The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 09, 1910, Image 2

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Trouble never come singly t a
The onlr paopl In France who take
tto Interest la duels at the undertok-
The south pole U no doubt begin
ning to feel Hltlt wsre already las
soed. Royal weddings continue, and the
people of Europe continue to pay tor
What bu become of the man wtoo
used to say that hit home waa wher
ever he took hU hat oST
Sir Thomas Llptoa says that tt Is
luck to be born poor. H may be luck
to be born poor, but it it hard luck to
live so.
The Kaiser's new Dreadnought U
aid to be o fast that ihe easily out
distances even the criticism ot the
The discovery tlvt cancer cannot
1t la the name place with llmburger
cheese U of particular comfort to folks
who hate either.
Gypsy Smith's favorite son l.
"Where Ha Lead I Will Follow."
That's the one that made Edna May
famous, and won bee a rich husband.
-Is the college girl a mollycoddler
the New York World asks. That's a
question for some other fellow to an
swer. Jumping In where angels fear
to tread is not a pleasant pastime.
A man who baa been arrested at
Yonkers, N. Y, for bigamy admits that
he can't remember tho names of all his
wires. It is probable, however, that
he could, if he were to meet them,
truthfully say their faces were famil
iar. A desire to enjoy the privileges of
democracy and to be Independent once
in a while of the claims of royalty Is
the reason given by Princess Christian,
the eldest surviving daughter of the
lite Queen Victoria, for Joining a wo
man's club.
Captain Amundsen is going to start
for the north nol. taking with him a
food supply great enough to last seven
years. He evidently is determined to
avoid any danger of being doubted,
when he returns, beennse of the speed
he bad to make In order to avoid run
ning out of pemmloan.
What this world needs is new and
better men and woman, who will And
at band all the religious help that is
necessary without devising new sys
tems of ethical culture. Not all men
are intellectual Brahmins, who ran
feast their souls on academic Ideals.
Most of us need the personal help and
rympathy of a Divine Delng. who Is
to us a reality and not a theory of
Eight new sanctuaries for birds and
animals have been set apart in the
state of Victoria, Australia, by the gov
ernment within a year. This is In ad
dition to the ordinary protection af
forded by law to kangaroos, platypus,
magpies, laughing Jackals and certain
other animals, and Is Intended to pre
sent the extermination of native crea
tures. Several years ago a private citi
zen established a game sanctuary in
6outh Australia, and the birds within
It are now about as tame as domesti
cated chickens. A similar fearlessness
of man is noted in the East African
game preserve along the railroad on
which Mr Roosevelt traveled on bis
way to the bunting fields.
Paper of a stronger texture, some
thing that will stand the tost of time,
better than that commonly used for
legal documents and public records,
is earnestly urged by a prominent of
ficial whose recent researches have im
pressed upon him the Increasingly
perishable nature of that now used.
Undoubtedly his plea is well founded,
and it might have been extended to
cover the paper used In books and
newspapers, that is, Che books and
newspapers which are worth preserv
ing. As a matter of cheapness, such
a quality of paper is now generally
used that Its lease ot Ufe Is certain
to be much shorter than that used in
earlier years. Paper can be made
from many different materials, and is
employed for a multitude of nses; but
principally It is used, and will con
tinue to be used, as an adjunct of "the
art preservative," and In this connec
tion it Is desirable that if be as sub
stantial and durable as possible;
Interest la the Darlen Canal project
am lately been revived in Columbia.
An engineer who is trying to get a con
cession from the government for the
fConitructtoB of the cat u tot
London t. eking Itrltlsh capital tor th
enterals Tho reccnlly appointed
Japanese consul general In nogota ex
presses an Intention to co-operate with
the engineer. Those familiar with tho
history of the Darleu project will tint
urally Infer thst there Is more Inter
national politics than canal building
In the renewed discussion ot It Tho
Dartan route by the way ot the Atroln
Itiver was explored by American en
gineers In 1S57, in 18T0 and In 1S99.
but the difficulties In the way were so
great that the project was abandoned
It Is true that Senator Hanna talked
about this route during the negotia
tions over the Nicaragua and Panama
projects, but It Is generally believed
that this was for the purpose ot bring
ing the other negotiations to a success
ful Issue. Pour other general routes
across the Isthmus have been consid
ered besides , the Darlen, Nicaragua
and Panama locations. Ono Is by way
ot the Isthmus of Tehuantepec In Mex
ico, and tho other three are in Pan
ama: the Chlrkiul Lagoon-Dulco Gulf
route, the San Was Day-Bayano Klver
route, and the Caledonia-San Miguel
Day route. A railroad has been built
across Tehuantepec by Mexico, anJ
the canal project there has not been
seriously considered for years. The
San Dlas and the Caledonia Day and
the Atrato routes Involve the construc
tion ot a tunnel, and have been reject
ed for that reason The Nicaragua
route Is the only one which was ever
a serious rival ot Panama, and the
United States would now be engaged
on that project of the French company
had refused to sell iu rights at Pan
In suits for divorce, as In other tin
pleasant cases, Judge have the right
by kw to hear testimony In private In
the Interest ot public morality. We
do not know how far this wholesome
law differs in different state. It must
grant everywhere wide discretion to
the Judge and this may Include power
everywhere to suppress the decree, a
well as the evidence and to seal the
whole record file so that K never ran
be examined by the public. That
practice has prevailed In Now York
City for a long time, though It wn
not brought to general public notice
until census officials sent by President
Rooserelt to obtain statistics ot di
vorce found themselves confronted in
New York with sealed record In
locked safes. These cases are Invari
ably those of rich and prominent fam
ilies, or parsons possessing an equal
Influence with the courts. This Is a
shameful abuse for protection of privi
leged classes of a law strained from
the original purpose of protecting pub
lic morals. It Is one thing to prevent
demoralizing recital In open court and
another to cover up evil whose exam
pie would be wholesome to society
The cause of public morals la not
aided but injured by allowing persons
of -wealth and station concealment ot
vices which are ruthlessly exposed
w-hon practiced by humbler persons
There can be no reason for this dis
crimination but some form of bribe
whether paid In larger fees for secret
bearings, as direct honorarium to
court officers or a tribute, to the polit
ical organization by which they are
controlled. Why should the Astor torn-
wy oe oroxen up in secret wnue me
fralltlea of John Smith and his wife
are exposed to the public and spread
upon tho record unless it Is because
they pay for the privilege These se
cret records are kept with peculiar
care and, like the secret archives of
government, will make Interesting
reading for posterity.
Th Pla-htlaa- rr.o.
Whan the great-grandfather of the
present Duke of Norfolk was engaged
In any of bis electioneering contests
be was always attended by his chap
lain, an athletic man and one who had
made such good use of his hands on
several occasions that be acquired the
name of 'The Fighting Parson " Mr.
Dauncey, an eminent counsel, having
once to examine him as a witness
during a trial, asked "whether be was
not the gentleman called 'The Fight
ing Parson." "I bellove I am, sir,"
the divine replied; "but if you require
any more positive proof and will do
me the favor to step out of court, I
will give It to you under my own
hand." No further evidence was taken.
Daily's Magazine.
Th- Idle Soph
The psychology students of Harvard
are repeating a new witticism of rhelr
brilliant teacher, Prof. William James.
Prof. James, it appears, made this
comment upon a very exquisite and
Idle millionaire sophomore from New
"What time he can spare from the
adornment of his person he devotes to
the neglect of his duties."
Wher Thrift" Vll7,
Poor IMchard bad Just written "For
lack of a nail the shoe was lost."
"Never mind," we cried, "perhaps a
lie was lost, too."
Thus we learn that thrift Is not a!
ways desirable. New York Sun.
8ome people have better clothes than members of the association to endeav
,. ( or to Influence legislation and to pro-
Widely Prevalent Dread ot drew-
some Accident Leads to
Lcglilathe Action.
English Society tor the Prevention
ot Premature Burial Extends
Its Efforts.
AMemblyutnn Mnrks of Hudson
County, New Jcraey, Introduced n hill
In the house Mint' time ngo providing
that nil cemeteries tdutll t cqnlpiH-d
with a rewiring vttiilt, tin' Interior of
which ahull U Iu view u f tt person
outside and subject to frequent linqieo
tton by a ph)tdtinu, tin New York
World sn. In this vnult bodies nrv
to be kept until It Is protcd hcjoml
any doubt Hint life Is extinct. In the
Interor of the mult nre to In plnced
niecbniilcnl devlcv which wilt enable,
the supposedly (lend person to glto
nlnrni In the event of n return to con-
sclouMietts. Somewhat slmllnr provi
sions are cotitntned In a bill Intro
duced In the house at Albany hy Ah
semblyiuan Iledlugton. It provides
that each cemetery shall lme n mor
tusry to be used for the dlMuil of
the dead. Each body so received Is
to be kept Under obscnnttoit for a cer
tain period of time before Interment
or cremation.
This Incident reflects pulnr appre
hension concerning that world-old hor
ror burlnl nllve
While the subject iif prenmture bur
lnl Is a moMt dlMrvwIug one nud one
THE (.KAtr. Ml MAI
Ihe detnlls of will, li nre mIIt Iiid-IimI
and forgotten, certnlii tHfiirreiiceii oe-
cnslonnlly nrlw wrvlng to rniwnken
the ,ey prevnlent ilrcnd of lMliig
burled nllve. M til kill science. Hie leg'
Mature nml Hie Inventor hne cimIcav
ored to obliterate Hint tlrcnil by pro
viding menus whereby preuintiire bur
ls) nnd Its grew some coiiNiiiimt-ra
mny be effectually pretenliil.
I'rrrsMtloNsrr Hoelrlr Mrsaurra.
The nam est and most luiwirtniit or
ganized movement to provide ngnlnst
premature burlnl has been started by
the Association for the Prevention of
Premature Hurlnl, nil English organi
zation, which has been at work for the
INtst twelve years. Preparations nre
being made to extnbllsh n branch of
the organization In America, prohnbly
In Washington, Lnrge qtiuiilltliii of
literature dealing with the subject nr
being sent to medical societies nnd lo
lawmakers nil over Ihe United Slates.
Statistics complied tif Hrlllsli medlcnl
authorities nre presented, shonlngthnt
out of a total of ftKI recorded mises
HO person were burled nllve. '.'1(1 had
narrow escapes, 10 were dliotcctfd
alive, 3 had narrow -cupe from vivi
section, 2 were embalmed nllve and 1
wns cremated nllre. Further iiltenlloii
Is railed to the furl Hint In tho nhove
llgures the countless tlioiisntnls of peo
ple who die and nro burled alive nnd
of whom there Is no record have no
It Is suggested that to this end
waiting mortuaries, lighted mid venti
lated, furnished with plenslug sur
roundings nnd replete with every ap
paratus for resuscitation, should be
provided by urban or rural cemetery
authorities, where every person dying
within tholr respective nrens could be
deposited until such time as tho ofll-
I clnl death verifier appointed for the
purpose certified that the signs of de-
' composition In the body warranted Its
It Is the intention of the American
cure the ctiiictiiitiit of it lnw which
will ut)UK ctcry itosxlblo siifcKiiiiid
tiKiilii"! preumtiirti huiltil.
Mneliliie t determine llentli,
Mcitiiwitltf. Dr. Viillliml. tiller of
Ihe radiographic sertleo of Ui KIIkiIs
I ere hospital, Pur In, Is cH'iiiiii'titlni;
with n iiiitcliliie which, he iiMert, will
protlde nit nbaoliite lent of deitth It
liivohcs the tine of X-rny photographs
of the Internal organs, which, lr
Vnlllnnt declare, differ In Ihe esses
of subjects ullte or dctid Dentil tnlls
show clenrly In the ence of it coriwe,
but not If llfn Is present. Uiullo
graphs of bodies tn-eii een n few
minutes nfter dentil re veil I clenrly the
outlines of nil the orgttus, lionnn. If
the radiograph are tnkeit during life
the orgtuiH tiro mil reveitlcd
At Pittsburg, Hubert lie win, n
Freiich-Ciiiindlitu, recently ntinotiiiccd
thu Invent liui. now pnttettcd by put
cuts, of it dot tee u lilt It lie culls n
"grate signal." The ilctliv consist of
n piece of ortllniiry Kiiilpe. "I '"'I
long, with a kIiimi gtotie iiIhiiiI Hie sUo
of nit Incandescent lump on one end
The pipe Is nrrmipd to pun through
n brass plnte nt the hcntl of Hie cof-
fraction of in. Huh of the Mirimul of
tln, Iciivliii; the loner i-ihI wlllilii n
the core. Throi.Kh Ihe tvnler of the
PUh. runs ,.H,i. s.ii.h.Hi slick, one
'...i .1..1. i e
the t.t the nillln; I Ihrr l I-
In the glnss gloln. "lib tt red cloth
attntlnd to It. Should I tie perixin
come to life In the cofllii ninl sllr, tint
stick will )c forctnl thmiiclt the pl
and the rol-cloth slgnnl will le ills
played. At the ssui time n iiiiiiiIht
of smalt apertures will o'li nt the
bnm of the globe ami freti nlr will
be forced douii the pipe Into the nos
Killed I'p s Modern l-'Ul, Wilt.
iVsler and Itlrelrlrlly.
One of the most potuliient and suc
cessful farmers of Prairie Grove, Ark ,
who Is an active member of the Na
tlonnt Farmers' I'tilun. has dwelt In a
cso for jears. tt Is probably the
most palatial cave In the world, nnd
Is nttrd up with nil modern canveii
knees. Inrlirdlng hot and cold water,
electric fans, electric lights and steam
heat. He discovered the cave at the
top of a mountain, 1,700 feet high.
It Is seventy-eight feet long by twenty-five
feet wide and Hllrty-two feet
high. The walls nre of beautiful gran
ite, which has been handsomely pol
ished. The celling Is forty feet thick.
The front of the rave Is. of giant,
which the owner and occupant. II. rl
Motiley, put In, together with hard
wood floors,
The Hues for the cooking range pan
out through the mouth of the cave nud
ixtend outward a dlstnncn of'nenrl
fort feet. Movable screens permit th
I Increase and reduction of rooms ui
the pleasure ot the occupants A tine
, spring at the top of the mountain fur
i nishes Mater through n private system
of waterworks.
This novel dwelling was completed
about two cars ngo. It Is approached
b a beautiful road ascending lint
crest of the mountain by ety singe
nml the grounds about the cave nre
kept In jierfect condition. The occu
pants declare that It Is the cools'
dwelling In summer and the most com
fortable In winter, nnd they hnvn no
fear of cyclones, which are frequent
In that region.
Neither heat nor cold penetrates the
solid protection of yards of granite
Mr Mohley says he will live In til-)
cave for Ihe rest of his life. The cave
Is In easy driving dlstniirti of Prnlrle
Grove town Iloston Traveller.
I'srdhnsrd TsLe QaalllU ut Mrlnl.
An eighth Inch disk of cardboard re
volved on the shaft of an electric mo
tor of highest speed gets stiff, owing
to the rotary tension, which makes it
behave like metal, nnd It (nil no long
er bo bant. If struck with a hammer
a sound emits like that from bronze
It easily saws a clgur In two, similarly
as a disk of soft Iron, when rapidly
rotated, cuts through heavy armor
plate. Cantrlfugal force does many
other strange things. Among others,
when a small chain Is looped around
a highspeed rotary drum tho chain
can be shoved off the drum to the
ground, where It bouncos up and whan
struck acts like a ring of solid met si
llsuk'a llaplr.
Hank Stubbs I fixed one uv them
air agent fellers to-day.
DIg Miller How so?
Hank Stubbs Waal, he came sneak
In' up to my front door an' ast me ef
the lady uv the house wuz In, nn" I
said no, but the gentleman ur the barn
an' host stables Is, Doston Herald,
Vrrr Unusiial,
"You say she's a very romarkable
"I think so. She can play bridge
with a poor partner without looking
tike a martyr." LouUvllte Courier
Journal. If you pay attention to a baby and
It acts cross and mean, the mother Is
pretty apt to say; "Baby does not teal
geed; he has not had his nap."
A.inJj,jf k F
rrrMjrv.1 'Sa. -
HKCKNT news Ham re
corded tht fct thst two
f&O gold plecss struck
from the United States
mint at I'hllsdelphla In
IR77 hsd bean sold Iu
Wllllmn II Woodln. a
enln cttlloctor ho lives In New York,
for I10.00U each, the highest price evsr
psld for sn American coin It any
reader c'ltirliltid a vagus hope of
m",n. .,,,r,, atSr ",.h.",",,!1"!:
"or M ,HT .,iJi ,L it ZT.
,'" "" fr II0.0W rach t
quickly shaltrred hy the second para-
rM,hut .is "li"''. ""'-'l!1'.'.'
though 110 gold pieces were struck
from octagonal private dies during tht
early mining days of California, the
two M gold pieces of 117 now In
Mr Woodln's possession are, so far
as Is known, the only ones of this de
nomination ever coined by the govern
Since all dies for American coins
are destroyed at the clo of esch
year, they stand on ths satita plane
as the ancient coins with regard to
time The supply cannot l Increased,
rpii though the demand be great, aft
er the year Is numbered with the dead
centuries though Its successor be but
tins day old Yesterday or yesterwrsk
Is ns Irrevocably past and forever gone
ns the )enr of the llomati Umpire or
Hie Greek lleptlbllc.
The sclenre of numUmntles em
braces the study of the coins of all
the nations of the earth who have at
any period Impressed upon pieces ot
metalgold, sliver broni. brass,
copper, Iron, tin any device Indicat
ing that such pieces ot metal were Is
sued by authority for public um as
money Even In the primeval days,
exchange of goods must have been
known. The need for a medium of
exchange would early lie recognized
Various commodities have nt different
times been selected by different peo
ptes as a measure of value Tin was
U'ed In ancient Syracuse nnd llrltalni
Iron, In Sparta, cattle, In Home and
Germany; nail. In Scotland; silk, In
China; tolmcro. In the colony of Vir
ginia; sugar, In Ihe West Indies, soap,
In Mexico; bullet and wampum, In
Massachusetts; codfish In Newfound
land. Hut the tnoneya of the civilized
nations have for the greater part bean
made or gold, sliver, copper and
In the long series of known coins,
extending back lo the seenlh rail
tury II C. savnnts have nn Invnltia
able continuation nud Illustration of
the history of the past The earliest
Greek coins lnr snerrd subjects only,
on one side the portrait of the god, on
the olhr objects emblematic or sym
liollc of the Deity. The highest dl
vine authority waa Invoked as testl
mony of Ihe true value of the coin,
whlth was perhaps struck off within
the sacred precincts of a temple From
these coins Is reconstructed the my
thology of the classical world,
After the death of Alexander the
Great his portrait na a deity appeared
on coin of the realm, and from his
rlod on a complete gallery ot the
portraits of I ho sovarelgns of the an
dent world as well as evidences of tho
history and political revolutions of In
An attractive little holder for the
teapot handle la both necessary nnd
decorative and may be embroidered In
colors to harmonize with the schlna
nud th decoration of the tea table,
Cut two squares of linen and one of
flannel four and one-halt Inches
Transfer the design on the linen and
work In French embroidery, which Is
composed chiefly of satin stitch. The
dots and figures on the wings, and alio
j the head and body should b done In
o0 f o o
nm mum
numerable slates and terrltorl ir
found In thes ImperlshahU reconln
None of the older coins are dated ths
practice of Inscribing the data begin
nlng In the fifteenth century 'Hi.
ages of coins before that period r
determined hy their legends, as an
swvrlug lo the page of corroborate,
history and the art era lo which they
In England, coining has been car
rled on at the Tower of ltndmi mint
In every reign since the Norman rnn
quest, eicept thme of Htchard I and
Edward II. Clipping waa early prac
Heed r.tid carried to such an ttm
that In Hi rstgn of IHrhard III all
mousy was called In and new money
Mined front fresh stamps. After that
only His stamp of ths Ismdon Toer
mint waa recognized llatiry VIII
wna th flrst sovereign to aystsmatle
ally dha ths English rolnag Hit
daughter Hllzabelh did her beat to
keep It at Us fnrs value During her
reign th lower mint was rommU
slontd to receUe all delxmxl mnnr
melt It nnd nroln It Into monr r
Hi proper weleht Th fumes frets
Ilia melting coins caused lclne
among the workmen Medical men ef
Hie time prescribed for this lllnei. a
tiolloii to be dmnk from a dead man
skull, and an official warrant procured
the requisite nips from lindon bride
where lite head of traitor wer til
Ida) Ml.
After Independence had lieell won Is
America HoUrt Morrl. flnsiicier of
the revolution, waa Instructed by Ton
gress to prare a report on th for
elgrf coin then In circulation It ac
companied his report with a plan tnr
American coinage, and he may h ron
ldred ths first lo Introduce th sub
ject of a national mint In tht roun
try. The first building erected In th
United States for public use under Hi
authority of the federal government
was a structure for the United State
mint In Philadelphia, then Hi capital
city The mint In Philadelphia has
always been regarded aa Ihe principal
or parent Institution, and coin Imue.t
from thla mint are unmarked, whU
thoi coming front the branch or nw
dale minister marked by rerlaln rap
Hal letters Indicating the city wrier
they were struck These marks ar
known aa mint marks
In th Philadelphia mint, which hat
a large and good collection of coin
nre many old papers which throw In
teresllng sidelights on Hi past Dtir
Ing ihe years I7D7. 179J, 17. Iio:
anil Id 03 the operations of th mint
were suspended on account of th
prevalenre of allow fever. In th
mint collection, written on handrnad
unruled foolscap paper. Is an Indamnl
ty bond signed by the workman as a
pledge that they would return to work
It la dated August, 1709.
In 1871 Congress passed a bill pro
vldlng for Ihe minting of coins for
foreign countries, Two year later the
Philadelphia mint filled an order for
$100,000 worth of minor coins for
Venezuela. Since then the United
States, competing with other big na
tlons, haa manufactured money for
many of ths Latin American rn"U
lies, which find It cheaper lo have
their money made for them than to
equip nnd operate a mint.
-i iis-iiiiisn u, jiai . .u..i.i
satin stitch, the outline In button hols
stitch. Then cut out the shape n( th
butterfly. Trace the outline of th
butterfly on Ihe piece of linen which
la In form Ihe lining, and huttonhol
Ihe edgo. Then cut It out. Cut a
piece of flannel the same shape, but 4
little smaller, and lay It between the
two pieces of linen, Haste around th
edge to hold the three layers In place,
then tack the edge lightly together
In the buttonhole stitch, It may "e
anally taken apart for laundering, and
will Iron better than It would If wash
ed nil together.
On of Thvni,
"My dear," Judge make the caller
say, with a smile, to the little girl
who occupied the study while her
father, an eminent literary man, wai
nt dinner, "I suppose you assist your
father by, entertaining the boreiT"
"Yes, sir," said the little girl, grave,
ly. "Please be seated."
"She bolongs to one of our best fam
ilies," "Did her ancestors come ottr
In the Mayflower!" "Oh, no, Sho's
much more exclusive than that. Hhe't
a 'Daughter ot Discoverers of th
North Pole,' "Life.
bHHV -.-sasH mjtwr