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WKDNESDAY, NOV. 30, 1910
public simvicii in ni-Ni
It would be easy to treat In 0
snrca.stic, flippant or "smart"
miuner the subject presented in the
letter of Mr. H H. Davies, jirlntcc
in another column of this paper,
but the matter is too prions ami
The Bulletin too much in earnest
to admit of such lightness. Th
situation in Hend demands sobci
and intelligent consideration. W
do not wish to offend, we do not
seek personal or business advan
tage through this agitation; but
wc do wish to sec the public affairs
of this city better organized ano
better conducted and we will sacri
ficc somewhat of convenience ano
pleasure ifwccun contribute an
thins to such cud.
"You cannot accomplish a re
form without jarring something,"
said Secretary Root when he was
reorganizing the consular servict
on a rational basis. This. is trueol
any reform of public affairs.
Naturally, those who profit from
the old conditions make a great
outcry against those who try to
have evils corrected
Now, men aud brethren, let us
look at this thing squarely. Theie
seems no room to deny that thert
was a "frame-up" for a franchise
grab. Too many unimpeachable
men arc cognizant of it. Public
servants had no right to engage in
this business to take advantage of
their official position to gee public
property for their own private gain.
Franchise to use the streets is pub
lic property. In this case a valu
ation of $50,000 was placed upon it
by one of the parties, another is
quoted as saying "there is $50,000
to $60,000 of easy money in it."
Both officials recognized the imprc
priet) of their course.
It certainly is not tbt intent of
the voters that officers chosen to
conduct the city government should
appropriate the property of the pub
lic to their own benefit. Is that
what they were chosen (or? If so,
why are their methods si "dark"?
The Bulletin will not here apply
to this transaction the harsh terms
which it would justify, for it b
striving to awaken public con
science and honor rather than stir up
passion and rancor, and unthinking
prejudice. But think of it, citizens,
voters, property owners, taxpayers;
is this the kind of service you ex
pect of your city officials? Do you
wish to continue such service? It
a public franchise is worth so much
money, shouldn't the public treas
ury get it, thus reducing taxation
and enabling important improve
ments to be nude? Can officers
who would thus speculate in public
fnvors be trusted to conduct other
public business properly?
This one franchise, according to
the valuation placed upon it by the
manipulators, would have brought
ample money to buy the city water
works and install a filtering plant,
or even to pipe water from Spring
River, a perpetual supply of the
best water in the world, A ."mall
part of the money would provide a
fine city ball. And yet, officers
whose duty it was to look after
these things in the interest of the
public what were they doing?
The Bulletin, knowing the men,
believes this was a thoughtless mis
take rather than a criminal con
spiracy to loot the city, It submits
the substantial facts and will let the
. people draw their own conclusions
about the franchise matter. We
will express the opinion, however,
that so loose a notion of civic duty
as is here exhibited, either'on the
part of the voters or their officers,
will not make Bend what it ought
to be, what we would all like to see
It, Somebody must put conscience
and honest, intelligent (effort into
the public service.
counties wan unfair? Not from the
bill itself, most assuredly. They
probably' get it from the Portland
Oregouiitn, which mndc the asser
tion before the election nnd then
refused to permit correction of
the error such belnc its idea of
Thwt bill diil not leave to the
new 'division only the power to
create the uevv county. It did pro
pose to leave to the new division the
question whether it cared to ahmiiiic
self-government uudcr conditions
found to be just and .proper and
untiling else. The question wheth
er the public interest required a
new county was first to be decided
by a high-tirade, disinterested tri
bunal appointed by the Governor
aud having the power and duty
of ascertaining all the facts bearing
upon the matter and reporting for
or against the new county. Is there
anything unfair about that? Who
it afraid of impartial, intelligent
judgment those who are fair or
those who are not?
The proposed new division
should vote on the question, be
cause it is conceivable that after
htue impartial tribunal had cut out
jobs aud schemes and made ra
tional boundary lines the people
might not want the new county.
In such case, of course, the old
county could not be injured.
There may be .a difference of
opinion as to whether this matter
should be determined by a disinter
ested commission or by mere force
of voting numbers, swayed inevit
ably by local feeling and selfish in
terests but this does not affect the
fairness of the bill proposed. The
very object of that bjll was to re
move this very importaut question
from the domain of local prejudice
and political dickering, and place it'
where substantial justice would be
Old counties arc stronger than
new ones. What is the use of leav
ing the formatiou o( a new county
to such a vote? Often justice and
public convenience would be bet
srved by forming a new county
from portions of two or three
counties imagine how such a
move would fare if left to popular
vote of the counties affected. That
method would simply, block the
creation of new counties, no
matter what the public need might
be. It is probably suggested for
that purpose.
It two or three men get into a
fight over their rights do we say,
Let them settle it among them
selves? Civilized society does not.
It has created tribunals for ascer
taining the justice and legality ol
the contention and enforcing its
findings. To leave it to be settled
by fist fight would simply be giv
ing everything to the combatant 01
most muscle, regardless of the
justice of bis cause. To leave
county divisions to be similarly
settled by-local prejudice, passion
and manipulation, regardless ol
equity and justice is not in accord
with the spirit of civilized govern
ment. It is preposterous to assume
that the fairness or unfairness of a
proposition 3s established by those
who admittedly have a selfish and
one-sided view of the mutter.
valuable to his country In the field
of constructive stnleitnutisliip than
on the Supreme lleurli, Ills talents
fit him more for thnt service. lie
is 11 belter executive than Roose
velt, who N rather nn agitator but
us such has done vast service for
the country. Roosevelt has waked
the people to new political lift.
new standards, new activity
Hughes has industry, steadiness,
courage, honesty and political wis
doin that pcculinrly fit him foi
the executive office in such times
as these. He has, 'moreover, the
confidence of the people to a greater
extent than either Roosevelt the
Radical, or To ft the Reactionary.
Let Oregon start the bill rolling
for Hughes.
The cople of Bund look to the
towusitc interest, the banks, tin.
Lytic owners and the owners ot
Deschutes to offer inducements for
iiMtuituclories, for any large enter
prises to benefit the town. Ver)
well; they arc the prcdoiuiuntiu
lactors here, themselves reap a con
siderable p.irt of the general bene
fits and ought to "pay the freight."
But they also have u very proper
interest in the conduct of public
affairs. In some quarters there h
a predisposition to howl at the Idea
that they receive consideration in
these matters "down with tht
Drake interest, it is nn uuliot)
gang," etc., etc. Now, is this fall
or reasonable? Aren't these large
factors justly entitled to proper
representation in the city govern
ment? Doesn't the local prosperity
depcud very largely upon them?
(t is not necessary to surrender
everything to them any more than
it is necsssury to surrender every
thing to the saloons or to the
churches or to the grocers, but the
government should be for nil and
there is no more reason for exclud
ing big business interests from
proper participation in govern
mental affairs tlitfu for excluding
the humble citizen. Let us not go
to seed on these questions, but
bring our intelligence and sense ol
fairness into play.
The Purtluuu UreKouuu doesn't
fancy the taxation amendment to
the Oregon constitution which wait
adopted by the voters this month
It says the amendment opens tht.
way to sjmgle tax which the voters
do not want. It is probably futile
to point out that the voters adopted
the measure. The Oregonian
knows they do not want it and that
"single tax must go." So it is
settled, wc suppose, nnd the volen
ti eed not trouble further about it
It is pretty fine to have a great
newspaper to settle these questions
Where do the brethren get the
Idea that the general bill pro
viding a method tor creating new
Charles 12. Hughes was last
month transferred from the Gov
ernorship of the State of New York
to a seat on the Supreme Court
Bench of the United States. This
seems to be regarded as shelving
the most desirable, and available
man for President. Such is sup
posed to have been an important
consideration with President Taft
in appointing Hughes. But why
should not a Justice of the Su
prcrne Court be chosen President if
the people waut him?
Under an initiative law just
adopted in Oregon the electors will
have opportunity in the latter part
of April, 1912, to vote their choice
for President and Vice-President,
No other state will have such an
opportunity to serve as a guide
board for the national conventions
to be held a few weeks later. Let
the Republican voters of Oregon
then honor themselves and advance
the cause of good government by
naming Judge Hughes for Presi-
Hughes can be infinitely more
. "If I knew the policy of th
police department I would abide
by it" whined a Portland saloon
keeper whose license was revoked
lor repeated violation of the law
How sad how truly sadl What
is the matter with complying with
the plain requirements of the luw,
which everybody can know, and
not troubling about the "polici
policy"? The man who observe
the open public law can snap hi
fingers in the face of the police,
whether he be a saloonkeeper ot
plain citizen.
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Irrigated land, No ullitr town In nil
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Ik halfao much bciitlUlcd liy tht evmliix
of Hit lallruada.
A xttM trtlfallnti f-tratloit haalta
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billion fret of llmlxr ItUllwUry to tht
town, hM iiiltllni In l4tlf aatuiea
great fnlut Tht Dcacliulca llvtr In the
Imtiinllate vicinity oflcta autiit Ij.ww
hoiM:KHcr Tor Hit uKUtlon of Hit mill
ml iriaiila of Hit future, So town In Hit
NoithwMt haa Hit otulu for maun.
faeturtra, mn.ll aiul lame, ltt tlcnd tia,
Tht Ottgon Trunk la liulM
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to Orton.
Immediately adacnt to Ittmt art
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till iUil Uml under tht Carty Act wgtf
Illou of Iht Ctulrat Oitton Urination
Company. Thla taml U HHItH. I'tr.
ptlual water rlhU cu.t U an acre.
Forty acrra mtana lmltfmltnct, clhty
acrta In toga wealth tttcry product
, adapttJ to the ttinratf iooc Ihrlrta In
Iht rich volcanic aoil. The lam la caally
worked and wale led, It oOVta Iht treat
t Ittlj-atloultVa opportunity to be found
In Hit Northwcai. A (real amount l
con.tructluu la belnr. conducted by tht
1'iom lien J aeltlera art located on Jto
acre heiucattada on tht t aiea of agt
biu.h tanda to Iht aoutheaat. Her la
found the blj(i,'il and the l,t big chant
Tr Iht tan-l hungry to ,el fret Ooen
limit laud that la woeth Hit tiaiii(
Hend la Iht moat titaiillful awl health
fultowu In Central OrgH. llhaeamt
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waler. II haa ttcettk llfhle, eptcmlkl
actwuti, churchce, a fret library, hvteta,
Unka, tic
Tht railroad art cowing. Hurry
and gel In en the k'uuihI floor. Central
Oregon la the grealeat tHHueecckcrt' ami
Inireatera' prepeettlea In all the Weal to
day. Dendla the pivol point of Ccnlral
Oregon. It la deallned to make a mag.
nlrkrnt city. Thuacwho come to Ikud
now and to the evuutry around Bend,
will win wonderful rtwarda for their
We want you to come to Hend. Write
ua for Infwmatten wc ahall be glad to
hetp you iu tvtry poulM way.
33cno (Sommcrdnl Club
JknO, Oreflon
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Candidate) for .Marihal,
I hereby announce mywMf a cimllilatr
for Maralul o( the City of Hem! for tin
unexpired term ol Glen Kyie, that U.
for Hit year lyl r, anil promlac, !
elected, to enforce the law In Ileuil, aa I
have done heretofore na txillceman.
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Drug Stokk.
Just try the Bulletin Job Priutery
If the Klamath Falls plan of re
fusing liquor licenses to saloon
keepers who had violated the pro
hibition law should obtain general
sanction it might be somewhat
binding on the refreshment situa
tion in Slcilligallee. And yet.
iin't it pretty good policy to re
strict public franchises nnd licenser.
to law-abiding citizens?
The wise man or woman does his
holiday shopping early. He tliii
has a better assortment to select
from, gets more attention from the
salesmen and escapes the wear and
tear, to say nothing of the loss, ol
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aaalllj . agCV V H A H a. M
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quloklr aacerlalii our OfAnUm frae wbetlier aa
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Tradc MAnto
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tfiruu notU4, wiinoaa cuartie, la lot
Scientific Jlittericati.
A banda' lllaalralai) wa.ilr. f jiraa.t H
oniatloii ot anr aclentlDa Journal, Tamil, II
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Smd tor tllaitrjtfl circular fully
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Hat Uttntlh anj power plaii
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Most beautiful residential sec
tion in Bend.
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Town nnd Villa. In Orcajun and
Waablnxlun, Rlclna; Llr.crlpllre
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Hhluulna- Futllltli-a anil Cluaal.
flail Dlrarlorr ol eucll liuilucaa
nnd I'ofcloo.
u. Im i-di. ic m co. we.
Boultlc, Waali.
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