The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 01, 1911, Image 5

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The proposed freight and automobile roml from
"w Bend to Burns is now assured. Construction will
be begun nt once. The opening of this ronii will
mnkc Bend the naturnl market for the great
J '.southeastern
not satisfied
tell your friends.
"ISe Store of Better
Iiutn Dooner, of Prlneville, is in
Bond today.
K. L. Biipp, tho Redmond mor
chaNt, was In Bond Saturday.
V. A. ForlxMi roturned .yesterday
from u buainvM trip to Prinovlllu.
Tho dinplarwlntlows ill "A. M."
Lara & Co.'s store liavu been . re
modeled. .- .-
Wish to buy"Koor milk cows.
State price and particulars. P. 0.
box 62, Bend. 61-62
Protect your lungs from March
winds by wearing one of Patterson's
Coamols Vests. 62
Jhu. interior. . decorating on thp,
first' lloorof tho Hotel Bend has
been completed,
Judge H. C. Ellis left yesterday
for Prinevlllo, to attend the March
" II"ItirjlOf'Ari;i'oritrCo"rt.
J. W. Taggart returned from
Portland -tMC ' tfight. Ho returned
ovcr.Uui Pregon Xcwnk to Madras.
Will buy ul I fat entile, calves and
hoirn ready' for" market ' nt 'highest
market prices. Grovo II. Caldwell,
Bend, Oregon. tf
Eggs for hatchWfrffln'iWrtrbred
S ver Uiced Wyandottos. 5i.w
jM.r setting. Mrs. W. P. Downing,
Bend, Oregon. tf
Kon Sai.k -Simplex' iifoano player
nnd-46-rolls of iniwio. In excellent
" cmmroTTwnnly slightly used. In
nuiro at Lara's. tf
Wanted: 100 pino telephone
poles, 36 feet long, 7 Inches at top.
Delivered In Bwul.. PJPNEEU vTKUJ
I'HONK Co., Prinuvllle.
Fon SalbtSIx ofjho finest loto
In Deschutes, fovel, water Jjy illtch
and with clty'wiTtorT "Next to now
residence Inquire Bulletin ofllco.
I Tlio'roomHof the Bend Athlolic
' Association- are- being pnporedt As
; soon as tho work is comploted tho
apparatus will bo put, back in place.
M.J. Morrison, of tho Homoscok
era' Land Co-,? loft today for tho
homestead groupds noithoast of horo
with It. 0. i?Jil)Jiqnjjor of . Scat'tlp,.
Fou Sai.k A 35,-hoi-HO power Erio
City engine and bpllor,.n flrscliiss
condition. Uftuson for Rolling, .wq
are doubling oi.r capacity and have
ordered heavier and largor machin
ery. Mnstln Li.mbor Co., La Pine,
to Burns
country through whicb
Wc want the business from this section. We f
will do anything in our power to get it and hold it. J
Our trade is built up on satisfaction. If you are
tell us about it.
If you
Come to Bend and
self at home at
Bend, Oregon.
Putnam loft today for Port -
G. P.
Fred Wallace of Laidlaw was in
Bend lost week.
(5 rover Gerting of Laidlaw was
in Uend Friday.
Wantbu Hay to buy
XX Bend Bullutin.
Add rem
"M:S. TjiltffinoTrMomlny
Porthuid anil Seattle.
. Teaut,.haruess. wagon and farm
implements for sale. J. II, Bean.
Sepd us your orders' for heavy
timber and Hhtp-lnp. Bend Lumber
Co. -13tf
Bailed clover, alfalfa and whoa-
hay for sale. C. P. Beckor, Laidt
law. . : 60tf
Nick Welder is painting and pa
poring the interior of the Pilot
Butte Inn.
.-LiiLyour lirsuudXAViJJalieJIonie.
seeKers IhihI CooVVU Street,
Bend, Ore. tf
Wantki) Loggers with teams.and
man to clear land, cut wood. Kd..
Hnlvoruon. -Mtf
Fou Saw: Two lots In Doschutun
Addition, block 17, $300 each. J.
Hyuhr Agent. 61
New Victor Records at Patterson's
Drug Store this week. Don't frill
to hear them. 62 .
. W. Ml Dillchbeck; Wf 'Portland, is
in Bend, and now expects to make
hU'litfWo hgr67" Zi:
Fou Saw:. Bnnl Bock eggs for
hatching, $1.00 peir sotting. Mrs.
E. W. Hichnrdson. 61-tf
Fjt.KiJ LpU of dry planer shavings
to bed your horses -with, nt thuBond
Lumber Co.'s mill. -3tf
J. M. Brown and wife of Seattle
filed-on imection of Itmd In Juniper
Valley on Monday.
lirlii'jJT-Irrigated ranch, 370
acres in cultivation. .Some alfalfa.
Ixe Davenport, Bend, 48-51-
Tho Powell Butto Grange Hall
Co. illod its articles of incorporation
at PrJnevllle last week.
N. S. Lclthcad of SeatUo recently
purchased, tho north half of lot 3,
block 0, Bond, fnxm Rufun Bick.
Henry Harris, who toft fpr his
homestead yesterday, purchased his
furniture at Millard Triplott's stovo,
For Rent Two rooms opposito
noatofllco: runnliiar wntor. electric
lights. Sco FlratJntlonnr Hank. DOtf'postonico.
jmn in ,t nm-
- it - pnssss.
are, pleased,. r4
mako - your - .-
r - -- - r- - --
, Dr. Coo "returned frorn Vartlnnd
J. G. Otason of Tumalo was in
Bond Saturday.
M. J. Morrison can locate you
320 acre homesteads. tf
v. w, iienKiu teii. yosieruay niwr-i
1 H M I.I. !.. .. A !.. rk
jwoii foN.Tunlper -Valhv.
W. R, Eohtemach returned Sun
day xtning" from I'ortland.
E. T. Eglmrt or Laidlaw was In
Bond yesterday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood left fori
Portland yosterday afternoon.
All. rubber goods .reduced, to costf!
at The Toggery on Oregon S. treet,
'MrMnnd'Mrs1 IjccHobbs of
Powell Butte were in Bend Monday.
Pnttorson'H White Tine Tar wjll
cure the most troublesome) cough"
Tho regular meeting of the Com
mercial Club'ia held tomorrow even
ing. Completely furnished four room
cottage for ront. See Georgo A.
Jones, if
i). I). Franco nd. E, y, yooilej
of Powell Butte were .In Bond yos
terday, Tho Patterson Drug CO. fills air
mail orders promptly the samo day
as received. 62
""Wantki) 40 acres of improved
Irrigated land to rent,. Address XX
Bend Bulletin. - 60-61
On 'tho 'evening of March 17th
there -will bo a big Str Patrick's Ball
at Linster's-IIall.
120 neros,. 100 acres. undor illtch,
4 miles from Bend. Price $2.00,
terms.. .J,.-Ryan, .Agent. 61
Bill Brock left, Monday for Poft-
laud. Hu will 'go out over, the Ore-
Trunk -front Madras,
f-"...." -v- -
When you want a good haircut or
shave try Inncs & Davidson's modern
ami wen equipped, uaroer snop.
f'on SAL-Teamof liorees.wagon
And harness, Will sollnoparatoly.
W. E. Scott, at. Bend Lumber Co's.
Will.' '" ' w 41tf
Dldy6uknoy that tho Bulletin
job shop can printr your visiting
canls-of vthobest stook with hands
some script typo?,
Vor portraits at homo individual
or groui3 Interior vlows, general
out-door nhotojrranhy and Kodak
oor pnotogrnpny anil AOUaK
nnlshlnir, call on C. G. SEWARD,
temporary quarters
opposRo the
Bl I
work. Liberal wages to right part.1
Mth. K. Elklns, Davidson residence)
on Hawthorn Ave, 60-51. '
If you haven't neon the nworl.
merit of silk flow mattreHwm at Mil-i
lard Trlplott's, It Im time for you to'
drop In at bis nUria. 51. j
0. C, Ilenkle in huJJcHrjtr a nix
room cottage on lot 0 of bfock (!,
ptiiiUM Ajldltfon. 11,'wlIliMjcom-)
pleleu in, two weeks.
He sure to save your cash ticket
at Patterson's with every purchase
fyolfhave n chance on the $100 chest
of Community Silver. 52
" FJn SalkIZCT acres of fine tim
ber, nbout 5 miloa south of Bend,
about four million foot. Apply to
John Dedrrief, Bend. 61-63
The Episcopal Guild will meet
Thursday afternoon at 2 P. M. at
thelrome of'MMrWUAMii Members
and those interested are invited.
Mr. and Mm. A. L. French and
family moved into their new house
In Deschutes on Monday. The
building 1m on lot 10 of block 12.
Mra. II. J. Overturf in expecting
her brother. Allah' Rcld.'of Koo-
flown, "Saskatchewan, CanaIa7 in
Bond the latter, part of the week,
W. !!. Bates returned from Tort
land Sunday evening. -It- la. under
itood he has been familiarizing him
self with the automobile business.
Articles of incorjwration wore
lied nt I'rinevillc last week by J. S;
Bogue & ty, of La Pine. " Tlie capi
tal, stock of life firm"Ci'tijJJc.$20.000.
Fou Sai.k on Tkadk Two lots In
Deschutes. Will take horses, harness, i
wagoner' farm machinery as parti
payment. Addruw J. F. Wolff,
Uend. " ' 60tf
Land Sckii Guarantee! soldier's
land scrip for'aale.' Will locate gov
ernment land open to homestead
ontry. " Write B. A. Mason, Salina,
I Kansas. 61-64.
'As soon as the "Oregon Trunk re
ceives freight to Madras, Uiore will
be n cdrlorill of furniture sent in,
half of which will be for my store.
Millard Triplett. 60-51
Shingles Shinolr Wo now
have thetn in the yard nt the Lin-
ster -water powerr-We also wantj
bolts. Hendricks & Stevens. Phone
Niswonger Residence.
S. T. Whittaker, Walter Dillcy
and (LA- skqr gf S",Imik Ore.,
are in Bend. They expect to take
n Irip-ovtfr-the-flvailHblH- homtend
lands east of Bend the latter part of
the week
The Bend Stoam laundry will
wash only one lot next wcok. All
bundles not in by noon Monday,
Fob. 27, will be left -over until the
following week, when
vice .will bo. resumed
regular scr - 4
H. W. Arnold, from Bellincrham.
riT 1."W . . .
wain., nns oeen
visinngJ.-T. For
rest nt Powell Buttos. Mr. Arnold
speaks enthusiastically of his im
pression of Bend. There Is a le
gibility that Mr. Arnold will locate
"WCTE "McQulstonT of "Portland
has wrUton-JrSrPrfrrntntortriat he
will be In Bend (his week. " It is ex-
tliat Mr. McQuistunwill oten
a general merchandise store on
Bond Street in Mr. Parminter's new
"California's Orango 'Country."
iieautifully-illustrated In four col
P8. "The Sjwll," nn unusually ro
mantic Serial ,' by C. J. and A. M,
iimir i 'Mui.-i it, 4
.Uiiiimnwiu. Mimi u onion iru
DomiHnThQ .West." March Sun
set now on saler-if, cents. 51-52
fo Kl.r.o
Tho "What-So-l2;ers" will meet
with Mrs. L. D. Wiest in Wiestorla,
iTSrxtFrrday-aftorrTOoU.-March 3, to
Kransact-thdr-monthly-misttiess. It
la dosired that all bring thoir sewing
iuuJ those, who can onibroidor are re
"(uesteti to Lrjng'Qieir einbroidery
needles for flno and coarso work.
RefreslimenU will be served.
Signed by President.
For quick returns list your prop
erty wltli J. Ryan, ofllco on Oregon
Street opposite Bend Hotol. 51
j 1 ,
IJonuvgrQwrj are best and cheap
est. Come and seb my two and
Ufree"-yCttr olds. Howard Spinning,
Bend. tf
Commencing Saturday, March 11,
Georgo H. Russell of Prlneville, will
sell at Private sale, nt tho Wenandy
Llvory Barn in Bond, 20 head of
Light ranch and driving horses, 50-51
Typewriter ribbons ou sale at
The Bulletin Office, record ribbons
for the follovVin machines: Oliver,
Remington, Visible and Royal, ;
If -you wish to have yourex
press and light freight come in
biohr wuu your icuers nnu uuuy
papers, have it come in on the qiall
line Tub
Stadub Co.
Vdu wH'l' like these pctllcOnts because tlicy are pretty, neat,
well made and the very latest In style and cut. For Style,
fit, quality of material and workmanship you will find tbey
Tliey have just arrived direct from, the East and consist of six dif
ferent styles material, permanent soft finish LUSTER SATEEN..
(1) 17-in. flounce, 2' rows shirring, fancy stitch plaited ruffle, rows
cording, accordion plaited bottom ruffle; (2) 17-in, flounce, shir
ring, cluster cords, twin cord rufllc cord bottom ruffle; (3) rows
fancy stitching, narrow gathered rufllc on 19-in. accordion flounce;
(4) lGt-ln. flounce, rows shirring and qlustor cords, 56-In. corded
bottom ruffle; (5) 17-in. double Jounce effect, shirring, cluster
cording, fancy stitched shirred
flounce, cluster pin tucks between wide self
bands. All have dust ruffles, wide sweep,
' all soams double stitched and felled, shaped
bands, stitched gathers. Now on -sale at
Largo shipment of latest styles in Spring Neckwear,
Auto Scarfs, Persian Belts and Jabots, etc. just ar
rived. Another large consignment, of Spring and
Summer Goods now on Lhe way from, the East.
Rowe's Economy Store
Next Door lo I'ottofEce.
Bend, Oregon.
Scenes From Famous Poem Enacted
By School Puplli .
Today at three o'clock the second
grade will render three scenes from
Hiawatha. The characters are:
Itaieii Oralll HUtfatha
I'.l.ic RicIorfer Nakonili
l'ranei ReilCtld IK
Hui!h Krllv squirrel
Uotinld Seller it
Kiln Moe
AKes Jolwon
lUtlie Wood, Tillie
Roliiu ,
Wood, Helen
IMwiiitij;, Rule Horn
Chailei Tiinlett. Chirleji Boyd, Ken
neth Lane and Lawtence Rlenlorfer
- WriIor. -
Everett Arnold from the, Arnold
school has cnlcrjcdUC J&&L Krode.
The Eitrhth Grade Club has dis-
!bsnded,ror.tho,J;ear.- ,
Clarie Hunter, Robort Sims. May.
dew Triplolt and Raj'mond Th,orsoa
have been absent frttn bcJiooi on
account of sickness
HarordinidJBaJph'Sarldborg have
entered the fifth and third grades
.'(. .. . t . v
J. I. West" will tell the hstor
classed some of his war timo-ek per
ionces this Friday atiLrnoon. .
Last Thursdai for the first tinio
durig tlie school-year, no one Was
Tlie school' lime has beonchanogd
. .. . frnm 0,ir .tn
- T"" - . ':?""&" rnnTTiTin
mm in. uuuu "i .w w ...w.
Tlioso in the third and fourth
grades who have been noither absqnt
nor tardy' are:' Ida Niswonger,
Mary BoscH, Glatlys- Sather, Cecil
Krench, Loulso Triplett. La Noro
Mbrrl3,.John Conway, Eddie Bros
terhous.'SIarl? Taylor, Elmor Ijittinr
doldie Conway, Freihlte Bossott,
Gladys Fleming, Clnrn Vinej'ard,
Cora Bates. Vale Taylor. Bertha
Welahand Harold -gather.
W f c
Will Oreanlre-n University Club In
' A 'meeting Was held Friday even
ing in tho Commercial Club roonv
-trscwB-thersHnieatioiMif-iV Unl-
iLv Club. . About 15 former
college men .were presont.
Georire-S. Young acted as chair
fmnnof -the mecUng, JJIsScott as
soeretarv. After soverai taiKS ami
a general tlhicttfelon of tho plans for
the onranization. tho meeting ad-
fjourned, to meet at tho vail of tlie
A list of tlioso dosiring to join,
suchiiri organization is' Being clrcu
lated by Chairman -Young, who has
secured -26- names. From this list
tho .Chairman will appoint a com
milUtf'of 'thrift t6 Hfilft'lrj-laws,
which will bo- submitted at the next
Albert Ijirson and Miss Maud A.
Benson were married last Saturday
ruffles; (0) tailored effect, 17-in.
at the home of Rev. J. Anthony
Mitchell, who officiated. For the
present they will live at the home of
Bert Torkelson, six miles east of
Bend on the Bear Creek road.
Library Club to Hold
Sate on March 18.
The Ladies Library Cluh met
yesterday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. A. M. Lara. The following
officers wore elected for the ensuing
President Mrs. F. F. Smith.
-Treasurer Mrs. W. W. Faulkner.
Secretary Mrs. H. J. Overturf.
A committee of three was appoint
ed to confer with the Commercial
Club in regard ,to entertaining
strangers. It Is possible the Club
will maintain a rest room for visit
ors. It was decided to hold a food
sale on March 18 at O'Donell's
The meeting yesterday was very
well attended and a-special musical
program was rendered. Refresh
ments were served before the Club
adjourned, to meet on March 15.
Roberts Bros. Deliver Lumber To O.
T. Ry. And Have Much on tiand.
Roberts Brothers Lumber C.
have finished delivering lumber on
their contract with the Oregon
Trunk . Railway, bringing, in nil,
some 850,000 feet to points ulong
the .grade between Madras and
Bend. .Their Sisters mill, supplied
all the,. timbers, etc, used in bridgo
and culvert building In tiifs 50-mile
stretch of the work.
Tom Roberta, who vas hero
Monday, says that they have over u
million feet of dry lumber in their
yard, as well as a million feot of
logs roady for sawing. It U their
intoiUion to disposo of the dry lum
ber in Bond, probablyfcstablishing a
yard here, or handling It through
an agency, thoir mill Is 22.3 miles
fr0m Bend.
A pinner has been shipped to
Madras, and Mr. Roberts says it is
expected to bo in oieration by tho
middle of March.
On Sunday evening at the Baptist
Church, J. I. West delivered a very
interesting talk upon his war tinio
experiences. His remintseenses dealt
particularlay with tho battle of
Chickamauga, in September, '03, at
which he was captured, and his sub
sequent trip to Libby Prison, where
ho was confined until tho completion
of Andersonvillo, to which ho was
removed later.
Just try The Bulletin Jab Prtutery,.