The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 15, 1911, Image 1

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fi0tMi. IN,
Mo j 1 tii a -i'lflL.
fttJ At
HlT M.folluS.
In Iti first wwk of operation Ujo
Oregon Trunk Railway brouKlit 4f2
prnwcnKiTH to Madras. Tho number
for tin second week, which cnda to
day probably, will ! about -lOft.
About DO cam of freight arrived
ul Madras and Mutollus. Thus far
only car load lotu nro being takwn
m to Metollus, mid then "handled,
until tliu erection of n warehouse,
by tho railroad company Itself. Con
siderable1 illlllrulty ban been encoun
tered In curing for freight at Mad
ran duo to tho fact that thu word
hoifso thcru lia.i been full of wheat.
It In understood that during tliu
present week representatives of Bid
four, Guthrie & Cohuvo arranged
to taku thin wheat" thud relieving
tho congestion.
On March 7th work was communc
ed on Ui&MatlrnsdojMit. The build
iug In tobo IIOxl in feet,
Among tho shipments from Mad
ras have been M cam of cuttle, and
1000 sheep ,for the Portland markets
ami a carVoT Hereford Bulls, am
signed ti) Honolulu, from the ranch
of G. mOrny near I'rlnevllle.
Lost week W. C. Wilkes, Aiwt.
tien'l. Freight Agent of the S. 1. &
S. H. K., conferred with Uie sheep
men in Prlncvlllo in regard to tho
shipment of this year's wool crop.
According to Mr, Wilkes practically
all 4ho Crook County clip this year
will Ira handled cither ut Madras or
Metollus, at one of which points
facilities for handling U10 big wool
busincM will bo arranged by tho
It Is expected that next yeur's
thipment's will bo made from Mad-ras-Motolius
and Bond, tho fonuor
polnl commanding tho shipments
from the Vlbrthom portion of U10
county and Bend becoming shipping
point for the southern territory and
tho groat southeastern ranges in
Homey and Lake Counties. Un
doubtedly 'wool sales such us have
been (MjMucted at Shanlko each
year wfiTUo hold hero after tho ad
vent of thw railroad.
Uaichutcs Addition Saa Ilrrcllon of
Many Naw Home.
"Something doing" in tho build-
ing lino in the verdict accorded Des
chutes by thoso who nro fnmllinr
with devolopcmont thero-about.
Ten rea'dences have sprung up there
during thu jmst few months, not to
mention many tents.
Among thoso who have built are
J. M. Morris, 0, C. Henkle, Mr.
Smith, Carl Inriewig, Ralph Sjwnccr,
J. S. Hmythe, A. h. French, A, 0.
Thorson and A. H. Dorrls,
V '
IS -
Don't Wait
Until You aro Pinched for Money and then
Como to the Bank an Absolute Stranger and
Expect Us to Accommodate You .'
WHY? Because we must know ,f
our borrowers before they
become borrowers.
WHY? Hcciiusc we lire loaning
our depositors money along K
with our own and we must rv
be absolutely sure that all
our loans are sale ones.
Why not lie a dcpoillor firat, then we have a chance lo Wj
sfcjuatiitcil with ou uml when money it nretled ue are IJ ,&
imuUIoii to exlenit you credit. Do it now. Start a lUnk u -
' . 1.. ' I1 I.I. ..... ..Ill ti..l.i 11 ami na will llelD Vfll .
COUIll Willi III, jr uuiiik ' I""
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
Conservative Banking. for Conservative Peojfc." .'
(- -" '.i "; n
1 I
I L. n. lUlUD. 1'. O.
I Uums i'rtl.litlnjc from llenJ Will lie
JTho following letter icrelved by
thu Ilulletln from a well informed
fjurnsmnn gives an Interesting idea
ff the benefit which Uend may ox-
oect to reap from tho Bend-Burns
jj nUirn: up your teller of ilic anul ul
(Tmu relative to Uiaapuroilmale amount
6Tfreli(litlUK tit h t inlKlit I cxxrclrl lo
twiiir (rem tlir Weal into Duma ami Har
ney County, provided ki(I roaela arc
iimtp ftom ill railroad poliil lit connect
with Hum roads, will iay that I hnvr
vt the mailer mijiic Illtlr kliuly mnl
hove lkni the ln In lake the Inxtlrr
up with evemt of our huilnro turn. In
1011ml tiutiili the fitlxht hauleil Into
lliitui cacIi rr U from j, $00,1100 tMiunili
lo j,m),(i, Mrrclunu uuttnle of
lliirn, lue lMit the Mine amount, anil
yon ran ailil like amount fur the Mk
catlle rauclirianil mlicellaiieoui, tiukluv
a total ol frnm lo,(K),x) to 15000,001
W)inicU. lint a auiall part of lhl will
oome In from the ratt I my oitlnlon,
Ilium mtrchanta will urt tltrlr freight In
mi low at K)iltile. anil the olut that
fiirnlOin the lt faeillte I the point
that will (jet the huiineii.
The rirl liulnr while II will be
qulle a viilumr, U harilrr for lite lo a
proiluutp, ThU would contlit of wool
ami llvritock iirineimlly The jriijjcr
trainc from Ifarney Cnunty will be
worly of couililerallou In tills rcKanl.
The llurna Commercial Club exectii
to jiave a ilrlrcatlou at Html on the ilay
you ilrlve the "KuMcti ilae."
(Sigurd) C, ll. I.KONAal).
UenJ-llurna Kooto Preliminary Work
Nearly I'lnlincd.
Ifnmesteaders In tho MillicafT
count r' bring in word that tho
"Hcnd-Hurns" Hags already are
strung along tho route of the new
rood from Hend well to tho cost of
Milllcan. Tho road U practically
During tho last week $135 more
has been contributed to the road
building fund, bringing It to a total
of $7(515. Th recent contributors
are: Hend Townslto Co. $100, Silver-
tooth fc Hniwilcr W, J. r Taggarl
& Co $5, II. C. Coo ?, J. 11. O'Nell
ninia. N. Clark, who. with J. H.
Stewart lias u HctIon of land In 20-
18, 1(5 miles east of Milllcan, soys
that he plans to erect 11 road house
on his proiHiriy. uie projKwcu
stopping place will bo directly on
the new Ilcnd-Hurns road, says Mr.
It Is understood the road survey
ing party under K. W. Richardson
has practically completed their work
to thu Harney County line, and is
expected to be back in Rend this
Lust" week O'Nell Rrotheu of
O'Nell, who have interests at Mad
ras and Shanlko, purchased tho
Rlggerstair saloon on Rond Street.
James Serravnllo Is tlio manager for
tho new proprietors, tho establish
ment now being known as the Roma
Saloon. In tho purchase was in
cluded tho restaurant and all sa
loon equipment,
" ! ,- - W .
' .' M
AMXTBK8fVIrreMvfl 1 X
(fojVctyy) k "4 1
I)iKttCTty?Slr t I- ""jT
MINOR, S. V. ua.kii. , T
cur ur BUILD
Will Spend $10,000 on Improvement,
$2000 of Which Will lie Spent This
Year Officers Reappointed
Mora Sidewalk.
At tho meeting of the Common
Council held last evening thu special
committee appointed by the Mayor
to confer with the Townslto Co. !
regartl to a lot for a city hall re
ported that Uie matter had been
taken up wltli J. M. tawrence, who
suggested that Uie Council pick out
three or mora sites and give esU-
mates of the proiwsed improvements.
Thereupon tho Council decided to
sjiend $10,000 on a city hall, at least
$2000 of which would be spent this
year. Mr. lawrencc told the com
mittee Uiat tho company would meet
U10 Council more than half way in
tho selling of a site,
S. K. Roberts was re-appointed
day oflicer, and Wlllard Huston as
night oflicer. Marshal Kelly, J. R.
Doyle and Frank Robinson were
each in turn appointed night oflicer
by the Mayor, but the Council failed
to confirm them.
The reiwrt of Marshal Kelly show-
cd $G7.f0 in fines, assessed during
I-cbruury. Treasurer Sjericer's re
port showed $004.08 disbursed dur
ing February, and a balance of
$3500.87 on hand March 1.
Uwm reconsideration of its former
action, the Council voted to issue a
liquor license to Zulaney & Camp
bell, as soon as they complied with
Uie ordinances.
Rills to U10 amount of $200.08
were ordered paid.
Tho following sidewalks, wiU
necessary crossings, wcro ordered
built: north sido Greenwood, lots 1
to (5 incl., block 2.'!, and lots 1 to 7,
iiicl., block 2-1; east nldu of Lloek
24, lots 7 and 8; south sine of Fir,
lots 1 to 0, inch, block 23, and lots
1, 2, 3, 4,. 10, 0, and 8, block 21.
The Council adjourned to Friday
March 24.
OUtrlct AtUslonary For Central Ore
gon to Live Merc.
Rev. C. M. Cline, formerly of Ton
kawu, Okla., Is In Rend and will
make his home here. He is District
Missionary for Central Oregon in
tho RapUst Church. Rev. Dr. Cllne
will conduct services at the Raptist
Church on Sunday, March 2G, and
second Sundays Uiereafter.
Dr. Rlack, formerly a pastor at
at Walla Walla, delivered tho morn
ing and evening sermons Sunday
He is now in tho Evangelistic field,
and will preach in man of tho small
cr churches throughout the Interior
Rev. Wilson will conduct tho rcg'
ular services next Sunday.
Contractors Builders
.' L
All Kinds of Furniture and Cabinet
Work. All Work Fully Guaranteed
W. M, McG
Lumber Allll To Open, Water nd
Electric Systems to lie llnlarged
and Developement Undertak
en, Is New Company Han.
J. M. I-iwrence left today for
PorUund where he final acts In the
transfer of Uie Rend holdings of
Messrs. Drake and Robertson to the
Rend Company will take place. The
Incorporation and organization of
tho Rend Company and delivery of
the properties will be modo there
next week if possible. Tho fact
Uiat some of Uie men Interested are
in Uie East may produce a littlo de
lay as signatures are required to
formal documents, but aside from
this possibility tho transacUon will
proceed to speedy completion. In
discussing Uie matter Mr. Lawrence
"Wlillc many small details remain
to be. setUed indeed, from the very
nature of the case, tho new organiz
ation and new policy are not yet of
ficially determined, because Uie new
company Is not yet incorporated Itijots 0, 7, 8, 9, and 10, block 1. Ken
may be said Uiat A. O. Hunter will.
probably be manager of real estates
and publicity and Clyde McKay will
have charge of Uie lumbering. Mr.
Hunter, who has already achieved
much success in Uie Rend field, is
one of Uie best sales managers in
Uie country. He has Uie best of
connections and ho knows the busi
ness thoroughly. He has taken the
leading part in Uie financing of this
now deal. Clydo McKay has been
with tho Mueller Lumber Co. all his
business life and has been their j Addition, througn the Cetrnal Ore
trusted man in Uie woods and in jgon Realty Co. ,
ptilling ojiemtion In tho upper Mis-1 A. C. Lucas to Paul Hoss, lots 2Q
slsslppi Valley. For some Ume He I and 21, block 4, Rend. $4000.
has been looking after tho Mueller
interests on the Deschutes, so he is
familiar with con3ltions here. .
"It is likely that there will bearc
vision downward In the salo prices
of lots and that special concessions
will be made to thoso whoJwill im
prove Uiclr properfjr. , Water md
lijrht service will be ctondl. The
saw mill will bo started rt'as soon
possible, perhaps by-lh'eifiret of Uie
month, oud operated toQa full ca
pacity. The dry kiln wnllprobably
bo douubled in sito Inimediotely.
Tho electric power staipn.a im
proved and painted and)its capacity
doubled. Water wilf be taken from
the river above town ajftsoon as the
change can be madr). Assistance
will bo given to Uie building of
good roads.
"There will bo irenerous co-oper-
nUon with even" atroncy developing '
Central Oregon. The Comjiany will j
act upon tho idea Uiat It can prosper
only when the community prospers
nnd Uiat a considerable responsibil-
W yrffc'
!S6rT K
T,Al ' Ji
"-"" r-" ! RT
Ity for the common good rests upon
"Among the things to engage early
attention is Uie getting of a larire
hotel here and securing certain fac-
tones that arc looking for location
in this field. Mills and factories
will receive liberal consideration ax
to sites and power nt Rend."
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robertson
arrived Saturday night from Port
land, returning Monday, Uiat Mr.
Robertson might be on hand at the
final transfer which is expected to
occur on Uie 20th. ,
A. M. Drake, who came in Sun
day, returned to Portland today.
Many Lots Have Chanced Hands Re
cently, The Bpring activity in real estate 1
has started, and many sales are be-i
ing made. The following transfers
have been made recently:
Rend Towntltc Co. to R. E. Warner
lots 21 and 22, block 19 Park Ad
dition. Rend Townsite Co. to H. R,. Ford,
lots 1C and 17. block 18, Park Ad
dition. The Ryrne Real Estate Ex
change sold the property.
Hend Townsito Co. to II. D. Rrown
lots 1 and 2, block 3, North Ad
dition. A. O. Hunter to II. R. Ford, lot
7, block 3. Rend. $3000.
The Kenwood Co. to E. L. Swope.
of Seattle, lots 1G, 17, 18, 19 and
20, block 15, Kenwood.
The Kenwood Co. to Arthur Tolles,
.The Kenwood Co. to Charles
Pringlc, of ScatUe, lots 1, 2, 3. 4
and 5, block 24, Kenwood. The
soles. In Kenwood were made by
James Ryan. He also sold Uie west
half of block 15, LyUe acreage, .to
Mrs. S. Klein, of ScatUe. Dr. Fer-
rcll owned the, property.
Hunter & Statts to W. P. Down
ing, lots 1 and 2, block 3, Deschutes.
Miss Mary E. Coleman purchased
lots 9 and 10, block 18. Wicstoria
M. S.
LatUn Returns From
Week's Trip.
M. S, Lattin returned Sunday
evcnlntr from ScatUe and rcporta
Uiat a largo delegation of ScatUe
people will come to Rend on Uie
'first train.
"Many of the clerks," said Mr.
Lattin, "arc postponing their trip
until the train arrives so as to be
able to spend their vocations in and
about Bond. Bond is the only town
one hears talked of In Seattle now."
J. I. West and W. P. Golden have
purchased a channeler machine which
which will be shipped to Metolius
immediatily. Mr. West soys they in
tend to quarry extensively near Red
Rock Canjjjui, about 2 miles north
west of Bend. They expect to be
able to furnish all cut rock required
in Bend buildings by May first.
We First National Bai
Dr. U. O. OOE. Pmldint E. A OATHCR. Vie
O. S. HUOSON. Caihlar
OaolUI fullr paid - 2S,000
Stockholder' lUblllt as.000
Uurplu. ..... S5.0OO
Statement of tho First National Bank of Bend
WRli'niHn, w. w
Loam and DbcouuU fam&
uuk rSuHaVT Tina WX1. S J
04uk UalUllOK anvl t.o .........
O. S. llond and liemlum...-.,..'
rive ITT ccni ktuhuwuxh -
ti 01
n.Mt $3itjy 39
f t
,. PrT
imv- )w
TrXBS . xs tir 31 TV ' JJHPfcf a
(Jand iMIIIInjr A Wsrthou Company
Incorporates sad Starts Work Oa
Uend's First Flour ttlil-WIII
' B Wall Equipped.
Preliminary construction opera
tions have commenced on Bend's
first flour mill. The mill will be lo
cated near the power house on trc
spur track of Uie Oregon Trunk.
Last week C. I. Dozell, who Is at
tho head of tho organization hand
ling tiie milling enterprise, commenc
ed clearing preparatory to founda
tion work.
The Rend Milling and Warehouse
Company Is Uie tiUe of the new or
ganization, which has just been in
corporated, with a capitalization of
$15,000, It is understood Uiat with
Mr. Rozcll are associated a number
of local investors.
The mill is to have a daily capac
ity of from 80 to 100 barrels, says
Mr. Bozell. The dimensions of Uie
building arc 32 by 48 feet, with
three stories and a basement The
mechanical equipment will consist
of five double stands of rolls, two
feed rolls, sifter stylo, of bolting
with modern purifier and bran dust
ers. The wheat cleaning machinery
will include a receiving separator
and two scouring machines. Power
will bo furnished by a 0 II. P.
three - phase 60-ycle induction
"We expect to draw wheat from
all parts of Central Oregon," said
Mr. Bozell. "Our intention is to
buy Uie best and make Uie best
grade of flour. Later we expect ta
instaJI an alfalfa nwa) mill nrovided 1'
----- -, . ; -
uicre is imotkgn cuiaiia jaisca in
In addition to its flour milling in I
crests uie new company expects ti ,
handle milling and farm machinery.
At a meeting of tto Board of DU
rectors of the Athletic Association
held Sunday evenlnir it was decided .
to call a meeting of'all members foi S
Thursday- night, at 8:30 at the club
rooms in Linster'a Hall. All mem
bcra and those Interested in putting
tho affairs of the organization upon
a permanent business basis ore urged
to attend.
There will be a meeting of all
college men interested In the or
ganization of the University Club
on Friday evening March 24th at 8
P. M. In the Commercial Club rooms.
Tho committee appointed on consti
tution and bylaws, consisting of H.
J. Overturf, D. M, Davis and Prof.
Harrington will then make their re
port. A.
r.rn . n, ivn
( PW a fu.y
Survlu..-, ... ..
Oregon, 1
ysn 1
t-" h '
ll.Jaa u
Vfljio,--' TZ
r is
C'T O R Ss -M
H. C. J1LI.IS'
ft- 0UUVI'
, rrt
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