The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 13, 1910, Image 12

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    CleA- Z n UJrfmA T3lrM TheJRajjroads are Comhig?
Get to the Land FIRST!
Fortunes are being: made in IRRIGATED LAND. Deschutes Valley Acre
age offers wonderful opportunities for the Settler, be he rich or poor.
The Carey Act Segregation of The
Deschutes Land Co.
Offers an Unparalleled Irrigationist's Opportunity,
The segregation, 30 miles south of Bend, in the fertile Walker Basin, embraces more than
28,000 Acres No Rock Deep Soil Ample Water
l All the land to be irrigated is ABSOLUTELY FREE FROAl STONE. The soil is VERY DEEP, productive and EASILY
WORKED. THE LAND IS LEVEL. It slopes just enough to insure Ideal Irrigation Conditions. The water for this
great enterprise is taken from CRESCENT LAKE. The supply is CONSTANT AND INEXHAUSTIBLE. The BIOOEST
EXCAVATOR IN THE WEST is engaged in the construction of our canals. Men are at work night and day on the ditches.
The Land is Free, Water Rights Cheap, Terms Easy
'... w
The Deschutes Land Company
Bend Representatives:
J. E. MORSON, Mgr.
Portland Office
Open for Business!
The New Harness and Horse Goods Store
Get Your Orders in Early for the
Repairing of all kind. Best WorK Guaranteed.
stfBflfe R BiJ jflF Bjv .j-flirf W Xfil mK
, WMEtr jiumi.!. Wj Jl A
-"B" .It
Chapman D!dg.(
Cor. Wall and Minnesot St.s ,
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musication from Ibe Bend Water
& Power Co., containing a proposi
tion to supply tbe city with the use
of it hydrants at $3 each a month,
with the use of one hydrant one
hour a week for fire drill purposes,
was read aiid referred to the special
committee formerly appointed to
draw up a contract between city1- and
water company. Kelly and Trip
lett expressed dissatisfaction af the
fire protection now afforded by the
water company, alleging that the
tank waapftea dry to the morning.
PrfWnt Robertson, who was pres
ent? stated that Kngineer Stanbb
rough Mid the tank had not been
dry'?r some months and only once
had been very low. "We've got a
new pump ordered which will be
Jre in Moatb," saW Mr. Robert
son, speaking of the better water
supply facilities that are to be furn
ished the city.
A general objection to bathing
nhove the city's source of water I President Hudson Resigns.
supply developed in discussion; the To the Hoard of Directors of Bend Com
matter, together with that of sew'
city" was passed, Kelly alone vot
ing against it.
It apieared the general sentiment
of the Council that too little was
done to force property owners act
ually to conMruct ordered side
walks; if action was not taken be
fore the next meeting, such side
walks would be pul in by the city
and charged against the property.
Overturf brought up the matter
of'the expense fncurred by the tax
payers in supporting the present
police force. He said he himself
aud all who had spoken to him of
the matter felt that $150 n month
was a bigger outlay than conditions
warranted. He was of the opinion,
as were Sellers 'and Hunter, that
one omccr siiould be ouinclcnl to
meet the present requirements of
the city. It was stated that the
objection emanated not so much
from the amount paid out for
police protection as from the fact
that ordinances daily were being
violated and no action taken.
Kelly and Mayor Merrill expressed
their satisfaction with the present
policing methods, and stated that
they believed two men were needed
and wanted by tbe taxpayers
i'riplett aud Oueil were not heard
from. Discussion brought out the
fact that the Priueville day man
works at Hidewulk and street re
pairing, wlitie tlic night man re
ceives 60 a month. The matter
was cut short by Kelly's motion to
adjourn, which was passed.
After the adjournment the com
mittee on streets, etc , stated in
formally that, after conference with
Kngineer Linster of the Oregon
Trunk, they had refused to aban
don the R- R, crossing at Koa
avenue in favor of another further
Laldlaw People- Say Newspaper Story
False and WW Demand Retraction.
Farmers Are lluy and Crop
Show Qreat Promise.
nge overflow into the river, was re
ferred to the health committee.
The following bills against the
city were read and approved:
Pilot Iliitto Development Va
(lumber) ,,. $ 3.8J
llend Iiulletln, (publlthlcgordln-
nance), . . , , , 6 20
Heud Water Co., (hydrant rent
. for June),.....,., ,,.., 3208
8. M, Scott, (police salary for
June; .;,.... 7500
V. It. Hotallng, (police (alary for
'Total ,4149.60
An ordinance "to regulate the
keeping of certain domestic animals
within the corporate limits of the
iiiereial Club:
Owiui lo the increase In our banking
!uliirM and the additional work caused
thereby, I am forced to resign as Pre
hlenl of your club.
I feel that the work should be con.
Ilnueil mid the advantage of Ueud ex
ploited and will co-operate to the fullest
lo tliU end. C. S. Hudson.
A Biufae Directory of each Cllf,
Town and VJIUaa (a Orrcon una
wuuiDKioa, Miliar ici
tkctth of earti
Mill.uWir FucHMIm as
ft4 tmtirturr ai mcu
aud 1'ivtcnloa,
K. I I'Or.K co
Manic, who.
ttbu-e. lyocniUin,
ana ui.
I.aidhw, Ore., July n. Special
An article concerning i,amiaw, which
appeared in several of the I'orltaud pa
pere lait week, waa written with litter
illircKird for the truth. The writer,
Calmer, of the deceased I.alillaw Chron
icle, made it appear that a lawless cliu
of citiieu resided in the town. Hit
charge that cerUiu parlice endeaTOred
to lire hit buildiiiK I' absurd In the face
of the evidence collected, A partly
burned newipaper wrapper around hfa
private correspondence waa found under
the sidewalk betide the building which
ahows the direction of tbe wind. It la ex
pected the Laldlaw Development League
will take up the matter ol having the
article referred lo retracted.
A sheet, termed the Laldlaw Chronicle,
and published in Redmond, made its ap
pearance here Monday. Mostol tliem
hive been collected and will be returned
to the editor. -
All the farmer In this section are busy
taking care of the first crop. In some
places two anil a half tons of hay to the
acre are reported, while two tons will lie
about the average on seeded land. With
hay in the field at fta per ton, the farm
era liuvc reaton to feel tiootl.
W. II, Courtney started out this week
on the cason'a run. He expects to bale
1000 tons ln-fore finishing,
W. U. Karnes leave Wednesday for
Portland, where he will spend a few
Mis Daisy Moen arrlvn-1 here Monday
to Join her father, A- Mocu, who has re
cently taken up a homestead near town,
Attorney General Crawford purchased
a i6o-acre tract of laud 011 the Matoles
last week. He left Sunday for Portland,
Orover Gerktug recently sold n hand
of 35 horse to outside parties. They will
lie taken over the mountain for diioal
W, II, Gerklng ami family moved last
week to their newly constructed home
on the ranch northwest of town.
A party cousIatliiK of G. W. Horner,
Gene Wfincr and Clias, Spaugh climbed
Hroken Ton mountain last Sunday. Mr
Spauuh tok about three dozen pictures
which he will have on exhibition iu a
short time,
George Couch relumed today from
Khaniko with a load of express. The
round trip wa iu six day,
I'rof, J, A. Thompson, who I spending
hi vacation on hi ranch northeast of
here, was iu town the first of the week
County Commissioner llailcy with his
crew are repairing the bridge north of
Thirty Daya to Recuperate From
Lortr Aluslc Fcit.
Saturday evening's concert was
the last that Ilctid will hear for 30
musiclcss (Uys, for the Hand has
voted itself a month's vacation.
Prof. Thome, the leader, will take
n trip to Lake Odell, while many
others of the melody makers will
seek recreation elsewhere, getting
into the best of training, for re
sumption of hostilities in August.
For eight monhts there has been no
let-up iu practice.
The lender reports that the Band's
affairs arc in a most flourishing
condition and that all its members
are enthusiastic for a. continuance
of the work along the lines being
followed. The organization de
sires it to be announced that collec
tion of subscriptions will be omitted
this month until the Hand gels
back on the job.
If for any cause the horse or other
lomestic animal exhibit a lack of energy,
oroper relish for food, or an appear a uce
f general debility, timely action should
e taken tor the restoration of It Health
111 the natural food of our domestic
inlmal Nature provides certain tKcullar
mrdlciiial iicrus, leaves, harks anil root
adilch seem necessary for their health.
Pacific Stock Feed In greatly condensed
'onn is Intended to supply the essential
drtue at those health-giving natural
rcmcdd-a and is prepared expressly for
.hose animal deprived by man of their
natural food. It I an alterative tonic
which stimulates the various organs of
'he body, promotes the accretion, tones
in the general system and restores the
Unordered condition to a normal slate,
It stimulates the apetite, improves the
ilgcstlon ami assimilation of food, purifies
the mood and Insure a good, healthy
condition, nookiei tree.
IIovt Chkmicai, Co, Portland, Oregon
Hear Cratk Insane Mm fUude Guard
and Makes Lens; NfgM Trip Oa4
In Shirt-Later Captured by
Sheriff and Returned.
LkkfAJj. 80 YEARS'
Thadk Marks
CopvnioHra 4c.
'm' ugriniwii
Anrnns isnillna tkrtth slid dMcrlntlon nif
fltiletlr uccrUIn our opinion fit hibr an
liiTwiilon I urobb!r l'lM'i'W-, Cowijiunlf.
tloiKitrlctirSniiDdsiittf. UtroMM mi f-.iw.u
it rrsa. OMmI aisncr rof Siiliia'Ptit.
I'stcnu Itkuci ibrgusti Wuno 4 lu.rlM
tfutat notkl, wllnout ovarii, la lb
scKKtmc jtftttcrm
A hsmJfonistr lllntlrdei wssklr. LrHt Mr.
Iiuun or snr iamlioo inuinu, 'ibi,h a
I roar iuoiiim, su BOMDrsilTisvsaMitrt,
cuknon 01
Last Thusday tilght and l'riday
morning the eastern county whs af
forded considerable excitement by
the manoevers of a crazy man,
The sufferer, whose name, fs Jess
Powers, ran amuck iu the Hear
Creek country ucar Crook aud was
brought thence to Priueville. At a
preliminary medical examination
held in the evening the physicians
were unable to decide whether
he was suffering from an attack of
insanity or from walking typhoid.
At all events, the man was put
to bed at the Poiudcxtcr Hotel,
with a guard sleeping in the same
room. Hut while said guard slept
the "wild man," chiefly equipped
with an undershirt and consider'
able crazy determination, made for
tbe fen exMtntry.
SttoM the alarm was given. Slier
Iff Ktkitis and AI Ynucy, the night
watch, tracked him part way up
the big grade east of town. Then
he took to the sage and climbed up
over'the steep rock walls near the
nuary no mcau enterprise on a
dark night for a crazy mau with
bare feet.
Later In the morning he was cap
tured over a dozen miles from
Priueville and was returned to
town, He is being held in the jail
tnerc awaiting developments, and
ptobflbly will be removed to Salem.
Hospital Happening.
Vestcrduy IJmil Krickaon left the
hospital having made a complete
recovery from the skull fracturen
and other Injuries resulting from his
runaway accident, which for a time
threatened his life.
The four-year-old son of Mr. It. 1'.
ritmaii, who lias been sick for some
week, it now on the road to recovery,
while Mr, Pitman herself I dolnir well.
a I Iter baby boy,
Mr. J. W, llaker leave today for
Tuuialo, having entirely recovered from
tiieenectaot tier operation.
Chickmn Dinnkk this Sunday at
theSTAK JJakkry. :