The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 08, 1911, Image 6

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County Court lias District Attorney
Prepare Statement In Recti rd to Steps
Nccsary to Take for Securing Spec
ial Assessment (or Improvements
Since there has boon much In
quiry relative to the methods that
may be adopted under the present
laws for the improvement of the
count' roads by districts, the County
Court has requested Deputy District
Attorney Willard H. Wirtz to pre
pare a short statement for the
Crook county press for the infor
mation of the taxpayers in respect
to the steps necessary to be taken
to levy a special tax for road im
provements. The following has
been submitted:
"There are two methods by which
the taxpayers of any road district
may call special mcetinjrs for the
purpose of votinpr special road
levies, and it is first important to
be known that under either system
the meetings must be held before
January I in order that the special
levy may be collected during 1912.
It should further be made plain, at
to bo kept in separate funds, known
as a 'special road fund' and used
only in tho district which voted
them and it fs always ndvisable, if
practical, for tho districts at tho
special meeting to specify the
character and nature of improve
ment desired and where the Improve
ment is to be applied; then the money
collected under the special tax can
be used for such specific purpose
alone and none other, though of
course, nil improvements go forward
under the direction and supervision
of the county court."
Any further information in regard
to these matters will be gladly fur
nished by Deputy District Attorney
Willard II. Wirtzat Princvillc.
Home-made pies, cakes and bread
for sale at Oregonian Grill.
People Come Alany Allies to Learn of
(letter Methods of Agriculture Sum
pies of Mllo Maize nnii Canadian
rield la Distributed By Officials
North Central Oregon People Wire
Felicitations on Railroad Opening
Tho following telegram was re
ceived in Bend last Wednesday
"Arlington, Ore., Nov. 1, 1911.
"J. E. Sawhill.
"Sec. Central Oregon Dew League,
"Bend, Oregon.
"Tlirt TrLTViiintv n,vilnnmpnt
counties of
Farmers from Hampton Valley
as well as from the country around
Bond were here last Thursday to
visit the demonstration train of the
O-W. R. & N. Co. A largo number
of town oopk went out to the
depot also to so' the exhibits carried
and to listen to the lectures de
livered by the Oregon Agricultural
Collego export.
Accompanying tho train were n
number of Harriman railway utile-
ials. including K. II. Miller,
manager; William McMurrny, gen
eral freight and passenger agent;
John Scott Mills, special writer, and
H. J. O'Neill, traveling freight and
passenger agent.
The train consisted of tcvon cars,
Uest In Town.
Tho Star Dry Cleaning House,
with A. L. Fronch, does all kinds of
cleaning, pressing and repairing of
clothes In a neat manner and at
roasonnblo prices. Indies' work as
well as men's done. Satisfaction
given and work promptly done.. A
trial will convince you. 27tf
notici: for i'UMjIuation.
t(ttmriil ofllir liilrtlur.
V S. Land OnUr al 1 tic IMIIra, ()trKim,
(Htiilwr lath. 1911.
Nolle la limlir lvm llial 1'tr.Uilck V
l.rvftrnt, il Tiniialo, Oirqoti, wtm, tiuOttulHr
lllll. wv mailr ilraral laml mlrv Nn ..
acilal .Sn for url wl(, mi ? witling
.....I . If ... t, ...ll.... M I....-...I.1.. .A ..mill
piii nw.f . j , i...i "i inniiiiiii ... "miiiii
laiiii 11 ml, Wlllamrltr MrinlUii liaa Hint
Holler iirtntriilltm hi tnaV.r rtual ilcanl i.tiail ti
r.laMuli italm tntlir laim alnir r
fmr II 0 Kill t s l.illimH.linirl, al MaiilNc
al llfinl. ()lri;ill. nil Hit nl day til .Nmtttilxr.
Claimant tiaiura aa witmaara Huntr I) I'ul
Ham, Uilin M McKunir) Juariili ul'xiil ami
(IrutKC lllualiiaou. all ufTuitialii, Hirami
.11 a v' U MllllMI. Hrglatrr
IVktMiiitnt of llir lnlriliir.
I' H Land (lifter al Thr I Ultra, Oimuii,
Hrtilrtnlor will 111
Nolle ( hmliy .hoi thai Malwl A katktifTr,
riimt tly Mat.rl HiiWll-. l llrml, 'itrjon,
Mlu. tm April iiitl, wij, mailr lumirairail inirv
No i"IN, fr lirl art I lain 1. li)whlil
m auulli. laimr id IU-1. Uillamrllr Mm
illatt, haa AUti nullcr tit liitriitliiti In makr
Atlat cnininutalluii titiaif In ratatillah italiit lu
thr laiul alio. tr,tllit. Ut.ilr II C llllli, I'
H hla ullier at llrml. tilt Bull.
traltlc n thr mil ila) uf ITtrtnnrr wil
viaiiiiaiii iihiut fi wiiii.www nrnif v mull..
Call IC Muitla l'.rir-rW Knait ami (lilt I'
llcnklr, all of Ikud. IIKltuu
.U-J7 C W MOOHU Krglttrr
League, comprising the
Sherman, Morrow and Gilliam, in l including n stock car, two Hat cars
convention assembled today at j ,m,i iL.cturo conches. The hovrs nnd
carried attracted much
ArKmrtnn Vina nlltlinrWittl ttlti til . . .
. V ;"i ".7 . . . ,l.. chickens
icnu 11s congrniuiauuns iu wic
ciUzens of Bend and its tributary attention.
territory on the occasion of the A large supply of milo maize and
entrance of its first regular passen- Canadian field peas was carried nnd
first, that the nualifications oft" trnin nnd the installation of ! packages were distributed to all
are the same as those of school Oregon. I " "i' tno truin WIU "oru "" lno
districts, that is; any person, male i '"WILLIAM McMURRAY." school children were given an oppor-
or female and of 21 years of age. ' tunity to visit it. The ollicial
raw vote at these sieclal road HAMPTON NEWS NOTES photographer with the railway
meetings if he or she has been a! . party took MoraI pictures of the, jhr ith.Lof iiftfiii wnauhi ..
Iiilincnl of Ihr tnlrilur.
1) h l.att.l UfHtr al Thr IMIIra. Dtrjun
H'lrml Mlh ii
Nollrrithrttliy rltrn thai I llirl II Ntilila
tif llclitt, HtrKHll nt, oil Attll Iiitl tito luailr
homr-trail mil y- Nti iAja.1, f(lr nwlt arxtUtu
14. Itiwnahlp ft, aotlth, laiur lA IUI Mill
aiitrtlr Mrfllllait. .ha fU4 tmiffuf Intention Iti
makr Anal rtiitiitiiitatH n pitKif luralaMlali claim
10 Ihflainl alalirllt-illlail llinr II 0 I'.l.l.
V S CnmmlMluiirr al Ma nmrr l Ik ml Oitjiu
on ibr itit day nf IH-crHitirr tan
Clallllilll na'lira aa tallliraara Unity 0 Muha,
Call K M.'irla, C.mi W Knai ami l.roia II
Ka.IclilT. . all ul ll. ml. (iirftm
UK C W MOiiKK, rlrtlalrf.
Il4lri1 Tcl
I'rtWtC I Att. NattP
W,timrnl utthr li.'lfltof . f s l.aml mNr
alThr Italka iIujoti mieWr rMK mi
NnlMvIa hflrliy it M that aatllr,rl li III
Caaai HlattpMr of thr t'.rnrtal ltml ofAt-r mi.tti
Ktrvlarooarf rt ttf Ctfi4lraatHint ur f
Aluslala M rlll ml i al liul-ti. aalr
l.ilhr hKhr.l Mdlrt. al atmrliKl.
.. . ., ....... ... .Vhn.t U n.-In Amniir t!nmrtcn JcrA .. r-n- ...i i- 1:11..- 4ilMI MiHHMtaiiHiws '. '
uona nue resiuom 01 me uisinci zur -. uuk m u ui. tumui m .j i. k wh w m
photon to the a-fiiHuiHirriiiiofti. ihoi.u ..
JttHM9, UW Uf IKIOIV IRC ItUtf tl'ltilfi I.i
, X HiNini nrIMM
csr.r) Qsj-aiaj1
Bend Milling (Mb
Warehouse Co.
Is now open and ready
for ImsiiiL'ss. We buy
and sell all kinds of
both wholesale ami retail.
Call at our mill and save
money. Will start wind
ing about Nov. 10, 101 1.
If you have anything to
sell eoiue and sec us; if
you want to buy, we can
save you money. Our
motto: "Live and
let live."
Bend Milling (Sb
Warehouse Co.
Tablo alwayi tuppllntl with llio bolt that the town affords.
Ncnt and Comfortable Koomi. HitNIi, OuiU'.OH
..a ki.t -.
thirtv davs immediately nrior to i y preisent the enlarged
the special meeting and has real! "ami-ton, uct. Ji. ine nignis i)mnj 0f odticntion to be hung in
property, that is, real estate, in the j the P1 Wtfuk have ranctl trom 5 . the school building.
district in his or her own name t0 10 nbove wro- lmt the day have The train was' here four nnd a
.... t I lumn tilnnlMnnr u'nrm uml v,rv i.i i . i..i... ..i o.un 1
upon wnicn ne or sue is name to , " " ...., IUiu nours, urnvuig iiiwuioMvium
- . It,ln .T.trt.l
pay a tax. It is not necessary that """- """
the voter be a resident of the state Mr. Riggs returne 1 to hU home-
six months prior to the meeting, if ' stead Saturday and is busy putting
leaving at 1 p. m.
he or she
has these other qualifi
the first system 10 per
in his crops.
The ryo planted in September is
up and looking fine, but the wheat
cent of the taxpayers of any district I shows the effect of the severe
miy call a special meeting to vote
a special road levy by posting in
three public places in the district
and at the court house a notice con
taining the time, place and object
of sich meeting. The notice must
also be published for four consecu
tive weeks in any weekly newspaper
of general circulation in the county
and in all case? must be signed by
at least 10 per cent of the taxpayers
in the district. All such meetings
mum be held during the month of
December and, if this method is
adopted, owing to the necessity of
publishing the notice in a news
paper of general circulation, im
mediate action must be taken by
the taxpayers who wish to take ad
vantage of this enactment for the
benefit of their district.
"Under the othor system any
Otree freeholders, that is, persons,
male or female, owning real prop
erty taxable within the district af
fected and 21 years of age, may
petition the road supervisor of the
district in writi.ig, setting out the
object of the proposed meeting,
who, thereupon, must post four
notices calling a special meeting,
containing Uie time, place and ob
ject of the meeting, ten days before
the date fixed in the notices for the
meeting. Three of the notices
must be posted in three public
places within the district and the
fourth at the court house and all
muit be signed by the road super
viwr. "At the meeting the supervisor
must file his sworn affidavit with I
The Bend-Burns road has been
well traveled lately and is in good
condition. Last week .the nutos
averaged one each day, and often
several t'ams passed through Hamp
ton Valley in a few hours time.
Alvin Thompson, on Hampton
Butte, harvested his turnips, ruta
bagas and potatoes recently. The
potatoos froze down three times
and as a result were small about
the size of an ogg but there were
10 or 12 potatoes to t-ach hill.
Burr Black moved into his new
cabin on the Bend-Burns toad last
Eat Sunday dinner save work
and at least cost. Orgonian Grill.
Order your fruit cake
Oregonian Bakery.
Home .Made (lootla Served.
The pastry we serve is strictly
home made and the best. Try it
and you will be convinced. The
1'alm. tf
ifMttmrnt afiKr Inittiur.
V h UM uAur at Thr lullca iti.n
i NuttaiM iM iii
SMkt la hrirby (torn that M K- l-ita M.n.
UIH,W IHfllM, ftu. M ihlli I' I i.i"
.iiiMMr Nmai.a.t r.iliy Nu o a. ( a. i4
Vlloi u. Townhn "-will, Man 1" l-art
VulrUttwIir M.IMUH. haa HU.I Hutk-r if mien
I tk tu ktakr nwal nmnatutatioti itpl to
rai'MlancUlm la thr lamt alr lrailliol W
1 fair II C hIHa (' t Cummiaakiurr al hm.rtn.
I al Ikml 'Hrguii. irti thr jjtil ila) uf l.lulr
Wil I
J Short and Dired: Route to Portland
and Other Western Oregon Points (
Oilman! ujmraaa vllnraara William I Mc
CuiiHrll. JuhH I' Uulirr, ilvfar c llrHalc ami
".ft,nr Vk. K). all l llrwl. IHrinn
jjy, C W .M'HIMrl Kriil.l"
Redmond and
Central Oregon
Fouit IiAltliKlts (every one skilletl)
now requirel to serve the many
patrons of the Innos &
barbershop. You'd better join the tw ' '"""Lt"' " ''"', '; "".." '!'
' a nrltr MrlHtwlH haa Meat HiilKr of iHtrulluai lu
thrnriL' of nlnnstiil plicnbi of this maknlialnH.ii4iaiK.M
Orl-aitmrHl uf thr lulrtMii.
V. H l.amt OlfKr at rhr iMtlra, iiir(n.
.Sutrmbrr Ml. lll
larnthal llrHijr C lluha.
luaarr 1111. tvi
mailr himrairil ruirjr ru :?,.
Nall la hrfrliv alt)
Davidson of Ikml, inuw, h. ui iHlutarr inl.
Takk Youk Sunday dinner at the f"l"
atel Bend. Chicken sorvvd. 2.1tf "
H Wtf. tUCIUMUH lUlm
tu 1 he Uml Ur tlrtKiilril, trftfr II , llttl
Lf m CiMttHilWff. m U ti(frr tl 4rut, (
gi, ki Ihr J nl Uy of llwcffMatf iii
l.iatiHtMi Hsm iirci wiiiim j t
V H;ffr Uuc-tir C llri'klc aiMl
H4,; ulluirrfifl txun
. w ,tniKrv HfKiviri
HI!U) .USiriMS
Held, Oct. :10. N. Kins has been
busy for some days hauling lumber
for an addition to his residence.
Albert Lootens and family came
back from Bend last week, where
he has been engaged for two months
logging for the I'ine Forest Lumber
A. A. Greon completed his rosi
donee last wek and moved into it.
N. Kins made a trip to Bend to
day, some of the settlers accom
panying him to get suppllos.
(I'urnlihcd by thr Crook Comity Ab.traetCe.)
Ezekiel B. Hendrickson to Nettie
Hendrickson w se and e swX
sec 15-10-15. $1.
Jos. N. Hunter ct al to L. F.
Swift, It 5, blk 9, Bend. $1000.
Leander C. Caldwell to C. J. Sly,
InoJ nvf'i, nw'A noK and sJ4
ineX sec 30-21-11. $10.
Kudmond Towns! to Co. ti Hannah
the secretory of the meeting that. m. Gibbs e'A Its 1, 2, a, I, blk -15,
'ho posted the noticos ten days prior 'Redmond. $250.
to the meeting and he must aho file Mrs. G.M.Jones et al to IC. A.
with the secretary at that time the . katos, w Its a, iu, n, iz, U1K do,
New Goods Just Received
by us everything you need
m the -HARDWARE Line.
See our Stoves, Hunrcs, Oil Heaters, etc. We now cany
Sewing Machines. I'ainLs, Oils, Harness, Saddlery.
Prices That Please Our Patrons.
Skuse Hardware Company, Bend.
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co.
Through Car Service from llend to Portland.
Daily Train Schedule:
Hotel Bend
Corner Bond and Oregon St.
Rates $2 and $2.50 a Day
HUGH O'KANE, Manager
petition of the three freeholders
upon which he issued the call.
"It should be known also that all
tax e8 voted at any such meetings
are to be collected by the sheriff at
the same time and as other taxes
are collected. The secretaries of
the rospective meeting must certify
to the county clerk the minutes of
the meeting and size of the levy,
which in no case can be greater
than ten mills. But these taxes are
Kedmond. $15u0
State of Oregon to Harry G.
Adams, e sec 3G-2M-J. $800.
Harry G. Adams to Wm. P.
Swope, ctf sec 36-21-13. $1.
W. H. Staats ot al to Frank H,
May, Its 3 and A, blk 17, Deschutes.
Redmond Tow.isito Co. to It. L.
Huffman, It 1, blk 12, Redmond,
$200. Also lt 6 and G, blk 08,
Redmond. $JC0.
Try the Oregonia ) Cr
VHlaa-. a'.ra'.- f -
Tbli li the tltlt of a btautlhil e-paca book, wbtcb
will ibow any boy or gtrl bow to SUCCEED, Prop a
pottal in tb mall T0DAT and It will be Mot THEE.
Tb aim of tbo Colltf U to die ntfjr and popularli
tb lndutrti, and to larra ALL tba peopl. Itofftri
counti In Agrlculturt.Clrll Enclnearlnc, Ectrlcal
rlDj, rormtry, Domeitlo-Bclrnca and Art, Com.
mere. Pbarmaey and Muilo. Tb Oollei opani
sptmbr22d. Oatajocfre.
O0LLEOE, Corrallli, Oregon,
Ixiave Hend . . ..
" Redmond . .
" Opal City..
Arv. Durtcliutori Jet
" The Dnlliw .. .
" Portland
0::i0 a.m.
7:21 a.m.
8:K) a.m.
8:22 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
1:15 p.m.
M p.m.
frATi p.m.
Lv. Portland 7:50 A 10.0(1 a
" The Dalles p
" DoschutortJct. 1 30 p
Arrive Madras f. Ifi p
" MhUiIIun I! 00 p.
" ()wl City. 7 (Hi p
Redmiind 7: 15 p
" llend. ... 8.:5 p
For further information call on any O..W. II. & N. Airunt
or writo to
General PassoiiKer Ajjent, Portland, OreRon.
flWiiBAVBlliWinili''Jii.wP!BflTi3llattaaVIMBjaM I fit
',0. sl!gito
i rr- 3i j (f mmierrM
lil ' IL7 'lll1"'-.,W
Go Journeying
Tlip-i-'ll lx no much to ti-ll alxxil when yon nvt t
Ui' k iif.irn iir.itlon trip on tlio (iriat d
S'urilii' ii Kiulwiiy, tliroia;)) th HiK.kk at riiii A
x- , with i In' vi- .1 wotl'l Uitlird in (olorn, an you 9j
viiv it fmrn tlu coninuxlious ohavrvatlon nut HM
lorm on tho
Oriental Limited
tho lie fii tliroiii'li train to Si. I'.itil, Minnfiipolli,
( I.k.i;i.. 'I h; l.aku I'.irk Ki-Kion of Mliim-Mita ikh-
si's - ivan ciinrtn, anil the Klorinm (iriMt l.aki-H
in i c.irrici yiu tlirniiKh a land of indi.intiiitiit to
n.u tin n in the Unit. (Jut f older, "l!nstvrn TriiiH
lor Wist rn Pcojilo" mid information alxmt KikciuI
ituund-Tnp hummer I'arcs. Call on or uddrvsi
Archibald Gray
A. O. !'. ,V.I. A., Poitliim), Oregon.
vKMHyvtTijal BJiCj jIiiL
r ' VvFliaf j8 TvWft
M Wmmm
I lllljll