The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 27, 1911, Image 4

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Gkoiusk I'AMtKn Putnam
Managing Editor.
An Independent newsr-sper, standing
for the squaic 1mI. clean tinsiiie, clean
poiitie, ami Hie lct interests ol Ueml
and Central Oregon.
Oat jrrr
fl month....
Three month
.- .So
(lararuNr In 4tbc.)
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. '27. 1911
In an editorial in Pride's Ore
gonian. bearing the heading, "The
Invasion of Contra! Oregon." ap
peared the following:
The spirit of invasion, which it but
nether uame for the pioneer spirit, Ua
pushed on (Htu Central Oregon with
such purioe ami power that the erst
white solitudes of the vast region thu
designated Ate "ahum with sound" and
KOj; with the activities ol development.
This section m for many sears isolated,
not ottly (rem the world, but (row tht
rot of the state of which it nowt
nallv a part. Rend, until receinle re
garded b staid, substantial Prniettlle a
ah npstatt Tillage of the plain. I in a
few wes..tu celebrate the coming of the
Oregon Trunk and Deschutes RailroaJs.
Klamath I'alls and Lake tew adven
turous outposts of a slow cittlttation
were "on the map" that is, the stock
man's and the trader's ami the lolal
map for year before Rend existed cieu
In name. They see. however, in the
.coming of the railroad thus far an earnest
nf mcreaed propenty throughout the
section that they x long lu isolation
Dead are the old stage coach days and
the dap of the old freight-team era, but
full of hope and promise of unstinted
growth is the dtwniug of the railroad
era in Central Oregon. According to
schedule at arranged by enthusiastic
citueni. the first railroad train
freaMrnt . William.! Tall
VktlYtWnl . Janin ( Shrtmait
Seetetaty o( Mate.. fhiUti.ler C Kn
SmetaryofTteaauty (Tan Vita MacVeaan
xtrrtar)roflmefKf Walter I. Vlshrr
SNfttaiy of Wat 11 t. Mlmwn
iicTUty m Cent mare ami laNw Ohailet Navel
Swtetatjr l Nv ,. .. l.rwtue Von L Mt)l
XKnUlref AitrfirtiHuie JanieaWiKui
tMtiuatrT('.nal ... VtanV It HiKhjtvV
Altooiry (.ttuctal ttws W WwVisatiam
Oottmkw. ..--..- . iVrT
twvretaty l Mate . n Mtl
rrTir Thmwaa 11 Kay
Altorncj Ottierat A. M Crawtor.1
Suit. lit We Instruction., t AfcUrman
Matrllhttn '"'.""X
Cvmmlaakmer el Latxt Mallstte ' I n
(l.wt Waitlen. ...... ... ..... , W ltly
Male Hntnr - !" teia
tnwit K Chaml-etlain
" i Jeatha IVwtw. Jr
U. senators .
I W. C
entrHin ..... - j A w
luJrr W L Hra.t.haw
ltJrnej .".' '.' - "
u.t.e ,. C KtHi
iM-.w ...... wairen nruwn
Tiet .
Viwxm.. ........
ctwol ref4nleitlBt..
Cowtct -
Sorrero' -
CiaeeiT OrT Kwt May la May, I Mid
MaantaT I tKUfcee. . .
roaTl-NeT-VrIMiMiJay In eah month
Ciivhiwmuii' Cwt VKt rnrxlaj
In anaty, March. Xlay. Jaty. sH'lw
an4 Nercmbrr
T. X Kalfonr
Kal(S IsKtan
J I). La Mkte
M A. Vvl
Vr K I) Hitle
VYnt Hlee
IK II. nWy
"" I Jamrt Kki
Cktk Mar.. -ttretanser
.K M Ray
. . I II I Orrrtnff
( Trlpe. Chi
U l. 1l
cjtv or MXl
f. C. Cor
. . II C. Kiln
. J. pKT
I w. a Hin
J 11 "n.
I he. Aa
territory will do its buying- in Tort
land, and net its poods from the
Oregon metropolis via Bond. It is
for Portland to furnish the encour
agement. Portland Is making: a
splendid move in the right direction
til roll by sending a delegation to Burns.
Into Rend oa October 5. A golden , n..t Pnrtlnnrl ahnnld follow tin the
spike dning"has been arraneeil for that I . ill- u i i
day. with James J. Hill as honored guest Pood work by being on hand in
and ta-tcldcr of the hammer. A special iarjje numbers when the railroad
tram carrytne rcpmentativet of com- , , . , . ,. ....
mercial duiH mud delonment leagues i reaches Bend, and by so doing Ia
from vartout cities and secttont will roll the foundations for intimate com
into town afwl the ahtieksahd bell of the . , ... ...'.. .l
first hvoasotive to enter thee erstwhile meraai rasuoawuiuw suuvnera
soNttxscs will join with the load acclaim country, all of which is tributary to
n vaatwa an aau arr am inn lsb v-a,ua..nE . - - -
dawa of a new empire. Bend In a transportation sense. i anted Any jxvMtion of re-1
The invaMun of Central Oregon is an jf Portland doeat't do this, iu sfMmwbilitv. by capable, rertrvwl lady.
aecamwie.l i act. its invnaent by the .l. m,L, n, ji im. - ,J,4t-. Add nw Mrs. Jatrws. 721 Kwirney ,
u of tndunrv. irle .l business will jobbers might as M erect a taste- t)nrti..i n,.,.
foMow. and in the wide domain where fu- monument at the end-of-rails at ol" ' orM"nu """
lor SOWg -l BHn-sitnj; imj uomiuns t. j J ". . 1 : U 1
4 s(t. great Nature dwxlt serene." Bond and on it cause to be trwcnlxil
thecewturys paaerand propaeey will some such suiuble if inettfgant ep.-
StaVSMt resawlcvl. A , ...
Writ may the invaders of Central Ore- tapn as this.
go lio hottor to the event made possible Fanse. gentle merchant, and sneal a tear.
by the (wanning and purpoe of the Portland's trade enda right here;
"emi-re bniMer. j. lit,, tnrouga TT fce .
.whose fsvreMghi. sagacttr asxl finaneicr- '
imp ihta ituwasoa was sacerssfnllr ac- Wamel slow.
(tattle with tiiiknowii condition.
That the litest It mote than dolnir Its
j vi tt It well kttimii, and that the efloila
of the Iniya ate appreciated tetiitet but a
glance t one of the ttttwra.
The West Side Ijtdios of Uldlnw
are to Ih congratulnleil on their
work of getting up such an excellent
display of agricultural and domestie
science exhibits as was shown In the
neighboring; town Saturday. All
the visitors present were Impressed
by what they saw and nro now more
convinced than ever of the agricul
tural possibilities of this jwirt of
Oregon. The exhibit will be brought
to Bond for Railroad Day, and it Is
predicted that It will lie a feature
of the products shown.
When a merchant of the city ,
generously offers sjiace in his store '
for housing" the city chemical wagon,
ami the City Council accepts the 1
olfer. why don't the city otHciids
have the wagon placed in the store?
WaNTKO to Kxtiianob One
black mare, weight about 1100 lbs ,
ten years old, good to drive double ,
or single, for oik- lot in Bond. Call
on or address Dr. II. 1). Brown. '
Bend. Ore. 2S-2Sp
Boy Wa.vtko A hustler can.
make good money in hour or so in
afternoon. Call at this oiilce. '
Wantkd Trees to pull. Havej
first class outfit. See Uddell on,
the Wilson ranch, Powell Butte. '
Address. Prineville. Ore. Htf
Wanteo Two good milch cows.
Write P. F. Powelson. 949 E Taylor
St.. Portland. Ore. 2S-30p
Don't Miss the Bond Lumber
Co.'s special bargain lumber sale.
WaNTKO Man to clear sage
brush ami cut wood. Address Ed
Halvorson. Bond. Ore. 29tf
WANTKtt Position in millinery
store. Addrosn Mrs. Jamos. 721
Kearney St,. Portland. Oregon.
Ttesnmg with unattested potsibilities
and OfiportuHitfet, a vast empire awaits
oeeusuney and devxlopaneat. The way
Hm been opened, its oppurtnnities in
vtle: its dctekstKnent witHm the next
To give a hang where Mr dollars go.
For Kent.
I For Rbnt Two furnished sleep
ing rooms. Joe Inno. 27 tf
For Uknt Four-room bungalow.
too new ami ntsaUy tinitJied. Address,
E. P. Broiterhoas, Bond. 29-tf'
Where Is Bend, Oregon?
That is the question you hear on tlie .stirots of KVEUY CITV and TOWN of
the North-West todny.
Bend is in Central Oregon
Thnt vast area which for the Inst FIFTY YKBRS has Imh-ii awtiitlng the nimlng "f
Railways, and which the Hill ami llarriniaii Railroad syntems SPIED OUT FIVE
YEARS AlIO. And since then they have xnt over
Constructing Railroads up the Deschutes Valley to reach BEND.
BEND is the geographical center of a farming area larger than any three
New England states, rich in resources of timber, farming lands, wider Miwer, grac
ing lands and climatic conditions which. If supplied with railway facilities, would at
tract the HMple. develop the resources and pay big dividends on the millions Invested
The railroads are now nlnnwt cuinpleUil. The first pawetiger train will
reach BEND by October Kith or smiier.
Hill saw fie Wlieat Fields of Minnesota. Hill saw the Pine Forests of .Michigan.
Hill saw the Water Power of Niagara. Hill saw the Irrigated IjiihIs of Wushingtuii
And. with the Harriitian Sjntem. has built lw railwa-s from the Columbia River
up the Deschutes Valley to reach Rend. Other shrewd Investors saw the immhHhIi
ties of Bond ami have invested heavily there Twin ever thus anil always will be
When railroads jvnetrate n new section of the country real estate values go steadily
upwards ami fortunes are made from inslgmllcant investments.
In a few years you can retire and live on the income from your small Investment.
It does not require much money to buy NOW. as we are wiling clone-in residence
ami business lots, TiOxMO. on 80-foot streets, within four blocks of the union depot
site, at an average price of only
$10 Per Month
Seattle. Portland, Spokane, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, and iwnrcs of other
large cities furnished just such a precedent as will lie repeated in Rend within lUe
years or loss. Now if you think if would lie safe to follow the lead of Hill and
Harriman. two years after they have hlaxed the trail after they have ont over
twenty million dollar in the Bend Country by putting a small amount into real
estate In n town that has a better prtnjiect tixlny than any town In the t'nltisl
States had at the arrival of its first railroad, come to our otllco In Bend and put
your judgment Into action Free rnajm ami photographs of Bend and Central Ore
gon uon nquest. W.e furnish free u certified almtract to each purchaser.
AddrefW all mail t-
Portland Office J0I-2 Buchanan Bulldlnc. 2H6t Washington Street.
prtcv f.t2." Phone Bend
The bouquets thrown at an editor.
jj- ,... Jj.i.. k- :,t ih.n nt. among the bnckbats. are so few
Mtatestai. that when one like that from Editor
Lafollette of the La Pin Inter-'
Mountain comes our way, we feel
like reprinting it. The Bulletin,
For Rest Whit
chine. Inquire of
i Eastos.
hewing ma
Mrs. J. A.
Foil S.U.K Team
wagon ami harness.
Aune's staWe.
Hotbi. Bend's
dinners are
Lost in
iwo dik iranfiwutuwi roaiuii HKe repnnung u. ineuuueun, Tlo,,011 i--,!,,,. i0 lixvuson,! t
hv badt two Wjr railroads into j foafe highly honored that it & piaeud jnd Lumber Co.
Cswtral OrKw. The primary ob- ftrt in the Itet. The Inter-Mountain , IkK)M j,uwJr). for
jct of the eoormott e.xtditttre , says: , per week. Urge, airy front
involved was to handle tonnage and j The Resxl RalVrtia. the R.dasoas.1 room. Irwtuire BttUetin. tf
U create tonnage. Three parate 1, "oSTTJ Z Gkt Yocr Lvmmm from the Pne
direct benaftte will result; the rail- rnncviltc Jonnsal excri m r.a4its VortM. Lmler Co. Houw lath and
roads will benefit, the country de- lr;vV. 'I!Ki Th irnRnUon lath a sfeial. tf
veiofed will benefit and the chief tox s.cMjawt to,uoo iniwtnunts -
diotributing dt-for the territor' 'rimiu. .!. 1 sl8eeriy or S-.e.
Ktv-elvod Will benoflt. lhat City IS by the writer, -ince hi cunnrctioii Milk Pnii Sil P-Onn rnrtfwul of freh
out. Write or enquire at Bulletin
olfice. "-t" 1
Fob Six-room house aivl
three-room housa. with two lots,
centrally located, by owner. In
nulre X. L... Bulletin ollice. 27-U
For Sau: One horw and new
2 3-4 inch "Old Hickory" wagon.
Inquire Aune's barn. 27-SOp
Fok A crackerjack stww of
work mules, weight alout 2200, Portland. Ore.
IiST Ijght br.wn ln.r-e ,' jcars
old. imt brand on right atille. hud
of horos, on halter vith riH altachiil Hai
Inquire at stnall lr in forehead, ahoulders
2Up sore. II (). Smilen, BerwI. Ore tf
I Foil ExrtWNdlr Fiuity in Den-1 Lowr (Jray teiim of hurxos. one
! ver. Colo., income property for land 1 '" , nml ,mc' mnM or-' ,(u
tin vicinity of Slaters or Bond. Write Si.f ? lTfK",
,, , , , , , omall horse was ludibled when last
r. 1.. roweisfin, iv r. iwiorst.. ., 1 ..-v., i. -..... a - ...1.1
... mw wm . atmr nt, iiuiin n HkWSttJiv
28-31ji ami receive reward
Pertland. But there is a HmiUng ' '""-"'".ir'L
ctaase in regard to tros latter divts- tapers eowmi; to its
'"tSe Jersey milch cows. Will lj at C.
la- V
exebaiiKe tahle. H. r-riCKSOn S piace In IUMM on !
ion of the benefit accruing from the I ?' '"fr " tTuH J. 1 ttmr 'mi'
! ealiteit by trained neapaper rn at so
raMroad buiWcrs' activity. Port-'far :nor to rural ie.l in For Salk 6-year-old Wack mare
land will profit in direct ratio to its;-- suieth.t ,he;e . Pjai" JJ G.
owt, activitj-in takinir advantage of r ;ork ,a Sth l.,ou fr .eeB SfSffjii
kat PminJinNi tnrwMTt-nnhv arul I J ears, aim aiHj. ....... an.
The press 0f Central Oregon is an ei- liorsweau. son
amp.e of the proa:resesple re.teta . p0R EXCHANGE Hay for calve.
rBK,h,r-XTpiATelVVculU,hlr.!;RVrom ts and young stock. U Daven-
evrrv state in the Union, ami inlcresie.1 port. Powell Butte. Ore. 2Gtf
raaiuljr tu the development of this ureal FOR SALE. Cheap, most com-
hardy ad the brare that ser rwme ties Crook county. Machinory all new.
of a life-time and go to a new country to Reason for selling, timber all cut
what Providence, topography and
Jim Hill have given it. Of course
that is solf-evidont. Everyone
knows that the Lord helps those
who help themselves. The question
then is, "What will Portland do to
help jelf?"
Perhaps that is not Bend's bust
ms. Undoubtably Portland will
be good to Bend. Anyway, Bend
can't get away from Portland, in a
business way, even if Bend wanted
to, which Bend doesn't.
But how about the big southern
country? With some frequency we
hear murmurs of discontent arising
from the south central Oregon
territory. "What does Portland in
tend to do for that territory?" is
the gist of the matter. Heaven
knows. Other folks are after this
trade, howevor. We mean Califor
nia jobbers; in the southeast we
mean Reno and Idaho jobbers. Port
land has some hard battle to fight
Soon the completion of the rail
roads to Bend is to be celebrated
here. This event marks an epoch
not only in the history of Bend but
of all the south central Oregon
country. If properly encouraged
much of this vast and latently rich
Will Trade
Seattle, Portland and Spokane
income property
for improved ranches.
Wall Street, BEND, OREGON
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