The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 10, 1912, Image 4

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Geohcji: 1'ai.mkk Putnam
U. rt. HomtAN
Managing Kditor.
Ait lnIcHtitlcitt newspaper, MftiulliiK
for the sipisrc dewl. clean builncs clean
politics, ami the txl inlctvsts of llcnil
ami Central Oregon.
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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 10. 1912
Encouragement of local Indus
trlw should Rt the suntiort of tho
cltltons of Itoud. Along this lino,
tho Commercial Club hns decided to
work this year, doing all It can to se
curo factories, mills and tho llko for
this city. This Is a most commend
nblo policy. Tho people ono and
nil should do all they can In this
direction, but It Is equally Important
If not more so to patronize these
Industries after they are established.
It this policy Is pursued, Ucnd-madc
flour wilt bo found in uso on every
tnblo In Bend at every meal. He
lm; a new country, where manufac
turing hns not yet been developed,
It Is of course necessary that most
of tho necessities bo brought In from
more developed sections. Hut In so
far as this applies to tho material of
which tho "staff of llfo" Is made,
there Is no need for sending else
where for flour and other roller mill
The citizens of this town bavo tak
en no little Interest In tho opera
tion of the ' mill, and after It has
been running for scyeral weeks regu
larly are pleased to learn that this
Industry Is meeting with success.
The product turned out is first class.
Tho writer knows from personal cx
perlenco that tho Cour makes good
bread, having been eating It for some
time, and others report likewise.
The newness of the flour has caused
a few housewives to have failures
with their bread, but this is only a
minor fault that will in n few weeks
be eliminated.
Every possible precaution which
tho most Improved machinery can
piovido Is taken at the plant to mako
wholesome flour. All the grain
is thoroughly scoured and cleaned
and nothing but tho pure heart of
the wheat goes Into tho flour of the
Ilond mill.
consumer, Including nil of us hero nt
llond na wull ns people eUnwhoro, Is
clearly getting it In tho neck from nil
sides nnd will continue getting It ns
long ns he Insists on maintaining u
tariff on everything.
A iiuminkss riiorosiTiox.
Advertising Is not n bonovolenco.
Once In n while r business man say
ho doesn't get lieuuflt from hla nd
vcrtlBlng, bbs tho Vato Knterprlso.
llo likes n good paper and for that
reason 'he onrrloe itn nil' In his home
paper. Tho proposition is ridiculous
as It la unreasonable. There Is noth
ing of tho charity element In legit
imate advertising. Publishers ap
preciate advertising, but thoy take
It solely on n buslnoss basis. The
advertiser pays hla money nnd the
publisher In turn gtvos his wares
publicity. In advertising merchants
glvo that thoy may receive. Tholr
expectations nro rentlxed only ns
they havo tho wares that tho people
need nnd ns they mako known freely,
attractively, and honestly tho quatlty
and character of tho goods thoy of
fer to tho public.
"This Is an important fact to be.r
In mind. It applies to tho merchant
who take n page advertisement or to
tho man or woman who has a house
to rent, or to tho farmer who has n
horso to sell. Advertising Is abso
lutely a business proposition."
Two of tho Inrgest advertising
j posteis ever turned out by n Central
Oregon shop were printed at ono
run of the press by Tho Bulletin
last week. Theo were tho ndvor
ttscments of A. M. I.ara & Co. nnd
of tho warehouse dauco next Satur
day contug. lii-th wen- rush Jul
nnd were turned out In quick tln-e
although it was Impossible to get
any extra help.
The shoe manufacturers of tho
United State are said to be organiz
ing against the United Shoo Machin
ery Co.. the concern that owns and
controls all the shoo machinery of the
eountry. Their complaint is that
I.iib trt.t owns all the patent wMI
not full nny of lis machltm but only
leases tho in. has a clause In all Its
contracts by which tho lessees bind
themselves never to question the pat
ents, thus enabling its grip to con
tinue even after tho patents expire,
and compels tho shoo men to buy all
such supplies as nails, wire, etc.,
from il nt lu own price.
In the courze of a recent Investiga
tion by a committee of tho United
fftates Senate a representative of the
shoe machinery trust denied that his
concern controls any pntonts. The
Investigating Senators forgot to ask
tho noxt logical question, "How,
then, do you prevent others from en
tering the field?" Hut It seems that
tho shoe men have furnished at loast
a partial answer. Talent privileges
must be overhauled the same as other
special privileges In order to entirely
folve tho trust problem.
Hut It Is not only on patents that
tho powor of this shoe machinery
trust depends, it is said. This same
roramltteo also brought to light
tho facts that once an independent
concern had sprung up but was
forced to sell out to the trust through
to mo mysterious control that was ex
ercised over the banks on which it
ilependod for financial accommoda
tion. Hero, too, It seems was a
trail which tho commlttco might bavo
profitably followed but tho reports
do not Indicato that the members
thought so.
Tho shoo men say that the tariff
prevents them from getting machin
ery from Kuropo and that if they
could do so they could soil shoes for
much less. This Is interesting, in
view of tho fact that European manu
facturers are said to be Installing
American machinery. The obvious
Inference U that tho shoe machinery
trust Is furnishing machinery to
European manufacturers at a lower
cost than at home. The American
Tho Bulletin's advertising col
umns this week carry much nows of
Importance to tho economical buyer.
A careful reading ot the offerings
presented will certainly be worth tho
while ot anyone In this vicinity.
Htr Picturesque Coitums and Htr Re
butt Style of Beauty.
Of all Zeeland tho particular coitume
of that province enn bo observed to
the best advantugo on tho bland of
A milkmaid of Mlddclburg. for ex
ample. Is a Joy to look upon. Her spot
less whlto cup bristles nt tho temple
with kurgenkrulleu like the antennae
of n prehistoric beetle. Ilcr skirts nrw
ankle high nnd padded geucrously ut
tho hip . If she be naturally round
and tbo sklrtx need no padding cir
cumstantial evidence of tho fact it
sufllclent to stamp her tbo bello of the
The Mlecvcs of her bodice are very
short and very tight, pinching the nrnu
above tbo elbow so that they might
be mistaken fur a wlr of aggravated
case of laaammntory rheumatism. Or
courne the sun In all Its glory strike
the back of theso arm, for iho el
ways walks with tlicin akimbo, tbo
better to balance the (mils which dan
gle one from each end of a wooden
yoke enameled n vivid robin's egg blue.
But the redder the arm from the
rays of the nun nnd the tighter tho
pinch of the sleeves, the flatter the
chest and the bronder the hips, the
sooner will she cense to be n mere
milkmaid through the medium of n
simple marriago ceremnuy In tbo vil
lage kerk. Travel Magazine.
The Way a Claar Dealer Won a Big
Office Building .Trade.
Willi tho upoulng of n now liuilnesi
block in ono of the Urgent cltlrn In the
miitiUe went nlio- enmo the Inevitable
cigar stand lusldo tho building. Trade,
however, came very slowly tho flnit
few weeks, in the ruin or moving me
business men gave very llttlo atten
tion to tho new cigar stund.
It was not long before the proprietor
of the stand began to feel uneasy and
set about deviling some schemo for
nMmnlntlnir trade. Ono morning about
four weeks after tbo building bad been
epen every man In the buiiaing re
ceived a visit from tbo cigar stand
nronrletnr. who carried around with
him several boxes of cUnw nnd a grip
full of cigarettes. Eviry sraoncr was
made a present of his favorite smoke.
With hie rntrnnro Into an ofllce the
enterprising dealer introduced himself,
asked eacn man to nave a smoKo nun
politely Intimated that he would be
glad to cater to him In future.
Ills outlay for tho frco smokes
amounted to over 25. but It paid In
returns a thousand per cent. Traetl-
cnlly every smoker fit the building In
now n II rm pit Iron of lih hIiuuI, not
merely beoiuiao of tbo frco gift, but lie
online ns IhisIiiikm men they reeoKtilxcd
n smurt ploco of outerpibu'. lUmlnos.
Located His Home.
"When tho Into Amos dimming wm
dtilng newHpnpor wurls In New York,"
iwld n roprtwoutnllvo from Hint city
"he owned n homo lu n row of build
lug (minted while. On mure limn one
occasion Cumuilnpi mmto n mlslnl.o
mid got In the wrong house, his mind
being occupied with new of the tiny
and womlorltu: If nny of tho opposi
tion paper would get In n 'itroop' on
him. lie grew tlrctl of (retting In the
wrong pew nnd determined tbnt lit'
would end It. Ono morning there wm
an advertisement lu hi paper for
twolvo painter, nnd Iho following tiny
they went to work on Cnmmlnir'
home nnd It vns painted tbo mint
llnmlitg rod Hint eyes ever brheUl.
Some of the neighbor nnd property
owner protected, but there vn no
law to prevent n house owner from
pnlntlug It Jtut n hi fancy dictated.
"After thl the womout newspaper
man never Imd nuy trouble In making
n proper binding when he left til of
fice lu the 'weo small hours.' "Wash
ington Star.
Cccentrlo Cngland.
There are one or two place name In
England which for eccentricity It
would be hard to bent, even lu Canada.
Cornwall boost of n village csllttl
Drunkard All and of n tithing called
London Apprentice. Tho name of an
other Cornish village (Irutnbht
sound worse when spoken than It
look In print. The same may bo tmld
of the neighboring t Hinge of ft. Ilvnl.
which I iilwuy primounrod "fun
devnl." BUhop riilliNitt Hsktil it enn
dldato for niilluatloti where he i-.uue
from. "St Hvitl." wru the reply.
"Dear mi" remarked the bishop; "I
know that Cornlihmen venerate. St.
Tudy, ft. Cuby, St. Uny nnd other
saints unknown to tho calendar, but I
wnt not aware they bnd canonized
bltnf' Loudon Chronicle.
(Continued from I'agoOno)
Oregon Trunk line. The lofy
Crooked river span Is the oilier mnl.i
engineering fenturo of the roed
Tho Calllo brldgo Is a slnglo-trnck, built ontlroly of steel, rest
ing, on a sut-truclure consisting of
plum and abutments built of concrete
and granite.
A rcnmrkahlo feature lu connec
tion with It location I that tho
foundations rest on Holld rock which
Is entirely exposed nt low stngea of
water, usually from about September
1 to March 1.
Totnl !oiiKtli IID7 I'eet.
Tho eight main truss hikiiih aggro
gate 1925 feet I Inchon in length. In
addition to which thoro nro 22 girder
spans making tho total length -1197
feet or nbout four-fifth of a mile. The
longest, of cantilever type. 31 G feet
8 Inchvs crown tho main channel of
tho river. Tho draw span, 210 feet
il Inches, crosses tho government
lock canal.
The 29 piers and 3 nbiitmouts nro
constructed of rulnfnrctMl eoncrwl
and granite. Tho south end of the
bridge I 100 feet abowi low water
mark itnd 10 feet above ordinary
high w uter.
The erection of the stool structure
began May 11. 1911, and was (Unlad
ed January I. 191 J. No life was lost
during Ita construction.
RATHS: 1'lve crnls a line for firl In
letlion in till column, four cents line
for each lubtcquctit iutcrtion. Count
six word to n line.
LOST Waterman's fountain pen.
Reward if returned to Bulletin nflleo.
Wanted Vocal pupils. Mnrion
Wiont. astf
Wanted A prowl milk cow Umt
will milk without n calf. A holfor
preferred. (Price no object.) Glvo
description in drat letter. Addruea
Mrs. Jostiic Houghton, Itand, Ore.
Wanted To borrow $4,000 for
three-year period on largo tract of
tho best timber in Central Oregon,
close to railroad. Address A 2i,
care of Bulletin. 31 tf
Wanted Job handling stallion
during season of 1012, by experi
enced man. Also understand handl
ing barren marcs. Address C. 0.
Vinyard, Bend, Ore. 42-15p
For Kent.
Fop, Rent White tscwing ma
chine. Inquiro at J. A. Eastes'
FOU HUNT Two store rooms,
modern plato glass front. Good lu-
The Second Hand Man
Q. R. HOPE, Bend, Ore. I
Is Selling Fast. Why?
We are furnlsliiiiK every purchaser a certified abstract VlilllU
We are sellliitfon a real estate contract.
We bind ourselves, as well as you, to fulfill the contract.
We now have City water on our property.
Our prices are lowest; terms the easiest.
Better make your selection today.
Our property Is within three blocks of the Union Depot.
Prices $150 and up. Terms $10 a month
Liberal discount for cash. Lots are 5 0.x NO with 60 and 80
foot streets and 20 foot alleys. ----------
Do you want to sell your ranch or farm lands?
If so, write us at once, giving full description and all detail
information, your price and terms. --------
The NewlonKoller Comp'y, Inc.
Seattle, Wash. Portland, Oregon. Bend, Oregon.
Portland Office: 301-2 Buchanan Bldg.
cation oil Wall street.
O. Minor nt 1'. O.
Kiiqulre V
For Sale.
KOIt HA1.U Cholco Mock and
llmli wood $4, delivered. Kull ihiwih-
ti ro Kunrantced. Kd HnlronHin,
Ilond. 4tf
koii balmTwo iou. 100x110
feet, corner llnwihurne and I'oiirth
ts. Mako me an offer. Addrena
O. I- KoeulK, 1701 South I) Ml.. Ta
eoma. Wash. 3-Sp
Foit SAI.K Good baled ry liny
nt $8 n ton. U, C. Cady, Ijildlnw,
Ore. I3tf
Foil Sale Thoroughbred bronze
turkeys by Mm. S. A. Uutt, hIx
milos cast of Bend on I'rinevillo
road. Mtf
Foil Salk Tho IhmI Improved
corner on Wnll Street, 7.'l feet
frontage on Wall, only ?8fi00, with
liberal terms. Present revenue,
SUGpcr month. Also 10 choice
acre trccU one mile out at Iowa than
ranch prlccn. Hyan & McGillvray,
PoHtollleo Corner. J2p
Foil SALK A bargain In a good
typewriter. Royal Standard make,
a good machine. Owner has two
machinoR, with ubo for only one,
hence the low price of $15 canli.
Inquiro nt Bulletin oflice. 32tf
Foil fiALE Ltoht team, Rontle
nnd good travelcro. AIko harneati,
biiKKy and waKon. Call on C W.
Shrlner, Park Addition. -10tf
FOIt BALK Team of work horses,
wolght nbout 2100. Pearl 1'ulker
son, Powell Ilutlo, Ore. First plnco
west of station. 42-7p
Foit Sale 2ft Gin by 7ft swlnu
Injr door, with hlnei. Inquiro
Bulletin. 12tf
To Trade.
WANT TO THAI)!: Four yonr old
mnro, weight 1400, on a Kood team
wolfihini,' about 1100 each, or will
buy n mato. Inquiro llullotln, 4tf
Plain Sewing wanted; Mm. P.
and Pool
Fine nnd Popular Lino of
Silvis & Blackwell
Wall Btreet, - - Bend, Orcffon
II. Johnson emit of canal, '2 blocks '"' "inrl Klotr ulili knli
tuiuth of atnnl lirfilKv on CrcvnwwNl ,r1"" 7,v w ,,0 " " M ",u,,
Ave. I2-:lp ;"iIib ".
Just the tiling for Hint Cold Bed Hooin or Until Hootu
Heating Stoves 10 per cent oil' for the next 10 days.
Skuse Hardware Co.
Haul, Oregon,
50 X 100
If You Build on it.
Can sell you lumber delivered at
Inncriiil for $20 wr 1,000 feet.
(I have no authoriicd agents.)
Let the Builders' Bargain House Save
Money for You Bas"tfh,r,.!!f.a' 'Xl
Our iuuti ir nil. t,l
WollaftM (- iwomI
lUltuilitll In
ixtmr ii4 iutiiir li
IWprUr. kaJullUbl
yuur wi.ii u4 i rt our
iprtUI pttt til
bulUlnj Diurlil (if
;lil la uir KUiua.
lUitt IU0
Vm itfmmuicrr
IklX 0JeJ lu tlilM
t m. inn ii. !....
Uj.iJi a4 lind.r. 1U
pi iw Ik mm ivr
tru4 0. ,,
O.l.f lu
our iru
If Ut
11 wfcM Ik. turn.
I w.Mt .r r.rlr
4.I, IHIl4ll
lUu. Com. cirr.
lull. .Ixli.J .J
In qutKllilri. Willi
lorikcm. W'.li.n.
dU tAts lar.tlA..!
(inclillf liv liav.
our cttalillilc
inent. Foryrart
tlili has hern
Nonkw.rt i
"H.uar. lurnlk
lliiiM."Witrf Ml
r tit r iiwli'
Hon U4 lksnMk4i (
mu bulUtli lint
louMoar low Itdulr
lk lUIr tK f rv
Ictllofl iiiUm Ik.
kll rrkri uiutll
tkrj br Jr.l.r..
WiU. r tugiot (
I' I
h "
' Hi
7 he
J u
i a,