The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 13, 1910, Image 3

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.1.1, ii ii "'
: .
, OIIAITIIlt Nil. (Continued.)
All, except llitlUihH, mill why could
,4 hl extrmitilliiHry 1 1 mil nut sleep Ilk
tlio rithtiraT Hfl grew imiro and mor
united, mill it wik nut tim tlioimlit of
, returning Unit no nlTfutoil him.
Whatever mlRtit lo tti mil p, hi
coulit not aleep; vet thin rtnt night nt
the piil win t'luir nnil culm. Tim !o
w absolutely iintnlm liltrd not n bird,
nor nn iinliiial, nor n Dili.
, Next niornlnit, when Altamont and
tlio others uwnkp, llNttera wa gone.
J'eellng uneasy nt hi absence, tlioy
hurried nut of the irrotto In search or
Mm. There lit) was alnndlhg nn n
;ook, gazing nxedly nt ttm lop of th
iiioiiiiIhIii, III liiatrument war In
III linml.
, . Presently Uniterm said. In n hurried,
tmliittrtl manner, w It lit could cnrco
ly vommnml himself,
"Friend, listen lo ma. ' have
aL.J' don much already, hut much ret re.
main to be ilonn."
1 "We are cloae to tha pole, but ar
not on It."
"We nra atlll 45 mlnutai latitude
1 ' from the unknown point," rreumrd
i Halter, with Increased animation,
"nml to that point I shall no."
' "Hut It I on tha summit of th
'volcano," anl! th doctor,
. i4 "I ahull a"
i ' Th ton" of absolute determination
In which Hattent pronounced the
word II la Impiiaaltilo to diacritic
Ilia friends wer stupefied, and sntd
in lorror at the Mating mountain,
"Very well." ha ld. finally, "since
you are lient mi It, wn'll no, too."
It wa about I o'clock when they
commenced their illrflcult ascent J tin
ky wna aplendld, nnd tlio thermometer
loot nt til degrees,
Ilalterna and hla dog want flret
closely followed by tlio other.
Hut n thry not higher, th nacenl
t ir came morn pnd mora dlrtloult. for the
flanka of th mountain war nlmnat
perpendicular, nnd It required the ul
moal car to keep from falling. Clouda
of aahea whirled round them repented
If, and lorrcnta or lavn tarred their
Ilntterna, howover, climbed up the
teeiirat narenta with surprising null
Ity. disdaining th help or hla staff.
II nrrlvtd befor lung nt a circular
rock, a aort or plutenu nbout ten feet
vrlde. A river or tailing Uvn ur
rounded It, except In one part, wher
tl forked away to a hinder rock, Irav
In a narrow paaaaga, through which
Jlattemn fraflraely passed,
Her he atopptd, nnd hla coin pan
1nna managed to rejoin him. It seem
d lo l measuring with hla ay th
3latanc he had yet to Ret over. Hori
zontally, he waa not more than 100
yard from th top of th crater, but
vertically h had nearly three time
that dlatunc to Iravera.
-I latter." antd the doctor, "It la
nouih; w cannot ko rurihart"
"Htop. then," he replied. In a
strangely filtered voice; "1 am going
It had hardly uttered th word b
for Ilatteraa, by a auperhuman effort,
prang over th boiling lava, and mi
beyond the reach or hi companion.
A cry or horror burt rrom vtry
lip, for they thought th poor captain
limit hv perlahed In that fiery gulf;
tut there he waa f on th other
Ida, accompanied by hi faithful Duke'
who would not lenv htm.
II apeedlly disappeared behind a
curtain or einoke, nnd they heard hla
vole growing fainter In th illitnnce,
'To th north! to th northt to th
(op or Mount Ilatteraa! Itemember,
Mount Hatteraal"
All puriult or htm wa out or th
At Interval, howover, a gllmpt or
lilm could be caught through tha
cloud or amok and showers or aahea.
Ilatteraa did not vn turn one to
look back, but inarched straight on,
carrying hi country' flag attached to
111 stuff. ,
At last he reached th summit of th
mountain, th mouth or tho crater.
Her th doctor hoped th Infatuated
man would atom at any rate, and
would, perhaps, recover his senses, and
expose himself to no rr.or danger than
he descent Involved.
One moro he shouted:
"Hatlemsl Ilatteraa!"
There wua such n pathos or entrea
ty In his ton that Altnmont felt moved
to hi Inmost soul.
"I'll eav him yetl" ha exclaimed!
nd before Clawbonny could hinder
Mm, ha had cleared with n bound the
torrent or fire, and wa out of eight,
among the rocks.
Meantime, Ilatteraa had mounted a
rock which overhung the crater, nnd
tnod waving hi Dug amidst shower
of stone which rained down on him.
Duke whs by hi side) but th poor
beast was growing ditty In such close
proximity to tha abyss.
Huttera balanced his start with one
linnd, and with the other sought to find
the precise mathematical point whoro
til the meridians or the glob meet, tho
' tjoint on which it was ins sublime pur-
!oia to plant hi foot.
All nt onca tho rock gave way, and
lio disappeared. A cry of horror broke
from hi companions, and rang to tha
' top or tha mountain. Clawbonny
' thought hi frlond had perished, and
luy burled forever In the depths of th
volcano, A second only a. second,
though It seemed an nee elapsed, and
there wa Altamont and the dog hold
, Ing the Ill-fated Uatternsl Man and
dog had caught him at the very mo
ment when he disappeared In tho
., r abyss.
Ilattera wa saved! Saved In spit
'' or himself! nnd half an hour later he
lay unconscious In the arms of hi de
spairing companion.
When ha came to himself, th doo-
tor looked at lilm In speechless an,
gulsh, for there was no aiaae ef rea-
ognlllon In hi eye. It was the eye or
a blind mnn, who gate without see
ing. "flood heaven!" exclaimed Johnson,
"lie U blind!"
"No!" replied Clawbonny, "no! My
poor friends, we hav only saved th
body or Ilntterns) his soul Is left be
hind on the top or the volcano. HI
reason Is gone!"
Three hour after the whole party
warn back oneo more In the grotto.
"Well, friend," ald the doctor, "w
cannot stay longer In this lalandt the
era la open, and we hav enough pro
vlalons. We ought to alart at one,
and get back without the least delay to
1'ort I'rovldonce, where we muet win
ter." Th day paased In profound dejec
tion. The Inannlty of the captain wa
a bad omen, and when they began to
talk over the return voyage, their
heart failed them far rear. They
mined the Intrepid eptrlt or their
Next morning they made all ready
to nail, and brought the tent and all It
belonging on board.
Hut before leaving the rock. nvr
to return, th doctor carrying out th
Intention or Ilattera, had a ratrn'
erected on the very pol whr th
poor rllow had Jumped ahor. It wa
mnde or great block placed on on th
top or Hi other, o to b a land
mark perfectly vlelble whll th rup
lion of th volcano left It undisturb
ed. On on or th ld ton, 1J4I
chiseled thslmpl Inscription!
Th duplicate or th document at
testing th discovery or th north pol
wa Inclosed In a tinned Iron cylinder,
and deposited In th calrft, to remain a
silent witness among tho drt
This done, th four mn and th cap
tain, a poor body without a put. t
out on th return voyage.
On th Itth they lighted Altamont
harbor, but a th ea was opn .all
along tho coait. they determined to go
round to Victoria bay by water, In
stead of crossing New America In th
A the sloop mad Victoria bay thay
all hastened to 1'ort 1'rovldenc. Hut
what a scon or devastation met their
ye! Doctor" house, store, powder
magnxlne, fortifications, all had melted
away, and the provision had been ran
sacked by devouring animal.
After a thorough nrch, a few cases
of pemmlcan wer found catlered her
and there, and two barrels of preserv
ed meat, altogether enough for six
weeks, and a good supply of powder.
tl wa soon collected and brought on
At laat. after thirty day tolerably
quick sailing, and after battling for
forty-eight hour against th Increaa
Incr drift Ice. and risking the frail sloop
a hundred times, the navigator saw
themselves blocked In on all side.
Altamont mak a reckoning with
scrupulous precision, and found they
war In 77 degree It minute latitude
and II degree S minute longttud.
This la our exact position, then."
aid th doctor. "W ar In Bouth
Lincoln, Just at Cap Eden, and are
entering Jonea sound. With a little
more good lurk we should have found
open water right to bay.
"I suppose, then," said Altnmont.
"our only course Is to leave th sloop,
nnd get by sledge to th east cortst or
Tho rest agreed.
The little vessel wa unloaded and
tho sledge put together again. At last,
on th tllh, they set foot on North
It wa not till th 10th ot August
that thay emerged rrom those wild
mountain Into a plain, which seemed
to hav been upturned and convulsed
by volcanic action at some distant pe
riod. Altamont, who had displayed nreat
unselfishness and devotion to th oth
er, routed his sinking energies, and
determined to go out ar I find rood for
hi comrade.
It had been abeont about an hour,
and only one durtng that Mm had
they heard the report of hla gun; and
now ha wa coming back empty-handed,
but running a If terrified.
"Down there, under th cnowl" cried
Altamont, apeaklng a If scared, and
pointing In a particular direction.
"A who! party of men!"
"Alive r
"Dead rroxen and even
Ho did not finish the sentence, but a
look or unspeakable horror cam over
his race.
The doctor nnd th other were so
roused by this Incident that they man
a god to get up and drag themselves
after Altamont towards the place ho
Thoy soon arrived nt a narrow part
at the bottom ot a ravine, and what a
spectacle met their gate) Dead bodies,
already stiff, lay hair hurlod In a wind
ing sheet ot snow.
It was evident this ravine had been
but recently the scene ot a fearful
struggle, that the poor wretches had
been feeding on human flesh, perhaps
while ,stlll warm. And among them
tho doctor recognised Bhandon, Ten
and other or the Ill-fated crow ot the
Forward I
"Come awayl com awayl" cried tho
doator, dragging hi companions from
th scene. Horror gavo them momen
tary strength, and they resumed their
march without stopping a minute lon
ger. Even the men themselves wero never
able to give any detailed narrative ot
tho events which ocourred during th
next week. However, on th 9th of
September, by superhuman oxertlons,
they arrived at last at Capo Horsburg,
tho oxtreme point o North Devon.
They wero on the short of Damns
bay, now halt froxtn over) that I to
say, on th road to Europe, and thre
mile of tho waves wer cUobIbjs
noiselessly or. th sharp edge of th
Her they must wait Iholr chance of
m whaler appearing) nnd for how longt
Hut heaven pilled tho poor fellows,
for th, very next day Altamont per
ceived a sail on tho horlxon,
Jimt thon a luippy Inspiration' cam
to tho doctor. HI fertile genius, which
ha served lilm many a tllno In such
Hood stead, supplied lilm with ona laat
A Hoe, drlvon by tho current, struck
against the Ico-fleld, nnd Clawbonny
exclaimed, pointing to It!
"This floel"
Ills companions could not under
stand what he nleant.
"Let us embnrk on III let us emi-ark
M It!"
Helh asslstsd by Altamont, hurried
to th sldg, and brought back one or
th poles, which he stuck fast on the
Ice Ilk n mast, nnd fastened It with
ropes. The tent was torn up to fur
nish a sail, and us soon as the frnll
craft wa ready tho poor follows Jump
ed upon It, and sailed out to the open
Two hour later the survivor of tho
Forward wero picked up by the Hans
Christian, a Danish whaler, on her way
to Davis straits.
Ten days afterward, Clawbonny,
Johnson, Hell, Altamont nnd Captain
Hatteras landed at Korsnrn, In Zea
land, an Island belonging to Denmark.
They took the steamer to Kiel, and
from there proceeded by Alton and
Hamburg to London, where they ar
rived on th Uth of the itme month,
carnely recovered after lliolr long suf
fering. Th flret caro of Clawbonny was to
requeit th lloyal Geographical Society
to receive a communication rrom him.
On can Imagine th aitonlshmont of
th learned assembly and the enthusi
astic apptauso whan he read HatUra
Tho doctor and hi companions had
th honor or being presented to th
queen by th lord chancellor, and thy
Wr ftd and "lionised" In all quar
ter. Th government confirmed tho name
or "Queen's Island." "Mount Hatteras"
and "Altamont Harbor."
Th Insanity or Cnpt. Ilattera waa
or a mild type, and he lived quietly at
Hten cottage, a private asylum near
Liverpool, wher th doctor hlmaalf
had placed him. He never ipoke, and
understood nothing that waa said to
him; reason and speoch had fled to
gether. The only tie that connected
him with the outside world wn his
friendship for Duke, who wo allowed
to remain with him.
For a considerable time th captain
had been In th habit of walking In
tha garden for hour, accompanied by
hi faithful dog, who watched him with
ad, wlitful rye, but hi promenade
wa alwny In on direction In a par
ticular part or th garden. When he
got to th end or Oil path he would
top and begin to walk backward. If
anyon stopped him ha would point
with hi finger towards a certain part
of th sky, but let anyone attempt to
turn him round, and he became angry,
white DiriJe, a If sharing his mosur
sentiments, would bark furloualy.
Th doctor, who often visited his af
flicted friend, noticed this Strang pro
ceeding on day, and soon understood
the rrason for It II saw how It waa
that he paced to constantly tn a given
direction, as If under th Influence of
ome msgnetlo fore.
This was th secret! John Ilatteraa
Invariably walked toward tha north,
(Th end.)
Unexpectedly Trn.
The clover young man was wander
ing up and down tbo platform ot the
railway atatlon, Intent on finding an
empty carriage In tho express, which
was almost duo to start, says a writer
In Tit'DlU. Hut tn rain. Assuming
an official nlr, he stalked up to tho
last carriage, and cried In a stento
rian voice:
"All chango here! This carriage
Isn't going!"
There wero exclamations low but
dcop from tho occupants ot the crowd
ed compartment; but, nevertheless,
they hurried out ot the currlago and
packed themtolvoa away In other parts
of tho train. Tho smile on tho face
of tho young man wag childlike as ho
sotlled hlmtolt comfortably.
"Ah," ho murmurod, "It's a grand
thlug for me that I was born cleverl
I wish they'd hurry up and start."
Dy and by tho station-master put
his head In tho window, and said:
"I suppose you are the smart young
man who told the people this carrlago
wasn't golngr
"Yes," said tho clever one, and ho
"Woll," said the sUtlon-nuster,
with a grin, "it Isn't Tho porter
heard you telling the people, and so
ho uncoupled It He thought you wero
a dlrectorr
nplnrnm Criminal Code,
Procrastination Is the thief of time.
Curiosity Is tho porch climber ot
The past Is tho hold-up man of am
bition. Good-fellowship Is the firebug of so
briety. Conscience Is tho sneak thief ot con
tentment. The bore Is tho pickpocket ot pa
tience. Tbo college boy is the chockklter of
Tho firecracker is the pirate ot
The welsh rabbit is tho ghoul ot
Hard luck Is tho shoplifter ot hope.
Dad cooHIng Is tho sandbagger of
civility. Puck.
Tb Muataaar,
What is known as the California
horse or mustang Is In his ancestry
and essential qualities an Arab,
WJr Ilnlrptn.
The wire hairpin was first made la
1645 la England. Prior to that wood
m ikowom wero us
Miss Carolina and II Im Matilda
llargie lived in nu old-fashioned houxe
with a leui)-to shed, the roof of which
ran neatly to the ground, itoturnlug
from church ono day, they noticed on
approaching their dwelling that the
churchgoers ahead of them paused In
paimlng, and gazed upward with in
ttiuat and mirth. A moment later they
saw why. Their neighbor's billy-goat
had escaped, mounted tho Ican-to to
tho ridge-polo of tho kitchen roof, and
with one end of a flaring circus pottei
streaming banner-like from his jaws,
stood outlined boldly against tlio sky
a chamois on a mountain peak, calmly
contemplating the bulibath pi occasion
Miss Matilda laughed. Mus Caro
line did not.
"The abominable beoatl" she gasped,
deeply scandalized. "I never saw any
thing so so disrespectful!"
Tho goat is indeed a disrespectful
animal. Ho is no respecter either oi
property or person, at many an Indl
vldual held In honor by mankind has
ruefully discovered. Admiral Kvani
has related with pride, as a worthy
achievement, his triumph In his earllei
dsya over a refractory goat on ship
board, which refused to yield the milk
required for a sick man.
After It bad bafflod everybody whose
proper task It was to secure the milk,
tho captain sent for Evans, and direct
ed him to go and get It.
Evans respectfully Intimated that he
had not supposed "milking goats to
be part ot tho duty ot a navigating
officer;" but tbo captain thereupon ask
ed it as a favor, and he undertook the
With a little warm water, much per
suasion, some firmness, and a recollec
tion of the ways of certain "darkles"
with misbehaving cows, be succeeded,
and was unmercifully chaffed by hi
comrades on his succors. Indeed, h
was far from happy in It until be bad
taught bis method to a marlne,and wai
assured that he ould not bare tc
keep on milking for the rest of the
lie was more fortunate than another
distinguished man, Horace Greeley
who was a conspicuous fslluro as a
milker of goats, although ho was bred
to tbo farm and Evans to the sea.
When, In accordance with Mrs. Gree
ley's theories ot diet, goat's milk wai
desired for their little son, tbey at
tempted to keep a goat In their New
York premises, and Mr. Greeley under
took to milk It His Ignominious tus
sles with the creature became a source
of delighted mirth to bis neighbors.
One taw from hts rear windows tbi
complete overthrow ot the great edltoi
In hi back yard, while the goat re
mained victoriously chewing the latest
edition of the Tribune, which had fall
en from Mr. Greeley's pocket In the
contest. He relates that he called
down to falm, gleefully:
"Well, Mr. Greeley, nanny, there,
hasn't mpch retpect for editors!"
Sitting on his hat, and with one foot
In an overturned barrel, Mr. Greeley
In hit high, squeaky voice, called back:
"No matter, no matter! Tho man ii
nothing and the opinions everything.
Yon seo she appreciates tho Tribune!'
Ill Cuttle IJternllr Vpom Thon
and llllla.
General Luis Tcrraxaa is Mexico's
wealthiest man. General Terraxas Is
73 years old, the same age as Presi
dent Dlax. The lives of both men
have been full of stirring adventure.
It was In reward for daring military
service that General Terrains obtained
from the government large gifts ot
land which placed him upon the road
to tho great fortune which he now pos
sesses. .It Is conservatively estimated luat
General Tcrraxaa Is worth not less
than J200.O00.000. His property hold
ings sro chiefly in the state ot Cnl
huahua, but ho also has largo Invest
ments In other parts ot tho republic
General Tcrraxaa Is tho jjrrea-tcst
land and ltve stock baron In the woril,
It Is said. He owns fifteen ranches
In the state of Chihuahua. Tho
ranches embrace an aggregate area o"
moro than flvo million acres. For
many years special attention has been
given to ratting horses upon these
ranches. Moro than flvo million ho-id
ot horses are graxlug upon the .er
raxas land. .
The mule supply for most ot Mex
ico comes from the Terraxas ranches.
Theto animals now number moro than
nna million head and nro scatter) J
over the different properties, Genernl
Terraxas' cattle holdings numoer more
than ono million head. Several hun
dron thousand head ot goats and sheep
graxo upon this land. It Is said that
the choicest grass lands In northern
Mexico are embraced tn tho Terraxas
estate. Streams of running water pa
through them, and the grass grows lux
uriantly the greater part ot tho year.
Some Idea of the vaatnesa of these
lauded possessions may be had when
It Is known that more than ten thou
sand mon nro kept constantly looking
after the nvo stock. The services of
one thousand men nre required lo
"rldo the fences," It Is the duty ot
thoso fence riders to seo that the
wires are kept Intact, so that tho ..vo
stock cannot escape from the pastures.
Many thousand miles ot wire were
used In constructing tho boundary
fences. Moro than a score ot towna,
somo ot them ot considerable sixe, are
upon the ranches, Kansas City oiar.
It occurs to every husband occasion
ally that his usefulness as a citizen la
measured, In certain degrees, by the
quantity ot kin he cares for.
Occasionally a man has conceit so
well developed ho Is convinced his
tooth ache harder than anyone oIm's.
fthlp flared Vy Uanrlnsr.
Tho battleship Dominion was cau
tiously feeling her way toward Quebec
on tho night ot August 16, 1906, when
ino navigating officer, misled by a
bush fire on land, took the wrong
bearings and suddenly struck on a
hidden reef with such force that the
huge ship was shaken from stem to
item, Orders were at once given for
tho whole crew, officers at well as men,
to assemble on desk with their kits
In their bands, and ail tbo 850 men
were told to dance so as to keep the
ship "alive," and so prevent the Do
minion's keel from settling down on
the ledgo. At first tho bluejackets
whistled an accompaniment to keep
the men in step till the captain or
dered tbo ship's band to play lively se
lections. The men danced with a will,
lumping their feet and swaying their
bodies, and doing all they could to
rock the ship, In the end they suc
ceeded, for finally, with tho engines
working full speed asUrn, the Domin
ion slowly gave way and backed again
Into deep water. The dancing had
taved the 'ship.
A Rath-Tab Job.
Clean and sweet from head to feet
Is Jerry, but not his twin.
"Now for th other!" says merry moth
er. And quickly dips htm In.
Jim and Jerry, with lips of cherry,
And tye of the selfsame blue;
Twins to a speckle, yes, even a
What can a mother do7
They wink and wriggle and laugh and
A Joke on mother Is nlcel
"We played a Joke" 'twas Jlmmle who
"And you've washed th same boy
lllalorr Cam.
The following Is a pleasant little
Kuuic iu piay wuu jourincBU orwuu
the grown folks. Try it with the lat-
Ullaokalanl Provide la Will for
tha Orphans of tha Ialaaua.
By tho terms of a deed of trust Just
executed Former Queen Ulluokalanl of
tbe Hawaiian Islands has provided for
tho endowment aftr death, of orphan
asylums tor children of Hawaiian or
part Hawaiian blood. The entire es
tate Is valued at 1200,000. Tho trustee
ship ot the large portion which will
be devoted to this humanitarian ob
ject rests In W. O. Smith, A. S. Cleg
horn and O. P. Iaukea.
Though 71 years old, the former
queen Is said to bo in excellent health,
says an exchange. W. O. Smith, oddly
enough, in view of his selection as a
trustee, was a leader In the movement
to bring about Lllluokalanl's dethrone
ment Iaukea, formerly a sheriff in
Honolulu, represented the Hawaiian
government at the coronation ot Czar
Nicholas and the Jubilee ot Queen Vic
toria. He was Lllluokalanl's manager
until her return from Washington last
year, where sho had gone to urg her
claims against the United States gov
ernment The trust deed stipulates that cer
tain annuities are to be paid to a few
former retainers and that relatives are
to have the use of the real property.
The Spreckels mortgage of $70,000 Is
alto to be paid. The entire residue
ot the estate, ot wlhch sho Is to enjoy
the benefit whllo she lives, will go to
forward the atylum project.
Lllluokalanl Is the grcat-grandnlece
of tho celebrated Kaplolanl, one ot the
first converts to Christianity at the
tlmo the American missionaries from
lloston visited Hawaii, in 1820. Tho
ex-queen was herself a communicant
in the Episcopal church.
Reports putting her character in
none too favorable a light gained wide
circulation a few years ago. Her re
lations with Marshal Wilson, a Tab!
tlan half-breed who enjoyed many o!
her royal favors, to his own enrich
ment, became notorious.
Queen Lllluokalanl made the latest
of many visits to Washington last
January as a claimant for 1250,000
which represented, It was held, tho
value of lands passed to the United
States. During her reign tho queen
maintained the area of the crown lands
was about 1,000,000 acres, and their
values In excess ot $13,000,000.
A lite Interest in the crown lands
became vested In each monarch as
successor to the trust, and It was a
private Income to be used as the mon
arch saw frt. The Income from this
source, when the government waa
overthrown, sho placed at $85,000 a
year, In addition to this the privy
purse, amounting to $20,000 a year, In
ured to the occupant of the throne.
These items formed the basis of her
claim. It was her hope, after Ineffect
ual appeals to Congress, that the con
science ot the American people could
be aroused, Her claim has had promi
nent supporters in this country, among
thsu Senator Hoar of Massachusetts.
fter, and gee if they remember as much
of tholr American hlitory as tny
The initials, or first letters of the
words correspond with those of the
character's name. When you have
used this list, mako a new one.
Perilous Itlder.
Great Warrior.
Always Loyal.
Worthy Peacemaker.
Harbor Hunter.
Exceptional Ally.
Considered Crazy.
Before Foreigners.
Itellglous Wanderer.
Sailed Confidently,
Unusually Successful GensraL
Marching Suitor.
The answers In this case would be:
Paul Revere.
George Washington.
Abraham Lincoln.
William Penn.
Henrlk Hudson.
Ethan Allen.
Christopher Columbus.
Benjamin Franklin.
Roger Williams.
Sebastian Cabot
Uiyst'es S. Grant.
Miles EUndUh.
The American Catlatl.
The cattail of the American swaasp
la ftlmoat exactlr the same plant a
I the Egyptian bulrush. It Is no longer
used for making paper, asMt once waa,
but from Its root is prepared an astrin
gent medicine, while it stems, when
prepared dry, are excellent for the
manufacture of mats, chair bottoaa
and the like. t
Old BallfrosT.
For playing this merry game ewe
child is seated on the ground with
his legs under him while the other
players form a ring around hlsa. They
then pull him about and give him lit
tle pushes, and he must try to catcls
one without rising from the floor. Th
child who is caught takes the saiddJa,
whll the frog Joins the circle.
Cola Under tti ul,
One of tho old customs which hav
never been changed In tho launching;
of a new ship Is that ot placing a gold
cola under the mainmast This coin,
which is not ot any certain denomi
nation, always bears the date of the
launching ot the boat, and Is claimed
to bring good luck to the Teasel aatf
her crow.
who Interested himself In her behalf
without success.
The ex-queen Is a woman ot cultare
and marked personal charm. She baa
found refuge since her dethronement
In reading, la the study of language
and in music.
Statistic Relative a Batalaar
Hrachec, Zoo, and Play Groouas.
It is shown in the United States
Census Bureau's special annual report
for 1S07, now in press, relative to the
statistics of the 158 largest cities each
having over 30,000 mlatlon In 1997.
that from 1905 to 1907 the number ot
bathing beaches reported Increased
from U to S3; swimming pools, from
66 to 61; and all the year baths, from
15 to 78. The total bathing attend
ance increased from 19,158,563 In 1905
to 29,204,838 In 1907, an Increase ot
52.4 per cent More than halt ot this
attendance was reported from New
York City, those ranking next In order
being Philadelphia. Boston, Chicago
and Milwaukee.
New York baa the largest acreage
(373.5) devoted to zoological parks,
followed In order by Washington
(186.5) and Atlanta (140). In the
number ot mammals and birds that
such parks contain, New York rank
first and Cincinnati second, whll
Washington ranks third In number ot
mammals and Philadelphia third 1k
number ot birds.
Playgrounds are maintained In 78
ot the 158 cities Included In the re
port, and the city appropriations for
playgrounds Increased from $516,177
tn 1906 to $741,912 in 1907. More than
one-third ot the amount was appropri
ated by New York, the cities next in
order being Milwaukee, Washlngtea
and Pittsburg. Private contributions
for playgrounds was greatest In Wash
ington. The total acreage devoted to
playgrounds was greatest In Indian
npolls, followed by New York, Boston
and Baltimore. In New York moat
ot the area devoted to playgrounds
was connected with public schools,
while In the other cities named, most
ot the playground area was In city
Womaa'a Point at View.
Husband Whatt Three hundred
and fifty dollars for that gown? My
dear, how extravagant, you arel
Wife No more than you. Didn't
you spend $75 for your last suit?
New York Press.
Farmer Grayneck S'pose you are
goln' to git the automobile fever, Ezry,
like everybody else?
Farmer Hornbeak Nopel I've boon
vaccinated In the pocketbook and It
took. Puck.
' A New York dressmaker duns delta
quent customers by sending than
bunches ot forget-n-nts.
How a woman os enjoy J!
tired, if It la from shopping!