The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 09, 1910, Image 7

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Acta tllrodly and iicculinrly on
tho blood; purlflon, enrichim and
rovitallzoH It, and in tliifl way
bulldu up tho wliolo HyiUcm.
'Mo it. Get iUodny.
. tti utunl lhulil form or rliucoUUil ll
U In rllrl HrnUb. !l)0 Hoars II,
On Snrraaalnl t'aaa,
Ht)orlor, ynu'ro not s foolish as (o
think you con inaks tieopln i-noil by
litrforiiiont operations on them, are
"That ilsnsnda upon what you mil
initklitK roil ko1. Von can chunk
hlr tlUpoililon In commll crlmo."
"As, fur xiHiipt" -
"Wrll, I once knew h man who was
rurrtt. by h tlinpln nprrullon, of a ton
lenity to ruli Utnk ami hold up rail.
ny inilnn."
"Dlil you pi-rform It, lint'torT"
"No; I wa tnrrrly eitlM on to ver
ify tti result altar Ilia operation wni
"W'-ll, wlio dlil prrfnrm It T"
"A frontier h-rirr." Chlcami Trill
una. 1i-l nod Tw-llnrrarr.
Happy men are full of Hi pr-sent,
lor Iti bounty suffices tlionu .ml wlu
men also, for Its duties engsitn thrvn.
Our Krnnil btulnro undoubtedly I a
not to what lies dimly at a dl.
tane but to do what Up dourly at
hand. Kilward I'ltidcratd, 'Tolonlus,"
Bays Tlili Iteclpo for Cold.
"Mil half pint of Rnnd whlikoy with
two ounce of glycerine and mid oniv
half ounce fnnreniratril pine roniMiind.
Tim Ixiltlr It lu lie wrll Imkrii csoli
limp iiml iticxl In tlutes of a Iraiiioimfiil
to a Ulilmponnful rrry four hour. "
Any drii(ull hat thi-ne Inurnlirnti or
tin will UK tlipm from III wlioleaala
hunt. Thl In wonderfully rftVetlvc.
'flip t'onfcntrMrd pine U n ap-cial
ilim ircliif and eonies only In lislf
iiHiiee ImiIIIm, park pbpUmpiI In an air
tilth! . ltit lie tMtr It U labeled
M.'uncentrsteil '
Died hi IIInhlr-rlKM I'r-dlelad,
rraphtxylnc rarly In llfr that she
would live to see her cUbty-elichth
birthday. MIm Julia II Hancock, o'
llrockton, Mass., ilUil a few day ago
an the day ah had previously set foi
brr dpath, Inftrniltlri of an art ttlvrn
a the cause, Hhe Kara no particular
reason for her prediction, although she
seemed Imbued with the belief that bar
propbtry wnitli . "-
The npxt tlmu J'HJ leel thai swsl
lowing sensation, the sure algn of sorr
throat. ir-wla Hamllni Wiiard Oil Im
mediately with three part water. It
will save you daya and perhaps weeks
of tnlcry.
Wtiat'e In at mn
An amusing story'has been told con
cerning Mr Phillips' rlnmlo drama,
"Dlymtpit." Whin ll waa being played
In America, two young jrlrli era lit
tlnif lOKdlirr In the. alalia at a matlnp
pi'rformanre, and bfor the curtain
tofl thn followliiK ronvertatlon wa
heard: ' "Hny, Man dp, I know thla play
U Rolnic to b funny." "What makpi
you think no 7" nuknl MaudP. "Why,
anybody rould IpII that from the
name!" waa thp raplr M. A. V.
Cood for Sore tyr,
for over 100 year I'lTrtlT'S KYE
HAI.VH ha poaltlvoly curctl vvodl
raoca overywhorc. All (IruKRiat or
Howard Uroa., llulfwlo, N. Y.
rami si miiprPHp.
"Yet," ald the bride of three ahort
tnonthi, "1 had made up my mind to
remain In the aplniler claoa, then John
appeared upon the acene and I ac
ccpted him berauio ho waa 10 unlike
other men."
"Oh, of courie he'a different," re
joined the envlou lady friend. "He
prapoaed," Yonkcra Htateamao.
Your Hair
Is it Inclined 10 run awiy?
uon't punish it with a cruel
brush and combl Feed it. nour
ish It, save It with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new Improved formula.
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your head, where It
belongs, An elegant dressing.
Keeps the scalp healthy.
Uit nof chant. If ht aVA. hU.
'mala with wk ktllla
f -w I, U . tar
Ak hit akaat It,
Wo certainly believe this, or,wo would
noteav eoAyer'i HalrVli-r. alio"
made from our new Improved formuU,
If ret preparation for the bilr and
clp. Slope falling hair. Curee dan
druff. Promotei the erowth of hair.
K-. - M 1 , 0. Aj n 0., Lawall, M4M.- .
WariiliiM .Voir. CiiIIIiik Hip Wpd
lit HpiipmIiimpp,
Hiurod religion
TnlkliiK in ll ah
illicit not liiuki) n
Minn nipi'k.
Tlipy who wnll
on tint ImtA pI
iloni Imvp to alt
Dropa of ppra
pi rut Ion do mora
for thli world limn Hood of dart.
Hoft tlmr-t niakn hard hfiirln.
Two-fnrpil ppoplo enn p nplther
(IrowlliiK iiiomotpa no onn'a growth
In Kmro.
No limn ran turp with one ya on
hi niilnry.
Only ii fool hIII iip .loimh a a hid'
ItiR platn when duly mil.
Prpui'lilliK fur iKipulitrlly I n poor
Hy of lii'lpliut lli puiuliirr.
TryliiK tu nimwur aiiolhpr" pniyitn
w find the tneaiiliiK of our own.
Anldiitr a IiIphiiIuk ovi'r alolpn brpad
will not .ivn you from rhokliiR an It
No man evrr did Hiiy Krvit work
who ulwny thoiiKht of conneiiueucp.
TIip plrty of (ho world I nevpr pro
motpd by folio who advprtUe thrlr
Truth I found by wIIIiik Jour fret
on fact, but not by lookliiK nt thpfnrU
I'popla who talk mnit about the dl
vine plana oftPii do IpaiI to rxmitt
TIip Ioiikpt you kppp your iIuIIpi
waltliiK, the lucer they ' til rtow In
Mpii rhootn what thpy cull Buccpa
bivttii thpy allow It pront to hide
Ita prlct'.
Our ermtMit huppltippa conir wbpn
Ufa la kppii hn Jimt the rhnnco to love
and kIvd our Hvm nway.
Don't txdleve wnrythlnx the IIrIiI
nlni: rod ncptit tell you Juat bpcauic
he drpr llkp n prwtclicr.
If you litivii f,ilp to hp a Unlit all
the ytvir geltlnR up a revival honflra
will not mako up for your own dark
II far, Ther "r. lrnua Nmnllpr
ur War llubhrra ,r CumII.
"No iHntlr, nickel and. dlmr ro
In Alaakn" aatil John ltnover of Fair.
banko. "Whpti I first went to that
country I aw bartPiidpr look rurloua-
ly at a dime that nottm tenderfoot had
toaapil on tho bur and then aw cop
It off on the floor with tholr hand. I
wondered nt thl ronteiupt for rml
money and aakpil Minr ijuiitlona about
It, dlacoYetiliK that no olio ever took
nickel or dime and that nothing
rould Ixi lioiiKht In tho Klondike for
I en than 15 cent.
"Take the ordinary aark of tobacco
for Inatance. which we ran Ret hrr-
far a nickel. There thpy rnunnt hpII
.l.atal Tliaaa 4 It a lina( I "
it for a uuortcr hardly, ao they make
It two for n quartvr, but will not eil
ono for IS cents.
"It I common cause among tuoxo
xopl up there. They do not want
ulckela and dime .Introduced, tor In
troduction of Minatl change would
mean lower wae and lower price.
Ordinary ahovnler i;ct ft or $5 a
day now and other labor la paid In
proiwrtlon. They do not want to re
reive lower wafir.
"Of eoursa It ! true that they
nake money on the aide, almost every
worker do. Thorn I a tendency In
mining to follow the rule thnt n ur
ic t a belong to tb man who uncover
'hem even It they are found on the
Malm of the employer. I have apen
men pick up uuRKeta worth from an
InnlRiiinrAnt sum to 1108 In value.
The KAiue up there la worth playing,
I have had thl" box filled with (told
Juat aevernl Union and lot It; but
I expect to keep right on till 1 make
t strike.
Mr Hoover has with him onn ot
Mm leather bags that the dust Is car
ried In In Alaska, It la about twolvu
Inchea In leuirth ami lint and Is about
four Inches across, It ties with a
I thong, "This looks as If an elephant
bad ateppod on It," ho salil, "but It
has had tho dust In It up- In the Klon
Jlko all right.
"Thero ar mighty few robber In
Alasku, It doosu't tako more than
four years to try a criminal and give
him proper punishment up there; and
boaldos, he can be caught. There I
jnly ono way out and that Is guard
id, Ilealdea, gold dust la aa easily
Ide mined an different kinds of cloth
it cattlo, An assayer or a banker In
Seattle, for Instance, will tell you
whether your gold Is fron ono creek
r anothor. There Is somotlmes 10
per cent difference In the value ot the
(old from streams running parallel
)n different sides of tho samo moun
tain, A holdup man who acquire
told dust would have to account for ,
It whon ho went out, nnd It could be
tmced clly," Des Molnoa Resistor
and will pay n follow for (rood,
fat stufTwo novcr chnri;o com
tnlalon on anything!
Veal under 130 lb Xlo
Uro veal lea, accordinif to
alzo nnd (unllty,
I)rccd Hojffl ,,, ....9)0
lions nml Spring, allvo X4o
Hun and Hprinic, drcaacd,,
' ,.15tole0
Turkey. drrcl 221a
(lceo, dreiecd 15C
Duck, ilretuicd , , . ,20o
A IVrp AUrmit,
They wrr mIioiiI tu nppu th Tana
nm rufinl In dil" form
"What are wp wiiIIIiir forf kpd
the mun who vtm to deliver th ora
tion. mWp arp waltlnr," niwcrcd the rna
tpr of crrrinonlt-i In a huaky whlaper,
"to are If we can't t.rn up a fpw
Amprlcau built ahlpa to o throush
nratl" CblniKn Trlbunp.
At Frkta thai Dff CwnC4klfl
irrm wutiour rtAits a spcciaitv
tiliui vu I'TTiiifmnu iam
nfi.vKit niuNua ...,'.'.','',""'.''i6e vu
imiui kiujncw .. iio up
C'K I.UIJ1 ClltlWN .,., 90.1
wiuuatoNt: riJVTia . , 1I0.00
llul-ur.lonn ptlnl n oMaln PrfKI wotk
il mv hwnr bf ralllnf at our offlf.
All work (M'ninlml for Im jr
3li W..SInt1o- St.. Cm. Sltlh
ltbll.h"4 It ypan. Ilr to (tar.
Urana an unfailing wal-r aupply It
maam that ft) will h tba nut practi
cal lomall tralar aunptjr ritm now In
im No lahnl tank, nu fron plpai In
winter, no atasnant watar In aummer, n
In iupply troubka of anr aort. Tank
ptarol In t-mil out of tUrhl an4 way,
itm.I of pr-Mt ll, will not rut and
You wlU U Mmm.1 with U LKADKK
ililim pf furnltlilna IKvitl Watar
SuprY Ak toe our ratalocu and (r
tuukbt. "llw I 8olJ Mr Watar Mppl
froUUm." .
Portland, Ore.
Spokane, Wash.
Boise, Idaho.
T tratal IUt
I via th
Oregon Railroad &
Navigation Company's
Oregon-Washington Lbited
Portland to Chlcaro
Chicago-Portland Special
Chicago. 81, Umla, Kte,
'Train da Lua" toBL I'aul
Latest eoulnment, Pullman,
Tourist and Ulnlng Cars, electric
lltfhtod and un-to-date. Block
Signal Syttem Portland to Chicago.
For literature, rates, reserva
tions, etc.. call on or write to any
O. H, & N. ugont, or to
General Passenfier Agent
Portland, Oregon
C A V1
"Does one Flh lire In this build
InK?" 'Janitor Yon, third floor, but
IiIh name's Herrlnic.
"I am looking for a husband." "How
would 1 dot" "Hut you are married?"
"All husbands are." Houston Post.
First Newport-r Was It an Inform
al dlnnirT Second Nowporter Very.
The flowers only ctM 12,600. 1'uck.
"HI nee Maud's engagement how
bright and happy alio looks." "Yea;
a matoh lights up a girl's face." Life.
"Nature plans well for mankind's
needs." "I should any 00, What could
be morn convenient than ears to hook
spectacle orerT"
Old Lady (In a hoe shop) Have
you frit slippersT 8 mall Hoy Arwlst.
ant (solemnly) Yrw, ma'am; many a
time! Comic Cuts.
"Was It, your wlfo who called you up
this mornlngT" "No; that was aunt.
It waa my wife who called me down."
Ilaltimore American.
Solemn Man I)o you hear the clock
slowly ticking? Don't you know what
day It Is ever bringing nearer? Cheer
ful 'Man Yes, pay-day.
Profdnsor I'e come to see your col
lection of curios. Merchant Pardon,
If I Introduce, Arwt of all, my wife and
daughter -Megendorfer Illnctter.
"Opportunity calls Just as often as
In years gone by." "But with us, all
huddled up In flat, opportunity Is
liable to whistle up the wrong tube."
Minister And the child's name,
madam? Mother (firmly) Name him
Frederick Ilobert Cook Peary Smith.
I'm not going to take any chances.
IUrber (to customer, whom he's cut
up) Would you mind going out the
back way? Bo many people might wo
you In the main street. Meggendorfer
Bultor (on bended knee) See, In
me, my love, your most humble and
devoted servant. She If this Is your
first place, I'll engage you for life.
I.ustige Illatter.
Arctic Kxploror During our whole
two years In the polar region we
rouldn't wash ourselves once. Enfant
Terrible- Mamma, can't we move
there.? lAistlge Welt.
"Will that young man ever go
home?" demanded the Irritated head
of the house. "I guess so, father," re
plied the mater famlltas. "He always
has." Washington Herald.
I'Tofessor's Wife (to cook) My hus
band has received a call to Heidelberg.
Will you go with us? Cook I feel
highly honored, madam, but I cannot
acropt the call. Lustlge Welt.
Poet When I flnltthed that poem I
wa completely exhausted. Editor
I ran sympathize with you, old man.
I waa lii the mine condition when I
finished rending It. Philadelphia Rec
Ha (nervously) Er er-Margaret
er er there's something has been
trembling on my lips for the lost two
months. She Yes, so I seo. Why
don't you otisve It off? Princeton
"You ifomen never keep posted on
curtent events." "Why, yea we do.
I've been reading all about the finding
of the pole. Hut. John?" "Well,
what?" "How did the pole happen to
be lostr Public ledger
"Say, Casey, It's har-red wurrker yn
are. How many hods uv mortar hev
ye carried up that ladder to-day?"
Casey Hush, man. I'm fooling the
botis. I've carried the same hod up
and down all day, and he thinks I'm
8entor Partner Keep a sharp eye
on Holdfast, I'm afraid he's robbing
the firm. Junior Partner Eh? Is he
living extravagantly? Senior Partner
Well, I passed him in the street yes
terday, and he was smoking a cigar
that dldnt' smell at all' bad. Tlt-Dlts.
"I must warn you, dearet," ho said,
"that after we are married you will
very likely find me Inclined to be ar
bitrary and dictatorial In my man
ner" "No matter, she replied, cheer
fully, "I won't pay Uie slightest at
tention to what you jay." Presbyte-
run Hianaara,
"Has that feller Plnkley returned
home yetr , "Nope, He'a been gone
two years now, and nobody knows a
bleased thing about him." "Well,
derned If I shouldn't think you'd be
afraid he'd come home some day and
claim he found the South Pole."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"How Is this?" asks the brutal hus-
Iband, looking over his wife's accounts.
"Here's a bill for $40 for two switch
es. I thought I heard you and Mrs.
Magoogln talking about how glad you
, were that the new fashions had done
away with rats and pompadours." "So
they have," explains the fond wife.
. "nut don't you see, the switches take
the plaoo ot the rats and pompadour.''
I Otlosgo Post.
, Jim UM.
K1& yn WJ
A ew and wonderful
mumral Initrtmrnt.
which la a tomWnallnn
uf Ida rrand Italian
hrv and rullar It ha.
a Imiutlful tona and la
x"lllnlr ll.a ratlrat
Inetrummt Ifl play rrf
road. W trath yua at
your own hm At an
ad-rrttomnt wa ara
ofiaof our II1XO Harp
OulUra a eah of th
flnt t-n prraona In ath ruunty who rand nrthir nam, addraaaand whom tnaham K for Sit
down XIOIIT NOW and drop ut a card and It on of the lutkr raw . thr are soinr fat
HARP.GlllTAR MfC. CO.. 428 lumbar Ectiana Oalldlnt. Partfand, Or.
Chun-- for a Hnraaln.
Dejected Youth I would like to re.
turn this engagement ring I purchased
here a few days sgo.
Jeweler Didn't ll suit the young
Dejected Youth Yes, hut another
young man had already given her one
Just like It, and 1 would like to ex
change It for a wedding present. Tld
Ults. Tub In lllm at Ilia Word.
Upgurdson It goes without saying
Atom Then suppose we let It gc
that way, Lovely afternoon. Isn't It?
"Before I began tulng C-scarels I bad
a bad complexion, pimples on my fsce,
and my food wa not dlgetted as it should
have Vetn. Now I am entirely well, and
the pimples have all disappeared from my
face. I can truthfully soy that CoscareU
are jutt as advertised; I have taken only
two boxes of them."
Clarence R. Griffin, Sheridan. Ind.
Munt. r.laULU. Totrnt TaaU Coal.
Do Good. NTrr 8Ukn. W-alen or Grip,
lto. ZVy tOc Narer aoVl In bulk. Tb a-an-cln
tabUt atamprd C C C Goarmntard to
cura or jwr money back.
Mf T ft
m MB m t k I
MfkMM.r rati
Mf t sttJwt. OMTUki
fall BMU f IfMt-MAft Ml U Umm fttKto4 ViUmI
mi c 4ftL -! im rr4 1-wni
H rf y-a, Ot ll ! trUt, Im
MM4JM1 U4NM ,,
XltoUttU ILlA-axH
it itST vxxaxL tw Qawslev-S
U as uie as k k elective. Guar
anteed to contain do opiates. It
very palatable too cJukLrea Eke it.
All Druoalsta, M Cents
jumeiuluiwi ijssiiiiii Ltwawaas-ie!it!
On Rainy Days
A Fish Brand Slicker
will feeep you dry
And glvs yoa tall -alas U
comfort sad long wssr
83. OO
BJJ ly flntUu SaUlltrt tit enstry
ow. Ban. f or asr rrtt Cttalept
Boston. U. a. A.
Ton n cutiDU." co- lu. ;
TaaoxTO. Cnd ZlfUtAi
From Arctic
I .alH
fliu B
Solid brass font holds A quarts of oil sufficient to give oat a glowing heat
for 9 hours solid brais wick carriers damper topcool handle-oil indicator.
Heater beautifully finished in nickel or Japan in a variety of styles.
Krtry Dttler Etetyvihere. II Not At Yourt. Write for Dctcripthe Circular
to the Ncucu Agency ot tits
tlllllllllf I!IHJ
A 9(nirlliH-a Happens.
"You'd like to have me give thl- a
notice, I presume," said the llterarr
"lnd--d, I would," answer-d the au
thor of the book; "the best In th
Hut the conscientious literary editor,
after reading It. classified It ss on of
the worst In the world.
IHmplyfylnK It.
"Joslah, what Is the house of lordsT"
"It's one branch of th rirltlsh par
liament You've heard of the house ot
commons, haven't you?"
"Well, th- lords are the tincommons."
Howard r. nrmux
awarrr and CAaoiUt.
RimImi lllitai M4.
L-4vilI, Cok-rado. Hic(a rri
iij.,r. aa. .1, iinio, ua imho, mo; xiaw
orCbfar. It M.lUaa-nvalAftf and fall fcriraju
a-atoaarall'-AlAn (Vrntrol a-d taalra workaa
IMIad. tutmnactt OuioaawKalloaafltaak.
flll..r. L-aa. II, UnM. "lli.r. tW) Oold, too, tlmm
r.fiiTTi nrvr-w'
L pc-xa wJ
ainless Dentistry
Oat at tows a-s
aa aaa U4r frltai
aa hriaawork fl
.bad la ana aay
WfaUltkaraa a faad
22k im t ttKtitm
ttmt $3.5
Itlar Cmai 6.CH I
rr EWnT"i3.5l(
BM nan 1-W I
CuMtracutt L&i!
KharriBift .511
iainnn 2.51
6m lkr -
rum 5.H
w futi. 7.51
niunmuaiwiua rivmuiriwin
UplSaradraMualtallaar-M. llxacaaivMnttattaa
H).lM,VrfA..t,nun. All -- fsUrnar.
vlnl V fiMMUt. rn, u f.lIrao Lrla
antaad. l-oani TtUit Mlmal. h-Bt-an.
Wise Dental Co.
em-fawns.- s a. m.
WHKIf wrillnc to ad-crUscr plaaaa I
mautlan thla papar. I
A naTorinff nMd the tame at Irmen er Taenia.
llr dluolulm; gTtnalattd tusar Id watrr and
addlDB Uaplrtnr, a dtlidoot trrap it mad. and
a ittdp better than Dtplr. MtcWIotlttoMbr
BTOcrra. If net atnd XV for 2 ot. bottle ana
ncipabook. Crattaat Mf. Col, Saattla, Waw
to Tropics
I JUPvi'
tr5T A-Pai ! tf
i KdaM-l-H-t ' 1 si' f 'f-i
Br "'" 'iB
-B-Mtauj " uf-ilfeW
BK" L.' VtioilB
H9' " ' R
IfjBv 3 P
---L H
M. w. i. mt, ram m Kav-a
in Ten Minutes
No oil heater has a higher efficien
cy or greater heating power than the
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless device)
With it you can 10 from ihe cold
of the Arciic to the warmth of th
Tropics in 10 minutes.
The new
Smokeless Device
fire vents smoking. Removed in aa
nstant for cleaning. ,
tnd .Leader.