The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 04, 1910, Image 2

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WE'W Je V V VL '!- ap
The twin with a full dinner pall cat-
Us a fortuno with him.
No man can bo good from torco ot
liablt Ho'a simply got to keep on
There ncrer would havo been any
laagaalne muckrakera It there had
been no muck to rake.
Scientists report that the tall ot Hal
ley's comet la composed ot gas. Don't
worry. It Isn't passing through a
At tho present time thoro arc enough
Trgetarlans In the United States to
form a large and dangerous political
Already a magaxlne which la devoted
to tho Interests ot the aeronauts has
been started. This settles It. Wings
are bound to come.
moio than segregation In a nomo wltn
bloed relatives. The closest compan
kinship Is sometimes reserved for kin
dred souls ot other families. Children
need to bo treated with consideration
whlto they arc passing through tho
most sensitive period ot their carter.
You can never wound n man as you
can a child. And it Is almost Impos
sible to Influence a man as you can n
child. Tho very life stuff ot tho futuro
Is In our hands, nnd how llttlo wo
know about molding It.
Sarah Bernhardt la about to begin
her first farewell tour ot America, It
must make Adellna Pattl sigh for tho
good old days of $10,000 a week.
In New York recently a baby was
born with a full set ot teeth. Its par
ents would perhaps have been better
satisfied It It had come with a twenty-one-meal
A Frenchman has been finding
Barnes for almost every kind ot tear
that human beings can have. He cads
his list, quite appropriately, with "pho
phobia" fear of fear.
Archbishop Ireluid is of the opinion
that the high cost ot living is duo In
a large measure to the American wo
man's Ignorance ot housekeeping. Don't
all speak at once, ladles.
No. the money that is being paid to
the government by the big sugar in
dustries will not bo put Into the con
science fund. Conscience has had noth
ing to do with these payments.
It U reported that Carrio Nation re
ceived two offers ot marriage upon her
recent visit to Washington, D. C, Aunt
Carrie would undoubtedly make a
"smashing good wife for somebody.
It is reported that King Edward is
becoming a nervous wreck owing to
England's political mix-up. What Ed
ward seems to need is a course ot In
structions In the art ot being an Inno
cent bystander.
Women may loftily set up the claim
that they have beco-ie Independeat
that they are no longer compelled to
look to the men for support or protec
tionbut a good many ot them would
be compelled, It it were not for the
sea, to go around with their waists
pen at the back.
The president of Northwestern Uni
versity, In an address before the Mu
sic. Teachers' National Association In
Chicago, said that the Amerlcau peo
ple are musical barbarians, nnd that
tho function of tho musician is to civil
ize them. Tho statement Is extrava
gant In form, but is not untrue. It Is
probably true also that tho English,
tho French, tho Gorman, tho Uusstan,
and evory other nation, taking thorn as
a whole, are musical savages. Knowl
edge ot tho best music and apprecia
tion of It Is confined, in every country.
to the tew who have the opportunity
and tho money to become familiar with
It But Americans are not so bar
barous musically as they were a gen
eration ago. Chicago, Pittsburg. New
York, Boston and other cities have
long maintained first class musical or
ganisations, and their concerts and
operas have educated and entertained
a great army ot men and women who
do missionary work for good music
whenever the subject Is discussed. An
other musical educator of wider Influ
ence that the orchestras and singing
societies Is the mechanical piano play
er. This devlco makes it possible for
any person with a fondness for music
to play in his own home tho master
pieces ot the best composers. Com
positions which a professional mu
sician cannot learn to execute on a
piano without long and tedious prac
tice can be played with marvelous ex
pression by a tyro after an hour's
practice on the mechanical player. A
stilt humbler, but morp far-reaching
Influence In popular musical education,
is tho phonograph or graphophone,
which reproduces vocal as well as in
strumental music Tho more expen
sive forma ot the Instrument are so
perfect that when a record made by
a famous opera singer is run through
It is difficult for a Ustenor to decide
whether he is bearing a human voice
or a machine.
Every coup try has its troubles with
those who prefer alcohol Co water as
a drink. Photographs frwa Prlsend,
"a stronghold for fanaticism," show
the drastic Albanian treatment of such
cases. The man is tied upon a donkey
and marched through the streets, a boy
drumming loudly in front of him.
A new bridge for ordinary traffic la
about to be built larger and more
magnificent than any ot the fifteen
others which span the Thames between
the Tower ot London and Hammer
smith. Its approach on tho northern
bank will bo from an open space near
St Paul's Cathedral, and It will no
doubt be called Paul's Bridge, Street
cars, or trams, as the English call
them, will cross the river by tho
bridge, but probably In a sort of sub
way beneath the carriage drive.
Runaway matches have been known
to turn out Ideally, but not often.
Their average course is toward wreck
age and wretchedness. The very need
of secrecy and flight is generally in
dicative of a fault In the scheme some
where, and young girls who aro willing
to defy parental love and care and
marry by stealth need feel no surprise
when their Idols' feet turn out to be
clay, and a poor variety ot that Spite
of the jokesmltbs, the cartoonists and
the waggish poets, marriage is the
most serious step In the lives of men
and women. Even the mature ought to
give It at least as respectable consider
ation as they would any other Invest
ment Boys and girls need to take
advice on the matter, not railroad
trains to a quick-service city clerk's
office somewhere "across the line."
There Is no mother or father among
bs who baa not at times been appalled
by our almost utter lack of equipment
for the work of rearing children. It
is by far1 the most Important wark
that any of us can do to rear the men
and women who aro to make, or re
make, or unmake the society of the
future. Most of us are slaves of the
Idea that the big job is to clothe and
feed them and glvo them the oppor
tunities the schools afford. Wo would
save them from working with their
.hands and Insure them starched
shirts during their lives. But all this
Is nothing la comparison "with tho real
work of rearing tho men nnd women
of the future. We delegate to pthcra
their training, moral. Intellectual nnd
.religious. We become mere feeders
end clothiers ot bodies, and we do this
much for animals. Children need com
Only Author on Record Who Though!
II Wa Too Welt raid.
In his recollections In McClure's,
William H. Ridelng says that In an
editorial experience of more years than
he cares to acknowledge he has met
only one author who thought he was
too well paid Charles Reade. Here
are some extracts from a letter of
Reade's to Ridelng:
"Dear Sir: I beg to thank you for
the munificent sum you sent ma
through Mr. Lis ton; it was too much
for a mere dictated article of which
you had not the monopoly, and shall
bo reconsidered It wo do business to
"It they let them slip (referring to
a series of articles then in the hands
of a publisher), you can have them If
you like; If they retain them I see my
way to write you a strong story, but
there must be love In it; not illicit
love, nor passionate love, but that true
affection between the sexes without
which It is Impossible to Interest read
ers for more than a few pages. Pray
consider the subject, thus confined; It
cannot bo long hidden from the young
that thero is an Innocent and natural
love between the sexes, and, in plain
truth, successful fiction Is somewhst
narrow; love is Its turnpike road; you
may go off that road Into highways.
Into byways and woods, and gather
hero and there choice flowers of Imagi
nation that do not grow at the side of
that road; but you must bo quick and
get back to your turnpike pretty soon,
or you will miss the heart of the read
er. "Then, as to the remuneration you
were kind enough to offer, I do not see
how you can afford $ per page.
Publishers will pay for their whistle,
like other people, and will buy a name
for more than it is worth unless It Is
connected with work that would be
valuable without a name. In my view
ot things, nothing Is good that Is not
durable, and no literary business can
be durablo it the author takes all tho
A Changed Woman.
"Well, well," said the returned trav
eler, 'tond so you are married now!
It seems only yesterday since you leff
school. How time does fly!"
"Yes," replied Mrs. Youngley, "only
a short time ago I never clipped any
thing from the papers but-poems, and
now I clip nothing but recipes." Phil
adelphia Press.
And lua Iinrlu Would Arrct Illni.
"Do you know, I'd rather like to
ride on ono of those aeroplanes my
self." "Well, there's no law preventing
"Yes thero is; the law of gravita
tion." Boston Transcript.
Some one was telling, In the pres
ence ot a boy, how well behaved a
certain girl was. "It's easy for a girl
to be good," the boy .said, "but a boy
can't do it"
Blood oranges aro "faked" by the
use of a hypodermic syringe and some
There .never was a man who was
jaalonshlp, and companlonablo means I not at some time an easy mark
The Vicar Now, children, what Is
falso doctrine? Inspired Maiden
Please, sir, bad medicine.
Young Woman (adoringly) It must
be awfully nice to be wlso nnd know
oh everything! Collego Student
It Is.
"What did you say last night when
Jack asked you to marry him?" "1
shook my head." "Sideways or up and
8he How did you know I was go
ing to wear my hair curled this even
ing? Ho I saw It in tho papers this
First Fair Invalid Which kind ot
doctor do you prefor tho allopathic
or tho homeopathic? Second Fair In
valid I prefer tho sympathetic.
Bobble (to Featherstone) bid you
know that you woro a relative ot ours?
Featherstone Slnco when? "Mothor
says you aro our weak brother."
Boy A man camo In and said ho
wanted to squeeze somo money out ot
you. Boss What did you tell him?
Doy I said I was sorry ou weren't
"Kitty," said her mother rebuking
ly, "you must sit still when you are
at tho table." "I can't mamma," pro
tested tho llttlo girl, "I'm a fldge-
"On what ground," madam, do you
desire a divorce from your husband?"
"Intolerable cruolty; he put the dato
of my birth in tho family Bible."
Chicago News.
"What a bad toothache you've got"
"No; but I'm calling on tho dentist for
the money ho owes me, and this Is tho
only way I can get into his house."
Fllegende Blatter.
"Women votol Never, sir, with my
consent" "Why notr "What! And
have my wlto losing thirty-dollar hats
to other women on tho election!'
Boston Transcript
Mrs. Newbrldo Boohool Henry
threw a biscuit at me. One that I
mado myself, too. Mother The mon
ster! He might have killed you.
United Presbyterian.
"How much does It cost to get mar
rledr asked tho ea'ger youth. "That
depends entirely on how long you
live." replied the sad-looking man.
Philadelphia Record.
"Isn't your hat rather curious In
shape?" asked the uniformed man.
Certainly," answered his wife. It has
to be. Any fiat that wasn't curio"us 11
slape would look queer."
Tho Girl (rather weary, at 11:30 p.
m.) I don't know a thing about baso
ball. Tho Beau Let me explain It to
you. The Olrl Very well, give mo an
Illustration ot a home run.
Lottie Is your young minister so
very, very fascinating? Hattle Fas
cinating! Why, lota of girls In our
church have married men they hated.
Just to get one kiss from the rector
after the ceremony. Puck.
Chumplelgh Well, my dear, I had
mr Ufa Insured for .5.000 to-day. Mrs.
Chumplelgh I'm glad you did, John.
Now you won't have to be so careful
about dodging street cars and auto
mobiles. Chicago Dally News.
"The American eagle," said tho orn-
tor, "knows no fear." "Yes." replied
Mr. Slrlus Barker, "the American eaglo
Is mighty lucky. Any bird that Isn't
good enough to eat has a right to con
gratulate Itself these days.'' Washing
ton Star.
Physician Have you any aches or
palas this morning? Patient Yes,
doctor; It hurts me to breathe; In fact,
the only trouble now seems to be with
my breath. Physician All right. I'll
give you something thst will soon stop
that. Boston Olobo.
Aunt Splnsterly I hope that your
opinions uphold the dignity of our sex,
Mamie, and that you believe tbat every
woman should have a vote? Mamie
I don't go quite so far as that, auntlo;
but I bcllove tbat every woman should
have a voter! Human Life.
Modern Olrl Father, I long to be In
dependentto rely upon my own exer
tions for support What trade or pro
fession would you recommend? Wlso
Father First class cooks made 5,000
a year. Modern girl I don't like cook
ing. It's too femlnlnel New York
Dr. McCree My dear Mrs. Goodman,
how could you bring out a young child
on such a day as this, with such a
strong east wind blowing? Mrs, Good
manAh, doctor, you will always havo
your little Joke. How can a child of
this ago possible know what wind It
Is? Tit-Bits.
"I hope you don't mind me asking,"
said tho young woman, diffidently,
"but should I call you professor or
doctor?" "Oh, call mo anything you
like," was tho great man's rejolner,
"some people call mo an old Idiot."
"Really," tho lady murmured, with
sweet lnnocenco, "but then they would
be people who knew you Intimately,"
Lady You say, professor, tbat to
bacco is an aid to thought and a stim
ulant to the reasoning faculties; but
Professor Greatbead says tobacco Is In
every way Injurious. How do you ac
count for that difference? Tho Pro
fessorEasily enough, madam. Pro
fessor Greatbead docs not smoke, and
consequently ho can neither think
straight nor reason correcU-
A .kll 0a
1A "
Opinions of Great Papers on Important Subjects.
OW backward we are still Is shown by the
fact that no urgency ot public opinion and
no pressure of common honesty has yst suc
ceeded In making the preliminary step a
reasonable reform of the land laws. The
agencies ot Justice are employed In discov
ering nnd punishing land Oilsrcs whose
crlmee were Invited by legislation apparently framed for
their especial profit. Tho repeal of the dosort land act,
tho timber and stone act, and the stringent enforcement
of tho provisions ot tho homestead act are necessary to
honest dealing with the land question. Speculators and
land grabbers prevent this, while occasional Congress
men and Senators aro smirched and disgraced by partlct
paling In land frauds. Wo havo enlarged the unit of
publlo land for Alaska, In older to tempt dishonesty
there. Wo have made It 1C0 acres for land reclaimed at
great expense, although a large family could not poslbly
cultivate twenty acres ot this land as It should bo. Per
haps economy must b substituted for the eitravaxaiire
now too prevalent In overy department of government
before wo can hope to see It supremo In land reclamation
and distribution. But this plain business conception
must be restored before tho country can hope either to
realize upon or retain Its most valuable resources.
World's Work.
expended would be a real saving to tho Btate, since it
would prevent the breaking up and demoralisation ot
families mid would keep some from lapsing Into charges
upon tho State. Also there would be less wife beating
and general brutality, or elio mora punishment for tlia
same. Minneapolis Journal.
1 m
EARLY everybody nowadays fancies he per
ceives wherein the social organisation can
be Improved. Once In a while somebody
does suggest a concrete change that looks
good. A Judge In Chicago recommends
that a portion of the fines or tho labor of
prisoners In brldowellt, houses ot correc
tion, Jails and tho like, be diverted from the coffers ot
tho Stato and paid to the destltuto wife or family, whose
livelihood Is suipcndt-d during tho sentenco of tho cul
prit A wife beater or a child beater Is properly convicted
and punished But the punishment falls alio upon his
family, dependent on the wages he cannot earn while
serving his sentence. Women and children, too, are de
terred from complaining against the bully and ruffian,
because they prefer his blows and abuse to near starva
tion. Many an Ill-used wife has begged the Judge to let
her husband oft because while he Is In prison her babes
will suffer.
Money derived from fines or from labor of prisoners,
the Btate can dispense with, provided It Is used to sup
ply families with necessities until the brute is returned
to society to make a living for his own. Monty thus
N 18(0 Texas sold to the United Mate a
strip of territory approximating; 100.000,.
000 acres for 110,000,000 Texas was larger
then than she Is now and was In debt. Tho
land was considered valuable and Tessa
needed the money At an average valua
tion of tlO an aero the land today would
bo worth a billion dollars, As a matter or fact, sumo ot
It Is worth stivers! times f 10 an acre and Is all the tlmo
becoming more valuable.
Titer was npinuUlon to the sale nt tho time, but It
was Ineffective. Those who favored the sale contendrd
that the land was worthless and that the United HUtea
Government was buying an elephant The legislature
thought It wise to sell, and the deal was put through.
The territory sold now covers the eastern halt uf New
Mexico, a comer of Oklahoma and Kansas and a strip
of Colorado,
If Texas had retained that land she would to-day bs
about one-third larger and a billion dollars wealthier
than at pre.ent The outcome Is a striking Illustration
of the growth and progrras of this country. Louisville
ONGItKBB Is earnestly taking up tho ques
tion ot making the life of a miner mora
secure. The Federal Government has al
ready taken some step In this direction,
looking to the establishment of stations
from which experts may go out to mines
whore there has been a dlsaiter. One
Senator name, Bailey, ot Texas has raised the ques
tion of State rights To tho credit of all the other Sen
ators, the question Is not raised This Government pro
vides life-saving stations along the coast, both on salt
water and on the Great Lake, and places there trained
men, ready on a moment's notice to rush to the rou
ot sailors and others Imperiled by the waters. Why
not alio have these file-saving station's distributed prop,
erly over the country, where they can go quickly U
lave the Uvea of men In danger In mines? The work
Is a good one and the country will bo gratified if slept
are taken by our Congress to furthor promote thli
work. Danville Commercial News.
Omen Thai Foretell Weather anil
Dream a That ManUr rate.
In all tlmea superstitions hare had
a powerful hold on men and women,
high and low. Tho great Napoleon
himself was a believer In omens, It Is
As times and knowledge have prog
ressed most superstitions have been
relegated to their proper sphore, the
Boston Herald says, yet even to-day
almost overy living being la prone to
superstitious Influence, whether seri
ously or more out of habit For In
stance, bow many men choose thirteen
as a designating number? Those who
do believe the reverse ot the old vor-
Below Is a list of tho commoner su
perstitions, leaving out such as are
In dally prominence. You may find
your ' hobby" in tho list:
Six weeks after you hear the first
katydid look out for the frost
Blow out the candle, and if tho wlek
continues long to smolder look for bad
weather. If It goes out quickly the
weather will bo fair.
When you bear (ho first frogs In tho
spring you may know tho frost Is out
of the ground.
Tho last Friday of each month is
tho almanac Index for the next month.
If the weather be fair tho month will
be likewise; If foul so will the month
If It storms the first Sunday In the
month It will storm every Sunday In
the month.
When a person kills a snnko ho docs
well to consider what kind of weather
he would like. If he hangs the snako
up It will rain; It ho buries It tho
weather will be fair.
Rub a cat's back the wrong way, and
If you sco the sparks It Is a sljm of
cold weather,
Tho bones of rheumatic persons ache
when a storm Is brewing.
When you find tea grounds floating
in your cup you know tbat you are
going to havo company. It the grounds
are soft, It Is a woman who Is com
ing; If hard, a man. If tho grounds
are long tho person coming Is tall, If
short tho visitor will bo short
If you dream of falling and aro
awakened by tho fancied Jar of land
ing, it is a sign that you aro going to
bo 111. If, however, you awako while
still In midair you may bo assured you
will contlnuo In good health.
To dream of a funeral Is a sign ot
a wedding. To dream ot a wedding J
a sign of a funeral.
If you dream of snakes it Is a sign
you have an enemy.
Let a young woman pin a four-leaf
clovor over tho door and the first un
married man who comes In tho door
will be the ono sho Is to marry.
Sleep with a ploce of wedding cako
under your pillow for threo nights In
succession and whatever you dream
on tho third night will come to pass,
Have you white marks on your
nails? Put your hands together and
repeat this rhyme while In succession
you touch finger tips, beginning with
A friend, a foe, a gift, a beau, a
Journey you go. Notice on which fin
ger nails tho marks are and you will
thus gain some Inkling of your future.
Born on Monday, fair of face.
Born on Tuesday, full ot God's
Born on Wednesday, merry ojut glad.
Born on Thursday, sour and sad.
Born on Friday, godly given.
Born on Saturday, work for a living.
Born on Sunday, never shall want
So there's the week and the end
To cut the finger nails on Sunday
morning Is a sign you will do some
thing you aro ashamed of before the
week Is out
Pass mo salt, pass me sorrow,
It used to be a pretty sure sign that
a man was conceited If ho went about
with his hat brhn turned up In front
If the bottom of your foot Itches you
may know that you aro to step on
strango lands.
Put tho wrong foot out ot bed first
when you get up In tho morning and
you will bo cross all day. Always get
up with right foot foremost
Dqn't mnke a friend a gift ot a knife,
for, according to every authority
versed In sign lore, It you do, It will
cut your friendship.
When you have tho rheumatism
carry a potato In your pocket Tho po
tato will become hard after a time and
bollovcrs In Its vlrtuo affirm that this
Is becauso of the rheumatism It has
To find a horseshoe In tho road Is
a sign of good luck.
Early to bed and early to rlio makes
a man healthy, wealthy nnd wise.
When you seo a shooting star, It you
can say "Money boforo the wcekMut"
threo times before It laostislfcht ot
you will havo somo moiwyltjeforrfh
wcok Is out. ''Tr'ftjLr'
It Is a sign you are g.o)to1 rich
If you tumblo upstnlm. '
Sneozo twlco when yotftflfsVgelsuD
and you will hear of a dtal-Lbefore tho
night , .m.
In all lands rnvens 'antfeows, Jm'vo
been considered birds of JJIJtticn!. p
Tho natives of Injla.btfl-vo that
elephants have a relljrton 24 form ot
worship. ffl 4
A gront many country peat e, beHe'ro
that tho screeching pfft i wj Indi
cates Impending calaiallyjftfe, '-'t g
In Dalmatla It Is 'p&i jqetffagiy
auspicious omen for Art: ,c i sleszo
when a brldo enters (WHfei&
In WaloB It Is bellove'd tliit lrnnv
one kills u wren he will fall Mown" and
break a bono bcfon)"tfce ) b( tho
year. , rl , -
In almost every country .Usofkowlinir
of a dog Is regarded ai a b jeiaen,
generally predicting death to some per
son ot the household.
In Frsnee It Is believed that the set
tling of a white pigeon upon a chimney
Is a sign of speedy death for some onn
In the house.
There Is a superstition among the
negroes of the south that to meet a
frog Is a lucky Incident, Indicating
tbat the one thus favored Is about to
receive money from some unespected
It Is a favorite superstition in Knt
Isnd thst the bacon or swlno killed In
the waning ot the moon will wsito
away In tho process of curing or cook
ing much more than baron of hogs
killed while the moon is growing.
Valuable Keul In Tkrw It (Inttla
for Vrwr at a Time.
A woman walked Mp to tho counter
of a fashionable hotel and asked for a
packago of valuables which was In tha
"If I had not wanted ono partlrular
thing I supposo I should have left the
package where It was for another
threo years," she said to tho clerk
"Yes," said tho clerk In answer to a
question after the woman left, "tost
packet had really been In our safe lor
three years. Why, we- havo all sorts
of valuable pnpors. Jewelry and even
money that aro Intrusted to our keep
ing for years at a tlmo. People seem
lo prercr a holel sar to a safety de
posit vault. Ono reason perhaps Is
that It costs nothing. Another Is tbst
tho standard of hotel clerks has Im
proved. "It Is astonishing the amount of Jsw
olry that people keep In hotel safes.
Ot courso the owners have orlglnslly
stopped In the hotel, but they go
away, leaving their valuables, and I
havo known such persons to bo gone
as much ns two years and nover make
an Inquiry about their property In tbst
"To show you how much confidence
people havo In hotels and tholr em
ployes I might mention that tho other
day n mnn came In hero and put four
11,000 bills In an envelope, wroto his
nomo on tho lattor and asked mo to
put It In the safe. Not long ago an
other man actually did tho samo thins
with soven 110,000 bills."
Tho clorka of several other hotels
talked In n similar strain without any
outsldo suggestion.
"I'll bet I havo handled moro than ft
million dollars' worth of jowclry to
day," said ono. "Look horo," nnd ho
opened tho safo and piled six or eight
blg'Jowelry ensos on tho countor, but
hurriedly put thorn back, "In ono of
those- I know thero Is ovor 1200,000
worth, nnd what I showed you was
only a fow of what tho safo contains."
Now York Bun.
Tho only rellablo confidant in the
world Is your pillow, and look under
tho bed boforo you confldo In your pH