The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 10, 1912, Image 1

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1 VOL. IX.
1IKNI). OlttiGON. WKDNRSDAY. JAN. 10, 1012.
NO. 44
Commercial Club Arrange Interest
IttK Affair ntul Kvrr)oni Hhoulil
Annul Mil IIuIIiIIiik Will
ll W'nll linn toil.
"Tho lllKKnt Danro In tlin Dig
gest Warehouse hi (lio HIkksI nml
Hot Country mi Knrlii."
Ho nrii lint legend on Hi" flam
boyant posters tlm llond dimmer
clot Club In nouttcrliiK throughout
Central Oregon.
Tim mansion In tho formal open-
Ink of Ui new Oregon Truuk-Dos.
etiiittiH Jtnllwuy Warehouse nt llond
Hint Saturday, January 13.
TliruiiKh tlm courtesy of tlm con-
trnetorit and rnllwny oltlclnls tho
, wnrohouso linn been turned over to
tho publlo fur Unit evening aiiiI I tin
i ilntiro, with which tlm now IhiIIiIIiik
w im ohrlsteiiod, promises to bo
tlm largest ntul mint enjoyable thin
'elty has ever experienced.
Tlm warehouse In 00x208 feet In
. alio mill affords a dancing Hour
which tlm llullctln U given to un
derstand la tlm largest In tlm stale
outside of Portland. Tlm floor la of
mnplo mid will ho In shape to sntls-
fy tho moat critical dancers. Tlm
litilldliiK will l well heated and
lighted mid everything kisbIIIo will
'Iki done toward tho comfort of thoao
who attend.
Homo "Vaudeville Interruptions."
Tho niuilc will (hi furnished hy
tho (lend Orchestra, nnd tho jdlea'
'Library Club will serve refresh
nmnta. Several "vaudeville Inter-
.ruptlcua" liavo I iron arranged, al
though tholr exact nature la anil
aomewhnt of a myatory. It la also
Vtxprcteil mat several iiumiuvii
''.iiIImh.i .tftlfdnla will tin lit altnlllt.
Tho affair will lio ttlvcn under
the nuaplres of tlm Ilond Com
nnco nnd n.sko ahort ta'ks.
.'.norcU'l Club and tho p occeds will
ho turnnd oror to tho club for uae
.In lla work durlnic tlm coming yoar.
It la seldom that n community ha
tho opportunity to so fittingly ccle
'brato an event of ao muah Import
nnco to lUclf. and much Interest
and onthualaam aro belli it displayed.
It la expected that tho attendance
will tax tlm oapaolty of oven thla
l) Ik atructuro.
Dancing will comtuenco at 8:30
p. m. Ticket aro on aalo at tlm
TUlumorelal Club rooms nnd ot sev
ursl other places about town.
Iteiiil HcIiimiI IH(.trlrt KnlarKed. Tsk
, Iiik l" Mnrti Territory Kouth.
Tho county boundary hoard.
. .which consists of tho County Court
and the superintendent of education,
was In session at Prlnovlllo Thurs-
. itay and considered n petllloil from
Smith went awny on his summer vacation.
Ho took nlontr plenty of cash, HUT tho tiny ho
urrivuu" nt his destination tho liuht flnKercri
Kontry "lifted his roll" and ho wus up OKninst
It riht. Nowyountf Ferris, who has an account
ot this bnnk and tnrtdo tho saino trip carrlexl
juat enough cash to pay for menla anil other
necensarieH, HUT boforo leaving ho had uh
send u letter of identiflcation to a bank in tho
placo where ho intended to visit. Ho was thus
enabled to check against his account hero for
what ho needed when ho needed it. They can
"pick" your pocket but thoy can't "pick" your
bank account. No chargu for letters of identi
fication nt this bnnk.
The Deschutes Banking &. Trust
Company of Bend, Oregon
Conservative Banking for Conservative People."
I 11. IUIUD, (President) J. W. MASTHKS, (Vice President)
V, O. MINOR, (Secretary)
t. n. nAIUD, P. O. MINOR, S. V. BAIRD,
tlm taxpayer of llond school ills
lilct No. 12 for tlm extension of tho
district bouiiditry furtlmr Houth. .1
10, Hyaii, I. A. Hhiiiitiiost, 0. II. At
Ion mid W. I1. Viiiiiluvnrt appeared Im
foio tlm bourd lo oppose tho grant
Iiik of tlm pntltlou, nnd. Chairman
II .1 Overtilif loprosmited tlm locnl
school bourd. A roiiiprotnlMo was
agreed on whereby tlm residents n
luiiK tlm upper Deachutea woro not
taken Into thla district. Tlm now
boundnry, on tlm west, wns fixed two
mlln weal of tho Him between rmiKes
11 mid 12 mid, on tho south, Dm
lino between townships 20 mid 21.
Property IiuvIiik n valuation of more
tli ii n itiOO.OOO was added to tho I lend
district by tho chaiiKo In boundary.
A mooting of tho Desert Land
Hoard wns sol for ti day to decide II
nally the mntler of the Centrnl Ore
koii IrrUutlon Co. project. At n
session ,lnst Friday n inodllled pro
pinml of lohmoHtiyeii Koinfinfwffffr
mid II wns bblloved Dion that u set
tlement could bo reached toduy.
I'nlhmlui; liiktiilliillou of (llllcrri.
.Mmidii) Mjtlit, MciiiIm'i- lime
I'rnxtliitf mid I'uii.
Tlm IdKitest Imti'iuet of the 'twst
twelve inoutlis In Ilond was that of
tho Odd follows Monday ulittit at
I Intel llmid. There sat down to tho
tnblo fortyflvo meiubors of tlm or
der mid their Invited kuoiU.
The early purl of tho eveuluc was
spout by tho IoiIko members In their
hall, o Ulcer fur the oiisuIuk six
months liolntt Installed by District
Deputy (Irnnd Master A- I.. Trench.
After these reremonles tho Iodise
adjourned tu tlm hotel and dinner
was served. Tho dlnlnr room Ikii'
been decorated especially for tho oc
casion In rod and white. Tho three
links emblem of tho order and the
letter "K. 1 T." woro used moil
effectively In this scheme.
Tho spread placed before tho din
ers was an exrellont one, belnc
much enjoyed by all present.
After clears had been passed
around, Noble Oram! O, M. l'nter
soli called for apeechea and there
was a larito number of brief ro
sKinses, Anion tho cuests of tho
oveutiiK wero W. V. llrown of I'lfo
and County Commissioner J F,
ImhI I'rrlKht Train lleforo Storm
llroiiKlit In Carload.
Tho first car of coal over shipped
Into llond was received by tho Over
turf'Davls.Mlllor Co. Katurday.
It cnniu from tho mines tit Koplnh,
Wash., which yield tho best coal
that Is produced on tho roast.
In order to onootirsKo the use ot
coal In preference to wood In tho
Deschutes' oountry, tho railroads
hitvo Riven n reduced tariff on ship
ment Into Contra! Oroiton. The
towns down tlm lino prolU even
umru by this than does llond, ns
thoy aro further from n good sup
ply of wood.
AlthotiKh as yel thero aro mil
few roal stoves In uso hero, thero
will prolMibly bo muoh coal burned
hero In tho future.
llilS TOIBEi
No .Mall or llxpri-M Iteeelveil
From Outside HI nee Hntunlii)'
l'all of Know Not iim Unity
Here ns I'lirlher to the North.
llond will luivo another rnllrond
dny t'tdeblfitlou on tlm ocohkIoii of
resumption or rail cummuiilnuiluu
with tho outaldu world. On no
count of tlm deep snowfall, drifts
Slid slides In tho Deschutes enuyon,
belwieii MhiIi-hs mid Moody nnd
Madras mid Tho Dalles, thero hus
lioon no train Into llond slncn Hat-
iirdny iiIkIU. The teloitrapli wires
went doftii also, but tlm Westeru
Union Kot missKes throiiKh lo
PnlthrldKo toduy. Telephono (Him
inunlciitlon with Ceiitiul Oiokoii
Iohiis over tlm I'loiieer was unin
terrupted, but tho lino to The
Dalies was lost Monday.
Trains aro not uxiioctod In hero
loforo tomoriow iilKht, and It may
bo I'rldny. Mites of the track of
Ixitli roads Is covorod with rock and
snow slides.
The snowfall which set In Satur
day lasted throiiKh tho tilKht and
Huti'lay, but llond was favored by
not beliiK snowed under as was tho
euao at other (daces. Hero thero
was only 10 Inches of snow. Hod
mom! had 2!, I'rlnevllle about 18,
Msdrns reported three feet and at
Shanlko thero was four feet. In
tho Deschutes canyon beyond Mad
ras tho snow drifted badly, piling,
IiIrIi on the trucks and blocking
traffic. Tho snow plows woro all
busy ou tho main lines clearing
them. Tho O.-W. It. & N. train
did not nrrlvo nt all Saturday night
and It was midnight leforo tho O
T. pulled In. It went out Sunday
mornlnc with u number of lien 1
pnssencors nlKisrd, but got snow
!Miund below Madras and retured ti
Metollus and tied up Tlm last
null by train was that .-t.iM.rdav
nlctit. Some years n ) tt:t 1 1
from the 'Outside caino f.." a wholo
month. The stnxea from tli3 sr-th
and 1'rlnovlllo went u.d to l:oep
Sunday nlitht tho covernnieut
thermometer hero recorded nlno de
Kroes below tero, but this low tem
pera turn did not prevail lout?.
Monday n chlnook wind from tho
outhwost sprsnK up nnd tho snow
koRan to melt rnpldly.
Tho new schedule which tho rail
roads woro to InauKurnlc last Hun
da) did not uiaterlHllio, as It waa
ImiKisslble to operate on any sort of
Ilrldite I'oinmlly ()Hueil.
Tho brldKo across tho Columbln
was formii'.'y opened Friday, u iKit
tlo of wlun brliiK broken tiKalnst tho
mnsslvo stiH.l friimo and the hpnu bo
Iiik christened "Celllo.,, The dedi
cation marked tho completion ot nn
other remarknblo strunUiro on tho
(Continued on Pago Four)
may be hnd here in the Hardware Line. House
hold needs of all kinds, and tools for all trades. Build
ers' hardware a specialty. Garden and farm imple
ments, iron wheelbarrows, wire netting. Excellent
bargains in axes, knives, shears, saws, 111111111161-5 and
rough cutlery. You can save a lot of hardware
money by trading here regularly. Others are doing (
it right along.
N. P.
John Hteldl lllecleil Councilman
Mayor Makes AiHiliitmnit of
Minor OfflclnlN Committees
I'or tho Veur AImi Named.
At tho meetliiK or tho Common
Council last iiIkIU .Mayor Coo urged
that immedluto action bo taken In
tho mutter of securing tho nM
suiy dura for tho construction of a
sower system for llond. '"If wo kcI
busy outhls mnttor at once. It Is pos
sible that some uctusl construction
on tho system may l done durlnic
the comltiK summor," said tho may
or. Tho matter of tho iHsikmmI of tho
scwiiko was discussed at tome
letiKth. and while no definite conclu
sion was reached, the plan suggest
ed by tho mayor to burn It by elec
tricity loomed to bo favored. It
was stated that this system wns In
expensive and desirable. Tho sow
ago Is reduced to gases nnd water
by pasting out between electrodes
with alternating current, which
eleclrollze or burn It and destroy
all germs.
Hy a unlmous vote, tho City Coun
cil last night elected John Steldl to
fill tho vacancy caused by tho fall
uro of Floyd Domcnt to qualify.
Councilman Spencer placed Mr.
Steldl In nomination, this being the
only nomination made.
Tho following appointments wero
made by the mayor nnd confirmed
by tho council:
City physlclnn Dr. II. Fcrrcll.
City attorney Vernon A.Forbes.
City recorder II. C. Kills.
Chlof of pollw 8. K. Roberts.
Night policeman 0 D. llrown.
Tho city enginoT is to recclv
pay for his services nt tno r.Vv of 75
cents nn hour Tho other n;mluieo
will receive tho mf saUry trey
huvo horctoforo bovit 'O' living lor
their services In tholr rvstcctlve
Committors Are pMinti'.I
The following committees wero
I'ollco, flro nnd liquor license
Alton, Steldl and French.
Streets, public ways nnd sewers
Spencer, Stoldl nnd Wenandy.
Ways and means I-attln, Allen
and Spencer.
Cemetery and public property
French, Wonandy and Allen.
Itulos, order of business and elec
tion Wonandy, Sponoer and
lln. Tho application of Schmidt and
Musgrovo for saloon llcesno was
laid on tho tnblo until next meet
ing. H.J. Overturf tins qualified as city
treasurer nnd will have charge of
tho funds of llond for tho noxt year.
Tho council adjourned to Tues
day ovonlng, January 22.
At tho meeting of tho Itonrd of
directors of tho Arnold Irrigation
Co. yesterday, applications for now
water rights for n total of 1100
acres woro received and considered
Agreements for soma wero author
ized. Tho prlco for all now water rights
sold by tho company after February
1, 1012, will lo $12.50 an acre In
stead of 10, tho present price.
For the year 1012 tho mainte
nance charge was fixed at 20 cents
an acre, payable on July 1.
OltCIIAItll ACHKAOK 13,000.
HOOD HIVEfl According to re
port Just Issued by County Assessor
Jasper Wlckham, Hood River has
13,000 acres In orchard. Tho of
ficial figures give tho area set to or
chard about 1000 acres greater than
Is estimated by local orchardlsts and
show that 1910, when 2444 acres was
set to opplo trees, was tho banner
year In orchard development.
Tno A 11 tot nnd n Hum Placed nt the
Her Ice of Oueots Ketueen Dc
" pot anil Iciil llonfelrlcft.
Competition among tho three ho
tels has assumed a lively aspect, to
tho advantage of guests coming In or
leaving by train. Frco transporta
tion to and from tho depot Is tho
special Inducement each hotel Is of
fering prospective patrons.
Tho bus has beon bought by the
Hotel llond. being operated by the
Wenandy company. A 40-horso-power
Chalmers auto has been
bought from Wonandy by J. F. Tag
gar t ti Co., and Wenandy's other car
has been engaged by Proprietor
Fish of tho Pilot llutto Inn for ser
vice between his hostelry and the
When the train gets In of an eve
ning there Is a chorus of voices
soliciting tho patronage of arrivals.
In this case the old axiom of "Pay
your money and take your choice"
does not apply, for It Is a choice of a
free ride without paying any money.
Hundreds of Tons Put For Use Dur
ing the Hummer Month.
The cold weather of the past
week made Ice harvesting good and
the annual putting up of Deschutes
water In this form for summer use
wsa In progress for some days.
At Lava Island, the Ice was 12
Inches thick and some 400 tons was
stored away by the Wenandy Livery
Co. O'DonnclI Ilros. and Charles
lloyd also put up some "hard wa
ter" for use In their meat markets
during tho warm months.
The Joint Installation of officers
by the local Woodmen and Hoy
al Neighbors last night was open to
tho public and proved to bo an Inter
esting affair.
The women had prepared some
thing good to eat. and after the new
officers had been duly installed a
good social time was enjoyed Tho
spread wns the main fcaturo of this
part of tho evening's entertainment.
The attendance wns large, thero be
ing some sixty present.
The First National Bank
.Or. U. O. COC. PrilUUnt I. A. 8ATHBR, Vic Prttldcnt
O. 8. HUDSON, Chl.r
Capital fully paid ... S26.O0O
Stockholder' liability . . S35.000
Burplua .... SO.COO
Mr. Business Maiv-r
This bnnk otters you all the advantages of a mod
ern banking institution.
Ask for our statement and study it. Investigate tho
men who stand back of tho business wo conduct.
Consider the protection given our funds. Our
strength is far in excess of the strength required
to safeguard your banking businoss.
If your business is paralyzed for lack of funds
if it is n good business with good prospects why
not talk to us about your credit? You will find
that wo havo n friendly attitude towards all pro
gressive ideas, and a willingness to give your
proposition careful consideration.
Ve offer your account strength and confidential
and courteous treatment.
U. C. COW It. A. SATlir.R C. S. HUDSON
Union Oil Co. Will Distribute Fuel.
From .Here Htnle .Ofllclnls An- '
.nounrc Hatchery Will He K
tAbllsheil Near This City.
Manager J. B. Sawhlll returned
Thursday night from Portland whoro
he had been for a week In the Inter
est of tho development of Ilend. Ho
brought back word that tho Union
Oil Co. would put In tanks and a.
warehouse here and that a state flsh
hatchery on tho Deschutes near Ilend
In the spring was assured.
"Whllo In Portland," said Mr. Saw
hlll, "Manager T. II. Crang of tho
Union Oil Co. assured mo that his
company would soon put In two big
oil tanks here for the distribution of
oil In Central Oregon. Ono will bo for
the storage of gasoline and tho other
for kerosene, and with these res
ervoirs tho retail price of oil hero
will bo materially lowered. Tho
company will also put up a ware
house for tho storage of cao oils.
Mr. Crnng told me. He has taVca
tho matter up with the main offlco of
the company at San Franelsco and
within a short time work should start
on tho tanks and warehouse.
INli Hatchery Asaiirrd.
"The efforts which tho Commer
cial Club has been making to secuni
a fish hatchery here have been suc
cessful, I was told by State Oamo
Warden FInley and Master Fish War
den Clanton, who assured me that
a fish hatchery would be built on tho
Deschutes river In the vicinity of
Ilend In the spring. They regard
thla as on excellent location owing:
to the fact that It will be very con
venient to distribute fry to the vari
ous streams of Central and Eastern
Oregon which will bo stocked from
time to time.
"Williams and McCreary of Port
land also told me that they were fig
uring on putting- In h sash and doo"r
plant In Ilend this year. They have
bad their cyo on this field for a year
and a half. They said their plans
were pretty well completed nnd that
they would be ready to start work
Mayor Coo was In Portland with
Mr. Sawhlll and the two worked to
gether in tho interest of the town.
Itond ImiitU Will IV lilcuheil at
Piiuetllle on February 3.
Upon the petition ot a largo num
ber of citizens ot the county, the
County Court last week issued a
call for a mass meeting of taxpayers
ot the entire county nt the court
house In Prlnevlllo on Februry S.
Tho purpose of the gathering Is to
securo nu expression from tho vot
ers on tho advisability of Issuing
bonds for making better roads
throughout tho county.