The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 30, 1911, Image 5

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Quality Goods
It Will Pay You
In dollars and cents to
inspect our men's wear
department before buying. We are now in a posi
tion as never before to fill your every want.
Solo agents for tho famous Kolscr
neckwear at prices ranging from
50c to $1.75
Our lino of Packard Shoes for men
needs no introduction. They speak
for themselves.
Onco worn you will wear no other
In blue, grey, brown, black, red and
green llslcs. Per pair ...... 3 JC
Pure Thread Silk Hose
In six colors. Per pair o5C
In an endless variety of styles and
patterns 60c tO $4.00
Get into a suit of our underwear.
Cooper's Spring Needle, Derby ribbed
unions. Per suit- $3.00
Cotton Derby Ribbed. Brown, two
piece. Per suit $ 1 .00
Cotton, Blue Fancy Ribbed. Per
suit 95c
Very light cotton, two piece suits,
white with black cross bar. Suit 60c
Men's Tan Mercerized Union Suits.
Per suit $2.25
A Full Line of Men's Fall Caps just arrived $1 to $2
Remember we stand behind our goods. A
satisfied customer is our best advertisement
I). M. Davis returned lout nlKht.
J. L. Sumrnll wont to Culver
yesterday on business.
Mux Richardson is still In bed,
after n five weeks Illness.
J. N. Hunter and family will re
turn from Nuwxrt tonight.
MIm Nonn Richardson returned
last week from Herkoley, Cal.
Mrs. J. T. Smith and Minn Frances
returned to Taeomn yosturduy.
Iakj Davenport was In Uiwn yes
terduy from his Powell Butto ranch.
Walter Jones of Portland Ih visit
Ing nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Dlmick.
It. F. Avorlll returned Sunday
night from a brief husinowi trip to
II. J. Eggloston has bought ft
largo part of tho hnrnuM stock of
John Legat.
Miss Dooring, who has been visit
Ink' Mra. II. K. Allen, returned to
Portland yesterday.
During tho week much Htreet Im
provement work has been done by
the city In Park Addition.
J. R. Kelly, of tho Booth-Kolly
Lumber Company, and party arrived
nt the Pilot Hutte Inn yesterday.
J. S. Parmlnter and M. S. Ijittln
went un to Ii Pino and Crescent
Friday on business, returning Mon
day. Arthur J ohnson, non of J. P.
Johnson, Is homo from Portland
where ho has been at work durlntr
the Hummer.
The now Bldlntr aw has been In
stalled nt tho Bund Company'H mill
and now is in operation, turning out
drop skiing.
Miss Kalhorlno Troutnor, who
will tecch In tho IJond school, nrriv
ed Friday night from her home In
Winona, Minn.
Petor Rolsdorfor loft last week on
a business trip to tho Willametto
Valloy, Ho wont across tho moun
tains by wagon.
F. H. Sherwood was In Bend last
Mrs. Roscoe Howard returned to
Bend Saturday.
Hal Rossman left Monday for
North Yakima.
On Saturday morning a boy was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartlett.
Little Ienora Morris is suffering
from an attack of acute rheumatism.
B. W. Fitch, a printer, recently
of los Vegas, Nevada, arrived last
Tho "U-go I-go Club" is giving
a dance at Linster's Hall this
Mrs. II. W. Skuse was nick for
several days bust week but has now
Clyde McKay and family have
moved Into the D. E. Hunter house
in Park Addition.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Straight, re
cently of Iowa, are now living on
the Ten Bar ranch.
Mrs. Hlderow from Montana,
Bister of Mrs. William Arnold, is
visiting Mrs. Arnold.
Miss Ethel Borden, one of the
Bend High School teachers, arrived
Friday night from Minneapolis.
Joe Ruckholtz' watermelon patch
is reported tut looking splendid,
with tho promise of n record crop.
John Steldl Is still experiencing
much trouble with his foot, which
was crushed by a rock several weeks
J. II. Haner and family of Prine
vllle spent Monday night at Hotel
Bend on their way up river on an
According to Georgo Bates several
npple trees on the old oxorimcnt
farm nro heavily laden with good
P. P. Thomas returned Sunday
night from Onoll where ho has been
doing surveying work for Tom
Mr. and Mrs. Wheolock, parents
of Mrs. F. M, Hay, and sons arrived
last week. Thoy drovo through
from North Dakota In an auto.
George U. Janata of California
has opened a tailor shop In the
building on Wall street next to
During E. N. Hurd's absence at
Seaside Fred LaFollcttc has boon In
charge of the La Pino inter
Mountnin. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bond, nfter a
visit to Mrs. Bond's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. C. Caldwell, left Sunday
for their home in Eugene.
Mrs. It. F. Averill and children
have been the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Ijira at the Hcyburn
homestead for tho past week.
Georgo Osborn and family, for
many years well known In the Cul
ver country, returned yesterday
from a camping trip up river.
Anna, thosevon-months-old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Johnson,
died this morning. Funeral services
will be conducted tomorrow at 11
a. m. J
Carlylo Triplott and family, who J
left here recently, have located in
Eugene, where Creed Triplott also '
is. The lattor's family is still in
Mrs. J. D. Saylor, her two sons
and daughter, have been visiting
her father, J. N. B. Gerking, at
Ijiidlaw. Tho Saylors live in Free-
Miss Tolvla Carlson, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Z. W. Lind-
borg, for several weeks, will return
to her homo in Portland probably
next week.
The Whatsoevers will hold n busi
ness meeting at tho church Friday
afternoon at 1! o'clock. This will bo
an Important session and nil mem
bers aro urged to attend.
W. D. Bumes, F. B. Barbour and
T. G. Becker of Iiidlaw were in
Bend yesterday afternoon on their
way to Crano Prairie on n two
weeks' fishing and hunting trip.
J. W. Irwin of Bellingham
William, W. 8. and C. T. Ladd,
Kingman Browsterand F. C. Blotch,
till of Portland, were guesU Satur
day at Hotel Bend, returning home
by auto from n trip to Crater Lake.
MIm Mary E. Coleman ban enter
ed the IJini'TliompHon piano contest
on behalf of the Bond Schools. If
she secures tho greatest number of
i votes the piano will be placed at the
, school.
! Work has been started on tho
bungalow of Miss Gertrude Markel
in Wlestoria. Charles Niswonger
has the contract. The building will
bo similar to the Frank Robertson
1 bungalow.
Mrs. L. B. Grimes and Miss Helen
Watrons of Burlington, Kansas, are
visiting at the Pilot Butte ranch.
M. E. (J rimes and Miss Marion
Grimes of Salem also are visiting II.
E. Grimes.
Evert L. Jones, who was osaocI
ated with Sylvester Stoats In the
law firm of Staats & Jones, has
skipped out, according to Mr. Staats,
and has taken up the ministry as a
Jesse 0. McKInney of Gist was In
Bend Monday for medical treatment.
A few weeks ago he severely lacer
ated the Index finger of his right
hand and 'Infection has set in to
such an extent that he may lose the
John Morton of the maintenance
department of the Oregon Trunk
was in town Sunday. Mr. Morton
says the Crooked River Bridge will
be completed In two weeks and
ready to handle regular traffic a
week later.
The Portland Live Stock Reporter
of August 21 contains an article
upon Lee Davenport's recent letter
to The Bulletin in which Mr. Daven
port urged that Central Oregon
ranchers pay more attention to the
profitable hog raising industry.
C. B. Allen was In town Monday.
Mr Altim rittiirta vv1tnt Imv '
crops on the Little River meadows.
Next month Mrs. Allen and their
daughter Ethel wilt go to Corvallis.
I where Miss Allen will continue her
studies at the agricultural college.
Willis Noland and mother, Mrs.
Jessie Boughton, of Maplcton, Ore.,
came in last week to take up their
residence on their Millican Valley
homesteads. With them was Miss
Delia Merrifield. They drove over
the mountains by the McKenzie
A party composed of Fred Hunnell
and family, L. A. Brandenburg and
family, Miss Mabel Gertson and
Miss Clara McCulley left Saturday
for a pleasure trip to the Willamette
Valley. They went In wagons,
crossing the Cascades by the Mc
Kenzie pass.
C. A. Martin of Terrc Haute,
Ind., was in Bend last week. He
was sent out by a number of East
ern business men to look the Bend
country over. He said that he was
very favorably impressed, and his
visit may result in a number of In
vestments. He was entertained
while here by Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
School Supplies
Save money by buying your Tablets, Pens,
Pencil, Ink, Etc., of us. We have tho
finest assortment In town, and It IS Com
mon Talk that Ouk Piiichh auk Lowhht.
DRINKINO CUPS--Thc aluminum
collapsible ones only JOc
FREE A child's handkerchief given
free with every purchase of children's
Rouoes Store
"The Same Qoodifor Las Money."
Among those who filed on Gov
ernment land before Commissioner
Ellis the past month were J. R.
Hartoon, Orcas Island, Wash.; W.
L. Mclloney, Bellingham, Wash.; C.
W. Fitzmore, Victoria, B. C; W. S.
Dinsmoor, Port Angeles, Wash.;
George E. Curry, Seattle; Peter
Ponne, Helena, Mont., and two
foreigners. These were all located
by E. R. Post.
Some Central Oreron Rancher
Chance at Rich Awardi.
Through F. W. Graham of tho
Great Northern, Secretary Sawhtll
of the Commercial Club has re
coived information concerning tho
big hind exposition to be held in
New York early in November.
Central Oregon farmers are urged
to compete for the big nwards;
these Include J. J. Hill's $1000
silver cup for the beat individual
wheat exhibit, a similar cup for
potatoes, offered by President Stil
well of tho Kansas City, M. & 0.
Ry nnd ?1000 in gold, put up by
Prosident Shaughnossy of the Cana
dian Pacific.
church, and the attendance con
tinues good. Every afternoon, ex
cept on Monday and Saturday, at 3
o'clock there is Bible reading. ,
Next Sunday morning Evangel Ut
Hupp will speak on "What It Costs
to Be a Christian." He will preach
In the evening on "The Second
Coming of Christ." This will bo an
Illustrated sermon and Mr. Hupp
says it will be one of the most Inter
esting of the series.
The Ladies Library Club, through
The Bulletin, desires to thank all
those who assisted in making the
Flower Show a success. Especially,
we thank Mr. Fuiks and K. D. Mc
intosh for the use of the building,
W. D. Barnes, Mrs. Fitzmauricc and
Mr. Ellis for acting as judges and
all of the merchants and friends who
contributed prizes and all who
brought In flowers for display.
The club wishes also to thank tho
Star Theater management for the
recent benefit
rjcorge M. Bailey, Head of Philadelphia
Company, Make Purchase from Bead
Company City Will Be Ad vertUed
.Extensively by the New Owners.
George M. Bailey, president of
the Northwest Townsito Company, a
large land owning organization of
Philadelphia which has extensive
holdings throughout the northwest,
and at Redmond and Madras, has
purchased from the Bend Company
40 acres of land adjoining Center
The land In question Is the S. E.
M of Sec. 33. 17-12. The urieo
given by it for the J paid Is not stated. Mr. Bailey, who
library. Ladies' Library Club
To aid in the development of the
States traversed by its line, the
Great Northern Railway has ap
pointed Prof. A. E. Chamberlain as
development commissioner. His
headquarters will be in St. Paul.
LET Millard Triplett quote you
prices before you buy furniture for
your new house. You can save
money by buying of him.
Chicken dinner a specialty every
Sunday at Hotel Bend. 25tf
A Coral Pipe,
While a United State warblp waa
off narbado a few year ngo a sailor
who wan amusing hlmelf flhlDg for
ahark brought up from the depth a
lone "churchwarden" pipe that evl
deutly hud own lying at the bottom of
the tea fur a mi ml red years or more.
It waa unbroken and hud either been
accidentally dropped overlward or
wished out of wtme old wreck. The
coral luxei'tn hud seized upon It and
covered the long Mem with delicate,
lacellke branibe and the bowl with
line "vermicelli" work. So completely
wn It concealed with the roral routing
Mint It wax luilxwxlble to determine
I the original material of the pipe Oddly
euougb. the Inside of tho bowl bad
been left untouched and still xhowed
the stain of tire aud nIeotlne.-New
York Press.
Dainty Snails.
The writer who oiiullricd the snail n
I "foul nnd. unclean" wan guilty of a
IUkI Snail ntv most dainty feeder
and atrlct vegetarian, a many gar
dener know to their coat Apparently
three centuries ago muill wetv mow
popular In England than they are now
The fnxtldlnu author of "The Faerie
Queene" give a recipe for their prep
aration: With our sharp weapons wi thai the
And take the cattlll that thou lyest In;
We thai thre (lay out of thy foule akin.
And In a dlih. with onyons ant ipr.
We thai the iirei with etrona vynt
sara. I.ondou Stoudard.
is in Bend now, says that his engi
neering crew will be here In a few
days and will immediately plat the
forty, after which. 'ft will be placed
on the market. J j JTho company,
which operates upon a very extensive
scale, conducting on enormous ad
vertising campaign, will now give
to Bend the benefits of Its publicity
work. '''''
Double Amount
Of Vote's on.
Thompson-Lara Piano Contest
Wall Street Bend, Oregon
Rev. Air, Hupp Conducts Services
the Open Air In Bend.
Preaehing on tho streets of Bend
was tho novelty introduced here last
Saturday evening by Rov. J. M.
Hupp, the Baptist evangelist who is
conducting services here. Ho was
has heard bv a urood sized crowd. Next
Disinterested Advlee.
"I have told my constituent that I
regnrded tnynelf hr h Kervnnt of the
people." auld Senator Sorghum.
"Yen." replied Parmer t.'urutooael
"but you wont to keep people from
gettln' an Idea that you're one or
l hew ervHMs who are alwuy on the
lookout fur tips." Wunhlugtou Star.
A Weather Prophet.
aaX. . r a . a
pursued txm .the Bond Commy salurdy nllit ho will win hold ,.,. ..mZcX P
G. Bowser bought lota 13 and 14 In I "wring the week services aro ,er ,niin BnT of ,n .eM 0manacksr-
thu samd block, being hold every night at the London Opiaioo.
We have
just received
very fine iine
of boys
Good, strong,
well made
per suit.
W. C. Bredenhagea
liiagen I
n '