The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 04, 1910, Image 3

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.-aLaa". " -- . i Maj saaOTaW&a
ClIAITKIt V. (Continued.)
A on the preceding night, each mnn
took III" hour's watch on Ilia uppel
plateau. When It camo to Altnmonl'o
turn. and he had gone mil to relievo
lull, llntterns called hla old cornpnn
loni round him. Th doctor loft hi
Auk mid Johnson hi conking, nnd
haatened to their oaptaln's ld.
"My friend," ho nald, "lt u take
advantage of the American's absence
to talk uualnees. There are thing
which cannot concern hint, and with
which 1 do not ehoose htm to meddln."
Johnnon nnd Clawbonny tookod lit
nch other, wondering What Ilia cap
tntn was driving at
"I wlili." ho continued, "to talk with
you nhout our piano for the rut urn."
"All rtohtt talk away, wlillo wo are
alone," aald the doctor.
"In month, or olx week nt tho out
Id, wo ran leave horn. Have you
thought of what wo had (tetter dn thla
"llnvo you, raptnlnT" nuked John
"Have IT Not an hour of my life
paste without rovolvtnK In my mind
on cherlihed purpose. I suppose, lint
man among you Intend to ret nice
lita 'Hep r
No ono replied, nnd Haltorua went
en to aayi
"For my own part, oven If I must
CO alone, I wilt pueh on to tho north
pole. Never wero men o near It bo
Core, for wo ore nut more than 140
intlr dlatnnt at moitj and t wilt not
loo auch an opportunity without mak
Ing vry attrmpt to reach It liven
thouidi It 14 Impossible. What are
jour view, doctor f
"Your own, Hattera."
"And your. Johnson P
" h doctor."
"And your, Ileltr
"Capuln," replied tho carpenter, "It
1 true we havo neither wlvea nor chll
lrn waltlna- u In Hngland, but, after
II, It t on' country one' native
land! Have you no thought of re
turning home?"
"Wo ran return after wo have die
covered the polo quite n well n Ixt,
fore. twitor even. Our dlrtleultle will
not Increase, for a wo nmtr Ihn pole
we Kt Nwuy from tho lnl of grwtnsl
old. Wo havo furl 'nnd provlolono
nough. There I nothing to atup u.
nnd we ihnuld l culpable. In my opln
Ion. If we allowed ourielvc lo aban
don Ih project"
"Very well, captain) 111 go along
with you."
"That rtghtt I never doubled you,"
aid llattema. "Wo suoeeed, and
England will have all tho iclory,"
"Hut there U on American among
uet" aM Johnson.
Ilaltern could not reprei an lm
patient exclamation.
"I know HI" ho said, tternly.
"Wo can't leave him behind." added
the doctor. ,
t "No, wo can't," regaled Hattera.
Imoet mechanically.
"And bo will bo ouro lo go, too."
"Ho will bo ouro to go. too but who
will command V
"You. captain."
"And If you all obey my order, wilt
tho Tankeo refuser
"1 ihouldn't think o but auppoo
lie should, what then!"
"Ho and I mut fight It out"
Tho three . Knsllshinen looked at
Ilattora. but aald nothing. Then tho
doetor aked how they wero to go,
"Hy tho coast aa far a polblo,"
a the reply.
"Ilut what If wo rind open water, a
ti likely enough!"
"Well, we'll go ncroo It"
"Ilut wo havo no boat"
Hatteras did not amwer, nnd lookod
"Perhaps," suggested Bell, "wo might
make ahlp out of om of the plank
of the I'orpolae."
"Neverl" exclaimed Hattera. vohe.
"Neverl" aald Johnaon.
Tho doctor shook hla head. un
Jrtood the feeling of tho captain.
"Neverl" reiterated Hattera. "A
boat mado out of an American ahlp
vould be an Amerlcanl"
"Ilut captain " began Johnion.
The doctor mado a ilpi to tho old
toatswaln not to pre tho subject fur
Thl ended tho day, and tho night
passed without dliturbanc. Tho bear
had evidently disappeared.
Tho flrt builneit neat day wag to
nrrnngo for a hunt It wa settled
that Altamont Hell, and Hattonii
ahould form the party, Clawbonny
hould go and explore na far no Ilo
Johnion, and mako om hydrogrnphle
note, and Johnion ahould remuln bo
hind to keep home.
At 8 o'clock they atnrtod. accompn
nlod by Duke, who frliked and gam
iioma witn aeiight They had been
ltnno about nn hour when Johnion
uddonly heard tha report of n gun.
"Capital!" ho exclaimed. 'They
have found something, and protty
quick, too."
A oecond and a third hot followed.
"Ilravol" again exclaimed tho boat
wain "thoy have fallen In luck'
Ilut when three moro shots camo In
rapid aucceiilon, tho old man turned
palo, nnd a thought oroned hla mind
which mado him ruih out and climb
Iiaitlly at tho top of tho cone.
Ho ahuddervd at tho light whloh mot
hi eyei.
Tho throo hunter, followed by Duke,
were touring home at full speed, fol
lowed by the flvo huge bears I Their
alx bulled had ovtdently had no ef
fect Tho monster wero cloio on tholr
Hattera, who brought up tho rear,
could only manngo to koop off hla pur
uora by flinging down ono nrtlelo
utter nnother flrot hla cap, then hla
hatchet, and, finally, tits gun. lie know
that the Inquisitive boar would itoo
and oxnmlno every object, nimng nil
round II, and thl gave him a little
time, otherwise he could not have es
raped, for Ihne animal outstrip the
fleetest horsn, and one monster was
o near that Hntterns had to brandish
hi knlfo vigorously, (o ward off a tre
mendous blow from his paw.
At last, though panting and out of
brenth, tho three men reached Johnson
jafely, and slid down tho rock with
him Into tha snow house. Tho bear
stopped short on the upper ptateau,
and Hattera nnd his companion lost
no time In barring nml barricading
them out
"Here wo ar at butt" exclaimed
Haltvrns, "we can defend ourselveo
better now. It Is five ngatnit five."
"Four I" said Johnion. In a fright
ened volco,
"The doctorl" replied Johnnon,
pointing to tho empty sitting room.
"Well, he Is In Islo Johnson."
"A bad Job for him," said lletL
"Ilut wo can't leave him to his fata.
In thl fashion," said Altamont
"No, let us bo off to him at once,"
replied Hattera.
He opened the door, but soon hut
It, narrowly escaping a bear's hug.
"They ar therol" ho exclaimed.
"Allr naked Hell.
Tho whole pack."
Altamont ruined to the windows,
and began lo nit up tho deep embrn
euro with blocks of Ice, which ho broke
off the walls of tho house.
HI companions followed his exam
plo silently. Not a sound was heard
but tho low, deep growl of Duke.
They were boslegr-L
All wero worried about tho good
"Wo must gt rid of tho bears before
ho comes," said Hattaras.
"Ilut howr asked HelL
It was difficult to rvply to this. A
sortie wns out of the question. They
could hear tho bsir prowling about
outside, growling nnd scraping the
walls with their enormoua lws.
However, action must bo taken
speedily. Altamont resolved to try a
porthole through which ho might fire
on hi aisallanta. Ho icooped out a
hole In the wall, but hi gun was hard
ly pushed through when It was selied
with Irroststlblo forco and wrested
from hla grasp before he could oven
"Confound III" ho exclaimed, "wo'ro
no match for them."
Ho hastened to stop up tho breach
as fast a possible.
Thl auto of things had laated up
wards of an hour, nnd there seemed
no prospect of a termination.
Tho question of a sortie began now
to bo aerlously discussed. There was
little chance of suocess, a tho bears
could not be attacked separately, but
Hattera and his companions had
grown impatient Also tnay wore
ashamed of being kept In prison by
Ho took Johnson's furnaeo poker and
thrust It Into the store, while ho
mado an opening In tho snow wall, or,
rather, a partial opening, for ho left a
thin sheet of Ice on tha outer oldo.
As soon as tho poker was red hot ho
said to his comrades, who stood eager
ly watching htm, wondering.
This red hot bar will keep off tho
bears when they try to get hold of It
and wo shall be able easily to fire
across It without letting them snatch
away our guns."
llattems withdraw the poker, and
plunged It In tho wall. Tho melting
snow mado a loud, hissing nolso, and
the two bears ran and mado a snatch
nt tho glowing Urj but they fell back
with a terrible howl, and nt tho sama
moment four shot rvsounded, ono
after tho other.
"Hit!" exclaimed Altamont
"Hltl" echoed IlelL
'IM us repeat It." said Hatteras,
carefully stopping up tho opening
Tho poker was again thrust Into the
Dro, and In a few minutes was ready
for Hatteras to recommence opera
tions. Altamont and Dell reloaded their
guns, and took their places; but this
time tho poker would not pass through.
"Confound tho beasts 1" exclaimed
the American.
"What's tho mattorr asked Johnson.
"What'o tho mattorT Why, they are
piling up block after block. Intending
to bury ua nllvep
"kook for yourself) the poker can't
get through."
It was worse than alarming. The
beara moant to atlflo tholr prey, Thoy
were hooping up huge masses, which
would make eicapo Impossible.
Two hour passed. Tho air grow
close. Kvery oponlng was hermetical
ly aealed. Tho stoves would hardly
draw, nnd It n evident would soon
go out altogether for want of oxygen.
Hatteras was tho first to sco their
fresh danger, and ho mado no attempt
to hide It from hi companions.
"It that is tho case," said Altamont,
"wo must get out at all risks."
,"Jos," rvplled Hatteras: "hut wo
must wait till night. We will mako
a .hole In tho room, and lot In somo
ntr, and then ono of ua can flro out of
it on In beara."
"It Is the only thing wo can do, I
suppoao, hM Altamont
Night t'drow on, and tho lamp In tho
alltlng from began to burn dim for
want of oxygon.
At I o'clock tho Anal arrangements
wore completed; and all that remained
to do n to make an oponlng In tho
roof. I
They HadTk
been working away at thl
for somal minutes, when Johnson, who
had been I keeping watch In tho aloeplng
room, catn In hurriedly.
"What'li tho mattorr all naked at
"Nothtilg exactly," aald tho old anil
or, "and yet -"
"Come, Aut with UI" exclaimed Alta
"I hear a peculiar noleeT
"Where r
"Here, on this aide, on tha wall of
tho room."
All stopped working and llatened.
Jnhnaon wna right A nolso there cor
Inlnly wns on tho sldo wall, as If
somo one wore cutting the Ice,
"Don't you heur Itr repented John
son. "Hear lit Yrs, plain enough," ro
piled Altamont.
"I It tho boar;" naked 1111,
"Most nssuredly,"
"Well, they have changed their tn
tics," said old Johnson, "and given up
tho Idea of suffocating us."
"Thoy nro going to attack us," said
"Wo shall have n hnnd-to-hand
struggle, (tint's all." said HntterH.
'With knife and hntchot, then," re
turned the American. "Tho 'guns would
bo useless here,"
Tho nolso Increaied. "Thoy nro
hardly six foot oft now," said tho
"Itlght Johnsonl" replied AlUmonti
"be ready for them."
Helilng a hatchet ha placed himself
In fighting attitude, planting his right
foot firmly forward and throwing him
self back.
Hatteras and the others followed hla
example, and Johnson took care to
load a gun In case of necessity,
Rvery mlnuto tho sound camo near
er, till at last only a thin coating sep
arated them from their assailants.
Presently this gave way with a
loud crack, and a hugs dark mas
rolled over Into tho room.
Altamont had already swung his
hatchet to strike, when ho was arrest
ed by a well-known voice, exclaiming!
"For heaven's sake, stopl"
"Tho doctorl tho doctorl" cried
And tho doctor It actually was who
had tumbled In among them In auch
undignified fashion.
"How do yo do, good frlendar ho
said, picking himself up.
Ills companions stood stupefied for
a moment but Joy soon loosened thAIr
tongues, and each rushed eagerly for
ward to welcome hla old comrade. Hat
teras was fairly overcome with -emo
tlon. and hugged him llko a child.
"J Jut how did you know wo had
been attacked by a troop of bears H
asked Altamont when they got their
breath. "What wo wero moot afraid
of was that you would oomo back,
never dreaming of danger."
"Oh, I saw It alt Tour repeated
shot gave mo the alarm. When you
commenced firing I was lelde tho
wreck of tho rorpotse, but I climbed
Up a hummock, and discovered five
bears close on your hoots. I crept cau
tiously nearer, somettmea going on
all fours, sometimes flipping between
great block of Ice, till I came at
ast qulto close to our fort and then
I found tho bears working away llko
"Ilut what danger you wero In, Mr.
Clawbonny," ald Holt "Any moment
they might have turned round and at
tacked you."
"When I hw what tho bears wore
up to, I determined to get bock to you
by some meeji or other. I watted till
It got dark, then I gilded noiseless
along towards tho powder magaiine.
I apeedlly commenced operation with
my enow-kntfe, A. famou tool It la.
J-or throo mortal hours I havo been
hacking and heaving away, but hero
I am at lat tired onough and starr
ing, but (till safe."
To sharot our fatol" aald Alta
mont "No. to savo you all; but first giro
mo a biscuit and a bit of moat"
A big meal was soon before him.
but tho little man could talk while ho
was eating.
"Did you say to savo usT" asked
"Assuredlyl" wn tho reply.
"HowT" everyone asked.
"My plan U qulto simple, and part
of tha work Is done already."
"What do you meant"
"You shall see. Ilut I am forgetting
that I brought a companion with mo."
"What do you sayT" said Johnson.
Tho doctor went Into tho passage,
and brought back a dead fox, nowly
(To be continued.)
Denude Location.
Every visitor at tho now capttol at
HnrrUburg, P., who get as far as
tho rejjUtratlon room la expected to
wrtta hla name In a big book, together
with hla birthplace and preaent residence-.
Not long ago, when a crowd of
oiourslonlsU vUltod the ground and
buildings, a atout girl started to reg
ister. Qho paused, pen polaod la air. and
called out to nn elderly lady, comfort
ably iwsatod In a big chair, "Mom,
vcro woa I borned ntt"
"Vnt you rant to know dat for?"
"Dla mnn vanta to put It In der big
"Aohl" answered the mother, "you
know veil enough In dor old atono
liouae." Troy Tlmea.
Teatlnsr liar.
"How would you feel, Clarissa, If
you and I wore sailing down tho
stream of life together, far away from
"How far, GeorgoT"
"Oh, far, far awayl"
"I'd be ao terribly homesick for
And from that night thla young man
ceased hla visits, Judge,
The Collector's Kotort, .
After a long wait the crafty debtor
glanced up front hU desk.
"Have a, chair," he aald to the per
sistent dun collector, who stood near
the door.
"I'm not tired," waa the flerc re
tort; "but this bill la. It'a been stand
ing a long time nowl" Judge,
Mivht Ho Ills Kttalt,
"Don't go 'roun' complatnln' 'bout de
way yob, friends haa treated you," said
Unci Ebea. "When a man ala' got de
right kind o' frlonda It's gtserl bt
ruM ha didn't desaxv '"
Chlncao achool and student have
grown rapidly In tho last decade,
Ilabylou'a Inhabitants frequented li
braries, sovcnlccn centuries before
Under tho now law for buildings In
Now York city tho number of dark
rooma In tenements havo been reduced
from 250,000 to 101,117. "Let thcro ho
light," la tho motto of tho board of
Of the 1,407 forelgnora at the col
Icgee of tho United Statu, 400 hall
from North America, 458 from Asia,
313 from Kuropo, only 1S4 from Bouth
America, CI from Australia and 18
from Africa.
Tho United States has more (22,214,
440) dairy cows than any other coun
try In tho world; more horse, 23,000,
632; more mules, 4,056,399; more
awtne, 07,970,301, and (except IJrltUh
India) more cattle, 73,240,073.
In a Dalfaat breach of promise caae
the man, a farmer, won. He agreed to
marry a aplnster If aho could ralae
1600. She waa ablo to get together
only 300, ao the farmer called It off,
despite tho fact that he had ordered
the clergyman to be on hand to marry
them. The Judge aald that the promlao
to marry waa conditional, and the con
dition bod not been fulfilled.
Itobert Wynne, tho former United
Blntea consul-general In London, In
tenda to resume nowapaper work In
the nrlllsh capital. Deforo Mr. Wynne
became postmaster-general of the Unit
ed Btatea bo had a long and brilliant
Journalistic career, being also presi
dent of the Gridiron Club at Washing
ton. Ho I Intimately acquainted at
first band with London and lta celebri
ties. There (a an old superstition that If
a aptder aettlea on ono'a clothea It la
a algn that he will ahortly receive
money. "When a spider la found upon
our clothea," says an old writer, "we
used to aay, aome money la coming
toward us. Tho moral la thla: Such
who Imltato the Industry of that con
temptible creature may, by God'i bless
ing, wearo thomsolvea Into wealth and
procure a plentiful estate."
To get rock for tho Morena dam In
aouthern California, one of the biggest
blasting operatlona on record haa. Just
been auccessfully carried out. Describ
ing the feat, the Engineering Record
aaya that a tunnel 125 feet long waa
first driven Into the face of the gran
ite. In this chamber waa placed 38,950
pound of powder and dynamite. Thla
waa exploded by electric fuiea and dis
lodged 120,000 cubic yards o( rock.
Dlue books hare a reputation for
typographical accuracy almost equal
to that of the famous Clarendon Prets,
which Is said to offer a guinea reward
tor tho detection of a single printer's
error In tho edition of the Holy Scrip
ture. A "cancel" note Juat received
from the king printers shows the re
markable anxiety to Insure correctness.
It Informs us that In a chart attached
to the "Army Medical Report of 1903"
there la a misplaced dot Can thla ex
ample of minute corrigenda be beaten 7
London Chronicle.
In Belgium a prisoner haa turned
the old trick nnd escaped through the
prison window hospital. The prince of
rogues weighed 300 pounds and found
himself too large to pass through hla
cell window, so he played sick and
"soldiered" around until they put him
Into the prison hospital. He ato noth
ing to apeak of for fifty days, and be
came ao thin" that he easily aqueezed
through a window of the "chronic"
ward, having at odd tlmea aawn
through the bars. Once through the
window friends below helped him to
the ground and took him In an auto.
The cutting blowpipe, of which so
many surprising things hare been re
ported, haa recently been Improved in
Prance in a way to render it more gen
erally useful. Two Inflammable gases
mutt be employed. One la required to
keep the metal at a high temperature.
The other la oxygen to concentrate ac
tion by oxidation along the line of
the cut. For heating, either coal gaa,
acetylene or hydrogen ia employed, but
aa there ia somotimes difficulty In pro
curing a supply of those gases the new
blowpipe Is arranged to use Instead
the ordinary gasoline employed by mo
torists. The charge that bees are destructive
to the fruit on the tree Is not borne
out by the facts. Their tongues are
formed exclusively for the extraction
of sweet Juices, nnd their mandibles
nre unable to plerco the akin of a fruit.
0 rapes havo been taken Intact from
tho Interior of a hive In which they
had been allowed to remain four daya,
A grapo which had been smeared with
honey waa licked clean, but waa not
Injured. The bees Inserted their
tongues Itr pinholes made In the skin
of a grape, and extracted some of the
Julco, but they woro unable to enlarge
the holes.
Writing about the family of King
Albert of Belgium, a Oerlln corre
spondent says; "Llttlo Prince Leopold
Is making rapid progress as a violin
ist. He displays no phenomenal talent
Tho tnusto teacher haa a painataking
and Intelligent assistant in Queen
Elizabeth, who ia an accomplished vio
linist A plcturo which was recently
taken shows the queen in a plain black
skirt and a whlto shirtwaist, with not
tho smallest ornament visible, stand
ing in a plainly furnished room, vio
lin in hand, teaching the little prince.
It is the klud of plcturo which wtl
go far toward winning the respect tad
osteal of the people."
A member of the National Houso of Representatives has evolved a plan"
A distinguish Mr. Tatt and all future presidents by a splendid symbol of
told and jewels. According to the plan the decoration is to consist of a
chain of gold with a huge pendant, which is to be a replica of the great seal
of State, emblazoned with diamonds and enriched by the highest art of the
engraver. The remainder of hls gorgeous chain la to be wrought of smaller
reproductions of tho seals of the forty-nine States and territories of the
United States, linked together with Jeweled golden doves, to syaboHse the
peace and unity in which they all dwell together ia one japaWlc.
Such a anperb embellishment, the originator of the Idea feeUsras, WeU
fitly designate the president of this great republic and stark kiss est assess
his fellow men on any occasion o. formality. Besides, K eetttd be retained
by ex-presidents as a sort of token of political paitmasUrshlp and passed a
to their descendants aa a pleasant reminder that aa aaeestor had been la
tho president's chair. The supporters of the plan would bare A replies ot
the Tail chain presented to Theodore Roosevelt, and favor the wearing of a
almllar but less ornate chain by the governors ot the States for purposes of
distinction. The opponents of the decoration say it savors of Zelaya or Cas
tro rather than of a country which Is proud ot its Lincoln, Us Fraaklla,
Its Jackson and other Americans who needed no gliding to make thesa great.
And no one enjoys the Joke, It is said, more than President Tatt himself.
Continuing his researches, begun
with the ordinary ultrarlolet rays, Bll
lon.Daruerre In Franco has recently
experimented with still shorter raya ot
the apectrum, measuring down to 1,000
units, for the sterilization ot all kinds
ot liquids. He finds that the rery
short raya are 25 tlmea aa effective as
the longer ones in their sterilizing
power. Ho uses quarts vacuum tuDos,
Immersed in the liquid, and liummai
ed with currenU much moro feeble
than those required for the mercury
vapor larapa at flrat employed.
nna of the Dressing problems in
aerial harlgation ta that ot producing
automatic etablllty. Some inrestlga-
tora think that a way may be found
n i n aeronlane so to adjust it
self to atmospherlo vagaries so that
Its balance will be maintained without
Interference. Other's are doubtful, be
lieving that stability must always be
obtained very much In the manner in
which It I acquired by a bicycle rider,
that is. by unconscious adjustment
nit. t Loot of fliers, it Is remarked.
do not possess mechanical stability,
but maintain their balance in guaty
7ather by action wbtcn nas oecomo
. ,.,niii that It is unconscious. Thus
the element of Intelligence la involved,
although by virtue of long practice
It Is applied without conscious exertion
of the will.
From 1900 to 1908 L. S. Berg carried
on Investigations round the Sea of
Aral, and tho results have been pub
lished la Russian. They lead to the
conclusion, contrary to that reached
by others, that thoro Is no general dry
ing up ot this inland sea, but that
periodic changes ot Its water level oc
cur, and that the level has been ris
ing contlnualy since 18S0. Berg finds
the salinity 10.75 per 1,000, as against
more than 13 per 1,000 about 1870.
The sea haa now a superficial area ot
about 24,000 square miles, but ia very
shallow, tho mean depth being about
230 feet. Ita total volume of water U
only about one-tenth of that ot the
Lake ot Baikal, which has but little
more than half its area. The water
Is supplied wholly by the rirers Aaa
and 8yr. which together deliver, oa
the average. 1.500 cubic meters per
second. The water la derived frost
melting mountain snows.
Titanium steel rails for lallroada
were first mnde experimentally In 1907.
The results that they showed led to
their manufacture by several steel com
panies in 1908, and during 1909, ac
cording to the Engineering and Mining
Journal, their manufacture entered
upon the commercial scale. Experi
ments on the New York Ceatral hare
confirmed those made elsewhere la
showing that these rails wear several
times as long aa those made of ordi
nary Bessemer steel. Titanium has a
great affinity for nitrogen, and slaea
It 1 believed that considerable nitro
gen remains as an impurity la ordi
nary steel, the good effects ot aa alloy
of titanium are ascribed to ita aH&
as a flux, thereby removing Impurities
and increasing the solidity ot the steel.
The increased cost la put at $3.50 per
ton of rails.
Hoallr Poor l'tmman.
There la a certain Phlladephta phj
atclan of considerable prominence who
is renowned -among hla friends as the
worst penman Jn the Quaker city. He
used to write them letters and thea
feel hurt when they could not read
them. When he wrote to persona who
were not familiar with his scrawl they
frequently would not know whom the
letters were from. Some time age.
ho Introduced a typewriter lato his
office, and this rendered the body of
the letter Intelligible, but did not clear
up the difficulty over the signature.
Now, however, says the Record, he
haa had made a robber stamp bearing
hla name and address la prlatlag. lie,
signs his name la the usual scrawl, hut
alongside he Impresses his stamp. It
Is a little humiliating, he says, hut he
no longer has aay trouble about per
sons to whom he writes not knowing
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