The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 13, 1910, Image 10

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Grt Chana"f ta Women.
"I had rather be a successful wo
tonn than an unsuccessful lady." Mr
s. prominent woman. This statement
makes some or ua alt up who have
been Jogging along without milling
tha Incompatibility ot attaining suc
cess and remaining a tad. Uetor con
atderlng tha matter we real I)- ahould
define termi, except that no one haa
over been able to state Just exactly
what a lady la.
Success la tha chief desire ot life.
Time was when a woman attained the
greatest success possible to her mere
ly by being a lady. She waa admired,
ahe married well, she became a social
leader, aud tha highest compliment
had been passed when It was aald,
"She Is always a lady." Men changed
feeeause business mothods changed.
Aftd ono ot the greatest factors in this
hangs was the tact that the success
ful seen were not as a rule gentlemen.
To compete with them, the gentlemen
fead to change their tactic.
Then women went into business,
sua a there they found that the things
which had been the hallmarks ot the
ady were excess baggage. A low.
Uaald voice, a tack ot self-aasertlve-
stess, a touching dependence upon the
earest masculine representative, an
aloofness from the material things of
Ufa, easily shocked sensibilities, an
overplus ot sentiment, an uawintng
fees to do anything that would make
feer la the least conspicuous, a woman
found did not raise her wages or ad
Vance her position in the working
feree. Besides, she found that the
mta ahe was brought Into contact with
fco longer admired the qualities to
which they had formerly written son
Mta and dashed off Byrbnlc prose.
The question naturally suggests It
self to our speculative minds, that
nlace people range themselves In
grades, what will be the highest type
t the present feminine members of
ecletyT What will be the adjective
t couple with woman to express the
most admirable mixture of qualities In
As for women themselves, they can
comfort themselves In this transition
atate, while uaanchored by the Ideal
etf being a lady, and not yet supplied
With another guiding star, with the
reelection that very few famous wo
sbh have been ladles. As we look
back, a lady meant a person with so
jmtny negations and Inhibitions that
iisve was pretty much hobbled when It
ease to accomplishing anything mo
'seateus. The men also will have to
give thought to the problem that they
JBHSt get out and hustle to hold their
ewm with the woman who has dis
carded the out-of-date garment of per
fect ladyship.
Halt Sapportera,
Among the numerous artifices used
fey women who are short on hair
and few women have enough to carry
out the coiffures
foisted on them by
the hairdressers in
the past few years
the supporter de
signed by a Wash
Ington woman and
abown herewith Is
one of the most ef
ficient. A wire
frame has a cres
cent-shaped turn
on top and a projecting support at
the back, both covered with false hair,
like the regulation "rat," or holding
a One wire screen. The two are Joined
fcy two wires, U-shaped. This support--er
Is placed on the bead when the
fcalr Is down, and when the hair Is
doae up the pads underneath give It
the appearance of being much more
abundant than It really Is.
Ta Claaa Llnoleant.
Floor covering of good llneleum for
the kitchen ahould hold Its own for
at least five years. The way to pro
long its period of usefulness Is to keep
It clean; dirt ground Into the finished
surface by the tread of feet ta the
floor covering's greatest enemy.
Linoleum needs no soap, ammonia.
or strong cleaning agents. A simple
wiping with a cloth Just moist with
warm water Is all that Is needed. In
one country home skimmed mllz
mixed with the water was used, but
the owner bad a herd of thirty cows.
Once or twice a year give the linoleum
n wiping with good furniture polish to
renew Its smooth surface.
Hn, 1ottstTor'ti'a Gowns.
Mrs, Nicholas Longwortb is again
among the leaders of fashion In the
MtJoual capital, and her gowns are
the models of her contemporaries. She
wears the draped garment entirely,
a-nd she is fond ot tissues and of the
knitted silk effects, These gowns are
among the most expensive things of
the season. Mrs. Longworth's knitted
draperies and waists always are cor
cred with gold or sliver beads,' She
teas selected yellow for this season, and
all her gowns are ot various shades ot
this color.
"Ckanteclrr" Stlea,
Various are the sources ot women's
fashions, moralizes the New Yoik
"rVorld. A princess wears a high cel
lar to conceal a scar, and all the
feminine world adopts It The head
dress of peasant girls Is utilized to
form tha "peach basket" hat of recent
vogve. The army blouse of an Italian
liberator was modified to make a gar-
ment for women a wear. Empresses
and actresses stamp tholr Individuality
on a stylo ot skirt or ot halrdresslng.
Hut Is a poet to Irad them nil as an
originator ot fashions? The outburst
of "Chantecler" hats, wraps, toques,
etc, la one ot the singular conse
quences ot the wldo Interest In the
Rostand barnyard drama. There are
"Chantecler" hats ornamented with
black roosters bearing red combs,
"Cbanteoler" toques trimmed with
golden pheasants, "Chanteclor" opera
cloaks, stockings, buttons, buckles and
what not. There are "Chantecler"
clocks and napkin rings. The erase
haa come as suddenly as the revived
Dlrccfclre styles, and with the promise
that It will probably pass as quickly.
Yet In the tailnor articles ot feminine
adornment, lu the crests, cockades,
plumage and feathery ornament. Its In
fluence la likely to be felt longer.
KUelrle Bread Baklasr.
Electric baking ovens have long been
available, but their use has not spread
very rapidly, probably because of the
cost or the difficulty of procuring the
requisite current. In the little Swiss
town of Kerns, "where electric power
Is cheap, the electric baking oven haa
Just been established In a satisfactory
manner. In a furnace less than eight
feet long, one hundred pounds ot
bread. In loaves of one and three
pounds each, can be baked at one time,
and eight bakings can be made In
twelve hours. The cost of the heating
Is a little more than 1 cents a pound
ot bread. Youths Companion.
Aaj Injaatle e Wtnii,
Who will aay that women are
afraid? Who will venture to call them
the "weaker sex?" The true modern
woman fears no peril. Wo already
know that ahe like all women, at all
times could endure even the most ex
There Is to be a radical change In sleeves. But tho old ones can be
remodeled and built to look like new which Is always welcome news to
those who have good waists left over from last year. Plain tailored leg o
mutton sleeves with buttons to the elbow are tha favorites for tailored
dresses. For dress-up wear, the elbow sleeve, with three-quarter length un
dersleeve of mull or mousaellno will be most popular. A pretty gray plaid
French gingham dress shown recently In a fashionable shop has rather
full sleeves with deep cuff piped with plain gray. This design Is said to
be one of the prettloet sleeves of the season. Elbow sleeves, mosuquetalre
sleeves shirred from, shoulder to knuckles, sleeves with elbow tucks to form
a fullness at that point and those with fullness tucked at the shoulder and
wrist arc all good.
eructating pain with admirable forti
tude, and, generally speaking, much
better than the average man. And yet
In spite of these facts, thero are men
who will deny that fearlessness, as
they deny that fortitude. There still
exists and there will probably always
exist the type ot husband, for In
stance, who tells his wife, after she
has already gone through some terri
ble physical agony: "Well dono, little
woman: you bore It like a manl"
Philadelphia Ledger.
The low cut footgear shortly to re
place the high topped boots of winter
are of most attractive shape. An ex
ceedingly comfortable walking shoe
which comes In black as well as in var
ious shades of brown and tan goat or
kid, has a center seamed vamp above
which Is a four-button band, crossing
and supporting the instep. On some
what , similar lines are ankle-strap
shoes which promise foot comfort ta
warm weather, and In the narrow toed'
shape are very smart looking shoes
with double straps crossing the Instep
and fastening under tassels. Cravaa
ette, suede and fine kid pumps of vari
ous fashionable shades are perforated
Saeca and Tampa,
or men-bordered and ornaraeawat
with large oblong buckles or small flat
ribbon bows.
Health and Hutr
A poultlco ot salt mixed with the
white ot nn egg makes a powerful
drawing poultlco for a felon.
As a drink for sore throatPour
halt a pint of boiling water on one
tablcspoonful of black currant Jam.
Strain when cold, dive freely.
To brighten the eyes take occasion
ally Just before going to bod, the Juice.
ot halt a lemon In a small tumbler
ot water, without adding any sugar
to It
For coughs and hiccoughs salt In
small quantities often allays theio dis
tressing afflictions. Tuken In pinches
before retiring will remove tickling In
the throat and conduce to sleep.
After the nightly bath la best time
for massage. The pores ot the skin
have been cleansed and opened and the
effect of either skin food or cold cream
used then seems little less than magi
When a person Is hurt, to prevent
swelling and discoloration apply but
ter (mediately, and bind on a piece ot
brown paper. This la excellent where
there aro children, as the remedy Is nj.
waya near at hand.
fiids and ?5h,
Chantllly lace la once more In ft
Quaint Is a bag of white suede In, a
raised pattern of a swan outlined In
The English custom of wearing the
watch la a gold bracelet has made a
hit, both with the women ot Paris and
The Russian turban, In heavy fur or
velvet, la one of the leading styles and
It Is consistent with the rage for Rus
sian fashions generally.
Batln bands are used as a finish of
many ot the handsome evening scarfs.
There is, of course, no lack of span-
gles, whether In the shape of sequins
or bugles.
Sleevm fulled Into the armboles and
gathered below the elbow Into deep
cuffs are seen In some ultra-fashion-able
afternoon gowns.
Enamel buckles, oblong or oval
shape. In Louis XIV. deslgu, are to bo
worn with linen suits. They are made
In all colors and in silver and gold.
In cottons, plaids promise exceeding
ly well from the start They are two
toned and are shown in all grades.
They will make up nicely with Swisses.
Bows of tulle and brilliant buckles
and long narrow severely plain bows
of moire ribbon are considered quite
the proper thing for tailored shirt
With black costumes there are
atralght garnitures of embroidered net
that cover the front of the waist and
then fall straight In panel or stole ef
fect down the front of the gown.
As a happy medium between the
high waist line of the dlrectolre pe
riod and the low line of the moyen
age, the girdle, moro attractive than
ever, has been placed on many of the
newest gowns.
Wv fllaerea.
The bishop sleeve, with 'its full top
and deep cuff, Is also noticed.
Or the tailored sleeve, tight to the
elbow, with tight lace underaleeve,
And the cloth sleeve with chiffon
puff at the elbow.
Then there is the tight shoulder
sleeve with full drapery below It.
Some of the tailored sleeves on
coats have turn-back cuffs.
I'aaieurUlntr Milk.
Place a pan of cold water on th,
stove and put a vessel containing tho
milk in the pan. As soon as the water
begins to boll take it off. Add a small
teaspoonful of soda to each quart of
hot milk. Put the milk In a bottle
and put In a cork. Milk treated in
this way will keep sweet In hot
weather for twenty-four hours.
A woman will tell you she dresses
to please her husband, even though be
swears every time she buys a new
dress. Smart Bet.
Repainted Machine Weedles,
When sewing machine needles be
come blunted, rub them across a whet-
ftese, which repoiats as good as mew.
Nat Goodwin Is n Boston man.
Robot t Kdeson came to life In Unlit
Baron Max Hoffmann wns born near
Cracow, Poland.
Robert Mantell la n canny Scot, hav
ing been born In Ayrshire.
Far away Portland, Ore, wns the
birthplace of Blancho Bates.
Don't start, but the blrlhplaco ot
John Mason was Ornugo, N, J.
Otis Harlan first raw the light ot
day In Muskingum County, Ohio.
Grace Haiard waa born in St. Louis,
but her parents aro New England Yan
kees, Etslo Janls was born In Columbus,
Ohio, and still calls that placo her
Clarn Morris spent hor childhood In
Cleveland, but was born In Toronto,
Isabel! D'Atmond was born In St.
Louis. Her father was a surgeon ami
practiced for years In the Mound City
Miss Gertrude Hoffmann Is a San
Francisco girl. Her father Is one ot
the constructors In tho Scott ship
building works.
Little Mile. Daxle, the dancing star
ot vaudeville, came Into the world In
St Louts in tha Poterktn family. She
waa 'raised" In Detroit
Jefferson De Angells and Edna Wal
lace Hopporand William A. Brady and
James J. Corbett all were born and
raised in San Francisco.
The first hone railroad was built In
Coat was first used as an lllumlnant
In 1810.
The velocipede waa Invented by
Drals In 1817.
Tho onty self-supporting territory ot
the United States ia Alaska.
The Chilean government has under
contract 698 miles ot railroads at an
estimated cost ot 124,207,6(0.
A chimney of concrete block waa re
cently built In Qermany without the
use of scaffolding, which represents a
great economy In the cost
Billiards and pool on shipboard are
now possible through the recent In
ventlon ot a aelMevellng table which
accommodates Itself to every move
ment of the vessel-
Levantlno newspapers report that
Turkey has granted a conditional con
cession to an American ayndlcate for a
1,343-mile railroad through Asia Minor
Our oil exports to China Increased
from 23,000,000 gallons In 1899 to 87,
000,000 tn 1909 and nearly 104,000,000
In 190S, having thus quadrupled In ten
Thirteen grams ot radium chloride
have been produced at tho Imperial
Austrian radium factory, located at St,
Joachlmsthal. It Is estimated that
this mineral has a value of $45,000 to
$10,000 a gram, or more than $500,000
for the entlre'amount Pure metallic
radium ia never seen.
Long lines and extreme simplicity
nike this charming gown of chiffon vet
ret. A hssvy silk mesh Insertion four
tacJiM wide, it the only trimming "ltd.
Ammon, in his studies of the people
of the small cities of Cnrlsruhe and
Freiburg, proves that city-born people
diminish In the course ot one and two
generations from 100 por cent to 29
per cent, and 16 por cent He believes
that families that move from the coun
try to the cities on an averago almost
die out In the courso of two gonora
tlons. It is asserted that one-halt of
the Inhabitants of the German cities
aro immigrants from the country, and
tho conclusion from this fact is that
the cities must renew themselves com
pletely In the course of two genera
tions. New York Press. m
A Good tiuaaa,
"Does your father know you smoke,
little boy?" asked tho Inquisitive
"I guess not," replied the bad boy,
"He doesn't lock up his cigars," -Detroit
Free Press,
Jury Vary,
Z hold It a fact
That hell hath no fury
That's like to a man
Who's drawn on a Jury,
Buffalo News,
IJwNif' msw KW ??ShasaBk
AT tsaJUgtr ffll lv'jaiaaaai.. . KVWs? aaaaaisSaaaaV
fiiiM flfjila'
sfyM .ill Msinli '- sifsii mlim I ,TOv
imlMwi UiiMKfl91HmIwfm luu
The Salvation Army waa born In 1863. It lias something to show for
the elevntton ot the downtrodden. One of Its champions says;
"The Salvation Army Cag is flying In fifty-five countries. It has no toss
than 7,600 societies and, excepting In heathen countries, Is self-supporting.
The Salvationists hold services In Iblrty-two languages and are led by IS
000 officers, assisted by 30,000 local officers, men aud women, who earn their
living by the aweat of their browa and give their time and money and work
to the cause. In Its advocacy twenty-five newsapera are published In seven
teen tanguagrs. There are 17,000 baudamen who play aacred muslo without
pay. In Oreat Britain these bands march 34,000 miles a week to attract
men and women to the cross. Over 300.000 hungry and wretched creature ,
are fed by Its Instrumentality. No man, woman or child who has fallen
on the highways or life and very allppery these highways ato and reaches
out a hand and says: '1 want to get up again and want to lead an honest.
Industrious lire,' to every such person there should go out another hand
to lift him up, We have many other branches ot work. In all we have
120 different departments or plans for benefiting people, and the number Is
Increasing constantly.
"Now, what are you doing to lift up the people who are down? the
poor, the drunkard, tho sinful, the hungry, and the poor lassies who have
gone over tha line and who are In tho worst hell this side of the river?
What are you doing for them all? Do you think It Is my special work;
that you have no part In It? Will you help me? Will you help the Salva
tion Army? Will you help with your sympathy and prayer? You may say:
"Wo have our churches and missions to maintain,' What a pitiful condi
tion your city would be tn If you did not have. When you have done all
this there will be something left for the Salvation Army. The Salvation
Army is no longor an experiment. It has passed out of the area of specula
tion. It Is an accomplished fact"
At New York the sharp teeth and
daws of Clayton, a leopard, nearly cost
the life of Mrs, Pauline Rueselle, his
trainer, but the length and strength
of his tall saved her. Clayton would
not perform. Mrs. Russtlle prodded
him with an Iron bar and called to hor
assistant for aid. In tho Instant of
turning her head to call, the leopard
leaped He bore the woman to the
ground and stood over her, growling
and lashing his tall. It was then that
the nulck-wltted assistant, reaching In
to tho cage, grabbed Clayton's tall, took
a double hitch around the bars or tne
cagi with It, and rescued Mrs. Rus-
low Muner HapaallorUa Work Cler
ical I'uroaa Oontlnnoualr,
Four big banks In the Wall street
district resemble the great gold mlnos
or the West In one striking feature,
Harper's Weekly says. They havo
three eight-hour shifts of tollers, and
the work never stops. One set takes
up the routine where the other leaves
off. All night long, Sundays and holi
days, a staff of men In each ot these
banks la busy opening thousands of
letters, sorting and listing Innumera
ble checks and drafts that represent
fabulous sums ot money and getting
them ready for the day force, which Is
the only one the public comes In con
tact with or ever hears about If this
work was not carried on incessantly
the banks would soon be overwhelmed
with a mountainous accumulation of
Cwfrll,JtTBHft SSSSsL iaw52sSlaP
' A method of bookkeeping rta novel and Ingenious as It Is pathotio waa
discovered a short tlmo ago by a New Orleans business man who had been
obliged to spend a few days In an out-of-the-way country placo. The hotel
was pootoffice, country store, Jail and all else ot a business naturo tho place
possessed, but tho proprietor and hotel manager could not write, On lenv
Ing the place ho was presented with the bill shown in tho drawing, The
flguro In tho hod means Just whnt it Implies, and. the four ones with the
line drawn through tho two ones following, moans that tho bed was occu
pied seven times, Tho dollar sign and thrco ones designate that the fee
for this privilege was $3.00, Tho figure drawn u seated at a table and the
marks following show that twenty-four meals were eaten at a consideration
of $6,00, Popular Mechanics,
'two soKtstlie "scouting force," as
they call themselves work bclwcaii 5
In the afternoon and 9 the next morn
ing. Each bank has a big drawer In
the genera) postofflre. Messengers
clear thta of Its letters every hour all
night long, Three thousand letters a
day Is the average mall of one of these
large banks. Two-thirds of It comes In
during the night These letters. In
the case of one of the bluest ot these
banks, contain from 35,000 to 40,000
checks and drafts. At times these In
closures represent as much as $10,
000.000. Rarely does the total fall be
low $20,000,000.
The letters are opened as fsst as
they are received, the checks are count
ed and the totals verified with the
footings or the lists. The letters are
then stamped, which shows that they
have been "proved In," as the banks
call It After that they are turned
over to the clerks, who send out the
formal aenowledgments of the remit
lances they contain. The various
checks are assorted according to the
numbers of tho books In which thy
are to be entered and otherwise; thu
sight drafta aro grouped according to
the routes of the bank's messengers
and all is made ready for turning tho
night's accumulation over to the day
force, so It may be handled by tt as
expeditiously as possible.
Each or theso shifts ot night work
ers at tho banks consists of from
twelve to twenty .men. Some banks
got along with but one extra set ot
clerks st night. These come on duty
at midnight and leave at 8 a. m. Thta
plan of working nil night long in jr
der to keep up with the tremendous
amount of business that comes In by
matt waa Inaugurated about flvo years
ago. Tho first bsnk that-tried It found
that so much valuable daytime was
saved that one Institution after an
otner took it up, until now there aro
four that havo these three eight-hour
shifts of clerks, and several more who
work only a part ot the night
Dell nail,
Willie Pn, what ore "Conversational
Pa Oh, any ot the South Americas
republics. -Puck,
1 I
0 nm