The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 16, 1911, Image 5

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"Clear Your Shelves
--I told Air. Bennett yesterday that August 15th wns the time limit on
;ill Summer Goods that he hud to make room for his Pall and Winter
Goods. Me asked mu what profit I wanted on the goods and I told him
that I wanted the room on the shelves, not the profit. He brought me a
list of n few Items as a sample of the prices he wanted to put on the en
tire line and when I saw the prices he had made I realized that he had
followed instructions to the letter -he certainly had forgotten all ubout
profits. Me said "If these prices dont move the goods we had better put
them out in the warehouse until next spring.
I don't believe we will have any to put away.
A. Al. LARA.
KAHKI PANTS Three colorH, culT bot
tom or plain, belt loops, nil "Ires, t 1 1 IT
per pair P
NO. 309Kuiuiia calf, cap, blu
cher. A Rood heavy dressy shoo.
KAHKI PANTS-Hcnvy twill
otherwise luimu a nlwvo, jwr pair
NO. 436 Patent chrome, cap, hlucher.
of the very Ixmt made. ' Shelf
clearing" jirlco
"drwwy" work punt, culT bottom, tfl K
boltlHiw, per pair pj.U
HEAVY WHIPCORD-Thestrongostnnd
Initt wearing pant made. Nothing C?0 1C
better nl any price. Per pair tpaV.vr
NO. 502-ItUMia calf, hlucher
nifty shoe for good dretwer. Per
oxford. A
bottom. Iell loopa. half peg top. tfl ftC
A good l"nt. Per pair PVJ
Conformable Shape A lyit thnt is as com
fortable and fit like n Hoft felt. A tf y C
very nobby hat for good d resworn JawJ
KAHKI COATS-Throe K,cket.. o r
detachable buttons, double felled sins. P ''
All LAN STRAW -Shower proof, has over
cord and pearl button, wide brim,
n very iopular style this summer
Kahkl Norfolk Jackets A
verry nobby coat for outing. . ..
Young Alan's Hat j umbo
braid, wide navy blue band -nobby
We will give tickets good for C shines nt Nye's
Shining Parlors with every pair of shoe sold
for f H.OO or more.
(We can give you how; and tie to mutch
your hat band a swell combination.)
For the Elderly Gentlemen A split
straw, snap brim, II U like a soft fait. Just
the hat for the man who can't
wear u stllf brim
Our Entire Line of
Crockery, Tin and Glassware.
-.You are not doing yourself justice If you do not get our prices on the
above goods. At the present time our assortment is complete. Buy now
and get what you want. Just as soon as we can make the room we are
going to put in two lines of goods that will be a surprise and delight to
the ladles of Bend. In order to do this our CROCKERY, TINWARE AND
MIrs Evn Groves loft Monday for
William I-Aiverenz of Sister was
In Bond Monday.
HM Hosh has gone to Salem,
where ho will work with the Murlon
W. E. Guorln loft Saturday for
Sandusky, Ohio, to bo gone two
Emll Anderson has secured patent
from tho United Stutes for nwtf
ecc. 12.17-11.
Mrs. George A. Jones wns In
Bend over Sunday, coming in with
Mr. and Mrs. F, F. Smith.
Dr. P. H, Denccr is ngaln nround
nftor being laid up several weeks
Mr. and, Mrs. L. M. Toiler left
Monday by auto for Portland nnd
Eugene to visit relatives.
Mrs. Ada B. Milllcnn, of Mllllcan,
was In Bond Sunday on her way to
tho Centennial at Astoria.
A. V. Muchmoro of Portland,
brother-in-law of S, II. Snyder, is
spending his vacation in Bond,
Mrs. John Taggart, Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Nonnoy nnd P. II. Blossom
returned last week from a trip to
Crater Lake,
Mrs. Henry L.
daughter returned
Whitsott nnd
Friday from
Jcmo Stearns of Portland was &
Bend visitor last week.
Iloscou Howard returned from
Portland Monday evening.
Mrs, L. C, Fleming Is confined to
her home on account of illness.
J. B. Morson returned to Ln Pino
ilast week from Portland and Salem.
J. H. Haner and family of Prine
vllle were Sunday guests at the
Hotel Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Lewis were
down from their up-river home
stead today.
Felix McCarthy returned yester
day from a vacation trip to south
central Oregon.
W. S. Tuttle, n rancher of Spo
knno, Wash., was In Bend last week
on a buninetM trip.
C. A. BaMoy and wife were in
town last week from their home
stead near Held.
Harold Bowman returned Mon
day from Alaska, where he has been
for several months.
Judge J. A. Wilson returned Sot
unlay from a week's businoM trip
to Walla Walla and Pendleton.
Floyd Dement and Dr. B. Ferrell
left Friday for Lake Odell for an
outing of several weeks.
Tho telephone system is being ex
tended In Park Addition. A number
of iK)les are being put In on Front
0. 0. TIcknor of Portlond, son-in-law
of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Taggart,
Is in Bend on a visit, having arrived
Sutherland & Mcintosh arc In
stalling plate glass windows at A.
j L. French's clothing store on Ore
gon Street.
Mrs. Ida Davis of Portland and
the Misses Grace nnd Hazel Bayn of
Powell Butte are visiting Mrs. Wil
liam Arnold.
Miss Ethel L. Thomas of Salem,
who has been a guest of W. P.
Vnndevert nnd family, was in Bend
Sunday on her way home.
Mrs. J. T. Smith and her daugh
ter 1-rancoa of Tacoma arrived Sun
day. The Smiths own 40 acres of
irrigated land east of town
Capt. nnd Mrs. John C. Young
nnd son Harvey, who have been
; visiting Mr. and Mrs. George S.
Young, left today for Seattle.
Fire was discovered In the Tag-
' gart home at noon Thursday but
J was put out before doing any
damage. It caught from a Hue.
I Russell Catlin and James H. Linn
were guests nt the Pilot Butte Inn
, last week, having come in from
Salem to look over their Pilot Butte
ranch property.
I A. T. Frame wns In from his
homestead in the Hampton Valley
' last week. He has 70 acres cleared
and plowed, all of which he Intends
to seed this fall.
1 Thomas E. Gray and John Dickin
son were In from Whltnkor Friday
for a load of lumber. , Thy report
ed good rains over the homestead
country recently.
Mrs. William Market, who has
been visiting her daughters several
weeks, left Monday for her home in
Illinois. She will stop otf in Mon
tana to visit friends.
J. W. Stephenson of Baker is in
Bend on business in connection with
the estate of B. B. Bakowski, the
photographer who lost his life at
Crater Lake last winter.
Prof. J. B. Shouse, principal of
the High School, arrived in Bend
Thursday. He was accompanied by
his wife and their little girl and his
sister, Miss Kara Shouse.
II. B. Gould returned Saturday
from Crane Prairie, where he was
for several days with A. M. Pringle
and H. A. Miller. The two latter
have driven to Crater Lake.
! Mr. nnd Mrs, L. H. Roberts were
In Bend last week, after driving
across the mountains from Eugene
and joining their daughter at n
camp on tho lakes, to the south,
i Misses Iva West nnd Anne Markel
left monday to attend the Astoria
Centennial. They will bo gono ten
days or two weeks, spending part
of the timo visiting in Portland.
Mrs. Wilson. Miss Cornelia Wil
son, Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Allen, Miss
Dwrlnir nnd J. T. Rntilnsnii .Ir. nrn
Since tho rain tho city has been on a week's camping trip near Dan
doing considerable street Improvo- Hcising's ranch on the Metolius.
ment work, leveling up portions of 1 ., . , .. .,
Wall Street, Effcctivo yesterday, the Millicnn
. , , , , I nostoflko, which was served from
Tho dance Saturday night was , Bend, was discontinued. Tho pat
well attended and the orchestra ronago was small nnd no one could
cleared a goodly sum. Tho music be secured to servo ns postmaster,
fbr tho evening was splendid. I ,, , , , ,, ...
, ... , . rrlday ovonlng Mr. nnd Mr.
A. B. Gertson. Miss Mabel Gert-' jnck Arnold er.ter:nined n large
son nnd Miss McCulley of Tumnlo number of young peoplo at their
were In Bond ovor Sunday, coming homo, tho chief feature of the good
In for tho Saturday night dance. time being music Jn which nil took
Tho O.-W. R. & N. Co. has Issued part.
a very attractive booklet concerning I J, C. Baxter, COnStrUCtIrn engi
rt.. ''DAIinrl TT. fn l.k I.aI.1 nt ' nnn lltn A&.An H.inl. DntlntMii
Pendleton on September 14, 16 and accompanied by his wife and Mr.
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1 was here Friday on their way to
Crater Lake.
The Ice cream social given by the
' Christian Endeavor Society on the
1 Hudson lawn last Wednesday after
noon and evening was a success,
about $15 being cleared by the
young people.
N. K. Henderson, accompanied by
his wife, was here Friday from
Anacortes, Wash., staying at the
Hotel Bend. Mr. Henderson is a
timber man and was looking over
Central Oregon.
A timely picture that was enjoy
ed by n Inrgc crowd was shown at
the Star Theater Saturday night,
entitled "The Law of the West." It
depleted a mining scene and was
most picturesque.
The August issue of Patterson's
Oregonian, with a sea serpent and a
pretty girl on tho cover and plenty
of clever reading matter within, has
been placed In the hands of Mr.
Patterson's many patrons.
The Pine Forest Irrigation Com
pany is building two flumes between
the Griffin mill and the McGIIlvray
place. With the completion of
these water will be carried to the
eastern terminus of the main canal.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bristol, Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Grisby, Miss S. Gor
ton and Ed Joronsen composed a
party of autoists who stopped In
Bend Thursday en route from Port
land to San Francisco in two Pierce
Arrow cars.
Creed and Carlyle Triplett have
left Bend, the latter going to
southern Oregon, the former to
Eugene. Cariyle's family accom
panied him. but Creed's will remain
here until Mr. Triplett Is perma
nently located.
Miss Ida Sidnor of Fremont, Neb.,
Miss Martha Sidner of Omaha and C.
C. Sidner of Nickerson, Neb., are
visiting Mr. anil Mrs. A. C. Lucas.
Miss Martha will remain in Bend,
having been elected primnry teacher
In the Bend school. Miss Ida nnd
Mr. Sidner will be here for several
Lath Miking Plant Added to Equip.
ment of Bend Company's Saw Mid
Plan to Manufacture Five MIlV
lion Feet of Lumber for Yard.
C. M. McKay, manager of the
lumber department of The Bend
Company, went to Portland Friday
to arrange for the purchase of a
siding saw, which will be installed
in the company's mill as soon as
possible. This will enable the local
mill to turn out the best of siding.
Another important addition to Uje
mill's equipment is a lath-making
plant, most of the machinery for
which already is on the ground. As
soon as this can be put in operation
the company will be able to turn
out 30,000 lath a day, says Mr. Mc
Kay. Extensive logging is being con
ducted; for the present, while the
river is somewhat low, all logs be
ing brought to a point just above
the mill pond on trucks. The crew
in woods and mill numbers about 70
men, and the mill is sawing about
30,000 feet a day. Approximately
one million fet of lumber Is on
hand in the yards, and it is the
company's Intention, according to
General Manager Averill. to accu
mulate nt least five million feet of
seasoned lumber, sonic of which,
probably, will be shipped to eastern
Tho Bend Water. Light & Power
Company has published its schedule
of prices for day current.
Prinovlllo where Uhey
visiting several weeks.
had been
and Mrs, C, M, Nye of Portland,
Miss Cornelia Wilson
Miss Iva West
Miss Margaret WIest
Allss Hattle Dickey
Miss Bessie Main
Miss Olga Johnson
Airs. E. J. Merrill
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