The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 07, 1912, Image 1

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NO. 18
LMmlriu Man Will I'ut In lc MmIiIiik
Mitrlilnriy mill H. II. ('mici' of
I'rliiotlllo llio (Vciiiui'i) Colli
Htomno li) Wi'imiiil)' .'oiiiiiiii)'
'I A rriNiiniw for neiul. wlilrh Ii
tiptin iHlkml of for noiiiu Hum. now
hooiiih h (HrlHlut)'. K. It. Cooiur,
liriiprlotiir of tlm I'lmii'or Cromnory
at l'rliiovllln. s iMtalilUli It, In con
i noctlnn wltli r cold mornita nml Iro
iimk I iik plant which will Im put In ly
II Korsttm of MiulriiH.
Tim liullillne Mill he tiOxSI font In
illint'imloiii Hint uroctttil on the south
unst rornor of lot X& of tin I.yilo
Aero Tracts, which wim itonntcil hy
Tim llouil Co Thin Is on tho rnll
roml iur runnltiK to tlm Hour mill.
Just n short illstnnco from wliuru It
lenvcs tlm innln (Inn.. In oritur to
Kst llio cnniinery here, Tho Iloml (Jo.
nlmi otml to furnUli current nt hnlf
prlro for otm 10horovr motor,
onn fihoroiotr motor mid ono 3
h(iroioor motor to ha moil In tho
pl nut
Tlm leu maklnK plant will (urn out
nnoiiith lea to supply not only tho
lnrnl Irniln hut itlso tho nvnli of the
town on tho rallromi betftcon hwro
nml Mailrns
ArrniiKoinetit nro romplutt'it
Monday oi'iiliiK hy Mr Kcrsten, nml
work l ho ilnrti'd in n ihort tlmo
on tho hiillillnK Oritom for thu luiu
her have nlromly Ik'cii glwn the It nml
Tho Wtinamly Mvory Co. will alio
viirako In tho eotil tornr. business.
A hullitliiK 10x60 fovt will ho ort'ctot
on tlm .ur Jimt onst of tho now rtil
lmic of Itnuo Wost, Mr Wwnitntly
stMi'tl )itariUy. Tho company hit
on hnml moro thnn 000 ton of
Ann Iro cut from tho DmcIiuU' rlvor
thl wlntor which will ho tisoil In thin
Com for tho 1'nrinrm.
In ronnrctlon with tho cstntillshlnK
of the croamory lioro, tho I'lrst Nnl
lounl llnnk will hrliiK In (wo cnrlimiU
of llolntoln cows which will I mi plnct'il
with tho fnrmom on tlmo. Only
thoiio who nere to natronlxe tho
crwiinwy will ho poltl row, thli Ihh
Iiik for tlm purpom of ouoourHKlnK
tho now Industry ami ninkliiR It a stie
1'i'M, Tlm rowM will ho ninilo to wy
for thoiiuohc. Imlf tho mim ilorlvtnl
from tho nl of milk IioIiir (urni'il
owr to tho lunik n payment on tho
Wimt l'nruiiT' liill(utr
An olTort In IkjIiik iiiiuIo to K"t a
fanners' Instlluto hero imiin tlmo
ilurltiK tlm uoxt mouth 8. A. Armlt
ttoail of I'orllnml, who U Inturt'sttMl
'I'Ikiki Ih no immoii why
lloiid hIioiiIiI not ho known mm
it potnto Norllmi, iim wnll mm
mi) ollwr rootlou of tho 1'iiltml
Htnti'H Tlwro Im moihuUiIiik
nhoiit tho ituillty of tho potn
luwj K'uwn thoro thut lit very
-- l)r JntnoH Wllhyromho,
Director Orison IJxpiirluioiit
In hooIiik thlit Iiik onm it dairying
eon n try. took tho mutter up with
I'rnf. Kont of tho O A C. while In
Corviilllit recently nml write thut hii
Innllttito enn prohnhly ho ftrrHUK")
for Mr Armltstead whh IiiIIiioiiIInI
In KuttliiK Mr. Coopor to rhiMiMo iioml
uh n crctiiicry Ideation.
r"- b ww i w m m i w ammmm j.
I 1 1 1 1 lllllilul li i ninn fl firi
r n nmnrn i.mi hv :
iuii lUiihLIU UUUI WLU.UUU it
Huhjcit of li trillion Will lie III-
CIHM'll by IMIll HllklllOkH Ntt'll
nml Iti'iliiioml Vlkitiir.
TImiiii will ho a mcvlliiK of the
ComtiiorclHl Cluh tomorrow cvtinliiK
lit 8 o'clock, nt which tlmr will lie
much iIoIiik Ktorynuo in umwl to
nttoinl. wht'thor n iiitimhor or not
Tho pri'Rlilont will fully outllno
tho policy of tho club for tho yifir,
tho ni'crotnry will kIwi n rort on
tho flimiiccn of thu orKaulzntlon. nml
u illroctor will ho chomMi to nil tho
Micnncy canned hy tho lunlilllty ol
lltiKh O'Kano to mTMt on account
of litiilnoM dutlc not ulluwIiiK him
to koI oft for hoard iiH'otliiK"-
Tho chlof mihjcct of dlHCiiimlnn of
tlm ovonliiK will ho IrrlKntlou and
tho IrrlKntlou ronKrci which will he
hold In Cortland on tho l'Jth. 20th
nml 2 lit. J. W .llrowor of ItviN
inond, vlco prnMcnt of thu Control
OroKon Dovtdopmonl Loakho. will
peak on thli lubject. Othcra on
tho program ni arraiiKod today arc
Voruon A Forlwa, A O lluntor. I'
II. Donccr mid J. H Ithodo. null
taut inanaKor of tho lloud I'ark Co
otllco In Portland, whoio auhjoct w
ho ' Interest In llond on thu Out
Ido." politTcal caucus
Nomination of Candida I m for Count)
OAirr lllariikkod.
A iKilIt cal oauoui attoudpd livilf
ptihllcon otom of llvnd, Itodntuih'
.Motollua, Madrai, l.aldlaw nnd othvr
tow ni, was hold at tlm Pilot llutto
Inn Haturday iiIkIu. Tho purK)o of
tho mi'oilnK. which waa quietly cnll
od, wn to dUcius tho political altu
ntlon In retpect to randldittoa for
county ofllct'it, It wna docldml that
tho otora of tho vnrloua prcclucta
Kvl toKothor mid oxproia tholr prof
oronro for men, so that thoro
not Ihi n auporahundaucu of canill
datoa In tlm Hold.
C. I). rSilioll Applltfi lo Forcat Hiijkt.
Uor lo t'ho National IteMTW
iih it I'lH-dliiK (round for
lll I'loikof HlriN.
I'rraMMl lliltk Klructiirc Will Ik-
Hii'tcd ut lloml unit Ori'Kon
KliiilH, Woik KtartliiK .Martli I.
I'lncKt In (Vlitrul Oii'xon.
Panalna hloomluic In a Hond
Knrilon In Kohruaryl Would
you helluva ItT 'TIb truo.
novorthf Iww, for tho flowora
ahown on tho (leak In Klinor
XlawoiiKr' olllce apeak for
thumiulve. Thoy wore pick
ed from hla mottier'a garden
In Wlcntorlu, whero thoy urow
unihcltcrcd In any way.
A "turkey trot." that hlda fair to
otorleap anythliiK known alunx Now
Vorlt'a (Iroat Whllo Way or around
tho old Cuxtom IIoiino place In Chi
cano will Hkoly ho wUiioiimmI around
l)aU l.uko mid on Crane Pralrlo, on
tho uptmr DiMM'huteH rlxor, uoxt mim
inor. Twoho hundred turkey fowla,
IiIk. Ilttlo and otherwise, will he
"hordiMl" thoro If Undo Ham tip-
proM'ii thu application' of C. I).
Mchcll for n KrazltiK penult for thin
number of hlrda.
Mr. Hcliolt dropped In on Super
vior J Hoy llnnoy of thu Deachutea
Natlunal I'oroat n few da) a hko mid
gate tiio forent olllclnl tho ahock of
hit life hy applying for uiu of part of
tho retort e durliiK thu iiimmer acn
ion. Mr. Harvey had received many
nppllcntlona to khizo cattle, aheep
and other itock mi tho Koternment .
raiiRp, but wiion It caino to turkey
and tSOO, too ho had to doclaro
that Holomon. with all hit wUdom,
waa tmich mlitnkon when ho promul
Knted tho iroerh, "There la nothlnK
now under tho tin." Mr. Ilarvoy
looked through all his grazlnR feo
schedules, hut there waa nothlnK put
down under (or on) tho turkey head.
It was too much for him.
Ho waa considerably relieved, how
over, when ho looked at hla map to
nnd (hat tho rator part of thu terri
tory wbjcli Mr. Hchell hna In mind na
a' ,tnri)titnvrbund for his Ilttlo brood
of -birds Ilea In tho Paulina reseno,
and to fiupertlsor Cryder of Crescont
ho referred Mr Hchell. Mr. Harvey
saya It I tho llrat application of tho
kind ho oer heard of, and thinks It
may he tho drat tho forestry icnlco
hna run across.
(irm.kiopK'rM There Calore.
Air Hciiell la elilontly a coniorvn-
tlonlat, for ho hni learned that there
aro thousmida of fat Rraaihopprra
roIiik to waste every auuimer on tho
At a coot of (20,000, a hank build
Ind that will ho hy far tho ftnoat In
all Contra) OroKon will b erected at
tho northwest corner of Itond and
OroKon Htreota hy tho l'lrat National
Hank and tho D&achute Itivwtmont
Co. Work wilt start March 1 and
tho hulldliiR will bo road) for occu
jmnc) by October 1. Proaswl brick
mid Indiana limestone will be used In
the ctinstructlon.
Plana for tho building hato been In
preparation for several weeks and are
now completed. Tho building will
have n frontaRO of &0 feet on liond
street and n depth of 70 feet on Ore
gon atreet. The quarters of tho bank
will bo 30 feet on llond by 70 feet on
Oregon, entrnnco being on llond. The
remaining 20 feet on llond, with 70
foot depth, will ho a store room, the
property of the Ucydiutca Investment
Co., of which C. H. Hudson la presi
dent. Tho entire uppor floor will he
for oiriccs.
Tho building will hnvo a concrete
mm thrn fi.ff In hnli-ht riti tnn tt
which will bo laid red pressed brick.
Dlanka for tho registration of tho
votera of llond precinct have been
received from tho county clork hy
M. 8. I.Btlln. and all who wish can
now get enrolled so aa (o bo ablo to
voto at tho April primary. W. W.
Orcutt has been appointed to register
tho oters of Dcachutoa precinct.
Owing to the fact that tho Oregon upper Deadline which could twilly
Trunk train did not nrrlvu until after
3 It. in , tho meotliiK did not got Blurt
ed until tho early houra Hunday
morning. A number of visitors camo
In on tho late train, going out at
f:30. Among those who were here
were: Ma)or Jones, J W llrowor,
I. A. Wilcox. Kdltor W C Walker, 0
Dolisou, (I. I. Wells of Itedmond,
W. I). Ilarnea nnd J. II. Wlmer of
ltldlaw; W. II. iAittmnn and Frank
A Perry of Metollua; P. T. Atklua of
It is poiwlblc for Homo men to climb Into a monopluno
or bli!ime nml tsonr ufT into thu ntmonpherti ami
brcuk the world'H nltltuilo record, but they nlno
break Homethinjr else -thulr ncckn. Tho mnn who
invented tho nericl "spiral lUlo" paiil thnt penalty
too. It la aafer to crawl than to walk, ll 'a better
to walk than to aoar too lilh. It 'h better to put
ono dollar Hafoly away in the bank than to havo a
million in your castles in tho air, for Uiere Is always
an uncertain jflido from air castlos to earth and few
can do thu trick without accident. It 'h better to
havo a bank account than n broken wlnjr, remember
Ira converted Into delicious meat to
accompany tho cranberry nuco for
the holiday dinner. ' -
I'or six )iwra Mr. Schell taught
school In tho Philippine Islands, go
ing to Manila ten years ngo. On his
return to "tho States" ho engaged In
tho fruit Industry nt Aahland, being
secretary of tho association there.
About n month ngo he camo to Cen
tral Oregon, looked the country over
and Itought an irrigated "forty" uoar
l.a Pino.
Tho trimmings will he of limestone
quarried at lledford, Ind. Thero will
ho four plato glass window a on tho
Oregon street side, tho trlinmlngi of
which will bo copper. Tho roof will
bo n tar and gravel composition. The
style of architecture la tho Georgian,
which la being used largely by banks
Marble and Mahogany KiimMiliigs
Tho entrance to the bank will bo on
llond street through double doors of
solid mahogany. Over tho door will
bo a largo clock with frosted dial, the
race of which will bo visible at nil
times, being Illuminated at night by
electric lights. Tho entrance doors
will open Into a tnarhlo vestibule, to
tho left of which will he a prlvato
otllco and directors' room. Adjoin
ing this will ho tho cashier's oftlco,
next to which will bo tho teller's
window. Thero will also bo three
windows for tho bookkeepers.
To tho right of tho vestibule will be
a rest room for ladles and others.
Thero will lie two mahogany writing
desks, mahogany chairs, telephone,
nnd on tho floor will ho an Oriental
rug. Tho working room of tho bank
emplo)ca will bo covered with a cork
linoleum, which Is noiseless and easy
on tho feet. All tho furniture will bo
Tho vault will bo In tho rear, tho
dimensions Insldo being 9x1 4 feet.
It will bo of reinforced concrete and
absolutely tiro nnd burglar proof,
with massive crane-hinged door. To
C. O. I. Company OIllclaN Finally
Hlgn PioMiltlni, Afler Kecur-
iiilC AiiieiidiiientM.
Final agreement between the Des
ert Land Hoard and tho Central Ore
gon Irrigation Co. haa now been
reached and papers signed, Is tho re
port from Salem. My an added clause
placed on tho end of tho agreement
at tho suggestion of Governor West,
the company la now practically under
complete control of tho board and
should the company bo responsible
for delinquencies, tho board could
take up tho completion of the pro
ject Itself If go desired.
"In event of failure of the com
pany to keep tho covenanta or per
form the obligations by It to be kept
and performed under this contract,
tho board may declare It In default,"
reads tho conclusion of the agree
ment "The company and tho trui
co shall thereupon be so notified
and unless tho company ihall, within
90 daya from tho dato of such notice,
tnake good all existing delinquen
cies, the board li hereby authorized
and It Is hereby mado Its duty to take
over tho performance of tho con
tracts to bo performed by tho com
pany and prosecute tho work aa faat
aa tho avallablo asicts In tho hands of
the trustee or otherwise will permit,
and the trustee in such event Is here
by directed to pay out all funds
on hand or which may bo !
lected for account of the company
upon vouchers to be approved by the
board. All cash, notes and other
issets remaining in tho hands of the
trustee after the completion of the
contract of Juno 17, 1907, ahall then
bo turned over to tho company."
With this clause as consideration,
a reasonable extension of time la
granted on the Ilonham Falls project.
Nllckcn With AjKiplety, Ifommtcad-
cr Waa Found I.yliiR on Floor of
Cabin ItelnfUcort Way Here
From lm Angclcx, Cal.
Unconscious slneo Friday after
noon, whon ho was found lying on the
floor of his cabin on Wall street. In
Doschutoa addition. Oeorgo W. Knapp
Is at tho point of death, without al
most any hope of recovory. Ho suf
fered a stroko of apoplexy, n blood
vessel In the brain bursting.
Mr. Knapp, who haa a homestead
to tho southeast of Itcnd, haa been
staying in Ilend part of tho wintor,
living in ucschutca. He haa been in
excellent health, but sometime Fri
day afternoon was atrlekcn. Ho
waa found about A o'clock by C. K.
Morris, having evidently been sitting
hy the stove reading, aa a magazlno
was lying on tho table nearby nnd tho
chair waa tipped over. Ho had prob
ably been lying thero unconscloua
for an hour or more.
Drs. Coo and Fcrrolt wcro sum
moned and hate lien doing all for
him that Is possible, but his chances
are very alight. He Is gradually be
coming weaker, being unble to take
Mr. Knapp Is SI years old. Ho
has a daughter and other relatives
In Los Angeles, and some of them
are expected to arrive hero tonight
Ho is a Mason and a Maccabeo.
Ills neighbors, C. K. Morris, O. C.
Henklo and H. I). Ford, aro watch
ing by hla bedside.
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II. J. OottglasM Iteuiolit In llond mid
Will .Manage Till Hotel.
II. J Douglass, who expectod to re
turn to Detroit last week, will re
main In Ilend. having assumed the
management of The Pilot llutto Inn
last Thursday for tho I). V. Hunter
Realty Co., owners o: this property
F. C Fish, tho former proprietor. Is
now living on his ranch near town.
Tho hotel bar will bo conducted by
Schmidt & Musgrovo.
lluslnei Building Ilclng Krvctod on
Iaetl I.ut on Wall Street
A. II. Illack, who recently camo to
Mend from Pocatello, Idaho, is con
structing a one-story, frame business
building on tho lot leased from Miss
Marlon Wlcst. on Wall strcot It
will contain a store room and office.
Tho dimensions of tho structuro aro
:x54 feet
As soon as this building is com
pleted Mr. Illack will begin work on
another, he stated, on (ho adjoining
lot Mr. Hlack bought tho Sather
building same time ago hut haa sold
It back to Mr. Sather, who will move
It onto tho lot next to Skuso's storo.
Mrs Hlack arrived Thursday from
Pocatello and about tho tlrst of
March will open a millinery and
ladles' notion store. Mr. and Mrs.
Hlack are living in a small bouso
erected on tho rear of the lot whoro
he is putting up tho store building.
MILLICAN. Fob. 3. Horn, to A.
D. Norton and wifo, a nine-pound son.
on Tuesday, January 30, 1912.
The Deschutes Banking & Trust
Company of Bend, Oregon
"Conservative Banking for Conservative Pcoplo."
h, D. I1AIUD, (rresldent) J. W. MASTHRS, (Vice Prealdcut)
V, O. MINOR, (Secretary)
V. IlAinD.
It is Joy to the Mechanic
to have the right kind ot tools to work
with, nnd he enn depend upon them if
they are bought here. All those who
have the buying ot tools, for any trade,
kitchen utensils and supplies, and things
in the Hardware line thnt are tised around
the house, or fnrm, or factory should
come here nnd get the best grades while
saving money. Builders' Supplies, Sash,
Doors and Glass n specialty.
l3 I
The First National Bank
Or. U, O, COE. Pr.ild.nt E. A. SATHER. Vlc Prild.nt
O.8. HUDSON. OathUr
Gspltal fully paid ... 3B.O0O
Stockholdirt' liability 826.000
Surplus . . . . SO.OOO
1 Pjt
N. P. Smith
Wall Street
to keep your money in this strong, safu
Bank, subject nt nil times to your checks.
The person of small means will find us as
attentive to his needs as does the man
with largo interests.
An important function of this Bank is to
do what it can to aid its depositors in
thoir financial growth.
It's a vory simple matter to open an ac
count hero. Ono Dollar will give you a
Money in the Bank is the best Insurance.