The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 28, 1910, Image 8

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The Bend Townsife Company
Choicest Residence Property
North Addition
Business and Inside Residence Property. " '
Lava Road Addition -
Residence Property in the Heart, of the City. v
Center Addition -
A Sightly Residence Section Without Building Restriction.
Park Addition
This Beautiful Addition, with Building Restrictions, is the "Nob Hill" of Bend.
Call or Write. Office Cor. Wall and Ohio Streets.
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For RrpmeaUUra la tiWlort Brlkaap to,
Tttwrtt i j. Edrd.
VorCoaat- ComaiU-ioarr IUjUj- t, Roiua
PorCnntv BurMM !. v.. ..
JS;,Sbe.f!r,h .... W. OrwU -
JudRCa of election were F. V.
Swisber, K. B. James and J. N. B.
Gerklnj-, and clerks P. N. Wallace,
R. G. Sturireon and Harmon Pnntr
Votes cast were,
CoafT-KUU J.lafftrty ,i, Mtti n.
Satpbmli.lUa-. ' "
ouwlr:rtu'orsuuBc",w wini,7'
JJor Junict ct Saprrtac Cain-twaa j, Mc-
For AUaracy aatral Crawfofil ij. lUrt II.
frSlSr.rta?."UT"CUrkes' "'"rCoa.
Fjt Circuit 'adce-Stirk u. Bradjtutr ,
For County Commlloa-T-Brtt7 J. Roaia
J?!?00. Su-wor-Rlce II, Youaf 14.
Jor J iutic or ine rtacc- f . C. Tborw trol wd
Miller waj aocalnttcd by the puuSn for
Siri7Si7-"Tt. L.'" T '
jj; . " wo aarias 00
Bend Second, Madras Third and Red
Mond Sixth In List.
In Prineville. the most doduIous
precinct of Crook county, 326
voters registered of whom there
were 138 Republicans, 76 Demo
icrats, 7 Socialists and 2 Inde-
I nnrfent Tlifa im ( mrr ftftftrt
,-, A .. W AMWt. IUMII
were registered last year.
The seranr! tirerlnrr In trtt
county is Bend with 160 registered
voters; rat R., 31 D., and S I.
Here there was a eain of 01 over
last year.
Madras comes third with total of
39) &f Km 40 D., 8 S., 6 I. and 1
Kutcher is fourth with 101 voters:
62 R., 27 D., 10 S., 5 I., and 1
Pro. This precinct has 97 less
than last year, but it then included
Madras, which is now separate.
Dehllt. the fifth nrerinrf
having a total of 102; 64 R 18 D.,
5 S., 15 I This Is a gain of 37 in
the year.
ttedmond comes sixth with a
total of 101; 70 R., 20 D., 5 S., 5
I. and 1 Pro. This is a decrease
of 1 vote, but last vear it included
Tetherow precinct, now reporting
In Black Butte precinct 94 voters
registered. Ireland 18. Laidlaw 67.
and Powell Butte 94
In the entire county there were
registered IIIC Hennhllonna. inn
Democrats, 83 Socialists, 82 Inde
Dendents and o nrn)iil)itiiinlt a
total of 1800 as against 1707 a year
Special Work Dy Freemasons.
No Personal Grievance.
Dr. P. II. Dencer, chairman of the
meeting of segregation settlers who
organized the Water Users Asso
ciation at Bend September 17. asks
that the published report of one of
his statements be given a little
fuller so as to avoid wrontr infer
ences. Theeport printed was that
"the chairman annfrenf fhi. finril.lifn
of having to pay for water without
a.f f.l -. -. a
getting .- ut. uencer says he
has no nemnnal rnmnlalitt ncralni
the service of the irrigation com
pany ana uis statement In the
meeting was general and merely in
recognition of the hardship that
others claimed to have suffered. ,
There was special work at the
local Masonic lodge last Saturday
night, when Judge Hills was made
a master mason, Thirteen of the
fraternal brethercn came over from
Prineville to assist in the cere
monies. These were Dr. Charles
S. Edwards, T. M. Baldwin, D. P.
Adamson, W. P. King, C. P
Smith. T. II. Haner. W. T. Pnn.
cake, J. II. Wiglc, G. W. Noble,
u. u. wyiue, uale Jones, M. Ii.
Brink and I. Michel. After the
I lodee Session there WO n anrenrl
J at Taggart's, with covers for 33.
1 ue visitors returned to I'rinev iiie
Progress of Railroad Work.
The Oregon Trunk contractors
have been for the nast week work.
ing on the Y iust south of town.
where a spur is planned to go to
the mill sites Otl the Sisemnre nlnre
Work on the spur leading to the
dam and power plant has been
stopped until there shall be a rk'ht
of way adjustment throuch the
Lytic acre tracts.
The overhead crossing at Green
Qentg' FurflishingsLatest Styles
Nev line of Fall and
Winter Suits, Men's
Fine Shoes, Sweaters,
Coats, Underwear and
Our new line of Fall and Winter
Suits have arrived. Come in and see
a new line of Men's Shoes, Sweaters,
Coats, Underwear and Hosiery.
Yours for Business,
wood avenue has been completed
to the satisfaction of the city coun
cil. J
For Sale.
Milk cows, 1 well bred Jersey,
have lu-rn mlll-Ini. n ilinrt iim
Ranch 5 miles southeast of Sisters.
39 34 Clinc Falls, Or.
Tannyaon Disturbed.
This story Is told lu Jtobort II. 8lier
anl's book -My I'rlentls (tio French :M
"A BrnDddauslilcr of Wordsworth,
bclnc full of admiration for I ho youoir
)oet who was to succeed her cratiil
father In laurcato honors, was onco
taken to aco Mr. rnninti li xtra
Taylor, tho wlfo of another poet of
somo dlatloctlon. Teuuyson rocclrcd
them Tcry badly, showing great Irri
tation at being disturbed, and when
Mrs. Taylor rallied him on his manner
bo saldi 'Madam, I am a poor mail,
and as I can't afford to buy tho Times
I hire It from tho stationer's. He
charces mo a nenuv far It wMei. ntt.
tics mo to keep It for an hour. Why
will peoplo always select Just that
hour to come nml pall tmnn m V A tin-
which he fiung out of tho room. Irnv
Ing Mrs. Tennyson to apologlzo for his
Currtney In China.
Wrltlnt from tho lnttrlnr nt fliln. n
trarelcr says: "Currency Is prlmltlto
to a decree. I.umn ullvi-r onir in ihi
and copper 'cash.' Colnwl money la
not current. Kvcn lu llonnn city,
which U distant only two day by mil
from Pckln, lump silver, tho Mnmncum
brous currency that tins been used for
conturlcs, Is still employed. It Is cut
Into small nlocca hr huuiinir nml rhU
el. Ercry town mid rlllngo hits lt
own wcignis mm scales, nnd llicro la
no protonso at uulformlly,"
Tha Man and ths Parrot.
Exasntrntcd I'liri'linxer-niiln't nn
guaraulcu that thU purrot would ro
peat every word bo heard?
uira noaier-Ccrtaluly I did.
"Hut ho docan't repent a sluglo word."
"Ho" repeats every word ho hears,
but ho never hoars any. Ho li i-.c
as a post."
Life's Parcsntaaa, '
It SOmollmoH hnnnena Ihnt mnn
-- .-- ,M. w M.IIIJ
jiays an errorless gamo becauso ho ac
cepts mighty fow chances. Tho man
In tho tight gurdon Is pretty sure to
havo a better fielding record than tho
JborUtop.-Atchlson Globe.
MODEL 1010
Self-Loading Rifle
It Strikes
This now Winchester
6hoots o heavier bullet
nnd hits a harder hlnw
titan nny other recoil
operated rifle made. It
id mora nowerful than
the .30 Army, of blg
camo huntintr fame. The.
loading and firing of this
riflo are controlled by
the trigger finger. It
jins uie tub 1UUUE8 or tiioh
Stn4 lor lltuilrtlrJ tlmUr ItUt
JturlUm Ihli mw rim y,kitk
Ml HI Mil M pvw,, (,,
AKJJ3 U) 5,
Ni UaTca, Coarw, U. S. A.
llljMidj 00 YKAnS
Tnot Manns
fiAnwitiMLivai Am
Anrona iMidlns a tUith mi dMcrtptlnn mir
onlctlr .ii.fUIri r,,r oulnn fie wli.tii.r an
SckWific JifmerfcaH.
A btndiomdf llluitrttM ,klr. UriMt fir.
eolation 0 nr cl.nuea lourn.l r'il. IJ