The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 19, 1910, Image 3

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Occupation of WcII-Kihmvii AWn
of Io.l)y at Time of Their
Jlotflnntnff of Career of ' Delmont,
Maxim, Corny, Ttynn, Choate,
BoliwrtU nml Others.
At the ak of William Howard
Tnft was itrailiiAtml from YaIa. anil
second In a lnrK fl, say the New
York Times If n wim laliitntnrUn. re
ceived I'll I I let a Knppa honor ami ill-
lie returned to New re and beran
hU buslne career Jnat Wore rearlc
In hi twenty-Ural yoni
In III tweiityilrst yem August Jlel
inonl wn graduated frou Harvard.
Ili kpniit Ri'Vitnil nioiitli I wuflcr in
u trip Abroad, when lit telurned to
Now York ami entered In fnttirt '
banking house.
Following an academic edurAtlon
N'nlaoii W Aldrlch plunged Into nitr
CAiitlln puraultM. tin wa .in Ardent
Hepiibllcan from hi flmt vote, ami
rarly took an active purl In looul (will
Urn Ho Waiiio prenldent of the i-om-Hum
rounHI of I'rovldenr shortly af
ter niching hi majority.
Joseph 0 Cannoil wan hully rn-
emt'H In studying law In hi twenty
Hut Br, ami for several year there
after, Following an edurAtlon In the
common achool ami III law, he waa
admitted to Hid IIIIiioU liar.
I.iiiii: before hi twenty-first year.
.Itilui I) Itoekefellcr wa well Mtali
llNlind In IxinliiFN, ami had given vl-
h had bN-omo printer an publisher
of subscription book, and In selling
lhean tin traveled about tlm country
III spare momenta at till pnrlod wero
spent In experimenting with high ex
plosive, from hi flrt Job, at $1 a day,
Wllllnm K Corey AdVAticed rnpldly In
the grnt Carnegie t'-ol work at
I 'ItlnbtirK HI twenty-first year wa
Mnt In perfecting th faniona Car
negie reenforrr-d arinor-plaln. Hhortly
Afterward tin wa Appointed superin
tendent of Hie plain mill.
Clmi I mi M Hrliwab Htnrtml to earn
bin living ah a fur m band. Next be
became tht driver of a roach, and
liitor u clerk. Ill tt grocery atore. At
It lie became n civil engineer nslst
Ant at ft n dny. At 21 young Hchwnh
wa working linnl In te field with
an engineer rorp. I'lvc Inter
he niu npiiolnted chief iimIhIhih tho
division engineer, and under hi dlreo
tlou the famous plant at Ilomcatead
waa built.
be baA nached hU twenty-first yr.
The grnerhr part of hU time had town
spent In a printing office, whers he
beuimn a I export compositor At tho
ago of 2J be waa threading the AMI
cult clinMel of Hie Mlllppt rlrer
a n ir (ulorly llrnnnril pilot, ill
newttp.-ipc career followed
At 21 I In future Henator Tillman
wn llvln,' on a farm with no nmbl
Hon for a political career He bail
entered t In Confederal!) army when
but 17 yetr old and bad hm rMlr'xl
after Injuile whlrh rained the loan
of hi ey I,
A lnrl W'iimimh,
Hollmnu, tho dreaded Turklnh aul
tan, In IB! I waa going to bwlege Del
grnde, the cnplUl of Hervla, hi inonl
hostile neflibor Wbllo alowly pro
rtoillng w li bla military train on the
dunty high 'Old a woman atopped hi
unoppioAel I Lie tnnjenty. llltterly he
rnniplnliil about the aoldlers, who,
during her l'('ii hnd carried off her
rattle, tho I le fortune ahe iiinl. 'Tou
TMkaRMkMjH liH
MMt ii. i itruri
aoblkt n, rvAt.
joirrn r. casio
jAtir j niii
M.i.ho1 v. Ainaioii,
nuui.M u. (Iimah.
jo . ii aiHKitriira.
j. ruaroMT moauik.
4 t t frfrffrM"fr V V t I ? 'I 1
rlded tbe flrt prlie on Ida graduation
In law III plan for the future atudy
of law were undertaken the Mine year
In hit tweutytlrt year the future
Hear Admiral Kvan wa erlng a
lieutenant In Hie United HlAte navy
He beanie a lieutenant rommander In
hi twenty-aecond year
At 21 William Dean Howell wa an
active, newapaper man In a mall Ohio
community lie entered bla father'
newapnper ofllre, working ftrt aa a
romMltor, later occupying an edi
torial poaltlon. He waa Appointed newe
editor of the loonl paper In hi twen-ty-econd
year. HI appointment a
ronanl to Venice followed two year
After gradiiAtlng from the HuglUh
high arhool of Iloiton J. I. Morgan
went AbroAd to atudy higher nmtlf
biAtlc At the Uulverelty of aottlngen.
deuce of hi genlu for organUatlon.
He went to Cleveland when 16 year
old and obtained hi flrat poaltlon.
Two yeir later he wa engaged In an
oil (-ominlaxlon houxe. At tl he waa
partner In the coinmliilon bouse of
Clarke A Itockefeller. where he had
been eitablUhed for more than two
Jamea J. Hill wa educated with the
Idea of becoming a phyilclan. HI fnth
er'i death compelled him to enter biml
no, when he obtained a poiltlon In
a country atore At the Age of 18. Later
he moved to St. i'aul, nml In hi twen-ty-flrwt
year waa engaged a ahlpplng
clerk In that city, with Die MUilMlppI
racket Company
Flrat a a niiool teacher, then a
printer, Hudon Maxim fought htawuy
ngaluat uuuaual odd. Hy the time
ho had reached bla twenty-Brat ytr
An orpuan at tbe oge of 6, Tbomaa
K Hyatt waa cared for by hi grand
mother, and at an early age nought
employment. HI first position waa
with a dry good commission bonne
In llaltlmore. He had saved enoMgh
money by hi nineteenth year to come
to New York He anterod buslneaa
actively and became a member of the
stock exchange In hi twenty-fourth
The study of Iaw was engaging the
tlmo of Joseph II. Cltoate In bis twen
ty-flrat year And for several year)
thereafter. He was graduated At 21
from llurvnrd, with Vhl llettv Kapr
honors, and entered the Iaw school at
llnrvnrd. He was gra4tiAted with tbe
degree of U I). At 21.
A VArlety of occupations had been
tod- -. hv Samuel JU ClenuM bfor
must have (Allen Into a most profound
sleep not to have heard the thloves
At thtlr work," said tbe sultan laugh
Ingly. "Yes, 1 slept well, I alept In
confidence that your majesty Is watch
ing over the safety of your people,"
replied the woman,
Tbla Answer, which might bare cost
the woman's head, pleused the sultan
because of the fearless way It was
said, He restored all the rattle stolen
by the soldiers,
Kuouarh to KrlKhtea One.
Tommle Doe yobr pApa frlghtea
you when he tries to make you go to
Kthel Yea; he sings to met Yosk
cru Statesman.
People who get rich quick uUy
get rid of It tbe saiua ay
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K)ssk sfleP'IBnsas 9RH
lbBHBBBsKfr4-fBBe7 - ansAsaisHsasBBtiSBBBjsssswsy k , ...vKnBj
aLsHSlnisHL' r isHSHHBSsK "SEBTlr "33E
ssLsBU V-sbsLh " xts9sfssVsHe!ssBsBSES3flHsm'V(niBi
L m iIBLsa ' iiJb9bsHBbsshssibbLw1kS9sBsIv
ssHsH J I laH MdBHsMsflLEsffisflfllHHslnsaK
Skating tbe switch; A novel feature of the world's largest rink. The
most novel feature of tbe Eraprcea Skating Kink, (Carl's court, which baa Just
roopened Its doors for the season, Is the "skating switch-back," down which
those Indulging In Its fierce Joys and Its mild terrors glide on their roller
skate. Tbe device, which is tbe first of Its kind, stretches from end to
end of the building. The rink has a skating area of 60,000 feet. And will
accommodate 4,200 skaters. Illustrated London News.
tValUKnonn Compoier Tell of Ilia
Flr I'rtnptM,
Next to being bora, the most impor
tant event of my life was when I be
gan tbe study of music, saya John
I'lilllp Bouna In The Oirde. From my
revdltMt remembrance I wootwl to be
a musician. I have no re-collection of
ever wuntlng to to anything else. The
flrat to Induct me Into the mysteries
or the art waa a Sponlfth friend of
my father. ThU friend ond hU wife
were constant visitors at our bouse,
and when one evening I was particu
larly active in rolling a baseball
around the room, to the evident dis
comfiture of our vlaltora, my fathers
friend suggested that It would be a
good plan o give me leasoas In sol
feggio. My father thought I -was too
young to begin tho study ef mualc.
but I pleaded so hard that he finally
consented. My start waa not very en
couraging. Tho old Spaniard waa a retired or
chestral player and had a vocal organ
that would not exctAo the envy of
either Cartjto or Bond. I believe he
had the wont voice I have aver heard.
All musical Intervals were aounded
alike by him. When ho waa calm be
squawked; when excited be squeaked.
At tbe first leason he bade me repeat
th syllable of tho scale after him.
"Do." he squawked.
"Ik)," I squawked In Imitation.
"No. no," he cried, "alng do," and
ho squeaked tbe note.
"Do," I squeaked In a vain effort to
correspond with hla arowllke vocal 1-ration.
He grow vary angry, stormed and
Abused me. Hla mental ear waa alert
and true, but the articulated sound
of hla voice conveyed nothing but a
grating noUe to my child mind For,
an hour he squeaked and squawked
do, re, fa, no. la, si. do, and 1 hope
lenaly floundered after him. At last
the Uunon was orer and I waa almost
a nervous wreck. While I remained a
pupil of the old gentjeman tbe bound
of hla toneleaa voloo hung over me like
a pall and filled my soul with horror
and despair.
Yurthrr Plan far Surluoi Matrrlul
anil Hulldlna a Kactorr.
Several report have been made In
recent yeara by Consul Frank Yv.
Mabln, of Nottingham, regardlug proj
ects to produce augar from beet
grown In Etogland, particularly In Lin
colnshire. The consul now write aa
follows ott the further developments of
the enterprise, says Dally Consular
and Trade Keports;
"After due Investigation experts pro
nounced these various projects entire
ly Impracticable. The ohlet obstacle
has ten tbe lack of government en.
eouragenient by way of exempt tffg
homo-nuhfc sugar from the national
tax on that commodity. The govern
ment has declined to take such action,
on the presumed ground that It would
bo tnconslatoat with tho policy of freo
Ovule. Howevor, the Lincolnshire pro-
Koters have bow femed the Jr-ar i
Det Syndicate of England, Limited.
To the Lincolnshire farmers they pro
pose that In consldoratlon of a guar
anty that 3,000 acre ot land will be do
voted five years to the growing ot
sugar beets Uitr 41l build a sugar
factory at SI ea ford In that county
Half the required area has now been
promised and it Is hoped that the fac
tory may be built before next winter
and the industry tp In full operation
next year. The farmer Is ottered It
ahlJ tings 8 pence (13.25) a ton for his
beota and a market la guaranteed. Tho
promoters are prominent and reputa
ble resident ot Lincolnshire.
"A large meeting ot farmers and
other Interested persons was recently
held at Bleaford, when all phases ot
the subject were dlscwwfd. H appears
trom tii remark mod that England.
Imports annually nearly J100.000,06o
worth of sugar, mora than bait of It
flned, and la. so one speaker thought,
the only country which .does not pro
duce some quantity ot sugar) and yetf
he aald, experiments proved that En
land could produce sisr beets a welt
a any other country In Europe Thi
statement was amplified by another
speaker, who testified that experiments
snowed the English beet to be superior
to the German, cont.lnlng 17.3 unit
of sugar, against tbe German 15 untu,
that. In fact, the EnjMah beet contain
ed a larger percentage of sugar than
was required. It waa also stated that
some of tbe experimental crops yield
ed twenty-five tons to tbe acre, the
average being about eighteen tons.
"Tbe syndicate wlshe to make the
business co-operative, tbe beet grow,
era to take shares. It Is Intended to
make further proposals to the govern
ment, but If these fall It will not mean,
the promoters declsre, that the project
-will be abandoned "
Slrlallln Itlbbum.
There is a process In use In En it-
land whereby a metallic ribbon a mils
long can be turned out In About the
same time that It takes a locomotive
to travel a mile that Is, one minute.
Tbe molten metal Is caused to flow
through a noixle In a thin stream upon
the outside of a rapidly rotatlajr
wAter-cooled drum The metal rolldl
flea Immediately and la thrown off
from the surface ot tbe drum In the
form ot a continuous and uniform rib
bon. It Is possible to obtain the metal
ribbons as thin as one-thousandth ot
An Inch, The ruetala used In the mak
ing of different ribbons are aluminum,
lead, xlnc, tin, copper, silver and gold.
t .
llrara from Llf,
The poor artist fellow was eager to
A picture of "wlenlea and bread.
But he hadn't the price ot the model
and so
Ills subject wss "Hunger" Instead.
Kansas City Times.
fiootl Drum,,
Cheer Leader Why do rou think:
your new Yale song la so rjood?
Song Genius It baa buly two
Aa a rule we don't care mich for tha
man who chews And aisQkV the aaa
tobacco. " i