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NO. 41
Council Restricts Location and He
(ulroa Clear (Unit Window, No
Screen or Partitions Library
Hoard Receives $S per Month
At the meeting of the Common
Council held taut evening. I). M.
Davis ww appointed Mnyor pro
tern, In the absence of Mayor Cald
well. The liquor llceiuc committee, ap
pointed ut the lust meeting, sub
milled a draft of 11 promised ordi
nance, which wan read for the first
time. On the motion of Seller,
seconded by Hunter, the rule were
suspended and the ordinance wan
read the Rccoud time. After u
brief discussion, the ordinance wus
passed, Onclll, Hunter, Seller,
Ovcrturf unit Triplctt voting in
favor of it, and Kclley against it.
The ordinance follow the recom
mendations made nt u previous
meeting; the license in placed at
$1000, and the licensee must give a
Mircty bond for $1000; no license
will be granted fur saloons on any
Ntrcct other than Hand, except In
liona fide hotel having 30 or more
sleeping rooms; all saloon must
have open front, with clear gluss
window, which must not be more
than five feet above the sidewalk;
no screens or partitions which
would obstruct a clear view of the
interior are to be allowed. Sunday
doting and the prohibition of gam
bling are also embodied in the new
After much discussion in regard
.to the course that should be taken,
Hugh O'Kotic was granted a near-
beer license to January 1, 1911, for
the bar in The Hotel Haul.
The Recorder was authorized to
draw a warrant the first of each
month, beginning January i, 191 1,
for $5, payable to the Library
Hoard. This was done in lieu of
the fact that no library tax was
levied, a the application to the
Council for financial support
wa not received in time to
be included in the general levy
assessed December I.
The Council adjourned to De
cember 27.
Redmond Consider Saloons.
At the meeting of the city coun
cil at Redmond several recommcu-
Pounds Sterling for Great Britain and Ireland;
Francs for France, Belgium and Switzerland;
Kroner for Sweden, Norway and Denmark;
Roubles for Russia and Poland;
Kronen for Austria Hungary;
Fintnarks for Finland;
Marks for Germany;
Rupee for India; t
Lire for liy,
Yen for Japan;
And last, but not least,
We Sell Exchange For Them All
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend,, Oregon
"Conservative Banking fop Conservative Poople;"
h. II, 11AIKI), I'res. J. W. MASTltRS, Vice I'rcs.
M, O, COR, Cashier,
datlous to lc Incorporated into n
new ll(uor license ordinance were
iniide. The number of saloons Ik
to lc limited to three nt the present
time, mid If) to k nllowcd to in
acinic nt the rule o( one for euch
iiddltlonul 350 imputation after
Jiiuuiiry, 1911; the license wus
rccouimctidcd to le $Hoo, with it
ft 000 bond. .Sunday closing and
the prohibition or all gambling in
suloons, except shaking dice or
playing curds for drinks or cigars,
urc alio to be embodied in the new
I. V. Chapman Receives Largo Re
turns Veal Calves Alarkct Well,
I. V. Chapman, of Chapman
tiros., rancher in the Sister lo
cality, lust week sold to the Union
Market, in Ikud, six hog for
f l J7 95- Mr- Chapman staled that
the actual cash outluv to market
these hoi! was onlv 21 40. ex
pended for the grain used to fallen
The additional cost of raising the
Ikk's wis suml!, as they were pas
lured on allulfa and fed rutabagas
and carrot.
Mr. Ctiamnan also brought in
two young veal calves, belonging
to Fred Wclsc of Sister, which
brought a fancy price, $29.50.
Dullness Administration Candldatea
for Mayor and Council lilected
The city election at Princvillc,
Monday, resulted in the selection
of Dr. Charles S. Edwards an
mayor, and 0. W. Noble, I. W.
Ward anil C. I. Winnck as council
men. There was but one ticket in
the field for the ubove office.
Toseoh KeUo wa elected marshal
by is votes, the other two candi
date being Al Yancey and John
urceuing. k. w. weese ucicatcu
Frank liarue for recorder.
Club Directors Meet.
The directors of the Commercial
Club met in President Forlca' office
last night, all of the directors being
present. Secretary Spencer was in
structed to correspond with William
Mc.Murray, general passenger agent
o( the Hurrimati lines ut 1'ortlaud,
ill regard to the railway company
and the Commercial Club uniting
in the publishing of advertising
matter ubout the llend country. He
was also instructed to learn the
approximate cost of getting out an
advertising pamphlet. The club
will meet again as MXn as tne Sec
retary receives a reply from Mr.
Austrlans Are Pined.
Spa&e Vukitia wus fined $15 yes
terday afternoon for passing liquor
to a prisoner confined in the city
jail. This is the maximum fine
that can be imposed according to
the state statute, which is the same
us is imposed by the city ordinance.
Mike Levich wa lined wo, ttie
charge against him being drunk
and disorderly. Both case were
tried before Judge Hills.
Bend Public School to (live Christmas
Party I'rlday Afternoon at Lin
ater'a llall-Cubllc Is Invited
to Attend.
The public is cordially invited to
attend a Chifstmas party to be
given in Muster's Hall, Friday
afternoon, from two to four by the
Iieuil Public School. Admission
will l? free,
Among the amusements provided,
an ofwretta entitled "Tables
Turned," will be rendered by the
school children. Tlie pluy tells the
story o( two children who, wander
iug about and finding Santa Clans
discouraged and disheartened from
over-work, decide to give him a
royul Christmas party. To aid in
this festivity, the children of nil
nations assemble. Jack Frost with
his sprites and a snow ilakc chorus
urc also there. Santa enjoys a de
lightful time and is presented with
a huge slocking containing Christ
mas Joy, a present from the chil
dren. The operetta closes with a
pretty star tableau, telling the
sweet old story of "The Child of
The cust of the play is as fol
lows: Two mortal children who have
sought out Santa Claus, Norman
Calvin Smith; Dorothy Marie
Sanra Claus.
Christmas Joy.
Jack Frost Karl Culp.
The White Cat Howard Young.
Chorus of Frost Sprites Minnie
Muster, Marion Sather, I-ois Trip
lctt, Leonora Matheson, Mamie
Chirk, Grucc Robinson, Inez Hates,
lilva Fleming, Dorris Pattic, Bessie
Chorus of Snow Flakes Viola
llrowu, Edna Moc, I.a Nora Morris,
Louise Triplctt, Claudic Triplctt.
Gladys Sather, Elsie Horn, Helen
Downing, Ida Niswouger, Myrtle
Chorus of the Children of the
Nations Hu7.en Grant, Kenneth
Lane, Lawrence Keisdorfer, Doyle
Syudcr, Kutn Fleming, Mary Bo
zell, Hdith Vinyard, Coral Hates.
Pages for Santa's Stocking
Francis Kedficld, Roland Sellers,
Hugh Kelly, Lester Smith.
The citizens of Bend have been
very generous with their help in
connection with this party. Henry
Liustcr has kindly given them the
use of his hall free. Through
Frank Robertson, the Uend water,
Light & Power Co. has generouly
consented to supply light for the
afternoon. Mrs. Z W. Ltndborg.
who has been faithfully playing the
accompaniments, will aid in the
playing and sinking.
New Teacher Appointed.
At the meeting of the School
Hoard held at Chairman Triplett's
store Saturday-evening, C, U. Cutt
ing was chseii as teacher of the
Young school, This school, which
wus authorized by the voters of the
district on December to, is to be
located about five miles from Bend
on the Priuevitle road,
The new school will open on
Monday, Junuary 2, or on January
9, and is to continue for four
months. The salary of the teacher
will be $60 per month, but the
district docs not have to incur any
expense for house rent, fuel or
janitor service.
Max McGillvray was allowed
2.50 per month for janitor work
at the Arnold school.
The following bills weie appro
ved, and ordered paid:
Warren Wltcelock, lalior f 1. 00
N, 1', Smith, hardware supplies... 9.74
H. A- Hfttlier, hardware supplies,, 4.00
llftul Hardware Co., I room 3.75
I'attcrroii Drug Co., Nov, bill i.vao
Iho Freight Trouble.
Mnny of the merchants in Hcnd
are lamenting the fact that they
have Christmus supplies at Skanlko
or stuck in the mud on the road to
llend. Several loads of height
which are known to have left
Shnnlko before the middle of
month have not yet been received
in Uend.
That some of the loaded wagons
have been abandoned, and the con
tents appropriated by passers-by,
seem to be accepted facts by the
Route Ueyond Bend Not Yet Certain
Announces That Hallway Publicity
Work Carried on lias Been
Very Successful.
Encouraged by the business con
ditions in Orrgou, James J. Hill,
the railroad builder, who arrived in
Portland Wednesday night, an
nounced the eventual extension of
the Oregon Trunk Line from the
present proponed terminus at Bend;
the extension of the United Electric
Railways to the coast, and the ulti
mate consolidation of nil the Hill
roads radiating out of Portland into
one large corporation similar to
that formed by the Harrimun lines
a few weeks ago.
Mr. Hill arrived on a special
train that operated through from
St. Paul, starting there Monday
afternoon. He is accompanied by
George U. Harris, chairman of the
board of directors of the Uurlington
system; W. P. Dean, director of
Great Northern; W. H. Dunn
woody and E. C. Cooke, capitalists
of Minneapolis; Samuel Hill, his
son-in-law, who continued his trip
to Seattle, and M. R. Browne, his
private secretary.
Itend Line to Uo llxtended.
"We will extend the line beyond
Bend," said Mr. Hill, "as fast as
the country develops and justifies
us in the expenditure. Whether
we will build directly south or
whether we will strike out in
another direction depends largcl)
upon the future development of
that portion of the state.
"We arc trying to call attention
to Central Oregon and to help build
up the country. We have brouuht
in a great many people in the last
few years and expect to bring in
more All of this will help the
business of the railroads and will
ciiuhlc us to do the improvement
work that we count Uou doing.
Thus far we have been encouraged
with the success that has followed
our efforts to exploit Oregon."
On Friday the members of the
Hill party took a trip of inspection
over the Oregon Trunk Railway
up the Deschutes Canyon as far ns
Shearer's bridge. They travelled
over nbout 46 miles of the new
road-bed, mid everyone was well
pleased with the construction work
that they saw. The road-bed they
travelled over imptessed all as being
of the best construction, very simi
lar to that along the North Bunk
Construction ol Remaining Section lias
Been Authorized by Director.
Julius Kruttschnitt, director of
operation and maintenance of the
Union Pacific and Southern Pucifk
systems, has announced that the
directors of the company have
authorized the road from Redmond
to Odell. This line, when con
structed, will give the Deschutes
road a southern connection with
the Klamath Falls-Natron cut-off
"The directors of the company
have authorized the road from Red
mond to Odell," said Mr. Krutsch
uitt in Portluud a few days ni;o.
"but it is impossible to determine
when work will commence. The
road will ultimately be built; that
is certain. It will open a rich
country that at present has no rail
road facilities,"
The road which has b;en author
ized will have to pass through the
Bend country, and in all probability
will parallel the trucks of the Ore
gon Trunk Railway. Odell is the
old name for the postofllce nt the
newly platted town of Creseut, and
is ubout 51 miles south of Uend.
Nevadn-Callfornla-Orcgon Railway to
Amend Incorporation.
A notice of the stockholder'
meetinir of the Nevuda-Culifornia
- Oregon Railway Avas-publUhed at
Reno, Nev., on uec. 14. me
notice states that the object of the
meeting is to amend the original
articles of incorporation of the
Nevuda-Californiu-Oregon Railway
and to provide tor the extension of
the roud a dlstauce of some 500
miles northwesterly from Reno in-
t stead of 300 miles ns formerly,
I This road is now operating trains
from Kcuo to Alturns, in Northern
California. It was constructed as
11 narrow gauge road, but the com
pany recently completed standard
izing the line. At present much of
the traffic to Lnkeview is via this
line, it being closer than Klamath
Recommends lixcurilon.
Seattle, Wash , Dec. 13. 1910.
(To the Editor of The Bend Bulle
tinsIn talking with several
friends in Seattle who are interested
in Bend arid the vicinity, I find
that without exception, everyone
with whom I have spoken is going
down to Bend on the hrst train.
Don't you think it would be well
to celebrate the first train arrival"
in Bend in some wa? The cele
bration would be comparatively
inexpensive as most of the visitors
would come to sec the country
rather than be entertained. No
doubt the railroad could lie induced
to run an excursion from Seattle,
Spokane, Portland and intermediate
points. There would be little
questiuu about our train being
If this has already been con
sidered it woutd be well to an
nounce it very early for in that
way it insures an open field for the
town which is progressive enough
to anticipate this event.
Yours very truly,
John R. Booth.
Tree at The Baptist Church Satur
day Evening.
Over $75 has been pledged for
the Christmas celebration to be held
at the Baptist Church, Saturday
evening, December 24. J. I. West
is securing the subscriptions, and
hopes to have over $100 to spend in
making an enjoyable Christmas
Eve for all of the children in aud
about Bend.
This is to be a celebration for all,
and those in charge desire that
every child in the vicinity attend,
as there will be presents for all
Mrs. Charles Niswonger has charge
of the entertainment for the eve
ning, which promUcs to be as inter
esting to the old folks us to the
younger generation.
Water User's Ateetlng.
The Water Uer's Association
will hold a regular meeting Satur
day afternoon, January 7, at oue
o clock at the Hall over the Bend
postoffiec. W. E. SCOTT,
41 42 Secretary.
Masons lilect Officer.
The Bend Lodge A. F. & A. M.
139, met Thursday night, and
elected the following officers: C
M. Redfield, W. M.; C M. Trip
lctt, S W.; J. D. Davidson, J. W.;
W. B. Sellers, Treasurer aud H. C.
Ellis, Secretary. The installation
of officers will be held on December
27, at the Masonic Hall. All
Masons and their families are in
vited to be preseut at the install
ation ceremonies.
j The First National Bank j
5&C Or U. O. 00e, fr-ldnl E A. SATHER. Vlc Prtlldont tfC
If O. 8. HU080N, ChUr If J
VLSi' Capital fullr paid ".5.000 VLgLi
8-ockholcUrf llabllltr 826.000 JtS?
fTON 8urolut as.OOO 'l
1Wc confidently believe that the head
ing of this column will be literally real
ized in 191 1. It will come in varied
degrees to all of us, but each will have the
making of his share in his own hands.
Prosperity is what we net from the re
sult of each day's work.
The degree of prosperity enjoyed is
measured by our ability to spend les
than we earn and accumulate the balanc
in a bank account a certain amoun
from each day's earnings.
lIThis wants to go on record as be
iug willing to aid and ttbet every effort of
its customers to share in the prosperity
which we feel sure the New Year will
11 Open an account now. Make larger
deposits if you already have au account.
- It - will - prove - very -
Many Old Players to Participate
Team Holds Signal Practice To
night Football Squad to Give
Dance Monday Night.
That Bend will ee a football
game next week, is now assured.
R. L. Brewster of Princville, has
accepted a challenge to briiit over
the best team that he can secure to
inset an "all-star" aggregation of
Bend player. The game will be
played on the baseball field Mon
day afternoon at 2.
Ralph Poindexter has been
choseu manager of the Uend team,
and M. S Latin will serve as coach.
As the Bend manager has to pay
the traveling expenses of the Princ
ville team, an admission fee of it.
cents will be charged. A dance
lias been arranged by the football
squad for Monday nieht. nt I. in.
ster'a Hall, the music to be fur
nished by Knapp's Orchestra.
The personal of the team has not
been arranged as yet. A signal
practice was held Sunday afternoon,
and A. M. Prinzle was elected
captain. Another signal practice
will be held at Linster's Hall to
night. As several of the Bend nlavers
arc old-time "stars," it is probable
mat me game Monday will prove
very interesting. The line-up of
the team will be chosen from the
followine: P.W. Brackett. R. H.
Gould, U. C Coc, Ray Wilkinson.
w. w. Iaullcner, H. F. Kcpple,
Fred Van Matre, Willard Houston,
Max Richardson. T. T. Thnl-irnn.
A. R. Dorris, Jay Holcomb, A. M.
Prinsrle. Ivan McGillvrav. Arthur
Seeley, F. M. Connor and N. P.
JNcw "Exciter" Arrives.
The Bend Water, Light & Power
Compauy received a new 14 kilo
watt "exciter" generator last Fri
day. It was made by the General
ulectric Company, and will replace
the 30 kilowatt 'exciter" now in
use at the power Mation. Some
time ago an armature coil bunu-d
out of the one now in use, and the
city was without lights while it was
being repaired.
A large quantity of wire was aNo
received. The wiring of severnl
buildings will now be resumed,
The supply of wire was exhausted
some time ago and all wiring had
to be stopped.
Band to dive Danco.
The Bend Concert Band will
give a dance at Linster's Hull next
Friday night. As this will be the
first dance at which the band has
played for several months, a larne
crowd is expected. Knapp'n
orchestra will play part of ths
J jfetyjy vi tPj)k $$