The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 01, 1911, Image 3

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    I -At The Palm-
ipUWIl linn of Clim'oliitiin S
C IB ,v"' """"ii1"' J"i I"" (
5 ' eulvisl, Morn to ho hum ?
I In h fiuv (Iiivk, Out linn of ?
r our 1!1 1 Ihixiis Iwfoiii llicy
,'o. Wo mo closing out (
our old amok iitcoittn S
? iiiitkn room for hum. (
? !() unil ftOi'imi ;
J Cbocolntco ?
limit nil ko ut S
J 25 (ItO. ;
S W. II. VVINC1, Prop. S
Furniture Storage
Mouse Aloving
General Dray Work
Prompt Attention
Ncnsonnhlc Price
I.KAVi: (llll)KIIK AT
(b Mcintosh
Promptly Attended to
Shop on Oregon St.
lUllmatrs mi
Wall paprr at
rsitUml Prices
& Paperhanger
Chrrt mill Hot Wall 1'afri Sam
ple, in llir county. Let
My I'lircs.
IW ji).
Ilcliil, Oregon.
Wood! Wood!
II BI.1,01 Where are you
Down to Carter's after n con I
of that good ilry block wood.
My wifowon't hum anything
Cnrtor Ih four bits rlumHr
than others. Ho nellsdry hlock
wood nt ?l.fiO per cord.
saveVs to V4r
3-ctoM Panel Doort, Gilt quality $IJO
QjiiIcmouiuI, J. in., tr 100 ft. 30 cU.
Crdar Sidintf. 4 ami 5 (l. . $8uf M.
riooiiog, 4 ami 5 fi. . . $11 per M.
Diop Siding, 4 and 5 (l. . $11 per M.
All No. I and 2 good fttndstd flock.
SulriotWofClUlofMN. "' sJ
uuyuui iioat o ritaorr. .., Ut
ilc, nil lt a)liAlr, sUp
angrwli. ., Snd ut trout LA
fi yiaj j r 4 I
i&g SASH ?
asjpwr I' 3ZtL V
,Si 00RS III
m BaaBBV-VSft, B V
T 0 l 1 C
Portland Ad Club AddreiHcd lly Hem),
Kcdiuond, lliirn nnil l.nlievow Men
-llnKlnxer lludd Telia i.f lltilldlnic
of Udllrond Line to litis City
(I'nitlaiul OrrKonlnn)
Central Oregon wiw tho hoIo
tliumo nt tlio weekly luncheon of ihu
l'ortland Ad Club Wdnodny under
the direction of Wilhur K. Comnn,
chairman of the day, general freight
and piusHcngor agent of the North
i Hank, Oregon Trunk and other Hill
A. 0. Hunter, of Bend, realty
mnniiger of The Mend Company, in
a whirlwind ndilrcwt of ten minuted,
told why Central Oregon will grow.
He declared thai from a purely
business standpoint thu interior is
hound to expand. HIh own ex
tieriencu, ho Miild, hna provel Uiut
Central Oregon fund in cttpnhlu of
returning M per cent per annum on
thu Investment. Hu cloned liia ad
lrfw ly prolicting that Hend In
dcritlned to Ihj Uie second city in
ilze In Uie state.
J. V. Ilrewer. president of the
Hank of Commerce of Kedmond and
president of the Commercial Club of
that city, declared that if Hend Ih to
be the M'cond city in size, Itedmond
will bu a healthy Htiburb. j
Ralph lludd, chief engineer of the ,
)regtm Trunk, hkIiI that engineer-,
.ng.m the Oregon Irunk had not !
iH'en dilllftilt HtheDeR'hutei Hlver '
provided it imturiil right of way. .
, ,. ,i , . i ,. . ,.
making it iHtwihle to build w mil-1
riwd for UK) miles muitli of the Co-'
lumblit Hlver with no grade to ex
ceed ft er cent. He wild that from
the prmuint terminus of the Oregon
Trunk at Hend it is jKwwIble to build
it road to any other mrt!on of Cen
tral or Southern Oregon without
engineering dllllcultloo.
V. I.. Knelling, a farmer nnd live
stock raiser of Ijikevluw, declared
that (iooc Ijiku Valley wils the
original (ian)en of Kden, nnd that !
Adam, when he was tempted by
one or the native apples, was up
against It" and could not win,
"Hill" Hiinley, the millionaire
ranchman of Hums, oircrcd a
remedy for the high price of land
by urging that more land lie placed
on (lie market. Hu also argued fori
soil surveys that thu settlor may
lUat In Town.
inu htar Ury Cleaning House, i
..,,,.. . .... , ,
With A. I., bronchi doOS nil kinds Of
cluimiiig, prutMlng and repairing of
clothes in it neat manner and nt
rvnsonahle prices. Indies' work u.s
well ns men's done. Satisfaction
given and work promptly done. A
trial will convince you. U7tf
Hunter Bros.
With hKUsu IIahhwakk Co.
Interior Decorating
llouso Painting
Wall Paper
In Stock.
Tho Proof of tho Pudding
Is In tho Eating
CLAIMS nre cally iiiiule;
but not iiImr) raiily
provrti We mouM nut
liuikr the claiuia c do for the
high ipmlity ol our stock If we
Mt-ie not couviiicrd of their
truth, mill If weilidu'l have so
ninny voiiipliuiL-itts from cus.
tnuicrH on the siiH-rlority of
our trees, and the most excel,
lint manner in which they
Mere packed, enablitiif lliein to
arrive ill ilptliimtioii in t rime
niiiilltluii. This last Unit, irwsl Jvack.
lull U ratllv by many,
lull Itunr of ltitKirtaiiir, and Isuuc
ul llir many lualatirrs whrrr our kl
trillion luilrlall ktcta uu the hlh
tanitarit ofutir trrra,
Have you arm uur it pagr catalog!
It's a beauty, lltltcr trim for II.
Yakima Valley Nursery
Toppclllsll, Washington. WVlffalaaaBl afS?Ttt,
lfjp WHK$$r
Moiih Sai.ixsmkn Wantkd mflBS2BiMMmm$x---
know what tlio land In capable of
producing. Ho was received wltlf
Cliccrn. '
A unique feature was the shapo
of the programs, They resembled
railroad tickets, euch address being
represented by n coupon.
Tho club Indorsed I). 0. Llvoly
for livestock cotiimiKsioncr of tho
Pnnumn-Paciflc Kxposition.
Tumai). Oct. 27. C. I'ederson is
very III and is not expected to re
cover. He has been having stomach
trouble for Homo time.
Wlllnrd Houston of Hend has
taken the contract to clear and pre
pare for the plow 100 acres of land
for (5. W. Wimer & Siiiih.
Forest Hanger Smith Is stopping
here while estimating the amount
of timber which was burned over
in the Are near hero last summer.
I. K. Wimer and Charley Spangle
have just finished baling their lurge
crop of hay.
A threshing machine is expected
In this vicinity soon.
Cliphinti of Olam.
What U mi clcfilinnt worth? A Yon
leer feed itenliT who onco attached tli
itt'liyJcriiiatoti part of n clrcui,
wlilcli nlu tip a wrek'a pro (It a In one
ilny, wouldn't Kite n rnnrclml atamp
for one, but In Hlnm It'a illfTcri'iit A
cunaulor roort anyi Itint "roiiKlily rt
1 1 mn I fil tlio titltnlMT uf ilomciitlrated
ploptmntt In Hlnm la almut 3.000. TIip
upply liaa Imwii doorrnnlni; yrnrly. and
prlicH liitvr iiilviinciil until now a full
crown malt (IiiiImt elephant la worth
nliout Jl'.riO and a femalo It.fVir). An
rtcptinut la full Krinvn at twnnty-flte
jfiim. Inn not In I'n 1 1 vlnr uiiill thirty
flit The leilKth of life la W to IV)
.rmrn, mid thn nvirni;i wnlitlit U altoiit
thrttt toiia."-Ntw VorU Trlhunn.
Monty For Htreulantum.
The ItsllMti rtiNiirclhir of the rx-
,.U.H , , ,M. ,,,,,,. Ht ,..,.
film The klnic hlmilf hs pwmlaitl
"' ,Hv,' w,,-"", nr' '" "'" wine imr-
P'e. It Is I'tirlout tn iiftft thai lxtr
,, mu- Imh-.i l.tiili rinht r..r the
Ktrtfta of the old mwn TIiim will nil
hav to Im pullcl down (oiiliprntilf
"rninirc. It la filltl. Ilea hlddiMl iM'ili'nlli
t nilna to bo cxattiliicil Ixindon
Walktd on h. Wattr.
Ilerr Klelir. n (Ii-nnnn Invrtitnr. re
rently took n thn-i mile wnlk orcr
Slnnitwrc Inko. nenr .Munich. iikIiik
"wntrr ahwa" of til own eniiatructlon.
Ifpln the wind nnil the miiKh mirfnre
of the water, he cornil the illatancc
In mi hour mid n half. Thr "water
In-'" nri of evllmttirnl form unil nrt
"I feet ! The nre roniiructcU of
,,n'"" 'nunea nd asllclolh.
"Odd thine about fintlpry."
"It mnkea everybody hoU except
hone who swallow It." Exchange.
Ho initrh la n ninn worth an bu es
teouia hliiietr. Ilntietnla.
ItTtMitmrttt irflhr ln(tfr.
I' h IjwIOINtiI Thr IKtllr. Oirrwi
, , , hriUB.wr tmi iu
NetkrUhrrrhyalwnlhal .tt 7 lrt t
M.lri, llirctm. wlm. mi .N.Hr,mlTr tti.l t.
rnaur mmfnnM ttHiiv .-n IMIJ !rfll ta
vt.i hM W cH ll !, nij rthiti n.
tun.lili i ".Hiih tHgr I ntl WilUmtltr
vlfiMutn, h hlnl mm.T uf InlriilltMi lOHi.Vr
final htr inr fn.r In plaint to Ihr
a u.l Uir .IimiiIwiI, lfuir II C l.lll. I'
ComnilMluutt, al hlauitirr at lit Nil (lirton.on
lir t)ti lUy uf Niivr ttltrr 10.11
CUimanl ttaitmaaxitnrura W A Will anil
Hail WluVlr niniilria lliritmi Alrt l.rtcilDK
til llcnr) Khuiuachrr ufi.lit orrnmt
u V ' W M'MIKK Hrtll.trr
W I a. gtaagjWlS' ' ''
i 1 m y . l -.
Go Journeying
llic ell lie so initc'i to tell nlsmt whet ytu get
iNuk af ir a , nation tnp Uiist on the Gnat
N'orllie n ILnlway, through the Ruckus nt sun
w , vtth tho vc t worl I lutli tl In itilors, ns you
vicv It fnini h coiniuothoiis ol)scr.tii)i plat
luriu on tli,-
Oriental Limited
tho iwfcct through tram to St. P.iul, Minncwixills,
ChiuiKii. Tho l.ako I'.irk U-Rionof Miniuxiln pos
WiMU charm, nnd tho L-lorioiK Ctrvat 1jiLi
tn i curriuii y hi lhn)ii(;h a laud of ench intnicnt to
gnvil tin a in the Knt. Oct foltlcr. "H.utcrn Trips
or West -n PmdIi'" niul iiifoniiatum ntmut Stk-cml
Koui.d-Trip I uiiuncr I'.irw. Cull on or addrcsj
Archibald Oray'
A. O. P. &.l. A., Portlund, Oregon,
mrviiin aKwrMM
Syndicate Plana l.arjce Development
llnlcrprlar, Which Would Alake
Ifiiinea for At any People Splendid
Opportunity for Central Oregon
General Passenger Agent Wrn.
McMurray of the 0-W. H. & N. Co.
bus received a letter of inquiry
from Chicago which will interest
all Central Oregon, and esjccially
holders of large tracts of land. Tho
letter in as follows:
"A syndicate in Chicago is en
deavoring to locate 100,000 acres of
land In one tract, if possible, and
which can be purchased for loss
than $10 per aero, which they pro
pose to Hulxllvlde into eighty acre
tracts, break up five acres of Uie
land, build n house on same, furnish
two horses and a wngon and one
cow, and then sell same on the In
stallment plnn.
"PnrtleH have looked over land In
Michigan and Wisconsin but claim
the land does not suit them, and
will you not kindly advise if there
is any such tract along our line
which could be purchased nt the
price indicated?"
It would be a fine business stroke
for Central Oregon if the capita!
necessary fr a development enter
prise of this magnitude could be in
duced to come here. Any we
knowing of available land should
write to Mr. McMurray at Portland.
Number of (lend People Report Hav
ing Seen It.
Hrooks' comet, which was dis
covered in July, is now said to be
visible nt Hend early In Uie morn
ing. It is best seen about 4:30 or
C o'clock. It nppenrs In the cistern
sky, northwest of Uie morning Btar
Venus. Several Hend people who
rejuirt having seen It say the tail Is
visible to the naked eye. It has
now passed beyond Uie extreme
star in the handle of the dipper
constellation and appears for several
hours before daylight. It will re
main visible several weeks yet, ac
cording to thu astronomers.
Notice it hereby given that pursuant
to an ordinance ol the Clly ol Until,
ihrre vtllt lie submitted to the nu'lifird
rleclnr of said cliy, prord charter.
(or llielr adoption or tijrciun. at a
tprcial rlrction to Ite held for thai
ptirKi'cm Wednesday, NiiNcmtxr JJnil.
1911, twtwrru the hours ol cmht A M
'Hid r'u V. M of Midday, said rlrc
tion to be held nt the hite huii-r. thr
usual imlliiig pWe in the Cltv of llrml.
mil iiisi v. . livllHin. (i-lialriiiin, v
II Srllert and It A. Sathrr act a
judgrs ami C I) Ilrnvtii. J I), linncy
maii ami S)lrstrr Staatk act nt clerks
.it such election.
Cn Kecorder.
lleuil, Oregon. October 21, 1911
I im
QStJSmt f
Xl'VaaaaaaV ftaaaV 1 1 . 1 Y. a v.r- 9aSjaanMf
Training a Daby Emprr.
If tho llttlo omporar of China lljte
American youngateni of his oro ho Is
probably "fcolln' awful bad," having
"a toulhacho" or conjuring up oihor
tlrno worn xcuea to cscnpo Rolnir io
school, Tho empress dowacer has Is
mi pit an edict "that Iiii Zcng Chiang,
minister of tho empire, nnd Trhcng
I'no Ken, governor of Cliliml. bearing
tho honorable tltlo of vlco minister,
ahnll both become tutors to tho em
peror. They shall Instrurt him night
and day with tho greatest rnro and
ahall teach him nil sclenro becoming n
roynl personage, and also the history
of tlio different countries of tho world.
In order Hint our emperor may grow
strong In knowledge. They ithnll also
nxplnln to him from time to tlrno the
new administrations nnd constitutions!
laws, ns well as nil modern sclnnrpi.
but ut the snmo tlrno they shall not
forget lo Instruct him In the doctrine
of Confii'lus concerning the means to
firncilro tho virtues nnd to gorcrn the
Dancing In Washington's Days.
It was n dancing nge. None wan too
old or too dignified to join In Uie pas
lime. Ve lime It on tho authority of
Oenentl (Sri-etio that on ono occasion
Washington danced for three hours
without onco silting down. Patrick
Henry would close tho doors of his of
fice to Itetake himself to dancing or
fiddling, and Jeffemon dearly loved to
"rosin" his bow for n merry Jig. Tho
story Is told of him that onco when
nwoy from homo he received news of
the burning of his father's house.
"Did you snv any of my books?" he
naked of tho stave who brought hi in
tho tidings. "So, mnssa." nnswered
the negro, "but we snvi-d the Addle."
Maud Wilder Goodwin In "The Colo
nial Cavalier."
Woolen Goods for Winter
Everything Men Need to Keep Them
Warm Will be Found at the
Get thnt new pnir of Trousers
you want here.
Curlee Trousers $2.50 to $5.00
New Stock to Select From.
Oregon Street .... Bene, Oregon
Oregon Trunk Ry.
Service to
St. Paul
Kansas City
Daily train leaves Rend (1:30 a. tn., Redmond 7:21 a. m., Opal
City 8 a. in., Culver 8:13 n. m., Metolius 8:30 a. m. and
M minis 8:31) a. m., nrrivinR Portland 6:00 p. m. Direct con
nection nt KnIlbridKe for Spokane nnd points cast. Arrive
Spokane 9:15 p. in. Through tickets sold to Eastern points,
Puget Sound and other Western points. Deposits accepted
for west bound tickets to be furnished persons in the East.
Details will be furnished on requost. J. H. CORBETT
Agent, Bend, Oregon.
Chief Engineer, Portland, Oregon.
6i&5 Live
Qf2ZE2T xr j
& v xou
Wv& Send awav for
which tells you
Cattle, Horses, sheep, Hoes and Chickens.
We have Dr. Roberts' Prepared Prescriptions
right here nt our store and we have innv?!?
a copy ol the grand book for you avUCiCj
Tit. Robrrts tt thr crratrtt lire stock authority of the country. Ex-State Vttetlnarlan of
Wisconsin, Lrclurrr atnt Writer on Ure Block Dltcatrs.thc vrterluarlannhqlt callnj far
auil nrar to trrat hlch.prlcrd anlroalt. lilt 1'rrptrrJ Prrtcrlptlont are the onct he uacs In
his awn practice, the hlngt)ou hare utr for scores oftlmrscrrry yetr- The book grts
Oown closrr to tlockinru't nrrilt than anyihtnK you taste crer rraJ posit yon on symp
toms ami ilttrasrs, tells you what to ilo ami how to ilo It. We hare brought the. ailrlre
anil the treatments of the fsntout veterinarian right lo your door. And lha, big book
Is absolutely frre. Call fqr your copv. 1'ut tuc. moat toJuauIc ptcnarcJ ixeacdptiou ou
your stsblt shelf for emergency, " '
.V ,V ! I I Ml
Hend Men Take Part In Ceremonies
at Redmorid
A Knights of Pythias lodge was
Instituted at Itedmond Monday
night. A delegation went down
from the lodge here to asjdst In Uie
work, nnd there was present also n
team from Prlncvillo. An cnjoynblo
time vas reported by all who at
tended from here. The trip was
made by auto, those who went being:
S. II. Snyder, O. A. Thorson, Joo
Innes, M. A. Palmer, Karl Lndcwfg,
Tom Murphy, Gene Getchcll, Halph
Poindexter, S. C. Caldwell, N. P.
Smith, C. D. Koweand M.S. Lattin.
The lecture which Col. John So
bleski was scheduled to give here
last Wednesday evening was not de
livered owing to the fact that Uie
speaker did not reach Bend till
10:30 p. m. A large audience
waited patiently for several hours,
some of Uie young men and women
present entertaining Uie gathering
with piano and vocal selections. Col.
Sobieski will be secured for another
date or another number substituted
In tho winter lyceum course. The
Ilicketts family, musical enter
tainers, will be here nbout Dec. 1.
Hot and cold baths every day at
Innes & Davidson's barber shop.
St. Louis.
Stock Men. (Ipu"
i 1 . Hour
aon i nave io vtnwKABUN
this Grand
It's a bie 184-pace
book, prepared by Dr.
Roberts, the celebrated veterinarian.
all about the ailments of your Cows,