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NO. 46
Many Committees Appointed, Otto To
Assist Council Committee In Draft
Ine City Charter. Club Now
lias (luuil Membership.
An adjourned rcittliir meeting of
the Hend Coiumciciul Cluli was
hclil Tluiriitnv evening. Thifly
member were ptescnl.
After considt ruble dlscuniou tlic
iictloti of the Board of Directors.
taken ut 11 meeting of thitt body t tic
previous evening, In selecting J. It.
Sawhill to k the salaried manager
uud publicity worker of the mgauiz.
ntlou, was approved by the meeting.
Due to n luck .of exactness In the
flection of the by-laws affecting the
cisc there seemed to be some
doubt ns to whether n matter nucli
u the employing f u manager
should be left entirely in the hnudit
of the director or whctlcr the
meeting should have the finnl de
cision. A resolution waH paused
confirming the ncttuu of the board,
nud n committee appointed to
amend the by-laws in such a way
that the executive functions of the
Hoard of Directors would be clearly
defined, nuking it a governing
body. M. S. I.attin, C. I. HomII
nnd J. I,, Ilyrnc were apoiutcd.
Manager Sawhill is to receive
f too per mouth and to begin his
work February ut. His position
U to be front month to month,
employment terminating 11 1 the
pleasure of the organization.
An informal report from the
Secretary showed 32 members in
arrears and about 100 in good
standing. $140 was in the treasury
at the date of the meeting. Dues
previous to Jan. 1st were declared
annulled, on motion, and the Secre
tary Instructed to collect January
dues and unpaid membership fees.
In additiou to this work the Secre
tary reported more than 100 letters
of inquiry on hand requiring an
A committee of five, consisting of
Messrs. Dorcll, Spencer, Hudson,
Lawrence and Slcldl, was appointed
to assist the City Council committee
in drafting a city charter, an wete
the following committees; Mqutt
facturiug, Messrs. Lara, Lattitt ant!
Putnam; Auditing, Messrs. Forbes,
Byrne mid Sithcr; Grievance, Cald
well, Holnling itud Stunts, A
special committee to secure new
Plant Your
Tis the right season now and
them grow.
Put Not Your Trust In Money
But Put Your Money In Trust
Don't Ilorrow Money, but If you must, come and sec us.
Don't Cairy Lurge Sums of Money, but If you must, do
so only until ou can sec us,
Wc combines absolute safety with satisfactory service.
Give particular attention to the busiucss of farmers.
Invite new accounts and new business upon our own
met its for strength and superior facilities.
Our policy and ample resources arc our guarantee for
the future,
We Want YOUR Business. .
The ' Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
Conservative Banking for Conservative People."
I,. H. HAIIU), (President) J. W. MA8TKU8, (Vice President) '
1', O. MINOR, (Secretary)
I) 1 k it c T o r s;
i n. nAinn, v. 0. minor, s. v. uaird.
members whs appointed; Messrs
Allen, Kcd field nud Kgglt-stnii.
On motion it was decided that
a special committee of three be ap
pointed to inquire into (Impossibili
ties of si-ciiriiin donations towards
the support ol u publicity campaign.
Messrs. I.uni, Untitling and Over
turf were uptioitiled.
The Secretary was instructed to
take up the matter of securing the
remaining funds, some $30, still
in the treasury of the old com
mcrciul club.
Minneapolis Men Will Open In New
Johnson Building.
It. M. Thompson and L. I)
Kennedy, both of Minneapolis,
Minn., will open a furniture uud
music store in the addition to tin
Johnson building on Wall Street as
soon as it is completed. They hud
expected to put their stock in by
February I, but tlic delay in gel
ling the plate gluss for the windows
will necessitate their waiting until
nt least the middle of the month.
Mr Thompson hits been here for
some time, unci Mr Kennedy si
now in Portland completing the)
stock ordets Although their f urn-1
Ittirc line will Ik .larger than their j
music stock, it is their intention to
niaicc iiic uusiucis cxuiumvciv
musical instruments, as soon as the
business will warrant.
This will be the first music house
to open in Central Oregon.
Up-Rlver Dwellers Move. Take Up
Residence In Town.
Mrs. and Mrs J. It Sawhill and
family came down to llcnd Friday
night from their homestead on Big
River, staying at the Pilot Unite
Inn, and on Saturday moving into
the Miller cottage in Lava Road
Addition, formerly occupied by 0
M. Patterson They will make
their residence here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Ileyburtiand
their children also have become
llcnd residents, migrating from their
homestead up-river to an apartment
in Frank May's recently completed
building. Both Mr. I ley burn nud
Mr. Sawhill have recently proved
up on their homesteads.
Bowling Alley Fined for Tardiness In
Obeying Ordinance.
On Friday morning the case of
the City of Hend vs. Karl Ladewig
was heard before Recorder Itllis
Plaintiff brought action against
Ladewig on the grounds of a mis
demeanor In operating a bowling
alley without first paying the
licenses ns specified in Ordinance
No. 17. The date of the ullegcd
violation was January 18th, hs set
forth in the complaint. The quar
terly license fee of $to wits due
January 1st. Ladewig pleaded
guilty, firsl tendering the Recorder
the f,to license fee. Recorder Itllis
imposed the minimum fine of $5.
Dollars Here
wc will help you to make
Sewage System for Hend Is Discussed
and Committee Appointed to In
vestljcate Mew Police Ordi
nance to Do Drawn Up.
Tlic city council met Inst night and
laid over until the next regular meeting
nil applications for saloon llccnus. This
was dune In order to allow the necessary
time for the amendments to the liquor
ordinance to lake eiTrct.
Mayor Coe vetoed the amendment
prohibiting saloons on all streets other
than lloiiil, his reasons being that hotel
bats arc well conducted, ami that, In at
leant one ee, the amendment would b:
The special committee appointed to
rcute a 'icruiaiieiit meeting place for
the Council reported that the offer of the
Commercial Club to use Its room fur f-io
per mouth vs not lavurcd. After much Anne and Allen were appoint
ed to see the Hend Townslte Co, about
tecurliiir. a lot for a proposed city hall.
The Commlllre oil Public l'iOxrty
was authuriied to repair ami enlarge the
Jail, Alter a long dlicussluu, the peti
tion for an extension of city bnuudaircs
laid otcr until the next meeting.
Allen, Sellers and Caldwell were ap
pointed as a sclal committee to report
iikii sewage mattera alter the Council
had heard an informal reKrt from K. II,
City Attorney 1'orbeswas instructed
to draw up an ordinance licensing dray
wagons at fS a quarter, as well as one
ilcifylng the salaries air duties of the
A proposed ordinance allowing saloons
on streets other than Ilotid, where there
is no property restriction, waa read for
the first lime. It was decided to allow
locked storerooms in the rear of bar
The Council adjourned to l'ebrusry
Bulgarian Homesteader Takes tils
Claim Despite Wintry Winds.
L. W. Nelson returned Monday
from a trip to the southeast, be
yond Milliciin's ranch. He took
nut a Uulgatlati homesteader, Pete
Benson, and 011 Sutiduy night left
him, with lumber for his cabin,
provisions and blankets, on his
claim 13 miles beyond Millicans.
The thermometer registered a
couple below mo, says Mr. Nelson,
and the wind was blowing a gale.
Vet Benson would not listen to any
advice to go back,
"I stay by it Mr. Nelson," he
said, and forthwith made himself
more or less at home in the middle
of the sagebrush, with the nearest
cabin several miles distant.
Contractors Builders
All Kinds of Furniture and Cabinet
Work. All Work Fully Guaranteed
Ice Mouse Built end SOU Tons Stored-
Also Cut Above Power Station
Price Next Summer Will
Do Much Lower.
The Bcud Livery Stable u
cetttly completed on ice house on
the west bank of the Deschutes,
neat Lava Island, about six miles
south of Hend. Last week the men
finished putting up about 5co tons
ol 12-inch ice, uud would have put
too totis more had the weather re
mained cold, O'Donnell Brothers
uud Williams lirothcrs put up
about 25 tons of seven inch ice on
the river just above the power
In order to secure a suitable
(wild to cut ice from near Lava
Island it was necessary to build a
small dam. Thin lucked the water
up over the lule swamp, and
dlfoidtd a comparatively easy place
to haudle the tee.
The sawdust to pack the ice in
was hauled from the Pilot ilutte
mill. There is a large supply of it
at the Clarke mill, which cut the
lumber ior the Arnold flume. Al
though in sight of the uew ice
house, this suwdusl could not be
used, as there is' no safe bridge
over the river betweeu Bend and
Lava Isluud. .
A crew ol 17 men and tt teams
were at work constructing the
building for about three weeks.
The ice house cost $350 and is
30x60 lect and 12 feet high in the
Besides puttiug the 500 tons in
the ice house, 100 tons were hauled
to Bcnd Smith & Holmes, the
Patterson Drug. Co., the Hotel
Ucnd aud Dave HtggcrstatT storing
it for their summer use.
Last summer ice sold here for
40 a ton. The larger part of it
was hauled from the Ice Cave, 12
miles southeast of Ucnd. The
price uext summer will be much
lower, as the largest consumers
have stored a supply that will last
most of the summer. They paid
5 per ton for the ice delivered
ut their storehouses. ,
L. L. Fox, who had charge ol
putting up the ice stated that the
price next summer would be not
less than $30 per ton.
Hill Freight A Rent Corroborate March
first Statement.
It. II. Crozier, Advertising
Agent of the North Dank and Ore
gon Trunk roads and V. C
Wilkes, Atst. General Freight and
fasscnger Agent, arrived last night
on a tour of inspection of the O. T.
country, leaving at noon today for
Sisters, wLeuce they proceed to
Prineville. y
Mr. Wilkes slates positively that
the Oregon Trunk will receive
freight to Madras March rst.
Rates will be announced in a few
weeks. Through tickets, probably
with special settlers rates will Ix
sold from all eastern points to Bend
in the spring. He is particular!)
gathering tounage date and investi
gating warehouse sites aud arrang
ing for the leasing of such. Mr.
Crozier is making his first Central
Oregon trip to gather publicity am
Athletic Club of I'rlneville to hold
Tournament Here.
The Prineville Athletic Club has
accepted the cbjlleiige of the Bend
Athletic Association and a tourna
ment will be held in Bend about
the latter part of February. The
tournament will consist of one
boxing and four wrestling bouts
The entrant in each event must tx
in amateur and never have taken
pirt in any professional boxing or
wrestling bout or tournament.
A cross country run has also been
trrauged and will be held either at
Bend or Prineville some time in
April. The course will be six
Complaint Filed In the Circuit Court
Against Oregon Trunk.
Mary E. Kellv and A. A. An
thony recently filed a complaint in
the Circuit Court at Prineville
igainst tie Oregon Trunk Railway
to prevent the railroad building
across part of Sec. 32. This action
may again tie up the construction
of the Oregon Trunk spur from the
main line to the power station.
Until this matter is settled, the
building of the- manufacturing
plants near the dam may be post
Bound Over to Orand Jury.
The case of Ous Zulaney, ac
cused oi shooting Adolpu Snyder
tn the leg January 16th was heard
before Justice Orcutt iu the Com
mercial Club rooms Thursday after
noon. The defendent waived a
hearing and was bound over to the
May term of the Grand Jury under
$1000 bail. George L. Bernier, of
Priueville, represented the state as
Special Deputy Prosecuting Attor
ney. Just try The Bulletin Job Printery.
Jl M . Kf
w the Riirs?. ifliionai Danft.
Or. U. O. COe, HrtiUi.nt I A. 8ATHCR. Vic President
O.8. HUD80N, Chl.r
Capital fully paid - t2S,000
8tockhold.iV liability 35.000
8urplua - - . . 8S.00O
1 r si KJ Was a Prosperous Year.
111 Should Be More So.
Are you prepared to take advantage
f of the opportunities which will come f
to the man with a Hank Account. 9
If not, start an account today, with the First
National Hank of Hend. This Hank is under the
superislon of the United States Government,
lust as much a part of the Government as the
i'ost Offices, All our loans, investments and our
Tclicy are subject to Government supervision
TmrtppTOvafc VeTrylo run iiielUnk so thai
all matters will rnert with the full sanction of the
Government, ami aolicit your busiucss 011 that
pg u. c. cou
South of Crooked River Orade Pract
ically Completed to Bend. Work
Ine Capacity to North Increas
ed. Plenty of Outlets.
The Oregon Trunk will be open
to traffic to Madras by February
15th and will be receiving freight
by the first of March. Such is the
assurance contained in a letter to
M. P. Smith of Bend from Mar
shall Wells Co, of Portland, from
whose transportation manager ema
nates the foregoing statement, he
having been so advised by tbeO.T.
Thus far the Deschutes railroad hs
given out nothing definite iu re
gard to its accepting freight.
According to C. W. Monohan.
superintendent of construction for
Henry & McFce, 90 per cent of the
grpdc between Crooked River and
Bend is completed; and about 300
men are finishing up the balance.
The power machinery at Crooked
River, for crushing rock, etc., is
being doubled in capacity. The
capacity of the trains bringing con
structiou material up the Deschutes
Canyon nbo has been doubled,
sight engines now- being employed
n this work instead of four as pre
viously. B
In regard to the sale of Ma'heur
Canyon rights to Harriman interests
interfering with the construction of
a southeastern line from Bend, Mr.
Stevens, who has just returned from
the Hast, was most outspoken iu
his declaration that this rou'c was
but one of several and that "when
the Hill interests were ready to en
ter that field the way will not be
The consolidation of all Hill lines,
electric and steam, radiating from
Portland, with Mr. Stevens at iu
head, seems a probable develope
ment. Y. P.S.CO. Hold SunJay Meeting.
The Young Peoples Society of
Christian Eueavor held their regu
lar meeting at the Baptist Church
Sunday evening. More than 51
were present, enjoying to the lull
the interesting program. Among
the speakers of the evening were
Mrs C P. Niswouger and Prot
Herrington. The subject was
"Prayer." H. J. Eggleston pre
sided. F. R. Barbour and W. H. Court
nay of Laidlaw were in town to
day. . V 9