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Railroad ami Ditch Companies Alako
Mutual Concessions Ueclani-
tlun Work 1'roceoillnK
Fast on Possible.
Forty to 50 men nre kept -cm
ployed 011 the Walker Ihslu re
clamation project of the Deschutes
Land Company. Right-of-way hni
been cleared lor n distance ol seven
miles from the hendgute site In the
George Mayficld meadow, but the
work of canal excavation hat been
held up by the strike of the union
machinists in Portland. The big
steam excavator under construction
there, which was to have been tie
livcred on the ground and put in,
operation weeks ago, is not yet fin-'
ished. However, it is expected to
be ready soon. President Morsan
is now in Portland to rush the
For u considerable distance be
low the hcudgutc there was serious
conQict between the Hues surveyed
for the main canal nnd lor the
Oregon Trunk Railway. From
the naturc'of the ground, which re
quired both to pass around a cer
tain hillside at about the same eleva
tion, it was difficult for cither to get
out of the way of the other. It
was finally found that a small
canal could be curried around the
critical point and still leave room
for the -railroad. Therefore, only
enough water lor some 3000 acres
of high land that could not be env
ered by a lower channel will lc
conveyed in this high-line ditch
A short distaucc below the larger
canal will be dug for the main
body of the land. The railroad
company has avoided conflict with
the canal where it could by moving
its sqrvey to the eastward of the line
first located. The spirit ol mutual
accommodation thus observed has
resulted in harmonious adjustment
of a matter that might have made a
lot of business ior the courts and
postponed large development ac
tivity. President Morson says 10,000
acres will be under canals by next
April, so that crops can be raised
there next season if the owners de
sire. Land sales arc surprisingly
good. Though the State Board
will accept proof for, less than the
government legal subdivision (.0
acres) the tendency lately is to take
the land in as large tracts as the
law will permit.
Enj-incer Kuncy Finds excellent Line
to Harney.
K. K. Kuncy. locating engineer
of the Oregon Trunk Railway,
came in Saturday from the camp
south of Hampton Dutte and re
turned today. He nays he will
have finished the work In hand by
Your Bank and
Your Business
Success Depends upon
Satisfactory Service.
Tie Deschutes Banking & Trust
Company trusts for its popularity to
giving its customers kindly and in
telligent service. And expects to
advance its own interests by being
of service to the public.
We invite correspondence, and
welcome all who may desire our
services in n business capacity.
The Deschutes
. Banking & Trust Company
"Conservative Banking for Conservative People."
J B. BAIRD, rrc. J, W, MASTERS, Vice Prcs.
M. G, COI, Caihler.
the middle of this mouth. The
Hue is dellultelv located from
Hcud to Harney lake, nbotit 20
miles .southward from Hunts
ready for construction crews to
build the road,
And n most excellent line It Is,
according to Mr. Kitiiey, The
maximum grade is six-tenths of one
cr cent nttd the maximum curva
ture 3 degrees. It is not thtough
n Hat country, but the cuts and fill-.
about balance each other without
long carries and when finished the
road will be economical to operate
Railroad construction north of
Ucnd Is proceeding steadily. The
recent dlflctilty between contractors
and station men has been adjusted
and everything Is moving forward
Water to Pass In Ten Oaya When
Rock It Taken Out.
Kngitteer Young says the 5420
feet ol flume at the head of the Ar
nold ditch will be completed today
A rock cut ubout 500 feet long at
the tipper end of the flume will be
finished in the course of the com
iug week and then, after the flume
shall l calked with oakum,
which will require a few days more,
water will be turned down the new
canal to the Silver Lake road
From thcra to the lands to be
watered the service is provided for
by several subsldary .companies
the North Irrigation Co, serving
the northern put of the trjrrllor)
afltclcd, ifud the Pine Forest Co
and sub-liUeruls taking the caiteru
and southern districts.
The main canal will carry water
sufficient for 10,000 acres. Tin
flume construction is said by ex
pert to be the heaviest and best In
the Deschutes v-dlcy.
None of the subsidiary ditches lo
now in condition to convey water
Work on them has waited until the
main canal should be a certainty
A. few weeks of work will put the
system in shape for actually water
iug the thirsty land.
Saw the Atotcor.
S. C. Caldwell, I. C. Whlttc.l ami
lack Kellcy were up Hie river to thr
Kotilnwn hrhlgc Sunday ami happened
to I looking to llie wcatward and taw
the brilliant meteor that fell In that ill
rcctlon shortly alter noon. They thought
it was tint a few mile away and (ell In
the Cascade mountain, but Irourtheac
count In the Portland Oregonlan It h
evident that it wai no mall thing. Ap
patently It was a bright here ai at I'ort
laud and Astoria.
Organization Meeting.
There will be a mass meeting ol
the subscribers to the Commercial
Club at K. of P. Hall, Thursdn)
night, Sept. 8, at 8 o'clock, for tin
purpose of organizing the Clul
and such other business as may
come lefore thr meeting.
New Itooks (or Library,
II. II. D.ivies today presented
the Ucnd Library with a (till set ol
the works of Robert C. Iugersoll,
12 volumes bound in leather, bran
Consequently Attempt to Adjust tho
Matter ol Shrievalty Candidates
Leaves Dad Taste In livery
body's Mouths,
Rkdmond, Or., Sept. 5 The
'drys" called n conference here
Saturday und the "wet" nttcuded
It, There may be some diiTcrccc of
opinion us to just where these
classification lines full, but hardly u
difference of opinion us to the re
suit, namely, uisiaiiiiactlon on
both sides.
The "Drys" or Law 'and Order
people, appointed tho meeting,
L. I). Wicst of Iletid taking (lie
lead. The purpose was to come
to some understanding relative to
candidates for the Crook county
shrievalty. Tlicy were not satisfied
with the candidacy of Sheriff HI
kins for rcnomlnatloii. Priuevlllc
"drys" last week had endorsed
Millard Trlptett of Ilcnd The
conference here was understood to
be for the purpoic of concentrating
m one candidate to oppose Hlkins
Millard Trlptett of Ilcnd and John
Coulter of Madras were the candi
latcs affected.
At first it appeared to be under
stood that the Hcud nud Mudraseun.
thirties would abide by the decision
it this conference nnd one of them
withdraw. Trlptett, huweve r,
found that certain parties active in
support of Hlkins were greatly In
tcrestcd in nrrnuging the work of
the conference and in getting a
large attendance of those suspected
of Hlkins partisanship So Trip
lett would have nothing to do with
the meeting and he hiked nut for
Laldlaw. Coulter stayed and ad
I r cased the meeting and received its
.'tidorscmcut. A score of men
were present, three-quarters of
them from Redmond.
In speaking to the conference
Mr. Coulter said he would try to
enforce the laws but he indicated u
doubt as to whether the present
"dry" law would stand the test of
the courts. This Is seized upon as
showing a purpose to straddle the
jurstlon nnd both the "drys" and
he "wels" criticize it.
Meantime Triplet! proceeds with
'lis campaign, based upon enforce
ment of the law as lie finds it,
without doubting or quibbling.
To Whom It May Concern.
Take notice that the Common
Council of the city of Ilcnd hn
ordered section seventeen of ordi
'lance No. 13. prohibiting the
building of fires within one htm
lrrd feel of any building within
the corporate limits of the city of
(tend, to be rigidly enforced
Subscribe for The Iltilletln.
Rough and Dressed
Delivered In Bend (t5 CA '
Per CordJ. .....:. &O.DU
Get Your Winter's Supply,
Pilot Butte Development Co,
Ordinance to Close Saloons Sundays
Anionic those Introduced Con
tract wild Water Company
Renewed Pollen Service,
Mayor C, W, Merrill presented lilt re
signation lo the City Council Inst night,
Ix-cniue he w removing to California to
reside. The re'lguatltm w accepted
with eitret and & C. Caldwell wa
chowti uimnlmoudy lo fill the vacancy
111 me ucceuioor ruction, air, Cald
well wa the candidate who opiKiasd Or
Merrill latt December and lacked hut
one vote ol tying the tucceuful candi
date liken.
Three new ordinance were presented
and iaucil first reading. One Ii to re
quire saloon to close from Saturday
midnight to 5 o'clock Monday morning,
another to provide a license (ceo(io
kt quarter for moving picture show,
and tlie third to regulate the driving ot
automobiles within the city, 10 milt, an
luinr being the limit of apcrd.
Alderman Triplet! preaculed the verb
al request of Policeman Triplet! lo I
permitted day work hall the time In
stead ol being continuously on llie night
hltt. Marshal Chapman aald he would
not ervs l night, A motion was patted
delluiiely giving the marshal day
service. Then Chapman aald he hail
"no desire to hog It" and presented III
terbal resignation, which was laid on
Die lablo until next tm-etlug. It wu
admitted and stated that the city la now
for the lint time In Its lil.tury receiving
adequate police service, and a detirr
was innuileil lo keep It II slble. No
bad (eellug was manifest, the uurshst'a
disinclination to do night work being
bcl on his age and health,
It was voted to renew the contrac
with the Ilcnd Water, l.lghl & IWei
Co. at ft,) per h)drant (or the 11 atrret
hydrauia lor the mining year Thla It
tile Mine price now (Mill,
When Mayor Merrill' resignation
waa presented Alderman Sellers was
chosen lo fill the vacancy, nrer Ida pro
test. Then the question of filling thr
aldermsuie vacancy that would thus be
created came up and finally the whole
thing was settled by choosing 8. C
Caldwell 111 1 or and leaving Seller as
nitclngof Main DltcJus not Sufficient
(or Proof.
That the state Und officers are
taking u new interest In Irrigation
matters is indicutcd by the follow
ing matter apieariug in a Salem
dispatch in the Portland Orcgotilan.
fearing that i bad precedent might U
established if a ruling of the Interim
DciMiiment on the (lueellou of .uo acre.
ol land under the Dechulea Reclamation
?i Irrigation Company (Bwalley Ditch
should I allowed lo stand, a special ci
fort will lw made by the Detert laml
Hoard lo overthrow the stand taken b)
the luecior In passing judgment
There are uooacretlu thla project ueai
Hcud, but on J JO acre ol II, it I talil
that the main canal the land and
a lateral runs through it, but the laud l
till held to be nut reclaimed. It list
been customary lo allow the coiutruc
lion ol the canal wlthlu a mile, or In thr
vicinity ol llie laud, without the con
Unction of .the 11011 laleraU, It It
held In the opinion of the board that it
would be a needles watte ol money to
place the mailer Individual laterals, a
they would be trampled down before an
actual icttlcmmt and It would be nrce
aary to practically entirely icnmstiuci
the work. If the ruling ol the Interior
Department la adhered to on arnical It
will affect all ol the priijeota In the state
and It I chimed will rrsult In a great
loss lo the various companies promoting
Ilia work,
Acting Governor llowerman this after
noon announced himself as dlasatitflcd
with the laud hoard's interpretation of
the meaning of "actual settlement,"
which Iscomlrurdby the board as mean
ing 10 daya In granting land under
the I'cderal atatutes actual settlement Is
required. He made objection today
lo aollie of tlin i tuple drilling patents,
In one cam It being ahown that the fam
ily resided In North Dakota, where Did
wife s Ktrnllress and the husbiue
was on the laud (or comparatively
short lime.
First Department Store In Crook
County Formally Celebrated.
Lara's rebuilt nud rearranged
store was oflivially mill formally
ocned last Saturday. The place
was thronged with eoplc most of
llie nay, Mrs. Jnra nud Miss
Uwlng served ice cream and wafers
10 the visitors in the rest room nud
there were plenty of cigars for the
smokers. And the store enjoyed
the best day's trade for mouths.
The entire upjicr flor of the
building is now added to the sales
room space, lcing rcacln-d by an
4sy stairway in the middle. The
iflicc is also removed to the tipjMrr
door and ndjilnlng it is the rest
room, which hus been a feature of
the Lara store. Another exclusive
'catiirc now udded is a Indies' dress
mg room. The ladles' ready-o-.vear
goods and the hotiwfuriilsh
nig department crockery, mat
.lugs, etc , etc. are on the second
door, well displayed and convenient.
Phis spreading out gives room for
belter dlspluvs below and iiiurt
comfortable handling of the bust
les. The displays in the big plate
glass windows attracted much at
eution, being artistically designed
ind in no wise inferior to those ol
metropolitan stores, Lara's now
claims the distinction of being the
only department store in Crook
Large School Attendance.
The Ilcnd school opened Tuesday
(Monday tielnc I.abor Day) with a large
stteudauce, It wa evident in advance
that another teacher would be needed
and the School Hoard held a apecial
iiieellng Monday cvcnlnu and elected
li Harriet DoUeu, wImi recently came
0 Ileud from Itlglu, III., lo teach the
Seventh and UUhth yrade. One of the
argcr room In the High School bulbi
ng Is being divided to provide the nee
-ssary quarters,
MUs Dolseu is a graduate of lilgln
Vcademy, after which she attended
Vorthwestern t'ulverslly. at Itvaustou.
tor a year. Since then she has taught
iwo year at llarllett, 111,
Irrigation Settlers Mcctlnc.
Notice is hereby given thnt 11
ncetiug of settlers upon the I). I
& P. segregated lauds will be held
it Llustcr's Hull, Hcud, Saturday,
September 17, tqto, at a o'clock
i. in., for the purpote of complet
ing organisation for the common
ood A ill 1 1 attendance N desired
16 a8 W. K ScoTT, Secretury.
OH. U. C. COlt, President U. A. SATIIKK, Vice Pre. C. S. HUDSON, Ca.hler
The First National Bank of Bend
AcnO, Orcflon
0. P303
Oaiillal Blocli paid In full S3S.0O0OO
SluchholilarV Liability S35.00O 00
surpiui ...... .
Statement of tbc JTIriU national ttnnh of 33cn0, Orcoon,
As ranjtrad lo th Troiurv 0narlmmt of lh Unlttd Slalat,
Washington, O. C, ap. Ul, 1010
Loans and nlcounti.,.....v.........tiiJjS J4
lt rdran ..m......... . Iij" 7S
lUnk llulldiug and Lot j.Soo ou
Hurullut aud lUlures.... I MJ w
0, H. Ihiuds ami I'lcmluiu...... II, Too w
I'fre rerCenl Rrdtuitilloii I'uud . 61 tu
DulnoMUANKS?. $5,58M3
Total, .st-eass. ln&A? jj
( L
September 1st, 1010
September 1st, 1000
Gain for one year -Per
cent of increase
September 1st, 1010 -
September 1st, 1000 -
Gain for one year - -
Per cent of increase -
Our desire Is to accomplish tho greatest good for tho greatest
. number of customers,
Deformlno to be In Position
Press Their Cauto Ucforo
Reclamation Company or
tho State Board.
More than 50 Intelligent, earnest
settlers upon lands under the Cen
tral Oregon canal of the D. I. & P.
Co. met at Llustcr's Hall last Sat
urday afternoon, In accordance
with public notice previously given,
and agreed to form an association
to look after their irrigation inter
ests. Temporary organization was
effected by election of Charles P.
Harris chairman and William K.
Scott secretaiy. These officers, to
gether with K. W. Richardson, P.
H. Dcncer und Philip C. Hurt,
were constituted a committee on
permanent organisation and to con
sult other organizations nud settlers
at Redmond and Powell Butte as
to their desire to join in a general
association re present I ng all settlers
on the D. I. &. P. segregation.
Iu the general discussion of the
object of the meeting and methods
tor attaining it various views were
expressed. K. W. Richardson
urged that all the settlers get to
gether lor organization that should
represent the entire segregation
rather than settlers under the Cen
tral Oregon Canal only.
Klmcr Wornstaff deemed It cs
scutial to organize. "For two sea
sons I rcsccdcd and then this year
los) toy crop through lack of water
that I paid for," satd he. "We arc
paying for water we are supposed
to have, and we arc not getting It.
We must organize. We should go
at it right and we've nil got to go
together. Then we can act with
some effect, cither by going to the
company or the Slate Doard. We
can't put up with prcseut condi
tions." Philip C. B'.trt thought the man
ner of construction should be
looked into, to see that it complied
with contract and would give the
service needed; "We can't stand
il to have ditches breaking all the
time ns they have this season," Lc
said. "We must see to it tliHt
ditches are constructed right. The
$1 an acre put up with the state as
a guaranty is not much of a de
posit." Mr. liurt was also of the
opinion that it would be best lor
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CaplUt paid In (Utl.M,..............m.iieo oo
Buf .,i... . w .
nur)iut..,. ...........,....... 300000
UudlMe4 I'toMi- ..,..,,.,..-.... 7j jf
, " "
ClrtuUllou.....M..,-.... Iljuw
D"w-1"- -'"
To taim Wi7
" 76.080.63
244 per cent
, - - - 618
- - - 275
- - - 343
, - - 224 per cent