The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 05, 1910, Image 8

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Saving th Oil.
-In Cairo, said a Journalist. -I
beard a queer yarn about tb fella,
bin. Tus fellablo ar tbe native ru
rallsts. '.fuey are very poor. Well,
when tbe UrltUb built tb Egyptian
tat railway tbe official were as
tounded at tbe enormous quantities of
train oil tbat disappeared. Tbe knew
that all tbla oil couldn't be used for
lubricating purposes. o tbe made an
Investigation and found tbat It bad
become tbe staple food of tbe poor
fellabin. Tbe railroad detectives re
ported tbat tbe fellabin all orer
CsPt were oslng tbe Egptlan state
railway's train oil as tbelr chief sup.
port. Tbe buttered tbelr bread wltb.
train oil. Tbe fried tbelr flb In train
oil. Tbe made a kind of suet pudding
with train oil aa a base. Tbe drank
train oil beated aa a flesh producer or
builder up. Bo tbe railway officials
mixed castor oil with the stuff, and ,
the" fellabin after a ear's torturing I
and rain effort to acclimate tbelr ays
terns to tbe mixture decided to giro
train oil up. '
The Qlant Bible.
There la In i be Itoat library at
Stockholm among other curiosities s
manuscript work known as tbe giant
Bible on account of Its extraordinary
dimensions. It measures 00 centime-
Gents' Furnishings- Latest Styles
New line of Fall and
Winter Suits, Men's
Fine Shoes, Sweaters,
Coats, Underwear and
1 31
The Bend Townsite Company
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x? V - A Sightly Residence Section Without BuiMSng Restriction. " '' '"
: Park Addition
This Beautiful' Addition, with Building Restrictions, is tho "Nob Hill" of Bend.
ten In length and U CO centimeters
In breadth tbat la. about S3 by 10
Inches. It requires three men to lift
It There are 309 pasta, but sorcn
hare been lost Tbe parchment of
which tbe book la composed required
the skins of ICO asses. There are two
columns on each pace and the book
contains tbo Old and New Testaments,
with extracts from Joeepbua. Tbe
initial letters are Illuminated. Tbe
binding Is of oak, four and one-halt
centimeters In thickness. Tbo book
narrowly escaped destruction In tbe
fire In tbe royal palace of Stockholm
In 1G0T. It was eared, but somewhat
damaged, by being thrown out of a
window. Loodou 0 lobe.
The Engllah Manor House Bathroom.
A writer in tbe American Magazlue
gires tbe following directions by which
a Tlsltor may always find tbe bouse
hold bathroom In an old English man
or bouse:
The household bathroom may be
reached by descending tbo narrow
stone steps from tbe second floor back
of tbe north battlement Follow the
fall In a southeasterly direction until
you come to the armor gallery, 'then
turn sharply to the left and follow the
corridor to the top. Open tbe door at
the end of tbla long ball and take a
half flight of stone steps (Ollrer Crom
Choicest Residence Property
North Addition
Business and Ins&e R.esWnce Proftert-y.
Lava Road Addition
Reskknce Property in the Heart of the City.
Center Addition
- Call or Write. Office Cor. Wall and Ohio Streets.
well once kissed a serving maid In tbls
dark passage) on tbe rlgbt and pass
Into tbe open ball at tbe end. You will
easily discover tbe bathroom, because
It Is tbe fourth door from tbo mulllon
window, a beautiful piece of glass of
Charles IL's time,"
Didn't Like Course Dlnnsrs.
A colored woman, native of the
south, had been working for a flat
dwelling family of moderate means In
tbe east end, but resigned recently to
accept a place bringing higher wages
wltb a wealthy family who lire In a
large house on Euclid belgbts snd
havo their dinner served In courses
ever nlgbt Just as If thero.wns com
paoy. Tbls colored woman had been
brought up to put everything on tbo
table at once, with tbe exception pos
sibly of the dessert, and did not tako
kindly to the course system. A few
days ago herVornicr mistress met her
on tho street and Inquired bow she
liked her new place.
"Oh, not vo well," sho replied. "I
don't like Ibis byab way of su'vln'
things in cou'scs. Tbo's too much
shlftln o' tbe dishes fo' tbo fewness o'
tbo vlttles.M-Cleveland i'lain Dealer.
The Bulletin $1.50 a year.
Our new line of Fall and Winter
Suits have arrived. Come In and see
a new line of Men's Shoes, Sweaters,
Coats, Underwear and Hosiery.
Yours for Business,
'' .Ji
. 1 1
Theater Company Coming.
Tbe Margaret lies Comedy &
Dramatic Company wilt appear at
Linster's Variety Hall Friday, Sat
urday and Sunday nights, October
14, 15 and 16. Thl company is
on its way to play at Princvlllc dur
ing the forthcoming district fair.
Last year it appeared during the
fair season and gave first class en
tertninment and the same high
grade work is expected this year.
For Sslo.
Farm of 120 acres, good house
and barn all fenced, water under
theSwalley Ditch for air of land
Sixty acres in cultivation; 3 acres in
alfalfa now, 40 acres that has not
been cleared but is smooth and
level and can be cleared very easily,
30 acres of pasture land and is
rather rough. Location 8 miles
from Bend aud l tnile from rail
road station. Price $.o per acre.
Terms $1000 cash aud balance in
4 years with 8 per cent iuterest
Payments to be made on same each
year. Address Louis Kodsktii,
39-30 Kosland Or,
' . "
For Sale or Lease.
Large new livery barn almost
completed up to date and first
class In every way. Good location.
For particular address
Cakmicu akl & Mastkn,
39-33 Rosland", P, O., La Pine, Or.
Real Estate Transfers.
(I'ornlthxt by Crook County AUtrtct Comjmjr.)
I). Hunter Realty Co. to II. II. Darst,
lot IS ol tbe siibdivUlon ol lot 1, Lilk. 11,
Ilcncf; 1 1 000.
Santa I'ee 1'aclfic Railway lo lUack
llutte fe. Livestock Co., wtf of nwtf
ScciU, 'ii; $1-
Albcrt Allen ct us to Black llutte Land
& Live Stock Co., etf c Sec. 36, u
11; ioo.
N. J. Lambert to Dlack llutte Laud &
Live Stock Co., nw nctf, i sejl Se
9, IA-91 nwV tyli w ne "V'4
9; wi aeu, us MX Sec. 3 and nw
ueU Sec 8, la-uj $1.
Nicholas Lambert to Dlack llutte
Land fe. Live Stock Co., t trntf 17.11
9. Also cH 'J Sec 18 aud nvttf nt4
Sec. 19, 1 j.ia; nwtf e,V, ajf telf Sec 8,
swjf swtf Sec. 9. Dill uex JX Sec. i,
ta-ii; sex X ec. 33 aim swx svrx
Sec. J1, it'll; $1.
Robert llootli to Illack llutte Land
8t Live Stock Co,, c nw Sec. 37, 1y
ti: $1.
David Hill to Robert D. Could, part
of eft avU Sec. 8, ao-u; it 00.
David Hill to John W. Usher, lots
4, 5, 14, blk. 1; lota la and ao, blk a;
loti 1 and ao, blk, 3; lots 6 ami 12,
blk 4; lots 5 ami ai, blk, $-, lots 1 and
ami 18, blk, 6; lots 4 sud 13, blk 7; loft
4 and 9, blk 8; lot 4 and Jl, blk. o; lots
5 and is, blk. to; lots I and 3 blk. 11;
lots 1 and 14, blk : tots 7, 8. 14, blk 13;
lots 13 and 14. 14! lots 7 and i. blk ix.
Town of Harncr. it.
Charles I), Swatiton lo A. Zell. n)i
neX aud nU uwX Sec. 31, 1515; 11150.
Uediuotid Townsite Co, to Otto Stra.
scr, lota 5, and 6, blk 6, Redmond; 173,
Otto Stratscr et ux to J. J. Iililuger,
ions ami o. uik o, Kcumonu; fi.
Redmond Townsite Co. to Harry O,
Koy, lot 19, blk 45, Redmond; $135.
Harry O. Koy ct ux to 0, A. Camp,
bell, lot 19, blk 43, Redmond; fiya,
W. H, Staats et al to- Mary H. Cple
man, lots 11 and 13, blk 13, Deschutes;
$yx). Also lots 1 and 3, blk 17; lots 9
and 10, blk 13, Deschutes; uoo,
V. M, Hoyt et ux to Claude Officer,
lots 33 aud 34, blk 37, Redmond; $1.
Guy 1'. Ilancroft et ux to I', M, Hoyt,
lot 34. blk 37, Redmond; $Sy.
Redmond Toufoilte Co. to Claude Of
(leer, lot 33. blk 37, Redmond; ftoa,
Herbert Ilerkman to Oregon
feet wide through uwX wX Sec, 34, 16.
13; si.
Mildred Iloldwltt I.ynei and hutband
to l'rcd N, VauMatre et pi, uc cXt
r,.o, '. fc ''J' t9
Tiuuk Ry., atrip loo-feet aorott wi;
Ittilmotnl Tnwiiill On. In (Mio.lor
'Weaton, lots 3 and 3, blk 14, ReduiomJ
f inn.
Josephine D. Rrdmond and huibanjt
iu urrvoa 1 iuiik, JOO-ICCI Sllip III SW,t
wx oec 10, IVI3.
0. C CoetnreichutesInvtitmentCc
lot 13. blk t. Dend: it.
Cllne I'slTs Power Co. to J. W, WilgW
101 o uik 9, wiine I'aui; sioo.
Mnam. , , T
Your Patronage is Always
Patterson Drug Co. t
Let us show you an
A nice shipment of
just received.
We arc in business (or your
Tnaoc Mhs
OocvniaMTB Ao
Anion Mndli
p a ik.tth not dMcrlptlon Ma
m cur ctblnlon fi. whftlh.r tu
Ilir.nllnn It prub
1 win. jiui.ur rnni
till fr... (Id..!
mi .ucr for tcutiiif Mtaiu. ,
tfHuu nU4,
scientific JNtinericaii.
euliilon of hf .oUntiaa JoaraaJ. T.rini, 11 4
ryijoar raondu, ft, Bg)U briilri.w.dMl.rj;
IBIBraadiri. Hi
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