The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 09, 1911, Image 4

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A)i Imltpcp0cnticcwppr, atatullng
tor the equate ileal, ctcanbttilncsa, clean
politic, ami the bctt inltrcali of Head
nil Central Oregon.
sunsciumoN rath&
All monlhv. ,.,... ,.
Thitr month..,-.-.,,,
(Invariable In advance.)
After the trains arc running
to Demi, via what distant point
will the l'ostoflice Department
insist upon having tho mail
sent on tour before it is Uia
Will Bond follow in the footsteps
of mediocrity, or will sho take her
plnce in tho front rank of progress,
adopt the best that is to be had in
city governmental methods, and be
come, not a tail-cndor fn tho inef
ficient .march of municipal affairs,
but a leader, whose example will be
pointci to with pride and envy?
In other words, will Bend consider
the adoption of the commission form
of city government?
Just what is commission govern
ment? It is a method of conducting
municipal affairs in a sane business
like manner. It stands for the
application of business principals to
city government. Above all, it
means simplicity and the fixing of
responsibility where it belongs.
A board of directors, so to speak,
is elected to care for the business
interests of the company's stock
holders, who arc the voters of the
city. It is directly responsible to
the electors. Its members may be
recalled a; will. A practical com
mission form may be outlined as
A board of three commissioners is
elected, each to hold ofilce for three
years. Each year one drops out
and his successor i3 elected. In the
' initial election the candidate receiv
ing the highest vote gets the three
year term, second and third, two
and one year term, respectively.
The commissioners elect their own
The mayor has general supervision
over all Uie city's affairs. He has,
however, no veto; majority vote de
cides all questions. One commiss
ioner has charge of what may be
called the Department of Public
Safety; under this head may be
grouped matters generally included
under the sub-heads of fire, police
nnd health. The other commiss
ioner 13 the chief executive of the
Department of Public Service; under
this head is included streets, sewers,
engineering, lighting, etc. The
board as a whole supervises city
finance, the work of tho recorder
and city legal department. No de
partment may make an expenditure
of over $100 without authorization
of the boarJ as a whole.
The simple chart prepared here
with indicates concisely the working
method of a commission system
such 03 above outlined.
Commission government is not on
experiment. It is not a "one man
government," any more than tho
United State? government is such.
It is not even revolutionary. It
merely is a common sense, practical,
economical and provedly successful
method of handling the business of
f governing a city. It Irendorsed by I
aote uuJHMMa iiiuii-u.iu uy siuuunui
of political economy. Particularly,
it beaw the cnJorsement of its own
unqualified success in operation, in
cities latirc and small.
There has been, and doubtless is,
mlsgovernmcnt under the commiss
ion form. Every government's ef
ficiency depends upon the ability
and integrity of the men conducting
It, and where incompetents have
been placed at the helm of munici
pal affairs there has been inevitable
shipwreck. But there ia no lack of
oxample of tho mis-fits of the time
worn council-and-odinance method,
Often where there has not been
aetual carruptlon and failure there;
has been stagnation, almost as bad.
Oregon cities, from Whom Bond
might borrow a charter, afford
plentiful examples of ineffectual
Tho success of DesMoines, Gal
veston, Kansas City, Leavenworth,
Berkeley, Colorado Springs, Boise
and other cities employing commiss
ion government of ono kind or
another, indicates what may be ex
pected. Portland undoubtedly will
adopt It. Walla Wnlln has decided
to employ it. Snlcm will vote on it
Will Bend bo content to stay in
the rut, or will she step to the
front? Bend has a groat oppor
tunity. It is for tho voters to de
cide whether or not she will grasp
The Bulletin has gone Into this nt
considerable length because it sin
cerely believes that commission gov
The below chart Is designed to show, In n rough way, the general
working system of a three-commissioner form of city government.
The finances, taxes etc., as indicated, come under the suervision of
the board as a whole, presided over by tho mafor.
The two departments, that of
each has at its head a commissioner, who is responsible to the electors
for his conduct.
Initiative. Referendum. Recall.
Director of Public Safety
Director of Public Service
city Finances, taxes and assessments
Legal Department
.(No contract or expenditure In excess of 100
shall be mnde without notion of cum-
mlttlononi man holo.)
Mayor has general supervision of
all departments.
No veto nnd majority vote rules.
Police Fire
Prisons Health
I Heard Here and There
It is said that John F. Stevens
may become Uie head of the Nation
al Railways of Mexico.
The census bureau has announced
that the center of population of the
United Statos Is now miles
south of Unionville, Indiana. In
1790 it was 23 miles cast of Balti
more. Since then it ha3 moved -110
miles westward.
Expenditures on tho Harrimnn
system in Oregon for 1911 and 1912,
completed and planned, aggregate
about 321,000,000. This amount
includes $5,750,000 already spent on
the Deschutes road, and $8,000,000
which it is announced will be the
cost of the Eugene-Marshfield line.
So Wardens Have Irrigators Fined
$50 Each Last Week.
Deputy State Game Wardens A.
II. Davis and L. S. Fritz have
rounded up several game law
violators. Lmt week George Wimer
and the Anderson Brothers were
fined $50 each in Justice Orcutt's
court, after pleading guilty to not
maintaining proper screens on their
Irrigation ditches in the Tumalo
Today the Columbia Southern
Company, represented by J. B,
Wimer, is up before the court on
the same charge.
Mrs. E. B. Farrah of Seattle
arrived last week. Negotiations by
which she will purchase the Mc
Kinney ranch, embracing 734 acres
near sisters, have practically been
completed, James Ryan being the
a?ent. Mrs. Farrah indorses all
that Is said concerning Seattle
interest in Bend, adding that many
Washington people are particularly
anxious to invest in Deschutes
Valley agricultural lands.
ernment ia desirable, and that Bend
should adopt it.
Tho Bulletin roalizos that thoro
can bo excellent city government
under tho usual form, nnd that
with a good charter nnd good men
In ofllco, Bcitd, as an Incorporated
city, may prosper politically ns well
ns economically. For thoro nro
multitudes of municipalities that
have successful and honest govern
ments under the old regime. But
It is highly desirable that Bend
should have the boat, nnd that what
is the best should bo threshed out
Finally, The Bulletin will heartily
oppose tho adoption of any form of
either commission or council-ami-ordinance
municipal government
until full public dUcuswion of tho
proposed charter or charters is mado
in detail, and every voter has had
opportunity to become familiar
with its provisions nnd competent to
vote intelligently upon it.
Public Safety and Public Service,
Streets Engineering
Bridges Sewers
Sidewalks Lighting
Parks Markets Ccineteries
General Public Improvements
R ATIJS- Five crnt h line for firM In
Mrrtlon hi till column, four rem n line
for each aulnequetlt iutcrlioii. Count
lx uroid to n line.
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Forest Lumber Co. House lath and
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on sixty-foot Streets, with twenty-foot Alleys, at
$150. $150. $150.
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day and make your selection as the first buyers
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improved Ranches, and Timber Claims, also Relinquishments.
good prices. See me at once. II.
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Star Restaurant, Bond St., Bend. 211 p
Hid Wanted.
Bids wanted for 100 ricks of
wood, maximum thickness, 8 inches;
length, 20 Inches. To bo delivered
not less than 5 ricks by Sept. 1st,
11)11, in thu basement of tho district
school house in Bvnd, remaining de
liveries to be made so that never
om than f ricks is on hand. All to
bo delivered by Jan. 1st, 1012. In
making bids, state whether limb or
body wood. Bids to be in on or be
fore August 12, 1011.
.School District No. 12.
21-22 L. D. WIRST, Clerk.
ltldn Fur Painting Wanted,
Illds for painting with two coats
the fire oscaK.i of the Bend school
house are wanted by the School
Board on or before Aug. 12,1011.
Agents for
Lots nt Small Prices and
Easy Payments.
Business Property
Warehouse Property
All kinds of
Farm Property
Homestead Locations
Fire Insurance.
Eastes b Bean
Realty Co.
Oregon Street
Bids to be submitted for paint fur
nished and not furnished by bidder.
School District No. 12.
21-22 L. D. WIKST. Clerk.
' " -
I Notice It Ircrcliy xlvrn hy tlir umlrr
aijjnril that lic liaa mailr anil lllril with
the ileik nl Ihr County Court In ami for
CrnoV County, Oircon, Iter dual account
at nrctitllx of the Itilate of J Klltworttl
Cnlrmau, ilccratnl, ami that the aal'l
Coiuitv Court ha art Monday the 41 It
day id rwil-mlcr, lul 1, at Hi o'rlock a
111. at the County Court Kimm In I'rlur.
lllvlu mIi County a the tlmr anil
4re fur the hearing anil arttlrinriit of
li! I'lual Arctium, at which tunc ami
' tlarp, any twraoii lulrrrttnl In aaiil
ralale may appear ami iihjrcl to ali
Final Account ami tetlleuirnt of aalil
Dated thin Jinl day nt AiikuM. mil.
Makv It Coi.tnUN,
Ilxretilrlx of the estate of J,
Ktlawiirlh Coleman, ilccratcd.
V. A I'onmci.
Attorney fur Kircutrii. ji 15
lwtliH.ut p Th Inlrtler,
V N, t.n.l ORtt a Th tMtlr. (l-rjoli. '
...... . -J"1 'Wh ill
Nutkr l hmliy lren that Thur.a I) limr.,
h"M po.tmlticr ailihtaa I. It.inl. Ilirami, itM,
oulhr inliUy of J.uu.ijr. ivn fllln Ihnomo-
ocitii .Ulr jirnl anil HIUallli. Hu. iubN, In
(MiirliaKlht Iiw)f liwl Mrtloll ?, uv.ii.hli lu
Mititli. laliarl ..!, Ulllaiiirllt, ali
Ihr llmWr Ihtirnn, umtrrlh rvl.lona uf Itir
ct ;f Junr 1 117a, ati-l acta aiiitmtaluit known
kHht TimUr aii.l mone Law," at audi value
a. might t tijr aipraUmrnt. ami Dial,
l.ui.iunt tUMich apitlkatluii, Ibc taint aixt lim '
litr Ihttroii have Ixtii apitalil, ati4yMiti
limlr rtlimalnt iaulioaiil (til II vi mil.
wr M and Hit laml iou, that mIi applicant
will iiffrr Anal pnwf In auupuil of liUappllralluii '
ami Mtu Ul.mmtoii IhejoOay ufRcpienilxr.
1911 tfuff II V I'.llu, 0. H, Coiunil..luuc r at
lilt oln. at li ml, oic.oa.
AuMrx,!! IIUilv lo prolcl llil. pul t
rhatr Wlorr entry or Initiate a cuiilr.i at any
lime liefme patem luura.liyllllniaiorinlioialril
afn.Uvll lu Hit. ofilce, allra.liif facta which wouht 4
u.lrat the rulry.
" C. W MOOHIt.HriUtrr.
In the Connly Coutl ut the Slate of Oirxon for
Cnwk County
..'.!' LhT. I1"" ?f the KXale of Junta A. , .
Mllchrlt flrceaxd. "
The undrtilinnt harlni Um appointed tiy
the LiMinlv Cuuil nt iha aii. r it...... r...
Uook County. Adnilultlralor of the K.lale ol .
Jjnire A, M(trhrll,itectaae,. notice la herthyS'
Klecn lu the crrUlturtofaald lUlatt ainiaUiMl'
auna havin( claim, aaaln.l aald tleceaard to ore
tent tlieui, duly veilArd aa reuulrcd liy law,
within ala month, frum the date of IhU notlca, '
'" Ui uiidcralineit at the office of C. M. IKiiauo,
I'll.t Nalloual Hank liulldluv, liend (Itriiim
Dated July ivlli.lvll. JOHN I UIWT, .
aaiuiuutraioroithe llalaleor
l ' Jauica A. Mllclicll, deceaaed.
Uiilttd Htatea Land Office, The Dallea, Oirgou,
July ajtti, ivn.
..Nolle. ! hereby clven that the Northern
ratine Kauway company, whuae pott ofilce ad
dreM la HI I'aul, klluaeaola, hat IhU 14th day of
July, 1911, filed lu thli sfflre II. application
to aclrcl under the proeltloiii u the au ol
fritiu.a laa ahmiii.a.1 lulu 1 ... ..a
ateateiided by the Act of CooareM approved
i,,?J,'l.11"' aw!aW, ftecllomr.Vwu. 16
Honth, Uauie 10 lUtt, W. M. N0.OVJ19.
anranu iwreooa claiming adveracly the
Undt dcKlllied, or dtalilni lo object Ucauaeof,.! u.aiiiBiio oiijcct bccauacoi
the mineral character of (fat laud, or for any
2ih?t.fT ""J? 1 l0 ,he ?P0 to applicant, atiould
C,V"'!t"H"V,.,, ol .vfu" w Ihlt office, ou or
berMrlh.ituadajr.raepteniber, ten.
."' C W, MOOKU, Ktgl.Ur