The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 01, 1911, Image 8

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fcl M. DAVIS
. I
Farms, City Property,
Acre Tracts, Irrigated Lands,
Business Chances, Timber Bought and Sold.
List your property with us. We will sell it if it can be disposed of
at a salable price.
M. J. Morrison has lived in Bend for the pnst eight years and lias made a business of locating
and cruising government lands in Central Oregon, he knows the land and can locate you on
The Best 320Acre Homesteads
in the country. If you are going to take government land find out who your locator Is, and
whether he has lived in the country long enough to know the lands; also, if he is reliable, as it
is of great interest to you whether or not you get located on the right land. Read the subject
matter of our new leaflet in this issue of The Bend Bulletin. Copies mailed to you on request.
Homeseekers' Land Co.
Wall Street, Bend, Oregon.
Wbtls Preset Pollution Is Too Slight
To Oe Dangerous, Precedent Dad
To Be Stopped No Moro
Sewage- In Crooked River.
Dr. Calvin S. yhito, Secretary of
Die State Board of .Health, came in
from Portland with1 Dr. U. C. Coe
Friday. The purpose of hia visit
was to familiarize himself with Cen
tral Oregon conditions, especially in
reference to the pollution of the
Deschutes River from drainage and
other cause.
' This matter has been brought to
his attention particularly through
complaints he has received from
Laidlaw and local people, he says.
Also, the recent passage of the bill
prohibiting any pollution of the Des
chutes brings this matter to a head.
"We have investigated pretty
thoroughly," said Dr. White, Sat
urday. "It appears that the present
pollution of the river from Bend
drainage Is extremely slight; in fact,
so little as hardly to be worth con
sidering, and of practically no dan
ger. However, with the rapid in
crease in the bJzo of the town and
the population of the country de
pendent upon the Deschutes for
water supply, it is imperative that
even the present slight pollution be
stopped. This the new law compels,
and the state must enforce, if the
city does not. It's a matter of
checking a bad precedent for future
violators, more than anything else."
The only present trouble, it is
understood, is caused by overflow
from inadequate septic tanks used
by dwellings in block 3, facing the
After calling attention to the
unique position of the Deschutes, as
furnishing the sole water supply for
such a vast territory, Dr. White ad-
"One thing that surprised me
was to find that Bend is the only
Central Oregon town actually on the
Deschutes. Somehow, from adver
Using literature I had gained the
impression that the towns north
were on the banks of the river."
Saturday night Drs. White and
Coe attended a meeting and ban
quet of the Crook County Medical
Association at Princville. All the
licensed physicians in the county
were present, excepting Drs. Fcr
rell, of Bend and Hosch, of Red
mond. Dr. White took up with the
county seat medicos the necessity of
caring for Prineville's sewage other
wise than putting it in Crooked
River, which is now contrary to
state law. It is understood the
Princville city council are to . take
action in the matter at once.
Sunday evening Dr. White return
ed here, stopping at Hotel Bend,
and on Monday went out to Port
TUMALO, Ore., Feb. 27 The
Gcrtson Brothers passed through
this place yesterday on tbeir way to
The question for the debate Sat
urday night at the Pinchurst school
house is: "Resolved that Irrigated
land is more valuable than land
watered by rains."
Mrs. J. W. Baker and daughter ,
Mclba, recent arrivals from Rose-'
burg, have joined Mr. Baker at Red
mond where Mr. Baker conducts al
bowling alley. They were formerly
resident of Tumalo.
Edward White of Gist has been
here for a few days. Ho is in the
horse business at present.
G. W. Wimer of this place was
quite sick for a few days with grip
but his health is now improved.
Mrs. G. W. Wimer has also been
confined with the grip.
Mr. Olsbn of Gist passed throucrh
here yesterday.
ed the lecture given Sunday, by J.
A Fallgatter, of Redmond. The
subject of the addrww was "Social
ism," and the sonker handled his
subject in a very interesting and n
prcciatjvc manner. j
- A surprise party was given in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Dn Smith
at their home northwest of town,
Tuosday evonipg. ;
J. L. Couch has gone to Madras
to meet his wife and daughter, who
are returning from an extened visit ,
to Goshen, Ore.
Samuel Nichols left Saturday for
Condon, where he expects to remain
some time.
Mrs. E. B. Jamos is quite ill with
Mrs. Bart Nichols went to Olovor
dalc Friday.
Commencing in the issue
of March 1ith The Henri
liulletiu will publish Hex
Hunch's g r e u t Ahiskan
story THE
Don't miss the first in
stallment of this fascinat
ing serial. You will want
to read every word of it.
A imaineaa ifirrrivrx ei rocu iur
Town nnd VUUia la Oman nail
Washington, gitiag m Draerlptl
Xkelch of each place, I-orallon,
Snipping- Farlllllr unit a flaael
fled filrerlnry of eiuli lluloete
ana I'nlfuoa.
It. L. 1-Of.K CO Ine.
ftoatlU. Waeb.
Department of the Interior.
United KUUi Mint Office.
I akevtcw. Oregon, Jan. II. If II.
aufTMriit cwilct affdaelt hating been uImI
In tliU oIIkt by Nioa II Triplet!. cwitnUhl.
agalui! lloiclead Unify .So inr-4, mad No
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uc. II. lownehip II . rallK to H , Ulllam
eitr M-rMtan. by II. L VaiiMeltr Corneal, lo
which It leillci(edthal MMl VaHtltlerhaawhom
abandoned lliia laud. In. failed lo comply wild
IhclawaatomulenccaiHl culllealkm. that lie
haa ntvtr rraidnl upon ukl tract. aaUl paillea
ate- hereby notified lu appear reapund, and offer
I rvldciicc touching 11M allegation at le o'flMk
a m.onMar 16, lull, Ufurr Ciiniinlwloiiei II.
1 Klllt, (lend, O'cgoii (and that nnal lirariHn
Willi held alio o'clock a m on Mar. M lull
. UfoicJIli' HcgUter and Kccelrcr at Ih Drilled
! hl.tce I.anil OlWllI Ukevtew Orcgnu.
Theeakd cunlcatant having, til proper am
'daetl. Bled lau. II. igll. act forth farte which
I ho that after due diligence pereonal tcnrlfr ol
IhU nonce can not l made. It la hereby oidriiv
and directed that audi uotlc be given due ami
proper P"- w a ,
4VJ1 '"' ' CKO.NHMIM.HK, Receiver.
Ixave your subscriptions for
All Magazines
at the Library and let that
institution gut the benefit.
IIKNI) I.ODG1. NO. ai.
I. 0. 0. F.
Regular meeting flight, livny
Moiuliiy. Visiting iltcthrcii el
come. K. T. Ilul.i, V. A. For!.
N. 0. Sec'y.
All kinds of land location and appraisement
work JJ20 acre homesteads along
the railroad surveys.
K. Xiswo.soitK, l'rcs.
G. D. Makkki., Sec.
Wall Street, Ikrnl, Oregon.
Laidlaw, Ore., Feb. 28 A num
ber of the Laidlaw residents attend-1
J. B. Montague
Contractor Builder
Plans and Estimates Cheerfully Furnjshed.
See me before building.
Residence south of baseball field Bend, Oregon
choice residence lots
Choice residence loin in Wictttorlu Addition, adjoiifitig
Ucnd on the north. This is a Mriclly first clasu residence
sect ion and the first too lots will be sold nt half price.
Wc have the largest list of irrigated lund in Crook
county. If you want u bargain, call und sec u.
We can locate you on n 330-ucrc homestead, the beat
wheut laud in Crook county.
We have some good buys in builiu-hi mid warehouse
We have a number of choice buys in timber lands,
We represent some of tbe' strongest I'ire Insurance
Companies in the West. They have been tried. We al
ways have our losses paid promptly and without a question.
Notary and stenographic work accurately and neatly
done, and receive prompt attention at tiny time. All in
quiries receive prompt attention. Call on or write
Oregon Investment Co.