The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 04, 1910, Image 7

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The Best
We Are Strictly Headquarters for Building Material and Ranchers Supplies,
We have just received a solid car of barbed wire and nails, half a car of doors and windows, and we always
carry a large stock of building and roofing papers. We are also exclusive agents for the John Deere Plows,
the Ironclad Moline Wagon and the Pittsburg Perfect Fence. These three stand strictly at the head of the
list. There is no wagon, plow or fence that is "just as good." You may be offered other lines that are
claimed to be "just as good" at 5c or 10c less, but even these prices are not made until our prices are adver
tised. Try it yourself and see if this is. not strictly correct.
Building Papers.
FOR INSIDE WORK Ked or grey, '2S lbs. O E?
to tilt roll; fl()() square teet to the fJyt.
roll; per roll
FOR OUTSIDE WORK Heavy blnck, glazed paper;
will .stand till kinds of weather;
SOO .square feet to the roll; per
the ordinary tar felt. Just the
tiling tor a cheap roof.
Per roll
CONOO ROOFINO No tar, but pure asphalt. Not
changed by extreme heat or eold. Easy to lay. Nails,
eaps and cement in each roll. t y k F
10H square feet to the roll. D
Per roll
tight and as good as new. Will make 4 f f
j iui iji;iii;i mini
your roof last live years longer. This
is guaranteed to contain no tar. tMoa
Barbed Wire
ire iui uaiiic, unrm
Waukcganlto Galvanized A medium weight wire
called hog wire, barbs inches
apart; 1 lb. to the rod; spools
average 100 lbs. Per 100 lbs. -
Gliddcn Galvanized A heavy wire for cattle, barbs
J) inches apart; 1 1-4 lbs. to the
rod; spools average 100 lbs.
Per 100 lbs. -
Smooth Galvanized Fence Wire. Used by many
in place of the barbed wire.
No. , per 100 lbs. .... $5.85
No. 12, per 100 lbs. .... $6.00
Galvanized Staples, 1 l-'J inch long, sharp points
lor use with smooth or barbed fence wire.
Per keg . . . . . $5.75
Per pound . . . . . . 6 1-2 c
1M A I I CI No. 2 common, per keg . . $6.00
lrt.li3 n0 ., hriK,lt per kcff t m $625
All other sizes $5.75
We ran Rive you all ilzcs in comujoni from 2d to 601 and In finishing
front 6d to lOd.
Doors & Windows
A good four-panel fir door, the kind that
wont go to pieces.
2-0x0-0 11-4 $2.60
2-8x0-8 10-8 . $3.20
Covered with the best grade of
wire netting.
2-8 x 0-8 7-8 four panel .... $1.40
2-8 x 0-8 1 1-4 four panel . $1.75
2-8 x 0-8 1 1-4 Fancy .... $2.00
4-light 10 x 12, per sash . . . -. 75c
4-light 12x14, per sash '. . . " v 90c
2-light 24 x 80, per window . $2.25
v : -
We are closing out our line of house paints. The "PHOENIX" is GUARANTEED ABSOLUTELY PURE PAINT. It is the BEST FAfiNT manufactured by
W. P. Fuller & Co., the largest manufacturers of paint on the Pacific Coast. WE WILL CLOSE OUT our entire line of this strictly high grade paint at $1.50 PER
GALLON. You will pay 82.10 for paint not as good. Phtenix Paint was put on our store building two and a half years ago. You can see tor yourself what the quality is.
JLv i iv. -
-. HP '
v Wl ufl -uJ
Br ijTm . .X - . i ;
lZ- Jz X lT
uv?. vw -
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,.. "v. .
Lj remember, tub
Fishing Season
Commences April First. Wc
if curry u full Hue or the very best
-. I flKI.
:Jv '
J- Me new shipment iust in. Rods.
Plies, Leader's, etc.
C.f CMUwfiU
Sp s,i '.
i ; , m mKiininu m tne iistcrm.
for Sale.
Lease on iao acres of laud iyA
tulles northwest of I.aidlaw. Sixty,
acres in cultivation, 20 acres In
meadow, 30 in winter grain. Waterj
taxes paid for this year. Also horse,!
wagon and harness. Knqulrc for
the Carran place.
O. Hamilton, Laidlaw.
Leave your subscriptions for
All Magazines
n,t the Library and let that
institution get the benefit.
City Dray continually drawlug.
Cleveland's Making Powder.
Hay for sale. P. II. Dhnckk,
Bend. . 8-1 1
Inties & Davidson "deliver the
goods" in the barber Hue.
A. II. Arnold, from Chatauooga,
Tcnn., visited Ikud last week.
Wantkd Men to cut cord wood
in urccn timber. W P, Downing
I'ok Sai.. Fox typewriter.
Cheap. Address po;.t office box 111.
John Steidl returned last Friday
from u two weeks' visit to Port
laud. WANTRD CORDWOOD, 4-foot
juniper, dry aud grccu. V. P.
Wantkd Kither a boy or a girl
to wait on table. Apply at Pilot
Hutte Inn.
Good team of small marcs, liar
ties aud wagon for sale cheap. R.
Si'KNCKK, Bend.
I,ast Friday evening the Deud
baseball team were the hosts at a
very successful and wcll-atteuded
For sale bay gelding, 7 years
old, weight 1000 lbs., well broke
A, D. Mokkiix.
Splendid new maps of Central
Oregon for rale at the llulletju of
Pice. Mailed for 50 cents.
Wantkd. Span of young mares,
weight about 1200. Also one rid
ing'pony. Inquire Aune barn, tf
In a local last week an unfor
tunatc mistake was made. The
name of Bend's chief of police is
Noticw. All my property in
Rend aud vicinity is hereby with
drawn irom the market. -John
For Sai,u, Pianos, one at Mrs.
E. R. Riley's, the other at Sher
wood Bros., Redmond. Iuquire at
either place. tf
The Grant building now occu
pied by Prauk Rowlee aud the Big
Hungry, has been given a new
dress of paint.
News has been received hi Bend
of the birth of a daughter April
a6th at Winona, Wash., to Mrs, A.
G. Kly, formerly Mrs. Chapman of
F. Edwards, of the Home Land
Company, is in Spokane ou a busi
ness trip. He is expected to return
the end of this week.
The Whatsoever wilt meet this
Friday afternoon at the home 01
Mrs. H.G- Ellis. Alt their friends
are cordially invited.
I have $20,000 private nemiy to
lean m Be ml real estate. H you want
to buJW, ae rm.C. S. HUDSON,
The Firat NatkHu! Baak, Bead, Or.
The Drschutes Basking & Trust
Co. this week completed its equip
tnent by the addition ol an orna
mental iron grill above its counter.
Paul Golm, Frank Keiper and
George Michaelson passed through
Bend on the 26th, ou their way to
take up homesteads near Fort Rock.
Dr. U. C. Coe left Thursday eve
ning for a business trip to Seattle,
driving through to The Dalhw with
his auto to catch Friday morning's
Warm weather makes the low by
fire greater. Are you ituuredr We
represent oaly the best and largest
Insurance Companies in the linked
States. Let tw write your (natir
attee. The First National Bak af
P. J. O'Leary of Jfemidjl,
Miun, visited Bend hut week afr
an absence of several years. J Is
has some timber holdings sotjtk of
W. W. OrcHtt reports that toe
left Bend kst Thursday atorninr in
aa automobile, located a settler east
of Millicaas ad get hack by, 12:30
Per Sak-40 avefe chciee land
on maia roW 4 wMes sooth of
Redmosd, hi FKkd Mora flat.
Cheap if sold om. A. W. jAsots,
Susanvllte, Calif.
French & Butte hav iuat rni.
ed a complete Aleck of boys' shoe-t,
overalls, etc. Come in and let us
show you where you caa save money
by patroairiBfcue.
This week the National Meat
Market opens up far buiuM in
the Sonth Stare in tk now ra..iu
DalWiHg. T. W. StaSbrd beads
the new enterprise.
John Leg at eMihtn't get out to
the library snmer last Thtuutav
night bat be dropped in next day
and banded the Iferarian $s as bis
share toward the. swpport of the library.