The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 14, 1910, Image 5

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    fiH lm Ini
i.iiiTimiA jtYit.h'm J I'lifnidi'
iirifirf rii'T'
You want what you want when you want It, don't you? You would like to have first choice of the
Christmas goods "The Store of Better Values" has to offer, wouldn't you? Very well then get
--- -.--- ,-- busy with your Christmas shopping. -.-
KINO AMI lUI'J.HS-kliinIptliot 1 7 C
model J 1 .OO
,V tlinl moilrU $2 00
.SI, )S- l,ow down model; liravy tf- ?
piliil lrrl imiiirK, ,U Hi. lung.. plXD
HIrtU 4i In Iuiik $1.73
SAIL IIOATS-l'iiricit model of .omr il llic
tlet cup drfeiider ever liillll, Tf
at (nun 40c tit O,0J
AIR SI lll'H The moat novel mid up-lo dale
toy mi the market. Dupllratc In tniuatuieof
the monoplane, hlplaiir ami dlHKlblc driven
l,y Die world lainouU y j- j -j r-s
dilril inrit" mi I iimii tPlo&i? lt O.OU
RAKIWN' SHTS-.t plecc-lmvel. hoe mitt
;:vrr.vr,.:,."Ul 25c, 50c, 75c
For The Tiny Tads
HOLY I'OI.YK A loy.lbat will krrp Die Imby
(Ulrt (or hour hI h lrrl,rli, round, ilotli-i-utcrcd
IhhIv wrltthlrd ill the Ixitloin II run
not lc tipped over. I'ubreiikalile 'It?-,
hcl. I'rlre ZDC
IIAI.I.S All klnilt anil tire j- 4-n 5Cr
In ruhlwr ami cloth (rout.. . .OL LO OOC
MDII.DIN'R IILOCKS-A iloeti d ff
illKercnl kind l erct 25c lo.. P1.UU
TOV ANIMALS l)K. cat, rabbit, ele
phant mnl il, cloth coverril ami ran
not he torn or broken, at tf f -y pj
from 2.1c to PljO
NOAM'S AKICS fillnl with animal., jit.t a.
lutcrmtltiu ' the )jiiiikI:u now at whrn
ou vourtclf were little, at tfj ""V
(lomJ.lcto plUU
DIU'.SSIU) DOLLS Ml !vM- of trinity nre
repiex-Mrd in our Hiking t-ollt'Clion of
hloudta mnl brunette. drcrd in tlothr Hint
repretcnt the Iiet word from limlon him)
rarl. no two Mull alike, at
from $1. 30 to
DOLL DISIIHS In aeti of unbreakable
enamel ware MJinethlnn entirely new, in
white, hlor or K'' at per et (fi ET"a
from $1.23 to Pv.OU
TOV TAIILKS With folilltiK lent, top I5x
In, height 17 in, tlning ami j ?
durahle, price )l.uSD
KXTI'.NSION TAflLHS, Imitation Mark wal
mil, ) In 11111, 104 in wide, extend fA
from 14 to 19 in, piice OyC
For the Wife, Sister or
Ik'itutiftil novelties in I'Ycneli Jewelry,
exquisite designs in iinnoitt-d neckwear,
jiiliots, laee collars, ete; kiinoims in dainty
silk or warm llannels; eoat sweaters in a
variety of styles and colors; beautiful
Japanese baskets and Navajo baskets of
genuine Indian manufacture; fancy Aus
trian chiii'i; brass ware and hundreds of
other practical and ornamental gifts.
Otic word more Pnrdoti tin
if 'c necm iiiHiitcttt but do
your ChrlMinu .shopping
early. It will be to your ad
vantage at well a, our. Our
line arc not broken ns yet, so
make your clcctiom nml
have tlicin to id nwny we
will deliver litem uny time
So again we recnt
For the Men Folks
The always acceptable neckwear and this
year we have an unusually attractive
line; novelty scarf pins and link cuff
buttons at $1.00 each; silk-lined mocha
gloves at $2.25 per pair; silk mufllcrs nt
$1.00 to $11.00 each; plain and fancy hose
at H5c 50c and 75c per pair; 25 different
kinds of belts at from 50e to $1.00. A
trip through the store will suggest many
other equally appropriate gifts.
Two little gitN urc going to be made
very happy an Xinni live when we
give them the beautiful prize doll.
Even If you have no little girl your
nelf you can help make Mime little
girl glad who might otherwise fare
but HMirly an ClirlMma. day. Ak
lor the votes, cc that the name 11
clearly written and that they gel into
the ballot box.
"The Store of Better Values"
This Weeks Friday Special
j lh. Tetlev'a Tea, Keytar Jjc
S lh, Kunkle' Ocoa, Regular 35c
S lh. Kunkle' Chocolate, Hetf. ...... 3oc
3 k Itiinkle'a Sweet Chocolate, Keg toe
I Jar I'reL Stock Jam, Regular .ysc
Total Keitular Trice y a
Special $ l .00
Beginning Monday, Dec. 1 9th SSIf0K!"wniE 9 o'clock
Jtint try the Hultctin Job Printer)'.
Oeoriie Cynii of Sutcrs was in
Ilcud Monday.
Try the !'ccrlc.i, Prcvscry nt the
K. M. Smith Clotnim; Co. 3f
Iluy $1.35, nntl Rruin $i 50 per
100 pounds, nt Wcnuudy 1,1 very
Ralls on the OieRon Trunk nre
now laid to witliin 35 uuleH of
Mud run.
Por Salic Uotttid, solid oak
extension dining tuble. Mks. V.
V. Smith. 3f'tr
Owen Klne wns In IJcnd Tues
day from his homestead on the
hiKh "deHert."
Innes cc Davidson's modern and
well-equipped butber shop should
be your shop. 40
II. HiookiiiKS wni in town over
Sunday from his homchteud in the
Million! locality.
O'Donnell Ilroi. nre buildhiK n
75. ton icehouse in the rear of their
Wall street market,
The Hulletln and Portland live
ning Telegram for a full year f,. 35
before next Wednesday.
L, D Stephenson and Alfred A
Aya of I.a Pine were in Heud Sun
day ou'thelr way to Portland.
Will buy all fnt cntt'le, calves and
hogs ready for market at highest
market prices Gno(VK II. CAM
Witi.i,, Uend, Ore, tf
J. P. Johnson i9 bitllding a
istory store-room 33x50 feet,
adjoining the Jolnuoii building on
Wall street on the south,
The wood that makes heat is
that bought of V, M. Carter, who
gives full measure, and you only
pay for what you get. I cun de
liver on short notice. Leave word
ut A. M,'s. V, M. CAimtR.
Juniper poMs and dry wood for
ale. lfKltl HUNNltl.l.. 40-43
Try the J'ecrless Prcssery at the
K. M. Smith Clothing Co. 38tf
WantiU) Team tohnttl lumber.
Pilot Uutth Duvjjloi'mknt Co.
The line of Mexican goods thnt
the Ladies' Guild ordered will be
on sale Thursday ut the llnznnr.
A. N. Wakefield and G. K. I.a
Pnllette of Crescent were in Uend
Sunday and Monday attending to
Christmas shopping,
Wantku One team of young
mules, well-broke, wcighlngnbotii
1300 pounds each Chntkai. Ok
koon Irrigation Co., Uend, Ore
gon. 40
The Uend Lumber Company,
composed of A. II, Horn, A. I
McNaught, and W, Scott, bought
the planer at the Sig Clarke mil
on Monday, and now own the en
tire plant,
A. A. Harris and Robert List o
Twin Halls, Idaho, Gco-ge Kinus
berry of Seattle and W. C Me
Culston of Memphis, Tcnn , have
taken up homesteads about 15
miles cast of Milllcan's.
On account of the recent disturb
ances in Mexico, the Southern Pa
cific Company's excursion adver
tised to leave Portland December
11th nud 1 3th for Mexico has been
postponed. 40
W. R. Wilkinson and K. Merrill
are having G. S, Young plat 40
acres of their laud along the Ueur
Creek road itito acre tracts. The
land is the north half of lots 1 and
3 in section 3, 18-12.
Prank Uogtie af La Pine left
Uend for his home Tuesday morn
ing with n load of freighw When
he came down he had expected to
go through to Shauiko, but on ac
count of the bad roads, only went
as far as Prineville, returning with
a load of grain.
Subscribe for The Uullctin.
Mother nf Pcnrl manicure sets at
Patterson Drug Store. 40
Wantku Tc misters to haul
logs at my place. Jin Hm.vor
SON. .jotf
V. C. Pish of the Pilot Iluttc Inn
left yesterday fir Milllcan's ranch
He expects t6 be away about three
The Church Uazaar will lie open
from day to day until Friday eve
ning, when the remaining articles
will be sold at auction, 40
An Hdison Phonograph or Vic
tor Talking Machine would make
an excellent Xmas gift. Drop
into Patterson's Drug Store and
hear the new records, 40
Takkx uv MiSTAKK A black
rain coat, from Liuster's Hall lust
Saturday evening. Owner of situ
ilur coat can exchange by cilling
at The Hulk-tin office.
O. II. Urcwster, af the engineer
ing firm of Urewster it Urewster,
was over from Urinevtlle Monday
and made arruni;emetits for open
ing an office in Uend.
Henry Tweet has leased the J
II. lleati ranch near Powell Unite
for three years. Mr. Ikau expects
to leave the first of next month for
at) extrusive trip in the Iiast.
C J, Kelly. L- V. Davis mid L
W. Nelson, all of Seattle, left Tues
day morning for the country south
of Millicau's ranch. They expect
to locate on 3so-acre homesteads.
The D. R. Huut,er Realty Co.
has leased to J. S. Parminter the
1 Co-acre Teugmau ranch near Pow
ell Hutte, Mr. Purmiuter has
three jeams plowing the landnnd
exect.s to put ioo acres in wheat
and 30 acres in potatoes.
Get a Parker Luckv Curve
Pountain Pen for that Xmas gift
ut Patterson's Drug Store. 40
Artistic Uend souvenirs at tht
Patterson Drug Store. 40
U N. HofTinau of Vancouver, U
C, arrived in Heud Sunday. Ik
drove in from The Dalles, hnviuv
left on November 30. He leii
Uend Tuesday for his homestead
south of Millicau's ranch.
The magnificent pond which
every wet spell produced in Wa I
street between the First National
Hank and the office of the P. Ii. 1).
Co. has been destroyed. The bank
and the Pilot Hutte Co, joined
forces this week and filled the
street to the nroner erode so water
will not herealter pile up there.
inciuentaiiy a way was provided
for the surplus surface water 10 run
off to the river.
Xmas number of Patterson's Or
egouiuu now out. Ue sure to get
one. 40
It is time to take that suit over
to The Peerless Pressing Parlors
uud have it made new again. 35U
For Runt Two rooms opposite
Postoffice; running water, elec
tric lights. Sec First National
Hunk. 4Dtf
The visit of Santa Clutts to
Rowe's Hcouomy Store last Satur
day ufterjioon and evening was mi
interesting event for the children 01
the town, and dozens of the younv
sters, many of them with their
pureuts, were on hand bright and
early to welcome St. Nick. The
boy nud girl who first brought the
news to the store of Soma's arrivul
-and thus won the pnze$ were
Fred Hussett and Cora Hates, u
two bluded juck-knife for Master
Fred, and a set of china doll dishes
for Miss Cora. Many of the little
lQlkaVr-)! earnestly told Santrrr
what they wanted him to brini:
them for Christinas presents and
they should dot be disappointed.
The Patterson Drug Co. are in
business for your health. 40
For Sai.K Six ol the finest lols
In Deschutes, level, water by ditch
and with city water. Next to new
residence. Inquire Hulletln office
WANTitl) Job work of nnv
kind, by contract or dn's tabor;
1 No light teaming Call on Wul
icr Taylor.- McGillvray house,
Lytic Addition. 3otf
Rend in December Sunset Mag
azine, San Francisco The IJxKsi
Hon City. Superbly illustrated in
Tour colon, Now on sale nt all
iii'ws stands, 15 cents. 38 40
Wc want contracts for pulling
juniper trees new outfit, experi
enced men nud right prices. ,Cull
on or write II. A. RnuiU-nbush,
Prineville, Ore., H. Wilson ranch.
39 41
For Salic- My fenced and im
proved i6o-ucrc ranch one mile
vvest of Madras on Little Plain;
525 per acre, one-half down, bel
.nice long term, ut 6 per cent
Will trade for business in fiend or
l.nidlaw. J. Sciili'i'KR, 568 'A
Second St., Portland, Ore. tf
The regular subscription rate to
the evening Telegram is $5 n year
flic Heud Hulletln will give you
subscriptions from date to January
1, 1913, for ?3 50. New subscrib
rs cm get The Hulletln and the
Telegram for 4 75 for a year. Get
11 on this while it lasts. tf
Notea from Laluinw.
I.AIOLAW, Or.. Dec. 11 IMrt N'lchoK
auite terioualy injured )eterdny hy
falling from the top of a building and
l rik IriK upon a larc iplke nail,. The
iiail penetrated (the tnutclei of hi lev;
to audi an extent at to make a ery
ttnful wound.
Quite a number of the I.a Id In w ou"K
lieople attended the batkel MK-ial idveii
4t Vine llurat achool houte, and report
a tpleildid tiuie.
G. W. Updike, who hat been quite ill
of eryilpelai, it much improved.
I. K. Couch and Wife returned Satur
day, from.Itaitern WathhiKton, where
they spent ceral weeks vUltiun relt-
At the ltt mettiiiK of the Social!,!
Local, J. W. l'eteraon w elected oruau-
iier, to Gil the unexpired term of C V
New General Merchandise Store.
J. S. Parminter lias lca-cd to
Clifford McCutston, formerly of
Nashville. Teun.. a itore room
24x60 feet which he will build on
the west side of Uond street, nearly
opposite the AVenandy livery barn.
1 he building is to be completed by
April 1.
Mr. McCuIston lias gone to
Portland to buy liii stock of goods,
nnd will have it in Hend to install
ns soon as the building is com
pleted. Allllincry and Dressmaking,
We wish to announce to the
ladies of Hend nnd vicinity that we
have opened a millinery and dress
making establishment in the Kg
glcston building. Wc now have n
small stock ofwintcr millinery, and
have ordered n large stock of
spring nnd summer hats Wc do
first-class work in the making and
trimming of huts.
Mks Chaulim Saltmarsh,
40 Maiiicl Gkrtsjon.
The Heud Hulletin and Portland
livening Telegram $. 25.
No Counterfeiter has ever
produced a perfect Dollar
No Imitator has ever
equaled Lilly's and
Harke Davis & Co's.
Divide men Into cIimcs Dnij
glut, I'liyticisnt, Preacher, Manu
facturer, eic. Would any man.
anywhere under the un be Kul'ty
of ayluu thai all druxKt are
alike, 'all physician alike, all
readier alike, or that all maiiu
acure are alike?
Jutl a tlu-ie i a difference In
ini-n o there I difference in the
medicine made by d.flerent manu
facture. Remember in practically all our
fireieriptlou we have been dltpeu
iiU preparation manufacture!! by
Lilly and I'-rke Davi & Co., ack
nowledged lo have the lar-ett anil
bet equipped laboratories in the
world for the acientlric preparation
of htuh K'de pharmaceutical.
Till i one of the many reaton
why doctor prefer to have us fill
their procriptiou. because there
i no KueM wprk about Lilly' and
Parke Davis & Co', remedle.
They are always the stmt, always
the best.
Anil the nice thing ,about it,
they cott no more than inferior
Try u once and you will come
Red Cross Drug
Where Quality Prevails
Builders' Supplies
Doors, Sashes, Paints, Glass, Uuildefs'
Hardware, Roofing. Everything you
need for your new House or new Store.
Wall Street, Walt Street
Adjoins Bend on the south.
Most beautiful residential sec
tion in Bend.
Also Some Choice Business Lois.
Timber Lands Bought nnd Sold.