. I,. French, trom
bone; Jeano Hunter, molophone; C
Morrill, cornet; C. II, Hunter, trap
C. II. Hunter hna been choion na
I. C. Miller Make Strike nt HA .Mile
M)t on Itonil to llunm.
Wator nt a depth of aoven (cot
wna atruck In Hampton Valloy by L.
C. Miller, who dug a well nt tho CD
tnllcoat on tho road from hero to
llurna. Thla news waa brought to
llond Thuraday by Poatmnater A. 8.
Fork of Hampton, who wua In town
for aupplle. Mr. Fork alao aald Mr.
Miller would put ln a blacksmith
hop nt that point.
The first child born In tho Hamp
ton Valloy la Mr. Fork'b Rrnndaon
nnd ho U very proud of the little
fellow. Tho.youiiRator la nlioady m
landowner, Hhorman Montgomery of
tno Imperial Townalto Co having
Khcu him n lot.
w. c. t. r.
A Rood meeting of the W. C T. U.
waa held nt tho homo of Mra. C P.
Nlawongor tail Thursday. Plana
wore formulated for tho flrat quar
ter'a work mid ofnlccra (or tho year
olectcd. It waa dccldod by tho or
ganization to offer a prlio to tho Cth,
7th and 8th gradea In tho public
school, aa woll aa to tho High School
atudonta. Tho ladlea will arrange
for a contest within n few woeka.
Tho next meeting will ho held at the
homo of Mra. Ford at Koa nvenue
nnd Fourth street. Feb. IS, nt 2:30.
An nrtlclo by Jane Addama on social
conditions In tho cities will be dis
A patriotic aorvlco commemorat
ing Mncoln'a birthday will bo hold at
tho llat-tlst church next Sunday
morning undor tho uuaplcca of the
local O. A. It. post and allied organ
izations. Thu address will bo by
Itev. H. I). Foakctt. Hla subject will
lio "Mncoln'a Memorial." Tho vet
orana and sons of veterans nnd their
families will nttond, and a cordial In
vitntlon la extended to all the poo
plo of llond.
W. D. Newton to Lovl D. Wleat,
Ha C nnd S, blk 20; lta 1 and 2. blk
11, and It 13, blk G. Wlsetorla. $10.
llolaa M. Muua to Nola M. Muua,
heVi ace. 34-21-11. $1000.
W. II. Sellers el ux to William Hi
ram Powers, lu 11 and 12, blk S, of
llond. 11260.
Agent fur Sjilrclln Corxcta.
Ladlea of llond mid vlolnlty will bo
idcnsod to loam that tho Splrclla
Coraet Company hna nu agent hero
now. Anyono doalrlng to place nn
order for thla mado-to-meaaiiro eoraot
should drop n card to Mra. L. A.
Wlllnrd, llond.
On Sunday, February 11th, at 11
o'clook n. in., nt tho church, Hov. II.
i. Foikott will deliver n lecture to nil
old aoldlera and their fnmlllca and
so n a of votornna and their fnmlllca
nlso ovcrybody Invited. All are
urged to nttond, 2t
Tho boat Incubatora and broodora
known to tho chicken bualncaa aro
tho Potaluma. Anyone intorcatod
should call on or addroaa O. W.
Shrlnor, Ilend, who la ngont for thla
Any noraon onterlnc mv homcatoad
cabin without my permission will bo
proaecutod. F. O. MINOH.
rjon't ovor forgot that tho beat har
bor shop In town la Innca & David-
eon's, on Wall atreot.
and Pool
Flno nnd Popular Lino of
Silvis & Blackwell
WnlJ street, - - Bend, Oregon
j ."i... i
''KOW m'
Dollar for Dollar
That's what you get whenever you
purchase at this store. Be it much or
little you get value for value received.
Come and get more than
a dollar's worth of value
for every dollar you spend
Wall street, Next
Itemi of Intercut From NclubboriiiK
DESCHUTK8, Fob. 6. School
opened hero Monday, the Cth, with
Miss Forsgren aa teacher.
Farmora nro receiving accd for
jprlng planting. They rcort tho
Joll moist and condltlona favorable
Postmaster Stllca haa Installed an
un-to-dato jxistotllco outfit, with lock
E. W. Wheeler nnd aon nro tent
ing on tholr 40 adjoining town and
preparing to build.
Lumber for D. S. Hays' new houro
haa begun to arrive.
Mra. M. K. Stllea haa returned to
her home in Portland.
Glenn Cox ia with us again, after
a threo weeks' visit In tho Wlllam
tto Valloy.
Q. W. Horner of Laldlaw received
a carload of flour and feedstuff at
thla station last week.
C. M. Itodlleld oxpecta to rnovo
Into hla house here thla week.
Thoro la qulto a demand for hoaos
in this neighborhood.
Hotel llolng Hulargeil to Accommo
date the Public.
CHKSCENT, Fob. 5. Tho anow
hna melted to a thin crust nnd In
many places haa gone entirely. A
rapid thaw la anticipated when the
spring opens.
"Dad" Lyons waa In town a row
daya ago from Odell Lake whoro ho
haa a trap Hue thla winter. Don
Caldwell returned with him.
Mra. Hhoda Tyler haa carpenters
at work finishing more rooma In the
Hotol Crescent. When con;';-.'d
thoro will bo 25 rooma In all and alio
will bo able to accommodate tho
public In good shape.
0. W, Anderson, who haa been en
gaged In carpenter work for some
tlmo In Laptne, ta with hla family
thla week.
Mra, Joo L. Klngo and Miss Iona
Pays Cash H O PE Se,,s for Cash
t .
. i .
rountep I
UxsUtdlnga lO-cttni
Door to Star Theater.
Applcgate went sleighing to tho
Strotta ranch Sunday, Incidentally
getting tho library books from tho
school thore to remove them to tho
Dear Marsh school.
E. D. Tyler has the lumber hauled
to hla homestead west ot town whero
ho will build soon.
E. G. Rourk haa rcturno dfrom a
bualncaa trip to Ilend and Portland.
F. II. Funic of Rodmond la hero to
atend to business matters and wilt
probably remain. Mr. Funk la part
ner In tho Hrackcn Funk Co., own
ers of tho billiard hall at this place.
Sydney Ingles from Heaver Marsh
was In town today.
Mrs. E. G. Rourk will leave on
Tuesday's atngo for Uend. Mrs. R.
Caldwell will bo with tbo family dur
ing here absence. '
Who Is It For?
place of rest and recreation.
lief from tho stress of the day's
WOMAN Aa a placo of re
fined entertainment.
amusement is combined with
Instruction, where impressions
are made and lessons learned
by the "Universal Language of
tho Pictures."
It you are a public-spirited citi
zen make the Picturo Flays a
factor for good In your commun
ity, Chaniro of nroirram Tuesday.
Thursday, Saturday and, Sunday,
1 (WBausaHHBraastvau