The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 15, 1911, Image 1

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NO. 49
Hnnrmoua Immigration Predicted
IHjr. AcrcKO Await Coming of
lluyera- North Canal To llo
Under Way Soon.
Hoscoc Howard, miuiugcr of tlic
Cculral OrcKoti Irrlviition Co,, who
returned from 1'ortlmul Itiit Tucs
ility, Hpcukg mokt cntlituluitticull)
concerning local Irrfatlun pro
"People in here," iul.1 Mr, How
it til, Vcatctly wliut 11 li
immigration U1I1 Miiiiiincr will briiiK.
Hot down in Portland, where (hey
nrc in touch with the cast unit mid
die went, they do; mid the railroud
lire ptepmlng to handle n very
heavy Central Oregon ptsneiigci
truffle, Tlic majority of thev: two
ilc will k looking for hind, und
liuiitltcih will buy our irritated
tracts. All this will moan n lot ol
money apent here, nnd 11 lot of the
hctt kind of Mitntnntiul devclopc
Mr. Howard xnid lit company
has ionic a acre ready to be
Hold. The work of leading water
to this acreage is about 00 er cent
or more completed. During the
latt 60 duyn the company It a sold
in the neighborhood of 3000 acres.
I'lclimiuury work on the North
Canal is progressing. According
to Mr. Howard diamond drill out
fits soon will l brought in to do
prospecting work on the dam idle,
for the purpose of making complete
surveys. These drills are used to
ascertain the condition of the rock
upon which the dam foundations
will rcM.
"Wc hope to get the North Canal
finished to a Junction with the stave
flume this summer," continued Mr
Howard. "I suppose this would
entail the expenditure of perhaps
$400,000." The proposed North
Canal leaves the I)f$clitttcs about n
mile north of lieud. It wilt water
56,000 acres.
Much improvement and con
struction work 011 canals and later
als will be undertaken ah soon as
the frost gets out of the ground.
Mr. Howard's family is in San
Diego County, California. They
will come to llcud curly in the
The net proceeds from the
Country Store Mile held by the
United Church Societies on Satur
day were f 113.
This Bank values the business it re
ceives from its customers and takes
every opportunity of telling them so.
Our customers, on the other hand,
appreciate the fact that the service ex
tended to them is coupled with secur
ity. Any business arrangement to be perma
nent must be mutually satisfactory and profit
able. Therefore, in (be selection of your
Hank, have PKRMANHNCY In view and
establish otirsc1f for your present and future
well being with a good sound JJnnk, like
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
"Consorvatlvo Banking for Conservative Peoplo.M
I,. H. HAIKU, (l'relleiit) J. W. MASTURS, (Vice President)
V. O. MINOR, (Secretary)
I) 1 r K c T o n s:
I II. JlAinn, 1'. 0. MINOR, 3. V. IMIRD,
Annunl Report Sliov. (treat Mains
Made My Orgtnlr.nlloit.
Thuiiuiiuiil meeting of the .tidies'
Library Club occurred yestcrduy
Toduy there arc 517 books on the
shelves, 11 11 iiicreusi of 276 over
hist year. The library is Inking
i. miigii zincs and five weeklies
This year 5911 persons have used
the library, the previous year
J774, showing an Increase of 1863.
Hooks loaned have nu ink-red 3961,
as contrasted with 19.18 last year,
an increase of 1013, The number
if borrowers is 436, 162 more tliun
took out books the txevious year.
Donations front club members
and friends arc as fallows:
Hooks of fiction 57
Sets of book 15 vols.
Century dictionary and
cyclopcdlu , 12 vols,
Hound Scribucis and
HariKr 12 vols
lugersoH'M works. 12 vols.
.lie und Works of Abra
ham Lincoln ,,.,., 10 vols,
Th Great Republic, by
Master IliMorUus 4 vols
Treasurer's report, Feb, 14, 191 1.
Librarian's salary $151.00
Maguziuc. 98 55
Hooks '.........,.. 45 03J
wood, oil, dishes, etc 12906
Watermelons 45 00
rottu.... $473'J
Hal, 1'cb,, 1910 $152.82
Receipts during year 323 73 ,
Totol J470 54
Hal. on hand $ 2.65
All day Saturday at O'Doncll's
Market the Library Club will bold
u food sate to raise funds,
Hasten Lumber Co. of L Pino Will
Double Output.
J. N. Mastcu, of the Masten
Lumber Co. of La Pine, has order
cd a carload of new machinery for
the mill wot of'inc. Mr. Mas
ten is in Uctid 011 his way to Port
land, The new machinery will more
than double the output of the mill.
He will put In 11 70 horse (rawer
engine and boiler, 11 gang edger,
turning lulhe nnd sush and dooi
machine. The new machinery will
be shipped in via Madras.
W. W. King. A. D. McNeill nnd
K. S. Lapp ol Seattle; C. S. Ran
dolpb, of IKtroit, Michigan, und
II. H Ford 01 llousou, Texas, air
the latent addition to Hcud boosters.
All of them have been in Hcud tor
the past few daH, und 11s soon as
the snow is off will file on 320-acre
homesteads. Mr. Ford's wife and
two children arrived yesterday.
The following La Fine people
came to town yesterday on two big
bob sleds to attend the mask ball:
W. K. Riley, Win Cole, C. V. Car
michacl, Mr, and Mrs. Ii. I. Pit
man, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cald
well, Miss Mary I In wood und Ivuu
This Place to Be Double Terminus
First Rails on Hill Line Reach
Madras This Morning.
This morning at nine o'clock the first train pulled
in over the newly laid rails to Madras. All duy u big
celebration litis been in progress. The Bend Hand
went down in three autos. and many local residents
are there to see Central Oregon's first railroad train.
Within four months Hcud, the terminus, will celebrate
the arrival of the first train at this place.
Trie Deschutes Rail
road will be continued from Red
mond to Bend,
Yesterday In Hcud, eight H.irrl
man official investigated terminal
facilities for their road here. Chief
Knglurcr G. W. Horchke and R. li
Miller, General Freight Agent,
both made no bones of the fact that
the llarriunu road will be con
llnucd from Redmond to Ueud, and
this probiblv at once. Whether
the Oregon Trunk track will be
used jointly, or a separate Harri
man track constructed, as yet is tin
certain. However, the Harriman
people intend to operate their own
terminal grounds, according to
definite statements of both Mr.
Miller and Mr. Uoschke.
The party put in an appearance
about two, having telephoned news
of tneir approach. An iufoimal
dinner hastily was prepared at
Taggart's Restaurant, half a dozen
Hcud men being 011 hand to help
entertain the visitors and give
them desired information.
Immediately the purpose of the
visit was slated; namclv, to look
over terminal sites, After dinner
the leaders of the party, in their
automobiles, went out to the right
of way, and looked over ihe held
Ju-t what they want, and how
much property they will require,
will be app'irant after the nutter i
taken up with the Towusite Com
pany and individual owners tiou
their return to Portland.
"I expect to see 25,000 people
here in 1920" remarked Mr. Uos
dike at dinner, adding "of course I
may be out of the way 250." The
Harriman engineer ts uu enthusi
astic admirer of Uend's attractions
and says he hopes to get a summer
home here.
Iu the party were, besides Messrs
Uoschke und Miller: M. J. Uuck
ley, Acting General Manager, F.
W, Robinson, Freight Agent, J. M,
Scott, Asst. General Passenger
Agent, L, R. Fields, Asst, Geueral
Contractors Builders
AH Kinds of Furniture and Cabinet
Work. All Work Fully Guaranteed
w. m. McGregor
Munugcr, F. C. Dunn, Traveling
Freight Agent and Sh d O. Krantz,
representing the Portland Ore
In speaking of prohibit freight
rates Mr. Miller estimated that the
Portliinil-Ilend rate probably would
range from 75 cents to $1.15, ac
cording to elms. Today the rale
varies from 2 to 3 cents a pound
Mr. Scott, together with Mr.
Krautz of the Oregomau, was par
ticularly interested iu securing data
concerning the reduction of price.
of necessities which will be effected
by the arrival of the railroad
While the figures can be little more
than approximate, the comparison,
as given below, is interesting:
rctnt trk
l-ricc. with K K
fta1, ?5 75 ?3 75
Wire 7.00 4 00
Lime 7.50 300
Doprs 300 1.75
Paint 250 2.00
Roofing 300 175
Sugar 8 35 6.85
Cement 14-50 4 50
Oil 45 .30
Gasoline 50 .33
Mr. Scott stated that probabl)
about 12 hours will be t lis running
time between Portland and Brud
Probably trains will leave here
early iu the morning, reaching
Portland iu Vie evening. Todax
about the J'est time that can l
made via SKaniko is 36 hours. The
Slinniko triposts close to $30: the
Ueud Portland rate probably will
be $7 80.
M. U. Turpln Will Open Confectionery
Store In Davles Uultdlng.
H U Turpin, formerly owner ol
the Gent's Furnishing Store will
open a confectionery shop iu the
room in the Davies Iluilding on
Wall Street, until recently occupieo
by the Bijou Theatre. The fixtures
have been ordered and they will be
put in as soon as they arrive. The
new store will contain a sodn foun
tain. It will be about a month be
fore Mr. Turpin expects to opeu.
Rule nf School Drawn Up and Will
He Printed.
At a meeting of the School Hoard
on Feb, 9th rules for the govern
merit of the school nnd its officers
was read bv Princioal Herriniinn.
and adopted ns read. These now
are being published In leaflet form,
and will appear in next week's is
sue of the Uulletin.
The resignation from the Hoard
of I', M. Ray, who is to be absent
from Hend for some months, hav
me moved outside the district, was
read. No action was taken.
A communication from L. C.
Young was read; it pledged the
uirnishing of the school room with
stove, wood, etc , for the new
Young school ctst of town.
Ulihop Paddock Entertains Listeners
Willi Tales of Travels.
On Friday evening at the Com
mercial Club rooms a smoker was
given for Dishop Robert H Pad
dock of the Kpiscopal Church, who
arrived from Madras in the after
noon. Sixty two men attended.
Hithop Paddock gave an informal
talk, chiefly concerning places he
had visited while traveling abroad,
taking his listeners to Gibraltar,
along the Riviera, to Monte Carlo,
Genoa, Rome, Vesuvius and Tur
key, particularly dwelling upon the
ocial life of the peoples of the var
ious countries. Refreshments, pro
vided by the ladies, were served at
the close of the evening.
C D. Reed of the R. A1. Smith Cloth
tag Co. In Hend.
C. D. Reed of Wellsville, Mo., a
member of the R. M. Smith Cloth
ing Co., arrived in Hend yesterday.
He expects to remain here about
10 days.
Mr. Reed is very well pleased
with the business outlook for Hend
"All the way out," said Mr. Reed,
"I met people who are interested in
the development of Central Ore
The case of the State vs John
Ryan, charged with having beaver
skins in his possession contrary to
the provisions of the game laws,
scheduled to have been heard before
Justice Orcutt Saturday, was drop
txed. It is understood that Asst.
District Prosecuting Attorney ban
Kirn tound insufficient evidence to
proscute the cac
llids for the construction of a
school house on the Red field ranch,
16 miles east of Hend, have beeu
called for. The building will be
20x30 feet, and will contuiu class,
library and cloak rooms
listrny Notice.
TaVtl 11ml itiv rtlar ialnuit Ian. Ill-
one Unlit red cow aud calf, Oue ball nt
ii&(ft fjr Ia whit ..r ttiarl; mi rli.ltt
ear a swallow fork, left ear cut square
on. No other discernible briud.
Dan R. Smith, Laidlaw, Ore, 47 49
r. IilJ
The First National Bank
Dr. U. O. 00E, Prttldtnt E A. SATHER. Vic
O. S. HUDSON, Chl.r
Oapltal fullr paid ... S3S.000
Stockholdtrt liability 926.000
Surplus S3.000
11 J Was
fe Are you prepared to take advantage fc
f of the opportunities which will come
to the man with a hank Account.
It not, itart an account today, with the First
National Dank of Ueud. This Uank i under the
supervision of the United States Government.
Just as much a part of the Government as the
l'oit Offices, All our loans, divestments and our
Policy are subject to Government supervision
anil approval. We try to run the flank so that
all matters will meet with the full sanction of the
Government, aud solicit your busiucss on that,,
D I R B C T 0 R S:
S. 13. Roberts Appointed Day Officer
and Wlllard Houston for Mght
Service Sidewalks Authoriz
ed much Money.
At the Council meeting Uit night a
resolution wnt patted authorizing pcciat
election on March 33rd to decide tlic
question of etiUrjjinu city boundaries.
I he territory to be fneludcd follows the
et haiilc of the Deichute and take Hi
the larger p-rt of the platted territory
011 this tide o( the rirer. Til !ck1 'I
tcriptiou of the boundaries appear In tie
pccnil election notice on the last pKe
of thlt iuue.
The report of Mirthall Kelly ihowrd
fSt in fixe Collected durliiK January.
Treasurer Spencer reported I43S rwid
out during Jnnuirv ami 63j o3 rrcelvi il
with a balance of Ij697.11 on hand 1'tli.
UU The report uf the committee 0:1
liquor llccnte which wat verbally pre
tculrd wrat ordered filed and accepted
after it tbould be put iu writing.
The Recorder waa iutlructed to iuue
notice for the contraction of nklewalk 1
on the north tide of Ohio, for lot 7 at d
8, block 4; eat tide of I'rottt Street, for
I. . 3. 4. 5 nd 6. Mock lota r. 9. y, 4
and j, block 6; north tide of Caltforn.a
htreel, lot 6, block 10 1'ark Aililltlo
wett thle of Bond, for lots 7. 8, 9, 10, it
and l. block 11,(3 foot walk) and the
outh tide of Greenwood, lot l, block 1
Ordinance Number St. lixinit the It-
cente fur dray aud vehicle for carryli
pUKera at J5 per quarter and f 25 per
er wat patttd. Another ordluamo
regulating the dutiet of col ice officer ,
rjxuitf Mlarirt of officers at between f vj
aad f lS at the discretion of the Council.
pretcrihiiiK the oath of office for police
men, and other detallt for the police de
partment wat lo pa-d.
Wlllard lIulon wat appointed nluht
watchman, all except Kelly favorlt
him. S. K. Roberta was appointed day
officer, Caldwell and Kelly oppojinu hi
appointment. Doth of thete officer
were appoinieu to noui ouice uniu me
next monthly meeting of the Council
I. K. Kelly's talary for part of January
and February, JU2.50, and P. J. Kotieri
ton's talary as aiUl officer during part
of Dec, Jan. and February, $115 00 was
ordered paid.
Alderman Caldwell adjourned the reg
ular meeting at & 15. as there wa no
quorum present. Alter tinning a waer
of notice of tpecial tncetltijf, the Coun
cil met. Alderman Allen acting a May. r
nro tern. The Council ad tour net t to
uext Tuesday evening.
Notice! hereby given tbatonThurwlay
the 23 day of March. 1911a tpccialelrcH 11
will be held at the utual voting pUce in
the Cltr of Ueud. Oregon, towt tue
City Halt and at the utual voting pU. e
in Detchntet rreciuct, lowit. tlic Urcu t
Hotel for the purpose of iulmiittinn t
tbelrj:l voter of the City of Bend an I
tothe legal oter rrtiillug in the tent
tory hereinafter desctibed the follow 1 tg
qurttion to-wit;
Whether or not the corporate limit
of the City of Ken J, Oregon, at now de
bited shall l altered and the following
described territory included therein and
become a part thereof; to-wit.
lleginlttgon Itie lowninip line be
tween Townships seventeen aud eighteen
south at the southwest corner of the
southwest i of the southeast tf , Section
thirty-two (31; iu iownsnip 17 soum,
rattie 11 cast. W. M.: theucc west oil
said Township line to the easterly shore
line of the Deschutc river, thence In a
northeasterly direction following the
(Coutiuned on page S.)
a Prosperous Year.
Should Bo More- So.