The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 14, 1910, Image 6

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Abstract of tho Oregon Statutes on
tho Subject Heavy penalty for
Taking up Animals and not
Observing the Law.
In view of the fnct that tnnnx
people do not understand the pro
cedure to clear title to ettr.iy mi
itnals, the following abstract of tin
Oregon statutes oti the subject art
Householders nbout whoe prem
ises any estray tnny be in the habit
of running at large may tuke til
the animal and shall immediately
trust notices in three public place
10 the county giving a descrtpttoi
of the animal. Only breachy m
vicious animals can be thus taken
up between April and December
At the expiration of 10 days, it in
owner appear, the uker-up shall
mike a sworn statement to tht
nearest Justice of the Peace, where
tjpon the Justice shall appraise tht
estray and send notice thereof to
the County Clerk, who shall make
J record of the same. If the ap
praisment be more than $15 notice
shall be published. Six mouths
n'tter filing the notice with the
County Clerk the estray shall be
void at the request of the finder, b
the sheriff or constable, at publu
auction, alter notice posted in three
public places for 10 days. The
proceeds of the sale shall be ap
plied to paying all lawful expenses
and the balance deposited with the
County Treasurer for the benefit
ol the common school fund, though
the owner may receive such bal
ance upon submitting satisfactory
proof of his claim within one year.
Of course, if a claimant appear
at any stage of the proceeding and
submit satisfactory evidence of
ownership and pay all legal claims
be is entitled to the property.
Vicious or diseased animals or
those kept for breeding purposes
do not ordinarily fall within the
classification of estrays. Nor do an
imals against which a lien for keep
has accrued by authority of the
reputed owner. In such cases a
different procedure is provided.
If any person shall take-up,
keep or use any estray without
complying with the provisions
here outlined he shall be subject to
a fine of $10 to $100 or imprison
ment six months, and shall be
liable to the owner in double the
value of the estray.
Settlers Near Rolyat.
Rolyat, Or., Dec. I a In addition to
the name of actual settlers in thU
neighborhood recently given in Tbe
Bulletin tbe following have homes here:
AIlss May Hall, Mitt Clara B. Sidwell,
MU Luella Sidwell, A. Frazer, V.
Prater, B. Van Lake, Kenneth Thomp
son, L. P. Ball, J. B. WbiUker, II. C.
Miller, A. S. I'okr. M. L. Peck, L. C.
Peck, P. E. Coon, J. Zeroll.
We bave splendid weather now.
There is about three inches of snow yet.
It is KoingofJ gradually and makes travc.
bard on account of tbe roads being soft.
Up-Rlver Note.
Tus Mbadows, Dec. 11 J. B. Saw.
bill was in Bend last week making final
proof on bit homestead 00 Big River.
Mrs. C. W. Klrkbride and son left for
Portland Saturday morning via Sban
iko to spend the holidays with relatives.
Mrs. M. J. Main entertained a number
of her friends at a dinner party on
vVritiicwIay. Aiuung thine present
: Mr xud Mrs. Ralph Caldwell
Jli. ami u. W. Shriller, Mr. and Mrs.
Ucrt Calwell, Mrs. C. W. Kirkbride.
Pred C. Huey and James Kirkbride.
G. W. hrlner was In Bend last week.
Two Sparring Uouta.
The sparring exhibitions at Mins
ter's Hall on Monday evening wen
witnessed by a house of about 200
The pidiminary between "Stncb
Kid" and "Scott'y" went foui
rounds, and ended lira draw.
The match between J. Utce and
Eddie Cuff went the full 10 rounds
and also ended in a draw. Arthur
Seeley refereed both contests.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen.
On or about the 24th of Sept
from off the range near tbe Milli
can Ranch in Crook Co., Ore., an
English (imported) bay Shire Stal
lion, described as follows: Whitt
strip in face, front feet white to
knees, white spot behind left fore leg
underneath body, heavy maue and
docked tail.- $ioa.-ward-willbtJ
paid for any information leading to
the recovery of this horse. Ad
dress Gkokgk Milucan, -j
,' Prineville, Ore.
I'OR SALB Thoroughbred Buff -
Rock rooster. Enquire at post-1
office. 40 I
.. miiiiiiimniMJ
Th Msehanleal Laws Aw tha 8am
as In n Whirlpool.
Any oin can mnist the ox net counter
part "of n cyclone If lit tu dealrv. Of
couroo n cyclone Is canned by the nlr
over a 1Ir area KettliiK warm nnd
light with nmall prvaniirv. ThU nlr
ronnrMUcntly trior to rlo alumni In
body and lenxcn a partial vacuum be
hind, but the otitnlde cold air runhet
In from nil sides. Now, It l n nclen
tine and mechanical tnith that when 11
'uld runs In frmi all nlden toward n
(Oiitrnl point It ciiunen n whirlpool or
rotation of the fluid. The 'ajt mini
opy of a cyclone, then, iilthotiih with
the fluid water Instead of air. In seen
when the stopper Is pulled out of the
bottom of n basin full of water. An
almost perfect vacuum, an far as the
water In concerned, Is en 11 mil by the
water Immediately over the stopper
ni mi 1 11s out. The rent of the water
rushes. In front nil directions, and 1
whirlpool In the result. There In one
difference hero from the air cyclone.
In the air the force with which It
nishen toward the center ureatly com
presses the nlr whirling at that point
and make It very dense no dense, in
fact, thnt a straw carried In tho cen
tnl whirl can be driven Into a bis
block of wood without bending. Of
course In a whirlpool the water In not
compressed, remaining practically the
name In dennlty nil tho time. That
In one highly Importnut property of
water; It In practically Incompressible.
Nevertheless It Is very Interesting to
sec the whirl form In a baaln and
know that the mechanical lawn are
tbe name as In the formation vf a cy
clone many miles wide. Harper's
R.d Root, That Did Good S.rvlca In
Revolutionary Days.
You housekeepers of tmlay whosefa
vorlte brands of Orange I'okoe. Ung
llsh Breakfast. India and Ceylon, etc.,
diffuse their fragrance oer your tea
table would hardly suppose that tea.
or, rather, a fairly good substitute for
It, was onco made from tbe leaves of
one of our prettiest New Jersey wild
flowers. Vet so It wan In tbe old tur
bulent days of tbe American Revolu
tion, when they bad so much trouble
over tbe Imported article and used
various beverage as substitutes for
that to which they bad become accus
tomed. New Jersey tea, or red root, as It In
also called. Is a low growing ahrub
with many branches, seldom over
three feet high, and la fouud from
Canada to Florida, growing usually In
dry wooded sections. It Is very abun
dant In New Jersey, for which It Is
named. It blooms profusely In July
and Is so showy, with Its many pan
Icled white blossoms, as to be quite
worth a place In tbo gardens as an
ornamental shrub. It ban a dark ret
root, with leaves downy beneath an
very much veined, by which It Is ensll
distinguished from tbe pure tea. At
Infusion of tho leaves prepared In tin
sanio manner as the genuine artlcli
kss somewhat tbe taste of ordluar)
grade of tbe tea of the orient, but b
sot supposed to possess any of lt
stimulating properties. Exchange.
Bulwar Lytton and HIa Chorus.
Tbe Princess Ton RacowlUa met
Bulwer Lytton In the Riviera toward
tbe end of the fifties. He was then
she says In her autobiography, "pant
bis first youtb; his fame was at Its
teulth. lie seemed to me antedilu
vian, with hi long dyed curia and his
old fashioned dress. He drenscd exact
ly In the fashion of tbe twenties, with
long coats reaching to the ankles, knee
breeches and long colored waistcoats
Also he appeared always with a youag
lady who adored blm and who was
followed by a manservant carrying
a harp. She sat at his feet and ap
peared, as bo did. In tbe costume of
1S30, wltb long flowing curls, called
Anglalses. He read aloud from bis
own works, and In especially poetic
passage his 'Alice accompanied bins
with arpeggios on the harp."
A Tr.. Climbing Dog.
A government official 111 IUrarlacoa
nected with tbe forestry department
has a wonderful dog. which Is as clev
er at climbing trees as a cat. If bis
master fastens a handkerchief up la
tbo treetops the animal will clauitxr
up after It lu the nimblest way and
never falls to bring It down. He was
taught by his mother, who wan famous
as a tree climber. Tho clever animal
has won sereral medals by his ex
traordlnary talent and takes particular
delight In climbing silver birchen, not
tbo easiest tree In the world to Male,
for tbe trunk is particularly smooth
and slippery. Wide World Magazine.
KfndntM W Antmals.
"What I believe In," said Mr. Bras
tus Pinkly, "is kindness to dumb aui
ranls." "Yes," replied Miss Miami Drown.
"I bos byubed dat some folks kin llf
a chicken off de roos' so gentle an'
tender dat he won't bave bis sleep
disturbed ska'sely none." Washington
Tha Alternative.
Flag My wife want a new silk
Fogg Are you going to let her bare
Flgg-Ycs. It's a caso of ellks or
ulks. Boston-Transcript.-
Mrs. Bbarpo (severely)-Norah, I can
And only seven of these plates. Where
are the Other Ave? Cook fin anrnriul
Sure, muni, don't ye make no allew.
once for ordinary wear an' tear
Has a Full tine of
for Men
and i:
iT Rubber BootsjJ
Merchant Tailoring a
B&Specialty. ttafib.
is prepared expressly for the needs
of horsemen and ranchmen. It is
a powerful and penetrating lini
ment, a remedy for emergencies
A soothim embrocation for the relief
of pain, and the best liniment for
sprains and soreness. Unequalled
for healing wounds and injuries
caused by nAUHI'.D WIRH and
for all cuts and bruises, racific Horse
Liniment is fully guaranteed. No
other is so good or helpful in no many
ways. If it fails to natisfr, we author
iie all dealers to refund the
price. Extra large bottles 30 cents.
HoVT CHKUiCAt. to , ronianu, ure.
MODEL 1910
Self-Loading Rifle
It Strikes
'Thia new Winchester
shoots a heavier bullet
and hits a harder blow
than any other recoil
operated rifle made. ' It
is more powerful than
the .30 Army, of big
game hunting fame. The
loading and firing of Ihis
nfle are controlled by
the trigger finger. It
Stud for lltuitrattd circular tally
iif-ilbmt IAi m tllli vhuh
hat Urittlh ant power ptui.
Ami co 1
New lb ten, Conn., 0, S. A.
- i ,t i,tT, TfrttiMTr,
BaBaattCEflHtaMBkVtvL ssafa
. LiTurst-cuvm1
flC llOKOfcW, ,
WP --
In the County Cuml for Cuwk Comity, Oirsou-
Niillcr of ll "I l.srnl ty AOmlultllsllU
In llir mlltr or lli tltUtr ul Ann It HlrfU,
Nnlli U hrrtfliv ulvvll that I. ItVA Ktrrlf .
ilmtn( ulilt ul 'lit KaUlc of Ann It Mctlr.
ltovrMil, vlll nil l inlvulv ! si my nl
.IHK nrr NMMta, triHik vuiiniy. iiirnn, nrr
Drvemticr lltl, Uli), III lolluwlnrl liltKtlll
irortly, to wit ih iwulli linir ul Hit uuillf
i-mUHlnttrr ml the oiilh lull I'f llir imttliHral
ivmitt urtrvtlim lylil IS). In luwimlili llilrltrii
ii)a.iiilli, iiit lcm til) It."' Mi 'l Hi
oiilh linff ul llir nurihwiM iiiilrr sinl llir
mlliwrtlqiuilirtit 111" illinium! iiltr( ami
Ihr nuiltiil quallrr uf llir uiitlinrt inllrl
I .lion iwrniv uliir (wl. Inluwntlilii lutir
lull I4), Kiiilli, mnur ten tlu) It , W M
In rAiiiiilUnr Willi mi outer r llir Cuniit)
Cuulliircruok Ciiiinly, Dirmui, niailr mnt n
tritil un ul ulutil Niivriiilirt Jill, Iviu
HVA A, .
nimlnlittiiUli ir the llttr ur Alum K Mcrir,
Iikhiilakii (t rMK. Atloinrj Tor ltllt
I lt iiIjIIctIIuii .Sue lis lyiu 4
lieimilmciilurilie Inlnlui.
U.H Un.Uimve.
The IUllr, Ocrnini, Nur 17, into.
A iiltitlrnlmiitrtl MtnUvii lmliit lirrn hint
in (tilt uitire hy Isinr tl Keniinly, Cumc.nnt
igalml huiiitilrail rntry, Nn urulj me Mmcli
i. win furuwu nil U nwu h' 4 l'H 1
4- u Hee J, r l?,K 11 H , W M ,by Ull
inn 1, MWri, Cunlnltr, In which II allrgiil
llutHhl William L VMIilrr haa wh, lly ulwu
liineil Hlit liart ami haa tirvrr ralaliluhritiral
Irncelhrirun nut iiilllialril the Mine In an
way whatever Ihal Mill Kllriiril aliaeiKV waa n 1
luetu In riiipluvtiKiil In lite army navy in
marine ruf ul llir I'lillnl Hlalia In lltnr il
ar. aalil iMtrllra Me hrithy nullflr.l loaiirar
rranuiiit ami ulTrr evltlrnveloiivtilnic Ml.t aurna
lion al 10 uilovk a in un January 0 tyli lriir
II C lltlls, a U ft Cuniiiiluliiucr al hl oilic- lu
lirml, Hrrsmi (ml Dial tlual hrarina will I1
ka 111 un January 11 1411. iw
oicillie HrnUUr anil Kmmi at llir l'nllr.1
suira Lauil OrfUT In Thr IMlIrr lirrmin
The aM mulra.aul haviuf lu a ,rurrarh
llt. tint Nmrmlvr 7, Wl. wt lurlh lail
4huh ahuw Ihal after One ilillurnce eruiial
wMlreuf lhl notlcr ran nut I mailr, II I
iienliy uutririt and illrrrlrtt Ihal uthuutlieb.
(vrii liyiltir anil lumirr rtiMUatlun
41 I.OUIN II AKNMMIS. Hrrrlvrl
IXiiartinrnl ufthr Intrtlur I
V H lanJIrUlceatThr llallri. Or
.Vovemlxr v ll a.
Notice la arte by rlrru thnt -
I lllle luira.
if Iteml, Orraun, whu, un July II, lu7. madi
Drxti I auj rnlrr Nu fuu (tVrul No wo), M
irW irK Sec U T la H . H II It . W M . ha
Jlnl nutlcr ul luleullun to make I'lnat I'iihi(
oealabllth claim luthr taml above ilerilatl
rfure II C Kill. V K
Ileum, on the lyth ilar uf llecetittirr. lulu
Clalmaul namraaa wllnratra Charlrall bwal
try, au.l Jamr K Iknhain uf IjMllaw. Or
A4u t w MiHiKIt, Hrulrr
Is the place to vlnlt. Omngc groveit in full lilootn,
tropical flowen, fntnmii lioleN, hhtoric Old Mlv
..10111, attractive walering places, (Icliglitful climate,
making that favored itctimi the Nution'i limit iopti
lar retreat. You can .sec it at its best via the
Shasta Route
"The Road of a Thousand Wonders."
Southern Pacific Company
Up-to date Irnins, firnt-clint in every respect, ttticx
edited dining-car service, quirk time and dltfct con
ncctions to all points south.
Willi corresponding low fares front all other sections
of the Northwest. I.IUrul stop-overs in each ilircc
tion nnd lony limit. IntrrcstitiK and attractive liter
attire on the various rtMirts anil attractions of Cali
fornia can be hud 011 u plication lo any S. 1'. or O.
R & N. Agent, or Ironi
flencral I'nsscngcr Aj(cnt
f Portland, Ore.
Power, Speed,
Durability, Appearance, Economy.
The Pioneer
Cull on or telephone us for all kinds of
Wood and First Class Shingles.
We saw Cord Wood nnd I.inili Wood on short notice.
' Orders Promptly I'illed.
DOWNING POWELL, Proprietors.
The Home Land ompany
Insurance. LOCATIONS.
I . I I II I
Timber Lands, Irrigated and Dry Farm Lands.
tlrialtmrul nfllir Inlfllnr.
V H Lam! tllhit l.Krlr,ttr .
Nov J, ll
None i "",,)r1'I" ;
uf HiMlsml. Oirsun who, un 'ljy ' ..".'Vlj
KaWMkWjft. llunflll W.W
llrml, lrriMi, vl the lint il ' IX'""
Lharlcs lloyd, l'pi.
Vegetables, etc.
Real IHstnte
of all Kinds
Bend Agent.
Wood Yard
Rooms for Rent
Confectionery, I'rult
Picnic SuppllcM, Clgarrt
J. 1 Taggarl & Co.
Ittlllilr nil
Wall ruH-r al
I'iiiIUihI 1'iUra
5: Paperlianger
Clteniirat anil Ural Will I'ttiei 84111
ilo III the iiPillliy. (ict
My 1'ltCca
llox $)
llrml, OrrKon.
- - '
winiANiiii. 1 vi imiiiMi
l.ene your rinlrrs Willi Suk Mintl
WallM , IW-lnl
mo .
Buckley Express
Direct I'.xprciw Service tjctuctn
Shaniko ami llcntl.
Two KIki Kncli way every week
Careful Attention.
llcnd office nt ('Hot lluttc Unrn
l'lionc orders lo Kcdtuoml.
(8b Mcintosh
Wood! Wood!
Now is the time lo order
jour winter wood, for the cold
nights demand 11 luruc pile of
dry wood. Can he honlit of
I'. M. Carter nt n rcnsonahle
price, tlvlivernl nt any lime
Leave orilcis at A M Lara's
Harness and Saddlery
Trunks nnd VjiIIscs