The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 08, 1911, Image 1

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NO. 48
Chemical liujclno Prove llfflclcnt
Member nro Assigned to Various
Apparatus, Which nro Located
I Several Place.
At the meeting of t lie Volunteer
l'frc Department held 11 1 the hose
house Friday evening the following
officers were elected to scivc until
(lie regular election In July:-
President H H Allen
Secretary C I) Hrowu
Treasurer J I) Davidson
Chief K A SiUhcr
Asst. Chief H C Throne
Foreman II J KkkIcsIoii
Smithy uftcriioou the new chem
ical engine was tnken to the south
cud of Wall Street, and there n
brush fire was put out. This was
the first time the new np;inilu.i
ha lccu ucd oud it wus found
most efficient. Two taukn of the
chemical solution were used 011 the
Mure. The results would probably
have Ikcii quicker had the fire been
enclosed thus allowing the gun from
the solution to Ik: confined.
The member of the organization
have been assigned at follow:
Chemical Cit It J lfKulrstou's store.
II J ItitKlrdoiii I'oreman
K M Smith T M O'Donnell
H I'nlndesler II It Allen
8 0 Caldwell C. HVotiiiK
Clurlct Carroll ) T ThoWtrup
II I' Klnncar M J Kelly
I low Cart N. I at hoc house on
Minnesota .Street.
1' II May. foreman
1' A llunnell C C Tripled
Tom Triplet! ' J I) Davidson
T Ktwrton M J Kuulsoii
Arthur Proctor Clint Whittcd
Charles Uoetien Prince Staata
Host Cart No 1, downtown.
N l .Smith, 1'omnau
N I' Welder A M l.ara
llrnry Wliltiett Rene writ
C I NUwoiiKcr John l.lmter
Martin Kuulson C U Throne
Hlmer Nlswcmgcr C I) Drown
The chemical engine will he kept
nt KtiRlcston's store, hose cart No.
1 at the hose house and cart No. 2
nt some place on cither Uond or
Wall Sticct. lUch tnemher is ex
pected to rcort nt his apparatus
tiou the rliiKitiK of the fire hell.
Welder, Sathcr and KgKlcston
were nppolntcd n committee to as
certain what additional apparatus Is
needed, nud appear before the
Council with a statement of the
necessary supplies,
The election of K A. Sathcr at
Chief will have to Ik ratified by the
This Dunk vulues the business it re
ceives horn its customers uml tukes
every opportunity of telling them so.
Our customers, on the other hunt!,
uppreeiute the fuet that the service ex
tended to them is coupled with secur
ity. Any business arrangement to be pertnn
netit must be mutually satisfactory and profit
able. Therefore, iu the selection of your
Ilntik, have I'HRMANKNCY In view nnd
establish ourself for your present mid future
well being with a good sound Hank, like
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
"Conservative Banking for Conservative People."
L. H. HAIKD, (President) J. W. MASTHHS, (Vice President)
V, O. MINOR, (Secretary)
I,. 11, I1AIHD, lf. O. MINOR, S. V. I1AIKD.
Council us the office curricH with il
n iioiiiiuiil salary.
The organization will meet to
morrow evening nt H in the hose
Athletic Organize Plro Hrlfe-ado and
Want lino of Hose.
At a meet inn Monday evening of
the Memlr Athletic Association a fire
company was organized. A pet i
tion will no at once from the Asscl
ution to the City Council risking for
the 11 hc of one of the hose carts for
fire drill. It is the iutetitiau of the
company to drill three times a
The officers nud members of the
company 111 c as follows: Steve
Stctdl, Fire Chief; A. It Dorrl.
Lieutenant; D. M Davis, Captain;
Willard Houston. Claude Kcllv,
John Sathcr, Warren Wheclock,
l'rlncc Status, Carl Hunter, Alf
I.inslcr, John Muster and Guy Mc-Reynolds.
llend llasket Hill Team At County
Sent This week.
The basket ball team of the llend
Athletic Association will play the
I'rincvillc Athletic Club's team two
game, on the evenings of this Fri
day nud Saturday, nt I'rincvillc.
The local basket tossers have been
practicing hard for the last three
weeks nud are said to be a crack
five. They have plenty of speed
nnd enough weight to back it up
nud stand the hard knocks.
Warren Wheclock is Captain of
the team, playing forward. The
other players will be selected ,
from the following men: Steve'
Stcidl, A. T. Hocch, C. G. Spring,
cr. K. H. Hryau, Mux Richardson,
I'rince Sluats, and John Sathcr.
l'rlncc Slants will take the team to
the county sent. The I'rincvillc
team is paying oil expenses.
In the latter part of February n
boxing nud wrestling tournament
will be held in Ilcnd. The local
mat artists arc showing up excep
tionally well. About eight candi
dates nrc allowing up lor wrestling
honors and the tryottts will see
several more members taking up
the mat game The tryouts will
be held iu about two weeks. The
weights iu the tournament will be,
wrestling: 175 or over for heavy
weight, 150, 145 nud 135; boxing:
133 and 145.
Did you get one o those funny
packages of Whitmans candy from
the Red Cross Drug Store. 48
Just try The Ilulletin Job I'rintcry.
Second Railroad Will Pass Through
liend Connecting With Natron Cut
off llarrlman Line I'nr Be
hind Oregon Trunk.
On February and Judge I.ovctt,
head of the Hurrimau system, an
nounced in New York that the
Deschutes railroad will be continued
south of Redmond, through Hem!
to Crescent, where it will connect
with the Natron Cut-olTnud with
the proposed Ontario-Natron line.
Nothing was said concerning the
time when the proposed extensions
would be undertaken. It is sup
posed the work south of Redmond
will be commenced us soon as the
rails reach that point.
List night Oregon Trunk rails
were 9 miles north of Madras. It
is expected they will reach that
town by February 14th, on which
date n celebration will be he'd
According to those who have come
up the Deschutes Canyon during
the last week the Hurriinun line is
from two to five mouths behind its
Hill rival as regards its stage ol
The Hnrrimnu system is to
cxend $15,000,000 iu double truck
ing its northwestern lines.
Plrst Uulldlng On Drake Lawn to be
Hrostcrhous Urothcrs ore erecting
a 16x30 foot building on the north
side of Oregon Street, between the
Cornell Stage office nud J. R. Wil
liams place. It will be completed
by the end of the week, and will be
occupied by W. Adair's restaurant,
now located in the Williams build
ing. C. S. Benson has given a con
tract 10 Sutherland & Mcintosh to
build a one-story office building on
lot 19, block 4 on Wall Street.
Work will begin immediately, and
the two offices will be ready for
occupancy by the end of next week.
R. 11. Gould will occupy quarters
iu the building.
Work has started upon the two
story building being erected for J
S. Parmintcr on lot 10 of block 11
on Bond Street.
Buy your valentines now at the
Patterson Drug Co. 48
Contractors Builders
All Kinds of Furniture nnd Cabinet
Work. AH Work Fully Guaranteed
W. M.
Cornell Company Wants liend and
(turns to Co-operato In Improving
Rood Through Homestead Land
Project Progresses Well.
Just ns soon as the road between
the two points can be put iu good
condition the Coructt Stage and
Auto Co. will operate stage and
automobile lines between Bend and
Hums. Such is the announcement
made by G. M. Cornell, liend of
the big Central Oregon stage com
pany. It is also almost certain that with
the allotment of the new mail con
tracts in March, and the reorganiz
ation of the mail service of the In
terior that will follow the arrival of
the railroads and the discontinuance
ofthco'd Shauiko routes, a mail
route will be inaugurated from Bend
to the Harney county scut.
Mr, Cornett is so interested in
the scheme and so desirious of get
ting it into immediate oeraton
that he has taken it up with the
Bend Commercial Club. He de
sires that the local organization get
into touch with the Burns boosters
for the purpose of cooperating iu
the work of improving the Bend
Burns road. Manager Sawhill has
received Mr. Cornell's assurance
that hc will furnish an auto to take
a committee from the Bend Com
mercial Club to Burns to take up
this matter.
With two unimportant exceptions 1
the Bend-Burns road is an excellent
one. The first of these is at a point I
some seven miles from Bend, where
a new road passes about, the ,Mc-i
Gillvrny ranch; here there is of
snort mil sicep uiu. n nine wort:
conld change the road's route and
eliminate the hill. There is anoth
er double hill some 'six mile west of
Millican's which can be done away
with very easily.
Tne proposed route encounters no
hills worth mcutiou-ng, passing
through a level or slightly rolling
country. Practically all the terri
tory traversed is free from rock and
there is little or no adobe. Those
familiar with the route declare an
almost perfect road can be mad.
and maintained at 'very slight ex
pense. On the map appearing on page
six the dotted line of the east and
west railroad survey from Bend to
Vnle practically is followed by the
proposed stage route. The only
; exception is thai the stage road
passes to the south of Hampton
Butte, thence running north cast
ward to Burns.
This mail route would serve the
proposed postoOlce of Millican.
Rolyat, Held, nnd nil the homestead
country in the .Millican, River Bed,
Juniper Valley and Hampton Val
ley districts as welt as furnishing
direct communication with Burns
and the southeast. It would great
ly hasten the development of this
large territory, and assi-it this sum
mer's settlers who will take up tkc
last of the remaining 320 acre
homesteads. For it is estimated
that the big rush of land seekrs ac
companying the coming of the rail
road will gobble up the couple of
hundred thousand acres of free land
that still remain before autumn.
Party Will (Jo From Bend to Prospect
Proposed Route.
Yesterday's development in re
gard to the proposed Bend-Burns
road is that a committee will go
part way over the route the latter
part of this week to view out the
best road and discuss the matter
with settlers in the affected territory
preparatory to getting up a petition
and taking the matter up with the
Burns Commercial Club.
A C. Lucas has donated the use
of his car for this work. Road
Supervisor Richardson will be a
member of the party: other mem
bers may be W. H. Staats, S. C.
Caldwell and one or two of the lo
cutcrs familiar with the territory.
Held District, on Bend Burns Road
Wont Mall From Here.
The following letter from Held.
Ore., has lcen received by Mana
ger Sawhill of the Bend Commer
cial Club.. It shows the support.
the proposed Bcnd-uurns postal
route will receive from the inhab
itants of the territory traversed.
HKLD, Oregon. Jan. aj, I wti told by
tome one that Bend wa trjlujj to opt n
a ataf;e and mail route from there to
We ore trying for a mall route here
ami the Prineville Commercial Club have
been doing aomethhig toward tbe mail
But hearing that you were trying to
put on a stage to Burns we would prefer
to put our tllorts toward four alni a it
would be a permanent thing for tome
time to come, a naturally mail route
will operate only from railroad point.
There it a large settlement hce that
It too far south and west for any route
Irotn I'rineville to touch, and anv local
route would bt only weekly at bet.
We are on the main line from Bend to
Dunn ami will endeavor, if tbe stage
goet that way to open a postoffice. Any
information ou can gvc me concerning
the matter will be appreciated. I will
do anything 1 can to help and thank you
for the information.
Mrs Alma Kims.
The First National Bank
Or. U. O. COB, Prldnt E A. SATHCII. Vie Prldnt
0. 8. HUDSON, CathUr
Oapltal rullr paid ... $38,000
8tockholdrf liability Sas.000
1 7 A Was
1 I 1 Should Be More So.
0 Are you prepared to take advantage
f of the opportunities which will come f
to the man with
tsTtl t Nt
If not, start an account today, with the First
National Uauk of llend. This Bank is under the
supervision of the United States Government.
Just as uiueh a pari of the Government as the
Post Offices, All our loans, investments and our
Policy are tubjtct lo Government supervision
am) approval. We try to run the Hank so that
all matters will meet with the full sanction of the
Government, ud solicit your business on that
v. v. smith h. c.
Representatives of Settlers May At-
tend Land Board Meeting When
Matters of Importance to Them
Are Considered.
Prom Slate Engineer Lewis is
obtained the following order of the
State Land Board, which provides
that at meetings where matters of
importance to settlers arc to bo
taken xtp representatives of thi
settlers shall be notified that they
may be on band to present the r
side of the
It appearing advisable that the Desert
Land Board tbould have regular dale
of meeting, ar.d that it would be ad
visable to have auch meeting held on
tbe Mine date that the State Land Board
mtets, It was therefore
Ordered, that regular meetings of the
Oetert Land Board will be held on the
second and fourth Tuesday of each
month and it was further
Ordered, that whenever any Company
operating under the Carey Act, detlrr
tbe Hoard to lake action on any request,
tueh request must be submitted in writ
ing to tbe Secretary of the Board nut
let than three day prior to the ret
regular meeting of the Board, and if
auch request appears to affect the inter
est of the settlers on the segregation of
tbe said company, tbe Secretary it here
by instructed to notify the proper rep
resentative of the settler of such re
quest and no action will be taken by the
Board on any requett which appears It)
affect the interest ol settlers until the
settler, through their proper represent'
alive, have been given an opportunity
to be heard. The Secretary it hereby
inttructed to write to the several settlers
associations on the Central Oregon 1 -rlcation
Co, project far information m
to whom communication relative to the
mtcrcstt of settler rhall be addressed.
Each Pump Station Can Now B Used
Independent of Other.
A cut-off valve has been installed,
on the supply main leading from
the pump stations, and hereafter
a break at either station will not
necessitate tbe shutting oil of tbe
Last week the -ater was shut off
several tiroes due to the breaking of
the pipe just inside of the power
station. This was due to the in
creased pressure, but it is believed
that the connection made Saturday
will bold
Yesterday 12 large lockers were
installed in the rooms of tbe Beud
Athletic Association.
Mrs. Claude Smith of Prinevi le
is visiting Mrs. F. V, Smith
a Prosperous Year, (fjg'i
a Bank Account.
I Shi