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Thirty-Five Bend Business Men Make
Long Trip To Harney County
Town, Opening New Route.
Tim it.. ml Commercial CIuIi'h excursion to Hurnn. marklnu (he official
iiMninK of the llciid-llunm nmil, juit completed by 115 local liunlnenH men,
liiui proved the liiKK''"t kltu! of a huccchh and entahlnhi'd a cordial rula-
tiiitiHhlp i"l community of Intercut wjth the Harney town. I'uvIiik
hero nt U ii. I". Sunday moniliiK, noun !1B0 mllfit woro covered hy the
Mjvi'ii nutoinolillw hearing the party, heforo their return ycaterday.
Tlio out trip wan made for the iiiohI part over the new road through
the hotiHwtead country. Tlitee of the earn, driven by I.. I). Fox. U.
Coo and Jim VanTyne, coveied the lfil) mile lilp in eight hour running
time, arriving t llurim nlmrtly before 1 p. m- All the Hiily had dinner
at the honieiteail of (i. I'. ItronklngH. in the eastern end of Hampton
Unite Valley, where they were loyally received.
Willi the exception of a htriitch of about UU uillo, lyltiK in northern
Ijike and wwtem Harney countieM, the road wan very fair considering
thai nlnce tlie work done upon it Home weokH uk It hiin had pi Helically
no travel, and eK-clally Inaitiniich an the nutm of the trlp-makerH were
the Hint that ever hail uxel it. The'
.. . i .i . iv. i I'.... r.v '"rw Hjtwouii Portland and Bend.
jo iiiIIch beyond tli t rook t ount
L.. .i.i ' limy are an ioiiowh:
it.... .. ..r.. i.iri.tiulv rocKV. Willi,
I 111. I l.'( .J ...-.. - w
high centum that kepi the puce ex
tremely olow and provided plenty of
opportunity for the active onex to
work olT their road taxc.
Monday the visitor were taken
on a 50 mile automobile trip through
the country ad iacetit I') Burn. At
luncheon the party wan entertnlmil
at the "Hell A" ranch of "Hill"
In the. evening occurnl a "love
feant" bamiuel at the llolel IlurnM,
Claw, ratcH, cenlH per 100 poundx,
I'ortlund to
rorlland to
I tend over
Vale mien,
mr ton
III the KiHrechex the many ad-
at which 101 jHimonw- participated. vantage of the new route wore
It wan wild to lie the lilggtwl blow dwell Umiii. It wiw etilimaieii mill
out" Huron iv t ban had. and cor- the present 2 tttnt a Mund wagon
tnlnly was m eiithuiiuitle a ret-up- freight rate, in force from Vale to
tion as Head eop!e ever have ex- Hums, probably will apply from
liericnced. Bend. It is expected that much traf-
'Hiere were many sH.nkem.Mers. ' Ac will be handled by auto trucks.
U C Coe A. O. Hunter. J. K.I Thin will mean thut good, leaving
Sawhlll K W. Richardson. C. S. Portland one evening and urriviiiK
Hudson and G. V. Butnain doing the nt Bend the next may lw exacted
honors for Hend. and I. S. Cear. J. l reach H""ih iwrhnini 24 hours
J. I)onegan. C V. MeOonnell. Frank l-'r.
Davey ami William Hanley for, The In-nellU to passenger travel
Hums. Dr. Marwlun. as tuiut. l' "'. -
master was u brilliant success. "" Monday morning reaches
Editor Davey. of the Harney County ' I'nrllim.l Wednesday foren.M.n. It
News delivered the addre. of wel- I" 'Xwtwl that by leaving Hums In
oome. rwpomlwl l by Mayor Cc. ' evening PorUund will be
At various times ilurlwr the evening ' rimchcl. via Hend. In !M hours or
the Hums (Juartut mn. always ! A Hivlnir of approximately $10
heartily encored. ,'- f -
A. M. Fowler. Contract!.. Frelxht '""'" trip in JO
. . .i tint ,, ii,,, ith. establishing a new record
AReiit O'l" the Hill Oregon ihiuh,
who RcciuiiiMinlMl the Hend party. r "l-
, , ... , h i Assurance was ulvun Uie visltom
was pieventts by illnesM from s wak- .' . ,, ,?.,.
, ' ,, ., ,, ,. . ,., that the Harnu- County Court has
inu. Man.iKer Sawhlll KHve the , , , , ,, . ,
iuk. "" .vu.i,.., ut horixeil linmediate work upon
comparat ve fre Kill ratert existii.K , ... . .. .
. ' ' . . . ,, , ,,,, . the new road w thin that county.
Iwtween Portland and Vale, and the , .
approximate rates that will be inj (Cuatliuu-il on im.- to.)
It Is the earnest ambition of this institution to
make all relations with the bank plenxmt nnd
In choosiiiK this ns YOUK HANlC.'you havens-
I 4 miriinm of a service capable of meotinir your
most exacting reipiirements, together with
courteous consideration, ample cash, perfect
oruaniwition, and eilicientand aide uianaKemeut.
71 'i'iuo mil nil factors in nuikinir this the logical
bank for you to do business with.
Commercial and individual accounts, law or
small, always welcome.
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Gf Bend, Oregon
"Conscrvativo Banking for Conservative People."
I, 11 HAIKU, ll'n-niiU-iil) J- W. MASTI'.KS. (Vice IWiUnl)
I'. O. MINOK, tSccrcliiry)
II I K It C TO II s:
Preliminary Work for Kewer System
lu be Undertaken -Olllcers mytra
and Koberls Keeppolntcd
Msny Hills Ordered Paid.
At the meeting nf the Common
Ciuncll last niKht Mayor Coe iiRaln
urKed that preliminary work look
ny, to the building of a sewer sys
tem be undertaken. He advised the
appointment of Robert II. Could as
city engineer. A motion to that
eirect, to employ hl.n at $70 a
day of ten hours, made by Council
man Allen anil weonded by Council
man Kelly, was lost, .' to 2, Coun
cilman Sell a rs heinK nbent. It was
the sentiment of the Council that
bids lie called for from civil eiiK'i
neers for ilolnjf the city viiKineuriiiK
and a motion to that eirect was
unanimously carried.
The committee to buy a street
sprinkler reported that It had taken
no deflnlte action.
'Hie montlily rejKirUi of City Mar
shal J. K. Kelly and Ollicers S. .E.
Koberbi and C. W. Myers were ac
cepted. Kolwrta was renppolnteil
day olllcer and Myers niKht ioI ice
man till the next regular meetiiiK
of the (Council.
The following bills were allowed
and ordered paid:
K. II. tiiiulil, ciilnrerlnK otk.. ,f m.ui
A. I. I.onir, unite., (ulijrct to
llriiiluiK) JI )
S C CalcUrll, IiiIhic 25.67 llullrtlii. printing 18 90
II. J. Otrrtutl, election juiluc. j.iu
II. J. Dvcrturl. Itlilt;. 71.30
C. W. Mvrr, Ury K)llcetiun too 00
8. K. Kobert. " " " 100.40
City Dray, IuuIImk' 3.JJ
Tom Murphy, laliur 81.50
A. Oeliliart, labor Hi 50
Kicharil KIiik. Jr., laltor 5000
Charles Clark, talwr 4 50
Tel Katuiuuen. labor 1 50
I'red A. Klrr, lilucptlnli j 50
llciul Hardware Co., nule 17 50
Hun over twice by a heavy waon
and then pinned beneath a wheel,
yet ecnpinjr with only a scratch on
the noe, was the exjKjrience of Sam
Swanson yustunlay at niKin. In
leading one horse away from the
waicon from which he had unhitched
his team, in the rear of Wenandy's
stable, a tui; became refiuttotied and
the horse ran. Hwanson held on to
the rein and was dniRK'eil nearly
twenty-live yards. He did not turn
loose till the horse ran the wiikoii
Utwen two trees and broke the
tutr. The rlKht front wheel was
Ulnpnte Over Water Rlichl finds In
Death of Well Known Mine
Owner In The Ochoco
1'lilNKVii.i.K, May 10. YuHtcrtlay
morninK I.-wis McAllister, i well
known ranchman and resident of
the Sisters country, was shot and
killed by a man named Robinson in
a dispute over water near Mc
Allister's mine on the Ochoco 2ft
miles northeast of this place.
It Hpiears that Robinson was
usit.K water for irrixation purixines
from ditehes connocteil with the
mine. McAllister found Robinson
usini; the water, a right to which
both claimed, and, accordiriK to the
latter, attacked him, with a shovel.
Thereaon Robinson, who Kiys Mc
Allister w.-enui on the ioint of
drawing a un, pulled his own
weapon and shot the mine owner
through the body, killing him.
Robinson is in the custody of the
sheriff here.
Second (Irade Pupils Will (live Play
On Prlday, May IV.
The children of the Second Grade,
under .the direction of their teacher,
Mrs. R. Catherine Haskins, are
practicing a play, "The Captured
Princes," which they will give at
the Haptist church on Friday even
ing, May 19. Prof. J. C. F. Harr
ington will also show his Htcreopti
con views of South America. A
nominal admission will be charged
to defray the expenses of the enter
tainment. The following children
will appear in the play:
Her vl U'lnu , I'rinccM
I laicn Rrant Prince
IIukIi Kelly Hlilory
l'ruiuu KrillieM Arithmetic
Kcntirlh l.mie W'tiUni:
KuiinM Srllert C.e;rapliv
l'.lic Horn Oranunar
AKiie JoIiiimiii Muic
llattic WikmI Nature Study
EvangelisU dreggand Webb hnve
recently urected a new church build
ing at Culver Junction. They an
nounce that dedicatory hervicoa will
be held May '28, in connection with
a county convention of all members
of the Christian church of Crook
County. A basket dinner will be
Cash Premiums To Be Given For Rais
ing Good Crops, Having Attractive
Lawns and Neat Back Yards.
Cash prizes well worth winning will this summer await thnw mn.t n.
cessful In raising crops of varioua descriptions near Bend, and for the
local resident who add mott to the town's appearance by the attractive
neiw of their lawns and the neatness of their backyards. In nil Sinn will
hi distributed in prize money to the successful contestants in the contest.
The agricultural prizes aggregate $75. The owner of the host new lawn
in town gets $50, that of the neatest backyard; $25.
The prized are being offered by the Hend Commercial Club. The
agricultural cash premiums have been contributed to the'orjranizittion by
the First National Hank. Through the generosity of the D. E. Hunter
Realty Company the club is supplied with funds for tht lawn and back
yard prizes.
The prizes will be awarded in conjunction with the Railroad Day cele
brations. Two committees, whose mombors will be announced later, will
chosen by the management of the Commercial Club, in whose hands
will lie left the picking of the winners.
Seventy-five dollars will be
tributcd among the farmers of the
Hend country for the best exhibiu,
The prize for the most attractive
lawn applies only to lawns thoie
this amount to be divided as follows: whlch nre not already seeded. The
$25 for the best assortment of 'ui: " : cwihwm is 10 encour-
uxk ui cuuivuiiun ano care 01
lawns, in addition to those already
samples grown upon either dry or
irrigated land.
$10 for the best sample of clover.
$10 alfalfa.
$10 " " " " of root crops.
$10 assorted dry-land
in existence, thus adding much to
the attractiveness of Bend's ap
pearance. As a special inducement
the Bend Water, Light & Power
Company has agreed to sunnlv ptihor
I . , , , "
$10 for the best assorted irrigated ullcn or nnt water rree ror use
land grains. I on nevv law,ns. until the contest U
Tlie contest is open to anyone , decidcd uPn the arrival of the rail-
whose land is distant from Bend'roau- ine cost of installing ditches
1 from the company's laterals of
course is to be borne by the user.
not more than twenty-five milos.
All unmnli.u nrn tn tut Inlu.l.wl ii!tli
the name of the grower, nnd the e contest is ojwn to any resident
1 1 .- . 1 1 within the en arced imits of the city,
name and location of his ranch, and ., ,BU . nn. r'L !S
are to become the property of the
Commercial Gub. The samples are
previous to this announcement.
ine prize or S2o for the best
to be kept on exhibition at the club , kept and neatest backyard is open
. . .... . In nnt.nnk ... tit., nt... ...f.1... ..
strictlons. General neatness, crass.
rooms from the time of their receipt
until the awards arc made, after
which they will be made up into a
iwrmanent exhibit.
flowers, attractive naintlmr. etc..
all will be considered in awarding
this prize.
V0LLRATH Majestic Ware
Hend As Hutlness Center Was Horn
On .May 4, IV03.
Pioneers of Bend recalled lost
Thuredny that it waa the eighth
anniversary of the town as a busi
ness center. On May 4, 1908, work
was started on the first busings
house here, the store of the Bond
Mercantile Co. This building, re
modeled, is now occupied by A. M.
Um & Co.
A t that time there was less than
a score of jieople living in the town.
Among those were J. 1. West, Miss
lva West, Ovid W. B. Riley, Miss
Mary Riley, J. M. LawTence. C. A.
Stanborough, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Drake. L. D. Wiest. Charles Cotter,
A. H. Grant and A. II. Kennedy.
Today Bend's business houses
number nearly a hundred, and
the population is conservatively
ostimated nt 1,000. This is a re
markable showing, but old-timers
and new-comers alike soy that they
bolleve the town's growth will be
so rapid during the next eight years
that it will be even more astound
ing. Why not get out some advertising
blotters, large or small? The Bull
etin has the stock and can do the
work oh Its new press.
ANNOT be excelled for quality.
durability and purity. Triple
plated, turquoise blue, innrbeliv.ud
with a fine vein of snow white on the
outside and lined with brilliant snow
white enamel.
Full Stock on Hand.
Come in and you will buy. My
prices are right.
. P Smith
Wzill Street
The First National ank
Or. U. O. OOC. Prtiltlent E A. BATHER, Vic Prtildent
O. 8. HU08ON, Cuihl.r
Capital fullr paid S3S.OOO
Stockholder!' liability . S2&.030
surpiu .... . aa.oco
Statement of the First National Bank of Bend, Oregon,
A rndrU to tha Traatunr 0partirtnt of tha Unlttd StaUi,
Waihinxton, O. O.. March 7th. IDII
! tJ IMwouhW.
Qrcti.rn ..... ...-. w -
IMnk lluiMinc ami Lot
Huriiiluir and l'Utuic.
II. S. lluii. ami I'muiumi
Itve I'rr Cnt Krdemiittou I'uml...
DUE FROM BANKS 587,13.26 Uc,,'lu -
... !?$
.... CO
. ,X OO
... U.W i
6)5 ul
Capital pal4 In full M
Surplut..........,.. .....
UudlvUrJ l'rofiu,,
Clrcutatiou ,
..aa 00
.4 . 04
.ll&M OO
tm.i i
U. C. COl? K. A. SATIH'K