The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 17, 1910, Image 6

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Doings of the World at large
Told in Brief.
Oeneral Return of Important Event!
Presented In Condensed Form
for Our Busy Readers.
A noted Japanese historian predicts
war with America as absolutely cer
tain. A pleasure yacht at Santa Crux, Cal.,
is missing with 20 young pcoplo on
Government agents find evidence of
wholcsalo liquor traffic with Indians on
Sclitz reservation.
Ex-President Zelaya, of Nicaragua,
is held to be an activo supporter of tho
revolutionary movement.
Senator Goro of Oklahoma, claims
ho was offered 125,000 to $60,000 to
put certain legislation through con
gress. The Jspancse expedition to tho
South Pole, which was to have started
this month, has been postponed for
lack of funds.
A Montana stage driver is under ar
rest for horse stealing and bis wife is
driving in his place, so as not to de
lay the mails.
Rockefeller and the Standard Oil
company have been sued for f 550,000
by private oil interests, who claim tho
monolopy has caused tbcm to lose that
An "orhpaned ' humming bird no
larger than a bumble bee Is being
raised by hand on four drops of honey
every two hours, by parties at Pull
man, Washington.
A forest firo wss seen to start near
Anaconda, Mont, from sparks from a
passing locomotive, but before- it could
be reached it was beyond control, and
has burned over 500 acres.
Five sailors on a Great Lakes ore
steamer mutinied and planned to attack
a party of women guests on board.
They were placed in irons and now find
themselves subject to fine, imprison-
Kent, or death, under the marina laws.
Politicians would force Ballinger out
, of the cabinet.
Another big bribe scandal has devel
oped In the Illinois legislature.
Only three buildings now remain In
the burned town of Hoover, Oregon.
Tho order of Eagles is said to have
tost a large sum through grafting pf
its national officers.
Eastern business men have com
bined to force the express companies
to grant lower rates.
Many thousand acres of government
land in the Northwest will be thrown
open to settlement this fall.
Tho Reform league of Chicago as
serts thst millions of dollars worth of
property evades paying its just taxes.
The revenue cutter Parry is ashore
on a rce'f of tho Pribyloff islands, in
Bearing sea, and has been abandoned
as a total loss.
The time limit hss expired for the
extradition of Porter Charlton, who
murdered his wife in Italy, and as ho
is safe In America it is likely he will
never be brought to trial.
Eastern Men Say Ftght Express Com
panies to Finish.
Chicago Commercial organizations
throughout tho country hnvo decided to
engage in a finish fight with tho
press companies with n view to
Ing greatly reduced rates.
Tho first gun in tho campaign wns
fired when tho Chicago association of
commerce and 123 other influential
commercial organisations In nil parts
of tho country led a petition to tho
Interstate Commorco commission ask
ing thst body to mako an investigation
on its own motion into tho charges
mado by express companies and into
tho revenues they aro enjoying.
Indirectly tho attack on tho express
companies hits at railroad revenues,
for a portion of tho complaint is based
upon contractu entered into between
their lines.
Tho movement against tho oxprcss
companies was started by tho Chicago
association of commerce and tho Now
York Merchants' association, tho for
mer interesting most of tho powerful
commercial organisations in the West,
and tho latter influencing thoso in tho
East to join the movement.
It is said that sufficient data ho3
boon gathered to warrant tho commls.
sion in reducing express charges by
fully 50 per cent
Among other things tho commission
is asked to examine closely into tho osf
(gin and character of the contracts be
tween railroads and tho express com
panies and to mako a full disclosure of
the names of the stockholders, especial
ly of tho railroads holding stock in ox
prcss companies.
Three cruisers which cost the gov
ernment $8,500,000 exclusive of arma
ment a few years ago, aro now consid
ered entirely out-of-date and prscti
cally worthless. One is the Brooklyn,
Admiral Schley's flagship -daring tho
Spanish-American war.
An aeroplanist in Brussels reached a
height of 6,670 feet.
Locomotive engineers on 65 Western
railroads will ask for a raise.
A detective has sued the estate of
"Lucky" Baldwin for alleged services
Infantile paralysis hss attacked the
arm of a professional baseball pitcher
of the American league.
Spain is reinforcing garrisons In dis
turbed provinces and taking every pre
caution to prevent an uprising.
The state of Mississippi may place a
statute of Jefferson Davis in Statuary
Hall at tho capital in Washington.
A fire which started in the sawmill
of the town of Hoover, Ore., has des
troyed practically the entire place.
President Taft has cancelled many
speaking engagements, and may not
spesk before the conservation congress
in St, Paul, September 5.
All the large Independent cracker
companies in the country have com
bined, and the new organization is on
the friendliest terms with the present
cracker trust, forming practically one
giant monopoly.
A San Diego fireman becamo sudden
ly insane, killed his wife and baby, and
two of his fellow firemen, wounded a
third fireman and then committed sui
cide in a public square.
Thirteen vials containing tuberculos
is and diphtheria germs were lost from
the mails in Topeka, Kan., and were
later found empty in an allyway.
They had contained enough germs to
depopulate the state, but no harm is
anticipated, as the vials were found
where the hot sun shone on them.
Agreement Reached With Employers
for Increase In Wages.
Ottawa, Ont, Tho strlko of con
ductors, trainmen and yardmen, which
began on the Grand Trunk and Central
Vermont systems on July 18, wss offi
cially called off.
Under the terms of tho agreement
signed by President Hays for tho rail
roads and all tho union officials, tho
men will receive, dating back to May
13 this year, an advance of approxi
mately 18 per cent, and beginning
January 1, 1912, a rato of wages
slightly below tho Eastern association
schedule, for which they struck, but an
advance in many instances of over 30
per cent.
In the caso of tho Central Vermont,
tho same settlement applies, with the
exception that the standardization to
be applied on January 1, 1912, is to bo
thst of the Rutland Railway, a road in
the same territory, and not that of tho
Canadian Pacific, which will only ap
ply to tho Grand Trunk system.
Japan's Friendship True.
New York Speaking from tho
standpoint of 30 years' experience, tho
Right Rev. Hcrriman C. Harris de
clares that Japanese friendliness for
the people of the United Staes Was a
striking characteristic not only of the
government, but of tho people.
"Japan is bound to Great Britlsn by
the close and definite terms of an alli
ance, but good feeling toward Ameri
ca is inherent among the people; it Is
traditional. I would not bo going too
far in ssying thst the good will toward
this country which you encounter ev
erywhere among the people as well as
among thoso in official lifo is more
than a matter of mere friendly senti
ment. It has been in evidence in Jap
an for 50 years and as I said, Is some
thing which young generations of Jap
anese are taught to accept as a part
almost of national feeling.
"Now this may sound strange, but I
know it is true."
Trout Fishing Ideal Sport In Isolated
Mountain Streams.
Mnrsniiom Tcn-Mllo lnkco, near
Coos bay, is a locality which affords
as much real sport In tho way of trout
lishing ns any part or tho country,
ihe place is more popular this your
than over before. With bettor connec
tions with the outside, tho lako country
will doubtless bo ono of tho most fam
ous resorts In Oregon,
Tho lakes aro not far from tho
ocean, aro hiddon in tho mountains.
and havo thoir outlot through Ten-Mtlo
creek, which empties directly Into tho
ocean. Tho trip to tho lakes from
Cooa Boy is n novol ono for n person
who has never taken It.
Gasollno launches run from tho bay
cities to tho head of navigation on
North inlet. There passengers must
leave the boat nnd rldo on tho stage
about 10 miles over tho mountains to
tho head of tho lakes, whero there Is a
settlement called Lakcstdo. Hero is
located a creamery, stage stables, two
boarding houses and a store and post
office. Lakcsldo has been platted into
town lots, and quito n number of sum
mer cottages havo been built there.
Along tho banks of tho lakes are many
attracting cottages. Mayor L. J.
Simpson, of North Bond, has tho most
elaborate summer homo on tho lakes,
his house being quito a largo ono and
commanding a beautiful view. Somo
of tho ranchers Uvo on tho lake, but it
will not bo many years until all of tho
lako frontage Is taken up , by summer
homes. '
S. P. to Bar Junction With Oregon
Trunk at Crescent Is Plan.
Crescent Revision of tho Natron
cut-off of tho Southern Pacic line Is
now In progress near here, two engin
eering crews under Engineer Knowlton
being in tho field. One party is near
the summit west of lakes Odcll and
Crescent, the other 12 miles west of
here and working toward Crescent. A
pack train of 35 animals Is used to
convey tho outfit for tho Summit crew.
The revision is in conformity with the
change in tho lino determined upon by
tho company some timo sgo. The line
at present passes a mllo nnd a half
south of Crescent, but the new line
will swing into tho town, It Is under
stood, to form a junction point with
tho Oregon Trunk.
Grading on tho Southern Pacific lino
from Klamath Falls northward toward
Crescent has progressed to a point six
miles this side of Klamath agency, 65
miles south of hero. The Oregon Trunk
line, which is rushing its survey work,
this week placed another party in tho
field near the agency.-
Umatilla Grain Yield Averages 30 to
00 Bushels to Aero.
Athena Harvest In this vicinity Is
progressing very rapidly, and with CO
combines and 10 stationary outfits nt
work in tho county, In two mora wooks
Uio greater part of tho grain will bo in
tho sack. Tho yield hero this year
ranges from 35 to 00 bushels por aero.
Somo whoat Is being hauled already
Into tho various warehouses, and ac
cording to B, B. Richards, local agent
for tho Puget Sound warehouse com
pany, thu wheat Is testing from 00 to
62, and less smut in it than In any
previous year.
Tho best of whoat weather has pro.
vailed in Umatilla county throughout
this season. Tho comblno seems to bo
tho favorito re n per. Almost every
farmer either has Interest in a com
blno or has ono of his own. All tho
wheatgrowors say thoy find It saves 60
por cent ovor tho header and thresher.
Secretary of McMlnrvllle Club
Make Long Journey.
McMlnnvlllo Tho walnut industry
of Oregon is to bo exploited by a ser
ies of lectures Illustrated by about 60
storeopticon photo slides, by Colonel J,
C Cooper, secretary of tho McMlnn
vlllo Commercial club.
Mr. Coopor will deliver his first
illustrated lecture at Eugono, and
later In tho week will start East under
tho direction of tho Southern Pacific
advertising bureau, his first stop after
leaving Oregon being at Choyenno,
Wyoming. He will be routed as far
East as Washington, D. C, and will
visit and lecture at as many of the
government experimental stations as
con bo reached along tho courso of his
travels, with a view to Interesting
Eastern pcoplo with tbo rapidly grow,
ing importunco of walnut culture In
this section of tho state.
Yamhill Fair List Out.
McMlnnvlllo Tho prizo list for the
forthcoming Yamhill County School
fair, to bo held September 20 to 26,
has been published by tho directors,
and comprises liberal cosh awards for
all classes of agricultural and floral
products exhibited by the children, as
well as prizes for their mechanical
skill, and culinary products and sewing
and darning. Sharp competition is al
so Invited between the school districts
for the best decorated booths.
Drlvon Insano by Ldneiomo Sur
roundings and Fear.
Antloch, Cal. Ono after nnothur,
four llttlo children wore drowned In
tub by thoir mother. Two older child
ren tried to prevent the murders, but
tho woman wont about tho work In n
strango calm and strength, as though
sho had been railed Um to make sac
rifice to somo unknown power. Sho
took hor arrest In tho sninu quiet
spirit, gailn calmly nt hor husband as
ho struggled with hlssgony on coming
homo from work to find his babies
Tho woman, Mrs. Joseph Mello, wife
of n ranchman, said sho was tired of
looking forever at tho brown hills that
shut In thoir home. Shu said sho was
afrulil that sho was losing hor mind
and feared hor children would Inherit
hor Insantly. After her husband left
homo In tho morning, sho sot about her
task. Sho filled a largo washtub with
wator and gathered tho children Into
tho kitchen.
They were Ramona, 4 yoars old;
Loona, 2 years old; and Bnrnal ami
Vernal, 5 months old twins. Thcso
put up thoir nrmn to' thoir mother
trustingly, and wore sent away with
Wholesale Knlrics Mado by Sub
stituting Photographs
Officers or Unttid States District
Clerk In Northern California
Involved In Crookedness,
San Francisco By tho arrest of Jew
I.oy Sing, it wealthy murcliniit, Immi
gration Inspector Ulrhard Taylor as.
serts that ho linn discloited it mothod
whereby hundreds of Chinese have ob
tained frutululont entry to this coun
try. According to Taylor, the. clerks'
office In the United States district
court for the northern district of Call
fornln Is badly Involved by thu disclos
ures. Ho said that thti arrest of Jaw
was brought about by a confession of it
youthful deputy In tho clerk's office.
Jew I.oy Sing Is specially accused of
altering und changing n public docu
ment by substituting tho photograph of
an unknown Chinese for that of Geo
Operation Big Success.
San Francisco Tho delegates to tho
American Osteopathic convention
spent the afternoon in a trolley tour of
the city and its suburbs. The condi
tion of the 8-year-old Vera Stcrnc
mann, who was made the subject of
the famous Lorenz operation for con
genital dislocation of the hip by Dr.
Harry Forbes, of Los Angeles, Is rap
Idly improving and those in attendance
reported to the convention that the
affected leg of the patient had been
lengthened an inch and a half by the
bloodless surgical, operation.
Alleged Fraud Is Probed.
Springfield, HI. Representative
Charles Lederer, of Chicago, Sidney
Alder, the law partner of Speaker Ed
ward D. Shurtleff, were the witnesses
before tho grand jury here in the in
vestigation into the alleged use of
money in connection with the loan
shark bill, the bill amending the child-
labor act to permit childern to perform
In theaters, and tho law prohibiting
the manufacture or possession of slot
Press Backing Up State.
Madrid Tho Liberal press officially
denies the insinuations of the Vatican
that It only demanded tho withdrawal
of the bill prohibiting further religious
orders until thu concordat bail been re
vised, and also points out that the bill
in question did not violate tho con
cordat, which recognizes only three
orders. El Liberal says Popo Pius X
is now sowing a wind to reap a whirl
wind in following the advice of two
Spanish cardinals.
Estrada Gain Victory,
Now York Pio Bolanos, an Estrada
supporter, has received advices con
firming the recent abandonment of
Acoyapa by Madriz forces under the
command of General Vasquez. JTho
dispacth to Mr. Bolanos states that
after u decisive battlo tho Estrada
forces took Acoyapa.
Albany Has Longest Wooden Span In
Whole World.
Albany Work hss begn on the
construction of a new draw spsn In the
big Corvallis & Eastern railroad bridge
spanning tho Willamette river at this
city. A draw 260 feet long will be
built, replacing one of similar length
and new pivot pier constructed beneath
it. This pier will be 22 feet In diam
eter at tho top and 34 feet in diamoter
at the bed of the river. This 260-foot
draw Is tho longest wooden draw spsn
in the world. Local railroad men say
there Is no other draw In existence so
long ss this ono which is not construct
ed of steel. For msny years the local
bridge has held this record, Tho noxt
longest wooden draw spsn, which wss
240 feet in length, was on a wagon
bridge in California, which has recent
ly 1ccn replsccd with steel, so now tho
local brldeo has by far tho longest
swinging wooden span on earth.
McKenzle River Trip Popular.
Eugcno Tho trip up tho McKenzle
river is becoming so popular thst it
has been necessary to douUo and some
times treble tho service on tho run.
Each stage carries 12 people and two
and three stages were sent up dally
during the past week, besides many
private parties going by team and au
tomobiles. The rood is In perfect con
dition, oxcept that it is dusty In spots
clear through to the base of tho Three
Sawmill to Cut 60,000 Feet.
Corvallis The McCrcdie mill on the
Mary's river tlat will be In lull opera
tion In a short time. A dam across
Mary's river has been completed, giv
ing ideal conditions for handling logs.
Tho water Is raised four feet a half
mile above the dam. Tho river Is full
of logs, and tho Carver rood Is bring
ing In more every day, so that contin
uous operation at full capacity will be
poassiblo. At full capacity this mill
ought to cut 50,000 feot of lumber
dally and employ from 25 to 60 men.
New Town Springs Up.
Vale Brogan, tho new town of tho
Willow River irrigation project, now
has train connections with Vale, tho
last rail in tho Broirsn vards havlncr
been placed. Temporary service Is 32033c,
Blast Awsy "Troy Hill."
Entcrprlso-The "Troy hill," rising
from the canyon In which Troy, of this
county, Is situated, is being blasted
out to facilitate travol, tho wagon road
originally was ono of tho most difficult
of travel In tho county. Tho hill
around which tho road winds Is 1,600
feet high. The road wss about three
miles In length up this Incline, and so
narrow in places that teams could not
ffTsTisi -Zj MtJjt sfl -'' r J aft
v ? .. .'fKLnkusiW
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-r '.jO' !i. -isMHH -V
"- " Jl
Whcst Blues tern, 9G098c; club.
88090c; ml Russlsn, 88c; valley, 92c;
lortyioid, uzc; Turkey red, BZ093c.
Barley Feed and brewing, $24,60
per ton.
Hay Track prices; Timothy. W -
lamette valley, $18019 per ton; East
ern Oregon, $20022; alfalfa, now, $13
Corn Whole, $32; cracked, $33 ton.
Oats No. 1 whlto, $29030 per ton.
Green Fruits Apples, new, 6Oc0
$1.50 per box; apricots, 3Oc0$l;
plums, 7tc0$l; pears, $2.25; peaches,
ooc&si.zo; blackberries, si. go per
crate; watermelons, uuc0Si.2o per
hundred; cantaloupes, $102.26 per
Vegetables Artichokes, 60076c per
dozen; beans, 305c per pound; cab
bage, 2i02c; cauliflower, $1.50 per
dozen; celery, 00c; corn, 26c; cucum
bers, 60c per box; egg plant, 12Je per
pound; green onions, 16c per dozen;
peas, 6c per pound; peppers, 50c per
box; radishes, 16020c per dozen; to
matoes, 66c0$l por box; carrots, $10
1.25 per sack; beets, $1,60; parsnips.
$101.26; turnips, $1.
Potatoes Now, $1,1501, 25 per hun
dred; sweet potatoes, oc por pound.
Unions walla Walls, f Z.50 por
sack; Oregon, IZ0Z.Z5.
Butter City creamery, solid pack,
34c per pound; butter fat, 34c; coun
try store, 24c.
Eggs Oregon candled, 2OK0274c
per dozen.
Poultry Hens, 17c per pound;
springs, 17c; ducks, 14016c; geese,
1001 l&c; turkeys, live, 18020c;
dressed, 22 025c; squabs, $3 por doz.
Pork Fancy, 13c por pound.
Voal Fancy, 12c per pound,
Hops 1009 crop, 8012c; olds, nom
inal; 1910 contracts, 13013&C.
Wool eastern Oregon, 13017c por
pound; vaiioy, iodine; mohair, choice,
Kin AUwnw uxJ.QiiMn lUt. of V (win. wbuM Ihrvo U thrlrtml ti? IWrvlutlonUU.
llttlo struggle.
Tno two other children bocamo
frightened, tho oldcest, a 14-year old
boy, breaking out of tho house and
calling wildly for help. There wss a
0-year old girl, too, who got away.
While these two wero screaming in the
yard tho 2-year old baby was quickly
drowned and laid out In tho row with
tho twins. Then tho struggle with
Ramona began.
Whllo this was going on, Sheriff R.
11. Vcalc, who was passing in a buggy,
hoard tho screams and drove up to the
. "Mother Is killing tho children,"
the oldest boy told him. Tho shorlff
ran Into tho kitchen and found the
struggle just about ovor. Ho tore tho
llttlo girl from her mother and sought
in evory way to restore life. but. after
woklng on her for somo time, saw that
tho child was dead.
The mother stood and looked quietly
ai me snerur. men the husband came
homo to his s rangoly quiet house, and
Mrs. Mello was taken away to tho
Martinez jail, talking on tho way
about ordinary things. Sho novcr be
fore hsd given any signs of Insanity.
Prehistoric Find Made.
Auburn, Cal. Tho bones of two pro
historic humans with low brows and
heavy jaw bones have been found in
an ancient cavo on tho llmcstono nron-
crty that Is being opened up nour Cool,
liiuumuu tuuiiiy. jtnu company own
ing tho ground gavo to Dr. uawyor, of
Auoum, permission to open and ex
plore tho cavo and recover any curios
It might possess. In ono chamber wore
found portions of two human skololons.
Thoy aro bollevod to bo those of mem
bers of a ruco that inhabited this coun
try long before tho Indians lived horo.
lJungKeoln tho court record of a
habeas corpus procmJing which had
resulted In tho admission of Kco to
this country. Taylor declares that
substitution has been practiced Un
no less than 300 habeas corpus court
records In tho district dork's office
here. In somo cases more than ono
substitution was mado In tho same
record until it has become practically
impossible o traee the original.
Tho Chinese who Ked as Geo Jung
Kco with tho tatter's habeas corpus
papers succeeded In securing tho entry
of thrao Chinese as his sons and was
preparing to havo three more suedo
sons and one daughter pormlttcd to
lond when the plot we uncovered. Ut
then disappeared, but Jew, who la said
to have employed him, was caught
Inspector Taylor estimated that tho
two Chinese expected to make $10,000
irom me uso ot tho substituted papers,
as tho pretended Gee's adopted family
would havo paid that sum to I nnd hero,
and more wero planning to como when
admission was denied to tho tlireo sons
and ono daughter.
A minimum rote form on for tho uso
of pawrs was $600 each and that for
women, who could not bo sold, $3,600,
Strike May Soon be Ended.
Montreal Conferences between W,
L MacKcnzIo King, and both sides In
tho Grand Trunk strlko continue, and
whllo no dcflnlto statement Is obtain
able, it Is said that tho situation has
Wilder Confassos Guilt.
Nour York Rrurln T IVI.I.. !.
younifeashlcr of tho Russo-Chlnesu
bankj.ln this city, whoso stealings
from tho bank's security box resulted
In aduss of moro than $600,000 to tho
institution, pleaded EUlltv to a chariro
of ombczzlomont. Wider woa remand
ed for sentence on August 10. Tho In
dictment specifically charged Wider
with stealing stock -valued at $11,000.
On this Indictment ho cun bo given an
Indotormlunto sentence of from five to
ten yours. Wider rnny, however, bo
indicted on other charges,
being maintained by tho construction
train. Less than a year ago tho town
sito of Brogan was a wilderness of
sagebrush land, but now it Is a town of
several hundred pepplo and has six
modern whlto pressed brick buildings.
Big Field of Beets.
Nyssa Probably the largest sugar
beet field In Oregon Is located threo
miles north of Nyssa and contains 500
acres of sugr beets on land owned by
Frank J, Klsesel, of Ogden.
Cattlo Beef stcors, good to choice,
$5.25(95.75; fair to medium, $4,260
4,75; cows and heifers, good to cholco,
$4.2504.05; fair to medium, $3.6004;
bulls, $303.76; stags, $2.6004.60;
calves, light, $5.7600.76; heavy,
Hogs Top, $10010.25; fair to mo
dluro, $8.6009.76.
Shoep Best wothors, $3.7504.35;
fair to good, $303.60; best owes, $30
8.60; lambs, cholco, $5.5000; fair,
Grain Pool Uudor Probo,
Chicago Federal grand jury In
vestigations into tho recent enrnor tit
July wheat will bo started within n
I...- -l.lni fin.- i.i "" "'. i euurv m uoiormiuu
bo carried to a settlement if possible.
Reports from towns itnd villages en
tirely dependent upon tho Grand Trunk
stato that failure to rccclvo freight la
causing (ho closing of factories und at
somo points coal famines are Imminent,
Loss by Storm Is Heavy.
Lexington, Ky. Ono thousand acres
of tobacco, nearly as much wheat, and
moro than 600 acres of corn wero de
stroyed by n cloudburst In Lincoln,
Boyle and Morccr counties. A num
ber of buildings and (locks of sheep
wero washed away.
lilleirod manlnulntors of
tho doal violated tho Shermnn anti
trust law. W. 8. Konyon, assistant to
Attorney General Wlckorsham. plans
to summon sufficient witnesses before
tho present body to loom whether thoro
aro grounds for a comuloto Inquiry
by (i succeeding gritnd Jury.
Big War Balloon Works.
Berlin Tho dirigible balloon Gross
III, which loft Gothn nt 0 o'clock Mon
day night, with n mllltury crow aboard
mado a safa landing lit Tcgal, nt 0
o'clock noxt morning. Tho balloon
traveled botwoon 170 and 200 miles.
- i vtau mww nmwamm
i 1 1 oil sin n stall