The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 19, 1911, Image 3

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' Ilnrl Hmton anil "Flnaerlns" lfr
rnlrr Kalvlk. Alaska, and mt a yuuni
Mlilln woman. Clwrry jLlalottf, who lil
lrl lhm
Chrrry nrrltt tli tliiinn flitterl
ainl Mrli, Hi urirruiuloua lirnU uf Hit
Kalvlk innnarl
I'livrry own a ranntry llr Kmrton.
(Ivors 1111 and li so lulu mrliirhlp
Kinrim ilrtrrllx' lit fallm to "mk
inh" In Alaaka
i:mtun kl C'(irnr roodtjr lull.
rrr and Kntaraon whuIv lu
IIvm In Kalinal t and tit I a ll.i. train
er al Katnint on llirlr way out In vat
Aflrr rtrilful irtvllnii lUry ratrh
th linnt at Kadtak amt at un rn rmit
fur Chicago Knierauii -k Mli Mlldird
Him ami Ihnrranit r rimaant Ht fa-trit-r,
Waviie VuUint. I a iMlllluiiati
Alton I'lyita uRei IIO.U'J liird Hi ian
liry. Itflt t ami Kmtrinti immI Mnrali In t'hl
rasw Matali la a aultiir fur MIMlixI'a
band MmmIi Irlla Mlltllnl nlMtiil Clinty
MaUitln II ami Wii)n Waylnml t'l a
eallliMlra Iril.t
Mllilml l-rn Dint Itmrrmn ami Clirr
ry am tmrliii-ra IMnkrr IIIMUitl, Hiwtll".
irfiti.a in Irnil Uihvouii IWM". t'lietry,
who haa itrilvnl In U-Ntlii Ht'rtta u din
Mar Invitation fiimi IMIIIniiI
"Don't want til Why. 1'ie Jim gut
ti. Hint nil. Tin' flo.UUI la your."
A limlltti tmil clflpaiHl when UlIllT
son nt lnt epreed to (leorgu the
lilirourngemeut ttint hnd Iniu illetitly
ill Ixitll men' militia.
"You'te plnjed jour string mil. ehl"
"Ali-hllely. ro done eterj thing
except burglary, hut I rttti't rtlai that
S l(JD.a. 'lime arc hard, and l'u
Met! in) friend of fiery dollar they
can spare."
"It'a an awful Id il-er of money."
Unit admttlnl. IHi n lh.
"I neter fully realised tM'fnr Imw
ery large." liojd mM. "AimI )ft
MlilHHit tltnt nimnuit tin MmIH twnli
Mruu't liMrk nt fir tin fi'iiiMltiiliT."
"Ob. It'a ih u to tHfklf tbt tmt
tvM mi h awnll jliM IHk (lfft
IHimltTul. "UVil ntlKbl 1" l" tl tllf
lit now. W'v re ah) t'.'.VUJU. vUT'
Hut I lit" eli la Mere tituHii awity
frvr ! after hIm-h Alton llyl
tliren iIohii I weiil) 0e jl MM 1111 !
J.rr li)il kiI from n mlertHi
a nrve h lid h lie refiteil in name.
I'nufaoti titler met ll' lemllllK milior
laalite from lilmn-lfi fur Mllilreil U'a)
la till a liallll. N erwaffe hUikm- exat
etire if felt mi h tOHtlnunl liH'iiare
lie t UllInK Mllilrei) at Iter Imhim.
lliwtiHK K'Ue tHitalile Hie library,
tlie yomik man aakeil Imrrleily '(lri
me Mime time bIiiiio mIHi jwi, tny lady.
I mint Uwte iiirl)."
'1'liere h time fur no more, for
V)he U'h)IiiihI eiilereil. fullovreil by
nliollier k'eiilleniHli at tile flmt alullt of
Mlmiii Kniirmn alnrteil. ulille lita tulml
nv ii rT Into n ill it) ulilrl of Increttii
Illy. It roilhl not le! It una ton uro
t(HHii-tiMi rlillriilmla! tint irniik
of lualkloiu fitlo win tlilO lie tnrneil
till c)ei I" llie door nKln In ee If liy
any cliuneo tliero wure n tlilnl Ulior,
but lliere una not, anil tn fort'isl
to ri-Hiiiil to .Mr Witjlnnil' creeiinii
Tlie oilier limn lnul tuennwlille iviMtl
Ulrectly to XI I M nil. n If lie lnul eyea
for no one ele. anil ivna Imwlnc over
tier tin til when tier fnllier ioku,
"Mr. Kniermm, let hip reont yon to
II r. Mnrali I Itellero you lime neer
ImpiM'tiril lo tnrvt liern." Mnrnti ttiruetl
n If riU-clnnt to releflao the Klrl'a
Im nil, nml not uiilll til oun win out
atrvtcluil it lil lie recok'iilie the other.
The Io mumbled thu lUatomury anl
utatlona. "Vott two will Rut nlons fnmouMy."
anlil Mr. Wnyliiml. "Mr. Mnrali la nc
iltinliileil wllli your country, llo)il,"
"Alii" Mnrali oxchtlimil ijulcklv
"Are jou nn Alitaknn, Mr. Kiiiitiuii)"
"Inileetl, ho U ao uetlilisl to Itie cotiu
try Hint lie la itolnit hmk tomorrow."
Mlldreil orferul.
Mil mh'a II rat look of ctmllenev now
rlinueeil to ouo of the llrvlleat lutereat.
nml lloyil linncliiiil the fellow enilenr
orliik to link hlin. throtiKti the iirfnlr
nt tlio realiitirnut. with thu preaeueo
of 111k (U-orKu In CIiIciiko.
"Yea," lln)il utiawereil ciiutloiialy, "I
ntu n tyiilrnl AlnMliiu-tlUniiolnti-d,
but not illNcouniKetl."
"Wlmt limlucM)" j JHiWA
"MIiiIiibI" iPjW?'''
"OliI" Imlirrerrnlly.
"llnjil Iiiim aoiiiethlni; fir bettor thnn
mtiiliiK now." beu'iiu Mllilietl. "lie wan
tnlllliK uie nbotit it nu"
"You Intcrrupti'il ua," Inlerjecleil
ISmerMon, imulc Mtrleken. "I illilu t lime
I line to explain thu niiluro of my on
Tlio girl nna nbout to put In n ill
rlnliuer when ho Ihuhiil a look nt her
which alio coultl not help but heeil. "I
nm wry atuplil nliotit audi HiIiik."
nIio orferetl eiiNlly, "I would not hnvo
underatooil It, 1 nm iiuro." To her
fnther alio continued, lenvlnit whut
alio folt lo bo dunuuroua cruund, "I
didn't look for you ao early."
"Wo Unbilled looner thuu I expect
ed," Mr. Wnylnnd nnnwered, "ao I
drovo Willi to hi hotel mid wultrd
for him to drean. I wan ufrald ho mlht
dlaapnotnt ui If 1 let him out of my
aljtht. My dcr, 1 haro effected a won
derful deal today," went on nor father.
"With tbt help of Mr. Uinb I closed
Uie last detail! of cousoUdatloa
Authof ol Tit Spolleri" sad
"Pi namr"
which Im iKCllpled ma for tuaiiy
"Another triiRl, I upnne."
"Certain people mtKhi call It I Imt."
cliutklrd Hie old num. "Willi win the
Inaplrltitf p'tilu and did moit of the
work; the ciedlt I hi."
"May I Impure the nnttire of thl
merger?" Ktneraoii ventured.
"Crlaluly," replied Wnyur Wajlaud.
'There I uo loiik'er any -eret. about
IL 1 have inmhlued the pnckltia In
dualrle of thu I 'or I lie conl llluler the
nam of the North American 1'aeker'
Iloyd fflt lilniaelf Krowlnjr tiiitnb.
"What do you iihmiii by (miLluu In
dtlktrleaT" naked Mlldreil
"l'iinnerle - hiiIiiihii flnherlral We
own ISO M-r cent of the plant of the
rllllre coaal. Iu lllillliK Aliiakn. 'I'lint'a
why I'le Ih'i-ii mi (.ten iiliunt thill
north cunuiry. Iln)d You neier
eiieaaiit II eli"
"No. atr." IIomI Hnmmereil.
"Well, we iiiitrl the atlpply. mill
we will rejtnlHte Hie uiHrkel. We will
iillnw mil) tv lint iiiinpiillloii we ile
al re, It wh u lieiiuilfiil trnnHeHnn"
Wil he ilretimlliK) lli)i wnndereil
111 IHiiUlh wn ill), but he lliNHHl.Mil I"
"Wlmt nbutit tlio Imlepi-ndent cmi
lierle'" Mnrali laiiKlnil. 'There I no senti
ment III biialneaa! There nro ubout U)
per cent ton uuiny plniila to suit u I
Pellet e I nm tnmblu of iittindliiit to
them" I
"Mr Mnrali U Hie jcww-rnl mfltiBKi-r"
WN)lntid 1'Mlnllitit. "Willi Hie mnr
Let In our oh n linmla mid audit lent
inpliHl to iiHTMle nt n Iihmi fur h )inr
or two )eir. If nefiary. I dnn'1 I
Ihlllk the Independent plant will cihiI
ii much."
Now fur the drat lime llmorwui re '
nllsed the liiiproprlei) of hi own pre (
eitt tHMltliili He wrh here In Hie Way i
land Inline tinder fle pn'teni-; the)
bad lutreil to lilm n-rei ihiI rlrlnl) '
tit Willi which be nilBlit arm blinx-lf
U hi II tbl. !'' 1-e.Hllie known tu the
tin Hitler lie wn.iiil r.-unitl lilm tint only
a M preatltapluiiil etieiii). but a M
irtilior Hi)i knew the old I) ram u
well lo diMtlil liN tiurr f i Hun.
tbeiHvfurth there wunlil lie war to the
The nniifiiiiicitiient of dinner Itder
rupiHl bl illma)etl rettt lien, mid be '
walknt Hit In Hiinpnny with Mr Way- !
IstHl.'wbo Hnkiil arw with lilm na If
lo afford Willi Marsh etery sdtan-
lane. Dii'tlllK HMHlKb II ttillht prote.
"He I n wonderful fellow." tb old
KelitletllMIl otMcrted willu iH-e, luilleHt-
llik Murh-"olie of thu Lcelieat bllal
lie men I cut met."
"Indeed hu I. He I n money nmker.
too; hi HWHK-lale swear by hltu. If
I were 3011. my Imj). I would study
him; he I a kxh nuin to Imitate."
At the dinner table I tie mile nt flmt
wna general nml of n character appro
irtniu for Hie hour, but Ml Way bind,
oddly enotiKh. dlsptajetl stich mi tin
iiaunl thlrit for Informntlou recnrdlui;
the North Amerlenn 1'itckent' naaecla
Hon Hint her father wn moved to re
mark tlMI It.
"What In the world tin come over
you. Mildred)" he an Id. "You never
cared to benr about my dolncs be
fore" "Picnic don't dlacournce me." she
urged. "I tun really In enriii-at. I
sliutili like to know nil n boll I till new
iniat of your. lYrtiap my Utile uul
uto Is crowlui: a bit tlreaomv lo me"
"Ho far It Im been nil hard work."
Wiiynu Way land nt leiiKth iiunouuccd.
"hut Ii) the fuliiro I proporc to derhe ,
some plenauru from tbl nffulr I nm j
1 1 nil out. 1 or n ioiik iimu 1 nave necu
plniinlnu n trip somewhere, nml now
I think I shiill make 11 tour of Intpec
linn In the spntiu' and vlatt the urlou
holdliik'S of the North Atnvrlcun Puck
er' nssoclntlon. In thnt wny 1 can
combine recrenttou nml builueas,"
"How far will you col" ijucitloncd
"Clenr tip to Mr Mnrsh's slutlon."
"Yea; thnt In the plnn." Mnrsb chlm
fit In. "You see, 1 ntu scMah In urulnu
It, Mini Wiiyland. 1 exiect you lo
Join thu party."
"I nm sure you would llko It, Mll
dreil," the miiKmtle milled.
lto)d could scarcely believe Ida cars.
Would thuy come to KnML? Would
they nil iisMetublo there In thnt unmap
ped mink ? And. stipposlui; they Nliould,
bnd ho the couniKo tu coutluuo Ids
mnil eiiturprlHoT It wus it'll so tinreut!
Ho wna torn between the dcHlro to
hnvo Mildred ucrvit nml fear of the In
(liienco Mnrali mlcht K'Hu during such
n trip. Hut Ml Wuyhmd cUdcutly
had nn eye lo her own comfort, for
she replied:
"No, Indeed) Tlio 0110 tliliiR I nhhor
nbovo land travel Is n sen voyau'o; 1
am n wrotchetl sailor."
"Hut this trip on a yncht would bo
worth while," urged ber fnther. "Why,
It will ,10 n regular voyutfo of discov
ery. I nm ns excited over It as u couu
try boy on circus duy."
Marsh socondod him with all bis
powers of persuasion, but the girl,
greatly to Ktoerson's surprise, merely
reafllrmed ber determination.
"Are there any women In Alaska V
qufilnm-d Hie clrl.
"In llie milling cninp. ea. Inn w
Oahermen lite lonelj llu."
"Hut the coy. hrlnklni liidlnu timid
fti' I tuivp rend 11I10111 tlii'in '
The) nro terrible 11 fTu I nt." Marsh
"Not nlwnyal" lloyd Ke voice U
ht ueuiTill Hlilioyniue "I ItiMe aeon
aome M-ry iilirnellve siuuwa, purllc-
uliirly lireuU."
"Whi'ieV" tleiiuinditl the other
"Well, nt Knlilk. fur Inilli in e-y our
homii. You muat know Chukiiwnmi,
the Klrl Hiey cull 'llie Hiiowblrd''"
"Nn." I
"Come, cornel Khe knows you well."
"Ah. a mysieryt He I cniiieiillui;
omelliliiL'l" Died Ml Wn)hiud.
AltKII dlre ted a abnrp ftlnnre
a ....... ..... . I.... .(I
prmume you refer 10 Con-
almilllle's alvler. I wn sjieuV-
I iik Kcuernlly. Of (-our there are ex
cept Ion. A a mallei of fact I wnn't
exactly rlnlil when I said wr hud no
w till women whatever al Knlilk Mr
linifraoii doublle has met Cherry Mn
lotler "I hnve." ncknuwledecd lloyd. "Bhe
wn tcry kind lo us."
"Oh. dellithlfuir exclnlmul Mlldrnl.
"Ilil 11 beiiiillful liidlnu Klrl. now
a in)Hlerluu white woiiinnf Why.
Knit Ik I dtildedly luti rellliK "
"'there I" iitiihlnu myaierlnu nlxnit
the while wnliinu," niiIi) Murah "She
la unite Oplcnl-JtiM 11 plnlii tnlnltiK
cmnp liiilifcirou who drlflnl down our
"Not nl all" lln)d dlM'Inlmiil niiRrl-I)-.
"Ml Mnliille U 11 lino woiuiin."
then ill .MhiIi'k xliorl IhiikIi. "Ami lii-r
toiiduct In-ill faiornlile couiirlon
with Hint of
what tn uv Ni.inr
Hie other white Juniple
Nt Kultlk"
Marsh allowed hi eyt to water at
thl. but to Ml tired be aHlinfle.l.
"lie it imt lb aurt otw care to ill-i-u."
"IIimv M ymi ktww)" demamlnl
j Cherry' cuhniiIoh "la ymi know
' no) ililnic avalUMi her clHtrneterT"
I "I knnw ahe I a disturbing element
'In Kalxlk and Iinn i-HUeil 11 n Krtatt
I deal of trouble "
j It wn llo)il' turn to lunch. "Hut
j surely that baa nnthliijc to do with her
1 "My dear fellow" Ma rh idiniKEn!
, hi shoulder apolocctlcall.v "If I bad
dreamed she wa n friend of yours I
neter would have xkcn."
I The dinner was tluMied. nnd Mr
I Wnyluud hnd naked for hi fuvorllo
cljjnra, so Mlldnsl rwe, nnd lloyd ttc
1 coitipatilrtl her. lenvlnj; the other to
i smoke. Hut. strangely cnouch. Marsh
I remained In such n stnto of prcoccupa
I tlon. ecn nfier their departure, thnt
Mr. Wnylnnd' altemptn tit converan-
tlon elicited only thu vnguest and
bortcat of ntiswers.
in the inunlc room Mildred turned
upon lloyd "Why didn't you tell tus
sImiiii this nomiiii beforui"
"I didn't think of ber."
"And yet she I young, benuilftil. re-
rtniii lit i4 ti rninnnflt? url nf ux.Mt
etice and entertained you"- She
tosaei her bend, i-iiiliil herself nt the
piano uud stmck it few Idle note.
Inuulrliii; ciiNiutllr. "Knlvlk Is the
tstssit.. its atti. nlria likll ft-Pit IVailflt latltt
"It Is."
"1 suppose you will sec n (Trent denl
I of thl-Cherry Mnlotter
"Undoubtedly, Inasmuch as wo are
'TartneM" Mildred censed plnytnc
and swuue about. "What do jou
alio Is IntercMtrd In this enterprise.
The cannery site Is bora."
"I seel" Afier a moment. "Doc this
new affair of father's hnvo any par
ticular effect on your pl.tusT"
"Yen nnd no,1' he answered, fcolIiiB
ncnlu the weight of this Inst compli
cation, forcuileu for tho moment.
"What tlo you wish 1110 t do?"
Nothing, only for the prwent please
n't mention my scheme either b
lilm or to Mr. Mnrali I nm n bit uu
certnln us to my courso. You see. It
menu so much to tuc thnt I can't lienr
to give It up. nnd jet It may lead to
grent unpleasantness."
She untitled coiuprebendlngly.
On Hint u-ry night. In n little snow
smothered cnblu crouching close
against the Knlvlk bluffs, another girl
wus sea ml nt 11 plnuo. Her hIIiu, while
llngors hnd 8 1 raved upon tho notes of
a song whleh Hoyd Umerson hnd buiir.
In her dream tilled eyes was the pic
ture of a rough garbed, silent man at
ber shoulder, and In her ears was the
sound of Ids volco. Clear to the last
melting note aha played the air, and
then a pitiful aob shook her. Bhe
bowed ber golden bead and bid ber
fact In ber arms, for a memory waa
upon her, a forgotten Uta was hot
lm rrrt.
upon hcrllp 11 nil he wn very lonely
At the hotel Kmersoii found Clyde
mid I'rnaer In Unit's riiin nwnltliiK
lilm, 'i'hey were notay mid exilli-d nt
the Piiui-aa of the eiilerprlae uud nt j
the pnpett of limiii-illnle iiitlon j
Mo) d tnld tliciii little of th news I
Hint had atnrlhd him eitrller In the
cw-nliiK beyond the bnre tint thnt
Mnrali hnd flouted n prickers' Irtist mid
thnt setrecy for the inent wn now
doubly mieaaiiry to the amieas of i
Ihilr tiiidertiikliKC The full slmilfl
ciime of the uierirer. therefore, did not I
strike hi naaiK-lniea eti-ti when on the
triilu the next day they rend llie nn- 1
11011111 emi-iit of Its forinnilnu In the 1
neuMpiipera. Unit alone took tintlco of t
It nnd fell Into n furious rni;e at lil
euvlliy' ll(ee. I
No aiHiner were they fnty under j
way for the wet than Cinernon beitnn 1
the deflulle ilinpltie of Ida plan. He I
...... ... ...:. 1.
ninny detail of their mining work
mid sent luuny menges, Willi the re
sult thai oulOtlera In s dnreu line
were swnlllng them when they arrived
I tu Kindle Wllhnul los of lime lloyd
' liislnlleil hltnelf mid hi friend nt a
hotel, snured a couitx-tetit nnd close
mouthed Kteuognipher. mid lheiiought
1 out the banker wllh whom he bnd
mnde n It-tiinihe agreement before K-
j lug to ('hlingo. Mr. Hlllbitd gTt-etiil
1 him cordially.
1 "I ai-e )ott hnve enrrbd out your
1 pnrt of the program" Mild he "but be
fore wedctliiltel) coinuill ouraelies we
allotlM like lo know whtll effect till
new trual I going lo lime on tlio
cnriulng lniluc."
"You menu 1 he X A. P A T
"Pr loely Our t'hletigo 1 orri-iotid-lit
can I tell u any more iinn wu
time lenrmd from the prn" namely,
Hull n lomliliintloti bn been formed.
We an- nnturally aotlleulnl mtloui
nbolil tltniielng n oiliilM-tl'He ptntit
until we know wlmt ;ollt.y the trust
will purmie"
, Here wn exactly tho coiipllcntlon
lloyd bad feared: therefore It wn wllh
aoitii- trepidation Hint hu nrgucd:
"The trual I In btialne for the mon
ey, nnd It tery fortiintlun ought to be
tnlirlualio etldeuce of )our good Jildg-mi-nt.
However, you have bnckul so
many plunt such n mine that you
know hi well u I do the big proflla
to Ih taken "
'Thnt ln t the jMiInt. Ordinarily we
would not wnwr an Instant, but the
WajIntHl Marsh oil I lit Is apt to upct
condition. If we only knew"
"I know." iKildly doclarnl Hoyd.
"Mr. u)ltid ouiIImhI his policy to
me before tho public knew nil) thing
alajiit the trust."
"Indeed? Are you nijualnte with
Wayne Un)landr akil Mr Hll'lard.
with a new light of curkwlty In bis
I "I know him well."
"Ah. I congratulate ytj Perhaps
tbl I er-Wayland money Im-IiIikI
I 'That I am not at liberty to discus,"
tbt youtiser mnn -pllel eahely. "1
1 bate taken step to Fell tny smmiu's
outrmt In advance. The oiiiniolwlun
tmu will be In town shortly, and I
shall contrart for the entire catch at n
stipulated price. I Hint satlafactory?"
"I'ntlrvly no." dec la nil Mr. Illlllard
heartily, "(lo ahead nnd order your
machinery ami supplies. Ily the way,
what do ymi know about the mineral
rMlblthH of tho region back of Kal-
"Not much: the country Is new.
There ! n woman nt Knlvlk who has
ome men out prostioctliig."
-(lherry MaliitteJ"
1 "Do you know herV ntked Hoyd
with astonlhment.
"Very well lmliil" Then, noting
Ilflyd'a evident curiosity, be went on.
"You see. I hnve made 11 nuintxr of
mining Inveatitieuts In the north My
operations hnvo turned out so welt that
I keep several men Just to folliw new
I "Hum MIhs Mnlotte mude n strike?"
I "Not exactly, bill she tin uncovered
some prutllUlug copper proKpecU."
I "ll'liil That U lieu lo me."
I Three week imkh.iI quickly In
streiiuou effort, nnd then one morn
1 "' "" l"rtnen. nwnke lo llie millm
H011 Hint there "si Utile more for
them lo do.
Through II nil Cljde hnd lent them
enthulntlc If feeble niNlHtniite. mid
now that the ainiln wna off he cue
tllllliK expression In his dellghl by get
Hiik drunk. ItelUK tettiieruuieutal to
a decree, he crated ciiuiun.v. uud.
kuoislui; full well the opHlttnn be
would encounter from hi friend, he
nuiiexeil u blbutull followltu; of Imif
era whose tlmu hutnt beuxy unit who I
were ut all times eager to applaud n
loone tongue so long 11 It was ne-
eompiinliil tiy a Uniae purse. Toward ,
mldntght "MiiBerle" I- rtner. ituiIiik
In n seiireh for udveniure
nnd protlt. found htm In 11 nemlmaudlln
state, descanting nKirouly to 111
tmlu. uud upon catching mention of
the Knlvlk fisheries mintched hi in
houifwnid mid put hltu to bed, after
which be locked him Into ht rtKiiii,
threw the key over the trnn-loui nnd
Mood guard outside until assured thnt
he slept.
At nn enrly hour the adventurer was
peremptorily muioit to llud nmerxou
bnmmerltiK nt hi door In a ttuu fury
"Wlmt la thlr demanded lloyd
through while lips, thrusting a morn
ing paper lforo Praser'a sleepy eye.
"It's a newspaper," yawned the oth
er "a regular newspaper"
"Where did this atory come from?"
With menacing linger Hoyd Indicated
a front column, headed:
rinsT oun nnoo in bat-tlb rort
A. P. A. Premised DttUr rtfht For
fluprsoisf ol Alaskan Watarsl
(To be continued.)
It is time to plnnt Garden Seeds, Flower
Seeds anil Onion Sets. We ure ngain ofler
in for sale the lotif; tried nnd dependable
C. C. Morse (Sb Co. Seeds.
In our stock you will find every known vrt
vuriety of seeds obtainable. Reduce the cost
of your living by planting seeds that will in
sure you a crop. The best is always the
cheapest. " Poor seeds ure dear at any price.
rijH f l TK jB
. 1
If ycu vi'h to Improve the spfier-a-
f v.r rrmcnti and avoil the
cit Uirriimr.,t of an unhoAcd and
( i itig skirt or vralit, don't fjil ti try
.ilx . I'rtsi Loolcj.
V.e ficniBnil lhBi. a thcr can't
r - u I IK.L. d a ckh-tilailr. aio Bit r J
ir.T 1', a fu-i 1 r truth In ll laundrr
Sol ..ic l.ixV nj .jii or iop laitrerr 1.
Oa itim
a a cud
JfflAl -10tr
Larf f a
F. W. Silvcrtooth Silver Lake, Oregon.
J. B. Montague
Contractor Builder
Plans and Estimates Cheerfully Furnished.
See me before building.
Residence south of baseball field Bend, Oregon
COLE AGENTS for Stonewall and McCoy
Whiskies, and The Nnjia Soda Springa Min
eryil Water. Distributors for Etlol Brau, Schlitz
nnd Itninior Beers. We also carry a large line
of Glassware, Bar Towols, I'Inytnpr Cards, etc.,
especially adapted to the saloon trade. Orders
by phone or mail will receive prompt and
careful attention. Madras, Oregon
The Number 520, Six-Shot
Repeating Shotgun at $25.00
U a liaiuuierK-M gun with n solid
frame. I juler to operate quick
1 r and smoother ni turn than nny
ot'ur. It nevtr UdU and U
jierftvtly UiLineed.
IKIalliil iUrlitln of r-i- of our
yu a u i-i n 1 I it I' i.v .v Catalog .
Nnilura IXWMV
If )u rwiml obtain STI K.N'S
III I-1 l.s. Mlllltll.Ni,
riirillJ., Tl.l.F.stOl'Ut
t'iMugli m.r tUjlor, wo
in ii mm i, vxpn-M,
prli-e. 1
P.aitarAXU (
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jji v. lira min
r LS&T
lmmiL 271 l Jirn.
WE would again
call j'our atten
tion to the fact that
The Cash Store is
putting in a larger
stock of Dry Goods.
Furnishing Go o d s,
Notions, etc., than
ever before. Our line
of Spring Goods, now
on the way in, will
excel 1 anything ever
shown in Northern
Lake county, a n d
Give us a trial and
save yourself money.
mother cannot
Mellin's Food and
cow's milk can.
Cow's milk nlone is too
strong for baby. But it
does nourish nnd it does
sustain when modified by
Mellin's Food. ...
Send to our store today
for a Free trial sizo bot
tle. We recommend it.
Red Cross Drug
nend, Oregon