The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 12, 1910, Image 5

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What Every Woman
Who has seen tho "REDWSODE" COTTON BATTS, Is
that they are far superior to tho ordinary kind. The super
iority lies in tho stitching. Tho featt Is delivered to you
ready for the cover. The endless trouble of preparation Is
done away with. And It is so sanitary. The cover may
be removed and washed without in any way disturbing
the cotton.
The Revolutionary Quilt
ttat wo aro conducting this waok was originated by tho
makers of "Rcddisodo." If you havo an old quilt that you
valuo on account of its historic associations let us onter it
in tho contest. Five hundred dollars in prizes are offered
and wo want at least ono priio to como to Bend. Como in
and lot us tell you about it. Tho quilts will bo displayed
on tho second floor of our building.
on the second floor and inspect the new stock of ladies'
furnishings wo havo just received. You will bo interested in
DRESS SKIRTS, Fancy lllnck Voiles, Chiflbn Panamas and v
line Serges unusual values $6.00 to $14.00.
SILK WAISTS, a good variety of styles, colors and sizes,
selling at $4.00 to $6.00
Ladies' Oregon Flannel Ovcrshirts, Tans, just the thing for
ouUloor wear in cold weather $3.50
Plain and Fancy Silk Petticoats, a nice assortment of colors
good values at $5.00 to $7.00
Ladies' Outing Flannel Night Dresses, heavy weight,
assorted patterns $1.75 and $2.00
FANCY SILK KIMONOS, some very tasteful garments in
fetching colors $10.00 to $14.00
FLANNELETTE KIMONOS, for these cool fall mornings,
short ones $1.50 and $1.75, long ones $2.50 and $3.00
Ladies' and Children's Sweaters, all colors, sizes and styles
at v $1.75 to $10.00
SOFA PILLOWS, silk lloss, 22 and 24-inch, 60 and 75c.
We alsa have a new line of pillow covers, fancy work materials
and the neVest fad in brass work BRASS PIERCING.
We have added to our
Crockery Department
nn assortment of Blue Japanese Ware, inqluding cups,
saucers, tea pots, creamers, sugars, mush bowls, plates and
baking dishes, Attractive looking, durable ware, at
moderate prices.
flr hIzo peroxide 6o cents. Kiiu
Cross Dkuo Stork. 3otf
For Hunt Desirable office
room over the First National
liaiik. 27tf
O. P. Putnam returned Monday
evening from a month' trip In
I)r II. Pcrrell returned Saturday
from a three weeks' trip to Illinois
and St. Louis.
Complete line of rubber goods
and crotchet kept in stock at Red
Cross Drug Store. 3otf
For Salic Light team, weight
about 2000 lbs.; buck and harness
Inquire at Auue Darn. 2
New Barber flhop and bath now
open for business on Bond street
opposite the Aunc Livery. 31
Judge booth was in Bend last
Saturday on his way home to
I'riucvillc from Sliver Lake.
Just Think Quality, accuracy,
and skill for all prescriptions corn
. KKP Cross Dkuo
Bennett has arrived
The Bennetts will
over the Patterson
. 9,
(0 I ; m
I Ben, Oregon. flCMW.jC&A& Bend, Oregon.
fa -. .
pounded by us
Mrs. Prank
from Portland,
occupy rooms
drug stoic.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Davidson have
gone for a visit In Southern Ore
gon. They have an orchard in the
Rogue Vullcy.
For SAI.H Good heavy team,
new harness nod wagon for $285;
worth $350. Telephouc C. W.
Horner, Luidlaw. tf
Mr. and Mrs. John McTaggart
of Madras spent Saturday and Sun
day in Bend, guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Nick Smith.
Mrs. Orcutt has taken charge ol
the baking at the Star Bakery,
which insures the best of goods at
that establishment. 3132
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Doug
las and five children arrived from
Raymond, Wash., this week to
make their home here.
Mrs. Bess T. Baker took- the
prize as best pastry cook in Crook
County. She always uses Cleve
land's Baking Powder.
PokSai.ii or Kxchanck A few
lots in a new town iu Central Ore
gon; will trade one for motorcycle.
A-B, -care The Qullctiu.
Dr. A. A. Burris has moved his
office to the Ilotaling building,
over Merrill & Wilkinson's, where
he may be found hereafter. 29 32
J. N. Hunter and G. P. Putnam
were appointed by Acting Gov
ernor Bowcrman as delegates to the
Spokane Dry Farming Congress.
Mrs Hd. Brosterhous left Sun
day for Portland. Mr. Broster
hous went to Portland some time
ago and the two expect to return
"We get lovely cream from that
milk," is what our patrons say
You can have the same by leaving
orders at Kelley's confectionary
II. Si'iNlNO. 3132
The Episcopalian Guild and the
Whatsocvcrs arc ahead 23 apiece
through the Cafeteria Supper given
by them at the old reading room
last Priday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Baird. have
gone to Portland for a brief visit.
They will go to Newburg to Mr
Baird, Sr., who recently suffered a
stroke of paralysis.
Dr. W. W. Faulkner now Is es
tablished in bis new and well
equipped dental offices in The Bul
letin building and is ready to do all
kinds of dental work.
For Salk Strong work taui
and harness, and platform spring
wagon. Must be sold at once
Price i3o; worth much more. Iu
quire at Bulletin office. 3itf
For Sai.K 88-note Player Pi
ano, inncy manogauy case, tine
tone and action, latest improved
operating devices, never used, just
arrived Irom factory. Inquire of
The Bulletin. 271c
A safety deposit box in our
vault is an ideal place for your val
uables. Costs but $3 50 per year.
You keep the key, we keep the
box. Tint First National
Bank ot Bend. 27lf
Bring your kodak films and
plates to us for development
Negatives selected and papers used
that will give pleasing tones iu the
prints. Smwakd & Cami'ijull,
opposite the Postoffice. 27tf
The monthly business meeting of
the Whatsoever will be held in the
church uext Friday, October 14, at
d p. tn. All members and frleqds
arc urged to be present as there is
considerable work to be done.
For SalU Two of the. best
rauches on the Upper Deschutes
may be had at a bargain, Also,
fine ranch at Powell Butte with
plenty of good Spting water. Iu
quire of Dick Vaudevert. 38:31
Merchant Tailoring a
See Our
For Salb, Count Purs Thor
oughbred Scotch Collie puppies,
male or female, registered stock.
Address O. W. Shrincr, Bend, Or
egon. 3i-33f
Word has been received from P.
W. Graham of the Great' Northern
that all the Bend exhibits arrived
safely in Portland and that many
of them will find prominent places
in the "Oregon Car."
Bring your kodak films and
plates to us for development.
Negatives selected and papers used
that will give pleasing tones in the
prints. Skward & Campjibll,
opposite the Postoffice. 27tf
If you had a fire tonight what
valuable papers would you lose
that could not be replaced? Rent a
safety deposit box and avoid the
risk. You keep the key, we deep
the box. First National Bank.
The first real professional tramp
drifted into Bend last Friday from
Celito. He was promptly run out
of town by Officer Chapman, as
promptly returned, and then again
sent on his way in a manner that
proved effective.
Von. Salk I.UMBKH We have In one
dry shed 80.000 feet of finished lumber,
allsizra and kind from r to 24 inches
In width. Alto door and window jams,
window stools, building shingle, etc.
We can nuke arrangements to deliver
anywhere. Send us your orders. J. N.
Muten Lumber Co., Holland, Ore. tf
Cleveland's Baking Powder.
Waktkd A delivery boy.
School tablets, big values, 2 for
5 cents. Rkd Cross Drug
Stork. 3tf
Wantkd Chambermaid and
laundry woman. Thk Pilot
Buttb Inn. sStf
Rubber collars liave gone out of
style since the Bend Steam Laun
dry started. 31
Joe Innes has gone to Portland
on business with the State Birber's
James .Meeker of the Cloverdalc
neighborhood, on Squaw Creek,
was in Bend Monday.
B. F. Wilde, secretary of the
Crook County Abstract Co., Prine
ville, was a Bend visitor this week.
County School Superintendent
R. A. Ford was iu Bend the first of
the week arranging for the local
teachers to visit the Teachers' In
stitute at Priuevitle next week.
For Salk Six ot the finest lots
in Deschutes, level, water by ditch
and with city water. Next to new
residence. Inquire Bulletin office.
President J. E. Morson of the
Deschutes Land Co. came down
from La Pine last Thursday and
left Friday morning for Portland
He does not expect to return until
February. Construction work upon
the irrigation plant will go forward
during his absence under the su
pervision of Secretary Aya,
Mls Davie Surprised.
Last Thursday evening, a very
unique farewell party was given
Miss Mary C. Davies, at the home
of Mrs. M. J. Kelly. When Miss
Davies returned at 8:30 o'clock
she found the darkened ball
crowed with unexpected young
folks. After the surprise all re
paired to the parlor, where games
were played until it was announced
that the girls would pass to the
hall and get the lunches. These
proved to be regular school lunches,
wrapped in brown paper.
After lunch, a shower of useful
school articles was given Miss Da
vies. Among these were two
buncdes of switches, which caused
mu-h merriment. Those present
MUtea Uhla Ilotaling, Helen Boxell,
Emily Schreder. Pauline Wieat, Aiirc
Young, MrK:st Wfcst, Susie Kelly,
line Mary Davlea, and Messrs. I'jrd anil
Ralph Lucai. John LIniter, Julius Cort
man, Claude and Lloyd Kelly. Carl
Young, Max Richardson and Warren
Miss Davies leaves next week for
Bear Creek where she intends to
teach school this winter. In the
spring, she will return to her home
in Portland.
Bend Weather for September.
Following is the temperature rec
ord for Bend for the month of Sep
tember, as recorded by E. L. Kirk,
co-operative observer;
Si ' I .M.ll
Dslc Max Win 0 Date Mas Mitt
la Iit 61 UH
1 Bit .,,- 6S 44
t J 4 4
4 it Bll.-.. 6 431
U ii Bu si 4o'
... J 17 B4. . 40
ft T4 ' 14 15 1 ..1. 03 6
10 ij ,i... : ?
u OlX 4 B... 71H
U if X1 74 4J
H. 71 fbo. it J9
il ii.S jHf ..
I Una 7 M U
Abstract Talks
Maximum 81 degrees, r
Minimum 20 degrees.
Precipitation .86 inches.
No observation.
Fife, Oregon, Democratic Nominee
for Sheriff.
If elected I shall do my duty
rithout favor and without preju
dice. There will also be a com
plete change in the administration
of the Sheriffs office. 31 33
The Object of the "Title Talks."
If there is oue subject of more vi
tal Interest than any other it is jbat
of TITLES titles to the home that
shelters you or the farm or business
that yields support.
Do you really own the land you
think you own?
That is the vital question.
Our abstracts of title unswer the
question for every ricte of ground
in croou county.
And back of ouc answer is the
entire capital of the company, and
the equipment of our up-to-date
plant. r-
Watch this space each week nud
we will show you the great need of
proper security in. the ownership
of reat estate.
Crook Couel Abstract Cofflpauy,(Iftc)
(We Photograph the Records.)
Prlcnds Take Notice.
Just as soon as I get done cut
ting some logs I will bring you
wood. I will get done in about
three weeks and if you can't do
without that long I will bring you
some on Sunday,
30tf F. U. Cartrr,
If you wish to have your ex
press and light freight come in
along with your letters and daily
papers, have it come iu on the mail
line. Tub Cornrtt Staok &
Stadls Co. - 25tf
Subscribe for The Bulletin.
Department Dfthe Interior.
U. 8, Land Office at The Dalle. Oregon,
October 7. 1910,
Notice Is hereby gtveu that
Walter Wbeallcy.
orialdUw, Oregon, who, on April so, loot, nuile
llometieail No. iyr Serial No. ojMt, fur
N. H 8K. tf . 8H. V 6, X, Sec J. Tf. 17 A, K.
II U.. W. M.i has filed nolle of Intention Iu
make final ConimutsUoa JProof, to CftUMUh
claim to the land above described, before It, C.
13Ui.,U.S.CoiniBluiQucrlat hU offlcfl at Iknd,
Utcgou, an the mtft day of If orewber, 1910.
Claltoaqt name as witnesses: George W. Sny
der anil William Ii. Sandc), of LaldUw, Oregon.
jl C, W, MOORIt, Kntltttr.