The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 12, 1911, Image 7

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Packard Shoe
for the man of taste, vl likes to combine .style and comfort in his foot flenr.
The l'aeknnl shoe comes from one of the best of the Massachusetts factories
a state that juts become famous all over the' country for its shoes. What the
Packard car is to the automobile world the Packard shoe is to the footwear trade.
Our spriiiK lint's are just in. Here are a few:
No. 15963 Button Oxfords 1 a t-
out colt, fancy gray matt tops with x-nrl but
tons, a snappy young man's shoo. Price, er
pair $5.00
No. 15964 Bluchcr Oxford it-
out colt, Cuban heel, a stylish dress shoo for
all occasions. Price $5.00
No. 15965 Bluchor Oxford Ta n
Russia colt, fancy bras eyelets, a good service
able shoe for every day wear. Price $5.00
No. 15966 Button Oxford w 1 1 h
fancy lirown stitching, something out of the
onlinary for tint man who liken things dlircr
out. Price $5.00
No. 15969 Russian Colt much or
tan, heavy stitched externum snlesstylish and
comfortable. Price $5.00
No. 1 5970 Bluchor Volour Colt
A shoo constructed specially for the young
man. Price $5.00
No. 15971 Bluchcr Gun Metal
Common wnw hwt, an esjicclully comfortable
shoe for the business man. Price $5.00
No. 15973 Button Shoo Pnten t
colt, kwIiik la-it, something eRiecinlly classy
In a dress shoe. I'rlco . $5.50,
"The Store of Better Values"
Bend, Oregon
- -
For Sale and Want Ads.
Perfection in IwnfceUons jm
ney'H nt PnttorsotrH. 2tf
M. J. Morrison ciblflfate Vou
.'J20 acre homesteads tf
Uyo hay for unlo- wllLioll cli
for cash Kd. Halvorsoir. 4tf
terms for friends. The Pont Office
Rooming House now open. The
place will be remodeled In a few
dayH. Jean Schiller, Proprietor, tf
$80.00 per month straight salary
and excuses, to men .w'ith rig, to
Introduce onr Poultry -Remedies.
Don t answer unhrta you mean busi
lifidleH Perslnn belbjvery pretty nw- KureKif Poultry Food Mfg.
A. II. Grant returned t Mend
Don Htm of Madras wh In Bund
lust week.
J. V. Bogue of U Pino was In
Bend Inst week.
George (J. Richards of St. Imis,
Mo., is a Hond visitor.
Neat wiwtj MifVur banket. 3Cc, at
Howe's fconbiM' Store.
The April number of Patterson's
Orcgotiiiin appeared hist week.
The return of Mrs. C. A. Jones
to Mend Is exacted this evening.
trade intKowe1
K. V. Ward, who has a homestead Ilutte.
near Slitors, was in Bond last week. jjf nn,j
J. V. Ilrown, of the Riverside Sunday for
Inn nt taidlaw, was In Bond yostor- Madras.
'y. . Pete Jordan, n Whit
Save yourVnioKlus, dlmus and dol- hnmuatoader, is sendlr
lars by trndhV at Howe's Kconomy In Hend.
.Store. You. Mr. Man. W
-...,..... . -.--,
Kgg taken in trade latitowe's J. T. Morson. manager of the
Kconomy Store. v Deschutes lind ComHiny, iHuwed
IJmlull Darby if Madras U u J,"J,UK1,1I1 Hun,,I ywtonlay on his way
visitor here tlay l" lA ' mo' wiln n nu'Hr of other
' " gentlemen.
AinoiiK the visitors in Hond s I,. n.mid.. pr.i ,,... -i i
ii it nn ..r a....!.. y .Jlonkle ,t hord have purchased a
i Moddanl-Hiiyton automobile. On
Hoys' shirts extra UmI at Tuesday they took their first car
Howe's Kconomy Store. load of homesteaders to the south-
C. S. Hudson's new Hudson "20" tf,ul ntry.
roadster arrived Sunday. i ltor M. Tozler has bought an
., ... o i i. . i Overland uutomobile from It. W.
, Mr. and Mrs. S. I). Mustard of llVe wh(ch h y
Prlnevllle scnt Sunday in Hend. ,,, homwlU.n(J ut Mlcan U)e ,Ml
J. It. Couch of I .aid law is a Hend of this week,
visitor, a guest of tho Hend Hotel.! J. L. Dickinson, L. Dickinson and
K.J. Baumgurdner of Portland J"'"" Percivall, who took up
registered yesterday at the Pilot I nomesteaus in wniuiKer vniley re
Mrs. A. M. I.ura left
a horseback trip to
U. N. HolTnmn is now nsMsting ' outing llannols nigl)
0. P. Putnam In conducting The ' Kconomy htore.
Hullvtin. i,. p. Wakefield of Croscent was
K. S. and A. J. Lucas of Seattle, a Hend visitor yesterday, stopping
cently, arrived in Hend last night
from Seattle.
' Locator O. C. Henkle left yester-
flm nfliirniutn tim .i... I...m......m.I
"'V .livillinill U1 UIU IIUII1V91VIU1
grounds with K. H.Sakr of Seattle
kur Vniley nnd K. II. Clark of Hlalr, Okla..
a few days looking for free government land.
. C. C. Morrison of Chicago, travel
one of our ing passenger ogent for the Great
Monday at tho Pilot ' nt the Pilot Hutto Inn
Henry C. Muhsof Whitakcr Holuet
lilrU. Howe's Northern, was in Hend Monday. He
rejHirts Hint Oregon continues to be
the Mecca for eastern land seekers.
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Titus of Wos
ley, Iowa, are in Hend for the pur
kkso of making annual proof of im
provement on their section of
were guU
Hutto Inn.
9 Thursday H. A. .Miller relume! , vicinity was in town the first of the Uwrt claims in townshln 0ranLM.
from a ten days llmler cruising trip week to get lumber and feed. I .JMt? l0Wn8,,,P -. ru"K-'
Htouiesouin. P.Htmiuter Minor vestertlav re-
V. S. Helfich has ojhmiwI " shoe ceivod -IH new boxes which will lw
reimlring shop in the old Kelly store I iiwtnlle.l at the oitoHico iinmedi
on Wall StrwJt. I atoly.
John HIimw left last Thurlay to1 W. M. Smith, a new Hend rosi-
V..u.nil n u-iHtk at (:. It. A lit) nilich it. nil vuli Him IIim uimliui nt 'IIW1
.HXI.U .... ..- . --. . 1.W ...... .. (. ..V...U.. .b ......
Mon Little Itiver. pounds, is ill with the grip ut Tag
1 . W. S. Stephenson of Portland, a t Hrt n,1,10X
I). C. Smith of Springfield, Ohio,
and W. K. Hurke of Miller, S. D.,
piwsed through Hend unroute for
Iji Pine. Mr. Hurke owns lai)d in
1 thu Doschutes Linil Company's
.' On May 1 the Circuit Court will
I have h hearing on tho findings and
friend of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. W. W. Orcutt has been confined
Dimlcks', is visiting them. to his homu for n few days on ac-
Ih'Harriman Deschutes railroad count of lllnoiw but hla ondition is
... ..I..., titiuf liniiriil.'iifl
is i xp cteil to lie comiieiwi io rtiaii
now improved.
Mr. and Mrs, It. M. Patterson
left Sunday for Tho Dulliw. Mrs.
Patterson exccU to visit her people
at Walla Walla.
Fred Yonkera of Hryan, Ohio, ac-
ras aoout the end of April
IjisI Wodnosdny evening tho
"CO )" club was entertained at tho
henuof Mrs. C. S. Hudson.
A W. Davis of Senttlo nrrived
lost Thursday. He Is looking over.companlod by his brother, Phillip
local conditions with u view to lo-i Yonkera. of Knlispoll, Montana, nr-
cntlng here. rived in Hend Monday.
W A C A. and I'lovd Mitchell of .Inlin nioi. who U nt C. It. Allnn'n
thowolnh, Wash., wore In Hend lust ranch on Little River, ia having
KLxutk Inoklnir over the country with irnmt lurk. Alrunilv Im Iiiim onnulit
a view of locating. a dozen Dolly Vnrdena.
Vr i W l.'nlWiirvinn luff Thnrmlnv nr n rv....i n nim in
for Port and. HO OXPCCta tO PUr-l. Wlnnlnn,! nf llnvnntnn niflnlmmii
chaso a now picture machine, to l j arrlvetl Sunday, They are InvestU
maiaueu in i.mniui o ....... unit nir bus ness onun nmi.
at Howe'n Kcononfy Store.
Photo mailers, largOsjjnd Kinall,
for sale at The Bulletin ofilce.
Three ghuw counter coses for sale
at Tlie Patterson Drug'Storu( tf
Rest Keuffel & Iviacrblit! print
paper for sale nt Hulletiri office.
Peanut HutUir KIsflwul Tlie Pat
terson Drug Store this"week-. 2tf
Send us yourVordejrf' for heavy
timber and ship-lnplknd Lumlwr
Co. 4tf
Hailed clworoTfalfa ami wheat
hay for solo-C. P. Becker, Laid
luw. f WJtf
Lowncy's Candies, freh and, de
licious, nt The Pa'tferaon'iJrug
SUre. 2tf
See the H. M. fc iV. Co. for
threshers, enginefllsteam gang
plows, etc. T . y tf
The Peerless Pressing Parlors are
now located nt The Toggery on Ore
gon Street. 62tf
ya'.aM ofdo' planer shavings
io iKHi your notes w ui.artne Itend
n.umber Co. 'a mill. . lUtf
I-oii Sai.k. HarrciiRopKcggs for
hatching, $1.(XJ per Aprting, Mrs.
E. W. Richardson. Cl-tf
Foil Rknt FurnisJkHl house,
barn, chicken coip nufl gurden, all
enclohod. Gko. (BXTra. 5tf
Get out that old trincuit and
we will make It lookipa; new.
PeerleM Proving Parlors. f2tf
Victor double face rccorJ. Iwst
talent in the world, tfvjelection
7ocU at Patterson Drug Store, f
Foil Sai.k A disc plow nndfi 12
disc wheat drill both as brood as
new. It. (J. Sturgeon. Laidlau4-n
The Hend Bulletin ha.4 fowde Uie
lost (jiiRlity blue print Uper; light
and heavy weight, and duplex
Have you en tneuirvrs-eye
maple aiwl nuar.ter wurtd QXk fur
niture Millard TScihnt nor haa in
Wantko Roll
vicinity of Bern
and price. Addn
Fob Sale CiiKAr-;Po
irrigated land 3 miles
on Bend-Burns Road
0. Box 93. It
Lost. Between
Butte, on rrulay.utornoon, a straw
covered suit cWe. Return to Bul
letin office. 4-tf
Tlie $100 chest ofCommunity
Silver is to be given yway soon at
The Patterson Drug Store save
your tickeU. v 2tf
Eggs for hatching frotn purebred
Silver Laced Wyaridoltos. $1.00
iwr hotting. Mrs. y P. Downing,
H.....I r .. ' it
nfjulslnnot hrthe
ii. tate hrution
V84, tiyC Bend
Co. (Incorporated.) East St. Louis.
Foil Sai.k oh Rknt. NW of
SFtf , Sec. 13, Tp. 17. R.12 E., 7
miles from Bend pn PrincvilleRoad.
30 ncres in crop last yenr; proof
mode; G-roorn houiw. Make propo
sition to W. H. Hayden, owner, 410
Fidelity Building, Tacomn, Wash
ington. 4-7
The workjnjjman'a friend has
come Ut stay atr Bend. We buy.
sell nnd exchange nil kinds of furn
iture, tools, Jewelry, coins, house
hold goods nhd clothing. Highest
prices paid. Call or write to the
Bend Exchange Emporium, post
office corner, Hend' tf
We are the representative in
Bend for the Victor Tailoring Es
tablishment of Chicago, and the
ladles of this locality are invited to
call and insect Jhe samples for
spring and summer suit. About
April lGtll we will Jjo in our new
quarters In the Putnam Building on
Wall stro4t.'Until then we are
over Patterson's Drug Store. Mm.
G. W. Shrinor and Mrs. K. D
.Mcintosh. 2-4
Passenger Service to be Started Sun
day and Freight Monday Jones
Warehouse Company of Hend
Wilt Handle FrclghtTfiere.
a cord of
My wife
Where are ypu going?
Down to Carter's
that good dry block w
won't burn anythingelse.
Carter is fotir 1ts cheaper than
others, He sellirliry block wood at
?4.50 Kjr cord.
Real L$ut transfers.
(I'Mf nl.twd by th Cregk Cm Mr Alutnrt C )
1). A. Malrr to It K. MorRan. (nt
H X nl 1 4 e,V sw X, e. at. 16
It. Con. U-
Mnilrti Towmitr Co. to Mnlr Oate-
ay Hotel Co. lots 6, - 8, 9, Woclc 4.
I'aliintiii. fiioo.
Sitnuel It Oray. rt ttx to Vm. C
llettman, lot 2
acres ot
rum Uend,
ddrcss P.
'end and Powell
Bend. Oreiron
Did you know that the
ion simp can jinnt .your
. Zl.
with hand
ntitlos you
s chost of
order of determination of the State
Hoard of Control in tho matter of
apjmrtlonlng tho water rights on
Tumulo Creek.
V. D. Harris, who has a humostoad
in tho Grass Hutto country, in Ijiko
county, about 100 miles from Hend,
ia in town for a second load of lum
ber and supplies. Ho took out a
load from hero about ten days ago.
John L. Weir, James Weir, John
Vagen, J. Jackaon.S.E, Door, Jamea
P. Kelly. W. H. Gilbert, C. B. Jay,
Morlco J. Powers and M. L. Cash
moro wero located on homesteads
tho past week by tho Homoseokera'
IjuhI Company,
Fivo wajrona loaded with lumber
and household aupplica for as many'
homeateClera loft Bond todny for
WhiUikor Valloy. Those going out
wero Johp MichaelhofT, John Fod-
Appordlmr to the Madras Pioneer 1 ,, ....,,.,., ... orolT. E. Stoiilmnnfr .
..... Vt... -. i'....,ul.. Piimnnnv l..w ' ' " ntarsniui m uimr, un-ii., an ;, "::""r"' TV """""" """
IIIO nillUllia '""''" Y "". .,v.l,.,1o,wl l.i.rlw... on Hn,l lnnb. VI
. . ... ... ..... ll.l It.... nla AllillUUVUH U.....U.. .... .'U..l .WWI-
lurreetl 10 give 111 wiu vujr .... ii , ., .1,.. i ..,i.ij.
upon which to erect 11 cuy nan.
V. E. Fanning has come from
Pomoroy, Wash., to take charge of
f. E. FitZRiirald'H place on ino i.nui-
law road. With him camo 1-runK
J. E. Sawhlll,
iviiiiiuiiuii. wno navo ami non.
ing for qunrtera in which to open on ,n,i"3 in aoct'0'a 13,14 and 22, T
up-to-date tonjorlal parlor,
R. H. Guild nnd
wero uou K nouiu
D. II. Yoomnna arrived from
Pomoroy, Wiun., Iiun Wednoaitny.
With him ,voro Aliox Wnltora, Jack'
Right au i Joo Edwurda. Mr. Wnl
tora has .rrlgntod land north of tin.
II. J. Eggleaton haa on exhibition I'Hot B .tto Ranch; this is hta fir t
nt hia harness nhop a 10U mo lei trip in Mr. Right also owns irri-
J, S. Stephens, who hits n home
stead near Whitakor Holes, boa re
turned from an extended visit East
and U Hpending a fow divya in Hond.
Mu Itnlnititutn
rturvoy work near tho Sawhlll home-' Reo automobile that is att-ac ing Rated land, upon which ho livid last
ntond on Big River Sunday, return-' tho attention of tho motor ear en-yer. TI1I1 j Mr. Edward'a i.r.-.t
ing Monday. i tnuwnsui ot iiend. , ''.
cards of the best
some script tyiw?
Every $1.00 purcli
to a chance on Pattejj
Community Silver
may be the lucky one. .
Why not get out sortie advertising
blotters, large or small? The Bull
etin haa tho stock and can do the
work on its new prew.
If you wyint farmTnachinory, ,
wagons, bugenod, eji-f, bee the Hond
Milling & WitceJxluso Co. nnd save
monoy. Stock in soon. tf
Foil Saw: oiiThadk. MwSO-acre
farm, with lota of fruit sot out; 6
room house nnd good wiring. $1300
$2o0 cash. R. E. OSliOKN, Wost
Sound? Wash.
Tho Bend Milling & Warehouse
Co. has scoWed ihexngency of U10
Portland lion Wprka for their en
tire line. vCanTurnish estimate of
costs for repairs. tf
Fon Salk At a bargain, ono
wagon and harness, one pair . geld
ings G years old,jvuight 1403 Ihs
each -Telephone or writp E. G.
Wright, Oneil, Oregon. 3-5
Colts To Trade G vnrlings and
2ycar 0UI3, on Slufniko rnnge.
Will trade for vacant lota or what
havo you? W. A.lMhynea, RR. No.!
2, Box 21, Gait, Cnnrornia. 4-5
Vo carry f largo stock of fruits,
vegetables.tobaccos, cigars, grocer
ies, etc. Wieapost placo in Crook
Countj- to'buy. PostOlllce Wniting
Room, pos ollice corner, I end. tf
For portraits at home individual
or groups intoriorr!J)vs, general
out doo phatojjrttphv and kodak
fiiUshingtcftlkon C. G. Sownrd, ten-"
pornry (iiiartors opposite thcfost
ofllco. yxi I
ThJ boKt larso Jjcts. Rooms at
GO cqAU. $2.S0ly week, siecial
Jl and 24. lilock 17. Ucnot
aililitlon to Madrai. 160.
Crook County Inv. Co. to Adam Cell
ret. lota 13 ami 13. Unck 113. Ilillman.
Con. f450. AImi lot I j, block 7. Ililluiau
io w. w. Aiuriuue lor fa.
Crook Counlv Inv. Co. to V V. Al
Hriilnr. lot 5. hlock n4, Ilillman. (50.
ToD.Calto. lot it, lilock 7, ilillman. fio
Keilmoml Towmite Co. to Henry P
DeSouxa, lots 1 aud 1, block 16, Red
mond, ins.
Wm. H. Taylor, et ui t.t Ceo II Rib
becke, et ux. lot 1 7. block 8 and lol ty
block 7. Railroad add. to Madras, fjva.
J. C Roblnton to J. V. Robinson, 300
feet square south o( block 33, I'idmain.
$1000. Alto lot 6 in block 6, Paluuln
for lioo.
Northwest Trut & Safe Deposit Co.
to Minnie Rodoni, w 4 ueXsec. 16, 30
IJ. 6oo.
Reilmond Townsite Co to II. C. Cald
well, lot 3, block 49. Redmond, f I.
Rea Bros, to O. L. Rust, lots 10 and
II, block 9. Madras. $1.
Redmond Townsie Co. to W. D. Mann
lo's 7 and 8. block 34, Redmond. 300.
Redmond Townslte Co. to II A. Ken
lull, tuts 13 and 16, block 33. Redmond.
Patents from the United States as
follow: To Arthur Johnnon. twU sw U.
see. 33, t)i ne' and nve4 iif.'4 cc 31,
ToChas. M. Red6eld, sw-,V( nw' sec.
to, 14-13-
To Hubert G Caldwell, lots 3 and A
and r-, nw ( ec. 19, 31-11
To Ifrh. P. KnriKht, nw, sec. 7, 19-
Jh. R I,o-. w-l, sw'i sec 36 aud eh
w,1 sec. 27 16-13.
Commencing next Monday
the Oregon Trunk Railway will re
ceive freight to Opal City, four miles
north of Crooked River, the point
nearest It) the river to which the
trains will come until the comple
tion of the big bridge permit traf
fic to advance southward toward
Bend. Passenger service will be
extended to Opal City beginning
The Jones Warehouse Company,
a Bend corporation, will handle tho
warehouse business at Opal City.
George A. Jonos left today to make
final arrangements at Opal City for
the reception of shipments, the
first of. which are expected next
week. In a few days Mr. Jones
will move to Opal City, to make his
headquarters there to superintend
the handling of the freight.
The railroad company is con
structing a platform 400x60 feet in
dimension, which will have a special
siding its entire length, and upon
which the majority of the shipments
will be 1 stored until londed upon
freight wagons. All of this will be
covered by tarpaulins for protection
from inclement weather, and will
be guarded by a special watchman,
day and night. Perishable goods
will be stored in sheds erected for
the purpose.
I shall have as large a crew as
the work requires," said Mr., Jones,
"and expect to employ not only
enough men to handle the work to
.the .satisfaction of all concerned,
but to insure the smooth working
of the business from the very out
set I am arranging to secure the
services of an experienced ware
house man, whose special occupation
will be the office end of the business.
We hope to be able to handle all
freight quickly and to the satisfac
tion of our customers, doing away
with all the trouble now being ex
perienced." The general methods of the Moody
Warehouse at Shaniko will be fol
lowed. All advance charges will be
paid by the warehouse company.
It is now expected that the rail
road may be delayed at Crooked
Rivor from 60 to 90 days. The
first of the bridge steel has just
been put through the fabricating
plant and is not expected on the
ground for several weeks.
See the curiosities
art in our windoyv.
elephants from Cy
from the warriot
uoer coins, etc. at
work of
India, shields
of Africa,
the Secondhand
1 Store, postotfice corner.
EVERY J0regonian
lias alright to feel proud
) of the I
iATfHPn DcrnDn
The Only Life Insurance Company
Home Office: Corbett Building, Portland
A. L. MILLS, Pres. L. SAMUELS. (Jen. Magjtjlpr
E. N. STRONG, Dist. Mgr.
Keep YourMJn flrjjon
er -juititofa In t
'!). vi 71 attain twl
.no ,ax3a ,1 i:-ur
f t
2 V