The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 08, 1910, Image 8

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    fZ4- 1 s tm fA t?1,o.. TheRaijiyads are Coming!
VJCL HI Ull L11C V-llUUlllU 1 1UU1 .
Get to the Land FIRST!
. . , Fortunes are being: made in IRRIGATED LAND. Deschutes Valley Acre-
"" . age offers wonderful opportunitiee for the Settler, be he rich or poor. ,
; The Carey Act Segregation of The
Deschutes Land Co.
Offers an Unparalleled Irrigationist's Opportunity.
The segregation, 30 miles south of Bend, in the fertile Walker Basin, embraces more than
28,000 Acres No Rock Deep Soil Ample Water
sinssmrmm'nTmmmnmmmmTSTTmmT -.,.,.... .,,--., . . , ., ,, ,.,,...,.,,. ---- .- ,, -. , .,-, .-c.,. . '
All the land to be irrigated is ABSOLUTELY FREE FR0A1 STONE. The soil is VERY DEEP, productive and EASILY
i " WORKED. THE LAND IS LEVEL. It slopes just enough to insure Ideal Irrigation Conditions. The water for this
gr,eat enlerprise is taken from CRESCENT LAKE. The supply is CONSTANT AND INEXHAUSTIBLE. The BldQEST
EXCAVATOR IN THE WEST is engaged in the construction of our canals. Men arc at work night and day on the ditches.
The Land is Free, Water Rights Cheap, Terms Easy
The Deschutes Land Company
r . v
Bend Representatives:
J. E. MORSON, Mgr.
Portland Office
Opens Next Week!
The New Harness and Horse Goods Store
Repairing ot ill kinds. Best WorK Guaranteed.
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BMu K JbW ,i4
Chapman Bldg., Cor. Wall and Minncsot Sis ,
Bend, - - Oregon
uBwsn G
mA I & -
w teP
iBri. .-.
..Tt ' -----K -!i-.
, -,. Jrl-P" I - A.i
SIHHt W v X -
Fishing Season
Commences April First. We
carry a iuii Hue 01 iiik very uesi
Rig new shipment jus) in. Rods,
Flies, Leaders, etc.
JjS. C. Caldwell
f i I EVEHYTH1NG for tbe FIskemu.
Advertising in The Bulletin brings results.
Test lb yourself sAi pr'ove it.
the McCallisters as next for consid
eration. The company contested
Julia E., Ccorge W., Lewis. Guy
C. and Mrs. M. A. McCallister,
and Ed, White and P. W. Lever
enz, assignees of the-McCallisters,
and Lewis MCallisler counter-contested
the Squaw Creek Co., mak
ing a bunch of eight cases in
volving identical facts. Attorney
Sell, for the company, blandly
asked in what order the testimony
should be presented, saying that
he thought the defendant should
proceed first and promising that in
such case he would be ready
Thursday morning. Superintend
ent Saxton ruled that the plaintiff,
or contestant, should proceed first,
in accordance with the usual form.
Then Dell wanted to take up first
the case of McCallister vs. the
Squaw Creek Company ne wanted
the other fellow to present his case
first, in auy event. Attorneys Ga
vin and Forbes objected to this, be
ing ready to go ahead in the usual
order as the cases stood on the
docket. The Superintendent fin
ally ruled that the cases proceed in
that order, beginning Thursday
Wednesday afternoon was de
vote to arranging iurther compro
mises, and stipulations were entered
into whereby all tbercmaiuingcases,
except the McCallister bunch, were
jdjUBted. These were the bquaw
Creek Company against the Clover
dale Company, Elwood Roberts,
Roberts brothers, and William T.
E. Wilson, and the Black Butte
Land & Livestock Co against
Oobcrt H. Krug. Anna- E Day
ton's contests against the Roberts
brothers, R J. Griffith and the
Squaw Creek Co. were not formally
dismissed, but the status of the
water claims, according to the
amended applications, leaves no
practical question at issue owl they
liave no vitality. The Roberts
brothers would not consent to a re
duction of tljeir water claim below
an Inch and a half to the acre.
The others came down to about an
inch to the acre'.
The McCallisters were rather
eager to go to trial; the Wurzweilcr
interests were correspondingly re
luctant. When Thursday morning
arrived Bell pleaded for furter time,
on the ground that lie needed im
portant papers for which he had
sent to Friuevillc. Forbes and Ga-
viu resisted delay. The Superin
tendent saw through the pretext
and ordered the taking of the testi
mony .to begin in ouc hour. The
Wurzweilcr people thus finding
themselves "up against it," rather
than attempt to defend their previ
ous sworn statements, cut down
their claims from 7400 Inches to
less than 3400 Inches, admitted the
"errors" in their previous sworn
applications and there was no
testimony to tdke.
W. Wurzweilcr himself, as Pres
ident of the Black Butte Land &
Livestock Co., in order to reach a
settlement, filed au amended appli
cation for 244 inches of water in
stead of the 400 inches previously
claimed under oath. The sworn
statement set forth that the com
pany had used Squaw creek water
on 400 acres of land contluuously
since 1900; the amended statement
accepted the figures of the State
Engineer to the efTect that the area
irrigated did not exceed 344 acres.
E. T. Slay ton, Secretary of the
Squaw Creek Co., who previously
swore that he bad used about too
inches of water from 1889 to the
present time, and George Slayton,
who represented that he had used
200 inches for the same period,
filed an amendment that they bod
used such water in .the years of
1899 and 1890 only. The date of
enlargement oi the Squaw Creek
ditch was also "corrected" from
1897, as appeared in the original
application, jo 1899.
Dairy enterprise Started and Right
- of Way ts Cleared.
Kosiand. Ok., June 7. Mr, and JUrs.
15, 1', rltuuti have arrived from iikag
way, Alaska, to mike their home here,
Mr. I'ltman has taken a lease of the
Rostand hotel.
J. I. IteOcy, who ran 'the Rosland
hotel until the first of this month, lu
leased the l'ronk llogua place, 310 acres,
and intends to ciije lu (lie dairy bus.
ne,. In which line he had much ex
perience In Cd'.0,Jo before coming
here. '
J, T. Carter is to cut 'the hay on the
I'egra ranch this year on shares; he will
alto build considerable; new fence and
have general charge ot the premises.
Preparations for moving Jlogue'a store,
the Itosland hotel aud other buildings to
theuaw townslteftf: Lal'iuc'' two miles
south, are completed.
W. O, I'ordbatn and J, T, Carter have
taken the coutract foe clearing railroad
Wc want to buy,
Bring your stuff in
And give us a try,
The demand is big.
And the prices are high.
Come hustle 'em in,
There's a crowd in the town,
And they're all getting thin.
So rustle the chum and
Dump the spuds from the bin.
LARA'LL take all you got,
Delivered in Bend .;
Or bought on the spot.
In cash or in trade
Good prices arc paid
. So don't wait auy longer,
right-of-way from the l'ordhatn home,
atead southward, a distance of two
Alaskan Settles Near.
W. M. Wilson, fotmerly of Cor.
dorva, Alaska, has taken up resi
dence on his i6o-acre ranch under
the Swally ditch. With Mr. Wil
son is bis wife and his sister, Mist
Louise Strixter, who has a quarter
section at Powell Buttes under the
D. I. & P. ditches,
Mr. and Mrs, J. Hatter and chil
dren, Miss Baldwin aud J. II.
WIgle came over from I'riucvillc
Saturday for a day's fishing in the
Leave your subscriptions for
All Magazines
at tht' Library a'nd let that
institution get thd benefit.
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Hshed Dr. R. P, Howell at Crescent
wuo will be responsible for that
end of the medical supervision of
the camps. Thus far, with the ex
ception of a single case of scarUt
isvbi ui crescent, me camps trom.
Madras south are free from sick
The contracts from Madras south
nave ucen let to tile following concerns
Kennedy, Hickman ft 1'razler have the
" .V ,e" "" Nlckerson & Duffy, ten
miles; Nelson llros.. nine and one-half:
W. I'. McLaughlin & Co., ten; Rossi &
"""' "" . "" voiingsironi,
four; II. Kitchener, two and one-half:
nryoi& Youngstrom. thirteen; Nelson
llros., ten, and C. J, Johnsou, fortyoue
rtt. -r n . a . .
me nuiiettn's job presses are
very busy these davn. titrnlnc out
biph grade work for our customers.
tJrfi ,&.