The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 16, 1910, Image 2

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I Topics of
I th TilXMNI
Iaaoeeat meu and bluffera ecurt ib-
Bat hew mi 1910 be ft banner rear
tt It d IB BSMghtT
S-M.n.. l csa
Barnh Bernhardt haa Joined h
treat majority. She tried to writ ft
pMy Attn fU4a
Krary town tiu them,, but the beet
way to get erea with the knocker k
to make food.
On trouble with opportunity I that
It knock at ft maa'a door whea he
aua't any money to latest.
Latest U the "auto knee." Aa the
cure doee Bot call (or any expensive
aurglcal operation the fad will aooa
run out.
It k generally admitted aow that
the coat ot living Is higher thaa It
tieed to be. But thta doeaa't help to
ray gecera' bill.
The railroad are to despatch train
by telephone, Thlsk ot -eantral" talk
lag to her beaa, while two tralaa are
approaching, head oat
Authorities oa the subject aay that
drugs are not bringing aearly aa mueh
money aa they did tea years ago. Nei
ther are mulea. Not mueh of either ot
then sold.
i mil ' ' -
Already aoaae ot the people of Bel-
(ian are beglanlag to refer to their
Bw king aa Albert the Good. Here'a
hoping that Albert will do hk beat to
Te b to It
tare? elevate laatead ot pavaaYklSf ,
Mi aeekty eaaaet hare too Ma'oh of IU
Mere la another Important tabject
for the Beeretary cf Agriculture to la
Teetlgate. lu the Chtoago itech yarda
reeeatly hogs brought pckee which
wore practically the hlgheat alaee the
otrtt war. To make matter woree, the
apply ta the wort we MM to be 40
per cent leea thaa It was a year ago.
ThU will aaddea the frugal houtewlto.
nhea beet went up ahe haa fallen
baek oa freeh pork, ham or baeon. It
they, too, are to get beyead her reach
she will hare to reelga herself to &'
regetarka life. It hoga shall remain
scarce aad dear the American export
trade la hog products, of which krd la
aot the least Important, would suffer.
The foreign demand for them would
decline aa the prlcea adranced. The
Englishman would go elsewhere for
the bacon he aow buy of tho United
States. For the sake ot the domestic
consumer and the foreign trade Sec
retary Wilson should find out why
hoga are scarce and prescribe a rem
edy. .There ought to be a profit In
raising them at present prices, even
It corn docs cost so much more than
It used to. That Is a sufficient ox-,
planatloa ot an adranco In the price
ot hoga, but not ot a declining supply
la the race ot aa Increasing popula
tion and demand. Surely the eecre
tary ot agriculture, who la so much
concerned overth higher cost ot llr
lag. will pay aoWta attention to one
ot the ways ot bettering matters. That
la the replenlehraeat ot the American
pig pens. Fill thorn with plump pork-
era, and ham and bacon will not b
the luxuries they bid fair to become.
nMywvytio a a i - --- . .
iwu urUAAUi's uUaIOJKU
Mrs. Thomas A. Bdkoa Is la a sana
toria safferlBg from serreaa trouble.
0fce probably fears that aha may ho
asked to lire la eae of Mr. Sdkea'a
soared houses.
'7a are years from aow," says as
aaatoeat phyttciaa, "it will sot be re
Boetabte to he 111." Do-e no think all
ho reralfom appeadke wilt hare
hooa moored, ta the meaatlmar
ftaaVtf &LA AAfAaUftaBUaaal aTtlftrtaart ar! ra
wi"J aasaaaF cswvnapeaexearvvraa aTWYWexaaax o
eeatly la ebtaJalag a toe photograph
t the rtage ot SeAara. Tho photo
graph tatta'to shew that there are la
erletka of say, head oa the rises.
la tWw ot the seasplsaeaa aad tat
portaat addtttoaa to the VorM'a aeoek
H taowlsdae daring tho hat year. Dr.
ay fet,tlfid ta adding aa
mm aa uu to Ma Jlre
. w '
.-, ' lfiagr
"v vjbwb m -
c ;. mmmmwm
V 'jmmr fimHaat
k erected with
a wtlllaaaaaa aa viva
the parpeeo of estab-
aeaee la Central
' K oaght to be poaslhk with
Of thai iIm ta fural!, .i.
Jatrppliee foree for Coatral America.
(In whet naveeC aara the wit
aarg DisMtoh, k the world batur o
W9r ta pete harlaa- heea Maebaar
The aaesWea oomea aaeaeeetedly, bat
n mm aaamr m Aeaaaaded Immedkteiy,
wo boiiero Dr. Cook k about JM.000
hottor off thaa ho was before Peary
4leeorered the pok.
A aow botol eaMed the Tatt Heaoo
to to he twUt acroas the street from
tho Yak eampae ia New Karea. Fame,
fooordlag to Byrea. aaod to eoaelst la
wg aiuea IB batua aad harlng your
haaw spelled wrong la the gaaette.
Nowadays H seoaw to ooaekt la be-
. nmm to we preoideser aad har
hotel or a olgar aamed
l1," t Xermlt Hooserelt
M killed a boago haa stirred natural
fctory to the depths. It appear, that
boag k aksort a fabled aalmal.
hoago k a rektiro of the bash-
. k aa krfa as a pok poay aad
as latoillgeat. It appears that
Wku hide aa beantlful as
the aebra,asd k taltoaa eare-
, Ho Urea la the deeo krut
g oaly at a president la okc
mo sacti ererwheimlag ereat.
Ue of ehk oao appears to be
o Mot that ho eaaae out ia aa
?ed. bo doubt, by the con-
ormftoout the aorth pole.
" MtiU, who has reoeat-
vthly eareer full of
waa a man of large
tales aad dlrerae
nejorlty of men
bored ohiefly by
waa far-sighted
found. "The
' philanthropy
est klad. They
for ether cities
, in of means, and
itmmualty ot any also
rema!a Igaoraat of the
Oa which they were found-
methods of administration
i aasarid their tvoeoM, A
J k aaiatltotioB at whkh
M who k seeking imtilnj iisitt
fe'5 wara oemf.ortobU, sett-
iagftor a very amall oxpeadt-
Vly " U not oharHabk
-"! J Jr,M. ket
fea.toa atpitol kreeted-abot
o4.,. K hoayo moa to preserro
M'flK tH."W..ig-
1Taat.lfta4 taJ daa-radaitofifaf
.ilk jbtii & a mA & a I & m - m TMft. il
t Maaw jpajaaeaaajBaaBft
ai.V. i i . '"
Tho great artlot. Turner, k oald to
bare bees peculiar ta hk way of sell
tag hk pictures. At times nothing
ould Induce him to part with one ot
them, aad at other times he would
rocolro a customer with the areatut
aaawuty of roko and manner, and
readily settle upon the sum to be paid
for one ot hk treasures.
On one occasion, when he waa offer-
M oao thousand pounds apiece for
aoaae old sketch-books, he turnod them
orer leaf by leat before tho eyea of
tho would-be purcbaaor, saying. "Well,
would you really like to hare themr
Thea, Just aa tho man proeeeded to
take possession et tho books. Turner,
with a tantalising "I dare aay you
wouldl" suddenly thrust them into a
drawer aad taraed tho kay la the
lock, tearing the customer dumb with
On another ooeasioB a rioh menu
faoturer ot Birmingham managed to
?SEiJy?--?W"Jto,lh artlsfa
omnmeP'ooasldeTahkprlsy 'rtfta
the dleagretable Jaaltrees whom Tur
ner employed. He hurried up-sUIrs to
the gallerj. Ia a moment Turner
dashed out upon him with anrthlns
bw a Botpuaus air. The rkltor bow
ed politely aad Introduced himself, aay
lag be had como to buy some pictures.
"Don't want to.aoll." said tho artkt.
"llare you eror seen our Blrmlng
ham plctarea. Mr. Turnerr Inquired
Ue rkltor, bkndly.
"Nerer beard of 'em," returned the
Tho manufacturer bow took an at-
tractlre package ot crisp Birmingham
bank-notes from hk wallet.
"Mere paper," said Turner, cos
teaaptaoualy. "To be bartered for mere eanras,'
retorted tho rkltor, oalmly, waring hk
nana la the dlroetloa of aomo palat
This ready wit and tone of cool de
preciation had the effect of Duttina-
tho erratic artkt la a good 'humor at
Tho grntcr part o( Holland Is eight
feci below tho lavel ot tho sea.
A single salt works In Drnill covers
an area ot almost twonty-tuur iQUaro
Texas last year produced moro oil by
2,400,000 barrels tiau tho entire coun
try produced In 1ST6,
A Massachusetts man worth JIO.000,
000 Is discovered to have hidden It til
but (500,000 from taxation.
In llottordam, with a population ot
400,000, flrrs arc so scarco tl'uk tho
city has practically no lira doparfuieut.
An automatic ttmo signal sent out
from tho Hamburg observatory by tel
ephono to all Instruments connected
with the system or that city has been
heard as far as Copenhagvu and lnrls.
An enterprising American undertook
to establish a trnda In burglar-proof
safes In tho Malaga (southern) dis
trict ot Spain. Thoro naa nothing do
ing, for burglars aro unknowu lu that
part ot Spain.
King hMwnrd recently received four
first prhes for his oxhlblta ut tho
Smlthlleld cattle show. Ills majesty Is
a tenant farmer, net a landlord, and
pays a largo sum ovcry year lu rout
and taiva for his holdings.
In an address before tho American
Civic Association, Herbert M. Wilson,
chief engineer In tho Untied States
geological surroy, places tho annual
damago and waste by smoke In tho
United States at 500,000,000 In tho
largo cities alone, or about G to each
man, woman and child ot tho popula
One may read In a guide book of
enlce, compiled for tho bonoflt of
strangers, this notice: "When rUltlng
this palace strangers should show
themseWca especially generous In their
tlps,aas tho prince who occupies this
palace haa no other means of support
than to ah aro In tho money given to
hk domestics." Le Crt do Paris.
At twenty-four William Pitt was
chancellor or tho exchequer, Huikln
had written hk "Modern Painters," In
fire volume s, which established hk rop
utatlon aa England's creatcst srt
critic, Sheridan bad produced "The
Illrals," Byron published the first
canto of "Chlldo Harold." and Rossini
produced his most popular opera, "The
uaroer or Serine."
In Doronahlre any person bitten by
a riper Is adrlsed to kill the creature
at onco aad rub the wound with 'iu
fat. This practice has. to some extent.
surrlred In this country, where tho
flesh of the rattlesnake Is accounted to
do the boat cure for lu own bile, but
as a ruler the leading superstition In
the Unjted States k of the efficacy of
"ufNBraw pousne-oi wm.isy u au an
tidote for snako bite.
The Chicago Record-Herald says:
"Plans aro In contemplation for giving
tho University of Chicago tho finest
physical laboratory In the United
states, ir not In the world. It Is said
that before all the plans are consum
mated tho plant will haro cost l,000t
000. All of tho moner Is to ho fur.
DAD'S 01,' riDDLJt,
Tlin't pulty, that ol' fiddle, hangln'
there ng'ln the wall,
Hut among my houaohold treasures It's
the dearest of 'em nlli
It Is scarred an' scratched an' battered,
but I've not ni i1o t.
If ol' did was here to work It, could
perduce soma music ylt.
lie was Just a country tiddler of the
lUck-Unck-ltavy sort,
Had no virtuoso trnlulu', all come to
him n a furte.
An' among his repertory there was
one Insplrln' tune
That would start us all ta dancln''
which was
7.1 u
Coon I'
In the evonln' after supper, when the
slock hud nil bin fed
An thu modest skies was bluihln' nt
the sun n-Ruln' to led,
Dad 'd set an' tune "OP Iltsy," scrap-
In nt the strliiK", I awtmr,
Till he'd start ol' Towser liowlln' like
a death was In tile nlrl
Then he'd shet his eyes a minute n-re-
rtectln' wlutt to play,
An' would start with "Cnmptown
Itncrs," takea whirl nt 'Ol Dog
Us A-wnltln' with Ini'Miilrncc, fur we
knowed that iu'lrty eoon
He would alnrt tho strliiH a-qutvrrln'
nlshed by Martin Rycrson, president
or the board or trustees, or the univer
sity, who aUo was tho" donor or the
present Ryerson laboratory at the unl-reralty."
U an aeroplane flies faster than the
preralllng wind it can, of course, mako
isnaings or ncadway as necessary or
desired, but so long as the neroplano Is
slower than the blowing wind It k
moro or less not under control and
can not be brought down just any
where. It la believed that when mo
tors can bo relied on for thirty-five
miles an hour they not only can meet
the wind almost every day In tho year,
but can rise from land or water nt
almost any open place, New York
At the big corn huikln' dances In the
country dad was there
In his Hundny-gn-to-mcftln's, an' with
bear's lie on his hair,
An' he'd git to Jerkin' muilo that d
charm a eppyoure.
With his cowhide boot n-bcatln' to
the measure on the floor,
They would waits nn' they would shot-
tUh. dance the "Ol' Vlrulnny
TIU they'd see him pultln' "lletsy" Into
extry careful tune,
Then they'd pound the lumber lively to
his '
He's a-layln' In the shadder of a wil
ier tree back there.
Where the musla of his riddle ust to
'lectrlfy the air.
An' the Instrument a-hanain' on tho
wall he left to me . .
Aa a eyery-day reminder ot his Limed
An' I often git a-thlnkln' If he had "Ol'
lletsy" now
Up among his feller spirits there '4 be
a Jolly row!
lte'd'iorgit he was in heaven an would
Bit her Into tune,
An' would have the angels raggln' to
Denver Weekly News-Times.
oace. He changed hk manner la-mo- rcn.
dlateiy, aad not long after his visitor Colonizers of all races seem to bo
departed, harlng bought several fine careful aarera of their earnings In the
countries to which tboy emigrate. In
paintings, and tearing the comfortable
sum ot five thousand pounds behind
Borne curious and Interesting astro
nomical phenomena are recorded la
the old Chinese -annals which go back
to a great, aauquuy. in H7 U. C. ft
night k mentioned without clouda and
without stars. This aay perbapa r-
Ifer to a total eclipse of the sun. but
it so the eclipse is aat mentioned In
the Chinese list of esllpses. In the
year 141 B. C. It Is sUted that the sun
and mooa appeared of a deep red color
during Are days, a phenomenon which
causeq greai terror among the peo
ple. Ia 74 B. C. it k related that a
atar aa Urge aa the mooa appeared
and waa followed In Ik motion by
several stars of ordinary ' ske. This
probably refers to aa unusually large
bolide, or fire ball. Ia St B. C. a fall
of meteoric stones k recorded.
Karlr StluslBa- MatatxU.
Baoon This paper says that
were unknown to the Indians.
Xgbert So I believe. Whea the In
dkas were 'stung In otdea daya they
used to attribute It to a trader."
Tonkers gtatesmaa.
A TlatlaaabUHaa Taaor.
Country Opera Dlreotor What do
yo-i think of our tenor f
Stranger If I were yea I'd hire him
eat as aa imitator et a' phonograph.
X UaMe4 SvAihav,
v"Wht doe ? tWnk ot' beln' np
rigW, I neke-vhHt yo runs
HHCCtf Z'S'le' v ?KclLLEBaaaaaaaaaaB VaV
recent years there has been a consider
able migration of Cost Indian coolies
to the Island of Trinidad, 2,303 having
" " i year, tnero waa ft
return to Calcutta or 726, carrying
wnn iuem iso,uu9 in money, besides a
large quantity or Jewels. In which tho
coolie Inrest tbelr sarlngs. In the
year there were also remittances to
Indk or about $17,000. New York
Few people, I fear, nowadays, read
Maria Edgeworth; It Is a pity. Sho la
oao ef the finest novelists that orer
loomed English literature. It was her
tales, it must always be remembered.
' iyireu Dir waiter ucoft fo the
composition of the "Waverley Novels."
ue crid aloud and everywhere his
admiration for her and hk indebted
ness to her. lltr writings have, bow
ever, a high ralue aa historical pic
tures, altogether apart from tbelr mer
iU as literature: aad of all her novels
her best is "Castle Rackrent." T. 1,
O'Connor, in T. P.'s Weekly, London.
The introduction ot tungsten lamps
k doing much to advance the use of
electricity on farms. It Is possible for
tho farmer with a small plant, driven
euner by a gasoline engine or by dam
mlng a amall stream, to obtain suffi
cient current to light hk house and
bars with this economical typo of in
candescent lamp, The ttso of electric
ity oa tho farm, by the way, k grow
ing and, aa pointed out by tho Elec
trical World, farmers win la time
come to consider electricity a nacea.
slty. 'Then, It will' be found profitable
to establish central generating stations
for farming districts to take the place
lllittara of Frar,
If you are afflicted with an unrea
sonable fear of anything, do not wasto
time being ashamed of yourself; hurry
at onco to a doctor, advises a writer
in Success Magazine. A writer In the
Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette has
compiled a Ikt of fear diseases from
which It appears that everything, from
screaming at mlco to being afraid to
go home In the dark, is a well recog
nized mental ailment
Tho tramp Is In reality a sufforer
from ergophobla, or 'fear or work, of-
Hen complicated with aquapbobla and
aapopbobla, which makes blm shun
the bathtub. Slderophobla; a'd astro-
imuum causq nulla lauins to go into
tho clostt when It thunders and light
ens. Any number of people haro cat
and dog- phobias. Phantophobla Is
what you would have If you were
afraid of your shadow, while an all
around,, unqualified coward might bo
called a phantophoblac. The list la
long and Includes almost every human
weakness excopt tho aotrcss' horror of
Nearly 310,000 marriage took place
In France Inst year,
Over 3.O0O poumls ot row potivla are
used In the mnuufaciura ot ens pound
ot attar ot roses perfume,
Durlns- buslines hours tht loulhirn-
most square mile ot Manhattan Island
has a population of JOO.000.
Ia a series or telephonic experiment
ft Herman solentlst has mads magnsts,
alternating current trnneformera, and
eren dynamos talk without tht use ot
vibrating plate or utomurau.
Tho United States capllol receive It
annual bath n short time before Con
gres conrene. the toilet article used
conslitlng of about z.ftOO feet ot hose
In tho expert hand of one company of
the Aro department. Powerful streams
of water at high preasure remove dust,
plder web, lined o( all kinds, bird
ncsk and other foreign ubtanc
from tho many crovlco.
The Archaeological Society haa made
flvu excavation around the walk of
tho amphitheater In King Arthur'
roumMnblo fluid In Monmouthshire,
England, and the searchers found th
main enlranco, tho sand which formed
tho bed of the arena, and a corner
tone. From Inscriptions on this stone
they trace the dato ot the theater baok
to 110 A, D., or 1,100 years. Popular
A close study ot the water supply
for the operation of tho locks under
present plana show that th available
amount of water on the Isthmu I not
ufflctent to atalutaln, at all times, In
th canal, the forty feet of depth stip
ulated for by the law, in dry years
the modern Dreadnought of the navy,
the large carrier of freight and the
army transports will not be able to
use the canal, Julio F, Sorsano, In
Van Norden Magaslne.
The University or Pennsylvania was
tho first academic Institution In Amer
ica to have a protestor of Oerroan,
Even from the earliest daya of tho col
lege the Institution had a professor of
modern languages which Included Ger
man, and this professorship waa oceu
pled by Protestor Creamsr, who was
hlmielf ot German descent. In 1780
a closer connection was formed be
tween the University of Pennsylvania
and the Oermans by establishing -the
Oermaa institute. .' ' i
Sow a large white sponge full of
rlo. oats or wheat, Then place It for
a week or tea uaya ia a shallow dish,
aad, aa lbs sponge will absorb the
moisture, the seed will begin to sprout
before many daya. When this has
fairly taken place, the spouge may be
suspended by means of cords from a
hook In the top ot the window where
a little sun Will' enter. It Will thus
becomo a living mass of green, requir
ing only a little occasional moisture.
Suburban Life for January.
A record was established by the flih
commission In the distribution ot fish
and ash egg for propagation and
batching purposes during the fiscal
year 1909, when the output aggregated This Is 140,000,000 more
fish and egg than were distributed
during th previous year. Whltefish
and several varieties of perch aad flat
fish were used In greatest numbers.
Yast quantities ot the fry of the cod
and the lobster also west out. Alto
gether the commission distributed the
egg, fry, fingerllnga. yearling and
adulta of almost forty kind of fish.
The most luxurious prison la th
j Mew
w ami msi nntoa-t'alHn,. ,h- yvimJ
lu llepeulaar.
A broken prr
iso I an imp
luvcn a rm
may pats fpr '
nmn ot lenny
A bald head
, man at tho pray
meeting I warul
A. "V It IU IUtl
w i lor
Uyou t n falsehood II It will wt!
Wouldn't It be delightful If one-Ill
the compliment paid u wero truot
Wo new kuaw what our frlmini
will do for until we Kil Into trouble,
It I ever common to remember oth
er people' (lulls And forget our owe.
The shorter U step turn one (In U
another, th sooner one wtftt out hit
Originality I a trngmntfot another
Innn's thought llukod with a bit oj;
one own. j;
What (oollihnrsrtuMlve to pile op
dollar If tho dovll flto bo tho only
gainer oy it. is
Many a mail' hvodha been turn4
by (omebody elee coming Into church !
a llttlo lat. J
Not everyone who goes to church It
a Christian, nor ovfryono who stay tt
homo a tinner.
Angels know how much we want tht
Lord to come, by what we are doing to
help make the devil go. '
dod provided fortho worst thai
could happen to 'Bwn before He
breathed Into him tho breath ot life,
A man' vices lead him Into the
broad way, and after that he lakes
th lead and drag tho rice alter htm.
The man who would bo worthy ot
honest praise must practlca constantly
tho virtue which Inspire honett men
to praise their fellow men.
The "dry" think that If the saloon
I not taken out of politics, polities
will die. The "wets'' tear that tt tho
aaloon la taken out of'polttlcs, bolh
will die.
One may part with hi health In the
acquiring ot health It
rot .worth at much aa 'money, but aft
er tharhQAUli I worth more, fojhl
million cannoirHreift -rC .
"bJTasT-iOaaaa j
Th American traveler, aa a rule, Is
well Informed as to all that oeactrnt
a stranger far from hi own country;
but ho sometime llnda It dtau-ult ta
"anikratand why any other k'nguaat
mn mat or ma native land should bt
used. Two Americans traveling la
Qsrinany wanted to send a take-ram.
and went to the offlco. The eperatoi
could not tepak a word of English,
tho American were Ignorant of Ger
man, and attar a conversation Id
which each party politely explained
mattera to tho further nullification ol
the other, one ot the Americana turn
ed to hit companion and taldt
"Well, Jim, tako one of thoso blanks
and wrlto out th messago. Then bo'll
understand It well enough."
Thl "Jim" did, but the operator
pushed back tho papor with an ami.
ble imlle, but ft convincing ibake ol
ma neaa.
Tho traveler looked ot each othdr.
world I In Japan, abouUflfteea miles I i,u,xlc(, "- "Jim" bad an Idea,
from Toklo. In th midst of aardens. "l ,cl1 70U t I'll do, . I'll spell It
uui io mm, in iunnnad can't help
What1 aba Waa,
Flossie and Ma4l, touring the coun
try on one of tho famous eee-lblt-you-can
excursions, were tramping the
streets of New Orleans, A roio)j
brunette of AeJiGato complexion, and
stately .carriage awiing graoiously by
Flossy, excitedly nodding' toward
br, whispered loudly, 'Oh, look. Ma-
belt There goes one of them beauti
ful ootagon,"
"Huh!" exclaimed Mabel, "what a
goeale you are, Floes!, dear. That
ka't what they call them at all, 8b
Is a pronounced nectarine.'' Buccos
where flourish median and cherry
trees, whr are en ornaiaaata ponds
with water lilies, arkse the palatial
prison. The colls are spacious and
airy" The lighting throughout is by
electricity, aad the apartments are fur
nished luxuriously, Bath roots with
marble baths, hot and cold water kng
laid on; dressing roeea aad rMdlag
rooms nothing teems to be wasted to
make the sojourn la tk prkta pleas.
but understand If the words am alt
polled to him, letter by Utter."
Fortunately tho metscgo wa ihort,
and tbo clerk Iktoncd politely, but
without a tlgn of comprehension, He
evidently considered It another pecu
liar development of a ttrange lan
guage. Seeing no signs of understanding
mo men weni in March or a frltad
aat. infect, It toema aa ideaj oeaatry no coul(1 wr,to lnl" mag foi
residence. ,hm nl pllned to him that tht r
aW Ml
, JBaJ MfW
. ft
ia A
The I'olut of Vlstv,
"Isn't It dreadful the way these
frauda and waya to cheat aad awladlt
are being discovered? Just look at
this page of the paper full of them)"
"And here a long article about the
custom officer holding all travelers
to a strlot Investigation,"
"Isn't that Just loo meanl How 'k
Cousin Anne golngi to get through to
me those lovely glove she bought for
me in Farkr Bpttlmere Americas.
," At-J.of the small individual nJaaU now be-
in install
Said Charon toDkboius,
"Your pavensent's simply awful I
To leave your street In suck' a flx
Is surely qAlte unlawful,"
"Tfce contntof let for street repair,"
Replied " I'nnco imperials
"Bui not ;l Now Year Day k past
Shall We, have good, materkl."
HNseis Hagastao-
In Ireland tpldr are largely .
cerned in the car of agwe ia many
localities th sWteWt k i4vk4 to
wallow a living ptW, TMe.ewght
to mak'on stMri ? Ih4h
th agu", aad ae itoaM tp' tetter way
t-.Jv toajWaek
ta a box and leave ITtVaarkh, aa-k
jJie rague la Bamsrset aad ee o
ie aeartiy eonuea A
is this old worldt
have been alive
for the making tt
aot aa uncommon tad
Kagkad, and Lofjlli
pepwir sure jor tfi
a spider hung am
aaUhtll." Cbkage Tti
Aseord4ag to tb
krd' Ina; Kill la'
.readtsrous ef JHok
aata taai ia ia ataaMi
hi Blak Be. Mrttj
aaa emer assowauoaa, i
waa eerulaly the atM
ehoee for Mr. hkriiJl
to take tsa ta. ipi
I quite a weti Kaatjga.
Irrlaa Bteatkaa h'Ja
Book-'-Ia "The Tataai
Irving make DrlbhM, the' :
Wr of uruo trt,--aaj,.tj
hi ramble he vl44M Jtan
eaeaslonally took bU dtaffttf
IM. 11 M WHO UlCMM, ja
Maclls and tbajf
r a
that Jack itraw'a 'caatle.
raatwy asseaiatea.
wtkh uicKerj eccupie
seen the ohalr ta w)ki
neea wt. rreetmn
telegraph operator waa ovldentlv
stupid pareoa.
"I don't blame him for not under
standing English," told on, "but vVb'at
I do bkm him for I becauc he can't
tell what a word I ftor rou'va .n.n.
d It for hitn. That' what I call more
than Ignorant I"
A lAiuu Kalt Waal.
An American oace went to Windsor
castlo and Insisted upon seeing QiB
Victoria. He waa told thaj t vwar
ulte Impossible, as an audience with
th qua eould be had only by an
polalmtnt. Still he persisted, and thes
they told him flat-footed that w.
lag th qutea he must itate Ut
ebjeot ot hk rktt. He tald he wanted
to shew her a hw cleee of fumit..
a throne bed a perkct threae by das'
4 a perfect bod by Bight
Her gad riulah.
"Did you ever know a girl to dl
tor toror
"Did. (be Jut fade away and dlt
Mcauso tome man deserted hrT"
- "No. She Juit took lit wahlng and
worked herself to death because tht
man she loved raarrlod her," Heua
tea Post,
Hetnaen Vrlande.
fcllaJluulllSH rernapa you wa 't
dlere it, but a strange man tried to
tu me one." Mis gutting JUally
if he'd tried to kit you twice, (
fli averag man ipenda more money
a a. foolish habit than he do on nu
9 m ti
afaaaaallxeBT7aaaajBaaaa?aaaaaaaaaaJ9iKza'l I