The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 09, 1911, Image 6

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Good Investments
" .
$ 1 500.00
Lot 2, Block 24, Send Addition $1500. This lot
has a 50 ft. frontage on Fir Ave. and 50 ft. on Green
wood Ave., making the price only $ 1 5 per front foot.
Lot 5, Block 13, Bend Addition $3000. Erect a
$3000 building on this property and you can get
20 per cent on your investment.
Lot 6, Block 16, Park Addition $200. This lot
has a 50 ft. frontage on both Jefferson Drive and Ad-
nmc TifA Dinner f AAtvk fM . Ia ...-..
muj viitv avatar ja ivviu ivt kwu iuuu tuktavo a
if you haven't aplat showing tho location of theso
I lots let us know and wo will bo pleased to furnish samo.
9 AH ninnnt4v cnA rn
Wo will deliver green wood, during tho month of August., at ",,J A D
$2.00 per load. A good chance to get your winter's wood "
Prtaevllle AttcrapU to Collect License
Money From Amateur TbeipUns
But OrJIaance Exempts Them
Hearty Welcome at Redmond
Havlnjr barely escaped beinp;
thrown into jail for their persistence
in refusing to pay what they
call an unwarranted license, the
local amateurs who recently pre
sented here the play, "Arnonp; the
Breakers," returned Sunday noon
from a trip to I'rineville and Red
mond. The untoward incident
oicurred at I'rineville Friday morn
ing when the city marshal demanded
payment of $5 license fee for the
show the night before. At Red
mond the troupe received the
heartiest kind of welcome, "Among
the Breakers" being given Friday
night and "Down in Dixie" Satur
day evening.
Learning from handbills that
home taleat from Bend was to give
a theatrical ierformance, the Prine
ville City Council, according to the
statement of the city marshal, in
structed that officer to collect a $5
license fee. On the ground that
this was unjust inasmuch as thei
performers were amateurs and J
the play hud been got up by and !
for tho benefit of the Royal Neigh
bors lodge, the Bend i tea refused to
pay. A further reason for the)
objection of the players was that
a few weeks ago Down in Dixie"
was given in I'rineville and no fee
was asked for. Neither the mayor
nor the city recorder was in town
and the matter was discussed with
the city, attorney and marshal, both
of whom declared the money must
be paid or the company go to jail.
When a copy of the ordinance
was called Cor,, the marshal dug up
one dated 1993 which was marked
"Repealed." Whereupon tho city
attorney hastily explained that this
ordinance had been drafted into a
new one. When the latter was
finally brought forth it was
found that one paragraph read, in
part, to this effect: Nothing in
this ordinance shall be construed to
apply to any amateur theatrical
productions or performances given
by educational or charitable insti
tutions. This closed the incident,
and with the $5 still in the jeans of
their manager, the west side
Thespians departed in peace.
The Prineville audience gave the
play a generous reception and the
orchestra furnished splendid music.
At Redmond the city officials
turned over the keys of the town to
the visitors, and on every hand they
received courtosiea from the citizens.
The party making tho entire
round consisted of Mrs. K. D. Mc
intosh, Mrs. G. W. Shriner, Mrs.
George S. Young, Mr. and Mrs. W.
W. Orcutt, Miss Anne Markel, J. L.
Sumrall, H. W. Boaworth, U. N.
Hoffman, Fred Lucas and Willnrd
Houston. Those who went to Red
mond to complete the cost of
"Down in Dixie" were Misses
Grace French and Hattie Dickey
and John Linster and Claranco
; Bend now has the beat street
, sprinkler to be had and a modern
I chemical fire engine. The coat of
the former was nbout $490, of tho
latter about $850, delivered In
Much Money Spent on Municipal Im
provement In Seven Month.
Indicating the substantial im
provements that have been made in
Bend since tho first of tho year, tho
amount of money spent by the city
in the last seven months, in munici
pal improvements, is of interest.
In all, Bend has sient about
$3520. This doos not include i turns
which might be claseifiod under
"up-keops," as police, water, light
ing etc. In this amount is included
$2 MO put into street work. Bwido
the greatly improved streets that
have resulted from the generous ex
penditure, other rosulU are that
Astoria Centennial
The Great Event of the Year.
It celebrates the first white settlement in the old Ore
gon Country.
Army and Navy Evolutions, Band Concerts, Fireworks,
Hydro-Aeroplane Flight, Historic Buildings and Collections,
Agricultural ExhibiU, Pacific Coast Regatta.
Astoria and Return, (tii 7C
from Opal City PII.5
Special folders regarding the Centennial will be Bent on
request. Daily excursion tickets to Clatsop Beach resorta
allow stop-overs at Astoria. Details furnished on application.
Trains leave Opal City daily 9 a. m. Culver 9:15 a. m.
Metolius 9;30 a.m. Madras 9:46 a.m. Arv. Portland 7:45 p.m.
B. R. NE33. Anrt.. Culver R. B. Michael, Agt., Madras.
J. H. ConDETT, Agt., Opal City. T. A. Ghaham, Agt., Metolius.
Department of the Interior.
U. h. UuJ tlmce at The IHIIet, Oregon,
lum 4h, 1411.
Notlee la hereby given that Annie tluhb. of
IVud.oregeii, who, on November nth ivu, made
homeatcaJ entry. No. oifel, fur lot 1 and 4
iwe 19. T rt., R 11 It, aotl cH Mtd
Section 14. Tewnthlp w Houlh. Mange la rUat,
Willamette Mcrtdlau, hat Hint notice ul laleu.
lion to make final rummutailon tifocf, to
eatabllth claim to the land abuve deMrrlbed,
brieve II. ' Itllia, V - Comialaalaner, at hit
erftce at llcnd Ort nun, on Ibc iMh day uf Auguat.
Claimant nature aa . John W, Uthrr,
I.ulh.r Mttke Theodore Ihulttrup and Hubert
I. lie Courcy all f llend. Olefin
lt-j b. W MiMIHIt, Kegltlrr.
Ilrpartmctil of the Intttlur.
U H '.ant! omee at The Pallet, Or.
June Mh, nil.
Native la hrreby given that lauira A llolmea.
Ihw ixMlultiee aaWre-e It Ik nil, Oirgun,
did. 111 the I all. day uf Match, nil,
hie In Ihle oifcee ewoen alaleHient iM atikHea.
lion No uHua, In puichatr the awlf e'f.hee
7, r. ah, M 11 It . W M , ami the limhrr
Iheiioii underlne pfuvitlont of the atl of ui.e
j, I; aud the acta amrrlaloey, kixmii at Ibe
IIMii-r ami mime, ai iikh vaiue, aa
I might ! Hint by awrtalaeuietil, ami that. wf
aianttuatHh iplicIMN Ine bind ami Umber
Ik retm hive ien apueelted at ii. theliwber
e. Imttil tn,ouo Inapt feet at f je cr M ami the
Mud (4w. that atlaivlliHt l i,IT.r final
pef lit aupuuft of hit apulKetbm ami awotii
aiateweMluM the 4lh (lay of itctuber, iii,hr
lure II C KIIU, I7.H C'imniuiue r, at hit uilice
al lteuil,Oieaoii.
I Any frani It at llbetly la protetl thll (Mir
chaw t fnre eiilre.of liiillale a ninteal at lie
I time Ufure ateiit iue, by filliiK a curiot-
oratril aitilll In tint i.tfue, allriilns facta
1 wHIeli wouUi defeat III' entry.
ni c w jiimikii, Hegiaier.
Department of the Interior,
U H Mud Ofllte at The Dallet, nieeon.
July ijth, 1911.
Notice la hereby given that Allrril K. nliottt,
of Html. Oregon. ho, on January jalh, 19(0,
made llumetieail Itnliy No, own, fur Iota
and 1, MCtluti 7, luwntblp Muth, ranee II
eatt, Wlllamrtle kleilillan, haa filed uolLe of
lulenlloil 10 make I'nialeonimulallan I'roof
tueaiabtltli claim lu the laud above ileacrlbnl,
befnre II C Hlllt, V . Conimlatloiiei, at lilt at licnd, Uiegou, on the jolh (ItyofAng
utt. ill.
CUlinant namra aa wltnettea: Vied A Hhon
queat. John W I'clera, Uavtd Hill and Ida Per
tout all of Bend, Oregon.
I9j)i t W. MOOR I!, KrgUter,
Hotel Dalles
Tho Dalles, Oregon
You are corilitllv Invlte.l lo makcTUK IIOTKI, UAI.LHS yoiir
irillns pUce velllle waltinK ovtr txtwren traltllun your veav to ami
front rortlaiiil, titw, llioiouulily equltitieii, moilrrn liotrl; alratn
heat, elevator: lultri ami rooina with bathi, I'lltt claaa cafe. Katei
1 and upwaril.
Ideal Stopping Place Going to and from Central Oregon.
Hotel Bend
Corner Oond and Oregon St.
Rates $2 and $2.50 n Dny
HUGH O'KANE, Mnnnger
lparlinentofthc Interior.
Uullcd Btatet Uud Office,
I akevlew, Oiegnu, July 14 1911
A aufficlent coulee! altdavit havliiK Ucn filed
Inlhla omccliy Arthur U Ocrtaoii. cuntetlaiit,
agalutt CSeorge W. Vlnlnt; I'.ntry. No. eiMi
made December IS, Vff), fur I'.M, aedlon 1,
tiiwti.liltt 11 l(.. ratiee 31 H . Wlllainette
! M-rldlan, by Ceorge w Viulng Cuntealcci In
which It it aiicifoi tnai ueorge viumg on or
about June 10, 1910, aold hit cabin on aal tract
(that being hit omy Improvi-ment) and that the
purcnater f emoveu aam (Rum nuw mmvi nana
and that claimant left Crook County. Oregon
forthwith aud litt not been heard ol tlu -e: lliat
aid eotryman hat wholly abandoned aild claim,
llWfl. JJ
Id pattlra are hereby notified to appear,
respond, and ollrrevwenct touching mm alio
gallon at 10 o'clock a. ra.on Hcptember 14, I9U.
before II. C. Kllie, United Htatea CoinmUafoncr.
at liend, J'egon, (aud that filial healing will
he held al 10 o'clock a. m. on September II, nil,
bclorc)lhe Kegltter aud Heeelver al the United
fitatet Mnd Olfice lu Ijikeview, Oregon.
Theaald contcatant baring. In a proper affl
davit, filed on July y, 1911, act forlh facta which
ahow that after due dlllgcucc perianal aervice of
Ihla notice can nol be made. It la hereby ordered
aud directed that aueb notice be ' gives by due
and proper publication. ,
If you care for tho BEST GOODS
trade with
H. J. Eggleston
Manufacturer of Ilnrncss and Saddles
Denier in Wagons, Huggies, Piirm Implements
Hay and Grain for sale,
fHffbh iTTTHawVei Tl 1 I if ' l 9 i 1 1 ieeTggrll
jiagg??wr'javs ;tataiik.w- lSw7TrariUft3f,Ji
Complete Houses $230.00 to $865.00
Kv.rrtklBji e la Ucledtd at lha eric. wa oaolwall
autarUl nqvlrca! la ti. cwautractlea of tnodsrN homo
Architect! plan, intclficatloni. bint rrinta, and full diUlli about corutructlon are
alio fumUhed, toaelher with an Itcmkcd itatemtnt o( thi material tht belt on ttio
maiket. Wt tjiII quota pHfM .freight thk huildchs' nanaaiM uauac
prepaid to your lUtion.
SOOKLST ntt-01 ktaiiaau rtfl e Uaaem
nnait u vena a crraa ami w tmrr um eyu M it
iili ataii M BttaaiaAdaiiavaT iirnaaeaiiaiaa
trriaeWaa. et free la I.UUlti kalUira. "aeT.IAItgDtlU.tll''
lrnanialakUftUaU(,vntMrarlt, 6C3Q VfaattANB Av ta keia
cattli, Warm.
ISi Bulletli.'s Ads Bring Good Results
: 5 .m