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NO. 32
Judge Lovctt, Chief of Great
System, Visits Dcnd.
!!at(flJ-Vtfit Line of this System
Uncertain At Yet-Oregon
Officials Accompny New '
York President.
If the country will produce
traffic to lupport railroads, I think
we ought lo build the railroads,"
ald I'reildcnt kovett, of the liar
rlman system, in llentl yesterday.
He put npcclal stress on the "we,"
meaning the Harriman intercuts.
"I had never personally examined
interior Oregon," he continued
"and atn taking thin trip for the
purpose of looking into native
caudltiouR and Retting acquainted
with the country. I find there is
plenty of It.
s "I wanted more particularly to
get an idea of the route of our pro
poud line between Ontario and
Ode!l (Crescent). We have a pre
liminary survey for a Hue there.
We may build there or we may
change tbe line materially."
"la there a possibility that your
line to Ontario may join your
north-and-sonth line nt Hcnd?"
"I don't believe I ought to dis
cuss that," was the non-committal
"This country will have trans
portatlou 100 11. I know of no
rcAsou for interruption of work
now under way. Wc ore already
committed to construction of a line
from the Columbia to this vicinity,
and wc are building the Natron
Klamath road, Ikyond these no
announcements are yet ready.
Clearly the prescut is not a good
time to float railroad securities and
the raising of money for new enter
prises is something of a problem.
Kvcrvtblng will doubtless work out
all right in its time, but it is uot
quite wise to promise too much for
the future. I niuit say that the
agricultural value of the region we
have traversed docs not seem to me
above question. Of course there
will be other traffic."
Judge Lovelt and Private Secre
tary Cornell came in with General
Counsel Cotton, General Manager
O'Brien, General Traffic Manager
Miller, Kuglnecr Iluck of the O. R.
& N. and Locating KnglnccrStrad
ley of the Oregon Short Line, the
party traveling In three Picrcc-Ar-row
cars. They had started in at
Ontario last Saturday and traversed
the Harney valley, thence to Lake
view and Paisley, and Sumner,
Christmas and Silver lakes to Uend.
Here they stopped a couple of
hours for lunch, prtrt of the party
being cntcrtnlued nt A. M. Drnkc'n
and patt nt A. M. Lara's, and then
they continued on to I'rincville.
Prom there today they will drive
across the Cascades to Lebanon and
go thence to Portland,
Messrs. O'llrlcn, Miller and
Iluck wcie pver practically this
same route iiIkmiI alx weeks nuo.
Klamath Palls being left out of the
itinerary this time. The country
grows upon them ns they get ac
quainted with it and they express
themselves as much plenved with
the evidences of progress which
they obicrve. They arc filled with
udmlratloii of Ilend. Kven Attor
ney Cotton,- who pleads guilty to
the charge of bcine an alfalfa
crank, now admits that the Des
chutes country may be n success
fill alfalfa producer.
lisnquet Most Successful Plan to Aid
In Exhibit Collection Work
Mais Meeting to Consider
Ulster Club.
Fruit of Many Kinds, Corn, OraJtis and
Grasses Prom Many Ranches In
dlcate Country's Great Diver
sity of Production.
1" 11
ilastern Agent Uxamlncs liend Situa
tion and Is Favorably Disposed.
Roscoe Howard, of tbe D. I. &
P. Co., arrived in Itend last
Wednesday night with Mr. Parn
haut, said to be a vice-president of
the J. O. White Co., construction
engineers, of New York. They
spent half a day looking over the
situation here and left for the rail
....I 1-1. ...!-.. t 1.1.....,,..
they visited the site of the dam uu- G l Putnam in furnishing Bcod
der cntiiriiflnn tiv KtrMl nnrH news to the Portland papers.
During the last' week, the Bend
Realty Hoard has been active lay
ing plans for the broader orgnnfzu
lion and a better handling of many
matters of vital interest to the com
munity. On Priday night the Hoard held
a meeting at the offices of the Cen
tral Oregon Realty Co., President
Hastes presiding. John Stcldl, S.
f. Spencer, M. S. Lattin. J. H.
Herriugton, Bend Townsitc Co
and the Crook County Realty Co.
were elected, and G. P. Putnam
was elected bu honorary member.
The Importance of securing fine
exhibits for the Great Northern
was discussed; the Hoard and its in
dividual members pledged them
selves to get actively Into the work.
A committee was appointed to aid
der construction by Steidl and
Tweet. The fact that both visitors
asked Mr. Steidl to keep accurate
account of all expenses there, with
the evident idea of taking over the
work for diversion puroscs later,
along lines previously contemplated,
is regarded as an indication that an
adjustment of I). I. & P. affairs is
practicnlly concluded. Both men
hurried back Hast.
Receiver Redficld expects his
office under the order of the court
to terminate within 60 days.
On petition of Receiver Red field
tile court last week gave permission
for sale of rfloo feet of lateral ditch
right-of-way across the Stearns
tract owned by the company (not
segregation laud) to Adam Kotz
man and for recession of a like
right-of-way across the Wiest tract.
Bend Man, Working with Dynamite,
Hurt at Camp.
Yesterday at 5 P- . H H.
Houghton of Bend was severely
Kwdcr burned and shaken by tbe
explosion of dynamite with which
he was working at McLougblla's
Camp 1, it miles north of Bend on
the Oregon Trunk. His face wan
burned and pitted with grit. He
now is nt the IK-ud hospital.
Auto Over The Mountain.
L. H. and C. Radcliffe returned
from a fishing and camping trip
uprivcr Sunday. They left In one
of their cars for a trip across tbe
mountains lo Salem and elsewhere
early this morning, intending to
reach the capital city by dark.
With them went Mrs. P. Pish,
Miss Mabel Roberts, Dr. Reid. G.
B. Walker aud Irvin Smith.
Hm Deschutes
Banking and Trust Company
WcUter's Dictionary ilcflnca the
word "CritlcUm" at "Detailed
examination and review."
A BANK is constantly subject to "Criticism" otherwise
the neonle would hesitate to entrust their monev to its
core. Our beautiful town of Bend is subject to "Criti
cism" as wc nil know, but it only helps us to grow, for
when people examine and review what has taken place here in
the past year, they can't help but say Bend has done wonders,
"Criticism" (detailed examination and review) is what
we want. It helps us to improve It makes n Bank safeguard
its depositors. Hxamlue and review your money then bring it
to the Bank for safe keeping, where it will do the community
that you live in "Good,1'
Remember the Ilnnk hi always willing to help you and we
want you to help us; thus, helping one another, we can build a
mighty city,
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Bwul, Oregon
h. D. DAIRD, Prei, J. W. MASTRllS, Vice I'rei.
M. Q, COK, Cashier,
The formal meeting adjourned to
an excellent banquet at the Star
Bakery, after which occurred more
refreshment, cigars and discussion
at the C. O. R. Co.'s offices It
was decided to hold another meet
ing Monday afternoon for the pur
nose of discussing ways and means
for a larger organization.
The chief topic of Monday's
meeting was tbe best way to estab
lish and conduct some comtnuuity
organization which would provide
a sort of central body for the con
duct of "boosting," exhibit work,
the caring for vis Itors and a cen-
cral club. The idea, as developed.
was to get a club under way, with
an initiation fee of perhaps f 2.50
and monthly dues of Si, Such a
club to have a meeting room, where
agricultural and other exhibits
would be kept, and a writing and
rest room provided for visitors. It
was the decision of tbe meeting
that the President call a mass
meeting of citizens for next Friday
night, at 8 p. ra., at Linster's Hall.
Thereupon tbe meeting adjourned
until the first Thursday iu Sep
tember, when the Board meets at
the Crook County Realty Co.'s
New Engineers In the Deschutes
Country Oregon Trunk Notes.
J. C. Barton, formerly a location
engineer for the Milwaukee road,
aud William Mason, a timber
cruiser and surveyor, have been in
tbe Deschutes Valley several weeks
making a general examination of
the region. They were first dis
covered iu the Sisters neighbor
hood and in the past week have
been in Bend, at the Hotel Bend.
Their purpose is, of course, unde
clared, hut it is evident they are
not establishing foreign missions or
Carnagic libraries.
The Oregon Trunk people have
placed an order with the Pilot
Uutte mill for mote than 40,000
feet of lumber to be used in build
ing the crossing at Greenwood ave
nue. Kugineer Leslie, with an assist
ant, left Bend yesterday morning
for Crescent aud from there will
work back to this point, lying the
railway survey to the government
section corners for convenience of
Tumala Picnic Party.
A picnic party went over to the
Tumalo Sunday, lunching just be
low the bridge on the Beud-Tumalo
road. The following were on the
outing: The Misses Mary aud
Janette Coleman, Mrs. Win, S.
Kerr, Mrs. C. D. Williams, Miss
Mabel Gray, Miss Olive Thomp
son, Mrs. C. A. Jones, Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Lara, Abner Heudee,
Morris Lara, H, J. Overturf and
G. P Putnam,
Bead Best After All.
D. M. Davis returned on Satur
day from Klamath Palls, A
month or more ago he left for the
southern city, having heard that it
was very live aud offered all kinds
of openings, with the intention of
locating there. However, after in
vestigating, Bend looked better;
and now Mr. Davis is back, de
claring that this town Is the best he
yet has eucouutered,
Karl Houston of the Merrill
Wilkinson Co. and A. A. Dickey1
of the Crook County Realty Co. re
turned yesterday from the Powell
Butte country in tbe former's car
with a aplendid lot of agricultural
Samples were procured from tbe
ranches of the following ranchers:
A. W. Bain, J. P. Morgan, Chris
tian Sykes, It. A. Buwctt, Lee
Hobbsand Freak Pancake. Rye
6 feet high came from Paucake,
beaded out remarkably. Bain sup
plied bearded barley (irrigated
once) 5 feet tall. Morgan's irrigat
ed oats also averaged 5 leet. Syke's
second cutting clover stands 30
inches, while his dry land wheat
looks good for 40 bushels. Kussctt
sajs bis irrigated oats will run over
too bushels. A splendid lot of ap
ples, plums, pears and crab apples
wer brought in from Lee Hobbs'a
place, clearly demonstrating what
can be doue in the fruit raising
The ditch riders have brought in
tome fine exhibits to tbe D. I. &
P. offices, Corn over 6 feet in
height raised by F. Smith on tbe
B. A. Bussett place, alfalfa 3 feet
high from Claude McCauley, clover
from Pearl Pulkerson's place, and
various exhibits of oats and barley
are among tbe samples collected.
City Father Finds Ordinance Meet Ef
fectivePound Proper.
"As thou so west so shall thou
reap " The force of the parable
has been born home to Alderman
Overturf with a vengeance. He,
youngest of tbe city fathers, was
tbe most earnest advocate of
tbe strict enforcement of tbe ordi
nance providiog for the impound
ing ot stray animals about the
town, the owners to pay $1 as a fee
to regain them, plus the city's cost
for keeping them.
Recently the horse Overturf
rides, when sent home to Aunt's
barn, wandered from his way, and
promptly was put in the pound.
Whereupon Alderman Overturf
was relieved of one good dollar
On last Saturday a colt belonging
to him was found at large, and im
pounded. After searching for him
three days Overturf recollected the
ordinance and the pound; the ex
act costs thus far have not been ascertained.
Engineer Oould Returns After Pre
llmmary Work on Power Project.
R G. Gould returned on Satur
day from Crescent where he has
been engaged in engineering work
on a power proposition. Mr.
Gould, after a couple of weeks of
preliminary surveying and pros
pecting, found the best dam loca
tion about a mile below the Cres
cent townsitc on the X.ittle Des
chutes. While the figures are only
approximate, as thus far only the
preliminary work has been done, it
is understood that the proposed
aatn will oe 150 feet long and 15
leer, uign. a rutcli about 5000
leet in lengtu will have to be built
to lead the water to a location
adaptable to tbe best production of
in tue neighbomood of iooo
b$repower would be obtainable.
Tjic survey work Is being done in
the interest of Dr. N. E. Winnard
of Albany and others interested
with him.
Council Gives Chapman
Star and Stick.
Absence of CHy Fathers Make Neces
sary Amateur Mayor for MeetJnj
Ordinance Proposed to Ret;
utate Greenwood Crossing.
Arnold Company's New Fhune Is Now
I'ractkaHy Completed.
Engineer George S. Youo, who
is in charge of construction ot
the flume at tbe head of the Ar
nold ditch, says the work is ap
preaching completion aud the force
of 40 men, employed since April,
will be reduced to half that number
by the middle of the mouth. The
Sig Clark sawmill will then move
back to the Hunnell place after
having provided about 700,000 feet
of lumber for the flume. Henry
Linster is paid $4 per thousand
stumpage for this timber, the high
est price .thus far quoted in the
Deschutes timber belt.
It is expected that water will
run tbe Whole length of the Arnold
ditch by October 1. The 5400
lineal feet of flume will then have
been completed aud tbe four or five
sinkholes stopped aud enough
water to irrigate 10,000 acres of
thirsty laud will go out on the
plain as there may be use for it.
The new trestle is much more
strongly constructed than any other
on the Deschutes, considering the
service required of it. The flume
is ta feet wide and 3 feet deep,
superseding one that was 1x6 feet.
Posts over 13 feet long are 10 inches
square, over 6 feet long 8 inches
square aud the shorter ones are 6
inches square.
Services Next Sunday,
The Rev, E. W. Warrington will
hold services in the church next
Sunday at 11 a, m. and 8 p. m.
There will be special music, Sun
day school will be held at 10 a. tn.
Mr. Warrington will be iu Bend a
month or more.
Clever Recitations and VJoHa Nam
hers Win Performers Applause.
The literary and musical recital
given at the Baptist church last
Thursday evening by Miss lone
Pearl Fisher aud Miss Iva M.
West, with Miss Veda M. Wil
liams as accompanist was a pro
nounced success.
It was Miss Fisher's first appear
ance in Bend and from her first
number, a humorous recitation
story entitled "The Bargain Sale,"
the warm applause accorded her
evidenced the audience's apprecia
tion, miss rubers selections.
numbering eKbt in alt. were most
diversified in character, offering
her broad .scope for exhibition of
her versatile talent. From tbe
dramatically sad story of tbe death
of "Kidscy," the little colored
street urchin, told with an impress.
ive power that held her audience,
tbe reader moved lightly on to
three delicious and excellently
well-rendered humorous selections
from James Whitcomb Rilev. in
imitably ending in a burst of tears
with her "I ain't agoin' to cry no
more" while tbe audience, with
volleys of laughter, showed how
they wished there was some more.
The violin selections of Miss West,
fortunate in the assistance of Miss
Williams, whose finished accom
panying was a feature of the enter
tainment, were applauded to the
echo. Her work showed a thor
ough mastery of the subjects chosen
ind a technique which bore wit
ness to the four years of instruction
which she just has completed in
Portland. Tartini, Moszkowski,
Paganini and Wieniawski were
the composers chosen. Perhaps
most enjoyable of all of her num
bers was Paganini's Cavaleria
Miss Maud Vandevert managed
tne ,affjir, its success reflecting
great credit upon her initiative.
At last nights City Council meet
ing, owing to the absence of the
mayor, G. P. Putnam was ap
pointed mayor pro tern, that the
meeting might proceed. Overturf
acted as recorder, Judge Ellis being
absent. Triplett, Oneil, Kelly aud
Overturf were present.
Mike Dragich's application for
license to sell near beer in tbe old
Bulletin office on Bond street was
The following bilk against the
city were ordered paid:
Aune Lirery Btrn for horse-keep
ami burying dead horse fi'oo
V. A. Forbes, Clly Attorney, May
10 to August 10 10.00
fiend Water Co., hydrant rent.... 3J.0H
Total ..J8j.oH
Policeman Scott's bill for $75 for
July salary was laid on the table
for more detailed information.
An ordinance presented by At
torney Benson was read for the
first time. It grants permission to
the Oregon Trunk Railroad to
cross Greenwood avenue pro
vided the company construct a
bridge with an opening at least 13
feet above the surface of the road
and for tbe present "it least 52 feet
wide in tbe clear, the width to be
divided into two 4-foot passage
ways for sidewalks at each side,
two i3-foot driveways and in tbe
center a 17-foot way. After four
years, however, upon written
notice from tbe Council, the rail
road must enlarge the opening to a
total width of 78 feet.
Policeman V. E. Holalinc'i re
signation was read and accepted.
Ou motion of Triplett seconded by
Oneil the city despensed with tbe
services of S. M. Scott as police
man. C. A. Chapman was ap
pointed policeman to be on duty
from 6 p m. to 2 a. ra.
On Triplett's motion secouded
by Kelly it was ordered that legal
sidewalk be constructed on the
north side of lots 1 and 12 of block
The matter of flues constructed
contrary to ordinance lighting fires
near buildings and tbe disregard
of owners to the order of the Conn-
(Continued on page 8.)
The First National Bank
Dr. U. O. OOC. Prlldnt C. A. 8ATHCR. Vic. Pr.tlnt
C. B. HUDSON. Chl.r
OaplUI fullr paid M.S0
StockholiltiV liability S2S.0OO
Burplut .... . 16,008
The Safety
of your SAVINGS should be your chief concern, and you alto
should consider the Rood it does your conaaunlty, jour neigh
bors and yourselves to patronize a good atroug Dauk at home.
Rvery dollar deposited in this Baak Improves the value of
your property aad your neiRhUor's increases the prosperity
ot the community and neighborhood stimulates industry in
all directions and re-acts iu a profitable way with far reaching
effect ou younelt and friends.
The community, the customers, the rielnhborhood, served
aud benefited directly by this Bank extepds from its building
over twenty miles in every direction and covers a territory of
at least 500 square miles,
Wkki this rwikis w Imv
629 ctMtoNttrs.
K. A
. sAntrx