The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 24, 1909, Image 7

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fliio of ttio most cniiiiiioH oIJiIhoiI ijl.
rates, Is iiiutlinCKravntrjl liv ll.o sudden
chamlv of weather at tlilii tlmo of
v-nr. Ileuln trrnliiirnt at onco with
llooit'a Harsaparllla, wlilcli rHrct rail,
lonl mnl MTinmiriit rnrM. This rt'at
imxlloliio lias received
40,366 Tdfttlmonlols
In two rt-nri, which pruvo It wonderful
rdllcaoyin purifying mill enriching tbo
blood. Urt'i for ml blood ilta'aav.
in mini HwM f er ''i001'"!, Mti
known m Qnrsataba. iw dot II.
II l.litillatlnna,
Cutmnr -Whal a beautiful parrot)
( h a. td UIItT '
Itlril DealerYea, ma'ami but hit
vocabulary I limited, He dotm'l awear,
and li doean't mi nlnnw.
IIOWAIUI K, IHimwil - iM.r l rktmkt.
nihnr.lM4.ii.oM. miiM. w-i "v',i t v Mllljiilt ( rail tltUfj
i.. Lwl, II. IMOUih.
1 I . .' -". ,, rfw !,'- T"I
lis lkr (Mil,
r tW-l
HI p HI fiif-wiiim T Mi,riT w
U imrH .rwie- fiutiM ia.
F. B. riNIXY
349 Columbia Portland, Ore.
taltt lh dough
and compile with
II ur IimmI Uwh
L H'iiH
WiVm ef MAtumt
ipettrriMn itopU),
'I ll Tfl'lll ill la
On Rainy Days
A Fish Brand Slicker
will keep you dry
Aad glv job (ill vals la
lempmaso1 itsgwtar
IUJUUHH10 wATturnwr
Ball y flfiUUu KtUlIm U ttastry
tw. (iifrtirl'r0ulp
a. j. tower co. effiats
aaTH,u, a. a. - .-
TnwiKi'iiinum.. lu.
Teas?, ee 'ZlfBKA
inless Dentistry
0.1 f to,;tJ
U..I '
w.viiK.(M .
K iU ?';
irtMle 53. 5C
MJ.. Cixi G.Ot
omcii .0
(ia.l fifef 1.0
VtwNibn -
I.I.. rn 2.6
- --- i-i
rut.. 0.00
iwtuit. 7.00
rtUlMI lllf lM .uu
Wise Dental Co.
trrtsaaevui it. h.mi f.n. wmki
At rrktt ll Ptlr CaroxlKlM
i'Aini.iwh KrrnAcrioM ..,
m.yr.n mi.ungh
ooi.D hi.i.iniw . ,.
UK (101.11 CUDWN
tionu utiiniKii ri.ATi:
TDK Ill'-Sr HtlllllKII rlTKU
., . ..BOO up
,.,,. ai.ooup
. . alo,
. --. ..! m B iklili Hat Pal. If
txl mv nwnrr I' calllnar at wir ufllt.
All work iurntd for tan rar
3JJU Waihlrjloa St., Car. Slilh
IUIUl.hJ II )HN, Kara to tUjr.
SSaaSaaSBtMlr - vl
' ' 1
Hw' wB
aa i. i anil rMin.n.irn"n
Smith wont your fat turkoy. chickens, ducka and other poultry for
tho ThankiKlvliig trado. Drosswl turkoya anil Hcoae mul ducka should
arrlvo Iwtwcon November 10th and Novembor 2J. Ship to Smith. On
November 10th wo are tmylnjr as follow. Tho prices on turkova may
fluctuate, but wo oxpeel all othor quotation to hold good Indefinitely.
Ship Immediately.
prassed hot. Ilrst clais,.,,, ,....,., go
praaaod fat veal under 30 loa................... "
Chlckena, hens and sprtnea, alive.,.,,,,, vyvAils
Shickena, hna and aprinaa, dieaaed J,(?Si,4u2
turkey. dreeMd, at ouaUty aWJ!J2
aeeae, dUsaed, Fat quality ...............lo to 18o
You Bnvo commission when you hlp to Sm th. Ho dooi not chare
eommlislon on anythlnf. Prompt return. Address nil hlpmcnta to the
Tlihtlng the Beef Truat" Portland, Oregon
faMdiltiarlara for Ilia- Jutoa,
Our upon n limn a olillil wlui ml
l:rd upon an enitnlimlloii piipar l
ilttlna a moillilnlii ..inn a rrpllvd, "A
Urai. altnl cook atuvn." Ttio aaml
iithot of rennoiiliiK apain to to with
ltr irowtli, A rrcent (Humiliation
puprr Ml lh Hhrniflil Hclrntino Hchool
it Vala cnntalneil Ilia quratlon, "Wtiul
I Ida oltlca of tlm aualrlo JulcaT" And
Ilia ariawar on ana paper aald, 'Tin
itoinuoli." Olavaliinil I.i-ni1r.
llandlrap uf Hart lloaria,
"Don't rnu rlli that you ar
niialieUlly hantllcuppnil y Imil timiUT
"01 couria w rill II," nmwrrril
l"rmr t'orntotaal "No aiilomolilllil
dart traval fait rl ouali to kIvq ua nil
xcuan for cnllrdllii' a Una. Waililni
ton Hlr,
"I'llhUnf tho Heaf Trout" H the
rrank U. flmlth Oo.'a ad In thin paper.
ii iiirt,
Jnnr Hut iton't ou l.clliive compa
llllot) la tlm lltn of IrmlaT
1'iiKway Hurl Hoonor or later It
Irmta to thn formnllon of a truat. and
that'i tlio vtay In nmkn inonoy.
To ll... Ilrlal.lrr,
Uoln' aluiia
To Ilia hrUhtrr clayj
Uvtry aiorm
Una n Milnliow'a my I
Allanta Coiiatltullim.
"Johnny, did you hav a rood vao '
tlon at that llllla ak rraortT
"No. air. Mnw wouldn't let ma t
awlmmln', and ah mad mt lak a
cold bath avary mornln'."
I'rlllr I
nvinklcy li a sood deal of a crank
lin't liar
"That dof.n't half deacrlba htm. Ila'i
tolna around now Inalatlnaj that If thl
poitofflca ditartmanl haa to b inadl
etf.iuitalnlna Ilia war and navy da
partmanli ouiht to b run tba aaroi
Tina Rocipa for Cold.
Any drugglil can upply thtio In.
(jredlcntt, or lie will get tbcm from bli
wholetalr homo.
"Ml half pint of cnod whlikcyi
two ountn of K'y'erlnci half ounco of
Conrenlraled pin eoinound, HbnVe
Ilia holllo well each time and tine In
doe of a traapoonful lo a tableipoon
ful four tlmri u day," Thl pirienp
tluii I taid to work wonder.
The I'oucenlrnled puio I a ipreial
ulno n tod net and come only In half
ounco bottle, each encloied in an air
tiKht rate, but be uro ll I labeled
"Concentrated" In order to get the
genuine article.
IIMor 1110 moat HnatUh railway
carriage hail only four wheal, and
weighed ten ton. From UIO to I HO
thy had lx wheel, and walihtd fif
teen or aUtfen tona; from 110 to 1100
they had ellht wheel, and welched
twenty.four ton; and alnca 100 the
faihlon I twelve whirl for dining
and leeplnK car, and the weight I
thlrty.nv to riirtvlwn ton.
Ilura iHluruiallun.
Mr. Chucwatcr -Joilah, what la
Mr Chuswatrr (momentarily at
Ion) Do you menu to y you don't
know what a awuitlka laT A awaitlk
l why, tilutno It, Bwaitlka la thi
name of the Kakltnq that helped Cool
dlirover th north pplal Chicane
"rishtinc the Beef Troit" Sea thi
Frank L. Umtlh Co. 'a ad In thla paper.
Kiprnalvp WUr I'orr er.
"Tr." ald th defendant In the
criminal ca. "my lawyer certainly
mad a tronr plea, form. lie vn
"What wn hi bllir aiked th oth
er man.
"Well, nearly aa I can flrure It
out, ha charKed nt about 1100 a tear,"
() l.aaurl I lfl.
Mr. Crawfoid You y It la Impoi
Ibla to gel any money out of your
huiband. Have you gon about It In
the rlht wayf
Mr. Crawfoid I've tried everything,
my dear, axcrot aendlns him a Illaek
Hand letter. Ilrooklyn Lira.
"CaacarttiaialtrUlalrAa ti. friend
et when Iht Uoonr lit tin him for rtnttr
I ol the tomtch, The tlll mutnlng ha r-rj
fMi,tJwMA(iliB.w(inB. Il thtn vol a Imiz
and In lhrtitilitMMla lapa-watf 4Sf
Ua. It a ill. Malt rittk.ol Mlllbuig,
iMHphlaCa, Ta. lamoullt a woikcrlorCaara
t. 1 tua Ihf mlajKlland fin J Ihtm bcntScltl
for ml any dtaiat cautcd by Ira pur blood."
CbMt, K. Comll a, MwUton, r., (-IIBIo CoJ
Hial. TalaUbl. Poltot. Tatla flood.
polloo.1. Nf bltko,Wktoor(irtr-.
lOo, t3o, see. Nt ir toM la bulk. Tbtnu
Id Ubltt impede CC OmtinlttJ lo
tun or yea' Dieaey back. W
I'nr Cream Tval Halnnrr.
A simple and armltlve wolghln; In
itrtilnent to be known a thn Wlacon.
ln hydroatatlo rream balanco baa
Ixen dovlaed at the
SKrlcultural expert'
tnent lUtlon of the
Unlverilty of Wl
coiiiln. Thl i In
triitni'nt inrela the
Unit rvcoxnltMl
need for a ilmplo
and accurate mi'th
of wolRhlnK cream
In tho Ilabcock
teat bottle for tut
Inic. The ordinary
cheap HCalea are
Itinccurate, and the
more delicate bal
nnce aro too ex
pcnilve for general
ue by fanner.
The new lnren
tlon conalat of a
ipeclally devliod
bra float, similar
to a d yd remoter,
which l placed In
a cylinder of wa
ter The Imtru
ment float stead
ily In a vertical
position, and sup
port! a platform
on which a cream
bottle and a nine
gram weight are
are placed. Small,
one tenth gram
weight are pi acini
on the platform
until Iho float
sinks to a Una
cur.AU luutMcr: marked on tne
mlndlr. Tim nlti-crnm weight la
then pur Into tne bottle with a plpelto
Mn a sumdent amount to again sink
the float to a line of the iplndle.
Thl glrea the weight accurately and
the devise Is so sensitive that It la
effected by a sngle drop of cream.
The weighing can be dono rapidly,
auiai Milk.
At tho Weit Virginia experiment
latton It ha been found that skim
milk for feeding laying henn Is worth
from 1H to 2 cent a quart Other
experiment hnve fully proved that It
has equally a great valua for feed
Ing pig.
Figuring at thl rate, the milkman
who sell wholo milk I telling from
CO to $0 cents' worth of skim milk to
each can, and the- general market
price of a can or milk Is closo around
fl.25. Now, this ran of milk contains
enough cream, to make four pounds
of butter, which Is worth about $1,
leaving only about 2t cents for the
skim milk sold, or a loas of from 33
to 05 cent "on each can over ranking
Iho cream Into butter and feeding the
skim milk. Also, when the milk Is
fed on tho farm more fertilizer Is
mndo, which makes tho difference
still greater In favor of keeping and
feeding the skim milk.
Whero Ine can secure select trade
for whole milk at extra price It will
pay to sell the whole milk and buy
extra feed and fertiliser, but sell
Ins whole milk at lea than $1 for h
40-quart ran Is not profitable when
one considers Jhe futuro of the land
on which ho Is dairying. ,
Jimrr Com Feedluir.
Not all farmers appreciate the value
of feeding now corn. When handled
properly more good results ran be ob
tained from ll than from any- other
crop grown. When fed In tho green
stage, from the time when grains are
In tho mill: til) they become hard and
tho blades dry up, horse and rattle
will rat almost, If not all, of the en
tiro plant, and sheep and hoga..W
out much of It, utilising to advantago
all thero Is In the crop. New cornt
Just after It has passed tho roasting
ear stage. Is one of the best feeds for
poultry, both young and old.' and hens
will lay eggs much better than on old
corn. There it uo feed much better
tor fattening horses and colts, a well
as cattle, than new corn.
Wo always plant omo very early,
medium and tho patches of corn to be
cut and fed wholo In late summer and
fall. In thl way we have the bet
of feed for the stock In August, Sep
tember and October, oilo-fourth of tho
year. Whllo the new corn la being
fed nono ot tho stock requires much
other feed, and (ho grain In tho bin
and tho hay In tho mow aro saved.
Waateful Keunoniy,
Tho number ot people Is small, wo
believe, who, knowing that through
their fault somo mistake ot an Injuri
ous nature ha been made,- would want
only to attach the blame to lnnocaat
parti. Thl Is generally don
thouglittsfsly and Ignorantly, albeit In
good faith. Tho IdeH Is to examine
ourselves and method before condemn
ing another.
A patron of a Wisconsin creamery
recently sent In some vigorous pro
test against Ha products. It tran
spired that the creamory wa not In
the wrong, except so far a the man
agement put faith In a few of the pa
tron of the creamory. Beveral ot
them had thoughtlessly turned their
herd Into cabbage, rape and turnip
patches Immediately after the first
heavy frosts, and the milk thu tainted
was sent In, with the result of causing
Inferiority In the creamery' output
Aside from the fact that wo should
not judge loo hastily or be too ready
lo charge moral turpitude, tho discern
ing farmer will understand from the
rase In point that feeding the stock
any old thing to prevent waste may
be the means of producing greater de
struction. Dairying; B winter.
There aro many advantages In hav
ing cows come fresh In winter, when
all dairy product sell at a high price.
In many place- the price of butter
i from 25 to CO per cent higher in
winter than In summer.
When the cow calve in the eprlng
they generally milk well until the pa
ture dry up, when the flow of milk
quickly fail off, so that by the time
stable feeds begin the cow are almost
dried up. Now, It the cowa come fresh
In th fall, they produce a good flow
of milk during the winter months,
and In the spring, when they are
turned on the grass, this acta as a
second freshening and thus lengthens
the period of milk production.
Another distinct advantage In win
ter dairying is that during this sea
son the farmer is not so busy with
other work, consequently he can give
more time to th care ot the cows,
the milk and the cream than is possi
ble during the busy season of the
year. When winter dairying becomes
more generally practiced, the subject
of winter feeds will be given more at
tention. Of thesfl silage Is one of the
moit Important, since one acre of good
sllnge material will yield as much feed
as thrco acres of pasture.
I-'orina of Combe,
No matter how poultry may exce.
In shape, color, and size, a malform
ed comb and bad lobes will detract
from the chances ot success, especial
ly In the non-sitting or Mediterranean
breeds, whero the ornamental head
gear, or comb, Is so conspicuously at
tractive. There aro many kinds of
combs, a will be seen In tho accom
panying llluitratlous, which aro de
serving of notice, chief of which are
tho single serrated comb, a seen In
such breed a Minorca. Leghorns.
Orpingtons, Plymouth nocks, Lang
shans, Dorking. In different sites; the
rose-comb, beautifully worked or cor
rugated, and full of small points, aa
seen chiefly In the Redcap, Hamburg,
and Wyandotte family. Then there 1
tho pea comb, or triple comb, that U,
three parallel ridge (or very imall
comb), a seen In the Brahman or
the Indian Game.
Koo.l (or Young flare.
Do not make the food too sloppy foi
young pig. Keep plenty ot charcoal
in the pen. Put a packet ot Epsom
salts In the food occasionally. Cas
trate pigs at three weeks, not later,
Observo regularity In feeding, and let
them dut for a run occasionally. A
the young pig come In do not allow
them to lose their baby fat, but keep
them In good condition right from the
time they are weaned.
rrni Notre.
(Jet busy with the wobbly colt and
teach him that you aro hi friend and
master. It will bo easy.
The average ewo requires from 3 to
5 pound ot salt a year, the variation
depending largely upon the amount ot
natural, salts contained In the paa
turea. Cut out and burn all dead and dis
eased branches of fruit trees and
bushes aa soon aa they aro detected.
Often tho removal ot a diseased
branch will save the whole tree and
savo other from bocomlng Infected.
The beca should have plenty ot wa
ter. They cousumo a great deal, and
will travel a long dlatanco to get It
Should there be no running stream
or lako ot pure water near, It U well
to placo a pall of frosh water near
the apiary every day. Water la used
by the beea to dilute tho heavy, thlcky
honey left over from winter to make
it suitable for tho young larvae aid
also to make the cell wax pliable.
' mSKt
TSB "yiAiUNAif Sflfc'
I A I'rrrlih t'lalni.
She learned writer for thn pre
Are very, ery Rood
At proving how we mute 'on drei
Or furbelows or food.
. Each writer new who make his bow
W'tll other tnnei vie
I To ahow unhappy mortal how
They may economize.
Thy tell ua of the thrifty French,
I 'JVho all exresarS ihun.
.But I'm not nnxlou to retrench)
It lin't any fnu.
IV weary oi una rnoiea long:
I with ome eer wlao
Would ahow ua how lo get along
And not economize.
Louisville '"-iil
X am sorry to have to tell you so
fcoy." mild the pleaaant looking visitor ,
who wua aildreaalnK the Hunday school
"but there I not one chance In a thou
sand that any one of you ever will In '
l'rraldent of the United Hint." 1
Htlll he failed lo secure their undl-l
vldrd attention.
"Hut If you live up lo your opportu-,
nltlea," he went on, eelna; Ihem keen
ly, "omo brlahl toy In this audlrne)
may become a ureal l-atll pitcher I
or the world' champion baUtnon"
JnaUntly tivtry toy aat up alralghl
and began to llatcn. Chicago Tribune
"righting the Beef Trust" See the
Trank L. Smith Co.'s ad In this paper.
Krn the lima tValrh 'Km,
Hank Utubbs Hen layln' much
now, Ulg-eT
Dlf Miller Skurce any.
Hank Htubbs What's th trouble?
Dice Milter Don't her time fur
origin them pesky autyinoblles. Bos
ton Hirald.
Tl not so bad aa that my friend.
Thl polar fus will have an end.
They'll never make T. It a, hermit
Jutt wait till he comes horn with Kr-
Chicago Tribune.
PettH' lye Salve r.'rst Sold In 1807.
ver 100 years ago; sale increase
J 'early; wonderful remedy: cured mil
lons weak eye. All druggist or
Howard Broa., Buffalo. N. Y.
Arllalle Vurlfrrllon.
"You will miss your ion John wber
he goes back to school."
"Yes," answered Farmer Corntoisel
"I don't know how I'm going to ge
along. Ho has got all the critters or
the place so used to bis college yel
that I don't s'pose anyone else kit
drlva 'era" Wablnrnn Btar.
Tor Infant and Children.
T!i9 Kid Yob Have Always Mg
Bears the
Signature of
"Your milk cost you II cent a
quart and your butter 4S cents
pound? Why do you pay auch exorbi
tant price aa that for them?
"Diet you. I don't I'm merely add
ing In what It costs ma for Ice to keet
them aweet."
Children Coughs
Oaa Mack UnnM Suffarta
"wl ttsT timti nt (gjiss
Cina kaU ,bf -) k lU U
BVci uj ilix wionlii, OAfcaa
tl k hr i a tJ la kd tad L m aat nl
AD DrmtUu, 24 caate.
IJaWMIKBiTMa: oil that mnitwatci aLr!jayrBB
shoes that
Made of tdtcttd
every tut. Correct
shoe makers, in the best
shoes are "bulK on honor-bullt
built tor absolute wuafactioa and
you can ever hope to get for tba
There Is an HonotWlt atyle that wW
Ask your ahoe dealer 1 U he haaa't
the ACaiftt TnJ Ktk ea tba sole.
FREE I f you will Mnd ut th nam of a
Maytr iionoieiu snott, wa win ttna you
aom pieiurt, u iimv, si utorg wunuww.
Wa also make Leading Lady Shoe,
t Shoes. Yerma Cushion Shoec, Bpecui wm
School Shoe and work
sum-: m MitwAyHW
w.-w- ww. WiacONB
aiaaj imkih
Hair Germs
Recent discoveries have shovn
that falling hair Is caused by
germs at the roofs of the hair.
Therefore, to stop falling hair,
you must first completely de
stroy these cerms. Aycr'sHalr
Vizor, new Improved formula,
will certainly do this. Then
leave the rest to nature.
Doit net cf.cnft Iht cetof ef Me half.
hmili with iMk Will
Ihw II fa faar
ilk h n iVo.t II,
Recent discoveries have alto proved that
dandruff Is caused by cerms on Hie sclp.
Therefore, to cure dandruff, the first thing
to do Is to completely destroy these dan
druff germs. Here, the same Avcr's ilslr
Vigor will five the ss:ne splendid results.
lUdt by lb t. O.Aftt Co., I tit !.
to blh jrn aM wmuh Itlxpert ln.lrotlon: dl
plomt rranal. can. mirra up-to-date.
Monre-roJ whPa Uaroln- CwriaWta iwnm
lot LA. Wrltt tut tt9 partiralara
a Wrtt Wtilnbrti St. tl. Wuh.
Mmm aa anfalllnr water tepply. It
trcan that ran wUI hae lb raoat practi
cal DofiMMtftc atr tuepty ayitctn now la
dh. No rWratot lank, no frown plpea In
w inUr. no Uxnnl watar In Kmwf. no
water auppb- troubUa of any tort. Taak
placed la kar nL out of sight and war.
nuJa ot pmatd atL will not rut and
wllUaataUfatime. ..
You win U plmuot wllb tb LEADER
rrt of fumUhln tXxoaiUc Wat
Supr'r- Ak lor our nUVxM and t no
bnokkt. "How I Sained Ur Water Mippiy
Portland, Ore.
Spokane, Wash.
Boise, Idaho.
No. 47-O0
WHKN writing; todvertla plea) I
manllaa title papar. I
proper shoes for men:
look 4 fcl and Wtat right
leather leather that Is beat by
in style. Made by the finest
equipped factory in existence.
for tomolntj Kyle and service
lasUrur etaUert. tHagaat valuaa
exactly Kk you and fit you.
b, wtlte ua. Look for
dtalar who dM t baaai
rra. poatsM, a oaoa-
Martha Washington
P3srML I? I liS
r af r 7 aifTsjlPT1"ll