The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 08, 1911, Image 1

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VOL. Mil
NO. 5a
Heavy I'relit'it To And I'rom Madrn
VatfUf-r I'rafllc l.r-l'ot-
bI l)rMrlinrnl Slitiwa Knnio
Sign of
The flrnt regular iinwuttiKcr trntii
Into Cunt nil Orison arrived in
Mud nut nt i):ir. p. m. on March lt
ovor tliu tinukHof lliu OruKun Trunk
Hallway. Tlui train IiiiiukIiI i:W
HwuiiKni. Illicit uvuiiIiik for tliu
lwt week from 76 to 1UA eoile
litivu cotuu in over tin; newly laid
The nccnmmodiitloiiM tit Minima
are HWainR(l, Hcunw of kwiIo wich
lilidit KoliiR without bed. Tliu
iiulo uml iiUiko ctniiimnkm mil taxed
to tho utiuont to euro for tliu uuor
niotu trnlllc.
Twelve cnrloiuln of frulu'il were
received nt MnilrstM Uiu llrt tiny tliu
roiul win oniii. Tliu 0. T. Ky. in
bulldintr mxIoiwIvc platform nt Mn
tnlliiH, whuru they will handle car
limil uhlpmonU. Tliu prwumt fri'Mit
handling nyattni In working con
hkluruiilii Inconvonlencu on llend
merchant. It lakurt llueu diiy for
notification of tliu arrival of freight
to rvacli them, tliu mall wing from
Mini ran to Hhuulko anil thuncu to
Hand via Prlnovlllit. Tliu wnrehmnw
ounimny Ih unnblu to pay advance
frululit olinruiM, making it uecuwuiry
fur local tuurclmriU to Mtnd cah to
cover nuch chargM.
No dullnltu Htatomunt lini been
inmlu, but It U underntood it will !
nnotliur month Ixifnru Uiu pronont
alow Shanlko mall route in dlocoti
tinutnl und tliu mull brought in by
Monday nlKht W. C. Wllkim,
AmiKtnnt KrulKlit Agent of tliu S.
!.,& S. II. It. and J. . Kprlngcf,
Tfnvelllng AKunt, woru in Ilond.
Thuy are arranging for wnruliotuo
nnd other freight matter along tliu
Tliu linrrimnn DimchutoA Rnllrond
Comimny linn liwued itit freight tariff
nhcut. In uvury (wirtlcular tliu niton
publlnhed thuruln nre iduntlcnl with
thiwo of tho Oregon Trunk Itailwny,
which were given In Tliu Hullutin
butt wuuk. At present the Ilnrri
man llnu in accepting freight only to
South Junction, nt mllu xml 82, 21
mill north of Mad rim.
Tliu complete timo tnbkm of tho
Oregon Trunk huvu boon publlnhed.
The. prawnl 'wwHintior itchedulu from
1'ortlnnd to Metollun Miows HIS
houni running tlmu. From March
10 to April 10 the low colonist faroti
from eiuitern jKiintx will bu in elTect.
On the flrkt nnd third TuoduyH uf
each month low round trip furud
a ru In elfcct between mkldluwuHturn
jmlntB nnd Central Oregon utnlloiiH.
Thu Mcnnd grade of the Ikmd
mcIiooI pruMintcd threu went from
Hiawatha liiHt Wi'dnuwlny afternoon
In the cIiwh room, The pupllH of
thu llrnt. third mid fourth grade
were pnwunt.
Thu HrunuM were presented very
well for nmiitfUiH, mid hIiowimI thu
nwnlt of conHlHtuiil training lly MImm
lliwkhiM. Thu Mtugu ButtlngM were
very nrtlntlc, and gave thu piny
ruallHtle background.
Council Accept U. II. Clotittt'N llltl lo
lUlablUh Mradea.
Thu Comtiion Council mut butt
night in thu Commercial ('Ink room
and granted liquor Hcuiikoh to F. C.
Hxh, at thu Pilot lluttu Inn, Holme
& Smith. Mike Dragich und Stuvunx
& l'attl. Mayor Coo voted agaiuftt
allowing wiloonn on any uurutitrlctud
proKtrty at tho dlHoretlon of thu
Council. Hu nhto ciut thu deciding
vote to hold onu IIcuiihu of thu 12 in
rowrvu liiKtimd of granting thu full
numlxir nt once.
It. II. Could'H bid to UMUiblinh
graded on Wall nnd Ikmd Streetn, m
well tut connecting Htrcetn, for $18,
wiw accepted. Tliu Mnyor'n up
ixilntmcnt of K. A. Knthor nx lire
chief wiw rati (led by thu Council.
Thu hire Commltteo wan author
Ixud to hnvu a telephone put in at
II. J. KggloMton'H iitoru, ho an to
facilitate thu calling out of thu
chemical unglnu. Tliu Iteconlur'n
Hilary wiw llxel at a maximum of
I'M kt month.
Mayor Cou npiMtintud Mm. C. I).
Kowe und Mrs. ('. S. Hudson m thu
.two yutir TruiiUHM for thu, library,
and MhM Mary h. Columnn and Mm,
II. C. Hill to hold thu four yunr
Upon rucommendntlon of the
Committee on Street thu alley in
block 20 wiw ordered oiuneil; the it.
V. L. & I'. Co. wan notified to build
bridge over thu ditch in thu alley
of block 20, nt und of block lit nnd
hIiui at n (mint about 200 feet south
of thu Iioho houitu.
Thu following HkluwnlkH wore
onlunil built: lliwl m1Iu of Third,
lotn 1 und l!l, block 20; nouth nldo
of Junior Ave., lot W inclunivu,
block 10 nnd Uiu miuth imlu of Juni
per Ave., loin I7 incliiHlvu. block 20;
Thu Council udjourncd to next
Will Hold I'ooJ Sata March IH, and
I'lower 5liow During Summer.
Tim I n.lliia Mlirnrv (Mull U'lll inixil
, lliv 4r....w. .' . .
luuruiny uueriUMin ai -;.io in uiu
Library room. ,Tho nrrnngomonUi
or the fooil wilu nt O'Donnull'H
Market on Saturday Mnrclt 18 will
bu completed.
Mm. C. S. Hudson wna elected
vice-president of thu organirntlon at
tint met'tlnir hold Inst week. Tlie
club hns decided to givu a flowur
show during thu summer. A8iccinl
commltteo was npMinted nt tlie
last meeting to sue thu school chil
dren nnd induce thuui to grow How-
Muny prixtw will bu nwnrded for
thu bust K)tted nnd cut llowura.
Don't Wait
Until You arc Pinched for Money and then
Come to tho Bank an Absolute Stranger and
Expect Us to Accommodato You
CO till
WHY? Hecnuse we must know
our borrowers before they
beeoiiu! borrowers.
WHY? Hecnuse we ure tanning
our depositors' money nlong
with our own nnd we must
be absolutely sure that nil
our loans are safe ones.
Why not be n depoltor flrat, then we Imvc n chance to get
iMiiialiiteil with you and when iMiiicy U needed c ate la h
. I M II. I.. I. .....u ClArl ii ItrttlLr flt.
iioallioil III cxiciiii yuu virun, .-...... ....- -"-"-ml
with u. lly doing till ou will help ua and we lll helpiou.
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
Conservative Banking for Conservative People."
New Company Takes Over Holdings of
Drake and Robertson, Including
AH the Properties at Bend.
Thu Ikmd Townsite and its lubsldinry holdings hns chnnged hands.
An agreement wm entered fnto, and n partial payment mudu in Portland
on March 2nd, whereby thu townsite, mill, power dam and electric equip
ment, and thu wutur system, kwh to the control of thu Ikmd Company.
A. M. Urake, nnd I'rank Itoliertaon, Vlcu President nnd President, re
spectively, of thu present Ikmd Townsite Co., uru untlroly eliminated.
It was found to Ik impracticable to handle tho Interests of Kohcrlson
nnd Drake separately, so the former's fifth interest in the Ikmd Town
site Co. and half interest in the Water Company were taken and will be
consolidated with thu Drake holdings in the new corjxiration.
According to .1. M. I-wrence, who returned to Ikmd Monday evening,
the actual transfer of thu property will occur on Mnrch 20th
"As yet thu nuw corporation Is not organised nor its officers elected,"
said Mr. Lawrence. ' However, ns soon as tho Incorporation is effected,
and its olficcrs elected, no time will be lost in inaugurating an active
campaign of development. Among other things n new schedule of prop
jMirty vnluus will Iki prepared and extensive publicity work will lie under
taken." . ,
It Is understood that A. O. Hunter will huvu charge of the realty and
advertising end of thu bus(nuss, and that Clydu McKay, on behalf of the
Muullur Lumber Co., will havu charge of Uiu lumber fntorost of thu now
Among tliu stockholders of the new company nre, thu I). B. Hunter
Realty Co. of Dayton, Ohio, which already hns ox tons! ve holdings I
Hand, thu lirooks-Scnnlon Lumber Co. of Minneapolis, Minnenota, Kd. C.
Muullur of thu Chrlstian-Muullur Lumber Co. of Davenport, Iowa, J. M.
lasvruncu and others. Doth thu above named lumber companies have
htmvy timlmr holdings nenr Bend. Milling of their holdings at Bowl
naturally may be expected to follow their newly ncquirwl realty interests
For more thnn a month A. M. Drake Um lieon in Portland from his winter
homu in Pasadena, California, conferring with Uie other parties in the
dual. Inwrence has Iwen working on thu projKwitlon for scvorn! months,
ns has A. O. Hunter, and others. -
Sam Brooks of thu Hrooks-Scanlon Co., togoUier with Clyde McKay,
was In Bund in Uie latter part of January with A. O. .Hunter, innking 8
careful examination of the town and Uie pro'wrty in which his company
proposed to interest itself.
Thu present townsite company acquired its holdings enrly in the
spring of 1010, A. M. Drake turning over the management of affairs to
I-rnnk Ilobcrtson. It is understood the holdings affected by Uie present
transfer include nil thu unsold jiortions of the Bend Townsite, Center,
Park, Ijivii Koad nnd NorUi Additions and somu -100 ncres adjneent; in
tho neighborhood of WXK) acres of Umber; the old Pilot Butte Develop
ment Co. lumlier mill; nnd the pru'iertios of the Bend Water, Light &
Power Co., including Bund's wntur nnd light system, the jiower dam on
Uie Duschutos, water rights, etc.
A. M. Draku camu to Bend in 11HX), Uie nuxt year commencing the
irrigation work, which in VM was Uiken ovor by the D. I. &. P. Co.
Much of the townsite property was acquired through the application of
An act of Congress just pass
ed, provides that reltluni who
filed on homesteads subsequent
to June 1, 1010, are given un
til May 15, 1011, to ostiiblish
rcridunre tijwn their claims.
This also applies to soldiers de
claratory statements. Tlie net
nlso grants leave of nliscncc
from February 13, 1911, to May
lf, 1011 to nil homestead en
trymon in Oregon.
Prlnevllle Photographer Reported
Dead In Crater Lake Snow.
B. H. Bakowski, the Prineville
photographer who was in IJend
much last summor, is reported m
having perished in the snows ol
Crater Iake, whiUier ho had gone
to take pictures of Uie wonderland
cnvoloped in itu winter garb.
A searching party found his Bled
and n shovel, both near Uiu rim of
the hike. Tliu snow at Uils point
was 20 feet deep at the time of
Bakowski's disnppcorancc.
Write Alany Letters Urging Others tc
"Come To IJend."
Last Saturday 200 letters written
by Bond school pupils went out to
their relatives and friends in every
liutrter of the United States telling
thorn what a pleasant place Ikmd is.
what its advantages, economic,
iconic and hoalthful nre, ami wh)
they should come to Bund.
Tlie "booster" letters were writ
ten entirely by the children und it
vhom Uiey selected. The unique
den was put into practice nt the
suggestion of the Commercial Club
COUNTY COURT MEETS C. Williams was apiKiinted to serve
1 n. 1IA1RU, (I'rciliiciil) J. W. MASTKKS, (Vice President)
1'. O. MINOH, (Secretary)
PranchUo For l.nj-Klni; on Deschutes
Continued Over.
Thu Mnrch term of tho County
Court convuned nt Prineville Inst
Wednesday, nil of tho members be
ing pruVunt. Tlie proposition of
granting a franchise for logging on
Uie DuschutoH Itivur was continued
until the May term, uxm request of
thu District Attorney.
' Numerous iietitions for qounty
ronds were presented; in two cases
tho viewers were ordered out, but
thu majority of the petitions wuru
continued ovor until Uiu Mny term,
on account of defuctivu osting of
thu K!titions,
Tue resignation of 0. M. Slocum
ns Justice of thu Ponce for the Red
mond precinct wns accepted, nnd J.
until thu nuxt guneral election
The roort of the County ClorK.
showing the imymont of S8GG.60 in
coyote scalp bounties, wns approved.
A contract was mndo wiUi I). D.
Franco to complete tho Prineville
Iledmond road. Tlie court ordered
Uiat n wnrrant be drawn in favor of
Tillmun Bouter for $12r.00 to
(Mirtinlly defray cxponsoa that he in
curred in making the exhibit nt the
Billings Dry Farming Congress in
A plat of the now town of Im
perial, located in Township 21 S.,
Ilnngu 19 E., wns approved. The
new town is in tho Hampton Butte
Tlie Court adjourned until Mnrch
Ilend Couple Celebrate Anniversary '
Home of Their Daughter.
The colebration of Bend's first
golden wedding occured yesterday,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wood observing
! the fiftieth anniversary of their
wedding at tho home of their
dnughtcr, Mrs. Hattic M. Morris.
All their children nnd their child
ren's families wore present with Uie
exception of Uie youngest daughter,
Mrs. Penrl Jonas, who lives in Shani
ko. Mrs. John Morris, Ginrles E.
Morris, Frank and Cliristophor
Woods of Bend nnd Mrs. Elln Knnrr
of Portland were presunt.
Mr. Woods will be 75 in June.
Mrs. Woods was 00 yesterday, hav
ing been married on hor birthday.
Thoy wore married in Ionia, III.,
Murch 7, 1001. Mr. Woods was
mustered into the Federal army
Sop. 10, 'Gl, Comyony I, 60th Illi
nois. They moved to Iowa in '63,
lived there 20 years, thence to SouUi
Dakota, where they remnined 14
years, Uien to Iowa for G years and
thence to Oregon.
Typewriter ribbons on sale at
i ue uuiieuu umce, record notions
for the follovviu machines: Oliver,
Remington, Visible und Royal.
Mllllcan Will lie Name-Mall flora
Prom (lend Another Office At
Whltaker Holes Asked For
Semi-Weekly Mall Service
Word has been received from the
PostofTicc Department that the post-
office asked for in Millican Valley
by homesteaders has been granted,
with Mrs. Mabel C. Tozior as post
master. Mrs. Tozier has already
secured the required bondsmen. As
soon as these are approved her com
mission will be issued and the post-
office opened.
This office, named in honor of
jcorgc Millican, pioneer settler and
itockman, will be twenty-six miles
loutheaat of Bend, on Uie Ikmd
Burns road. Lester M. Tozier, Mrs.
Tozier's husband, will movo his
homestead cabin to the road and me
it temporarily as postoflicc quarters.
For the first three months the
lostmnster, by order of the depart
ment, will have to hire n carrier to
take the mail out from Bend, nfttr
which time Uncle Sam will arrant u
for this work. As was done whi it
the nuw office Rolyat was established
in Uie Hampton iliutte Valley, tl e
patrons of Millican probably will I e
asked to contribute a small monUi'y
sum to meet the carrying expense.
It is exacted the service will be at
least semi-weekly.
Another petition, signed by forty
two homesteaders, is ready to Le
sent to Washington asking for a
postofficc to be called Whltaker,
with Thomas Gray suggested as
postmaster, to be located at Whlta
ker Holes. Tlrf will be about ten
miles from Millican and thirty-six
miles from Bend.
Tlie proposed office will serve a
large patronage as Whltaker Valky
land is nearly all filed on.
The Bend basket ball team will
play Redmond at Linster's Hall Fri
day and Saturday evenings. Before
Uie Friday game Uie White and Bluu
girls teams will have an exhibition
contest. After Uie Saturday night
game there will be a dance, tlie
music for which will be furnished
by Miss Ivu West, violin, Fred
Lucas, piano and E. C. Throne,
At a mecUng Monday evening of
Uie Bend Athletic Association the
following officers were elected:
A. R. Dorrfa, Vice-President, Claude
Kelly, Secretary, and Guy McRcy
nolds, Treasurer. At a special meet
ing to-night n President will bo
olectcd. It was also decided that
Uie vice-president hold tho office of
"Collector," attending to Uie col
lection of dues and monies for the
The First National Bank gQ
Contractors Builders
All Kinds of Furniture nnd Cabinet
Work. All Work Fully Guaranteed'
Or. U. O. COS. Pr.lld.nt E. A. BATHER. Vic Pr.ildtnt
O. B. HUDSON, 0hlr
OirIOI fullr paid . . S3 8,000
Slockhold.r.' liability . . 2S.000
Burulm .... 86.000
1jTrove ten miles the other day to
my ucin, jusiiij iiuii a uuy .-
time doing so. Hud he been a
depositor with this bank, he
would have mailed his check at
an expense of two cents, and
spent his time more proiitably.
It's extravagance not to be a bank depositor,
for nothing helps so much to save time and
money as having an account with
1Kb First National Bank, Bend, Oregon
"Your Home Institution."
Small accounls are always welcome