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UO. 4-
All Ihe Little Children Receive Re-
monibrance I'roin Saint Nick nn
ClirUtma Uv.-l.aro Crowd
In Attendance,
The Chilslma celebration held
nt I lie Union Church Saturday eve
ning wun our oT the attended
Christmas put lies ever held In Horn).
Tin building could not hccoiunin
dale the crowd of old folks, is well
as-young, who wanted to sec Santa
Clans Every child received n
jirci ntt besides the ciih onmry box
of candy, fruit and mils.
Mm. Chatlc Nlswongcr, who
hnd charge of the evening's enter
tainment, had all of the children'ii
parts well drilled, nud the entire
programme wan rendered without
any delay. That the proirrammr
wax one that appealed to the chil
dren wm hIiowii by the encore to
each number.
J I. West, who, played the role
of Santa Claim, entered while the
entire school wan singing the last
of the Sanla Ciaui Kotifc. With
Ihe assistance of several young'
ladles he dintributcil the numerous
present that had been placed on
the tree, which extended to the lop
of Ihe building. The programme
SoK "joy to UveryUidy."...,. All
),rajr.r..,Kevrietid J Anthony Mitchell
AdirrM......,,,Kcvrrcnil J. I'. Vernon
Tableau 15 little- ulrU
(folltloii"Chrltltuiiv" Uxtlc Utllu
Koto im Dickey
trading,., , ,.Nau I'lliuuurlce
lialoue Nine little iflrl
Mediation 0 lady 1 I'lcmltiK
Anthem Choir
Violin Solo IvaVet
Doll Dialogue 1'iitir little KltU
DUtoKue 1'utir Ui)-
Kecllatlon , Margaret TliottirMiii
KrelUlliiit,.,.. Nina Siiliiinx
Kecitatloi Cliarlr Triplet!
Noun "We'll t'.el Ahratt ol Kauta
CliUl" j ichool
Work on Hplacopal Church (o Begin
Next Week.
Work 011 the Episcopal Chapel to
be built on the lot facing the south
end of Wall Sttcct. at the Inter
section of Washington, will com
mence next week. Some of the
lumber has already been delivered,
and the rest of it will be' on the
Kroutid within the next few days
J. W. Dlmick will have charge of
the construction.
The lot, which wai kIvcu to the
church by Mrs. A M. Drake, it
one of the most conspicuous near
the business center of He ml. Bishop
Paddock, who was here last sum
mer, gave ft 00 toward the new
building, tiKfi condition that the
church raise $500. Although the
full amount hits not been subscribed
New Years Greeting
to You.
41 Where there's a will there's a way"
is an ojd and very truo saying, and in
nothing does it apply with more force
than in the matter of saving money.
EVERYONE should start the Now
Year with a resolution to save some
part of his earnings, as it is not what
one earns but what ho saves "that
makes wealth.
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
Conservative Banking for Conservative People."
1. II. UAIKIVrc. J. W. MASTHRS, Vice I'res.
M. O, COH, Cashier,
n yet, the officers feel certain ol
their ability to secure it.
The building will be 3.1x3.) -'-
with n long sloping roof, Jt will
be finished In rough lumber, which
will be stiilncd. The building to
be erected will serve an the tempo
rary home of the church, mid ns
50011 ns a permanent building Is
constructed, this one will be used
as a Guild Hull.
I. urns Hnlerlaln Umployee.
A. M. Lara & Co. was the host
at a very enjoyable party Christ
mas afternoon and evening at the
home of A M. Lara. The guests
Included the employees of the store,
the workmen engaged upon the
new Lara residence and their fami
lies to the number of twenty.
During the evening Simla Glaus
paid a visit to the gathering nud
emit one of the guests big uud litlh,
wait Ihe recipient of a Christina
remembrance, Mr. and Mrs, Lata
were presented with a very hand
some cut glass bowl by the cm
ployecs of the store, and the ex
prcsslon of good will from the
workmen employed in the house
look the form of a beautiful cut
glass vase. '
In the course of the evening con
niderabtc musical talent was in evi
dence and at seven the guests sal
down to u very appetizing supper.
Notice to Stockholders.
All stockholders of the I'ine Kor
ea Irrigation Company arc hereby
untitled that the regular annual
stockholder' meeting will be held
in the McOillvray school house,
seven miles south-east of lieud oil
Saturday, January 7. for the pur
note of electing directors for the en
suing year and transacting Mich ,
other business as may proper!)
com! before the meeting. It is
highly important that all interested
be present if possible, an the further
construction and early completion
of the ditch depends on action
taken at Ibis meeting.
H. Gakkutt, Secretary.
QuIberR Foreclosure Case.
The testimony in the case ol
Cart J. Quibcrg vs. W. J. Griffith
and wile and Frank Paul, was
taken before Referee II. C. Hills on
December 23. The plaintiff seek
to foreclose u f 4060 mortgage on
the 1 60 ocrc Quibcrg ranch near
Sisters. T. It. J. Duffy and V. A.
I'orhc represented Ihe plaintiff, i
and J. A. Wilcox the dcfcndeuls
The case is on the circuit court
docket, but was heard before
Referee Hills so that the testimony
could be taken without having
travelling expeuscs for the wit
Christmas House-Warming.
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Overlurf
entertained a crowd of 33 of the
young people at n Christmas party
at their new home in Park Addt
tinn Sunday night. A tree loaded
with joke presents olTorded amuse
ment for all present. A abort book
ol lyrics about the guests was also
very interesting. After an "initial"
game, light, refreshments wcrt
A (lood Attendance at Ilia lll?li School
Hritert-lriment In Muster's Mall
ChrNltitai Tree and (iantes
Add to the Merriment.
The Christmas party given by
the lleud Public School last I'riday
afternoon at I. (niter's Hall proved
a great success. The stage was
artistically decorated with little
plue tries, covered with cotton, to
represent a woodland scene. The
hall Itself was gaily festooned with
green boughs and red trimming-.,
and a huge red bell, from which
hung n bunch of mistletoe, was sus
lciiilcd Irom the middle of the ceil
lug. 'A Christmas tree in its gay
dress of popcorn and tinsel added
the Christmas touch to the hcene.
The role of ihe mortal children,
"Nornun" and "Dorothy," at
whose suggestion n party was given
for Santa, were well played by Cut
viu Smith and Marie Broslerhatis.
"Santa' Claus," Lueltu Worii-t-fl,
and "Utile Christmas Gay," I.a
Nora Morris, a present from the
mortal children to Suta, were each
very well interpreted. The little
"Snow Flakes." led by Viola
Hrown, and "Jack Frost," Harl
Culp, with his baud of white clad
"Froit Sprites," gave to the pla
an atmosphere of winter and the
holiday season.
At the close of the operetta Sinla
distributed boxes of candy to all ol
the children and then n lupp)
and noisy time ensued. Numerous
games were played by the children,
and nil enured into the spirit of the
occasion. The high school pupils
had a tree of their own, which was
udcii with many joke presents.
The party was it very enjoyable
one for all present, arid the (acuity
should feel repaid for their efforts,
because of the many happy faces
that were to be seen during the
The faculty nud school wish to
publicly thank Henry Linster for
his kindness to them in allowing
the free use of the hall, the He ml
Water, Light & Power Co. for
furnishing afternoon lights and
Mrs. I,. W. Lindbcirg for her ser
vices, as well as the members of
choir who assisted with the music
Clay Sent Haat by A. II. Horn Has
Peculiar Qualities.
A. II. Horn, of the Ben J, Brick
& Tile Co., recently received from
Ohio, a number of pressed brick
made from the clay secured near
the brick yards on the Barney
Lewis homestead west of Bend,
Some lime ago Mr. Horn sent a
sack ot the clay to the Bttcyrus
Guy Working Machinery Co , ot
Bucyrus, Ohio, to be experimented
upon by them.
The company reported that the
clay contained peculiar . qualiti
Inch would give the bricks made
iron, it a large demand. There is
but a .small amount of clay possess
ing the same qualities in the middle
itales, and owing to the scarcity,
there, will be a great dcuiaud for
the brick made from it.
The clay makes u dark red brick,
and with the proper burning nu)
be mude almost black.
New Bond Street Building.
Mike McGrath, who has a three
year lease on the corner at Bond
and Oregon streets, formerly occu
pied by Peter LehrmaiC black
smith shop, has sturted the con
Htiuctiou of a one-story building on
the lot. The building occupied b)
the blacksmith shop has been torn
do vn, uud workmen are now en
imaged m putting in the foundation
for the new building, which wih
have n frontage of 30 feet on Bond
Fined for Drunkenness. f
As a result of their conceptions
of Christmas spirit, four men were
fined for drunkenness on Monday,
by Recorder II. C. Ellis. George
Morgan was fined f, 15, and the fine
was . suspended provided he left
town by sun-down. Morgan was
so uebriated that he had to b
taken to the jail in u wheel-barrow
Barney Mulligan was fined 10
"Cluirley the Swede" aud au Italian
I were each Cued 7.50,
I ..... !
Unsatisfactory Decisions (or lined
Team Cause Many Wrangle
Hvenly Matched Aggregations
I'lay Interesting (lame.
The foot ball game between the
Priueville and Mend "All Star"
teams' Monday afternoon, resulted
in a 0-0 score. Although marred
by many discussions, the game was
interesting to watch, as the result
was not. certain until time was
The decisions throughout the
game were very unsatisfactory. M.
S. Lattin, and Dr. Rosenberg of
I'rinrville, officiated as referee and
umpire As neither of the officials
have ever played under the revised
rules, it was to be expected that
the decisions would not -II be in ac
cordance with the rules.
As for a comparison of the two
teams, they were very evenly
matched. During the first quarter
lieud was able to go through i'rluc
yillc's line far her yards; at other
times it scented to be impossible for
lleud to make her distance. Priue
ville, on the other hand, was able
to go through Bend's line for her
yards with about the same ease,
though often she was thrown back
The punting was very good, and
the two teams were about even in
the distance gained by punting.
The forward pass made more yards
for the Prineviile team than did
straight bucking of the line.
did not try anything, other than
straight foot ball, and seemingly
was not expecting any forward!
pass plays. 1
When the whistle was blown at
the end of the second quarter, the
ball was on Bend's 10-yard line,
having been advanced from the
center of the field by a well ex
ecuted forward pass. The b?ll was
in neutral territory a large part of
the time.
There were several pretty plays
during the game. When Prineviile
had the ball within about 15 yards
of her own goal, 'Houston broke
through the line, and with the aid
of Kiuiiear, smothered a play which
lorcetl Priueville to punt from her
two-yard line.
Richardson, In the Utter part of
the game, endeavored to drop-kick
a goal, but was unable to do so as
he had not caught the pass, clean
Had Bend tried to score by buck-'
ing the Hue, the result might have
been different.
Prineviile cl.tiuied a touch-down
in the last quarter, but it was nut
allowed, as Brewster was loyaids
down the field before the ball was
There were no injuries of any
serious consequence throughout the
game, although the pace proved
too fast for some. Brewster ond
Kills played the best gome for
Priueville, nud Priugle, Houston,
Steidl and Kinnear shared the
honors for Bend. The line up oT
the two teams follows:
I'rliicvlllc. Demi,
A. ThompMiii c .It Klnnesr
J. Collin U ....R. Wilklnwn
C. Newell r.K....R- M. Connor
R. Litter r.t C. Vnmleverl
T. Qntnn .....I.t L. Mcllce
C, J.owlhcr Ic B. Steidl
..... ...i. " Urackell
C. Coffin r.e N." Welder
l Uechlel quarter.. II. I'. Kepple
A. R. Dorrit
R. urenttcr I.I1....A. M. Prinze
S. HUN.., r.U. W.Houtton
R. McAllister f.b...M. RichardMn
Prineviile Liquor Ordinance,
At 0 special meeting of the
Prineviile City Council held last
Wednesday evening the haloon
license was placed at $800, payable
in advance. All saloons must clot
promptly at midnight, and remain
closetLttntil 5 In the morning. Sun
day closing, aud the prohibition 01
gambling and music, ure al.o em
bodied In the ordinanre. A screen
not more than five feet above the
sidewalk is the only obstruction lo
prevent a clear view of the interior
that will be allowed.
- Odd Fellow to Install.
The Odd Fellows will install
their officers for the ensiling term
next Monday evening at their hall
over ihe postofilce. The local
lodge was organized June 20, 1910,
and now 1ms 38 members. The
officers elect are: C. T. Butts, N.
G.j N. 1 Welder, V. G.; V. A
Forbes, Secretary, Ralph Spencer.
Treasurer, nud 0. M. Patterson,
4 Trustee for three )car.
Pay Shelf Hook.
The following Is n list of the
book that have been ordered for
the pay shelf in the Pdblfc Library:
"Maten of the Vineyard" M. Keed
"illiWe-iof Slitii.lone"
I'lflreiice U. Rarkley
"Ked Pepper tiurnt", CraceS Richmond
"Max" , , C C. Tliuritoii
"A Chariot oM'irc"....,
Hllulwlh Stuart Phelps
"Keat Harrow" Matiriee Hewlett
"l,lam.leiulQarrie."..Mary II. Waller
"The baud ol the Caribou"....
Krneit Tliompaoti Seton
"Sonny"-. Kutli McKnery
"Sonny's I'ather" Ruth MeUnery.
Mason Install Officers.
About '55 were present at the
installation of the new officers of
the Bend Lodge A V & A. M. 139
last night. After the 'installation
ceremonies refreshments were serv
ed, iiesides the elective officers
mentioned last week the followiuui
officers appointed by Master Red-
field wcreHnstallcd: M. G Coe. S
IX; J. S Innes, J. D.;-H. K Allen,
S. S;J C. Whittcd; J. S . and J.
Burrows, Tyler.
Mm Held Saturday.
Father Luke Sheean held two
masses at the Catholic Church on
Saturday, at midnight and at 1 a
m There was a congregation of
about 40 present. Father Luke
Sheean is now stationed at Iiend,
and will hold mass regularly every
Sunday njorning.
Atadras In a Pickle Because Law Was
Not Observed.
At the Madras city election of
December C Alderman Cook was
defeated for rc-tlcction, G. Y.
Stanton receiving more votes.
Thereupon Cook contested and the
case came on lor hearing before the
City Council. The Madras Piopeer
reports the result as follows:
Ailer teveral witnetnc had tcn ex
amhied by the attorneys, and the atten
lion of the Council w called to the fact
that the election board bad failed to
comply with the refulrcnientt at to the
markliiK ol the ballot of the person
m ho had tworu In their vote., to thai
they could be identified, and alto faUIng
to mark the iiame on the poll book, ol
(hete persona, a motion Mat made by
Attorney llcrxltiid for a ditmittal of the
catc and that the council declare the
election null and void on account of
Irregularities perpetrated at the election
held December 6, 1910. s Counsel for Mr.
siauion onjecteii to lint motion out Mat
overruled by the city council and the
motion carried by roll call vole.
Now Madras has no authority to
order another election belore next
December and is in a considerable
tangle. It is working under the
auie law that applies to Bend.
For Saui Six ot the finest lots
in Deschutes, level, water by ditch
and with city water. Next to new
residence. Inquire Bulletin office.
On tUturd-, Jinutry ji. I wilt ttll t my
ratnh on the Silver lake rva- o mlln wuth W
1111, to the biehrtt UMcr. one brown
hftfM. weight about o-ktpouiwlt. The hrtew
kii in lay care by J V. l-llntc. sf kuktra
urr.,onJunc II. 1910. to bt n-HiiirU W I
I.trJ Drt. 36, 1910,
4H4 C n.AUUHS,
! fipiT'- Ii7 5Jyw vj
The First National Bank
Or. U. O, OOE. Pr.tld.nt E A SATHIR. Vic Prlnt
O 8. MUOBON, C-ihl.r
Capital fully paid ... t-5.000
atock.hold.rt- liability .6.0OO
8urplut .... . as.000
1 We confidently believe that the head
ing of this column will be literally real
ized in 1911. It wilt come in varied
degrees to all of us, but each will have the
making uf his share in bis own bands.
Prosperity is what we net front the re
sult of each day's work.
TJThe degree of prosperity eujoyed Is
measured by our ability to spend les
than we earn aud accumulate the balanc
in a bank account a certain oniouu"
frr-tii Mfnl. flnj
ifThls Bank wants to go on record as be- j
lug willing to aid and abet every effort of m
its, customers to share in the prosperity
which we feel sure the New Year will
lOpen an account now. Make larger
deposits if you already have au account.
It will prove yery satisfactory.
C. COK . A.
Henry Llnttcr's Automobile Being
'Equipped With a New Type of Tire
Invented by Bend Man To
Make Part Here.
Henry Linstcr's automobile Is
being equipped with spring fires,
the invention of Oscar Sletto. n
mechanic employed at the Linster
machine shop. The parts for the
tires were made in Portland, and
Mr Sletto brought them back with
him a few days aeo.
The principle of the patent which
is owned by Messrs. Linster and
Sletto, is to use steel springs instead
of rubber' to take up the jr and
vibrations. Fotirty-four springs of
band Meet bent like'a clamp with
one part of the circle open, are
each bolted to the inner side of the
rim. The springs are of bands one
and a half inches wide but circular
so as to measure about six inches
in diameter. A steel rim, riveted
over the springs holds tlie outer
edge to the rim. Six half-Inch
steel cnblrs are fastened to the run
ning surface of the springs by a
small clamp, which is riveted to
each spring.
This morning the car, equipped
with one of the new spring tire,
was driven about the streets, stud
seemed to work all right. How
ever the cables bad not been put on
and one of the springs was broken.
The tire apparently has more
good qualities than a rubber tire
It takes up a jar as well as a
rubber tire, and yhould be far more
durable. Although the exact-cost
of making the tire has not been de- .
termtned, it will be a great del
cheaper than rubber.
As soon art the invention is per
fected Mr. Linster expects to tuuke
a large supply of the parts and use
them in equipping the automobile
stage cars.
Woodmen todnstall Olflcers.
The installation, of officers of the
Modern Woodmen of America will
be hcltt at the lodge lull over the
postofilce on next Tuesday cvenlnc.
The installation will be open to a'!
Woodmen and their friends. Tin
following will be the new ofTicen
of the lodge. M. J. Morrison, con
sul; K. E. Woollcy, advisor; Mar
tin Knutson, clerk; E, A. Sath.r,
banker, and W. W. Orcutt, escort.
Dolls Awarded.
Miss Ruth WornsiatT received the
first prize in the doll contest hell
by A. M Lara & Co , with a totut
of 3463 votes. MM Myrtle Datley
was given the second prize, having
received 2703 votes. Tlie content
began November 10, and clo-td at
10 o'clock Christmas eve. Theie
were 9992 votes cast during the
R S:
C. S.
fii SS, i)