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CALDWI-1.L liLliCilil) TO RU
Mayor Coo, II. II. Allen nil llteodoro
Aune Tnko Kent Now Commit-
Ice Appointed to Droit Atiioml-
menu to Liquor Ordinance.
A,t on adjourned meet Inn of the
Common Council held lust evening,
the old Council met (or the hint
tune, und nfttr transacting routine
business adjourned. Recorder
Kills then swore In Mayor Coc.
who took the chulr Theodore
Atiuc, and II. K Allen took the
oath of oflice as Aldermen replacing;
j. w. nuiitcr aim T Triplet!, M.
J. Kelly iticitt-dcd himself.
At the meeting of the old Coun
cil all of the Aldcjuicu were pro-
cm. t lie luiiuvvinif unit were
J. It. Kelly, police icrtlec. Ute...$ 73.00
1. a. UMiMiiin, imiiicc wivicr,
Dec , phone calW 75 73
Nettle blotnuiii, ImmhIIiii
piiMMirr ,, i.ui
V. A. I'tir Ik. Nov , t)rc salary.
40 no
ii. v.. iiiiii, .-sov , lire, taury....
II. C. Klli, rtr rtlcctoiUi?.
Ilcuil bulletin, IHili, ordinance. . .
II. W. I.. P. Co., Mater, light
(J. I'. TKrt fi Co., elector'
Mr. II. C. Kill. itciioKispIilc
woik ,,
llflul l.lvrrv Mtablr. Iiay. Irani...
Clly Dray, uimivlng Ihjimt
Total i44.4j
Officer Chapman reported five
arrests lince his lam rcort wan
made, with a total of $Hj 50 assessed
In fines. Recorder Kilts' rcorl for
the quarter ending Decern lc r 31
allowed 16 meetings of the Council,
37 trials held by him, and 22 cou
vidians with a total or $234.80 in
fines. During the quarter he mined
warrants for f 1784 75. The report
of Treasurer Spencer showed
5433.67 received during December,
and $39187 disbursed. When he
' received the books in January, 1910,
theic was $33. 19 on hand; during
the year he received $3539 93, mid
disbursed 531 19.78, leaving a bal
ance of $S3 34 on hand January t,
Upon the motion of Kelly,
seconded by Oticil, Alderman Over
turf's scat was declared vacant,
as he is no longer eligible to hold
office, living outside of the city
limits. Having finished their work
the old Council adjourned.
The first business taken up by
'the new Council was the uppoint
ment of a new Alderman to till the
vacant seat. Anne, Kelly mid
Oucil voted for S. C. Caldwell,
and Allen and Sellers lor J. M.
Lawrence. Catdwell took the oath
of office, after u recess, during
whioh Mayor Coc selected his com
mitted, which follow:
Police, I'ltcaml Liquor License
Allen, Sellers and Kelly. ,
Streets, Public Wuys and Sewers
If you hnve money to burn, keep It in the
house where it may be burned, lost or
stolen, but if you want to keep it safely
where it will always be ready for you
when needed, deposit it with us. A bank
aeeount will pive you better business
standing in the community and a pros
titfe that you may never have enjoyed be
fore. If your name is not on our books,
we will be pleased to sep it there before
the close of many days
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
Consorvotivo Banking for Conservative People."
' 1 II I1A11U), Pre. J. W. MASTKRS, Vice I'res.
' M. 0. COM, Cashier.
Sellers, Anne and Oncil,
Wuymiml Menus Kelly, Culd
well und Antic.
Health Allen, Kelly and Sellers.
Cemetery und Public Property
Oncil, Caldwell and Auue.
Rules, Order of Business ntiil
Klectloiis Auue, Allen and Kelly.
The petitions of Holmes & Smith,
Hugh 0'Kiine,Sllverlooth '& Brow
der, J. R Williams. C C. and I).ivc
Williams, Mike Drnglch, nnd of
Myers He Wllkey Tor saloon licenses
wercrclcrrcd to the Committee on
Police, I'lrc and Liquor Licenses,
to Ik reported 011 at the next meet
lug. Amutiou to notify applicants
tor licenses that unless they com
ply with the liquor ordinance before
February I, their license fie will be
refunded, and 11 licence refused. 11
second application not to be con
sidered, resulted In a tic vote, Sell
ers, Oucil and Caldwell favoring
tt, and Auue, Kelly 11 ml Allen
opposing it. Mayor Cue voted
uguiiiht It. A mntiou to apxint a
Mieciul committee to amend the
new liquor ordinance resulted in
another tie, Allen, Kelly and Aunc
voting for. Sellers, Oncil and
Caldwell against. Mayor Coc voted
lor the motion, und appointed
Allen, Kelly nnd Aunc on the com
mittee. The Council adjourned until Sat
urday evening at 7:30 when the
amendments will be taken up.
Steel Has Been Laid on Oregon Trunk
Line to 68 Allle Post.
Dr. U. C, Coc, who returned
from Portland Sunday evening, is
very optimistic about the progress
of the railroad woik up the De
schutes Canyon, on the Oregon
Trunk Line. Just before leaving
Portland Dr. Coc had n long talk
with I, P. Shannon, Secretary and
Treasurer of the Oregon Trunk
Line, nnd other Hill interests, and
President Stevens' assistant.
"Mr. Shannon informed mc"
said Dr. Coc, "that the steel had
beed laid to the 68 mile post and it
is his belief that trains will be run
niug to Mctolus by February ao
Mr. Shannon receives a telegraphic
report of the day's progress every
evening; the track-laying machine
nut down 11.000 feet, or a little
over two miles of steel one day, but
the average is from 8,000 to 1 1,000
feet, when there are no delays.
"There is a tunnel nt the 71 mile
post which might tic up the work
for a few days. The next delay
will probably be at the crossing of
the Deschutes River, a few miles
north west of Madras, where a steel
bridire hns to be Putin. Willi this
exception, and the Crooked River
bridge, the road-bed will iw reauy
for the track-laying machine,
through to lleiid.
"Five or six of the concrete piers
for the Oregon Trunk bridge over
the Columbia appeared to me to be
completed. These piers nrc on the
west side 01 tlic uoiumma. mere
is a large force of men at work, and
the company appears to be desirous
of building this bridge as rapidly
as ossihlc."
to Burn
Tax Levy for ISM I fixed at 16 Mllls
LoKKlnjr Application Again Con
tinued New Road Districts
are Ustabllshed.
The January term of the County
Commissioners' Court met nt the
court house at Priueville January 4,
and remained in session for nearly
a week. There was more business
transacted ut this meeting than at
any previous session. Commiss
ioner Rice is in Portland attending
the Wool Orowcr's Convention,
and Judge Hllis nnd Commissioner
linlly were the only member"
The application of John It. Ryan,
or the Deschutes Logging Co , was
continued over to the March term
of court in order to secure briefs on
ihe question of lilt right of the
County Court to grant 11 franchise
for logging on the Deschutes River,
and the opinion of the District
Attorney on the subject. This
proposition came up at the Novem
ber term, and was curried over to
the Junuury term.
Tin? question of enlarging the
boundaries of School District 13
was Lrgucd before the Boundary
Board by T I! J. Duffy for the
petitioners, and M. R. Elliott for
the objectors. In the absence of a
full Hoard, and in order to secure
an opinion from the State Superin
tendent of Schools, the matter was
continued to the March term. The
Boundary Board is composed of tin
County School Superintendent and
the members of the County Court
John It Ryan, one of the objectors
to the granting o( the petition,
made a long talk before the Board.
Clerk Wclit and V M. Ray. mem
bers of the School Board of District
13 were also present as representa
tives of the District.
The tax levy ou the 1910 roll for
the year 191 1 was fixed ut 16 mills,
divided us follows: '
General County ami Slate 7K mill.
(enrral Sellout 3 mill.
Koid (cicluiivcol I'rlncvillcl.j 1920
IIIkIi School (exclutlve of Dis
trict 12) ii milli.
Library I so
Total 16 milt.
This levy is five-tenths of a mill
higher than the levy last ycor. The
principal reason for the increase is
10 secure more money for the road
Three new road districts were
created in the northwestern part of
the County, Hiltmau, Cline Falls
and Sisters being the names by
which they will be known. Pro"
tically all of the present road super
visors were reappointed.
The Court approved the bonds of
the incoming County officials. T.
N. Balfour, tax collector, gave a
personal bond, thereby saving the
County the rxpense of obtaining n
surety company's bond for him
The jury list, consisting of the
names of 200 tax payers, was
Several pints were approved b)
the Court. A plat of the new town
of Roberts, at the G. It. Robert
much about 35 miles north cast of
Bend, on the Priueville-Bear Creek
road, was accepted. Severul plats
of additions to Redmond, and the
one of the new town of Vanora,
uliotit ta miles north west of Mad
ras, ou the Deschutes River, were
Increaso In Counry's Receipts,
The following statement shows
how the receipts of the County
Clerk's office have increased during
the past year. The figures were
taken from the Treasurer's report
1910 1900
January f 51a.11 307.6s
I'ebruary 41805 30180
March 733-1 401.70
April 652.35 31540
May '. 679 6t 335 25
June ,, 65305 309.60
July , 61H.13 38135
August.-. 45550 291.45
September ,
October 553 95 563-65
November... 40370 57761
December.... 461,75 400 w
Total' f bKjo 67 $ 4403 07
Adjudication of Water Ulght.
The Board of Control recently ad
judicuted the relative rights to the
waters of5quaw-Grcekrnnd Tuuinlo
Creek. There were 75ditch rights
involved in the Squaw Creek de
termination, but the decisions In
detail have uot yet been received In
WINS 17-0 UAML:.
Out-Played In All Points of the Oimc
Contest Proves Interesting, Al
though Local Team Hail No
Chance to Win the dame.
The Bend football tenm was de
feated by the Priueville aggregation
Saturday on the hitter's grounds
by 17-0 score. The game whs
much closer than the score would
indicate, although the Bend bovs at
no time during the game had any
chance to get the lead in the score
The game was characters il
throughout with fast plavttig. imi
there were btl few dis.uMnu ovti
decisions to detract from Ihe game
Dr W W Pi.uikiier offi nd -umpire
and George Alvx.iudur .
Redmond as referee The gum
was played under the few rule-.
The Priueville team showed the
results of its consistent tr.itniiitf.
The boys worked out every utter
noon for the past ten ilu, uml
were able to run oil" their play
much faster than the Betid team
could. There were no serious
injuries during the game, although
Ray Wilkinson returned Sunday
looking as though he had been
through a hard contest.
The Priueville team was strength
ened by the addition of several new
players. Gunim of Redmond,
pioved to be a tower of strength
Brewster, who played a star gume
here, was also in every play, and
although be was hurt a few times,
he managed to stay throughout the
game. Coe also played a very
good game. A. M. Pringlc started
to play otic down, but the strained
ligament in his leg gave way.
Wilkinson, Metke und Weider
played an exceptionally strong
game on the defense. There was
no noticably weak points in the
Bend line-up.
Priueville scored within the Grst
four minutes of play, but failed to
kick the goal. During the second
quarter Richardson fumbled when
receiving the ball back of his own
goal for a punt, and Brewster o
Priueville got it, making a second
touchdown, which was converted,
making the score 1 t-o. The third
touchdown and goal were made In
the last quarter.
The Priueville team gave adauce
in the evening in the P. A. A. C.
Hall, at which all of the Bend
people were present as guests After
the dance a supper was served to
the vrsit-ng team and friends.
V. P. S. C. CsNow lias Committees to
Carry On the Work.
The meeting of the Young
Peoples Society of Christian En
deavor held at the Union Church
Sunday evening was well attended.
President Egglestou appointed the
following aschaiimen of commit
tecs: Social, Mrs. M. S. Lnttiu;
Prayer Meeting, Mrs Charles Nis
wonger; Lookout, Mis HU
Bozcll; Music, Mrs L W Ltnd
borg, und Piuauce, C I. Bozell.
The by laws for the organization
were not considered, as the sample
ones sent for had not been received
The society expect- to give a social
within the next two weeks, to
which all will be invited.
Mrs. E. M. Thompson wi.l lead
at the meeting to be held at the
Union Church next Sunday evening
at 6:30. The subject for the meet
lug is "The Greatest Lives." As
it will be on open meeting, a large
attendance is looked for.
Officers and Directors for Ensuing
Year Chosen.
At the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Piue Forest
Irrigation Co held Saturday uftcr
uoou at the McGillvray school
house the following Directors were
elected for the ensuing year:
W. J. McGillvruy, G. II Slack.
W, V, McNuughl, C: D. Itowe and
M. W. Wilsou.
It was decided to go ahead with
the construction, work ns rapid!;
the weather will permit, as it is the
intention to have wuter on the laud
by the next irrigating season. An
assessment of fa 00 per acre was
levied by ihe stockholders.
This Compauy, which is subsid-
lary to Ihe Arnold Irrigation Com
pany, will enrry the water from tin
riid of (he Arnold canal, near Ihe
Silver Lake road. The North
lateral will also receive its water
from the Arnold canal, Tne Pine
Porest Irrigation Co in pa 11 now
has contracts to supply water to
5000 acres of laud, and will contract
111 the near future to supply 1000
acres more,
At a meeting of tire Board of
Directors held at C. D Rowe's
store on Monday the following
officers were elected for th ensuing
President W. J. McGHlvray.
Vice President W V. McKitigiit
Secretary O. H. Slack.
Treasurer C. I). Row.
The Directors ordered from the
Bend Lumber Co , the lumber fori
the 300 foot flume to be built north
of the Silver Like road. The turn
kt is being delivered now. ami the
ontrtictiou work will begin in
hf near future.
l dimmd IMegntlon Present and Will
Organize With Association.
The regular nntiuul meeting qj
the Water User's Association was
held Saturday afternoon at the hall
over the postofficc, and the follow
ing officers were elected for the
eiiiuiug year:
President P. It. Dencer.
Vice President E. W. Richard
son.'' Secretary S. H. Snyder.
Treasurer C. VV. Hocli.
Directors E. A. Griffin,
L. C.
Young, It. W. Richardsou.
G. W. Ferris and J. A. Thomp
son, representing the water user
about Redmond, were present, and
stated that it was the desire ol the
men they represented to organize
with the local Association. Next
Saturday afternoon a meeting will
be held at Redmond, at which time
those interested in the movement
will be present and join the associ
ation. The officers will en dowi
for the meeting, taking all tt.i
organizations books.
The name of the organization
was changed to The Central Oregon
Irrigation Company Water Uvr'
Association. The articles of in
corporation were submitted, and.
tne Association is now incorporated
under the state laws.
Contest Case Over .Morrill lismesteaa
Is Lost by Plaintiff.
V. A. Forbes, attorney for tht
defendant, received a Utter Sunday
from the Commissioner of tbe
General Land Office at Washington,
stating that the decision in the ca
ofjoe Iuues vs. II. W. Morrill,
defended by his heir Arthur MorriU
of Powell Butte, had been revered
This was n contest case over tht
Morrill homestead west of the river.
The local laud office ut The Dalles
gave a decision in April, 1910, foi
the plaintiff, who was represented
by C. S. Beusou.
V--5 "k "Lij' '-- .-
The First National Bank
Mwa iiiiwwwwiwiiiii miia w !
Or U O. 00. PrttlJanl t A ATtlH. VK, Prtdnt
0 8- HUDSON CaihUr
OaplUI fullr paid SSB.000
StockholiUrs' liability - Si OOU
Burulu - SSOOO
Last year, perhaps, you turned over a nice,
clean sleet ami beaded it "Mom money saved
in 1910." How did you own. utf If uoj as
well as you expected, try it again in 1911, If
you are satisfied with your profits, why not
head the new Jeaf for 191 1 "Keep up the
record for 1910"?
We do not liav'to tell you that we will (insist
von iu every way possible in yottr bunking busi
ness in the New Yourour irtw leaf Is headed,
"More mid better bauUiug bqrvice for tgu."
Young SdiOAl Will Not b Opened Un
its I'atfttotters Furnish Hqulppeil
lUMn-g-Hw Pin? and Set of
Itaferesm Bk Ordered.
At tbe meeting of the School
Board bW at Chairman Triplett's
store Saturday evening the follow
ing Wife were approved:
f. X tUr i U n. Wtest. Win
il' t'H 545"
R-l Croaa Drag Co , Trc. trill.... S9'i
l'attar-on Dm lu , ttev Mil..,, 12 -j
Millard Tnplrti, teacher KV . . n
The bid, by Sutherland & M -hito.h,
to 'build the two exits f.r
$'57 75 w" accepted, provided thr
wenlci ax re 10 , certain rnini'i
changes m the plutis. The 01 u
from the second floor will Ik bum
oil tbe eaat M1- ol the building, tle
douU (tours opening into u clonic
room Tbe first floor exit is to c
041 the north sMe of tbe school
Clerk Wiest was instructed to
order a new $ foot flag for the
school, as well as a 22 volume sen
of tbe International UneyctnpedM
in n clot It binding, at $80 00.
In regard to equipping the Young
school, it was decided that utles
those applying, for the new school
would furnish a suitable buslduiff,
witL stove and wood, as previously
agreed lo, the uropositiou would be
Principal Hirnngton was present
ind reported thai dnnng the thre
school wetks in December seven
high school pupils were absent 201 1
the S days on which ab-ences were
recorded and were credited with 35
of the 44 cases of tardiness. Tne
Board rcqnettad him to draw up a
set of school rule to be submitted at
the next meeting The Board tavore I
taking action in regard to tbe cases,
snd will in all probability do so at
it next meeting.
Ta Remodel Hotel UcuJ.
Hugh 0' Katie will begin work
in the near future on severul im
provements to be made at the
Hotel Btud. A iijjar stand wul
be put in the ft out of the room
no occupied'by bis bar on Oregon
-tretrt. Toe diuing romn is to be
tfnlaigrd, and an entrance from
Bono street to the room will be
put in He will also remodel tlic
gcueiul arrangement of tbe hotel.
Ulectrlelty st Redmond.
Tbe pl-nt of the Crook County
Water, Light Power Co . ut
.Redmond ha been installed, ond
the buildings are now bfing wired
tor lights Instead of using aics
lor Mreet lighting, a cluster ol five
incandesvcut bulb under a large
reflector tc ued. Five such lghts
I ave bcvti put up on Sixtu Street.
1 . i.